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Generic -- Typically a human that is exposed to the supernatural world and then chooses to protect other humans from them.
Legacy -- a human born to a family of hunters; usually having ancient ties
Men of Letters - a human inaugurated into a supernatural secret society, often descended from other Men of Letters
Witch - a human with the power to affect change by magical means. A witch can be either female or male, as they connect themselves with supernatural forces in order to practice sorcery. Witches come in two varieties:
  • Borrower - a person who has obtained their power through demonic forces, these witches are known to have summoned demons and made deals with them in exchange for power.
  • Natural - any person who has obtained their power through practice and training, usually power is passed along genetically.

A vampire is created when a person ingests vampire blood, but the transformation is not complete until they feed on human blood. Once turned, they suffer from bloodlust and must feed on blood, human or animal, to survive. They also prefer to live in dens in locations called nests, and will mate for life.
  • Enhanced senses
  • Sharp, pointed, retractable teeth
  • Immortal and unchanging
  • Infect others by feeding them their blood
  • Sunlight
  • Dead man's blood
  • Angelic powers
  • Burning saffron, skunk's cabbage and trillium blocks a vampires scent.

Werewolves are humans that transform into a wolf or wolf-like creature. They are either born as werewolves or become a werewolf as a result of being bitten.
  • Can only turn into a werewolf during nights of the peak lunar cycle during their sleep.
  • Often unaware of their condition
  • No control during their turned state, however if there is a pure-blood wolf around, they can be directed by the pure-bloods will, like a wolf pack alpha
  • Can turn into a full wolf at will
  • Can turn into a werewolf at will
  • Have the ability to shape-shift into a full wolf, these wolves appear slightly larger than their natural brethren
  • Are aware of their surrounding and activities in both werewolf and full wolf form.
  • Superior strength and agility
  • Elongated sharp fangs and claws
  • Enhanced sight and smell
  • Infect others by biting them
  • Dismemberment
  • Silver
  • Silver nitrate injection
  • Sulfate gas
  • Wolfsbane

Djinn are humanoid creatures with tattooed skin that prefer to live in large ruins with a lot of places to hide. They feed on human blood and can poison their victims with a touch. The poison can be used either to kill their victims quickly, or to leave victims in a coma-like state while the djinn feeds on their blood over a long period of time.
  • Hallucinogenic Touch - they can induce a series of delusions on the mind of their target, typically causing them to enter in an unconscious, dream-like state.
  • Dream Walking
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Shapeshifting - Djinns can change their form to pass as humans.
  • Super agility
  • Silver blade dipped in lamb blood
  • Demons can over power a Djinn
  • Angels can kill Djinns

Are monsters that look similar in appearance to werewolves, but more fox-like. Kitsunes are very rare. They have claws; they can extend their claws from their fingertips on demand.

  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Dismemberment
  • Silver
  • Silver nitrate
  • FoxGlove
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Known Factions
The Mountaineer Inn
Current Residents

Located north of Phoenix Arizona the Mountaineer Inn has become the unlikely home to the last remaining hold outs of Vitae. After searching for several locations to settle in and try and rebuild the hunting troupe managed to find the motel as an ideal place to rest their heads. No one will think the coming and going of vehicles at all hours would be unusual and it's location only a few miles from the National Park perfect for their wolf friends to get out a run. Their homes may be long gone but their believe and vison to keep the Earth free from Adam's grasp is strong in their hearts.

Consisting of a single floor of retrofitting motel rooms, the Mountaineer Inn was on it's last breath when the hunting party found it available for rent and management on an internet add. There is much to be desired for the old motel but it is a far more welcome sight than sleeping in their cars at camp grounds on the move.

The main building and office is also the bar and small restaurant, wood grained and filled with stuffed animals and wilderness scenery to match the kitschy name. The grounds have an outdoor pool and pool house with laundromat and a small single garage gas station.

Former Members
  • Joe Keaton, deceased Crono Crono
  • Chase Keaton, defected Crono Crono
  • Bart, Hunter, defected
  • Thomas, Hunter, escaped
  • Bruce, Hunter, deceased
  • Brendan Jack, Councilmen
  • Jonathan Diffey, Councilmen
  • Aiden, Hunter
  • Christopher Jack, Hunter, deceased
  • Julie, Doctor
  • Sandy, Nurse
  • Ashley-May, Hunter-Medic
  • Mackenzie, Hunter/Prophet
  • William, Hunter-Medic, Councillor Safton Safton
  • Elijah, Hunter Safton Safton
  • Ginny Dreamer, Djinn/Oracle to all the gods Eliasdagood Eliasdagood
  • Maxwell Turner, Civilian Crono Crono
  • Adelaide Lucille Moreau, Witch/Psychic Safton Safton

Established in 1964 by Marcus colonist and his brothers, they were the first American Colony. For years they continually recruited solo Hunters and small groups into their ranks, and had become well known for their civilian members: their weapon and metal smiths were often sought after, commissioned years in advance. Over the past decade the world had become a far harsher and darker place, more and more Supernatural rose in larger and larger numbers. War was coming, the end of days as Humans knew it, and there was nothing to do but wait and prepare.

Vitae Colony had done just that, recruiting, training, building. They had fortified their village and town with walls, a “private community” as most would call it but it boasted one of the largest in the United States, and they were ever expanding. They had a surrounding farmland, lakes and forest’s to hunt within, able to be nearly self-sustaining without much civilian/government interaction, but as the time grew closer the council had to make a choice that would save their Colony in the future.

The Call had been sent; a request for any able and willing Hunters to join the Vitae Colony. They hadn’t expected many to reply, if any, but it was a plea, a group of Hunters and their families totaling nearly 100 people seeking help from any smaller groups or singular Hunters to join their ranks and fight to keep their home safe

In recent months the colony's population had diminished enough only leaving behind less than 60 residents prior to the destruction of the colony. Its once intricate and laborious warding's faded with the loss of pagan gods on the earth, weakening its defenses enough that Adam and his Children were able to glean it's location and destroy it. Now burnt out buildings and empty homes are all that are left of this once glorious hunting colony. A testimate to how fluid the hunters life truly is.

The Pack & Borseti
Known NPC's
  • Douglas Cannonach, Pack Member
  • Malcolm Cannonach, Beta
  • Council Members, random
  • Council Representatives, random
Associated Members
  • Émile Leroux, Pack Alpha
  • Morgan, Pack Member - Future Pack Alpha
  • Chase Keaton, Pack Member Crono Crono
  • Brody Cannonach, Pack Guardian

Courir de nuit is an ancient pack dating back to the first wolves ever created, little is known beyond this of it's origins; only pack members are taught the ancient lore and history. The pack succession has been past down traditionally from first Alpha to son and so forth.

In the 1950's the first inklings of the Great End had been Seen. For centuries the Seers within the pack were witnessing the same Prophecy: End of Days. They knew the only way to surviving was expanding their pack size to take on the coming end and as such the Alpha came up with a plan. The Packs only adversaries were Hunters, and so they made it their mission to capture and turn each and every Hunter they came across to expand their ranks.

In 1990's the Pack had reached the maximum it could to maintain it's numbers, however they had out grown their own lands, during the years before hand a group of Hunters had relocated nearby and started a colony. The Pack now had the numbers to take the colony, but first approached the colonies Elders to offer their knowledge of what was coming and to work as one. The colony denied the Pack and threatened to hunt them to it's end.

Unable to leave this threat unattended the Pack worked for years with Hunters that were willing to join them until finally it was clear Borseti had set it's sights on the Pack and the end was neigh. The Pack had little choice but to preemptively remove the threat. They aligned with a Den and subsequently infiltrated the colony of Hunters. The deal had been that any Hunters surviving would be turned over to the Pack. However, as Vampires are less that trustworthy, during the attack the Den broke their allegiance and made off with a great number of Hunters and their children.

The Pack never had the intention of remaining aligned with the Den; they had needed a way into the core of the colony, a way of getting their foot in the door and forcing the Council and its people to listen to them. They needed to join forces and work as one if anyone was going to survive. Sadly the Pack and the Colony were far too weakened to send out anyone to search for their lost people; they had to wait on reinforcements from Vitae to arrive. When they did find the Den and the people they had captured there were only three children left alive ... if you could call it that.

To this day Borseti is dead set on a mission to expand and protect itself from the end it sees on the horizon.

Franklin's Den / Northerna
Known NPC's
  • Leech, Nest Member
  • Clay, Nest member
Associated Members
  • Franklin Debois, Den Master
Former Members
  • Mackenzie Cannonach, defected

Owned by Franklin but run by a set of CEO's Northerna's actual details are vague. They have their hand in every industry from running factories overseas to produce baby care items, to assisting funding for weapons manufacturing with the Canadian Government. Officially Northerna has no ties the the United States beyond trade.

Franklin uses his companies power and his own business prowess to impress and negotiate with the local senate, mayor and other major players within his city. All those within the government and upper ranks of local first responders -fire, rescue and police are all trained to handle supernatural beings, this has been on going for generations because of Franklin's presence.

As a partnership with the humans of interest within his city he broached a deal that dates back nearly 200 years: He and his Den will control the supernatural occurrences within the city so long as they are free from interference when dealing with their own. This does not mean that the Den are free from abiding by the laws of the land, far from it, they are simply allowed to handle any issues when it comes to non-human activity. Franklin loves to quote Daniel Defoe "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." and this is true as that Franklin pays taxes and lives within the laws of the city like any other resident.

Beyond Northerna Franklin owns a series of bars and clubs around the city that host to supernatural creatures and the humans that enjoy their company. One such club is '999' and the central hub for Franklin's Den. This club boasts 4 different venues (one night club, one live band and two bars) as well as a plethora of private or VIP lounges. This building also houses his Den, a living complex set in the back.

Humans that go to 999 and are unaware of supernatural activity are routed to what is referred to as the Common Lounge by the Den. These humans are not to be interfered with and none of the Den are permitted to enter the lounge. Alternatively humans that attend 999 in order to interact and 'donate' to the cause are directed to the Den's personal club. These humans are identified as donors by wearing a red ribbon around their throat. Once they have 'donated' for the evening the ribbon is removed by the vampire. These humans are tracked and taken care of if need be, none are allowed to donate more than twice per month, though they are welcome to enjoy the bar as they please.

With the fall of Vitae Franklin and his Den have found themselves unlikely allies with Borseti, the hunting colony that had for years attempt to irradiate them and when they realized it couldn't be done, ignored them. His work with Vitae had been a sign of good faith; the colony allowing him to send an entourage of representatives to remain in the colony and work out further agreements to their alliance

The Children of Adam
Known NPC's
  • N/A
Associated Members

Minotaur Inc, on the outside, seems nothing more than a weapons and defense company, working along side the US government to research and develop better technology to enhance weapons. To those in the inner circle it is far more; this company specifically researches supernatural beings: vampires, werewolves and the like. Testing and trialing inter-species concoctions, genetic splicing and, of course, more recently, gods.

Thankfully, with the whispers to the CEO, the company has been able to remain under the grid for decades, up until they lost their building within New York. Michael was beside himself with anger finding the had lost the goddess, but it was of no matter, his angel had told him, the deed was done and information needed found. Soon enough he would be able to release his guardian angel from his cell and bring him back to walk on the Earth once more.

Once known as Minotaur Inc, the Children of Adam were a joint group of humans and monsters that he had whispered to over eon's and formed together. With Michael's wealth and direct link to Adam as his prophet, he was the natural born mouth piece to the God That Would Come. To this day they seek out those who Adam deems essential to their future; they will be the Prince and Princesses of the new world, the leaders for his Children.

Men of Letters - Borseti Chapterhouse
Associated Members
  • Evelyn Brimley, Acquisitions Director
  • Arthur, Agent, (NPC)

Former Associates/Allies
  • Elijah Davenport, defected Safton Safton
  • Solomon David, Israel Chapterhouse, MIA

The Men of Letters is a global secret organization of scholars who research the supernatural. They undergo a period of teaching in areas of arcane knowledge and rituals and, if they pass, are initiated into the most secret knowledge. They saw hunters as a necessary evil in doing their work, but viewed their use of violence with contempt.

The symbol of the Men of Letters is the Aquarian Star
Membership of the group is predominately male but women can become members.
Membership is hereditary.
Albert Magnus is the name members use when going incognito

Along with the destruction of Borseti came opportunity for the Men of Letters to build themselves anew. They have been granted a Chapterhouse within the norther colonies borders, a grant to expand and the encouragement to start tutoring a new generation of Men of Letters for the future.

Heaven's Host
Known NPC's
  • N/A
Associated Members
  • Gaveel, Angel of Peace
  • Micha
Former Members
  • Alaric Jameson, imprisoned

Heaven was created by God. It serves as a dwelling place and a base of operations for angels, and is a final resting place of worthy deceased souls.

God resided in Heaven with his angels until his departure sometime in the distant past. In God's absence, the archangel Michael led the angelic Host and directed the affairs of Heaven. Raphael was also an authority. The appearance of angels in Heaven is not necessarily human, even though they may be perceived in that manner by deceased souls.

Those who fall and are "cut-off" from Heaven are weakened, and are not allowed to return on their own. It is still possible for the banished to communicate with Heaven.

Heaven also serves as a destination for deserving human souls after death. They occupy the happy memories they experienced on Earth, reliving them in their personal Heavens. It is unknown how a human soul is allowed salvation in Heaven.

Angelic society in Heaven is arranged into a rigid, militaristic hierarchy. Each angel is a member of an angel garrison with its own supervisors who report to higher authorities. This arrangement has been breaking down since God's departure from Heaven.

With the destruction of Vitae and the wards they were powering Heaven has gone dark. No communication in or out and it is unclear if they have simply closed the doors to keep themselves safe or if Adam has destroyed them.

Axis Mundi

In mythology the Axis Mundi is the path between Heaven and Earth, and is depicted symbolically in different ways in different cultures - from the Totem pole of American indigenous people to the Pyramids of Egypt and the Bodhi tree where Buddha found enlightenment.

Personal Heavens

In Heaven, humans occupy their happy memories, reliving them in their own, separate worlds.

Heaven's Prison

Heaven also appears to have it's own prison/dungeon where angels are held and tortured for disobeying orders.

Hell's Army
Known NPC's
  • N/A
Associated Members
  • Murehuanon, Lord of the Demons NanLia NanLia
  • Vahncry, Crossroads Demon Safton Safton
Former Members
  • N/A

Hell was created sometime after Lucifer's rebellion. It is a place where demons are produced from human souls that go there after centuries of torture. Black-eyed demons are constantly being created, and they occupy positions on Earth using meatsuits, whereas white-eyed demons are scarce in numbers, but are extremely powerful. Time itself is also altered in Hell, as four months on Earth is equivalent to 40 years in Hell.

Alliances and affiliations in Hell exist but they tend not to last for long periods. Hell's hierarchy exists, but is not as rigid and controlled as Heaven's.

Human souls can get sent to Hell after making deals with crossroads demons or other demons. Hellhounds capture then kill the person when their their time is up.

Hell has not aligned itself with Adam; they do not have a place for themselves in his future as they are neither human nor Eve's creations. They were created by God, much like Adam himself, and he has no place for them in his new world. Murehuanon has no intention of standing idly by and he and Vahncry have plans of their own; its only a matter of whether or not they can complete them before Adam garners enough power to do his will on the Earth.
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The last of the Prophets, child born to a long history of Seers, Visionaries and Oracles.
basic information
Mackenzie Hendrix
date of birth
May 18
place of birth
Borseti - Harrington, QC
Prophet, Hunter
face claim
Julianne Hough
red, mid-back length
green with gold flecks
pale skin tones, muscular build, anti-possession tattoo over her heart, slightly faded with age


Accomplishments & Failures:
Mac doesn't believe she has accomplished much of anything in her life, the lives of those she has saved over the years were not accomplishments but simply part of what was expected of her: she is a born and bred Legacy hunter, this is her life. Mac has plenty of failures among those the death of her mother and the loss of her father and brothers to the pack.

Her only motivation is the knowledge that there is someone out there that will not know how to defend themselves and it is her duty to protect them.

Savvies & Ineptitudes:
Savvy with mechanical items like her car engine or building things from scrap parts (repairing things most would simply discard or replace). Mackenzie is entirely inept when it comes to advanced technology; she doesn't even own a phone that would be considered part of the 'smart phone' family.

Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes:
Vice: Alcohol and Cigarette, while neither are a regular habit she finds herself returning to their comfort whenever something in her life or on a hunt goes awry.
Virtue: Perseverance; when all is lost Mackenzie will still fight.
Likes: Simplicity and Honesty
Dislikes: Pink (anything)

No formal education beyond the third grade. She was taught to read and write initially by her brothers on the road and then further by the Nest Master.

She considers Hunting her employment. Mac is quick to learn and only needs to be shown something once before she's able to replicate what she had seen.

English, French

Mac was born the youngest daughter of two older brothers to a pair of Legacy Hunters. In her youth they lived in a Northern Canadian hunting colony name Borseti. At the age of eight their colony was attacked by a large pack of wolves and she and her brothers were left orphaned. From there she spent the next eight years hunting down her monster-cursed father to set him free; losing both of her brothers to the same curse. Eventually she fled south and found herself captured then enamored with a ancient Nest Master that took her in and formally educated her.

As a young adult Mac fled the Nest and country and found herself hunting in the US alone until she came across Ashley-May in need of assistance. She found in Ash a hunting partner and best friend and the pair continued on their journey of saving people from the monster that hunt them until they heard the call of help from the colony Vitae.

Prior to the end of Vitae Mackenzie married her soulmate, William Hendrix, shortly thereafter they discovered they were pregnant. She spent the short six months of her pregnancy watching over her godchild, Liam, while mostly bedridden, angry with life and the whole situation she got herself into. However the end of her pregnancy was filled with joy as she and Will had a beautiful and healthy baby girl they named Skye Hendrix.

Over the months of her pregnancy she continued to have visions of the seals, sending hunters, wolves and vampires alike out to reinforce them. Among those visions were the continued terrors of witnessing Vitae burn to the ground around her. The Council, Will, Ash, really everyone, told her it was the pregnancy - they were head on the seals, the Children of Adam were becoming less and less of a nuisance, things were actually going their way!

William Hendrix -- Husband
Ashley-May Brandston -- Best Friend
Elijah Davenport -- Friend
Chase Keaton -- Friend
Adelaide Moreau -- Friend
Brody Cannonach -- Sibling
Morgan Leroux -- Friend
Emile Leroux -- Friend, strained relationship
Ginny Dreamer -- Friend
Tara Black -- Friend


1952 Ford Mainline UTE, nick named "The Beast" - This vehicle was her mothers, then her brothers, then hers. It has a false bottom beneath the truck bed in the back that houses all of her Hunting weapons and is warded against the supernatural with matte black paint on the exterior doors, preventing unwanted spirits, demons and angels from finding or entering the vehicle.

Demon Blade - The first of these blades she claimed when she exorcised the Yellow-Eyed Demon from her partner, the second when she killed one of his lieutenants. The second was gifted to Elijah Davenport

Mother's Journal - There are two versions of this item. The first is Mackenzie Sr.'s hunting journal, what she'd learned from the Men of Letter while she lived in the United Kingdom and what she learned by hunting in Canada and the US. The second journal is written and dedicated to her daughter, Skye, telling her the full truth of who she is and who her actual father was.

Bronze Chain - gifted to her by the god Hypnos as an apology for the mass murder he and his brother committed in New York. It is said to have the power to submit a god to her will but over the years whatever enchantment it held faded away. She removed a couple of links and smelted them down into a pounded metal ring she presented to Will on the day they married.

Prophet of the Lord
  • Precognition
  • Fluency in Enochian
  • Minor spellcasting
  • Minimal localization & senses - She can detect non-human entities within a mile of herself; she cannot identify who's who, however.
  • Mouthpiece of God

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Chase Keaton
Race : Werewolf
Gender : Male
Age : 30
Sexuality : Homosexual
Occupation : Hunter
Affiliation : Hunters/Borseti Colony/Mountaineer Inn
Former Affiliation(s) : Vitae Colony
Height : 6'0
Weight : 185
Hair Color : Dirty Blonde
Eye Color : Green
Alignment : Chaotic Good
Personality : Chase is stubborn and will gladly argue his point or simply ignore someone else's. The more he knows or trust someone, the more likely he is to listen to them. He throws sarcasm and wit out easily in most situations. Chase is the type of person who isn't afraid to throw himself in front of someone he cares about to protect them from whatever seeks to harm them. He runs mostly on instinct but not as brainlessly as he might let on. While for the most part he's easygoing and not difficult to approach he does sometimes come off as intense. Especially since he can be rather emotional, easily riled up and difficult to cool off. He's fiercely loyal to those who have earned it.

-Chase has a nearly debilitating fear of heights.-
-Wears his fathers watch and almost never takes it off.-
-Isn't a great cook but not the worst either.-
-Recently delved back into woodcarving, something he hadn't really touched since before he and Joe hit the road and left Illinois.-

History : When Chase's parents had been on a hunt in their younger days they'd gotten separated. When his father, Joe, had found his wife she'd been attacked and raped by an unknown assailant with only the knowledge that it'd been a werewolf. This came during a time when the two had been trying for a child, so when the news came that she was indeed pregnant there was no way to know who the father was. Both decided to give it a chance, to see what happened. His mother died during childbirth, and his father decided to raise Chase. Maybe it was because Chase was the last part of his wife still living, or maybe it was something more. They didn't really talk about it.

Joe's plan was to keep his son away from hunting, figuring that eventually Chase would be hunted himself. This proved difficult since the older man continued hunting on his own, and eventually Chase was sucked into into the business in order to help or save his father on occasion. The two quickly realizing how useful Chase could be with his werewolf capabilities. Otherwise he grew up like any other human child, at first Joe kept him home-schooled until they were both comfortable with his being in a public setting so often on his own. Chase learned to control himself and the urges early on, turned out his biological his father was likely a pure-blood. But on weekends or breaks, and even occasionally skipping school he'd end up with Joe on hunts. They'd decided he would focus on school until he'd graduated and then Chase could decide what he wanted to do next. The decision wasn't too difficult, while he didn't exactly find enjoyment in hunting it not only meant keeping an eye on his father but also meant he could help people.

Keeping his ancestry and capabilities a secret was both difficult and easy. However when Joe said he was moving into a colony of hunters Chase couldn't help but get uncomfortable at the thought. But he wasn't about to leave his dad on his own, though he knew he had a hard road ahead of him. Fooling a bunch of kids in school was one thing, but living among people who are trained to see through and hunt for beings like him for a living was a different story entirely.


After years of hunting together Joe Keaton decided to give a colony a chance in silent hopes of integrating Chase better into the hunter society. They settled into Vitae, but Chase's roots were quickly find out by some due to unfortunate circumstances. With the colony under threat from a Werewolf pack he was partially blackmailed and partially recruited to imbed himself with this pack to gather information. Except what Chase learned wasn't what was expected and he found himself siding with the Werewolves in the end, and during his time undercover Joe Keaton was murdered within Vitae's walls by another hunter named Thomas who assumed the man to also be a Werewolf after learning his son was one.

In the end the Werewolf pack created a sort of treaty with Vitae much to the displeasure of many of the colonists who proceeded to leave. Chase also fell for the pack's Alpha Emile Leroux. Months later when Vitae was decimated and Emile was severely injured, Chase left with the remaining pack members and his wounded boyfriend back to the Borseti Colony, the packs home.​



Accomplishments & Failures: Chase feels as though he's accomplished a fair bit of good with his hunting all of the years with Joe. Since Joe's death however he doesn't feel he's lived up to those years, even with the successful hunts it always seems there's a failure to balance the scales. The biggest failure for Chase was the death of his father, and not being there to have been able to prevent it. Following that was Emile's near death at the hand of Hypoles.

Motivation: Chase's motivation partially comes from wanting to live up to his father. But mostly it's to prove to others (and himself) that not all creatures are bad. Though he'll never admit it, he feels a heavy weight of being a Hunter while a Werewolf. He's been hunted plenty of times for simply existing.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: What he lacks in Savvies he makes up for in humor and good looks. Believe it or not those do help in talking himself out of some situations. If nothing else he's learned how to keep his Werewolf side hidden well enough. Both by keeping the extra strength in check, as well as not shifting unless necessary. Though even then he's been found out multiple times. Chase isn't always the brightest, and his mouth can get him in trouble as well.

  • Superior strength and agility
  • Elongated sharp fangs and claws
  • Enhanced sight and smell
  • Infect others by biting them

  • Dismemberment
  • Silver
  • Silver nitrate injection
  • Sulfate gas
  • Wolfsbane


Joseph Keaton - Father - Deceased
Emile Leroux - Fiancé
Ashley-May Brandston - Best Friend
Mackenzie Hendrix - Friend
William Hendrix - Friend
Elijah Davenport - Friend
Adelaide Moreau - Friend
Brody Cannonach - Friend
Morgan Leroux - Friend
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Apprentice hunter, loving mother, doctor
basic information
Ashley-May Brandston
place of birth
Lebanon, KS
date of birth
face claim
Amber Heard
Blond, mid-back length
Light blue
Tall and slim, she has a fit build and an anti-possession tattoo located on her inner left thigh.

Accomplishments & Failures:
Ashley-May was top of her class during her primary and secondary education and won countless awards for not only the work she did in school but also with her charitable work around town she was committed to doing with her church.
Ash's biggest regret in life was giving in to the demons' deal and handing over herself as his vessel.

Ashley-May finds herself wanting to hunt and save people; she wasn't able to return to her old life, despite her ability to help people there it wasn't the same as helping those that didn't even know they needed help.

Savvies & Ineptitudes:
Ash is talented with technology and is able to 'hack' into people personal accounts with little effort, however she finds herself absentminded at times, occasionally resulting in something being broken or lost.

Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes:
Vice: Ashley-May does not have respect for gods other than God himself.
Virtue: Dutifulness - Ash is religiously pious but also has great respect of authority and social structures
Likes: Children
Dislikes: Lies

Doctor of Emergency Medicine, Columbia University


Personal History, Family Ties or Other Relations:
Ashley-May grew up with her single mother in Lebanon, KS. She never knew her father, her mother only saying that he worked on the road and when he found out that she was pregnant he left and never returned. Ash never thought to ask more about who he was; her mother instilled within her enough confidence that she never felt as though he were missing from her life. Her mother worked three jobs to give Ash everything she could ever want and she never asked for anything more than what her mother gave her. During the school year her mom worked as a bus driver and lunch lady in the cafeteria for her school and then as a waitress in the evenings at the local bar. Every summer they would hitch up their home (a trailer) and drive to California to surf and enjoy the sun before having to return to work and school the following fall.

Ashley-May earned herself scholarships and bursaries due to her excellence in school and her near perfect grade average. She was accepted into Columbia Medical in NYC and left to follow her dreams. At the end of her third year the university informed her she had lost her scholarship due to a clerical error and she would have to come up with the funds herself to continue her education. Ash refused to give in finding herself any job she could do during the summer months to come up with what she needed when she was approached by a man with a promise to help. All she needed to do was give over six months of her life and he would cover her tuition for the remainder of her time left in school...

She found herself in an unusual place within Vitae; employment within her field at the colony's clinic, finishing her studies at the nearest hospital and pregnant with the child of an angel (not a story she is either proud of or one she cares to repeat) but also found herself the love of her life in Elijah Davenport. Elijah did something so unexpected to this day Ash still can't speak of it without tears. The day she had Liam, Elijah signed the birth certificate; declaring the child his own both spiritually and legally his own.

Following leaving Vitae, Ash made it her mission to find them a new place to call home - she'd seen how much Mackenzie and Elijah, both legacy hunters through and through, flourish and grow in the safe place. Not to mention their child, Liam, needed the same opportunity.

Elijah Davenport - Boyfriend
Mackenzie Cannonach - Best Friend
William Hendrix - Best Friend
Chase Keaton - Best Friend
Emile Leroux - Friend
Morgan Leroux - Friend
Brody Cannonach - Friend
Adelaide Moreau - Friend
Ginny Dreamer - Friend
Tara Black - Friend


2015 Volkswagen Beatle in Hot Pink - A gift from Mackenzie when she found out Ash was pregnant with Liam; citing that a mother needs to have her own set of wheels.

Medical Equipment - sparing; she has basic tools of her trade.

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Born to a long family line of Pack Alpha's Emile inherited his role and title from a father that cared nothing about his pack and only for his own infamy.

basic information
Émile Leroux
place of birth
Borseti - Harrington, QC
date of birth
December 18
Pack Alpha, long haul trucker
Face Claim
Daniel Sheehan
Silver, peppered with black
Like most werewolves he is naturally muscular, he has custom sleeve tattoos on both arms; both telling the tale of his family before him - an impulse of his to get but never something he regretted.


Accomplishments & Failures:
Emile feels as though he failed to keep his family safe; having lost his lover, sister and brother in-law to hunters. Following this his life changed and he focused his efforts of gaining control of the pack to provide a safe place for Morgan to live.

He finds himself wanting to protect those that he loves, even those he once would have seen an enemies.

Savvies & Ineptitudes:
He is well versed in pack life, its history and the nature they exist within, but struggles with learning the ways of hunters.

Full public education, trades school as a mechanic (basic)

French, English - middling

Emile was born to the previous pack Alpha but not raised within the pack itself; his mothers whisked him away after his younger sister was born fearing that their father would influence their personalities - she couldn't stand the idea of that happening to her children.

He grew up among humans, attending public school and essentially pretending his was anything but human until he was eight. He arrived home from school, sister in two, to find his father returned along with his Pack Guardians. His father threatened his mothers life but Emile intervened, proving himself the Alpha his father had hoped. He made a deal with the boy wolf - if he returned to the pack his mother and sister would be left on their own. He agreed.

He returned to pack life knowing nothing about it. It was a difficult time for him, understanding his place and what was expected of him but over time he found a new balance. As a young teenager (16) he had become the Beta of the pack with expectation that his father would pass the title to him; however Emile's views of the world were far different from that of his father, thanks to his mothers deep influence. One day his father caught him fooling around with another male pack member. The pair were dragged out into public and shamed. They were given an ultimatum: fight to remain part of the pack, the winner stays, the loser dies.

His father knew he had the advantage of being a Alpha over his lover, that a fight between them would be certainly unfair in his advantage. Emile refused to participate, refused to fight his lover and had expected that his lover would do the same. That was no the case. His lover, the boy he thought he loved, chased him out of the pack territory. Emily roamed; he couldn't return to his mother, less endanger her and his sister, and he couldn't return to the pack. Instead he built a new life for himself, once more firmly in the middle of the human world. He found a job, bought a house and eventually met someone new.

It seems that good things never last, in Emile's opinion, and learned of his mother's natural death. He went to the funeral and reunited with his sister, who was happified married to a human and pregnant with their first child. He found he couldn't leave them behind and so he and his love moved closer to his family. Years passed and he never revealed himself to his human lover. He watched and loved his niece grow.

When Morgan was three Emile received a worried call from a neighbor. It seems that his sister had dropped Morgan off at her house in a flustered rush, asking her to watch the child for an emergency. She hadn't heard from his sister since the day before and was deeply concerned because no one was answering the phone at this house. Emile dropped his cargo at the nearest depot and rushed home to find his sister, brother in-law and love slain.

He asked the neighbor to continue watching Morgan and set off to find the hunters that had done this to his family. He discovered them, two towns over after killing another they deemed a 'monster.' It took days but he learned they had happened to be there when his sister hand gone for a run, leaving her husband and child at a campsite. They followed them home and killed everyone involved, but hadn't been able to find where she'd hidden the child. They were regretful, that two of them hadn't been a werewolf at all, but they couldn't be too careful! Emile made their ends tortuously slow, forcing one to watch him devour the heart of the other.

In the years afterwards Emile had a drive to keep Morgan safe, which in turn meant somewhere that she could live, free from hunters. He returned to the pack, challenged and killed his father and gained control of the pack. He set it to reform, ending barbaric practices and brought them forward into a new era. After this they joined forces with both Borseti and Vitae and it was a the latter where he found a second chance at love in Chase Keaton.

The would be pack spy certainly didn't trick him; he wasn't a fool that suddenly a life long hunter, who happened to be a werewolf, suddenly wanted to defect from his people to the very things he dedicated his life to hunting. Emile accepted him regardless, though with an abundant amount of caution. They had been nearly inseparable since and after the fall of Vitae Chase spent months helping him recover back at home in Borseti.

Morgan Leroux - Niece
Chase Keaton - Fiancé
Brody Cannonach - Pack Guardian
Adelaide Moreau - Close Friend
Mackenzie Cannonach - Friend, strained
William Hendrix - Friend
Elijah Davenport - Friend
Ashley-May Brandston - Close Friend
Ginny Dreamer - Friend
Tara Black - Friend

the wolf
Large and jet black, Emile's wolf form is imposing even when he isn't trying. Having the Alpha blood line makes his wolf form naturally larger than the average werewolf, seen here.

  • Can turn into a full wolf at will
  • Can turn into a werewolf at will
  • Have the ability to shape-shift into a full wolf, these wolves appear slightly larger than their natural brethren
  • Are aware of their surrounding and activities in both werewolf and full wolf form.
  • Superior strength and agility
  • Elongated sharp fangs and claws
  • Enhanced sight and smell
  • Infect others by biting them
  • Dismemberment
  • Silver
  • Silver nitrate injection
  • Sulfate gas
  • Wolfsbane


Electric transport Truck - here

Bio-fuel motorcycle - here

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Full Name: Brody Cannonach
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Real Age: 41
Birthday: April 19, 1976
Birthplace: Harrington, QC, CA
Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: French, English
Occupation: Pack Guardian
Residence: Harrington, QC, CA
Brief History: Prior to becoming a Pack member Brody had been in training to become a Full Hunter. At 17 Borseti had been attacked and he and his two siblings were taken by the Den. He suffered watching his family be torn apart mentally and physically and vowed he would never see it happen again. Once free of the Den Brody took to caring for Douglas and Skye, but given he wasn't even the age of majority he did the best he could.

When he was 21 the Pack, his father, cornered the three siblings in a small town after they were done with a Hunt. With no way out Brody sacrificed himself to the Pack allowing Douglas and Skye to escape. He turned and made to understand the truth of what happened between the Pack and Borseti. Once he recovered he was set on the task of collecting his wayward siblings.
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  • k7yvdLe.jpg

    Species: Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Real Age: 682
    Age Appearance: Late 40’s
    Birthday: August 1st, 1334
    Deathday: December 17th, 1379
    Birthplace: Mons, Belgium
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Languages: French, English, German
    Occupation: Den Master, business owner
    Residence: Toronto, On, CA

    Brief History: Francois's early life is much unknown, he doesn’t share specifics with anyone, not even those he trusts the most. This isn’t because he doesn’t care to, it’s simply because his life has been so long that he’s forgotten most of the finer details. What he does remember he has kept throughout his life. His father was an armor smith, a trade he had apprenticed at since the age of twelve then took over his father’s work when he died.

    Around age twenty he married, had two kids, and watched them die in a den of vampires. Francois spent the remainder of his living days seeking out those that had killed his loved ones only to fall into their own hands. He served in their Den for decades before breaking free and traveling to the new world. He naturally settled in Montreal when the colonies started establishing then later moved to Toronto in the early days.

    Franklin has become a business mogul, positioning himself among the elite in the city: he has dealt with the mayor, chief of police, and most of the city wards and politicians and they have come to a neutral agreement. He keeps the supernatural at bay, and they look the other way regarding some of the shadier things he deals in.


    Owned by Franklin but run by a set of CEOs Northerna's actual details are vague. They have their hand in every industry from running factories overseas to produce baby care items to assisting funding for weapons manufacturing with the Canadian Government. Officially Northerna has no ties to the United States beyond trade.

    Franklin uses his company's power and his own business prowess to impress and negotiate with the local senate, mayor, and other major players within his city. All those within the government and upper ranks of local first responders -fire, rescue, and police are all trained to handle supernatural beings, this has been ongoing for generations because of Franklin's presence.

    As a partnership with the humans of interest within his city, he broached a deal that dates back nearly 200 years: He and his Den will control the supernatural occurrences within the city so long as they are free from interference when dealing with their own. This does not mean that the Den is free from abiding by the laws of the land, far from it, they are simply allowed to handle any issues when it comes to non-human activity. Franklin loves to quote Daniel Defoe "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." and this is true as Franklin pays taxes and lives within the laws of the city like any other resident.

    Beyond Northerna Franklin owns a series of bars and clubs around the city that host supernatural creatures and the humans that enjoy their company. One such club is '999' is the central hub for Franklin's Den. This club boasts 4 different venues (one nightclub, one live band, and two bars) and a plethora of private or VIP lounges. This building also houses his Den, a living complex in the back.

    Humans that go to 999 and are unaware of supernatural activity are routed to what is referred to as the Common Lounge by the Den. These humans are not to be interfered with and none of the Den are permitted to enter the lounge. Alternatively, humans that attend 999 in order to interact and 'donate' to the cause are directed to the Den's personal club. These humans are identified as donors by wearing a red ribbon around their throats. Once they have 'donated' for the evening the ribbon is removed by the vampire. These humans are tracked and taken care of if need be, none are allowed to donate more than twice per month, though they are welcome to enjoy the bar as they please.
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  • 4ZPgjtF.jpg

    Species: Demon
    Gender: N/A - Current Vessel: Male
    Real Age: Irrelevant
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Languages: unlimited
    Occupation: Lord of the Demons
    Residence: Between Hell and Earth

    Brief History:

    For centuries he had been sulking over the earth. Thousand upon thousands of souls were claimed by him. He'd watched the human race crawl through the years slowly digging itself up from the easy prey that they were to a far more refined prey. He had seen the colonization of America and watched it war against itself and then the rest of the world. There were great deals to be made during the war, people were desperate. Humans were such negative creatures, always seeing the darkness, the horrid possibilities.

    Then they evolved again, or at least their culture did. They became globalized. The world was at their fingertips! And yet. They were as foolish as ever. They had a world of knowledge at their hand at any second and they still did not believe in God, or Heaven, or Hell. They didn't believe in the Devil, Lucifer, or Angels. Their wants had changed with this new technology and new culture. Once he could get a soul for the simplest of items. A hot meal. A safe meal. But now? The world craved material items. Make me successful. Make me rich. Give me my dreams. Nothing was ever simple, but he was still the best cross-road demon Hell had ever seen. Second to none.

    He had been working his way through the college and university bars; the easiest of prey in this day and age. Pampered little whelps raised by the mommy and daddy to believe each of them was special in their own way. And then harsh reality set in when they were exposed to the real world. No one was going to give them a prize for showing up. No one was going to pay them to sleep all day and drink all night. The deals he made in New York alone had set him ahead of the next demon nearly tenfold.

    These events and his ability to reel in souls to Hell at an uncountable rate lead to him being 'elected' the Lord of the Demons, he was no King of Hell, however, should he wish the title, it could be his. Recent events have split the demonic population; something was coming, someone was rising after being locked in the Abyss for eons, longer than his own very long existence. While some of the lesser demons wanted the thing to remain locked away, those like-minded to himself worked tirelessly to release the darkness and bring chaos to the world.
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Full Name: Morgan Théroux
Nickname/Alias: Aleshanee - "She who Plays" in Native American
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Real Age: 22
Birthday: October 29
Birthplace: Waswanipi. QC
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages: English, French
Occupation: Pack Member, Future Alpha
Residence: Harrington, QC​


Brief History:
Born to Natalie and Michel Théroux, Morgan is the first born female heir to become Alpha of the Pack. Both parents passed when she was young, her mother during childbirth and her father before the age of three from illness, she was then raised by her uncle, Emile, and the rest of the pack. Child of all, Morgan is at home with her Pack, her family and loves them dearly, but she is also a child of curiosity.

Pack life has always been very seclusive for Morgan, while the Pack now occupies Borseti; the former hunter colony, the pack was once located far further from human society. It hadn't been until her adult years that Morgan has been fully exposed to humans and their ways, starting with her uncles lover, Marc. He had been like a father to her, Emile and Marc had been together for a great deal of time, first as part of the Pack then as part of her immediate family. Marc spoiled her by showing her human things in small increments when she was 'old enough' despite Emile's reluctance to allow it. She loved every part of it, even the simplest things: going into town to purchase supplies they could not get shipped to their Den, was a joy for Morgan.

After Marc was killed Emile left her, abandoned her to the Pack and the Alpha. It was not a pleasant time in Morgan's memory, most of the Pack was worried and upset about their unknown future, with their next Alpha gone and Morgan far too young to take the lead, it was a stressful time for everyone, including herself. With Emile's return the Pack resettled and continued on, Morgan was happy he had come back to her and life resumed.

With Emile as Pack Alpha and him diverting the Pack's course, the Pack's attitude started to change. They became more inclusive of all beings, though not many came to join the pack for any length of time, but it showed her there was more to the world, human and otherwise, and she wanted to see it. When Emile announced he was heading South to Vitae to free a would be pack member and his family, she jumped at the chance to join them. It had been a battle of wills between herself and Emile, and finally he conceded; she needed to learn what it was to be an Alpha.​
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Crossroads Demon.jpg

Full Name: Vahncry

Alias: Alma Danforth (given human name prior to death), Rebecca Lancaster (name of previous host)

Pet Name: "Becky"

Species: Crossroads Demon

Gender: N/A - Born a human female, but currently genderless as a demon. Actively prefers female hosts.

Real Age: 345

Birthday: March 1673

Death Date: October 1692

Birthplace: Massachusetts Bay Colony

Alignment: Neutral Evil (Hell's Army)

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Age Appearance: 29

Appearance: Vahncry's current host is a young woman in her late 20s, with jet black hair and dark brown eyes (when not clouded over with the telltale red irises of Crossroads Demon possession). She is of average height with a thin, lithe build and fair-skinned.

Occupation: Crossroads Demon - Deal-maker and Murehuanon's aide.

Residence: N/A

Brief History: Alma Danforth was born in the English colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1673, the eldest daughter of a wealthy merchant. Her father provided her with various tutors as she grew up, but took little other initiative in raising Alma even as his wife's health deteriorated and the woman eventually passed away. Alma was left grief-stricken and lonely by her mother's passing. Her only friend in the coming years was one of the family's indentured servants, Beatrice, from West Africa. Beatrice introduced the young Alma to folk magic and witchcraft.

As Alma grew into a teenager, she continued to seek out arcane knowledge, always careful to keep her activities secret in the fervently Puritanical community. However, with the onset of the Salem Witch Trials Beatrice was one of the accused witches who was tried and eventually hanged. Alma, angered by her friend's murder and now lacking a capable tutor, summoned a Crossroads Demon in order to "Borrow" demonic power, boosting her magical talent tenfold in exchange for her soul. Using her newfound abilities, she took her revenge by killing several of the men responsible for Beatrice's death (including her own father). However, this attracted the attention of a New World hunter, who tracked down Alma and ultimately struck a mortal blow to her.

Alma's soul was dragged to Hell despite her premature death and systematically twisted and tormented over the next century before being remade. She was reborn as Vahncry: a demon. Her knowledge of witchcraft and natural talent for persuasion allowed her to quickly climb the ranks and become a successful Crossroads dealer, above and beyond her black-eyed ilk in both power and influence. Over many decades, Vahncry negotiated deals for hundreds of human souls -- gifting humans whatever they desired before eventually loosing her hellhound Obitus upon them years later to claim their end of the bargain. In doing so, she earned the recognition and favor of Murehuanon, becoming one of his few trusted aides.

Vahncry was inhabiting the body of Rebecca Lancaster years ago when she was confronted by William Hendrix & Elijah Davenport as they attempted to save the life of one of her "clients" whose time was up. Coerced through holy water and threat of exorcism, Vahncry was forced to release the man from his contract -- her first and only failure in centuries. Elijah banished her to Hell where she was punished severely... but she has recently managed to make her way back to Earth and claim a new host. Forsaking her previous role as a neutral dealer, Vahncry has pledged herself entirely to Murehuanon's service as her master's plans regarding the First Sin come to fruition.

Possession: Vahncry is able to seize control of an unprotected living or recently deceased human, using them as a vessel with which to interact with the mortal realm.

Immortality: As a demon, Vahncry is immune to aging and also grants the appearance of agelessness to her occupied host.

Damage Resistance/Immunity: Vahncry's host is capable of sustaining conventional wounds which would be crippling or fatal for a human with no adverse effect on the demon itself. Though these inevitably lead to the host's death, Alma is able to continue making use of the body so long as it can physically function. In addition, unlike lower-tier demons, Vahncry is able to tread upon hallowed ground without issue.

Superhuman Attributes: While occupied, Vahncry's host body becomes tireless and capable of exerting amounts of strength well beyond that of most humans.

Supernatural Senses: Vahncry is able to perceive and recognize most supernatural beings, even those invisible to the naked human eye. As a Crossroads Demon, Alma is able to sense the condition of human souls.

Teleportation: Vahncry can teleport to and from the location of a potential Crossroads Deal.

Telekinesis: Alma is able to move and manipulate objects with her mind, including lifting and pinning a grown man against a wall with some degree of concentration.

Deal-Making: As a Crossroads Demon, Vahncry can make a variety of deals with a willing subject. The price is always the same: the client's soul, typically claimed some time after the deal is made. A demonic deal is a powerful thing: able to heal otherwise incurable ailments, resurrect the dead, and make subtle manipulations of causal reality.

Witchcraft: Before her death, Alma was a talented witch. Following her transformation into a demon, she has continued to pursue the black arts over the centuries and possesses knowledge of various hexes, spells, and rituals.

Holy Water: Physical contact with holy water burns most demons fiercely, though the vessel itself is not harmed. Vahncry is no exception. Despite being incapable of killing her outright, it is a potent distraction and pain device.

Iron: Iron of a relatively high purity burns demons on contact and can be used to physically bind a host body through the use of chains and other restraints. Physical contact with iron also deprives Vahncry of several of her powers.

Salt: Physical contact with salt inflicts pain on demons and stuns them temporarily. Vahncry is incapable of crossing an unbroken salt line.

Devil's Trap: Once inside a Devil's Trap, Vahncry is unable to escape by normal means unless one or more of the lines are broken. She is also deprived of her demonic powers while trapped.

Holy Oil: When ignited, holy oil acts as a powerful barrier against demons. Sustained exposure to its flames can expel a demon from its host or even kill it outright.

Exorcism: Like all demons, Vahncry is susceptible to exorcism rituals being used to expel her from her current host body and back to Hell.

Burning Remains: If Alma's mortal remains were to ever be salted and burned, it would result in her immediate and permanent death.

Divine Weapons: Certain rare and powerful weapons are capable of killing demons (Vahncry included) outright with fatal strikes to their host body.



Full Name: Obitus (Deceased)

Pet Name:

Species: Hellhound

Gender: Male

Real Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Hell

Alignment: Neutral Evil (Hell's Army)

Appearance: Obitus' true form is that of an exceptionally large spectral canine, sheathed in dark billowing shadows with red eyes and a maw full of razor-sharp teeth, as well as talon-like claws.

Occupation: Vahncry's Personal Attack Dog; Collector of Souls

Residence: N/A

Invisibility: Like all hellhounds, Obitus is invisible to the naked human eye. Only those humans who have made a Crossroads Deal and had their time expire can see the creature. Someone wearing lenses scorched in holy fire can perceive a hellhound, however. Many higher-echelon supernatural creatures can see hellhounds without difficulty, including angels, demons, and deities. Others with extrasensory abilities are capable of perceiving them in limited ways: they give off the distinct scent of sulfur to vampires & werewolves for instance, while psychics can "feel" their presence.

Damage Resistance: Hellhounds are immune to conventional means of attack. In addition, they can regenerate from grievous non-mortal injuries.

Senses: Hellhounds are capable of effortlessly seeing in pitch-black darkness and also possess highly-attuned senses of smell and hearing.

Physicality: Obitus is a tireless hunter and is capable of easily overpowering humans as well as many supernatural beings.

Tracking: Hellhounds can sense the soul of those Crossroads clients they are sent after and are capable of following them across huge distances.

Goofer's Dust & Devil's Shoestring: These materials serve as barriers to prevent a hellhound from passing through a given entryway.

Holy Water: Holy water burns hellhounds on contact, much like their demonic masters, though is not capable of killing them outright.

Salt: Direct contact with salt stuns and disorients hellhounds and an unbroken line of it acts as a physical barrier against them.

Holy Oil: Holy oil flames prevent passage by hellhounds and sustained contact is capable of killing them.

Iron: Sufficient amounts of trauma from iron weapons is capable of slaying a hellhound, though it otherwise acts as a deterrent.

Divine Weapons: Obitus is vulnerable to being killed by fatal blows from certain rare and powerful artifacts.
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Genesis 1:26 Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.

  • Idris-Shot1-021xxdig_0.jpg
    Age: only God knows
    Gender: First Male
    Residence: Eden
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Personality: Curious, Naïve, Kind-Hearted
    First son of God, Adam spent his first days on Earth within the Gardens of Eden. He loved him home, his friends and his father, but something was amiss; there was something he did not have but could not place a name to the thought or feeling. His Father knew what was in need of His son and said "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him." So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh and the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.

    Now out of the ground the Lord God had formed every beast of the field and every bird of the heavens and
    brought them to the man to see what he would call them. And whatever the man called every living creature,
    that was its name. The man gave names to all livestock and to the birds of the heavens and to every beast of the field. The man called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.

    Adam adored his wife, his partner and his love; she was his world and he doted every waking moment on her. It was for naught, for she would betray them both and eat the forbidden fruit and cast them out.

    Thus all the days that Adam lived were 930 years, and he died. But Adam's soul was not destined for Heaven nor could he be cast to Hell; God created the Abyss to set Adam's soul to rest, away from mankind and to keep his Sin from returning to Earth.

Because you have listened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, ‘You shall not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground because of you; in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life.
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Full Name: Hypolyes

Alias: Desmond Forbes

Species: Alpha Dragon

Gender: Male

Real Age: Several millennia.

Birthday: Unknown.

Birthplace: Earth

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Languages: Dozens.

Age Appearance: 39

Appearance: In his human guise (in which he operates under the alias "Desmond Forbes"), Hypolyes is a fair-skinned, middle-aged man with piercing blue eyes and jet-black hair. Broad-shouldered and above average in height, he often wears suits and other formal wear purchased with his vast horde of gold -- his kind's obsession with which has lasted throughout the millennia. When under stress or channeling his draconic abilities, the eyes of Desmond turn to a distinctly reptilian shade of yellow, with a vertical black slit as a pupil. Red glowing scale-like patterns are also illuminated under his skin and his fingernails lengthen into dark, razor-sharp talons.

In his "true" form, Hypolyes was once able to manifest as a black-scaled behemoth of a dragon the size of a blue whale -- armored with metallic scales and bristling with sharp spines.

However, despite having regained the majority of his power since his supposed death, taking on the entirety of his true form has still proven impossible. Instead, Hypolyes is only able to manifest his wings and limited other features in an otherwise humanoid form.

Residence: N/A

Brief History: Following Eve's banishment from Eden, she was corrupted by her consumption of the forbidden fruit, becoming something less than human. The manifestation of this corruption came about when she came into contact with the Leviathans. The poisonous, primordial monsters twisted her form in an attempt to co-opt God's once-beloved creation into one of them. The attempt was partially successful, turning the woman into a hybrid of sorts -- no longer entirely human albeit not a full-fledged Leviathan, either. Not accepted by her creators and having lost her husband's favor, Eve instead went about creating her own family.

Hypolyes was the first of Eve's new children, the eldest and most powerful what would come to be known as dragons. Monstrous in aspect and temperament when compared to his human half-brothers Cain & Abel, his lesser broodmates soon followed. For this sacrilege, God banished Eve from Earth to Purgatory, locked away with the creatures that had corrupted her... but she was not blind to what transpired on Earth.

As centuries went by and fledgling humanity rose to dominion over the planet, Eve -- unable to escape Purgatory -- resorted to whispering in the minds of certain receptive men, tempting them to discover the magics necessary to visit her in Purgatory. When they did, the results of their unions were new creatures entirely: the Alphas of their respective species, an intermixing of Leviathan bloodlines with that of ancient humanity.

Ghouls, wendigos, vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, kitsune and more: the Alphas of each were born in Purgatory, but not destined to endure their mother's imprisonment. Following their escape from Purgatory, Hypolyes and his lesser draconic kin were among Eve's most loyal children and servants, busying themselves attempting to find a ritual which would allow their matriarch to rise from Purgatory and walk the Earth amongst her progeny. Angels and demons alike sought to prevent this, forcing Hypolyes to lead his ilk in countless clashes with the servants of Heaven and Hell.

However, as time rolled on, the children of Eve slowly lost their way. Many of them save their Alphas knew nothing of Eve or their lineage, seeking only to prey on humans or even live peacefully among them. Before long, the dragons, too, began to give up on their quest. With angels having largely withdrawn from Earth and thus removing the final major threat to their supremacy, the dragons began instead seeking to establish a dominion over the planet for themselves: turning humanity and their younger "cousins" into slaves and destroying those who resisted with flame and claw.

When Hypolyes informed Eve of this, she was torn. Her firstborn were her most powerful and beloved creations, able to wipe the other species from the face of the Earth given time. However, with her locked away and unable to intervene directly, there were few ways in which the dragons could be stopped. Their greatest weakness was a blade forged and quenched in the blood of one of their own kind, but no dragon had been slain in centuries.

Hypolyes deigned to make the ultimate sacrifice, falling upon his own blade and spilling his life essence. Eve regretfully collected the blood of her greatest son, directing her mortal servants to use it in the forging of six swords. Surreptitiously arranging that they be placed in the hands of noble human champions, the dragons were slowly driven back by the presence of weapons capable of slaying them. The vast majority were eradicated, with the sole few that survived fleeing to the shadows where they passed into legend.

Hypolyes was not dead, however. He entered a deep stasis following his sacrifice, with Eve allowing him to sleep for centuries in Purgatory under her watchful eye as his body and spirit healed. He slumbered, passively absorbing information about Earth and humanity as the years passed. However, despite Eve's best efforts, Hypolyes was unable to rise alongside her when she was summoned to Earth. Only the First Sin's disruption of the realms was finally able to wake the Alpha Dragon.

Roused from his slumber, Hypolyes was filled with rage and disillusioned to find out that Eve was dead, her dominion ended before it could begin. Left with no purpose save vengeance, he has thrown his lot in with The First Sin -- hoping to destroy the world that he had once hoped to rule alongside his mother. He is unaware that his rising has a greater cosmic purpose: his life force is tied to one of the Seals containing Adam. If he is allowed to live and destroy the Sword of St. George, the Seal will break and The First Sin will be one step closer to ravaging the Earth.

Shapeshifting: Though he only possesses a single humanoid form (unlike shapeshifters), Hypolyes is capable of manifesting several draconic traits in that form.

Superhuman Attributes: Hypolyes is untiring and possesses strength far in excess of any human, in addition to speed that allows him to take action in a near-blur for short distances. His senses -- particularly his smell -- are well beyond that of any human.

Flight: When manifesting his wings, Hypolyes is able to fly and glide over long distances with considerable speed.

Pyrokinesis: Like the mythical dragons of old, Hypolyes is able to project heat in several ways. He can breathe fire even in his humanoid form and is capable of reducing a human to little more than bone fragments and ash in this way. However, he is capable of projecting even greater amounts of heat through either of his hands, rapidly melting even steel and stone with physical contact.

Damage Resistance: Hypolyes is immune to even the most extreme heat and is highly-resistant to physical trauma that would easily kill a human being. He is capable of regenerating from non-fatal wounds. Desmond lacks the weaknesses inherent to many other supernatural beings including silver, iron, salt, holy water, etc.

Witchcraft: Over the course of many centuries, Desmond has learned several basic spells and rituals he is capable of putting to use.

Divine Weapons: Exceptionally rare and powerful weapons can inflict debilitating wounds on Hypolyes, though with his fate tied to a Seal they are incapable of killing him outright.

Sword Forged in Dragon's Blood: The only weapons capable of slaying Hypolyes permanently are the small collection of blades forged from his own blood centuries ago.

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Maxwell Turner
Nickname : Max
Race : Human
Gender : Male
Age : 28
Sexuality : Bisexual
Occupation : Mechanic
Affiliation : Civilians/Mountaineer Inn
Former Affiliation(s) : Vitae Security
Height : 5'11
Weight : 160
Hair Color : Red
Eye Color : Brown
Alignment : Neutral Good
Personality : Maxwell doesn't always play well with others, he can have a difficult time connecting with people. Even so he stays cordial with anyone and everyone despite how he feels about them. Not one for drama or anything along those lines. Living in a hunter colony for so long really taught Maxwell to keep his walls up and he doesn't easily let them down. He's always kept to the saying of family first, but now with Vitae gone and his family scattered he's having to figure himself out for the most part. Since Vitae's fall he has struggled, and mostly thrown himself into work despite there not being much of it at the small garage.
-Max isn't particularly fond of the supernatural beings, even those who hunt their own.-
-Has his associates degree in automotive technology.-

History :
Maxwell was born, raised, and still currently occupied the Vitae colony. His family had been around and settled here nearly since the colonies establishment in 1964. Max's parents who both currently reside on the council, had a total of five children, and thus Max was the singular boy with two older sisters and two younger. The real only time he'd not lived at the colony was the years he'd spent in college, but afterwards he'd moved back home and settled in. When Maxwell returned he laid claim to the auto-repair shop near the end of main street, off to the corner side of the colony. The shop had been abandoned by the former owner and the building used for storage, so he'd taken upon himself to clean it up and into working order.

Not to mention the need for such a place and service inside Vitae that was up and running, and while he both co-owns and works at the shop Max does also work security for the colony. Though less these days with more and more hunters coming in and taking up the slack. Which if Maxwell was going to be honest, annoyed him, as they'd always protected the place just fine without packing people in to help with that. Most people who'd lived at the colony knew Maxwell, or at least his family, as he did tend to meet many of the residents through either of his jobs.

When the pack partnered with Vitae and a number of it's inhabitants left, half of his family went with them, including his parents who'd been council members. Max struggled with finding a reason to stay in the colony for a while but decided he did indeed want to remain. When the colony brought Thomas to the colony as a prisoner for killing Joe Keaton, and sentenced him to death, Max made the plan to break him out. Thomas and Maxwell had both grown up in Vitae and had even had an extended fling in the past. Enough history that he didn't want to see the man die. So when Vitae was suddenly under threat by Adam and people were literally fleeing for their lives, Max took the opportunity to make sure Thomas was freed. He smuggled the prisoner out of the colony in the chaos and hasn't seen him since they'd parted ways outside the gates.


Accomplishments & Failures: Chase feels as though he's accomplished a fair bit of good with his hunting all of the years with Joe. Since Joe's death however he doesn't feel he's lived up to those years, even with the successful hunts it always seems there's a failure to balance the scales. His biggest failure was when Hypoles attacked, and Maxwell was helping make sure Thomas didn't burn alive in his cell. In that same attack on the colony his sister was killed, and he has never forgiven himself for not putting his family first.

Motivation: Maxwell's motivation is a bit self-serving, but he doesn't deny that he likes to help the hunters in his own way. If he didn't he might have simply gone elsewhere in the world to live and try and open a new garage. But he stuck with one of the splintered cells of the Vitae colony and continued doing just that.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: Maxwell is well versed as a mechanic. Easily his passion in life. And at the very least he knows how to shoot a gun, even if doesn't like to. He is however far less versed in connecting with people and socializing in general.


Mackenzie Hendrix - Friend
Ashley-May Brandston - Friend
William Hendrix - Friend
Elijah Davenport - Friend
Adelaide Moreau - Friend
Brody Cannonach - Strained
Morgan Leroux - Strained
Emile Leroux - Strained
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Character Sheets
Full Name: Kyle Johnson
Nickname/Alias: Spider
Gender: Male
Real Age: 24
Birthday: February 8th
Birthplace: somewhere in California
Species: Human
Appearance: Eye color: Green
hair color: Died electric blue, normally brown and loosely curled, styled in a fo-hawk
height: 5'11"
weight: looks skinny, actually quite strong
Physical Quirks, Identifying Features: thin scar above his left eyebrow, anti-possession symbol tattoo on right ankle (done himself, and only SLIGHTLY crooked thank you very much,) nose ring on left nostril with small obsidian stone
(Can't find anything that fits the description.)
Occupation: reluctantly a hunter, preferably tattoo artist (lost his parlour in Vitae, hasn't had funds to restart)
Residence: his RV
Personal History: Kyle's introduction to hunting happened when he was 9. A hunter family had stopped in his neighborhood to investigate a changeling infestation. He was one of the kidnapped children. During that time, his mother had unfortunately gotten caught in the crossfire. He skipped around in foster families until he was 12 when the family happened to cross paths with him again. This time, he convinced them to take him and his 9 year old foster sister. In exchange, he helped on hunts, and eventually started out on his own at 18 after failing to convince his sister to lead a normal life. 4 years later found him starting a tattoo parlor in Vitae, but like everything in his life, that didn't pan out either. Now, he wanders around, touching up hunter tats, and picking up random hunts.
Family Ties or Other Relations: Alexandria Grey (sister, last he knew she was alive... ish...), Christine Hartnell (hunter that took him and Alex in, dead), Liam Hartnell (Christine's husband, dead), Vanessa Johnson (Mother, dead), Grant Johnson (Father, dead)
Accomplishments & Failures: tattoo parlor, minor hunts, failed out of college twice, nothing major
Motivation: the hope that he can help make someone else's day less cruddy
Savvies & Ineptitudes: give him basically any alphabetic language or code and he can figure it out fast... Just don't ask him to speak it. He hates computers, and they hate him. He's very artistic and athletic, but unless on a hunt or anything art related, he's a bull in a china shop. Can't cook to save his life.
Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes: Likes: lemon jelly donuts, monster energy drinks, caffeine in general. Dislikes: sleeping in the dark, shopping, and driving surprisingly
Education: some college in mythology
Employment/Training: tattoo artist, hunter
Languages: English and Spanish

Lucas Grey: Alex's father, Kyle's former foster parent

Lucas comes from a long line of vampire worshipers, when Alex realized what that meant for her and Kyle, she set out to ensure that they got out, slowly manipulating Kyle to want to leave without revealing the truth of the situation. When Kyle found out, they were already 5 years into hunting with Chris and Liam.

Lucas found out where Kyle was living, and that he had become a hunter, a few weeks before Vitae evacuated and orchestrated for his parlour to be burned.
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The Basics

Full Name: William Alan Hendrix

Nickname/Alias: Will

Species: Human/Nephilim

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Birthday: March 3rd

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA

Residence: Mountaineer Inn

Occupation: Hunter/Medic


Face Claim:
Matt Lauria

Height: 6'5"

Weight: ~255 lbs.

Build: Broad-shouldered and muscular, but not quite to the bulky proportions of a bodybuilder -- instead favoring an athletic frame.

Hair: Dark brown and close-cropped. He keeps a neatly-trimmed beard or heavy stubble along his jawline.

Eye Color: Gray

Physical Quirks/Identifying Features: A half-sleeve "tribal" style tattoo covers Will's left pec, shoulder, and bicep. On his right bicep, he has an Army Special Forces tattoo. In addition, a protective anti-possession sigil is tattooed on the upper right side of his torso, just below his collarbone. Though not apparent at a casual glance, William's lower left leg is missing below the knee, having been replaced by a prosthesis years ago.

Personality & Skills

Alignment: Lawful Good

Accomplishments & Failures: William feels and immense amount of survivor's guilt over the loss of his team in Afghanistan by supernatural means, particularly the death of his best friend Ioane "Ian" Kekoa. The lives he has saved and evil he has snuffed out since becoming a hunter were his way of reclaiming some part of his life and atoning... as much as he could. However, while he came to Vitae hoping to find some measure of peace, his time there left him with a scarce few triumphs and a number of new regrets...

Motivation: While William's motivation prior to coming to Vitae was little more than saving as many lives as he could on the road and killing off whatever evil reared its head along the way (while watching the back of his partner), things changed after his arrival at the colony. Having become aware of The First Sin and his plans for Earth, Will is dead set on doing whatever it takes to stop Adam from achieving his goals. More importantly, William met Mackenzie Cannonach shortly after arriving at Vitae. Following a whirlwind romance, he is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep his wife and newborn daughter safe as their group enters the next stage of their collective lives -- even if it means giving up his own.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: In addition to his vast combat and survival training, William is a trained paramedic. Though he lacks the technical knowledge of a fully-qualified physician, he nonetheless possesses training and qualifications in a wide variety of areas including: critical care, advanced trauma management, wilderness medicine, pediatric life support, basic surgical interventions, prolonged field care, etc.

Though a generally diplomatic person, William can come across as occasionally overbearing in conversation. He sometimes has a tendency to put a proverbial foot in his mouth and his charm rarely takes him far.

Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes:
  • Vice: Following his injury and during his rehabilitation process, William became briefly addicted to opioid painkillers. However, he has been clean for years.
  • Virtues: Determination - Will is determined, almost to a fault. Once he is set to a task, it is almost impossible to dissuade him from it, despite extreme mental and physical duress.
  • Likes: Working out, visiting the range, various sports (particularly combat sports and American football), alternate history fiction.
  • Dislikes: Large crowds, loud noises, shirking one's obligations.

Education: William earned an Associate's Degree in General Education and Emergency Medical Science using credits from his Army training. He was working toward a B.S. in Biology when he was injured and instead turned his life toward hunting.

Languages: In addition to English, William is highly proficient in Spanish (which he speaks with a Salvadoran accent) as well as the Modern Standard and Baghdadi dialects of Arabic. He can carry on basic conversation in Dari, Pashto, and Sorani (i.e. Central Kurdish). He knows a few simple words and phrases in Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish), Urdu, and traditional Hawaiian.

  • Mackenzie Cannonach: Wife
  • Elijah Davenport: Best Friend
  • Adelaide Moreau: Close Friend/Ex-Girlfriend
  • Ashley-May Brandston: Close Friend
  • Chase Keaton: Friend
  • Emile Leroux: Friend
  • Morgan Leroux: Distant Friend
  • Brody Cannonach: Distant Friend
  • Ginny Dreamer: Friend
  • Tara Black: Associate/Distant Friend
  • Derek Shaw: Former Hunting Partner/Mentor

Personal History

Hendrix was born in Atlanta to a young woman he never truly knew, being placed in the care of the state soon after his birth. He bounced around between various foster homes in Georgia until being permanently adopted by the Hendrix family shortly after his twelfth birthday. After high school graduation, he followed in the footsteps of his adoptive father and enlisted with the United States Army.

Beginning his career with the Ranger Regiment, Will ultimately made his way to the Special Forces -- otherwise known as the Green Berets -- where he served as a Medical Sergeant and sniper. However, several years ago his unit was tasked with capturing a high-value target that they were told to be a Taliban spiritual leader in a remote section of Afghanistan. During their approach, they were ambushed and assailed by demon-possessed insurgents in service of their target, who was in fact a powerful Borrower witch.

Though the witch was ultimately eliminated, William was the only survivor of his team and was severely injured during the battle. He was medevaced to a field hospital, where his lower left leg was amputated and later replaced with a prosthetic limb. Hendrix was debriefed about the raid multiple times by his superiors as well as several intelligence organizations, but his account of supernatural activity was dismissed as the paranoid rambling of a victim suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

William was honorably discharged, going through several months of physical and mental rehab before being contacted by a veteran Hunter named Derek Shaw, who confirmed the existence of supernatural creatures. At William's insistence, Shaw took him on as an apprentice, mentoring him in the ways of hunting for nearly two years before declaring him "ready" and unceremoniously taking his leave. William continued his work on a solo basis before meeting Elijah Davenport, the two forming a tentative hunting partnership that quickly grew into them being best friends, practically brothers.

Everything changed for both men when they came to Vitae. What was meant to be a brief stop on the road instead became a new home for them as they discovered the truth, both of his heritage and about the First Sin. Following a harried skirmish one night and a deal with Heaven, Will was given the Grace extracted from Ashley-May's unborn child -- realizing his full status as a Nephilim for the first time in his life. William settled in for the long haul at the colony, experiencing more than his fair share of ups-and-downs during his time there. He met and fell in love with Mackenzie Cannonach, a legacy hunter from the North. They tied the knot following a tense albeit successful hunt and months later -- a baby girl named Skye -- entered the world. With the revelation that the Seals and the prophecies tied to them were nothing more than a lie -- followed soon after by the fall of Vitae Colony -- Will now resides at the Mountaineer Inn, looking ahead to the next chapter in his new family's life.

Notable Equipment
  • Angel Sword - Forged in Heaven and touched by God himself, these weapons were created specifically for each of the Grigori angels millennia ago. This sword in particular belonged to Hadrian (Will's angelic father), whose name is inscribed along the side of the blade in Enochian runes. The sword is capable of slaying hellhounds, most monsters, angels, reapers, demigods, and all but the greatest of demons. It can also destroy weaker pagan gods outright, while dealing serious wounds to those who are higher on the pantheon.
  • 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Midnight Edition (4x4)
  • Medical Pack - Modular and expansive, this rugged pack contains a wide array of medical supplies for treating various medical conditions: bandages of all shapes and sizes, gauze, sutures, scalpels, shears, tourniquets, ointments, syringes, painkillers, splints, and more. William has also added a small field surgical kit to the pack as well.

Damage Resistance/Regeneration: With his Grace, William is highly-resistant to conventional forms of injury and can rapidly heal from wounds that would otherwise incapacitate a human.

Immunity: Will is immune to many standard angelic weaknesses, including Banishing Sigils and certain wards.

Superhuman Attributes: Will possesses strength far in excess of any human as well as most supernatural creatures, in addition to enhanced speed. He is also effectively tireless and requires minimal rest -- though he often maintains a regular sleep schedule out of habit.

Supernatural Senses: William is capable of perceiving supernatural beings that would otherwise pass for human, as well as those invisible to the naked eye. His sight and hearing are well beyond those of the standard human.

Empathy: William possesses the ability to feel the emotional state of those he shares a soul link with.

Angelic Telepathy: Will can listen in on the telepathic communication between angels (i.e. "Angel Radio").

Teleportation: Though Will lacks the ability to transport himself effortlessly across large distances, he is able to summon himself to the side of those with whom he shares a soul link.

Healing: With physical contact, Will is capable of channeling his Grace to heal even relatively major physical wounds inflicted on others, though this is very taxing for him.

Sedation: William can put humans and certain humanoid creatures to sleep through physical contact.

Smiting: Will is able to smite lower-level supernatural creatures as well as humans with physical contact, quickly killing them.

Holy Oil: When ignited, holy oil acts as a potent barrier against Nephilim. Though it will not kill one on contact due to only a partial angelic heritage, it nonetheless inflicts considerable pain and temporarily drains their abilities to a severe extent.

Divine Weapons: Certain rare and powerful weapons are capable of killing Nephilim with strikes to vital organs such as the heart.

Enochian Wards: Certain types of Enochian wards -- depending on the type, number, size, and proximity to Will -- can dull his powers and senses as a Nephilim.
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The Basics

Full Name: Elijah Henry Davenport

Nickname/Alias: Eli

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Birthday: June 17th

Birthplace: London, England

Residence: Mountaineer Inn

Occupation: Hunter

Alignment: Neutral Good


Face Claim:
William Moseley

Height: 6'1"

Weight: ~180 lbs.

Build: Lean, athletic, and toned with relatively long limbs.

Hair: Sandy blonde, medium-length and wavy. He occasionally styles hair in any number of ways. Though generally clean-shaven, he will on rare occasions grow a small amount of stubble or even a well-trimmed beard.

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Quirks/Identifying Features: Starting at the bottom of the nape of his neck and proceeding vertically down his spine, Elijah has a series of tattooed black characters from Japanese calligraphy, the literal translation of which is "I am not afraid of evil." A protective anti-possession sigil is tattooed on the upper left side of his torso, just below his collarbone and above his heart.

Personality & Skills

Alignment: Neutral Good

Accomplishments & Failures: As a legacy hunter, Elijah began plying his trade while in his adolescence. He has snuffed out countless monsters of some form or another in his time and saved the lives of many in the process -- and was considered by many to be an exceptionally talented hunter and promising future partner to further the interests of the Men of Letters. However, it is exactly that organization that he regrets ever representing after having realized the depths of their radicalism to the point of what he considers depravity. Eli also mourns the loss of his mentor Kenji Sato, who died for him.

Motivation: Once upon a time, Elijah's motivation was nothing more than fulfilling the mandates of his family and the Men of Letters: slaying monsters in whatever form he found them throughout all of Europe and becoming the finest hunter he can possibly be. However, these days Elijah is far more concerned with stopping the First Sin and -- more importantly -- keeping his girlfriend and her baby son safe while being the best stepfather he can possibly be: forging a new life for the lot of them in whatever way he can.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: Elijah is a seasoned martial artist, knife-fighter, and swordsman. He is also very well-studied in a variety of lore about supernatural creatures and phenomenon and prides himself on maintaining a wealth of knowledge about even relatively obscure occult matters. He has memorized several basic rituals and exorcisms, though he is by no means as talented in this regard as a true witch.

Growing up in luxury with the best equipment and training available to him, Elijah has occasionally struggled with concepts that other hunters take for granted in regards to general handiness and improvisation with mechanical tasks and the like.

Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes:
  • Vice: Occasionally overconfident to the point of coming across as brash.
  • Virtue: Empathy & Introspection - Elijah is capable of keenly reading people and situations -- and has also learned in recent times to be at peace within himself.
  • Likes: Kata, reading (a variety of genres), sparring.
  • Dislikes: Being placed in leadership roles, exploitation, corruption.

Education: Despite being a legacy whose father pushed him firmly toward the family business, Elijah's mother insisted that he give a so-called "normal life" a try as well. As such, Eli attended the University of Oxford where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology & Anthropology, followed by his Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology (graduating with honors).

Languages: Elijah benefits from an extensive classical education and has also traveled & studied throughout much of continental Europe during his lifetime. As such, he is fluent in Standard French. He can conduct basic conversation in German, Castilian Spanish, and Japanese. Davenport is well-versed in Latin and has dabbled in ancient Greek.

  • Ashley-May Brandston: Girlfriend
  • William Hendrix: Best Friend
  • Mackenzie Cannonach: Close Friend
  • Adelaide Moreau: Close Friend
  • Chase Keaton: Close Friend
  • Emile Leroux: Friend
  • Morgan Leroux: Distant Friend
  • Brody Cannonach: Distant Friend
  • Ginny Dreamer: Friend
  • Tara Black: Associate/Distant Friend
  • Evelyn Brimley: Ex-Girlfriend, Former Partner

Personal History

Elijah was born in London as the sole male child of his generation. The Davenports were a wealthy dynasty with a rich legacy as hunters dating back to the Holy Roman Empire and the bloodline of St. George, The Dragon Slayer. In more modern times, the Davenports have formed a strong partnership with the London Chapterhouse of the Men of Letters, serving as their enforcers and executors in return for the massive resources and influence provided by the ancient organization.

Eli was groomed from a young age to follow in the family business on his father's orders and took instantly to the intensive lessons in martial arts, swordsmanship, marksmanship, and study of supernatural lore. His father took little personal initiative to train the boy himself; instead the Men of Letters appointed an enigmatic hunter from Okinawa by the name of Kenji Sato to serve as Elijah's personal mentor. The man was cold and aloof, but a fair teacher -- and Eli learned well under his hand, molding himself into a human weapon. As his skills improved, Kenji's demeanor grew steadily warmer and he became something of a surrogate father figure to Davenport (as his own father was scarcely present).

Elijah began hunting in his early teens -- oftentimes alongside his family or with representatives of the Men of Letters -- proving to be a natural in the role. Even while studying at University at the insistence of his mother, Davenport remained active with his training and hunting as best he could and returned full-time to the lifestyle upon receiving his degree. However, shortly before the time came for him to pledge himself fully to the Chapterhouse's service, he made a harrowing discovery. The Men of Letters had a warehouse full of monsters: werewolves, vampires, ghouls, shapeshifters. They were experimenting on the creatures in horrific manners, testing out various methods of killing them more efficiently. But worse... the Chapterhouse kept the supply of such monsters steady by abducting societal "undesirables" and turning them with vampire blood and forced werewolf bites in the name of the greater good.

Disillusioned and unable to process what he was seeing, Elijah broke into the warehouse that night, releasing the captives and burning down the facility before defecting from his home for good. He was branded a traitor and pursued from England by his former allies. Ultimately, it was Kenji Sato who saved his life from a group of Men of Letters assassins. The hunter revealed his true identity: Hachiman, the Japanese patron god of warriors. The Men of Letters had permitted him and select other pagans to live on the condition that they act in service of humanity. Now Hachiman fought to give Elijah time to escape -- only to be stabbed through the heart and killed by Evelyn Brimley.

Davenport spent time laying low in continental Europe, dodging Men of Letters hunters, until he could make his way across the Atlantic to the United States. There, he began plying his trade on the road as a lone hunter using his lifetime of training and experience... albeit without the resources he was used to. There he met William Hendrix, the two of them forging a partnership -- and soon, a close friendship. At Vitae, Elijah met Ashley-May Brandston -- forming a friendship with the woman that quickly developed into an infatuation before the two ultimately fell in love. Despite a rocky beginning, Eli devoted himself fully to the relationship and Ash's unborn son (from another father). He was chosen as Vitae's champion to represent the colony during the Trials of the pagan deity Pan, nearly being killed in the process.

Elijah was ultimately appointed to oversee and manage to the colony's corps of hunters. He served in this role for much of his time at Vitae, in between small excursions to handle minor hunts or Seals (though as Ashley-May's pregnancy and his own recovery kept him largely close to home). Ash soon welcomed her baby boy named Liam, with Elijah being the only father the child has ever known. After the fall of Vitae, the fledgling family fled along with the others, living on the road until they came across the Mountaineer Inn.

Notable Equipment
  • Hand-forged by Hachiman using the finest modern materials (but primarily traditional techniques) specifically for Elijah, the katana is his most prized weapon. The high-carbon tungsten alloy tool steel blade was quenched in both holy water and holy oil before being given a Shinto blessing. The blade is clay-tempered and differentially-hardened, allowing it to be tough and durable while still holding an incredibly sharp edge. Additionally, the surface of either side of the blade has been plated: one side with a layer of polished sterling silver and the other with consecrated wrought iron. The butt cap, grip, and handguard have also been inlaid with these same materials. Both sides of the blade are engraved with a variety of gold-colored Devil's Trap symbols and Enochian sigils. The lacquered black wooden scabbard consists of a white oak core surrounded by a layer of blessed palo santo. Much like the blade, it is adorned with Devil's Traps and Enochian warding sigils. In Elijah's trained hands, the katana is trivially capable of slaying vampires, werewolves, ghouls, kitsune, wraiths, shapeshifters, and other run-of-the-mill monsters. With great difficulty it is capable of dealing fatal blows to hellhounds. The blade can temporarily banish vengeful spirits and while it cannot kill demons, it can incapacitate them.
  • Kurdish Demon-Killing Dagger - Gifted to him by Mackenzie Cannonach, this rare blade is capable of slaying all but the most powerful of demons as well as hellhounds with a single stab to a vital area, otherwise dealing severe pain upon contact.

Thor's Blessing: While at Vitae, Elijah met and befriended Thor Odinson -- a pagan deity that had taken up for Vitae and all of humanity against the First Sin. The two fought alongside one another, allowing Eli to earn the Norse god's respect. Before fading away, Thor and the other surviving gods of the Norse pantheon bestowed Davenport with a boon: granting him a blessing that marked him as Thor's mortal champion on Earth. While he remains entirely human, Elijah's physical attributes -- his senses, endurance, vigor, speed, and time to recover from injuries -- are all markedly improved. He also ages at a slightly slower rate.
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Adelaide Main.jpg

The Basics

Full Name: Adelaide Lucille Moreau

Nickname/Alias: Addy

Species: Human - Witch (Natural) & Psychic/Clairvoyant

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Birthday: October 27th, 1989

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Residence: Mountaineer Inn

Occupation: Freelance Witch & Psychic


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Adelaide has a lithe, willowy frame.

Hair: Addy keeps her long black hair braided, allowing it hang loosely around her shoulders.

Eyes: Her eyes are gold-flecked hazel.

Physical Quirks/Identifying Features: A large flowing series of tattoos depicting a variety of scenes adorns much of Adele's left and right hands, arms, torso, and lower body. A portrait of Baron Samedi is visible on her back, centered between her shoulder blades. An anti-possession sigil is tattooed on the nape of her neck, typically hidden by her hair. Her ears are pierced and she often dons a variety of jewelry, including rings and pendants.

Personality & Skills

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Accomplishments & Failures: Addy prides herself on those she has aided, though the help she has provided is often less dramatic than that of a hunter striding in, guns blazing to slay a monster and save the day. While she has banished her fair share of vengeful spirits and faced down with malevolent Borrower witches and their demonic masters, the help she offers is often more subtle and sometimes even mundane in nature. Granting peace of mind to a mourning client by conducting seances or -- ideally -- ensuring that their loved one has moved on rather than becoming trapped on the mortal plane. Offering herbal remedies for ailments. Tracking down missing children, recovering lost memories. In these small ways, she knew she had made a difference in her community and the lives of those around her. Upon arriving at Vitae, the stakes rose... but the witch stayed the course along with her friends.

To this day, Adelaide partially blames herself for the death of her great aunt Noella. More recently, she understands that she made a number of missteps in the days and months leading up to the fall of Vitae and afterward that could have compromised relations not only between the Pack and the Colony's residents... but also between herself and those dearest to her.

Motivation: Adelaide was instructed on the natural "balance" of the world as a young girl by her great aunt, a White Witch. While Addy clings steadfastly to her friends above all else and views them and their safety as her utmost priority, Noella's lessons nonetheless continue to ring out in her mind as the taint of the First Sin spreads. In her eyes, Adam's influence represents the ultimate imbalance -- the opposite of everything her adoptive mother stood for. As such, Addy will do what she can and play whatever role she must in combating it in the long, tough years ahead.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: Adelaide is exceptionally talented at reading people, even without the use of her gift. She can and often does use this to her advantage to act effectively as a mediator between parties in conflict. Despite her age, she is an exceptionally knowledgeable and talented white witch: well-studied in various rites & spells, the construction of charms, as well as alchemy. Her knowledge base extends well beyond traditional hoodoo folk magic and into other sources of arcane lore.

Addy's skills in direct combat or physical confrontations without her gift to rely on are limited at best. Additionally, while she makes a good "voice of reason" when serving as a third-party mediator in a conflict, when she is one of the parties involved in an awkward or tense situation, she often exhibits bouts of indecisiveness.

Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes:
  • Vice: Occasionally indecisive in tense, interpersonal conflicts.
  • Virtue: Empathetic and a good listener.
  • Likes: Reading, nature, experimenting with alchemy/spells.
  • Dislikes: Manipulation, close-mindedness, grudges.

Education: Adelaide holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Social Welfare from Seattle University.

Languages: In addition to English, Adelaide is fluent in both Haitian & Louisiana Creole, both of which she grew up speaking. She is also proficient in both Louisiana & Standard French (more so the former). Addy is conversational in Spanish, which she speaks with a Caribbean accent & dialect. Her study of witchcraft has made her well-versed in Latin.

  • William Hendrix: Best Friend, Ex-Boyfriend
  • Elijah Davenport: Close Friend
  • Mackenzie Hendrix: Friend
  • Ashley-May Brandston: Close Friend
  • Morgan Leroux: Close Friend
  • Brody Cannonach: Close Friend
  • Emile Leroux: Associate/Distant Friend
  • Chase Keaton: Friend
  • Ginny Dreamer: Friend
  • Tara Black: Associate/Distant Friend
  • Evelyn Brimley: Acquaintance

Personal History

Adelaide was born in October of 1989 in New Orleans. Her Creole mother, Chloe, worked in the inner city as a prostitute and battled off-and-on with drug and alcohol addiction. Adelaide never knew the identity of her father. Though Chloe did her best to support herself and her child in the slums of New Orleans, shortly after Adelaide began attending school a concerned teacher reported her apparent living conditions to the authorities.

Adelaide was taken from her mother’s custody and placed into foster care while a next-of-kin could be located. During this time, the girl began to manifest unnatural abilities: telepathy, telekinesis, and even the ability to communicate with animals as well as the spirits of the dead. Adele took instantly to her newfound talents. The foster families supporting her initially dismissed her claims as products of her youthful imagination before beginning to suspect mental illness… until they saw proof firsthand.

One by one, Adelaide was passed off between various foster homes, each family terrified of the girl’s powers. However, shortly before her eleventh birthday the state managed to locate her next-of-kin: Adele’s estranged great aunt, Noella. Adelaide moved out to Noella’s estate in the rural swamps of Louisiana. She was surprised to find that the woman was not remotely shocked by her abilities.

Noella was, in fact, a benevolent white witch and an experienced practitioner of hoodoo folk magic. Recognizing her niece as a talented psychic, Noella trained Adelaide to refine and control her abilities in addition to giving her extensive lessons regarding supernatural lore, witchcraft, and spells of various sorts. Adele proved to be a natural and spent much of her adolescence helping Noella in her work aiding the local community.

However, shortly after graduating high school, Adelaide’s reputation placed them both in danger. A group of Demons became interested in the young woman’s talents and began crafting a plan to co-opt her into the service of Hell. A small group of Hunters who had been tracking the Demons across the South caught wind of their plans. A skirmish ensued at the Moreau estate, burning the home to the ground and resulting in Noella’s death during the crossfire.

Adelaide fled Louisiana, moving to Washington state, where she attended Seattle University and make an attempt at a “normal” life. However, before long she once again began quietly practicing magic and using her psychic abilities for the betterment of those around her: crafting simple remedies, weaving beneficial white magic, or warding off poltergeists.

Adelaide ultimately returned to Louisiana, where she crossed paths with the newly-partnered Hunters William Hendrix and Elijah Davenport. Though hesitant to aid them at first, they proved their worth after helping her to take down a local bokor who was practicing malicious black magic-for-hire for organized crime groups in downtown New Orleans. In the intervening months, she has formed a close working relationship and friendship with both men, often assisting them on jobs across the U.S.

Telepathy/Empathy: Adelaide is able to sense the surface thoughts and emotions of humanoid creatures in close proximity to her. However, with direct physical contact she is able to delve deeper into their psyche in order to examine memories and other such information. Certain beings are immune to this manner of reading, namely angels & deities as well as their human servants (prophets and oracles, respectively). Adelaide is capable of projecting her own thoughts into another's mind, but doing so is incredibly taxing for both herself and the recipient.

Supernatural Senses: Adelaide is capable of sensing nearby supernatural entities and energy, even those she cannot physically see or "read" telepathically.

Telekinesis: Addy is able to manipulate objects at a distance using her mind. Most of these manipulations require the object to be within sight or very close proximity. There are limits to her telekinetic strength; she is unable to lift an object significantly heavier than than that which an able-bodied man would be able to physically carry.

Clairsentience: Much like her ability to read people, Adelaide is also able to sense an inanimate object's history and other residual information with physical contact.

Witchcraft: Despite her young age, Addy is a talented white witch with knowledge of various types of spellwork and rituals: seances (communing with the dead), cleansing rites, constructing protective charms, brewing potions & tonics, and more. She has "dabbled" in the darker side of magic -- hexes, curses, and other black magic -- though she does so primarily for the purposes of learning how to better defend against such devices, which she finds largely disdainful.

Mortality: Adelaide is ultimately a human and as such is susceptible to injury, illness, etc.

Iron: Physical contact with pure iron is capable of "grounding out" and suppressing Addy's psychic abilities as well as preventing her from casting most spells.
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Full Name: Erik Thorsson

Nickname/Alias: Eric Wagner

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthday: 8th of June

Birthplace: Heidelberg, Germany

Species: Demigod

Face Claim:


Appearance: Erik stands fairly tall at 6'3'', he is heavily built and weighs 94 kg, with sharp blue eyes and a dark-blonde hair that gives him a look of one of classical Scandinavian descent.

Occupation: Student (Formerly)

Residence: None

Personal History, Family Ties or Other Relations: Not a whole lot about his past is known, and he is mostly tight-lipped about it. Erik was born in Germany, but moved to the East Coast of the United States at the age of ten, alongside his mother. He mostly kept to himself, or smaller crowds, as he enjoyed a reasonably normal childhood. Though by no means a wonderchild, he was gifted enough to manage to study Engineering at the University of Princeton. He was fond of sports, and dabbled in martial arts, but his true joy was ice hockey. Which he played frequently up to the age of 21. In all, there was little exceptional about Erik, but for one thing. He was not human, not fully in any case. Unbeknowst to nearly all, his father was the Thunderer, Thor. Though little present, the god mostly watched over his progeny from afar. Afraid of drawing attention to a son that his enemies might seek to use against him. Something Erik has carefully concealed, taking care to not reveal his true nature, out of fear for what might happen if it became known that he was not normal. As such he has always been afraid of losing control of his emotions, something that has left him difficulties to grow attached, and has at times been perceived as cold. His mother passed away but two years past with brain cancer, and as his father vanished from the Earth, he set out to find a place where he might gain answers...

Accomplishments & Failures: Winning a local wrestling tournament at the age of 15.

Motivation: To find his place in a world he only half belongs, Erik straddles a world of ancient legends and a modern world that does not believe in his ancestry, deeming it mere myths. He seeks to master the heritage left to him by his father, and grow into his strength. For that, he seeks guidance.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: Erik has unusually good comprehension as far as natural science is concerned, as though he inherently understands ways in which the world functions when it is explained to him. He likewise seems to have an innate ability, or talent, for violence. Having had an easier time than most when he trained martial arts, to understand positioning, balance and movement. He is gifted with a powerful magical heritage, but he knows nothing of spells or the ways of sorcery, and lives partially in fear of eruption of powers that he has never learned to fully control.

Vices and Virtues / Likes and Dislikes: Erik typically shuns large gatherings when said gathering is not a sports team, prefering solitude in natural environments. He has pride and a hot temper, potentially a trait inherited from his father. He enjoys astronomy and mythology, possibly somewhat unexpectedly to those aware of his ancestry. Whether it is bravery, or questionable risk assessment, he does not shun danger, and is eager to prove himself.

Education: Degree in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

Employment/Training: Some training in wrestling and boxing from his youth, but limited compared to the rigorous training of hunters.

Languages: English, a fair bit of German, innate understanding of the Norse languages

A Demigod and son of one of the strongest of the Pagan Deities, Erik inherited a powerful, and largely untapped, potential. Untutored, Erik has yet to grow into his strength, particularly the more esoteric of his powers.

Enhanced Physiology: Erik, son of the Norse God of Strength, is exceedingly strong, capable of contending with dangerous monsters akin to seasoned vampires, or lesser demons, and overpower humans with relative ease. His divine heritage left him with swifter reactions, greater agility, and made him more resistant to damage than any mere human could hope to be. His senses, akin to eyesight and hearing, are more keen than the human senses.

Electrokinesis: A legacy of Thor, and a power he does not fully control, Erik has the ability to manipulate and conjure forth electrical energy. This power tends to manifest especially in times of great distress, or when Erik's wrath grows out of his control.

Atmokinesis: A power he has not learned to control or understand, he is attuned in a way to the weather, and can prompt harsh winds and even the rumbling of thunder in times of great distress or anger.

Magic: A Demigod, Erik is a wellspring of the Old Magic of nature that resides innately in him. But he knows little of the ways of sorcery, and is unable to channel it to his will as mages can, by invoking spells. The magic he has thus accomplished has largely been accidental, and as he has grown older, it has only worsened. Prompting the young man to seek guidance. He is however attuned to the flows of magic, and is able to perceive supernatural presences.

Despite the potent gifts left to him through his divine blood, Erik is largely untrained, particularly in the ways of hunters. He is unable to make use of the full extents of his powers as a Demigod, owing to not having gone through the long process that is fully growing into them, and learning how to summon forth them. Having modest combat abilities and lacking much in knowledge of the supernatural world, but some things that his father told him of when he was younger.

Mortality: Erik is, ultimately, mortal. Vulnerable to mundane weaponry and the inexorable march of time. Though resistant to damage, he can be killed by great force, ballistics, sharp weaponry and so forth.


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Gideon Fitzgerald
"How jealous are they of me, the superior man, that they must send legions of monsters after me? It's flattering, really."

Full Name: Gideon Adrian Fitzgerald
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual, heavily male/masculine-leaning
Age: 34
Date of Birth; October 21st
Place of Birth: Syracuse, New York
Occupation: Human Witch (Borrower) & Hunter
Face Claim: Ben Barnes
Theme Song: Washed in the Blood of the Lamb

Tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed, neatly-trimmed beard, and with the posture and bearing of a confident man (perhaps confident to an obnoxious degree) that holds himself, and everyone around him, to a high standard. His voice is generally quiet and even-toned, exuding a sense of calmness. He’s generally only “politely cheery” though - with smiles that don’t quite reach his eyes, polite chuckles, and the like. When nobody’s looking, his face slackens into a frown, and he seems far away lost in thought.

Gideon prefers to wear well-tailored suits, owning both light-weight ones and heavier styles for any kind of climate he may find himself in. The size of his collection of ties is bordering on absurd.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Accomplishments & Failures: An Ivy-League education and graduating at the top of his class, Gideon certainly looks like he’s got plenty of accomplishments on paper. None of that matters much to a Hunter, though. His real accomplishment, to him, is his number of kills.

His biggest regret and failure is the one hunt target that got away. No, he doesn’t want to talk about it. No, you can’t help him. He’ll get that thing someday.

Motivation: The thrill of the hunt is what keeps Gideon waking up each day, eager to walk into whatever new kind of hell he discovers. The underlying motivation behind this, though, is to never feel as aimless and useless as he did when he was younger. Gideon does not do well if he feels directionless. He needs a plan, and action, frequently.

Savvies & Ineptitudes: Gideon is a professional at smooth-talking and bullshitting his way out of, into, and around situations. Despite his appearances, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty - or bloody, as the case usually is. A little blood spray on the face makes him grin, instead of wince.

His granted powers are particularly inclined towards “deadly” rather than investigative in nature, so sometimes tracking down his target is a difficult endeavor. He has no special way track down supernatural over long distances, or to see a danger coming beyond his own experience and wit. This can make some of his hunts particularly frustrating or time consuming, particularly because he has, to date, always worked alone. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just rarely encounters other Hunters.

Likes: Fine wine and bourbon, expensive clothing, expensive watches, expensive cars, loud parties and party music, violence and blood, sleeping around, spicy food

Dislikes: Cheap booze, boredom, lack of action, bland food, indecisive people

Education: Master’s Degree in Business, Bachelor’s Degree in Finance (with a minor in communications).

Employment/Training: Gideon will say he’s employed in finance if asked casually. If pressed further for information, he’ll further clarify he works for the federal government and is part of a financial crimes investigation unit. He even has very official-looking identification, provided to him by his Benefactor, in case he needs to flash a badge. It's fake, and any attempt to verify that information will lead a typical police desk-jockey on an endless loop of being redirected to different agencies and departments until they give up out of frustration, figuring it's just another governmental black hole of information and move on.

Languages: English (native), Chinese (conversational for business purposes), Latin (learning), French (a few words and phrases)

Gideon was destined for great things. A wealthy upbringing with all the opportunities a child and teen would ever want. Enrollment in a prestigious Ivy-League education. Summers abroad to visit anywhere in the world. All the latest fashions, electronics, and a new car as soon as he could drive. He never wanted for a thing - except for purpose. His parents spent just as much money on his development and education as they did on attorney’s fees keeping their uncontrollable jackass son out of jail. Gideon was bored, and nothing he did or experimented with was fulfilling. It didn’t matter what material things his parents threw at him - life was just… empty.

It was not until he had a chance encounter with a demon did Gideon finally find something that made him feel alive. Speeding down a country road in the middle of the night, drunk as usual, Gideon saw a man standing in the middle of the road and swerved to avoid him. His car phased right through the man as if he weren’t even there, and instead he wound up wrapping his vehicle around a thick oak tree.

By all accounts Gideon should have died in that wreck - he’d lost acquaintances to less. Instead, Gideon was able to kick open his door and stumble out with nothing but some cuts and scratches that would heal without a problem. Most wouldn’t even require stitches. Confused, he turned to look back at the road, and saw no man there. He staggered his way down the side of the road, looking for a body - perhaps he really had hit the man? The thought he’d just killed someone was not as shocking or upsetting as it should have been. His parents would just pay for this to go away like everything else.

He was a hundred yards away from his vehicle when he heard the man’s voice behind him. Spinning around, the man was standing there, an arm’s length away, entirely unhurt. He wore a plain black suit, well-tailored with a maroon tie and golden cufflinks. The man smiled at Gideon, and repeated his question.

“What’s the one thing you don’t have, son?”

Gideon didn’t understand where this line of questioning was going. Was he being blackmailed? Was this a kidnapping attempt? Despite these concerns, he somehow felt like this was a person he could tell the truth to, for reasons he couldn’t understand. What didn’t he have? Happiness? Love? Purpose? Direction? A goddamn brain or heart?

“Power.” That, for whatever twisted reason, was the word that came out of Gideon’s mouth. Maybe it made sense to him at the time. If he was the one with power, instead of his father, wouldn’t he be happier? More free to find his purpose.

The pair shook on it, and a deal was struck

That was well over a decade ago. Since then, Gideon has had plenty of time not only to finish schooling, but develop and hone his newfound abilities that deal has granted him. His desire to understand precisely what he’s getting from his mysterious benefactor has taken him on a strange path, one that often has dark twists. He has kept this secret from his family, from which he’s estranged. After graduation, his father assumed he’d come work for him at a major investment firm. Instead, Gideon cut ties and seemed to drop right off the map. His mother fears he’s dead, his brother theorizes Gideon left the country to start anew, and his father is convinced that Gideon became intertwined in something either government-related, illegal, or both.

Truth be told, his benefactor has set him on the path of being a Hunter, and Gideon can’t name anything else he loves as much as this “career path”. He’s never felt more alive, and he has no plans on going back to his old life. Nothing matches the thrill of tracking, fighting, and killing monsters that nobody else believes are real. There might even be a few humans on that list of things he’s killed.

The Benefactor - The source of Gideon’s power, he’s at this man’s beck and call, should the Benefactor ever need him to do something. Most of the time, though, he lets Gideon do what he wants - and provides anything Gideon needs to get the job done, or rewards for a task completed successfully. Gideon may have been cut off from the family fortune, but his Benefactor seems to have endlessly deep pockets as well.

Biological family - Father, mother, and younger brother. He’s estranged from all of them; their relationship wasn’t ever a good one.

Vehicle: BMW i7 (Black)
Weapons: Silver-plated dagger, garroting wire, and switchblade

Blood Manipulation - Gideon’s forte is the manipulation, use, and abuse of blood - his own or others - to achieve his goals. Anything that has blood can be manipulated this way. Some examples of the breadth of his blood-related abilities are:
  • Increasing, slowing, or stopping a heart (restarting a heart from a total standstill is much, much more difficult)
  • Igniting oxygen in the blood, causing intense pain
  • Manipulating the metals in a blood, causing pain, immobility, or uncontrolled movements.
  • Fast coagulation of blood, stopping bleeding from minor to moderate wounds (though not speeding the healing process itself)
  • Increase in blood pressure, causing death. In extreme cases, this can cause total combustion of the whole body into a fine, red mist.

Mind Control - Gideon has the ability to perform moderate feats of mind control via the power of suggestion. It gives his silver tongue that extra edge in tricky situations.

Telekinesis - Any object that Gideon could otherwise physically lift himself can be held aloft, pulled closer, thrown, or otherwise moved via magic.

Illusion - Gideon can create minor illusions, whether they be visual, auditory, or olfactory. If one looks closely they may start to see imperfections in a visual illusion, and the more unlikely the illusion is, the more likely it is to fail.

Mortality- Gideon really truly is just human, and bleeds just as easily, whether that be by blade or bullet.

Bloodlust - There really is something wrong with Gideon. He likes killing just a little too much to be normal or healthy. God forbid we find out what happens if Gideon ever couldn’t hunt monsters.
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Christopher Jack


Full Name: Christopher Jack
Nickname/Alias: Chris
Gender: Male
Real Age: 36
Birthplace: Vitae, Nebraska
Species: Human
Face Claim: Johnny Edlind

Appearance: Chris is quite tall, a trait that he gained from his mother's genetics, certainly not his father's. He keeps himself well fit, even if he hasn't been on a hunt in some time. Dark blonde hair, and blue eyes, he maintains a neatly trimmed beard.

Physical Quirks, Identifying Features: Chris is covered in tattoos. He started collecting them after he was returned to Vitae in his late teens from DeBois' nest. It became a coping mechanism for him, first to cover the scars that were left from being tortured, then to cover healed wounds from when he was on active duty, and finally to disguise the burns he received from Desmond during the flight from Vitae.

Employment/Training: Former Gate-Guard for Vitae. Former Warrant Officer, US Army.



Christopher was born a second son to a hunting family. His mother, a legacy herself, had been promised to his father a future leader of Vitae per tradition. Chris's older brother, by nearly ten years, was set to be their prodigal son which left Chris's youth, underwhelming. His parent's focus was his older brother until he was killed, accidentally, during training. Soon after his parent's focus turned to him and his training began in earnest. He was trained in Vitae with the other legacy hunter children and how to hunt monsters that roamed their world.

In his late childhood, around 9 or 10, his parents announced that he would soon be meeting his future wife, a concept, at the time, he didn't fully understand. She appeared to be the same age as him, give or take, and just as disinterested in him as he was in her. She didn't stay long, only a few days, before she went home, north to another hunting colony. Only months later, her colony was overrun by a wolf pack, while the colony survived, the children were herded out of the colony by a nest of vampires and lost, his future wife among them. This devastated his parents, and they talked endlessly about how the loss would affect his future. It was beyond him, in truth.

His training continued and in his late teens, he discovered, accidentally, that the girl that had been promised to be his wife still lived. She was being kept captive by a vampire nest in Toronto but the rumour was, she'd recently escaped the nest and was in hiding. Chris knew what he needed to do and before anyone could catch wind of his plan and stop him, he was on a flight north to find her. After several days of scouting, he did find her and made contact. She was wary of him, which he understood, but he relented that he would help her get free if she only trusted him to do so. She relented, asking him to go with her to collect her things when she led him into a trap. The Den Master had returned, sooner than what he'd heard.

The following days were agony. He was chained in the warehouse of the Nest, forced to remain in a knelt position while the Den Master instructed the girl on how to hurt him. Just where to slip her blade where he'd feel the most pain, but lose the least amount of blood. Most of his time there he can't recall, the doctors and specialists he visited afterward had said it was part of his PTSD; a way for his mind to remain intact but warned that one day it may break apart and they didn't know what would happen to him then.


Chris had been returned to his colony, alive but broken and after years of therapy he started to regain his self but never lost the feeling that he wasn't enough. That he wasn't strong enough or smart enough or simply good enough to carry on hunting like this family did. He did the only next logical thing and joined the US military. At least within the rank and file, he was able to succeed and advance and after five years of active service, he decided not to re-enlist and returned home.

The events of Vitae remain a blur to Christopher to this day. He vividly recalls the attack but very little of how he survived when so many others did not. He woke up, weeks after the attached, severely burnt and in the care of a local hospice. He'd had no identifying documents on him and was told that he'd been found on the side of the road. After many interviews with local police, Chris continued the act of having amnesia and, when he received a bill of good health, set out in search of any other survivors of Vitae.

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