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Fantasy π“𝐇𝐄 π…πŽπ”π‘ πŠπˆππ†πƒπŽπŒπ’


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coded by social (inspo cred. mortemdocs)

Smoke and fire dance across the blackened floor, swirling and twisting as they stretch out, almost as if pulling themselves across the room. The only light is that of the fire which threatens to travel across your path and devour your body without a second thought. You can hear the echoes of steel and dragons, the vibrations of both traveling through the walls and into the very ground you stand on. You begin to walk through the darkness without a destination in mind, just a feeling in your heart. You can hear it, the faint buzzing of magic, as if it has been trapped within a chest and buried.

Your movements quicken and soon the fire is racing alongside your feet as you run, dimly lighting your path, just enough to allow you to see where your next step shall fall. The sound of your heart hammers in your head, the sounds of conflict growing louder and more ferocious as you run, desperate to find what is calling out to it. It never seems to end, the darkness, the emptiness. It stretches for miles and miles, and soon your legs grow numb and threaten to give out. As your knees crash to the ground, singed by flames, you see it. A black box sits in front of you, an eerie noise coming from inside.

You can recognize it as you have heard it every time you have stepped outside. It is magic, pure and concentrated magic. Your weak hands, now stained in scrapes and ash, pick up the box and bring it into your lap. Trembling fingers push open the lid, revealing what looks like stars. Upon closer examination, you can see it is dragon eggs. Except their shells look as if they were taken from the night sky themselves. The cosmos swirls across the eggs, stars twinkling and vanishing constantly. Before you can make sense of any of it, your body is promptly engulfed in flames, the eyes of a pure golden dragon being the last thing you see before death claims you.

A vision of death and destruction plagued a great scholar who resided in the kingdom of Rhaeclya. It depicted a great war between man and dragon, causing a great unbalance in the world, making elements and magic shift, ultimately causing a calamity to form. In this vision, the scholar was able to find four dragon eggs unlike any other to exist. They seemed to be the product of magic and dragons, creating monsters that could very easily destroy the world as a whole. All of humanity and current dragons would be killed, the land would die from the raging elements, and these new dragons that possessed magic would bring eternal darkness and death to the world.

Due to the alarming nature of this vision, the High Court was called into session, causing all the leaders and representatives from the kingdoms of Nordua to gather and hear about this possible prophecy. As the scholar explained what he saw and how it never changed, the leaders of each kingdom began to grow nervous and conducted their research as to what this could be caused by. They discovered another continent had come into possession of an alliance with dragons, specifically, ones that had been banished from Nordua hundreds of years ago. Out of necessity, the kingdoms sent out envoys to establish communication with this continent but they were met with violence, the envoys returning injured or deceased.

The magic that this new continent possessed, and the dragons that they fought with, were unexpected and something that Nordua was not prepared for. So for the first time in over a century, all of Nordua established an alliance with each other. They were to prepare for war with this new continent known as Lydun and to do so, they had to prepare their heirs, their dragon riders, and all of Nordua. Desperate to keep panic from spreading, the kingdoms decided to host a large celebration in honor of the summer solstice and the time of peace that had fallen across Nordua. In reality, this was to establish heirs, form marriages, and ultimately prepare their future generation for the war that was approaching their doorstep.


The Kingdom of the North.
The Kingdom of Tun is located to the far North, almost hidden from the rest of the world by the great mountain range. Winter seems almost to be a year-round occurrence, staying for about nine months out of the year. They are known for their strong soldiers who seem unyielding even when standing in the face of a dragon. For resources, they are essential for the minerals and metals that are mined from their mountains and ice. They are rich and pure, creating fuel, tools, building materials, and even luxury items such as diamonds. They rely heavily on trade and even during war, they tend to keep their ways of trading and shipping open and protected. Tun's rulers are fair and believe heavily in keeping balance in every form. They do not appreciate unbalanced powers, even during times of war. They do not let people commit war crimes and go unpunished and they will always be a voice of reason during the High Court of the rulers. Their dragons tend to be older, bigger and have duller coloring than most dragonkind.

The Kingdom of the East.
The Kingdom of Nireath can be found amongst rolling blue waves and warm stretches of black and red sand. Known for their extravagant plays, art, singers, and location, it is a popular kingdom to vacation to. The kingdom is often considered to be a liability to those it allies with as it appears to be weaker than most, simply due to it being the newest kingdom to be created in the last age. Their rulers are often considered to be laid back and sneaky, almost always whispering in the ears of other rulers, trying to find someone to protect them and give their economy a boost. Those within the walls of Nireath can be some of the most manipulative and socially intelligent people one could ever encounter. This makes them dangerous in various ways. They have trades set up between their allies, but they mostly rely on money they receive from other means. The dragons of Nireath are often slim and fast, able to weave through the most complicated sea cliffs and pop on the other side unscathed. They are quite brilliant in color and are also able to be underwater for some time.

The Kingdom of the West.
The Kingdom of Araes is a land that glitters and glows like the stars themselves. They are rich with precious gems and other rare materials. All of the architecture and people are covered in gems and beautiful fabrics, even those who are considered to be poor. The kingdom has thrived from its trade of precious materials, causing it to be a popular kingdom to win over when it comes to war. With Araes backing you, your finances will be covered without any worry. But the rulers of Araes are quite aware of this and they are very particular with whom they show loyalty. Behind the painted masks, the kingdom of Araes holds a dark secret, most of which is located in the tunnels beneath their gilded streets. But that is neither here nor there. For they are beautiful and perfect on the outside so there's little reason to look beneath the surface. The dragons of this kingdom are known for their brilliant coloration, almost sparkling in the sunlight. They are beautiful creatures and their offspring fetch a very high price.

The Kingdom of the South.
The Kingdom of Rhaeclya is the oldest kingdom ever recorded. The first to discover magic and dragons, they are very knowledgeable about the world and war. They have always held a great influence over the High Court and their opinions of rivaling kingdoms often are adopted by others. Being the center of power in the kingdoms is quite a responsibility so they try to keep a neutral stance for as long as possible, but ultimately they will respond to a call for aid. They have various forms of income and protection, mostly due to the kingdom thriving long before the other three were established. The rulers of Rhaeclya are considered diplomatic warlords and are feared by many. They like to be an example and lead proudly, but they do not take kindly to those who insult them or step on their rules. Their dragons are much like their riders and are bred to survive battle even against the toughest of foes. Their fires often burn hotter and they will fight until the death.

The Brief History of Nordua.
Magic is as old as the world itself. It seeps out from inside of the planet like blood within a body. The presence of magic caused fire, ice, stars, water, wind, earth, and dragons to be born. Because magic was untouched and unmanaged, the various elements and ultimately dragons were created to put balance to it. The great beasts took to their corners of the world, but a group of them settled on the continent now known as Nordua. The land was barren and magic was rampant, but the arrival of dragons seemed to balance it out. Oceans formed, forests grew, mountains burst from the earth, and the dragons found peace. For a long time, they were the only creatures to exist, their presence being enough to keep the magic and elements from overwhelming one or the other. But one dragon, Zeirlu, awoke from his slumber and began to encroach upon another dragon's land. The battle of dragons was great and forcibly split the land into the four countries that make up Nordua. Their fire was so fierce that it created four unique biomes and the sparks of these flames created new life. Humans.

Humans were special as they were able to harness the natural magic of the world to a certain extent. They could use it to create, to fight, and to communicate. Their innate connection to magic ultimately connected them to dragons. This was how the kingdom of Rhaeclya was formed. The first royals of the small kingdom had made a pact with the dragons that populated their new home to fight together and protect their shared land. This alliance allowed both to conquer their enemies who wished to take their dragons or the kingdom. As time passed, other kingdoms began to emerge and similar alliances were formed, and soon enough four kingdoms populated Nordua, all of which went through phases of alliances and war. At this point in time, the four kingdoms have reached a tentative alliance with each other due to the pressures from another continent.


Welcome to 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π…πŽπ”π‘ πŠπˆππ†πƒπŽπŒπ’! So obviously this is inspired by Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon because let's be real, the vibes are amazing! This is going to be an ADVANCED roleplay and needs to be treated as such when you are applying! It is not first-come-first-serve, meaning you will be accepted via PM if I feel your character is a good fit. If you do not receive an invite by the time I specify, that means your character has not been accepted. That being said, Discord is required for this roleplay as it will be our ooc since it's far easier for me to keep track there. This roleplay also has an 18+ rule as I simply do not feel comfortable with having minors in this roleplay. I will be providing a plot summary here just in case anyone needs it!

Plot Summary.
This roleplay will focus on the royal families of each kingdom within Nordua and the relationships they are forming with their newfound allies before the war with Lydun commences. This means it will start during the summer solstice where all of the characters will meet for the first time to begin to form relationships and create stronger bonds between the four kingdoms. The characters are unaware of the tensions coming from Lydun as the High Court has not shared this information with anyone outside of the court. But because of the brewing war, the current kings and queens are pushing for their heirs to become more established among the people and their other children to do their best to become important parts of the royal family. This means that there most likely will be some arranged marriages going on in order to achieve this.

As the roleplay progresses, the characters will begin to become aware of what is happening across the ocean and will start to prepare for it. There is a specific time frame that the roleplay will follow and so eventually war will happen and the characters, especially those who are dragon riders, will be involved in the battle itself regardless of how they feel about the conflict. There will be various side stories and adventures the characters will go on before the war happens, meaning there is plenty of time for character development, drama, and even smaller conflicts with other enemies that are targeting Nordua.

Available characters will be those within the royal family and then those within the royal guard. If you have any questions regarding the plot or lore, please DM me! I am simplifying it for now but it will be expanded upon in the server!

Roleplay Rules.
β€’ This roleplay is 18+!
β€’ I will not enforce things to be super historically accurate when it comes to etiquette!
β€’ You must have discord as the ooc will be located there
β€’ This is NOT first come first serve
β€’ No OP characters or dragons
β€’ Realistic face claims or detailed descriptions will be allowed! (Please refrain from using characters from HOTD or GOT as I don't want a bias towards any characters!)
β€’ This is an advanced roleplay so I am expecting multi-paragraph in-character posts
β€’ Please keep characters balanced.
β€’ Be kind to everyone
β€’ All of RPN's rules apply
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what a breathtaking code!! the lore is absolutely glorious and it pans out to be a super interesting story! looking forward to seeing more. c:
When applying to the roleplay, try to keep things balanced! This will include what kingdoms are being applied for.
Not every character can be from one kingdom specifically! Not all heirs should be fem either!
Keep this in mind when applying!
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interested!! the idea that humans were created from sparks of fighting dragons' flames is metal, love the world-building
Very interested. I will most certainly be going for an honour-bound royal guard.

May my mettle swiftly meet with the necks of many enemies to the crown.
A second deadline has been created, currently March 25th, for anyone who would like to apply for the remaining roles!
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Extremely interested. My immediate concept I'd love to hear possibilities for is a younger member of the Nireathan royal family who has been a ward (or hostage, if previous relations have been hostile) in Tun for most of his life. Would be happy to PM a bit about the lore you have in mind as far as past relations between those two kingdoms and what arrangement would make the most sense (or, depending on role availability, whichever heirs or kingdoms aren't properly represented!)
Extremely interested. My immediate concept I'd love to hear possibilities for is a younger member of the Nireathan royal family who has been a ward (or hostage, if previous relations have been hostile) in Tun for most of his life. Would be happy to PM a bit about the lore you have in mind as far as past relations between those two kingdoms and what arrangement would make the most sense (or, depending on role availability, whichever heirs or kingdoms aren't properly represented!)
This roleplay does have pre-created roles so you would have to look at the available ones within the character applications and see if one would fit what you are looking for
Opening applications back up for a limited time!
There are 5 specialized roles and 11 royal guard roles available to apply for!
The in-character thread has started already, however, where it currently is in the story allows for new characters to easily jump in!
If you are interested in applying, feel free to drop a placeholder, WIP, or finished sheet in the character applications!

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