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Fantasy The Five Kingdoms - The Fall of Sarthenfall - OOC

Should we timeskip...

  • The rest of the game and jump to the two month timeskip?

  • Skip over the next round and play the last round

  • Don’t skip at all, and play all rounds?

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  • Ms. Sparrow

    Queen of SHIIIPS
    No, but on a more serious note, we do need to pick up our posting rate a bit, minus the few people that have been naturally busy and stuff

    *looks at Jet*


    But we’re posting at a rate of uh, once a week, when the minimum is 3 a week.


    I’m not saying y’all gotta quit your jobs and life to keep up the pace imao

    But if you could perhaps update me if your busy and what not and can not post as much on a certain week, so I can know how to move the RP along and such, which for the most part, most of you do pretty good at telling me, but just to make sure WE DONT HAVE ANY SLACKERS *cough* *defintely not me or anything* please let me know if you can’t post 3 times a week for any reason.

    All I’m asking, *tries to shed a tear and fails*, is that you try, *tries to get inspirational* and KEEP THIS FAMILY TOGETHER...BY POSTING. *fails*

    So in conclusion.

    Let’s just TRY and hasten the posting rate up

    So we don’t finish this in 2025 xD


    Not really.

    This concludes Sparrow’s semi-serious monologue. *bows*

    Now unto more pressing issues...

    Kid Ivanna: *has a straight face while getting sprayed then grips the hose* GIMME THAT *turns Azalea’s hand with the hose towards her face, spraying the water on her face*
    *Puts down umbrella and pulls out water gun sprays Azalea directly in the face.*
    *while Azalea is distracted grabs hose and sprays almost everything/everyone in spraying range.*
    Azalea: *just gets flat out assaulted with water, flailing widely and giggling*