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Elijah scoffed as Chase remarked that he probably had time to change. He gestured toward Mac with his head. "And risk this one leaving me behind? Fat chance," he remarked. Almost immediately Erik's footfalls could be heard as he strode up, making his own "clever" jab. Everyone had commentary about Eli's escapade into the pool, it seemed. Eli arched an eyebrow at the demigod. "Doesn't get this warm in London, no. Besides, I sometimes find a quick dip before a hunt refreshing. Keeps me on my toes. You should try it sometime," he remarked dryly. The fact that the young man was brandishing a sledgehammer of all things wasn't lost on him. He had little doubt that the demigod could wield it with the same dexterity that a Elijah himself could wield a mallet, but all the same it hardly seemed fitting. Mackenzie, predictably, had her own thoughts on the matter.

Davenport retreated into the passenger's seat of the truck before anyone else saw fit to comment on his state, but if he thought he'd be safe there he was soon proven wrong... albeit for different reasons. Almost immediately Mac turned to address the three of them like a trio of unruly children before a road trip. Mac warned the three of them -- in no uncertain terms -- that she would make their lives a living hell if she got so much as a scratch on her during the hunt. Not because she was scared. Not because she needed to get back to Will and Skye in one piece. No. But because she wanted to be allowed to keep hunting without Will hounding her. In all honesty, the rant was equal parts amusing and terrifying... and yet Elijah couldn't bring himself to blame the woman for her sentiment. Calling Will "overprotective" would be charitable.

Elijah gave Mac a wink. "Understood, luv. We'll get you back to your Mother Hen safe and sound and make sure you don't break any nails along the way." He glanced down at his floorboard where he had tossed his bag full of clothes, sat alongside his boots. Without a word, as they pulled onto the highway, Eli grasped the wet hem of his shirt and peeled it away from his torso, followed by his pants and socks: arching his back and struggling to maneuver in the tight confines of the passenger seat. If he had any concerns about the others in the truck eyeing him as he changed, he didn't indicate it. Instead, he calmly reached down into the bag he had brought to pull on a fresh -- and more importantly, dry -- pair of jeans, a short-sleeved shirt, socks, and the hiking boots.

As Elijah painstakingly went about the process of undressing & dressing, he spoke up loud enough to be heard over the music. "So, any guesses as to what we're dealing with? Wendigo might not mind a solitary environment in the wilderness, but they consume most of the body down to the marrow. Never heard of them removing a few organs and leaving the rest. Besides, I've never heard of one this far southwest." He paused, glancing back toward Mac and Chase. "And you two did deal with an organ thief back when we were all in Vitae..." his voice trailed off.

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William hobbled out toward the front of the Inn, his prosthesis clicking all the while. He arrived at the lot just in time to see his truck rumbling out onto the roadway, one of Mac's favorite tunes blaring audibly through the windows as she shifted into drive before speeding off toward the Park. He sighed, watching the black silhouette disappear onto the horizon before turning away and lumbering back toward the pool where Ash was with the kids.

He knelt down at the edge alongside them with a weary smile. "I don't even know why I'm surprised at her anymore," he murmured to no one in particular, reaching out to caress Skye's cheek as the girl floated nearby, receiving a coo in return.

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"Order for 'Addy'."

Adelaide stepped forward and took the two steaming drinks in a cardboard drink holder -- along with the hefty cardboard box -- shifting them awkwardly into her hands with a smile at the barista. "Thanks," she murmured before turning to walk toward the back corner of the small coffee & pastry shop. There, seated in the booth, was Morgan. In the wolf Addy felt much of the same awkwardness, apprehension, and anxiety that she felt herself right now... and she didn't have to go digging with her Gift to find it. It was practically rolling off Morgan in waves.

She took a deep breath as she closed the distance, arriving back at the booth and setting the drinks down on either side of the table, glancing at the black scrawl to determine which was which. "Here you go," she said with a meek smile to Morgan. "I think I still remember your order right... but I brought these just in case." She reached into her pocket and removed a large handful of sugar packets and miniature creamer singles, dumping them in front of Morgan.

Addy slid heavily down into the booth across from her companion, setting the drink holder aside before tearing open a pack of Stevia and pouring it into her own coffee, stirring the drink lightly and sipping it, the warm liquid burning all the way down. The witch sighed contently before perking up a bit. "Oh, right." She glanced down pointedly at the cardboard box resting upon the edge of the table. "I saw this and I couldn't resist..." she opened the box to reveal an extra-large cinnamon bun, drizzled with icing, and about the same size as her open hand. "Want to split it with me?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

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The remark about the lack of subtlety with the sledgehammer prompted a laugh and a mildly sheepish look, even as the young man drummed the tune of the song against his leg, he coughed slightly and said "It seemed more appropriate than the nailgun or the drill..." even as he flashed Elijah a smile at the british man's own jive. He regained a more serious demeanour as he said "I don't know how to use a knife, or a gun. A blunt instrument seemed most effective, given my... Heritage." It was certainly true, he'd experience in both wrestling and boxing, though he'd always forced himself to greatly hold back as he grew older, careful as to not kill an opponent in sparring. As far as weapons were concerned, he lacked even the most basic profiency. He said as much, helpfully "I did some wrestling back in college, boxing too, that helpful? It seemed effective against the vampire... But I haven't a clue what a Wendigo is."

After that, with the slightly awkward manner of one that found himself amongst a group that had known eachother for years, he elected to fall silent and listen as though he was attending a lecture in applied chemistry. He had only the faintest clue how he was to approach this, beyond striking whatever leapt at him as hard as he possibly could, and tried to morph his mind into a sponge that drew in every little nugget of wisdom that the older hunters spouted. Certainly, he adopted a serious face and made to nod dutifully at Mac's speech on safety, as though keen to show that he was not about to echew sensibility and give into brashness.

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Chase merely chuckled as Mac turned to tell them that she'd be none too happy if this hunt didn't go smoothly. "Ma'am yes ma'am." Chase said with a mock salute from the backseat. And just like that they were off, with Elijah maneuvering his best in the seat ahead of Chase to change. Chase himself rolled down the window, moving his face into the oncoming wind that it created, letting that help dry out his hair. His interest peaked when the topic of what they were hunting came up. The werewolf leaning forwards against the seat and snaking his head alongside the headrest. "Doc somethingorother right?"[/color] He asked, glancing at Mackenzie. "But we went to stupid lengths to ensure he wouldn't be coming back. If it somehow is him, there's no way it's a coincidence that he's here." The thought that it was a trap didn't entirely escape Chase along that thought process, but the likelihood that it was the same man seemed incredibly unlikely.

"Rugaru doesn't sound likely if it's just their organs either." Chase said alongside Eli's Wendigo thought. "It's always possible Brody and I just never got close enough to where it traveled but...if we did, and didn't catch a whiff of anything it could be something that doesn't give off a scent."




Mackenzie tapped the wheel along with the beat of the song as she focused on the road ahead. She couldn’t help the odd and awkward movements of the man next to her, she glanced his way only to find him dropping his pants to the floor and removing, what she assumed was a dry set of clothing free from the bag at his feet. She rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the road to the best of her abilities.

She gripped the wheel, her knuckles turning white as she fought the urge to simply watch him dress beside her, convinced that her partners had come to some kind of agreement to distract her from the hunt in the only sure-fire way.

Mac chewed the inside of her cheek while she waited for Eli to be decent once again before joining the conversation he started. “Benton … I think.” She offered to Chase, though wasn’t confident that she had the name correct, despite the hunt being the last one she’d gone on before discovering her pregnancy. “If it is him and he’s back, we’re fucked. We don’t have the power to deal with him again.” She knew the Grace Will had been blessed with was slowly dwindling; she could sense it in him and while they hadn’t discussed it directly, they both knew. “Could be a demon, trying to lure us out. I can think of a few.” She offered, no need to name them for Elijah or Chase, demons were a dime a dozen in their universe, namely the big boss who had her and Ash’s name on a ransom list for his peons.

“Rakshasa, maybe. They eat human flesh, not organs. Ghouls? Wendigo?” She glanced up in the rearview mirror at the pair in the backseat before looking at Eli. “Or just plain old humans.” The experienced hunters had enough run-ins over the years with just everyday average Joe people, being cruel to other humans in the worst kind of ways.




Ashley-May watched Elijah exit the pool and head off to their home to ready himself. He’d left her in trepidation, and she glared at his back, and backside, as he took off. Clearly, the children were disappointed with this, as they both watch him and Uncle Chase disappear behind the cars before looking at her. She shrugged. “They’re working.” She offered, it was the line they told the kids anytime someone was off for a hunt for a period of time.

They were too young to understand what the truth was, though Ash and Eli never attempted to make their hunting conversations covert around Liam; he was a legacy, even if his biological father wasn’t. Elijah had the intent to raise him as his own, and as such, that involve the hunting world. Ash didn’t like the idea of it, in truth, but she certainly couldn’t hide the truth about the world from her son. The consequences could be dire.

What surprised her was when Mac and Will announced that they didn’t want to expose Skye to the reality of their universe. The conversation was tense, Elijah and herself disagreeing, and despite Skye not being their blood, she was just as much their kid as Liam was. Mac making the announcement soon made sense when she simply didn’t want Skye to have the life she did, that eventually, she would know the whole of it but didn’t want the girl to spend years of playing in the pool and at the park, training for future hunts instead.

Ash regained her seat perched on the unicorn rainbow float, her sodden hat replaced on her head and glasses on her nose as Will approached the pool and paid attention to the kids. “They left you behind?”



Morgan sat quietly in the booth in the corner of her preferred coffee shop in the “town” closets to the Inn. It could hardly be called that, though she supposed the population here, nearing two thousand, was far larger than her own home of Borseti. It meant that this place had the small-town feel of getting to know the business owners but also the anonymity of civilians on the day-to-day. It also meant that this place was large enough to have amenities most small towns didn’t have, like a bowling alley and movie theater.

She smiled her thanks to Addy as she handed her the paper cup, topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes. She immediately took a sip of the Mocha Frappuccino, surprised and hearted that Addy had remembered what she’d liked after so long. Before she could offer her thanks Addy offered to split the cinnamon bun with her. “Thanks.” She flushed, accepting the half offered and taking a bite. It rivaled Mac’s own confections, though she knew she was biased. Mac always made food that reminded her of home, and maybe that was why she hadn’t become homesick the past few months.

Morgan only felt mildly guilty suggesting this place to Addy for their first date. This had been the place that Brody had introduced to her on their own first date a couple of weeks ago and it felt appropriate and comforting for this truly awkward experience. After Adelaide had left Borseti to join the White Witches Council out West, she and Brody had closed the gap in their friendship and became something more. With Addy’s return, Brody expressed to her that he’d been previously interested in Adelaide but had never acted on the impulse because he’d believed that she and Addy had something.

Truth was, she and Addy hadn’t talked about it. They were close, closer than any friends had the right to be, but their time at Borseti had been strained. Morgan had the responsibility of the pack on her shoulders with Emile injured and recovering. It was a task she’d been preparing for her whole life and it had left her feeling drained. No time left in her life for anything but keeping up with the demands of the pack and that left her and Addy with nothing…

The Trio had come up with an agreement, that they would simply date one another and see where it went.

“How's the craft going with Mac and Erik?” She asked politely, trying to break the awkwardness she felt with some common ground.


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Erik's confusion at the mention of a wendigo wasn't lost on Elijah. He knew that they still had a lot of ground to cover with the demigod when it came to his "training". Adelaide had taken the lead on helping him to harness his gifts and Eli, as it happened, was training him in the more mundane aspects of hunting whenever they had the time: lore, how to do proper research, tracking a creature once he'd picked up its proverbial (or actual?) scent, killing methods... all of it. Even with occasional input from William, Mac, and Brody it hadn't been quick nor simple. Eli was a legacy born into one of the most prestigious hunting dynasties in Europe: his family along with the Men of Letters had poured over two decades of time, money, and other resources into honing him into a monster-hunter. Now their motley band of misfits was expected to give the son of a god a crash course in "Monster-Slaying 101" while operating out of a roadside lodge in backwoods Arizona.

There was probably some kind of strange irony buried in there.

Elijah pushed the thoughts away as Mackenzie and Chase both gave their commentary on Benton and potential alternative identities for their culprit in the Park. In truth, while the organ thievery and the proximity to themselves was an interesting connection, Eli had no reason to doubt his companions when they stated that the doctor wasn't responsible. From what he had been told of that hunt, they had been... very thorough in disposing of Benton -- up to and including salting & burning his remains. Even demons didn't come back from that.

Eli nodded. "I tried to pack a little bit of everything," he remarked. "The basics like silver, iron, and salt of course. Some fuel for starting a fire. If it does end up being one of our friends from down below, well..." he glanced pointedly at the sheathed Kurdish dagger that rest on the dash where he had laid it before undressing. "Unfortunately we're lacking on anything more... esoteric."


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William smiled ruefully down at Ashley-May as water dripped down from the brim of her hat down into the blonde tresses of her hair, though she didn't seem to mind. "Yeah," he remarked. "I guess I should count myself lucky Mac even bothered to stop by the room and tell me she was going."

He sighed. "I can't say it was a total surprise, though," Will said. "It's been a long time coming. You know her even better than I do. Mac isn't exactly... a homebody. She's been getting restless, wanting to get back out there. Anything I could say only made it worse." Will shook his head. "Sorry, I shouldn't put this on you."

Skye kicked her legs -- largely fruitlessly -- as she reached up toward Will. "Da-da," she babbled.

Will grinned at his baby girl. "All done, lovebug?" he asked softly. "C'mon." He reached down, hefting her up and out of the pool before drying her off with a nearby towel. "Did you have fun?" he cooed. "You ready to lay to go lay down?"

"Thanks for looking after her," he said in an aside to Ash, giving her a genuine smile.


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Adelaide smiled watching Morgan indulge in her drink, followed by the pastry -- hardly needing to use her gift to detect the satisfaction seeping from her mind. Addy took her turn next, slicing off a small bit of the confection before stabbing at it with her fork and guiding it to her mouth. The cinnamon-coated pastry practically melted in her mouth and she closed her eyes, savoring the flavor as she resisted the urge to let out a hum of contentment.

However, the buffer of food and drink could only last for so long, she knew. Objectively, she knew this awkwardness she felt around Morgan was absurd. They had been close friends for quite some time now... possibly more. And it was the "more" part that somehow managed to trip them up every time. Addy had been in relationships before and none of them had managed to be this complicated. Not even Will: the broken Soldier-turned-hunter-turned-Nephilim. Yet one wayward glance or misplaced word from Morgan, her joli louve, had her tongue-tied and with butterflies in her stomach like she was back in high school.

And that was without even bringing the whole can of worms that was Brody into the situation. These wolves would be the death of her... but she wasn't going anywhere.

Addy realized suddenly that she was gripping her paper cup like a vice and subtly took a deep breath to settle herself... just in time for Morgan to break the silence between them. She smiled at the question, realizing Morgan was trying to bridge the gap. "They're doing well, all things considered. You know Mac. She's... intense, once you set her to a task. Her dedication or attention-to-detail isn't the issue. The only thing holding her back is that sometimes she tries too much to think of it the same way a mechanic would. She approaches witchcraft and rituals the same way she does fixing up the Beast: trying to make everything fit perfectly. The perfect parts, the perfect ratios, at the perfect alignments. Rigid." Addy's tone was thoughtful as she spun her coffee cup idly on its base atop the table.

"There's a place for all that, don't get me wrong. You can't go throwing ingredients into a bowl willy-nilly. You could end up killing yourself or worse. But recently I've tried to tell her to start thinking of it as more art than science, to approach it the way she does her other passion." Adelaide paused as she realized that could mean one of a number of unsavory things before clarifying: "Cooking. You ever seen Mac as relaxed and creative as she is when she's making a making a meal for all of us in the kitchen and thinks no one else is watching? No less dedicated, no less attentive... but more free-spirited."

Adelaide shrugged. "As for Erik, truth is I'm learning as much as he is. Divine magic wasn't exactly my specialty. I learned a little more from the Council, but it was a crash course at best. We're taking it slow, testing his limits, seeing what he's capable of. He feels like Thor superficially, but he's definitely his own person. I'm not sure either of us know where this is going, but we're doing our best to figure it out."

She chuckled sheepishly, running a hand along her face. "I'm sorry. You were just trying to be polite and I'm ranting over here about everyone else and their magic stuff. This is supposed to be--" Addy paused. What had she been about to say? "A date"? That's what this was, right? That was the agreement... though none of them had been so bold as to label it and put it into words.

Adelaide swallowed the lump in her throat. "...about us," she settled for with a warm smile, locking eyes with Morgan from across the small table. Her free hand slid across its slick top surreptitiously... stopping just short of Morgan's "personal space" in a silent invitation as Addy's heart pounded in her chest.




Mackenzie listened as Chase and Elijah offered up a variety of suggestions as to what they could be facing. Literally anything, humans included. "We'll pack in a little bit of everything just in case, we'll plan for retcon for tonight - if we're lucky we can identify what it is and take it out, otherwise we'll head back to the Inn and talk it out." She glanced at Eli to her right, then the rearview to see the men agreeing with her. "Good."

* * *​

Within an hour and a half, they were pulling into the parking lot of the national park. It was dusk, not ideal for clue searching but it meant that there would be fewer people wandering the trails as well. Mac was satisfied to find the parking lot entirely empty, except for a single vehicle … a county sheriff.

"Fuck." She slowed the truck but didn't stop, the officer wasn't visible and was either in the car or nearby. "Should have known they would have been keeping people out of the park." She muttered, rolling into a spot and glancing towards the sheriff as she stepped out of her vehicle. "Eli, get out there and distract her. Chase, we need to run the my dog got loose play. Eric, when Chase takes off and the Sherrif and Eli go after him, grab the bags from the back with me, and we'll head into the park. Eli with ditch the Sherrif and Chase will find us after."




Ashley-May smiled at William as he thanked her for watching Skye. You couldn't help but smile and laugh as Skye cooed and gurgled at her father. It was evident that she was a daddy's girl and that he loved every second of it. Much the same could be said of Liam, the boy loved his father but he was always and forever going to be a mama's boy.

"Really not a problem." She waded closer to Liam as the boy struggled to maneuver himself to the edge of the pool where Skye had been removed. "She makes Lee happy and that makes my day easy." She scooped up the boy off his floaty and headed for the stairs herself.

"Let's go see what Mama Mac left us for dinner, yea?" She murmured, planting Liam on her hip as she stepped out of the pool, wrapping a towel around herself and Liam.



"I had no idea Mac was so rigid," Morgan smirked, taking a sip of her frappe to conceal the smile. She'd worked with Mac on budgeting and planning and knew, firsthand, that when Mac had an idea of what she wanted to do, there was no changing her mind. Sometimes it was best to just let her run it out, though she supposed it was a little more dangerous to let Mac experiment freely with magic.

Her smirk faded as Addy went on to discuss Erik, the demi-god worried her, not himself directly but what he was. They had thought, up until his arrival, that Adam had taken out all the pagan gods, Manitou himself had been lost to Adam and Ginny, while she had been at Vitae, and had noted fewer and fewer messages until there were simply none. If Erik was here it either meant that Adam didn't have an agenda for demi-gods, or he didn't know they existed.

She was pulled from her thoughts as Adelaide reached partly across the table: a silent invitation, one that she had been too frightened to take before, despite being in a far better place, mentally and physically. She flushed slightly, setting her paper cup down, her fingertips brushing along Addy's before interlacing. "About us." She agreed.

Their odd little dating triangle was hard to describe; she'd gone on a date with Brody just days ago and she knew Addy had gone on a date with him the night before and here they were, on their own date. She wouldn't lie, she didn't know where this would all end but someone it felt … right.


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Elijah followed Mackenzie's eye line toward the lonely vehicle seemingly waiting for them in the parking lot, pursing his lips at the sight of the police cruiser. He listened as she laid out the plan, his lips curving into a smile. He knew full well that Chase -- for his part -- would have a thing or two to say about the strategy. Unfortunately, Eli wouldn't be around to hear it.

"Say no more. I'll dial up the hapless tourist charm to 11," Eli said with a nod before climbing out of the truck, his feet settling onto the pavement. He saw the deputy's form -- barely visible behind tinted glass -- inside the SUV across the lot meet his gaze as she moved to step out of her cruiser. Eli quickened his pace, striding across the parking lot, surreptitiously glancing around to ensure there were indeed no other observers before crossing the rest of the distance.

The deputy seemed somewhat flustered as he approached her with a beaming smile and wave. "Good evening, officer!" he said, going out of his way to exaggerate his London accent. He had it on good authority that American women (and more than a few men) found it "sexy". This deputy, for her part, simply arched an eyebrow at him as he took a step toward her. He saw her muscles tense in a posture that certainly had nothing to do with physical attraction, her right hand twitching by her gun belt. Eli stopped in his tracks, but did his best to disguise the movement and make it natural.

Of course she's on edge. For all she know there's a serial killer on the loose and I'm obviously not a local.

"Can I help you, sir?" the woman asked, her tone polite albeit clipped.

"I'm not from around here as you probably guessed," Eli released a goodnatured chuckle, slowly running a hand through his blonde hair before planting his hands on his hips, watching for a reaction out of the corner of his eye. Nothing. The woman seemed totally disinterested in him beyond any professional capacity. If Mac knew he'd struck out he'd never hear the end of it... he pushed the thoughts away before continuing, "I was going to go for a hike in the Park, but I was wondering if it was free admission? Do I need a ticket or something along those lines?"

The deputy frowned, shaking her head. "The Park has a curfew running for the time being due to... recent events. You should return to wherever you're staying."

Eli nodded with mock thoughtfulness at the reply, resisting the urge to turn and look over his shoulder for Chase's "escape".


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William smiled at Ashley-May's sentiment. It was true; Lee and Skye had seemed almost inseparable from the moment they were both truly old enough to properly take notice of one another. They seemed almost destined to be lifelong best friends... and he wouldn't have it any other way. He lifted Skye up onto his hip, ready to take her back to the room when he overheard Ashley-May mention dinner. And he wasn't the only one. "Dih-nuh," Skye chanted insistently, turning to swat her hand insistently against Will's chest as she parroted Ash's word -- one she was very familiar with.

William couldn't help but chuckle, shaking his head. "Okay, baby girl. We'll go get some dinner, too." He followed after Ash & Skye toward the kitchen, the girl leaning into his chest and soaking his shirt with her curly red tresses -- not that he minded in the least.




Chase had watched the police cruiser as they'd parked, already trying to think a way around it. But then came Mac's suggestion and he almost put up a fight over it, but with a resigned sigh he nodded. Time was of the essence and if nothing else it got him into his other form and into the park. "You get too much of a kick out of making me act like a dog." He said with a huff as he started pulling off his shirt and depositing it in the seat. He glanced out of the window towards where Eli was running the distraction, and opened the back door and eased out. A moment later the rest of his clothes were thrown inside and the door was left ajar. Chase made sure to keep himself low and behind the tire so that the Sheriff wouldn't see his feet under the vehicle. If it weren't for the fact that he was concentrated on the task at hand he might have laughed, hearing Eli striking out so hard.


Crouching down he started the shift, hoping the engine of the truck would do a good enough job of keeping the sounds of his bones breaking and reforming from reaching the unwanted ears. Once on all fours the wolf shook it's coat a moment and stepped towards the edge of the truck. Chase knew he had to sell it, he had to be quick enough for the Sheriff not to get a good enough look at him to see he was both larger than a dog, and obviously not a dog at all. Another step forwards, and he bolted diagonally from the two speaking in the parking lot. His body aimed for the nearby tree line with a few barks along the way. The barks weren't the best, fact was Wolves barks didn't sound like dog barks. And Chase tried his best to sound more dog like which didn't help much if he was honest. But he had to make some sort of noise to help sell it and alert everyone that it was happening. Even as he was moving into the trees Chase's nose was already taking in the surrounding smells, searching for anything that might be out of place or unusual.


Erik nodded his assent, even as he could not help but goggle for a moment as Chase's features twisted and cracked, fur sprouting. It was astonishing, and the shock upon his features were readily evident for a few moments. The young man's composure returned as he tore his eyes away and instead gazed at the interaction between the sheriff and the Brit. Whether or not the Londoner managed to sway her, Erik has a sneaking suspicion that whether or not the Hunters managed to find their way into the park was not contingent on her approval.

"Unfortunately I can't turn myself into a mule... But I can carry heavy loads, I'll be right with you."

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Mackenzie watched through the tinted window of the truck as Elijah swaggered up to the sheriff and started to speak. She couldn’t hear what was being said but it certainly didn’t look like it was going Eli’s way. Despite the fact that this didn’t bode well for their primary distraction, it amused her that the Brits swagger had faded just enough not to entire all women.

She nodded to Chase as he quietly opened the door behind her, agreeing with his statement. She’d been waiting for an opportunity to use this very scenario, with him or with Brody honestly, ever since he’d volunteered to play the part during their last hunt together. It certainly did not make her feel just slightly better about the fact that she was inferior to the people she hunted with (save for Elijah) when it came to everything necessary for hunting.

As Chase tossed his clothing back into the seat behind her she leaned back to collect them and nodded Erik as he offered what he felt he was capable of: carrying equipment. In most cases, bringing up the rear in hunts was just as vital as being on lead. The team had to work together, especially when venturing into the unknown like this.

Mac carefully opened the door and stepped out, closing it gently and waited for Erik to scoot across the back bench and join her. She skirted around the back end of the vehicle and peeked around to watch Chase bolt for the treeline, the sheriff and Elijah in pursuit. She dropped the tailgate of the turck and started hauling out bags and passing them to Erik. She hefted her own over her shoulder and Chase’s over the other, hastily stuffing his clothing in a side pocket. She closed up the tailgate and headed off down the opposite trail.


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Elijah felt a weight lifted from his shoulders, relief coursing through him at the sound of the unnatural barks from the other side of the lot -- though he could hardly show it under the circumstances. Instead, he allowed his face to contort into a mask of surprise and panic, whirling around to glance at the retreating form of the canine as Chase dashed into the forest.

"What the--" the sheriff's deputy hissed, reaching for the flashlight on her duty belt.

Eli was already moving, however. "Oh, bollocks!" he exclaimed. "He must have slipped his leash!" he said, allowing the faux panic to creep into his voice as he dashed into the wood line after Chase, knowing full well that he wouldn't catch him... and indeed that was the point.

The deputy sputtered behind him. "Sir, wait, don't--" she started, only for Eli to hear the sound of her footfalls behind him as she followed -- probably more than a bit reluctantly -- into the trees, speaking into the microphone clipped to her lapel. That potentially meant more company arriving within the hour, perhaps less... but there was nothing to be done about that now. The Park was dense enough that they could avoid detection until their work was done, especially with Chase's senses.

Eli worked on staying just far enough ahead of the deputy that he could hear her forcing her way through the branches until they reached the trail. He subtly led her away from the direction that Chase had gone, ignoring her calls to stop as if he didn't hear them. Once he was certain that he was far enough away from the others, he picked up the pace, quickly darting out of sight from the deputy as she struggled to keep up with him in her heavy gear amidst the heavy foliage. He cut off the trail at a sharp angle before doubling back, hopefully leaving his hapless pursuer none the wiser before heading back toward his companions.

Ten minutes later Elijah was making his way toward their impromptu rally point, having stopped periodically to listen out for any sign that the deputy had picked up his trail. Clearly she had not.




Chase's pace had slowed after he'd moved into the parks wooded area. At first it was an attempt to remain close enough to pay attention to what was going on with Eli and the Sheriff from a distance, but also to keep himself just within range to make his presence known for the chase. However he quickly realized Elijah had other plans, noting the mans redirection. It was fine by him. Chase's nose and senses could focus on the park for a bit, trying to catch anything that might help with the case. After a few minutes of coming up empty pawed the Wolf circled back, following after Eli's trail into the brush. Figuring he could lead the man back to the others faster than Elijah trying to track them the old fashioned way.

Being careful not to accidentally pass the Sheriff's potential path, he followed Eli's scent at a jog. After a while the wolf caught up to the hunter, purposefully not keeping himself silent or hidden as he trailed up behind the man. Attempting to let his presence be known, and not end up with a bullet or knife thrown his way out for surprising the hunter in the midst of a hunt. Chase tilted his head to look at the man as he came up alongside him with a snort of his nose before trotting forwards and veering off to the left. Elijah had heading in the general right direction of Mac and Erik, but Chase took the lead for better precision as the evening grew darker. Luckily the breeze was carrying the scents in their general direction, making it far easier for them to regroup.

Eventually, Chase led them into the small clearing where Mac and Erik were waiting for them, wandering closer to the pair a moment before padding over to a nearby fallen tree with his nose in the air. Rather than shifting back to talk he felt it made sense to stick to this form for now, he felt more useful this way. Chase's ears tilted to listen as the others spoke behind him, though the Wolf was more so concentrated on the smells of the park and their surroundings. It wasn't until a shift in the wind that the scent hit him. Chase's body stiffening a moment as his nose twitched, head turning to try and get gather more of it to be sure. A small rumble slipping from the wolf's closed mouth as he confirmed the faint smell of fresh blood.

Chase's eyes concentrated in the direction the wind was coming from as he considered what it was. The blood could have been an animal, or just someone who'd injured themselves on the trail. There was no way to be sure other than following it to find out. For the moment the hunter fought back the temptation to run off and check.




Mackenzie jogged through the brush nearest the parking lot, setting a steady pace for herself and Erik carrying the bags of 4 people. She needed to ensure they got far enough away that should the officer double back, their tracks would lead them off into the darkness and, hopefully, be unable to follow further. She kept an eye on their surroundings, looking for abnormalities among the brush and trees - anything out of place but found nothing. She kept watching for Elijah and Chase returning as she continued on their way to where the last set of body parts had been found.

Hearing noise approaching she paused, flagging Erik to stop and stand behind her - he might be a demi-god but unfit to fight anything. Dropping her and Chase's bags, she slipped her iron blade partly from its sheath on her belt but swiftly settled it back home when she spotted their friends. She nodded to Eli as he approached. "Glad to see you could at least still outrun the sheriff. So much for all that swagger." She teased, looking toward Chase as he continued to pace and survey something that was undoubtedly unseen by themselves. "I'll keep Chase's bag with mine, can you grab yours from Eriks and free up his hands?" She wanted to keep Erik unhindered, he wasn't a hunter and if they got into a tough spot, she needed to be sure he could, at the very least, run the fuck away.

Mac hefted her back and Chase's back onto either shoulder and nodded in the direction Chase was already facing. "Around a hundred meters that way was where the last body was found, the best place to start but also most likely to end up where that Sheriff looks first. We need to move, we'll follow Chase."



Something was amiss, deep in the woods. It silenced the birds, spooked the animals, and even the flora seemed to lean away to the best of its ability. It gave off a scent that no human would smell - not unless much closer, of course - but those animals with a keener sense would sooner get a whiff. It smelled wrong. It would require a bit of a march deeper into the wilderness, maybe forty-something minutes at a more leisurely pace, though less if one were to be chasing after a man-wolf who had caught scent of something worth investigating. It was just enough time for the sun to set and for the moon to take it's place. There were no trails out here; no intent for campers or hikers to come this way. No intent for civilized man to be out here at all. The trek was made at one's own peril.

And yet, here our hunters were. And they were not alone.

A dark figure stood in the distance, obscured by the darkness of the night and the shadows of the trees. It was hard to make out the figure’s exact shape, but it appeared to be hunched over and moving. Something solid hit the ground, causing wet earth to be tossed up and off to the side. This motion repeated itself twice more before another, quieter thud. The air held the telltale metallic taste of blood and the tingle of magic, for anyone sensitive to such things.

The figure bent low, close to the ground, and its heavy breathing was punctuated by a wet squelch. The smell of blood grew stronger, sharper. It was fresh blood, too. Fresh and wrong.

A second figure, distinctively humanoid in shape, appeared to sit up from the ground as if to look in the direction of the group. Something grabbed onto its long hair and pulled upwards, head tilting at an unnatural angle. There was an audible cracking of bones - followed by another wet squelch, a tearing of flesh, and a thump of something hitting the grass.

Whoever or whatever was in front of the group pulled the decapitated head free of the body it was once attached to and stood to its full height - roughly six feet tall, and distinctly humanoid of an attractive build, with a man’s broadness in the shoulders.

“I’m afraid you’re a bit too late. I will have to ask you not to come any closer.” A calm, even-toned, polite voice came from the darkness in front of them - a man’s voice. The figure moved to bend over and pick something up, and a camping lantern clicked on. Turning to face the group, the man held up the lantern in one hand, the bleeding decapitated head hanging at his side in the other hand. The head - a woman’s - gaped open at the group in a frozen visage of anger and fear.

Dark hair slightly disheveled from whatever struggle happened here, the man wore a dark blue button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The heat of the Arizona air had forced him to unbutton the first two buttons of his shirt and loosen his black tie, which hung loosely around his neck. His shirt was tucked into his black dress pants. Nothing about his outfit was truly fit for a jaunt in the woods to do bloody work - especially not his black polished wingtip shoes. The front of his clothes were sprayed thickly with blood, and he had a blossoming bruise peeking out from under his unbuttoned shirt, though he appeared to not be too harmed. The blood was unlikely to be his own.

The man held the lantern a bit higher, casting light on the group of hunters before him. In turn, it only illuminated his face better - as well as the bloody corpse behind him, laying on the ground in front of a shallow grave full of at least three other butchered bodies. A dirty shovel lay nearby, freshly used. He offered a smile to the group - a mist of blood on his face as well - and held up the severed head.

“Did anyone misplace a witch recently? Or perhaps some bodies, suspiciously short of organs? Because I’ve found both.” He moved the lantern a bit closer to the severed head, illuminating her face for a moment, before he let go of its hair. The head hit the ground with a thump and rolled a few inches forward.

“It seems I’ve beaten you to your target, ladies and gentlemen.”


Eli Looking Up.jpg


Elijah heard it softly at first, but growing quickly in intensity: the soft pitter-patter of feet drawing closer to him, the crunching of leaves. Too large to be a squirrel or rabbit and too many legs for a human. He knew this had been a risk inherent to their plan: running into someone or something before he was able to meet back up with the rest of the group. He reached down toward his belt line, pulling the hem of his shirt back to grasp the handle of the knife in its scabbard. The sounds drew closer and he remained still: ready to draw, slash, stab. He found himself wishing he was armed with something more potent right now, but the other equipment was with the others.

A streak of tan-brown fur emerged from the foliage nearby and Eli breathed an audible sigh of relief, nodding as the canine tossed his head back in a very human gesture, setting off to follow Chase as he led him back to Mackenzie and Erik. They made good time through the dark and Mac wasted no time in greeting him with a jab that left no imagination as to whether she had heard him "strike out" with the deputy earlier. He gave her the charming smile he knew Mac hated. "I was sizing her up. It was only a matter of time 'till she was eating out of the palm of my hand," he said with a wink before stepping forward to accept his bag from Erik. He unzipped the top, removing his sword in its scabbard before zipping the bag back up.

Elijah took up a position behind Chase as the wolf began leading them again, deeper into the interior of the park. They walked for several minutes, ears listening for anything amiss. He trusted that their lupine companion would alert them to any nearby danger before it was upon them, but it rarely paid to be complacent in their line of work. Soon enough Chase's body language changed, his hackles raised and Eli knew that not only had he caught a scent but he they were getting closer to its source. They arrived at a small clearing and Eli's eyes narrowed on the lone figure within it. The figure was almost entirely hidden within the shadows of the nearby copse of trees around the edge of the clearing and they moved with a purposeful motion, seemingly unaware or uncaring of the group's presence.

Eli squinted, attempting to get a better look... before finally understanding. Not one figure, but two. A man atop a humanoid. Sawing, cutting. Eli recognized the work of decapitation all too easily: having done it himself more than once. Soon the mystery man stood up with the reward for his efforts held aloft like a trophy, casting it down upon the dry grass with a sickening plop as it rolled briefly before coming to a halt. Davenport didn't hesitate, drawing the sword from its lacquered wooden scabbard in one fluid motion and locking his gaze with that of the figure before them. He had to admit: he hadn't been entirely sure what to expect upon venturing out into the woods. One of Eve's Children preying on hikers as a food source. A witch or rogue alchemist like Doc Benton trying to play god, perhaps. A good old-fashioned zombie, even. But a well-dressed man, working by the light of a lantern with a casual indifference that nearly suggested boredom? Not so much. And the pile of fresh dirt nearby with flashes of bloated flesh suggested that this woman wasn't his first victim. They had found their target.

And then he spoke.

Elijah pursed his lips, cocking his head. A hunter? Out here? One that had managed to track and kill the monster in their own proverbial backyard by the time they had even become aware of it? It wasn't impossible, of course... but it was just as likely that this "man" was the witch and -- when faced with a group of hunters -- was putting on a show attempting to get them to let their guard down for the briefest of moments.

Elijah smiled slowly, toothily -- but there was no humor in the expression (which was likely lost on the man in the darkness in any case). "Show us yours and I'll show you mine," he said with an arched eyebrow before lowering his sword, pointing it tip-down before using his free fingers on that hand to pull down the collar of his shirt enough to expose his upper chest. With his other hand, he snatched the small flashlight from his pocket and clicked it on, shining it on the anti-possession sigil tattooed just above his heart for the man to see before allowing his shirt to rise back into place and looking back at the figure expectantly.




The scene Chase led the group to wasn't what he'd expected to say the least. The Wolf's hackles remained raised, and his growling didn't cease. He felt the charge in the air, that magic had been used in the area. It as always an uncomfortable feeling similar to someone's hair raising from electricity, just with a little more feel to it. Admittedly he was never fond of witches or magic, Adelaide excluded. But after the hex bag incident, Chase is far less comfortable around it. It was difficult to say if the stranger wasn't indeed involved, whether it be he was the killer to start with, a partner with the witch he'd just killed in an attempt to feign innocence, or any other number of things.

The Werewolf's glanced over the scene as Eli requested some proof the man was a hunter, though he kept Gideon in the corner of his vision. Even if Gideon was a hunter who had been just one step ahead of them. Who was to say he wasn't about try and double down by taking out a Werewolf after all. Chase had opted to stay in this form for the hunt but he hadn't expected they'd cross paths with another hunter, thought it was always a possibility. There was even the chance that the man had come here initially because of Wolf sightings and was here to hunt Brody, Morgan, and Chase. Though Chase understood that might be a little on the paranoid side of things, but he and Joe always considered all possibilities when it came to hunters over the years.

Still, Chase remained where he was standing with his body tense. Not interested in provoking an altercation, though his low growling did not cease. It was more of an aggressive warning than anything else. Also, the thick and potent smell of fresh blood permeated through the air and was overtaking Chase's nose which only served to put the Werewolf more on edge. Not that he had much of a choice at the immediate moment, but letting the others do the talking for now seemed to be the best option.


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