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Vitae Colony sat on a hilltop village in Wood Lake, NE for the last fifty years. Established in 1964 by Marcus colonist and his brothers, they were the first American Colony. For years they continually recruited solo Hunters and small groups into their ranks, and had become well known for their civilian members: their weapon and metal smiths were often sought after, commissioned years in advance. Over the past decade the world had become a far harsher and darker place, more and more Supernatural rose in larger and larger numbers. War was coming, the end of days as Humans knew it, and there was nothing to do but wait and prepare.

Vitae Colony had done just that, recruiting, training, building. They had fortified their village and town with walls, a “private community” as most would call it but it boasted one of the largest in the United States, and they were ever expanding. They had a surrounding farmland, lakes and forest’s to hunt within, able to be nearly self-sustaining without much civilian/government interaction, but as the time grew closer the council had to make a choice that would save their Colony in the future.

The Call had been sent; a request for any able and willing Hunters to join the Vitae Colony. They hadn’t expected many to reply, if any, but it was a plea, a group of Hunters and their families totaling nearly 100 people seeking help from any smaller groups or singular Hunters to join their ranks and fight to keep their home safe.

The response had been unexpected, at first only a few small groups, often a Hunter and his family would show up at the Colonies gates seeking asylum, but now they were receiving replies, they were being flooded with requests for help, requests for asylum and requests for rescue. Many were trapped within their own territories, leaving their safe walls brought them unnecessary risk. They were asking for extraction, in most cases, not wanting to risk their families, their children on the road to travel.

Mackenzie and Ashley-May had received the call, heard their plea and though Mackenzie had wanted to remain out, untied to any groups Ashley-May had convinced her it would be beneficial for them, and if she still had not be satisfied, they could always leave again, on their own once more. They had arrived at the Vitae Colony in the busiest of times; the gates were crowded with people, Hunters and their families, civilians whom knew about the relative safety behind the walls, and other Hunters like Mackenzie and Ashley-May. They had waited outside the gates for three days before they were accepted within, and even then there had been great protest; some families, whom had arrived before them were still waiting to be accepted but the Council needed to bring in those that could help the most first, before bring in those they would need to support. Mackenzie hadn’t liked it, it left a foul taste in her mouth, but she’d do anything for Ashley-May and so she bottled her discontent and did as shew as instructed.

Vitae Colony was organizing those that were brought within into potential extraction units; Hunters that arrived alone, or in their small Hunting Packs, versus the Hunters that had arrived with their Families. Those that had come with family units would remain behind, with the council and other Hunters that could not travel and continue to defend their borders, keep their territory clear of any potential threats, while those whom had no families were asked to join the extraction units; they would force no one to endanger themselves for others. Not many Hunters refused the request; they knew the dangers of having family in a world like this, many of those that accepted their tasks had known loss.

Mackenzie and Ashley-May were among those whom volunteered for the extraction units, both women had been Hunting together for years, and both knew what loss felt like. Mackenzie Skye Canonach was a generational Hunter; born to a family of Hunters that’s history stretched back further than most could recount. She had been part of a Colony once, many years before and trained by her brothers, father, uncles to Hunt and survive. Her Colony had collapsed, over run by a Pack of Wolves and a Den of Vampires within their territory that they could not compete with. Everyone had been lost save for Mackenzie, and her two older brothers. Ten years since the collapse and she’d lost both of them as well, both in fights they couldn’t win, and both times she’d been spared because of a brother’s quick thinking. From there she’d continued Hunting, continued fighting, many other Hunters avoiding her due to her reckless nature; she had nothing to lose after all.

Five years ago she came across Ashely –May Branston, or rather she came across the demon that possessed her, a cross roads demon impersonating the then third year medical student at New York School of Medicine. It hadn’t been hard to miss, given people were being torn to shreds inside locked rooms. Nothing screamed Hell Hound louder than this. Mackenzie spent two weeks on campus posing as a law student her bar exam, it didn’t take long for Demon-Ashley to find her and proposition her. Typically, in this situation, Mackenzie would have just offed the demon with her Demon Blade and went on her merry way, but something about Ashley-May had made her dig out her exorcism kit and drag the demon from the woman’s body. She’d been thankful to Mackenzie, thankful she’d been freed, and honestly Mackenzie had been surprised she was still alive. Mackenzie had left Ashley-May with her name and number and headed off on her next Hunt only to receive a call from Ashley-May not a week later. She couldn’t continue with her life like nothing had happened, she’d spent three months in the eyes of a Demon and she wanted to help others like herself. Mackenzie had sent her the name of the city of her next Hunt and Ashley-May had bussed down and met her. They’d been inseparable since.

Vitae Colony council member Brendan Jack had been building extraction units and sending them out once they were filled, or earlier depending on the level of urgency the next family or group that needed help. Mackenzie and Ashley-May were the first to be added to the next unit, assigned a dormitory, however neither bothered to unpack what little items they owned; if they were going to be out on the Hunt again, best to keep your baggage light. Ashley-May has brought some books for research, while Mackenzie had left everything but her favored weapons in her car, a 1953 Ford Mainline UTE. Silver knife kept hidden in her long boot, pistol holstered against her ribs and a pure iron blade at her belt, there wasn’t much need for any other weapons in her opinion. Mackenzie and Ashley-May were occupying the same small bed, Mackenzie splayed out eyes closed, leather jacket covering her torso while Ashley-May sat with her back against the head board, their legs intertwined. Ashley-May read her book quietly while Mackenzie dozed her finger tips slowly drawing patterns on the other woman’s back.
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Coeli has always known that there's a colony of hunters in Nebraska. It never used to worry her, despite being just a state away. Unfortunately, word on the street (okay, she heard from a familiar who heard from a witch who heard from a demon - it's hard to get information when you're in hiding) is that the said colony is growing. Recruiting more and more hunters from everywhere... which is a problem.

She has spent a lot of time (almost a year now) building a new life for herself in this body and she is not going to let a stupid colony of stupid hunters ruin her perfect hideout. "Vitae Colony," she grumbles the name as she adds another sigil to add insurance than other demons aren't going to find her here. It's not only the hunters that she's worried about, after all. More hunters means more demons. They go together that way, given that demons like to tease and would flock wherever people would try to hunt them.

"Honey, dinner's ready!" her host's mom calls from downstairs.

Coeli genuinely likes Mrs. Valdez and she would have been a great mother (if her child wasn't in a coma and possessed by a demon), but with her problem right now, all Coeli could think of is stop telling me what to do, lady, I'm older than you by centuries. Of course, she doesn't say that. "Just a second, mom," she replies.

She stands and admires her handiwork. One under the carpet, one under her bed, one inside her door, some runes on her doorknob, a hex bag in her pillow - hey, call her paranoid, but she could be in danger. Demons can sniff out anyone or anything if you give them time and she thinks that 10 months is pretty much enough. Once sure that she's got little to nothing more to worry about, she gets out of her room, closes the door, and heads downstairs.

Protection from demons? Check. Protection from hunters? Well, she's sure they won't bother an innocent, not to mention religious, high school girl. Not if she does anything that would attract their attention, that is.
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It was hard not to hear about this growing colony even as far away as the capital of Canada, a few angels had come to Ariel trying to get her to join it as they all knew that if a great threat were to come it's better to be prepared and join with others who have a different set of skills. Ariel didn't want that, sure she hunted a few threats here and there but she didn't want to do it all the time. Not only that she didn't want to join up with anyone, she knew that it didn't always work out.

Ariel was trying to enjoy her day off but yet again her two angel brothers came to her, "I've already told you both I am not joining. I like what I am doing here, I can do so much more. I'm healing animals, so what if a great threat is coming. Let the Archangels deal with it, that's what they were created for. Stop coming around, leave me alone." Ariel growled.

"We were created to help the humans Ariel, you cannot deny that. Sure you're the angel to the animals but you cannot turn your back on the human race, you are a coward if you do so." The male angel told her, "so fine just live your life. But take away your wings if you're to do so, because you're no angel." He spoke before disappearing with his brother.

Ariel shook her head, "angels..." She muttered before walking away trying to enjoy the rest of her day off, which was basically ruined because of that encounter. They made Ariel question who she was, should she go to this colony and help out? They were right in a way, Ariel was an angel and angels are suppose to help anyone in need. 

Ariel walked to her usual cafe and ordered a white mocha and a sandwich sitting down at the table and looked out the window watching the people walk by, not a soul knew what went on in the world. They didn't know that there were monsters lurking about, that heaven and hell, demons and angels do exist. It was better this way.

"Damn it.." Ariel muttered as she finished off her drink and ate half her sandwich, the angels convinced her to join them. She stood up from her seat and left the cafe walking back to her tiny apartment, she packed some clothes and other essentials in her bag and placed her angel blade in her boot. She then threw on her leather jacket and transported herself to Wood Lake where this supposed colony resided. 
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"You're sure about this colony?" William asked.

Elijah sighed, but didn't look up from his reading material for the day, some obscure (and no doubt valuable) treatise on demonic exorcisms. "As sure as I can be. Adelaide's information is reliable. You of all people should know that."

Will frowned at the remark, but decided to let it go. He turned back to the road, allowing the quiet rumble of the truck's engine to occupy the silence. "It's just... things are different now," he finally spoke.

Elijah shrugged. When he spoke, his usually-subtle London accent was strong. "The job's the same as it always was. The cat's out of the proverbial bag and now more people than ever know about what's out there. So what? It's not as if we were out to stop the sheep from learning about the wolves."

Hendrix scoffed. "Yeah, but we weren't exactly shouting about the wolves from the rooftops, now were we?"

Now it was the young man's turn to frown, before a look of understanding crossed his face. He snapped the book shut before looking over at the driver. "You think we should have been more open, that we might have saved more lives if we'd spread the word. Tell me, Will: how did that turn out for you after Afghanistan? How many people were willing to listen to what you had to say? Trust me when I say that you weren't the first to try it, either. We did what we could these last few months, you know that. And now, if this colony pans out... we can do even better."

William said nothing, nodding once. He glanced at the GPS console. "Not far now," he said quietly. As if on cue, both men began to check their weapons. At the end of the day, they were still Hunters and neither of them were willing to dismiss the possibility that this was a trap, dangers of the road aside. Will reached down alongside his seat to retrieve the HK45CT in a holster mounted there, bringing it up into his field-of-view to flip the gun into his right hand and press-check it, retracting the slide just enough to confirm the telltale glint of nickel-plated brass in the chamber. Returning the handgun to its hiding place, Hendrix could feel the weight of the holstered snubnose revolver strapped to his left instep, along with the combat knife on his belt.

Elijah watched William, but spared the veteran his usual scathing commentary about "Americans and their guns". Instead, he contented himself to grab the katana resting between his knees, pulling the blade an inch or two from its lacquered sheath. The sword was as much a work of art as a weapon: its curved, tempered steel blade was honed to a razor-sharp edge and inlaid with various occult warding sigils along much of its length. One flat side was electroplated with consecrated wrought iron, the other in pure silver. Returning the sword fully to its sheath, Davenport absentmindedly felt his belt to confirm the presence of the likewise-customized throwing knives.

As they crested the hill, they saw it: Vitae Colony. The walls were already visible, along with a distant lake and surrounding farmland. It looked... serene, almost. Trading a silent glance, both men knew that meant to be as wary as ever as they drew closer to the perimeter.
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The road leading up to Vitae Colony would be heavy occupied, cars, trucks and trailer parked along the edges, leaving enough space for two cars to pass one another, but not by much.  People had started to build makeshift hovels from the back of trucks or vans; tarps and tents set up to create impromptu shelter.  It was estimated that there were at least 50 people living outside the walls along the road, but this number was steadily increasing.  The colony has have difficulty with the sudden influx of Hunters and their families, while they had intended for just this result, none of the council members had believed that so many would been drawn by the offer of asylum.  They were doing what they could to bring in families; before the call had gone out they had been erecting new homes, small one floor buildings to at least house a family until it could be expanded.

The general atmosphere outside the wall was wary, cautious.  While everyone worked together, showing compassion and honor there was always the worry that they would come under attack while waiting for their chance at safety.



Ashley had grown bored of hiding within the barracks, though she knew that Mackenzie would not see it as hiding.  They'd been welcomed in the gates earlier that day, been directed to the barracks and then never left.  The councilmen who had led them had offered the place of rest to clean up before exploring the rest of the township, as they were welcome to do, but Mackenzie had taken a shower after Ashley and immediately dropped to the bed.  With a sigh she'd forcefully close her book, a journal that Mackenzie had excavated from the ruins of her family home, and tossed it down on the bed.  "Well if you're just going to lay here, I'm going for a walk."  She knew all too well that Mackenzie wouldn't let her leave alone, she'd been like an ever faithful watchdog to Ashley, hell the poor woman had even gone jogging the past few weeks just so Ashley wouldn't be out alone.  She knew it was because Mackenzie felt something was amiss, something was wrong and coming down fast, but there were times that Ashley felt Mackenzie was just paranoid.

Mackenzie would groan, dark green eyes opening just enough to glare at the other woman, she'd watch Ashley stand from the bed and stretch before sauntering to the doorway. "You're just never happy."  She'd grumble dragging herself from the bed and shuffling behind Ashley out the door, pulling her brown leather jacket over shoulder, concealing the holstered gun against her ribs.  Outside was chaotic, to Mackenzie, people were rushing around, barking orders.  Other Hunters, whom had been residing her longer than herself, were running from the gates to a tent set up that must have been some sort of command tent and back again, relaying messages.  After a few repeats the gates would open enough to allow either people on foot or their vehicle though and the gates were closed again quickly.  They would all go through the same process she and Ashley had: Holy water, silver and host of other 'tests' to prove the people entering the colony proper were Human.

Ashley was dead set on exploring as much as she could, striding off towards the town proper where the original residents homes were.  Many of them had been retro-fitted with the towns decision for expansion: They either house more than one or two families, or they ran a shop of some sort.  Most were simple signs reading mending or herbs to indicate what was available to be found there, no currency was really needed within the town, everyone had a job and as such everything was "free".  Half way down main street Mackenzie was calling Ashley over, a used car lot had been converted over to what Mackenzie could describe as an armor-smith.  Forges, giant metal forges had been built with motorized fans that spun slowly; coals within the forges glowing red every time a blade pushed more air into them.  She was surprised to see men and women working at the forges, stuffing a long piece of metal into the hot coals, or using an anvil and hammer to create what ever they were making.  It was memorizing to watch, but eventually Ashley would drag Mackenzie onward to explore further. 

"I want to find the medics tent."  She'd say the Mackenzie.  "We need to resupply, we're low on everything."  Mackenzie knew this to be true, given how many times Ashley had to stitch her back together after a job, and if they were going to send out on more missions, far more dangerous ones, well she wouldn't chastise her medic for wanting to be prepared.  Eventually they found it, once again a small shop on the main level of a converted house, Mackenzie stood in the door way and watched as Ashley explored inside; she was like a kid in a candy shop picking up items that they had had to do without recently, funds were tight.


The truck sat idling at the top of the hill as William and Elijah stared wordlessly down at Vitae Colony beyond. It hadn't been too challenging to weave through the abandoned static vehicles that had started to crop up, but now they were faced with an entirely different obstacle.

"It would seem," Davenport remarked quietly, "that we weren't the only ones with the same idea."

Will slowly rotated his head to glare at Elijah, who tactfully avoided the larger man's gaze. Neither was thrilled at the prospect of joining the apparent half-queue/half-refugee camp that had formed outside the Colony proper.

Hendrix sighed in resignation. "If there's a silver lining to this, we can be pretty sure this isn't a trap.. I doubt Hell could spare this many demons to sit on one backwoods settlement and play Hollywood extra."

Elijah nodded his agreement. "Ready when you are."

Will grunted, shifting the Chevy back into gear and rolling slowly down the hill toward the outer perimeter of makeshift camps. As they approached an RV, Hendrix took notice of a man sitting atop it in a lawn chair, a hunting rifle slung casually across his lap. He waved for them to stop and Will complied, pulling alongside the RV. Both men watched calmly, shifting slightly in their seats as the middle-aged watchman -- now carrying a duffel bag -- clambered down the ladder and approached the passenger side of the truck. Davenport rolled down the window halfway.

"How are ya, fellas?" the man asked in a tone that seemed jovial enough, but Will could see the way his eyes ranged the inside of the truck as well as the occupants, scanning for potential signs of a threat.

"Well enough. Yourself?" Elijah replied courteously.

"Fine, fine. You're Hunters, I take it?"

Will, avoiding quick movements, reached up to lower the collar of his shirt and expose the pentagrammic tattoo on his upper torso, while Davenport rolled up his sleeve to do the same.

The man nodded, but the tension didn't leave his stance. "Then neither of you will object to a few tests?"

"No, we know the routine," Will replied flatly. The watchman nodded again, reaching into his duffel to remove a small, roughly-forged canteen -- made of pure iron, no doubt. The exterior was inscribed with several warding sigils. The old man passed it to Davenport cautiously. Elijah took the flask, unscrewed the top and took a whiff of the contents. Satisfied, he tossed back a gulp, swishing it around in his mouth for emphasis before swallowing. He passed the canteen to Will, who repeated the test, albeit with less flourish. Giving the now-empty container back to the guard, they watched silently as he removed a small silver blade -- once a letter opener, now a testing device. Elijah frowned as he took the knife, raising it to his forearm and pressing the edge to his skin, dragging it horizontally. Blood seeped from the shallow cut as Elijah hissed in pain before passing the knife to Will. Wiping the blade thoroughly clean, Hendrix followed suit. The watchman took the letter opener back.

"Just about done. One more test," the older man said, retrieving a flashlight from the bag. "Look at me and open wide. Tilt your heads back." The men followed the instructions as the light was shown into their mouths and then directly into their pupils. "Okay, all done. Sorry about the hoops to jump through. You understand we can't be too careful these days."

"Of course," Elijah remarked evenly. "So, about getting in..."

"Afraid I can't help you there. I just run the tests. The elders are doing all they can to expand and get everyone a place to stay inside the walls, but to be honest it's pretty slow-going. Entrance is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis unless you've got kids with you or if you really lend a hand to the settlement."

"We'd be happy to earn our keep," Will remarked. "Put in a word for us?"

"Sure thing, Mister...?"

"Hendrix. William Hendrix. My associate here is Elijah Davenport."

"I'll pass your offer up the chain. Name's Bart, by the way. Oh, almost forgot."

Bart reached once again into the duffel bag, this time pulling out two small Band-Aids. He grinned as he handed them over. "Enjoy your stay at Hotel Vitae, gentlemen."

Will raised the Band-Aid to him in thanks, smiling despite himself, before putting the Chevy back in gear and rolling further down the path, hoping to find a place to set up camp.
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Christophe walked into his office and slammed the door behind him. He was angry at one of his informants that were scattered around the world. The fool went and got himself arrested in Hong Kong for smuggling crack, causing Christophe to lose important information about a possible key to unlock his master. With a frustrated sign, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. He was calling a other informant in a small town called Vitae. After a few minutes, someone picked up and a gravely voice said to him," What is it sir?" Christophe sighed and said to him," Do you have any information about any supernatural weaponry?" The phone was silent for a minute than the man said to him," I heard their was a weapon buried somewhere in the Arizona desert." Christophe nodded and hung up the phone. He then started to dial another number. He then said to the man on the other side of the phone," Listen Cortez, get an expedition out to the Arizona desert, I think we finally found our weapon."



Mackenzie would watch Ashley fly through the medic shop, picking up items excited about finding this thing or that.  Honestly Mackenzie found it fun to watch her friend find pleasure in the simple things; it didn't matter to Mackenzie if she stitches were legitimate medical quality sutures or if they were unscented dental floss from the local supermarket, so long as they kept her in one piece.  Given Ashley's medical background it wasn't really a surprise to see her delighted over finding some sort of specialized gauze Mackenzie didn't know existed until just that moment.  She'd let her medic run a muck for a time before she'd intervene, "Aright Ash,"  She was stepping into the shop for the first time, coming to the other woman's side gently placing a hand on her arm.  "I'm sure other people needs some of this stuff too."  Ashley would regard Mackenzie a moment, disappointed, before replacing a couple of times back on the tables and shelves, "Fine"

They would take the cardboard box of medical supplies that Ashley had selected and exit the shop.  "Need to grab some ammo, while were here."  Mackenzie was standing at the end of the walking path that lead to the house behind them, looking one way down the street reading handmade signs before looking the other direction.  She didn't see what shew as looking for but she'd turn back to Ashley.  "How about you take that back to the car and I'll meet you there soon."  She didn't want to have Ashley leave her side, but she needed to trust that her hunter friend was,firstly, capable of handling herself, and secondly, that this place was in actual fact safe.  She'd wait to see Ashley's nod before heading down a street, Mackenzie didn't like being away from the car for long, it had been her home for her entire life, or at least the portion of her life she cared to remember.

Two blocks from the medic shop she found what she was looking for, much like the armor-smith a grocery store's parking lot had been retro-fitted with metal shipping containers, within them housing various tables and shops with people working at building shells and packing ammo.  Mackenzie passed through the tables quickly finding what she needed but before she could make her request of the proprietor a messenger was her side, out of breath.  "Mackenzie Canonach?"  The young hunter would ask, chest heaving.  "What? what is it?"  The young man was sighing.  "Been looking every where, you're being sent out.  Come."  He was turning to stride away from the parking lot, heading down the street back towards the barracks, Mackenzie following closely behind he would explain.  "There is an outpost around three hours from here in Alliance, Preacher hold up with his family and some locals.  They're a halfway point to a sister colony west of here.  The Preacher has a satellite phone and checks in every morning and every evening.  Well he didn't check in last night, and then not again this morning."  The young man looked nervous as they were approaching the barracks, people were milling about there, loading the bed of her car with supplies.  The same council member that had brought them in the gates this very morning was there, standing at the hood map spread out speaking with Ashley.

As Mackenzie approached he looked up from his map grimly.  "We don't like doing this,"  He started but Mackenzie raise a hand to interrupt him.  "This is what we signed up for, big shiny heroes."  Ashley winced hearing the hunter speak, but said nothing, instead she was taking her leave to look over what was being added to the supplies they're brought in themselves.  "What are we looking at, exactly?"  But the council member could only shake his head.  "We have no idea, could be just a dead battery, or broken phone."  Mackenzie knew by his face he didn't believe what he'd just said to her.  "I've given Ashley a phone, we expect you to check in often.  This is recon only, get there, find out what happened get back.  You don't have a full team with you, no expectations for you to hunt without back up."  He was folding the map up and handing it to Mackenzie, "We're pulling in new recruits now, when you get back there should be more hunters for your next mission."

Mackenzie would take the map moving to the car.  The loading was done, tailgate closed again and cover replaced, Ashley was already seated in the passenger seat waiting.  Mackenzie would climb into the drivers seat, she'd sit quietly for a moment before turning the key in the ignition.  Car came to life the metal beast rumbling in protest; it hadn't been driven at length in some time.  Ashley was already fiddling with the radio, much to Mackenzie's disapproval, however she was delighted when she heard the first few bass cords of Golden Earring's Radar Love hum out of the speakers.  She couldn't help but smile, turning the music up to a deafening decibel.

Gates were being opened as Mackenzie and Ashley rolled slowly towards them, waiting.  Runners would run down either side of the roadway shouting to others further down clearing the road.  Once the doors were open wide enough Mackenzie would drop the clutch on her black metal beast and pull the shift into gear, careless of who was around or who would be displeased, she'd literally drop the petal to the metal floor; tires beneath them screeched as the hulking beast tore through the gates and down the road.

Vitae Colony

Once the hunters were passed through the gates, they were immediately being closed behind them, messengers and hunters were now traveling car to car, tent to tent speaking to each group waiting outside.  They were asking basic information, did they have family with them?  Were they able to fight?  Were they willing to fight for the colony?  Anyone whom answered affirmative for the last two questions were being re-directed to the gates for processing and admittance.   Every hunter admitted was directed to the barracks within the colony to wait for further information, the colony was preparing for the worst possible scenario.
Ariel appeared outside the gates and of course she was greeted by heavily armed men, "who are you and state your purpose." One of them spoke with a gruff voice, he looked like he had seen a lot and been practically everywhere and in every situation. "Tell us now little girl or walk away if you know what is good for you."

"Mortals.." Ariel muttered, "my name is Ariel and I am here because you could use my services. I am an angel of the lord," she told them. "I'll prove it by passing any test you throw at me, I would show you my true form but you would go blind."

The man rolled his eyes and handed Ariel all of the tools for the test, of course she passed them with flying colours. When it came to the holy water Ariel couldn't help but laugh and take a swig of it, "you know this tastes like sugar water to us." She smirked.

"Fine, you may enter. But just so you know, try anything funny and you will be kicked out so fast it will make your head spin." He told her opening the gates and allowing the angel to enter.

Ariel walked down the road looking at everyone, there were hunters from all walks of life. Though there wasn't just hunters but other beings, as well. Especially angels, Ariel did her best to avoid them. She really didn't want her brothers to find out that they were right, because she'd never hear the end of it. 



"...we've got a thing that's called Radar Love..."

Will flinched as the vintage sedan roared -- music blaring -- past the truck away from the colony. "Someone's in a hurry," the ex-Soldier muttered with a shake of his head. He pulled the truck well off the road near a small stand of trees, giving them what passed for a bit of privacy considering the situation; the nearest group of refugees was a little over 30 meters away. Regardless, it didn't take long before they were approached by a representative of the Colony Elders, a young woman in late twenties. She explained that Bart had called ahead on the radio regarding their presence and stated they were willing to earn their keep. Will confirmed it before quickly adding that they had no dependents. Before long, he and Elijah were thanking the woman as she redirected them both toward the gates for processing. After securely locking up the truck, the partners spared one another a shrug before following along.

Another battery of tests followed -- some repeated, some new -- followed by basic questions regarding names, trade skills, Hunting experience, and more. Their responses were jotted down by bored-looking Colony workers with clipboards. "Can't escape the bureaucracy no matter how far you run," Elijah muttered under his breath during a brief respite in the impromptu interview. When the admittance process was finally completed, both men were directed to a barracks structure to await further information. The inside was crowded with a few others occupying bunks and cots. Setting up a shop in a small corner, the two men began laying out a few basic essentials when a commotion sounded outside at the gates. William glanced out the window to see a group of guards confronting a woman. Though he couldn't hear the exchange, the result seemed satisfactory enough as the watchmen lowered their weapons and allowed the newcomer to enter. Hendrix turned to wave off Elijah, who slowly slid the katana he'd drawn halfway back into its sheath.

"Now what?" Davenport asked wearily, leaning back into the wooden chair he had claimed.

"Now," Will said, "we wait." He walked over to unceremoniously collapse onto one of the bunks, intent on getting his rest where he could after the drive the the Colony.


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Vitae Colony


Once they determined they're retrieved all the suitable hunters from the queue the gates were closed again.  This process took nearly two hours to complete, and by the end the single barracks was to capacity, leaving any new comers to either make friends quickly or stand and wait.  After the last hunters were admitted to the barracks they would be followed in by three people, the leader would stand at the front of the long room and wait patiently for a quiet din before speaking.

"We'd like to thank you for your on going patience, we know that this hasn't been the most pleasant of experiences, but please know we are doing our best giving the unexpected turn out."  He'd offer a weak smile, the two standing at either side of him nodding grimly.  "My name is Brendan Jack, I am a council member of Vitae and I represent all the hunters that are part of extraction or supply runs, which is where you all currently fall.  These two are my deputies; Anna Fraser."  He'd nod to the woman on his left, "And Maxwell ...."  He'd pause and regard his friend with a laugh.  "He's Greek, I won't bother trying to butcher his last name, Maxwell will do fine."  He'd regard the hunters before him again.  "I truly believe in keeping no secrets from you, or the rest of the colony, secrets cost lives, and we have precious few of those to spare.  We currently have three out laying missions, one of which you no doubt witness leaving just a few hours before.  We have a troop of six hunters on their way to Austin Texas to extract a hunting family and bring them here.  Our second troop is on their way to New York to supply and outpost, and the third that left today are on a reconnaissance mission; we have an outpost in Alliance that has not checked in for the last two of it's schedules calls in the last twenty-four hours.  We want to believe they will find nothing wrong and resupply the outpost with a new satellite phone,but clearly, by your presence, we're expecting the worst."

He'd let the news settle for a few moments before continuing.  "The tent where you all checked in is where you'll receive any information you require, about the on going missions, about our town.  No secrets.  We encourage you keep tabs on each other, it's the only way we'll get through whatever is coming.  We're currently bringing in another building to fill out the rest of the barracks, again, we didn't expect-" the door to the makeshift barracks was slammed open, a young man stumbled in, breathless.  "Elder, they're there.  They made it."  Brendan and his two deputies knew exactly what the young man was speaking of and were quickly exiting the barracks to jog the distances to the command tent.  There were people there already, the operator had the satellite connection on speaker.

Light breathing could be heard over the speakers surrounding the tent as the operator patched the call in.  "Can you hear us?  Come in?"  He'd ask and a distinctly female voice would reply."Yes, we heard you.  We're here."   There was a pause, some rustling and the background noise would die off; the car had been turned off. "The lights are on at the Preachers house, but we don't see anyone.  We're going to check it out.  Give us a sec."  More noise as there was rustling, a car door opening, then a second female voice, though this one a harsh whisper.  "Stay here, Ash."  Nothing would be heard for several seconds then a loud crash and the first voice screaming.  "Mac!  Oh god no, Mac!"



It had come too quickly, Mackenzie hadn't been prepared, she hadn't thought that if there had been something here, that had attacked the Preachers outpost, that it would have lingered this long.  It has crashed into her, slamming her into the side of her own car and knocking the wind from her.  Instinct took over and she was grappling with the powerful body atop of her.  Ashley had forgotten the phone, dropping it on the seat, leaving it on speaker, as she scrambled to retrieve her own pistol from her hip, crawling across the front seat to lean out the drivers window and fire.  The thing atop Mackenzie howled and collapsed, and she had to work to roll it off of her.  Pure luck that Ashley's pistol was loaded with silver rounds, effectively killing the attacking wolf.  Rising to her feet, Mackenzie staggered once before righting herself, her ribs and back ached from the impact, but she willed herself to ignore it.  She'd return to the car door where Ashley was waiting.  "Watch my back, I need to see...."  She couldn't finish, she knew what would be waiting for her, but it needed to be done.  

Pulling her gun free form her holster she'd slowly make her way along the path leading up the house, when they'd first arrived she'd been thankful the Preacher had a house in the middle of nowhere, but now?  Now she was cursing the man for living in the woods.  She couldn't see past the lights of the house in the growing darkness.  As she approached the front door she'd pause, listening for any signs of movement or life.  Hearing nothing she'd gingerly reach out and turn the handle on the door to swing it open.  She didn't need to go far to know there were no survivors, stepping into the foyer was enough to see the carnage the wolf or wolves had left behind.  She needed nothing else, and was quickly turning to leave the house, but as she was stepping off the front porch Ashley called out in warning.  "Mac!  Three o'clock!"

Mackenzie turned in time to be slammed into for the second time this evening, though this time she was better prepared; just as the wolf came at her she'd drawn her silver blade.  They went down; Mackenzie did not have the strength to fight it outright.  The wolf landed atop of her and instantly howled in pain as her blade punctured into it's throat, it would gasp and thrash for a few seconds before falling dead like it's comrade.  Mackenzie wasn't wasting any time, she was rolling to her feet and running for the car.  Ashley' already had the ignition on and was backing out of the parking spot.  Howls answered the car engine's rumble and the moment Mackenzie was in the passenger's seat Ashley was tearing out down the road, back the way they'd come.

Vitae Colony


The events unfolded over the speakers at the colony, everyone stood silently as they listens to the fight then flight of their hunters.  After a few minutes of silence, other than the rumble of engine noise, the operator would compose himself enough to speak.  "Ashley-May, Mackenzie?  Do you copy?  Can you hear us?"  They would be greeted with scrambling noises, then Ashley cursing before the phone was picked up off the floor. "It was a trap.  They were waiting."  She was panting, sounding desperate.  "Oh god, she's bleeding.  I need to stop it."  Elder Brendan was taking the phone from the operator and speaking clearly, harshly.  "You listen here, Ashley-May.  If you stop now they'll catch you and kill you, or worse.  You don't stop for anything, get yourself back here now."  There was silence for a time before she'd speak again.  "Okay, we're coming."  

The line would drop and Elder Brendan would turn to face his hunters.  "I need each of you, all of you, get down the road and get those people inside.  Now!"  Hunters were scrambling at the command, the gate was being drawn open and hunters and other town officials were running.


The barracks filled in quickly, crowding into the available bunks. When those were gone, more than a few newcomers had seen fit to lay out sleeping bags on the floor. Elijah watched in vague interest, running a whetstone along the edge of his katana, stopping only when he saw the Elder enter the barracks to address the occupants. He unceremoniously prodded Will in the spine with the sword's sheathe, rousing him from his brief slumber. When Hendrix's eyes snapped open to look over at him, Davenport nodded toward the Brendan Jack.

The two Hunters gave the man their full attention as the situation was explained. When the younger man burst in to retrieve the Elder who quickly exited the barracks, Elijah and Will exchanged a quick glance before leaping to their feat and jogging behind them. They followed the Elder and his aide to what passed for a headquarters, standing just a few feet away from the others as they listened intently to the broadcast. Will had his arms crossed, eyes cast down to the ground as he tried to put together what was happening on the other end. Elijah stared at the speaker as if he could open a hole through space-time through sheer willpower alone. When the sounds of a struggle began filtering through, Will heard it: noises that could only belong to one creature. A snarl that was decidedly bestial, yet with an unsettling tinge of humanity all the same. Glancing over at Elijah, the two briefly made eye contact and the younger man mouthed one, silent word: Wolves.

Hendrix nodded once before returning his attention to the broadcast. As it concluded and Elder Brennan began barking his orders, William turned quickly to Elijah, reaching into his pocket to toss him the keys to the Chevy. "Go, get the truck ready. And grab my Mossberg." Davenport nodded, turning to jog out the gates. Will grabbed one of the radio operators gently by the arm. "That outpost, where is it?" When the man began to voice a question or protest, Hendrix cut him off. "One of your people is wounded and for all we know they're being chased. Just give me the directions and we'll help bring them in." After a brief pause, the man relented, giving Will a series of directions that the Soldier committed to memory before nodding his thanks and turning to make his way toward the gates.

By the time he got to the truck, it was already fired up, Elijah sitting in the driver's seat. Throwing open the passenger side door, Hendrix saw his 12-gauge pump shotgun resting there. Climbing into the Chevy, he took the weapon in his hands and began loading shells into the breech, nine in total. Each was filled with nine .33 caliber lead pellets, all of which were plated in silver. "I got the direction they'll be headed from; we can meet 'em half--"

"Will, the road."

Hendrix looked up from his task and followed Elijah's gaze. People were scrambling wildly, vehicles moving here and there as refugees and Colony officials darted between them. "Pop it into four-wheel drive. We'll head down the shoulder until we're clear." He paused. "You've driven a four-by-four, haven't you?"

Reaching down to grab the shifter, Elijah smirked and shrugged noncommittally. "You may want to hold on, Sarge." The Chevy's engine roared as the front and rear tires kicked up a shower of dirt, the truck lurching forward.

Will bounced in his seat, shaking his head before racking the shotgun and setting it aside to draw the HK45CT. He replaced the magazine full of hollow-point rounds with silver-tipped FMJs. Glancing out his window, he saw more than a few of the people on the road staring at them as they sped along the shoulder. Before long, they left them behind and Elijah guided the vehicle onto the road. Will fed him the directions from memory. He hoped they'd meet that old Ford halfway coming from the opposite direction; the alternatives weren't attractive to consider. He cursed himself silently for not thinking to grab a satellite phone before leaving Vitae so they could establish contact on the way.
Elder Brendan Jack had seen the flight of the truck down the ditch leading away from the Colony, and when the truck had not stopped at the end of the long line of awaiting refugees but witnessed it continuing on wards down the road out of sight he cursed.  He hadn't expected deserters this quickly, after all those men were supposed to have been hunters.  He'd gone to the command tent and spoke to the operator that Hendrix had been speaking to and questioned the man on what they'd been discussing before the hunters flight.  He was shocked to learn him and his partner were heading the direction the two women were to return by.  "Call Ashley-May and Mackenzie, inform them help is coming."





Ashley-May had been relieved to hear someone was coming, while she did consider herself a hunter, she knew that there would be no way for her to defend Mackenzie against another attack.  "Did you hear that, Mac?"  She'd ask, turning off the phone and setting it on the dash, continuing their hellish race down the back roads the way they had come.  It was a remote route which meant they would likely recognize the incoming assistance, however it also meant it was easier for them to be ambushed on.  "Fantastic"  Mackenzie would mutter, eyes still closed,   Ashley-May had managed to drag the other woman closer to her, to the middle of the bench during the drive, she had been attempting to try and slow the bleeding, but she just didn't know how badly Mackenzie was injured, and Mac certainly wasn't in the frame of mind to be helpful.

Blood-loss was causing Mackenzie to drift in and out of consciousness, each time the darkness over took her she'd hear Ashley-May's voice shouting, feel fingers pinching at her arm and thigh.  She'd groan with displeasure as returning to consciousness brought back pain each time.  Dark green eyes would open and glare at the woman beside her but nothing would be said.  This pattern continued on for a time until Ashley-May could see headlights heading towards them in the distance.  Hunters or not she needed to get Mackenzie's bleeding under control so as she approached the other vehicle she would flash her lights and honk her horn.

As they passed on the road she'd stomp down on the brakes, car's wheels squealing in protest as the heavy vehicle swerved and fishtailed until it finally stopped in a cloud of dust.  She was swinging the door open and bursting into a run to the back of her car, slamming open the tailgate and dragging supplies within reach searching.

"Call 9-1-1."  She'd shout at the other vehicle "Please, my friend was mauled by a dog!"  Finding what she needed she was racing back to car door.  Dome light was on and Mackenzie, having fallen unconscious once more was laying along the bench seat.  Ashley-May re positioned her onto her stomach, stripping the hunter of her jacket and shirt only to sit back with a curse, "Fuck."  She'd been clawed, from her left hip up along her back crossing her spine and nearly reaching her right shoulder, it welled with blood now that the clothing that had been keeping the bleeding at bay.  Ashley-May was quick to grab gauze and start pressing it to the wounds, uncertain she was going to be able to help her friend at all.


"Shit," Elijah hissed under his breath as the Ford coming their way suddenly flashed its lights -- horn blaring -- and fishtailed to a stop in the middle of the road. Davenport slammed on the brakes, sending Will lurching forward and making him very thankful he was wearing his seat belt. Tires squealing, the Chevy skidded to a stop a few yards away from the sedan. "Call 911! Please my friend was mauled by a dog!" the driver -- now scrambling to gather something from the vehicle -- called out to them before tending to her partner.

Will was already hastily unbelting himself. "Go ahead and make that call, but make sure you pull security," he muttered to Elijah. "I'm gonna see what I can do to help." Davenport nodded quickly, leaping out of the truck and doing a quick scan of the perimeter around the two halted vehicles, narrowing his eyes at any shadowy patch of treeline that caught his attention. Will came jogging up a few moments later and Elijah reached out to catch the shotgun that was tossed his way. For all his banter about Hendrix's reliance on firearms, the Brit wasn't above using them himself when the situation called for it. Now he had the Mossberg raised to one shoulder, muzzle lowered, scanning for threats just as the ex-Soldier had trained him to do. His free hand was occupied with the cellphone.

Meanwhile, William was running to the vintage Ford with his trauma kit in hand, throwing open the door opposite of where the driver stood. He paused to examine her first -- she was young, maybe a few years younger than himself. She was panicked, of course, but Hendrix could see a hint of analytical assessment in those eyes. "Ashley, right? We're from Vitae. I'm gonna help your friend." He turned his attention to Mackenzie, grimly noting the series of lacerations stretching across her back. They were deep, having drawn no small amount of blood. The bench seat in the Ford was soaked with it. She needed a transfusion, but the only blood to be found in his truck was long since dead -- used for hunting vampires.

Still, his trauma kit was reasonably well-stocked: sutures, gauze, trauma dressings, and more. He was hoping it would be enough to stabilize Mackenzie until help arrived.

"No dice on EMS," Elijah called out. "I can't get a signal out here. The sat phone?"

Will clenched his jaw, looking at the blood soaking the seat one more time. He glanced up at Ashley, "We need to get this wound sealed for the time being, before she loses any more blood. Are you trained for that? I'll need your help." As he spoke, he produced a small syringe filled with saline solution, irrigating the wound to wash some of the blood away and clean the injury site.

Hypnos had been asleep for hundreds of years now, and yet something was disturbing his rest. Monsters were swarming on earth slaughtering the humans who provide he and his kin power. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to show the mortals that not all gods are to be hunted down and killed. Raising from his throne in the dark world of Erebos Hypnos began moving towards the light of the human world. The churning river Lethe cutting straight through his otherworldly home. Before heading out into the human world the Drowsy God bent down and very carefully filled a vial with its water and the gathered several of his artifacts: His staff, several herbs, and poppies. As Hypnos edited his cave dwelling he gently pet his  guardians: Quies or quiet and Oblivio or forgetfulness.  Stepping outside of his home Hypnos gave a final farewell to his first line of defense Otia or Ease and Silentia or Silence who kept the noise of the mortal world out of his home. 

Hypnos appeared in the mortal world in America as it was already night and it was only during the night that he could move without worry. Immediately Hypnos sensed the tense scene for mortals as one had apparently been attacked by werewolves, which were closing in fast. Hypnos not only wishes to help, but also had a job to do. He would need to make sure that the girl who was attacked stayed asleep so as to comfort her in case Death were to visit her. 

Suddenly Hypnos appeared right in the middle of the rather tense situation. Normally his presence would cause mortals to because quite tired and drift off to sleep, but Hypnos made sure to keep his godly power in check. The last thing he wanted to do was seem like a threat. As silent as the breeze Hypnos made his way to the opposite side of the Vintage Ford and opened the door to very gently caress the injured woman's head in a soothing voice the God whispered to her, " Rest now child of man.... You've earned it." With that Hypnos used his power to gently lull her to sleep. While asleep she would experience the most wonderful dreams where all her wishes would be granted. As well as reliving pleasant memories. He wanted to make sure she was comfortable.




A man was appearing opposite to her, at the passenger door, thankfully with a medical kit of his own.  No name was given, but she sighed with relief when he told her he was from Vitae, sent to help.  "Thank you."  She'd whisper hoarsely, shock still held her tense; body refused to move, mind refused to think.  Others were there, two more men she could only assume were from the truck that had stopped.  One of them was speaking about EMS and it seemed that his voice, or perhaps what he said had clicked.  

"I'm trained."  She was shaking her head, she needed to get herself together.  Blue eyes would flash up to man across the bench seat as he requested her help stopping the bleeding.  "Yes, I can do that."  Now her training was coming back, remembering her first years at University, when they had to go on 'ride alongs' with various First Responding vehicles.  She was pulling a sterile suture kit from her medical box and setting it on the seat next to Mackenzie, within reach of William.  More gauze was being applied, after the soaked was removed and tossed haphazardly in the road way. She was applying pressure away from .  "I have saline, and vitamin K, in the back."  Now thankful she'd been taking inventory of the items they were delivering to outpost. 

Ashley was once again scrambling away from the drivers seat towards the bed of the car, passing Eiljah, "Sat phone is on the floor up front."  She didn't have time to retrieve it for him, noting the third man making his way to the driver's side door.  She was digging through the boxes in the back searching for the supplies she needed.  Saline, vitamin K, IV kit.  She'd pause and pick up a second IV kit, she and Mackenzie had compatible blood types, Ashley was a universal donor.   "Wait."  She'd call out to Elijah.  "Don't call them.  If we can avoid it."  Items in arms she was hurrying to return to her friends side.  "We're in a state where she's wanted.  She'd kill me if I let her get arrested."  It didn't seem appropriate to Ashley, after all Mackenzie might die, but she knew if the other woman lived and was arrested Ashley would never live it down.

Howls interrupted the night's silence.  They were distant but closing.  At first the sound of only a couple would be heard, but then the first calls were being answered by more, further away.  A pack, one larger than most, Hunting.




Mackenzie had been vaguely aware of what was occurring around her, darkness threatened to take a hold of her but she was resisting.  It was important she told them what she knew about the pack, about what was coming.  Ashley had stopped the car, the damned fool, but at least the new voice was friendly enough.  Body had twitched, trying to move, wanting to turn her head and see who it was that was now trying to mend her, but ultimately failed.  They were in danger, more than what they likely realized and she needed to warn them, needed to get them to run.  

She would only successfully emit a hoarse moan before she felt another's hand upon her head, softly stroking her hair.  Warmth overcame her, comfort and calm she let the darkness overcome her, slip her away from the pain, from her worry.

Mackenzie awoke in her bed within her family home.  Sunlight was peaking through the soft curtains, she could hear the morning birds within the woods chirping as daylight was coming.  She stretched out with a yawn and would climb from her bed, pillows and blankets decorated as any little girl would want; pinks and yellows.  Flowers and heart-shapes.  Her room, it was nice to return to after being on a Hunt with her family.  She'd always hated sleeping in the car, sharing the back seat with her two older brothers, or, worse yet, some horrible motel bed.  She hated the motels the most because she knew they would be gone from home long, and she would be left alone when her parents and brothers went on their hunt.  Always too young, or not fast enough.  She hated being alone in the motel room for days, she wanted to hunt too!


She would creep from her bed to the doorway, knowing that if she was up too early her father would be upset; he liked the mornings quiet, so he could eat and get his day started before what he called 'the chaos' started.  It wasn't ever her fault, her brothers always started the fights, telling her she'd never be a hunter like them, it was upsetting.  She listened carefully and was pleasantly rewarded with the voice of her mother singing from down the hall in the kitchen.  Sweet child of mine.  Mackenzie smiled, knowing that her father was gone for the day, somewhere within the compound to work with the other hunters of the colony and she was free to roam the house.  Boldly she'd run down the hall into the kitchen, socked feet sliding along the freshly cleaned linoleum, only coming to a stop when she caught the edge of the table.  Her mother stood next to the stove, singing softly and making breakfast for herself and children.


She would flip a pancake and turn to smile at Mackenzie; her mother was so beautiful, she always wished she'd grow up to be the same, but the image faltered, it flicked before her eyes from the woman she remembered, the woman she'd loved to the monster she'd become: sharp teeth, dark eyes, it growled and hissed at her before returning to the image of her mother.  "What's wrong, Skye-Baby?"  She would speak, her Scottish accent thick, she'd nearly forgotten it.



Vitae Colony


The colony had managed to finally get the awaiting refugees within the wall after  a great deal of chaos.  Elder Brendan Jack was exhausted, as were much of his hunters, but they needed to endure, to move on.  A small shanty-town had been erected then fenced as they didn't have the time to run the tests they had when admitting people one at a time.  This secondary fence would act as a barrier to prevent anything beyond a human from entering the town-proper.  It wasn't pretty but it would have to do until they could process the rest of the people into homes.

The command tent was still receiving reports from their outlaying hunters and out posts and one such report peeks Brendan's interest.  It seemed Minotaur Tech had recently purchase and were preparing an archaeological dig site within Arizona.  Typically the coming and going to tech companies did not interest Brendan, but the site chosen did.  It had been, over the years, a central hub of supernatural activity.  Monsters tend to flock to it, for some unknown reason, it was also said to be the potential side of the True Garden, the Garden of Eden, the very one that Adam and Even had been created within, the very one where the Sin of Man had started.  These had been rumors and not much more, but when a multi-billion dollar company decides they are going to dig, and not for oil, it warranted at least a little bit of interest.

He'd turn to a near-by runner, seeing the same exhaustion the rest of the town felt, he almost decided to ignore this but then it occurred to him there was one among them that would not have been exhausted as the rest of them.  "Find the angel."  He'd instruct the runner, writing down co-ordinates on a piece of paper and handing them over.  "Give this to her, and tell her to investigate it, we need to know what's there."
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Sure Ariel could have gone to assist the team attacked by the werewolves, hell she should have gone as she would have been able to heal the girl. Unless her injuries were too severe, than there was nothing she could have done. But instead she chose to stay around the compound, research it for herself, see if it's really what her angel brothers have been telling her about. 

So far it's legitimate as it seems, but you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. She was just about to investigate another building when a young man came up to her, he was huffing and puffing. "You...Angel..Right?" He asked trying to catch his breath, "Elder Brendan has something for you to check out. Since you are new here, everyone has to pull their own weight should they wish to stay." He added finally able to get words out, "I mean it shouldn't be too much for an angel of the lord to handle right?"

Ariel crossed her arms and looked at him, not really liking the tone he was taking with her. But he did have a point, if she was to stay here she should make herself useful. "Alright, fine. I'll do it, what is this mission I am to go on?" She asked, "and am I to go alone or would you like to send someone with me or can you trust me enough to do this? By the way I have a name, and it's Ariel."

The young man rolled his eyes, this angel was just as arrogant as the others. Just because they had powers, they assumed they were better than the rest of them. "If you want someone to go with you, than you may. But here's what you need to look for," he told her handing her a piece of paper with some co-ordinates on it. "I trust it won't take you long to get there, but before you go. I can set you up in one of the tents, follow me." 

Ariel nodded and followed the young man to a large tent, of course she would have to share one but she didn't care. She didn't need to sleep, once she was settled in she turned to the man. "Alright I will go, and no I don't need anyone. I'll report back as soon as I find anything," she told him. The man nodded and left Ariel to do what she wished before leaving.

The young man returned to Elder Brendan, "she agrees to it sir." He told him, "are we sure we can trust her. I mean we don't even know her." 

Hypnos frowned as the dream he created started down the path of becoming a nightmare. "This wouldn't do at all. This hunter had earned peace in her last moments at the very least. " The drowsy god muttered as he looked up to see the humans hard at work trying to safe their comrade. They hadn't noticed the god's presence because he had yet to actually manifest a physical form within their world, and he would keep himself incorporeal while he could. Turning his gaze to the injured hunter he then braced himself to enter the dream of the injured girl. As he disappeared into the dream Hypnos made not that a Reaper had appeared in front of the car. This wasn't looking good for the mortal at all.

Once inside the dream Hypnos wondered why he sensed fear in the girl. Appearing inside the house Hypnos could quickly feel the source of her fear. "The mother...." he muttered. That would do it. Traumatic memories can easily infect the best laid dream. Silently Hypnos walked into the kitchen where the consciousness of the mortal, no.... her name was Mackenzie, where Mackenzie's mind  was watched the corrupted image of her mother. 

Seeing that she was about to relive a horrible moment Hypnos used his godly to subtly return the image of a monster back into her mother. "No need to remember anything unpleasant..... not in these final moments." Hypnos gently held the Mackenzie's hand and the image of her mother fixed itself back to the ideal image of her mother from the past. 

Mackenzie would be quite aware of the god's presence now, and he hoped that she would allow him to stay. Though she might mistake him for a reaper all he wanted to do was make her last moments peaceful and hopefully her friends would be able to heal her.
True Garden Archaeological Site


The short, fat, balding man walked out of his trailer and looked at the desert landscape. Before him was a major excavation project being done by his company, Minotaur Technologies. Among the diggers were a bunch of hired laborers from the nearby town of Oasis. The fat man's name was Sydney Williams, a senior supervisor of the Arizona Branch of Minotaur. Sydney had no idea what they were looking for but he did not question his boss. Sydney then walked back into his trailer and pulled out a cell phone. He then dialed a number and waited for someone to answer. Eventually, someone did pick up. It was the Head of Security for this project, Arnold Combs, who said with a gruff voice," What do you want boss?" Sydney then said," I want you and your patrols to keep watch for any tresspassers. I was given specific orders to keep out any unwanted guests." Arnold grunted and hung up his cellphone. He then pulled out his walkie-talkie and said into it," Attention all patrols, start your rounds and keep your eyes peeled." Arnold then climbed onto a ATV and drove off to patrol the area around the dig.




Ariel read over the piece of paper, memorizing where she needed to go. Before leaving she made sure that her angel blade was on her, she needed to be prepared for anything that came her way. Taking one last look around her she transported herself to Arizona, where this supposed True Garden Site was said to be. If anyone was calling BS on this it was Ariel, but curiosity was getting the better of her. She walked around searching for any clues, listening out for anything that would be remotely heavenly or angelic. But so far angel radio was falling on deaf ears.

The angel had no idea what was in store for her, little did she know that the founder of this dig knew a lot about angels. In turn he could easily contain Ariel, torture her for any information that she might have on the Compound. But Ariel was fearless, she wouldn't let anything scare her. No matter how intense the torture was, she couldn't endanger all those lives. 

One of the patrol men was making his rounds when he spotted Ariel, he stopped a distance from her. "Sir," he spoke over the walkie-talkie. "We have someone here, a young woman. Looks to be about mid twenties, do you want me to pursue?" He asked, not wanting to jump the gun just yet.  



Ariel read over the piece of paper, memorizing where she needed to go. Before leaving she made sure that her angel blade was on her, she needed to be prepared for anything that came her way. Taking one last look around her she transported herself to Arizona, where this supposed True Garden Site was said to be. If anyone was calling BS on this it was Ariel, but curiosity was getting the better of her. She walked around searching for any clues, listening out for anything that would be remotely heavenly or angelic. But so far angel radio was falling on deaf ears.

The angel had no idea what was in store for her, little did she know that the founder of this dig knew a lot about angels. In turn he could easily contain Ariel, torture her for any information that she might have on the Compound. But Ariel was fearless, she wouldn't let anything scare her. No matter how intense the torture was, she couldn't endanger all those lives. 

One of the patrol men was making his rounds when he spotted Ariel, he stopped a distance from her. "Sir," he spoke over the walkie-talkie. "We have someone here, a young woman. Looks to be about mid twenties, do you want me to pursue?" He asked, not wanting to jump the gun just yet.  

Arnold then said into the walkie-talkie," Place her under arrest and take her to the dig site. I will send in Jones and Barrow to help out." He then dispatched the two security guards who climbed into a security van with a Minotaur  logo and started to drive to the area where the woman was spotted.
Anthony nodded, "yes sir." He spoke before turning on the engine and driving to Ariel, "I'm sorry miss but this is private property and I'm going to have to put you under arrest." 

Ariel looked at him and noticed the gun he was concealing, "how about I don't. I don't see any signs of it being private," she responded. "So, I'm just going to you know continue on."

Anthony got off his bike, "listen here little missy." He spoke taking out his gun, "how about we do this the easy way."

Ariel rolled her eyes, "mortals.." She quickly swept his leg from under him, disarming Anthony and taking the bullets out before throwing it away. "I'm going to keep on going," she told him before walking away.

Anthony got on his walkie-talkie, "I need back up.." He regretted saying, he was ashamed that he was taken down by a little girl. He didn't realize she was an angel, "she is trained in some kind of combat."
Anthony nodded, "yes sir." He spoke before turning on the engine and driving to Ariel, "I'm sorry miss but this is private property and I'm going to have to put you under arrest." 

Ariel looked at him and noticed the gun he was concealing, "how about I don't. I don't see any signs of it being private," she responded. "So, I'm just going to you know continue on."

Anthony got off his bike, "listen here little missy." He spoke taking out his gun, "how about we do this the easy way."

Ariel rolled her eyes, "mortals.." She quickly swept his leg from under him, disarming Anthony and taking the bullets out before throwing it away. "I'm going to keep on going," she told him before walking away.

Anthony got on his walkie-talkie, "I need back up.." He regretted saying, he was ashamed that he was taken down by a little girl. He didn't realize she was an angel, "she is trained in some kind of combat."

Jones and Barrow heard Anthony's request for backup and drove to where the call came from. After learning where the woman went, the two security guards took a shortcut through some underbrush. Barrow then hid under the bushes while Jones hid behind a rock. When they heard the woman coming, Barrow climbed out of his hiding space and tried to tackle her while Jones tried to hit her with his baton.
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Ariel was ambushed she quickly fell to the ground, she tried to reach for her blade but it was no use. It fell out of her boot and was kicked away by Anthony who came to assist now, "okay guys there is no need to be rough is there. We've got her," he spoke picking up the blade and examining it. "Nice knife, now why would a pretty girl like you have something like this?"

Ariel growled, "to attack asshats like you who attack innocent young woman. Now let me up!" She growled, sure she could easily smite them all but she couldn't do that. "I've done nothing wrong."


Will paused to look up at Ashley, sliding the sterile examination gloves onto his hands subconsciously. He frowned at the request, turning to glance at Elijah who was had retrieved the sat phone from the sedan before pausing, ready to dial. With a sigh, he shook his head and Davenport nodded, placing the phone back in the car before returning to resume his vigil over the surrounding woods. Hendrix addressed Ash again, "We may not have a choice. I'd rather have her arrest on my conscience than her death." He paused. "But for now, let's just focus on controlling this bleed--" he was cut off by the sound of howls... and not particularly distant ones, either. This was a hunting pack, no doubt.

"We don't have time to be gentle about this," he reached into his pack to remove a handful of trauma dressings, handing two of them to Ashley. "Here. QuikClot. Apply some pressure down at her hip and lower back; I'll work on this end of the lacerations."

Elijah never took his eyes from the treeline. He could hear twigs snapping and branches rustling now in the distance. "Whatever you two are doing, you'd better hurry," he called out tersely.

Will nodded, more to himself. "The minute this bleeding slows, we should move her to the bed of my truck. One of us can stay there with her and keep her stable on the drive back to Vitae while the other two drive. Sound good?"

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