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Fantasy The Five Kingdoms - The Fall of Sarthenfall - Lore and info


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The Shade
We call them the Shades because they represent Shadows mostly. They can take on any shape they please, and can even combine with one another to form something larger. All Shades are connected- in the mind. They can hear each other’s throghts, and commands. Shades cannot speak anything physically, so their only form of communication is inside they’re mind, though they have been known to make inhuman shrieks when enraged or in pain. Speaking of pain - fire is the Shades weakness. They aren’t particularly fond of the light, and flame tends to weaken them far more then a common weapon. Shades aren’t capable of feeling anything for human life, which makes them all the more dangerous, especially considering their one mindset is linked also to their Creators mind, making all Shades very loyal to their master.

Shade Lords are more powerful Shades - Shades that are thought to have been made specially by their master. The normal Shades obey the Shade Lords considering they rank higher. Unlike normal Shades, they have to ability to speak an actual language outside of their mind. They were also made with one specific ability and have unnatural reflexes and enhanced senses, making them extremely impossible to kill. They can take a more physical form, and some were even made to look entirely human if they want to. They are far more powerful then a normal shade, making them a far more impossible to take on alone.

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The Five Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Trodaire

Also known as the North Kingdom, Trodaire is at best known for its large and highly trained army. Trodaire’s Castle sits atop a mountain that overlooks the Norths vast lush forest and its kingdom, with snowy mountains just behind it in the far distance. The North’s terrain is known for its large mountains covered in trees, and father back north, covered in snow. It’s always got a bit of a bite of chill in the air, and unless one knows it’s forests well, the North can be a difficult place to navigate. Most people from here are quite pale due to the lack of sun that rarely shines through.

The Kingdom of Aubinge

The Kingdom of the West is the largest of all the Kingdoms, not only by size but wealth. The mines in the West provide the kingdom with plenty of currency, and the kingdom proudly displays it in not only their buildings but they’re clothing as well. The bigger and more lavish the clothing, the more money you probably own, regardless of heat. The West has a very humid, hot climate, with blazing hot days and freezing nights. The terrain consists of only rocks and smooth desert sand, so flat you can see the land around you for miles. The language is a spin on Delchistrier's own, originating from the foreign country, it's dialect sounding most like modern day French. Most people here are distinguished by their darker shade of skin and lavish wear and accents, though there are the few lighter types of people, the royal family, for one example.

The Kingdom of Lorelthia

The Kingdom of South is best known for its constant improvement. Some of the kingdoms view the Lorelthia as a rather intimidating kingdom, or more specifically a competitive one. Some view the kingdom as being rather provoking, believing their constant improving of technology as a sure sign of them preparing for war. In reality, the South’s constant motto of moving forward has always been ingrained into the civilians, and some of the civilians even view it as a challenge to make the next best inventions. The newest most popular invention was a new way of travel known as the “Train”, unfortunately it was only in mid-construction before the attack. Lorelthia is a very busy city, always bustling and on the move. The Kingdom sits over a the large calm river known as “The Serphants Path”, named for its large amount of snakes that seem to lurk by the riverside. The climate is usually murky and foggy, and rainfall is common here. It’s terrain is muddy and harsh, with a plenty amount of small streams and trees, people refer to the terrain as a marsh, and with its usually clouded weather, the land is dark and glum most days.

The Kingdom of Ezeris

The Kingdom of the East started it downfall the moment it’s founder passed away. His son was raised in wealth and spoiled and knew nothing of hardship, and so he was a terrible leader, using the kingdoms wealth as spending it on himself, and he passed this down to his own son. And so the Kingdom continued its downfall. The rulers continued to spend the kingdoms money for themselves, spending it on their lavish parties, clothing, gambling and more. They turned a blind eye to the Kingdom, and the crime increased. Criminals and gangs run free of the city now, and guards either turn a blind eye or partake in the crime itself. The ports also allows options for illegal drugs to pass into the ports, considering guards no longer search the cargo. The climate is a mix between very stormy with heavy downpours and warm, and sunny, and usually always a little breezy. The terrain is has many small hillsides, but is flat as well with tall grass and it’s usual tall timber trees that cover the landscape. The language and dialect here is most like modern Italian, though surprisingly, here in Ezeris is where most will find all sorts of people.

The Kingdom of Calore

The Kingdom of the Midlands was once the only kingdom in Sarthenfall, and as such is the oldest kingdom. Nature and the previous war of the Dark Ages has taken its toll on the castle walls, but the land still retains much of its former glory and beauty. Calore has always been looked upon with suspicion due to the magical artifacts they keep locked inside the castle, preserving the artifacts from the outside world so that none many ever touch magic or abuse it again. The Kingdom of Calore sits in the central point of the continent, surrounded by grassy fields with a few trees that dot the land, because of this, it makes it a perfect place for farming, and the fields is exactly what provides Calore with its wealth. The people of Calore have always been ruled fairly and kindly, and many people try to forget its past from the Dark Age. It’s climate generally matches that of spring, it’s usually sunny, but rainfall isn’t uncommon either.
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The History of Sarthenfall

Sarthenfall was founded a little over one-thousand years ago by a group of explorers from the neighborhood country of Delchistrier, the leader of the explorers group being Argus Sarthenfall. He led the group of explorers all over Sarthenfalld largely diverse terrain Sarthenfall until they found what seemed like the perfect place for farming and settling - the Midlands. Though it wasn’t called that at the time. The explorers settled in there, where the population continued to grow and branch out until a form of ruling was required. Considering Delchistrier was its own prospering country, and a monarchy at that, the people decided monarchy was the best way of government.

Considering most people had settled into the Midlands, and only a few had branched out to live in other places such as the north, south, east and western climates and made their own small villages, the people decided the kingdom should be built were settlements was first established, and so they built a great kingdom in the Midlands and elected Fergus Calistair as the ruling King. The Kingdom of Sarthenfall countinued to rule the country for many generations, the people lived prosperously and happily, ruled by a responsible and just King. They lived for many years like this until Delchistrier became nervous at the floundering kingdom. Tensions arose between the countries until they boiled over and Delchistrier and Sarthenfall went to war. The war was long and lasted five years, losses heavy on both side until each ruler decided enough was enough and a peace treaty was made, and cemented in a marriage alliance.

The King Alexsander, ruler of Sarthenfall married his son to King Maric’s daughter, the princess of Delchistrier, who was torn from her home to live in Sarthenfall. She was met with hate and resentment from Sarthenfall’s people and lived a very unhappy marriage and live until she was poisoned thirty years after her arrival in Sarthenfall. Delchistrier was enraged, and another bloody war insued between the two countries for two more years until Sarthenfall was victorious, and forced Delchistrier to back down. Delchistrier begrudgingly did so, and though tensions have always been high between the countries, they left each alone. Sarthenfall was rebuilt and slowly recovered from the past two wars, and the people moved on and lived in peace for many years until the Dark Age.​

Ms. Sparrow

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The Dark Age

The Dark Age was just about three-hundred years prior to current events. It started when King Kilorn passed from unknown circumstances, though many speculate the Mad King killed him himself. When Kilorn died, his only heir, always an odd and particular silent child, Soris took the through at only eighteen. At first, he was known to be kind, not that he’d go out of his way, but when he threw his parties, often masquerade parties that were quite lavish and beautiful the stories say he danced with nearly every lady and complimented every gentleman. He knew how to run a country it seemed, the nobels simply adored him.

But not all things lasted. People in the palace began to disappear, and people who went to the palace to investigate never came back. That was when magic was first seen and heard across the world. Soris magicked nearly everything in the palace. Rugs that would bite at you’re feet, curtain ropes that would lash out at a passing servant and strangle them. Guards would drag civilians away from their homes at night and drag them through the enchanted courtyard and palace gardens and they were never seen again. The land was dying, crops were dying without any explanation, family’s were either dying off completely in one night or getting family members sent back to them...in pieces. He captured and tortured people foolish enough to wander onto the thorn-shrouded palace grounds. Stories of Soris tearing a person apart, starting with the thumbs, then to their ears and toes, tugging them to pieces like a cricket, to see how long they would stay alive, were one of the most popular tales. It is also said The Mad King also captured souls, a process that apparently required a needle, a thread, and the souls eyelids. Some stories even say you could see the souls of the dead walking the palace at night, staring out the glass panes of the castle with eyes that would never open.

For years people suffered until the Mad King grew to be old of age and a five extremely talented warriors struck. Some say they were also gifted with magic by God himself to defeat Soris, but wether this is true or not is uncertain. The warriors; Mathius Auscent, Bernand Hollenbeck, Isaac Beauchamp, and the two siblings Raf and Diana Windfore, (Diana would later marry a man from house MacLaird) would, according to the stories, storm the castle with an armful of men and decapitate the Mad King. At first. He was decapitated, burned and dismembered once the Five left his body to the civilians. He was eighty-nine when he was slain, this is the last portrait painted of him before his death:

The Five warriors decided no man should ever have this power again, and so they swore to keep whatever magic and magical items banned from the world forever, and so they locked the magical items away in the palace in the Midland Kingdom, or so the stories say. They split the land so that not just one man could hold all the power. The Five warriors separated and went on to build their own kingdoms and so began a long era of peace throughout the generations, the new system took awhile for the people to get used to, but after awhile, they adjusted, happily, and buried the Dark Age behind them, hoping to never see magic or a tyrant control the land again. And so it was.​
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The Nine Deities of Sarthenfall

Rokavick - The God of Anger and Lust

Rokavick is the god that one would pray to when perhaps in a vengeful mood, or desired something greatly. He is often thought of as an ill-tempered god that entinces mortals with what they want the most, and has often been nicknamed “The God of Bargains” because there is always a price when you bargain a deal with Rokavick, a deal where he always has the upper hand. He is often drawn and thought to look as an talk and, charming man with glowing orange-gold eyes that seem to see through you.

“Rokavick is tempting me”

“Rokavick, please allow me this one small treasure.”

“I’d bargain anything with Rokavick for that.”

Lumia - The Goddess of Deceit and Lies

This would be the god one generally curses after one has been betrayed. She has been thought to have been the small voice in your head that encourages you to lie. She enjoys meddling in mortal affairs and has also been thought of as “The Goddess of Mischief”, she enjoys fervent worship, and people generally become enticed by her own lies, only to be left abandoned by her goddess with nothing. She’s the goddess of planning, stealth, secrets and lies and one should never associate with this her, lest you fall into a trap of hers, she’s often been drawn and imaged as a beautiful half-snake woman.

“That lying bitch must have been possessed by Lumia herself to lie to me like that.”

“I’ve prayed to Lumia to help me figure out how to get justice.”

“Lumia, bless the shadows and my lips so that I will not be detected nor discovered in the actions I’n about to perform.”

Meredith - The Goddess of Purity and Light

Meredith is an often worshipped god, often by those more devout. It is believed Meredith despises those unholy and impure, but gifts those will good luck and beauty for those that worship her. She is also the goddess of light, and joy, and health and the most revered goddess in the churches. She is often portrayed as a beautiful blonde woman.

“Meredith, please guide me to the light and through this grief.”

“I prayed to Meredith to protect my daughters purity.”

“Goddess of Light, I pray to thee to heal my son.”

Ardalath - The God of Chaos and Darkness

Best as close to the devil in modern times, Ardalath is the most vile of all gods, and has many names. The god of madness, the god of murder, the god of rape, the list goes on. Few people worship this god, but when they do, they are often dark and sadistic individuals, often scorned and arrested. His worshipers are a cult in a sense. Rumors spread that his cult would kidnap those of innocence during the night and sacrifice them in Ardalath’s name. Ardalath is often blamed for the Dark Age, some people believing he gave Soris the power that drove him mad.

“Ardalath himself has possessed your ignorant child!”

“I hear he practices the dark arts of Ardalath’s will.”

“Hear me Goddess of Light, I pray thee shall keep Ardalath at bay on this night.”

Galayithe — Goddess of The Wild and Hunt

Galayithe is a well known goddess for her affiliation with many things, such as nature itself and animals for the most part. She, in a sense, is Mother Nature, cruel, unpredictable, wild and free. Hunters and farmers are often to revere this goddess. Often she is decipated as a large white wolf, black crow or a woman with red hair, bright sea-green eyes and tattoos throughout her skin.

“I made an offering of lamb to Galayithe today, hopefully she’ll give me a good harvest this year.”

“Galayithe, please smile on us today for this hunt.”

“She’s wild and untame. She must be favored by Galayithe herself. Or cursed.”

Nether—The God of Weather and Elements

Nether is the god of wind, water, Sky, lightening, frost, and flame, while earth belongs to Galayithe. Nether’s nature is sometimes considered to be loud and unpredictable, but he’s also spirited and could perhaps be looked at as an overbearing father. He supposedly gives gifts to the few mortals he admires and favors, which are usually those of spirit, and those that pray to him rarely, as he doesn’t not believe those that pray to the god of weather deserves his gifts, but those that just rather appreciate him from time to time. He is often represented a large man, both in height and weight, with a big bushy white beard and long white hair, both that are made of clouds.

“I hope Nether will favor us on our travels from the south.”

“Nether, please have mercy on us in the cold winters to come.”

“Gods...you feel that? Nether must have a temper today for it to be so damnably hot.”

Deleth—The Goddess of War and Courage

Deleth is the godesss one generally prays to when seeking to win a duel, a fight, or battle. One could pray to her for courage as well. She does not enjoy worship but glory in battle instead, and favors only the best victors and warriors in battle. Soldiers and those ready to fight often pray to her in the North, She is often decipated with as beautiful with wildly curly, long light-brown hair, adorned in golden armor holding a golden sword.

Etheo — The God of Logic and Art

This god is often most revered in Lorenthia, though he is most affiliated with inventors, artists, musicians, writers, scholars, and quite a few others who practice in that of creativity and art. His nature is that of patience, silence, philosophical, and more. Etheo appreciates those that challenge their mind rather than their body, and is said to be the hand that guides all art forms, and is in direct rivalry with Deleth.

“The brains on that woman I swear...Etheo must not favor the woman at all.”

“Etheo, I would appreciate your assistance to show me the solution in my errors.”

“Etheo has not blessed me with any talent, I’m a child of Deleth, not him.”

Maerva — The Forgotten Deity

Not much is known of this diety. There are no praises or her, no murrels or churches that worship her. This generation has forgotten all that she was or might’ve been, due to what seemed to be the banning of worshipping her a long time ago, as all paintings decipated of her, and all churches have all but been discovered destroyed and grown over, and it seems as if a long time ago, in an age forgotten, Sarthenfall obviously turned their backs on this deity. Now there is only speculation on what this deity may have been, but it is commonly spoken of that she was a dark goddess in someway, and is often decipated with long, raven black hair, long nails, onyx eyes and slightly pointed ears. People have forgotten her to the point she is hardly named when it comes to deities, and it is commonly referred to as “The Eight Deities rather than “The Nine Deities”​
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The Kingdoms and Nations Emblems and Animals

Sarthenfall Trodaire Emblem.JPG

Colors: Pine Green and Silver
Anima/Object/Symbol: Grey Wolf

Sarthenfall Ezeris Emblem.JPG
Colors: Yellow and Teal (Blue-Green)
Animal/Object/Symbol: Symbol of Nether, particularly referring to his water aspect.


Sarthenfall Lorenthia Emblem.JPG
Colors: White and Red Orange
Animal/Object/Symbol: Mint-green serphant

Sarthenfall Aubinge Emblem.JPG
Colors: Bright Yellow and White
Animal/Object/Symbol: Blue Crosier


Sarthenfall Calore Emblem.JPG
Colors: Black and Silver
Animal/Object/Symbol: Silver Stag

Sarthenfall Delchistrier Emblem.JPG
Colors: Red and White
Animal/Object/Symbol: Golden coronet with ostrich feathers

The Isles:
Undiscovered as of yet


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The Maps
(fucking finally lol)
Light-brown: Grassland
Light Green: Swampland
Tan: Desert
Blue-White: Alpines
White: High Mountains/glaciers
Dark green: Thick pine forest
Medium green: Sparsely forested grassland with pine trees. (ONLY FOR EZERIS) Usually is key for a tropical forest.

Map of Faroliis (The world)
Screenshot (7).png

The Map of Sarthenfall
Map of Sarthenfall.JPG
Edit: (Ezeris more visible with borders)

Map of Delchistrier
Screenshot (8).png
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((Inspired heavily by Orlais culture in DA xD))

According to many history books written on Sarthenfall’s history, it was from Delchistrier that the people of Sarthenfall first originated from—though their cultures over the centuries have shifted to become vastly different. Though Calore has continued to keep with this tradition, Delchistrier is only ruled by Kings—as women are not allowed to take the throne, unlike the other four kingdoms of Sarthenfall. Delchistrier is an absolute monarchy and is considered very rich both money wise and culturally. Land is only owned by the aristocracy and is granted only by the ruling king. Power rests solely in the hands of the ruling King, who is chosen by blood, passing down from the heirs to the eldest son—and bastards are considered unqualified unless of course, they are somehow more favored by the Delchistrieran people, which would be rare to the fairly judgemental people. Most notably, Delchistrier is considered to be incredibly dangerous due to an ongoing game of chess that never seems to end between the nobility of Delchistrier that is ultimately a competition for influence, esteem, and wealth and every noble born is essentially a player of this game if they do not want to be subject to their fellow nobles manipulation, and if they are not a player, then they are a pawn. There is not a noble in Delchistrier that is NOT involved in this long standing competition. The goals of this game are usually personal prestige, reputation, and patronage. Nobles usually achieves this by hiring assassins and spies to further their goals, and many know full well that any entertainer or servant they employ could full well be a spy for another. Because of this, words are a careful, careful weapon here—and everything you say matters. One in the aristocracy must always watch what they say and reveal, or they may just never wake up in the morning. Social engagements are also very important, and fashion is very valued to further their influence and reputation. Typically, lower classes despise this heavy cultured part of their country and spit on the aristocracy, wanting nothing to do with them, knowing full well they likely won’t ever rise anywhere in this brutal country of theirs as often, those not born with any title or trade-standing of any sort will usually live without nothing forever. Delchistrier is typically famous for its well known extravagance and brutal laws. Nobility loves and favors entertainment and gossip, especially the occasional thrill which may or may not be illegal.

Foreign relations between Sarthenfall and Delchistrier have always remained tense due to Delchistrier’s desire to expand their territory and wealth—especially in the beginning of the founding of the Sarthenfall Kingdoms, and their past history with one another. Though the were nearly on the brink of war once again during the Dark Ages, peace has lasted throughout the centuries—though tense. Recently, relations between Delchistriers newly crowned King Aodren and the rest of Sarthenfall’s rulers have soured, putting the countries at odds once more, and leaving a bitter hate between the people of Delchistrier and people of Sarthenfall, with Delchistrierian’s looking down on Sarthenfall’s people and thinking them brutish and uncultured—though they look less down upon Aubingeis less and Ezerians more so. When it comes to the Isles however, Delchistrier and Sarthenfall are on the same level of spiting the island both are so close to, but have always failed to reach and discover.

Aubinge is thought to have stolen or taken Delchistrerian’s fashion, favoring the bigger the better ideals. Nobility clothing is made of rich dyes, complex patterns and fine fabrics. Rare colors and materials are used to imply wealth and status. They often lean towards flowing, layered garb—which is why Aubinge is thought to take their fashion and food ideals from Delchistrier. Makeup, like in Aubinge, is also a very popular tradition for both men and women in Delchistrier. The quality and rarity of makeup that is worn, especially if wearing uncommon hues or something, is usually a very big indicator of one’s personal status.

Masks. This is something that belongs to Delchistrier alone, and even a tradition Aubinge itself has not stolen. A bare face in Delchistrier is considered boring, and generally means your uncultured and poor. Not wearing one is generally considered unsophisticated and socially awkward, especially in the company of foreigners and commoners.

The Delchistrieran aristocrats and nobility, and those who serve publicly, are prone to wearing very intricate masks in public. These masks, often half-masks specifically, are hereditary and identify one's family and social class almost as uniquely as a family crest or emblem. For example, a family might be in association with a lily crest or perhaps a crow crest, and matching masks with crow features or lily symbols and paintings on the mask will identify them publicly. Retainers and servants wear a simpler form of a family's mask. Family symbols are well known among the Delchistrieran public and anyone wearing a mask that isn’t in their house will likely meet a short death if found out—wether by the law, or by an assassin.

Now, to the dark parts of Delchistrier. There is usually little evidence of crime, because the lower classes are typically non-existent. This is due to the slave trade of Delchistrier that targets those without any trade or noble status. These are not illegal activities but rather enforced by the law, usually earning law enforcement and guards a very sour reputation to the lower class. The Slave Market is very well known to be a very popular activity that people of all other classes—though mainly nobility—participate in. Usually these slaves are bought to be servants or trained as entertainers, for others, they could be messengers or courtiers, assistants and caterers, etc. Thise that are not ever bought, are deemed to dangerous, are usually brought to the Death Pits, as the participants call them, though it is mostly referred to as “The Hellpit”, where both some prisoners, and slaves are forced to participate in fighting to the death in a dark gloomy arena overlooked by the aristocracy and sometimes even the royalty themselves. Sometimes, willing Champions and fighters chosen by the royalty and nobility are invited to fight in the arena and provide further entertainment for Delchistriers aristocracy.

Women fighting is considered barbaric, another custom that Calore has taken from Delchistrier. In fact, women fighting is considered repulsive at best, especially for those in nobility—though assassins and spies employed are typically the only exception, though rare still. Northerners from Sarthenfall are especially frowned on because of their non-discrimination between women and men.

These differences alone has seperated and divided Sarthenfall and Delchistrier for a long, long time. Though perhaps this will change in time and eventually the countries will find peace together. Or perhaps... the countries will enter into war once more.
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