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This RP place within the Supernatural universe but doesn't directly relate to the show. Essentially a great threat has started to overwhelm the world; the next apocalypse.

After months of endless hunting and fighting the Colony of hunters finally found themselves beating Adam's Children to the seals that kept him trapped in the Abyss. With the final two in sight they celebrated their victory; they would lock the First Sin away into the Abyss, as God had millennia ago and they would be free from the threat of his tyranical rule.

Could they have predicted that it had all been for naught? Every sign. Every vision. Every prophecy had been his... Had been Adam. Luring and watching. Judging and whispering. All from behind the walls of the Abyss, using every opportunity to test the beings of Earth, Heaven and Hell and choose who he wanted to join his forces, to join him and his other Children in the remaking of the Earth. Not in God's image but his own.

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The Mountaineer Inn​
mountaineer inn.jpgNot the most glorious of kingdoms but it has grown on its residents hearts over the past couple of weeks of occupation. The red sand turn off from the highway leaves people with the impression that it has been abandoned but it's neon hokey signs still flickers in the dark Arizona nights.

They aren't certain if it was luck on their side when Ashley-May found the unusual add or if it was just their due time to catch a break. After weeks of living on the road, out of cars and out of motels she's searched high and low for a place where they, the near dozen of them still travelling together, could fortify without suspicion. The owner of the inn was a surly old lady, well into her 80's she'd out lived her children and those she had hoped to pass on the property too.

It had become too taxing for her keep up and impossible for her to convince one of her many grandchildren to take care of it. She was certain she was going to abandon the place until the blond had called and asked if the management position and quarters were still available. The owner had nearly died when she said that she could also fill the positions for mechanic, cook and administrator of the property.





Open 9 AM to 5 PM every day of the week. This is where guests will first visit in order to get booked in and a set of keys for their rooms.

Arrived before the hours of operation? Not to worry, there is an emergency line to get in contact with someone!​

Open 9PM to 3AM every day of the week. Plenty of variety of alcohol to be found here and an ear someone who may, or may not, understand what you're talking about.​

Open 7AM to 10AM & 4PM to 9PM

Don't worry if you don't make it in during the hours where the restaurant is open, there are plenty of home made snacks and sandwiches and take home meals ready to be purchased and prepared in your own room!​

Available Rooms

Renovated well over a decade before the rooms are clean and warm and really a godsend compared to life on the road. Each room has it's own small kitchenette with small stovetop, oven and mini fridge. A eat in nook, private bathroom and queen-sized bed. Cots are available rent from the front desk, if you need that extra sleeping space!

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