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As days passed the residents of the Mountaineer Inn found themselves reestablishing old routines; Mackenzie and Adelaide continued their work with spellcraft. Mac had an avid desire to grow her power, despite not being naturally attuned to magic. With the addition of Erik, she was able to start dabbling in borrowing from the demigod’s power. It was trifling work to start, she could sense the power in the link between them, she could feel his strength but each and every time she attempted to reach for it, it escaped her. It infuriated her, it frustrated her that she was once more failing herself and her people. She was a prophet with no visions, like a fish that couldn’t swim or a bird that couldn’t fly: pointless.

At the very least it appeared that Ash, Morgan, and Elijah had some success building an automated computer system that flagged unusual news reports. The technology was well beyond what she understood, but the concept was there and she appreciated the efforts. They needed some wins, more than just living the daily life in the motel. With no real guests, they needed work, not to pay the bills, her accounts did that just fine, but to occupy their time. They were restless, at least that’s how she felt, and it had been weeks since their last hunt.

Mackenzie abandoned her altar in the back of the kitchen and wandered out into the summer heat, immediately feeling it weigh on her shoulders, finding it nearly oppressive at midday, and avoided it as much as possible. Entirely opposite to that of Ashley-May, who she now noticed was floating around in the motel’s pool on a unicorn floatie, both kids floating alongside her, happy as can be. It warmed her heart to know that Skye would still receive the maternal attention she deserved, despite not being able the one to deliver it.

She hastily stuck to the shadows as much as possible as she made her way to the main office and inside to the cool relief of the air conditioner running at full tilt. She took a moment to stand beneath the blowing cold air, letting it cool down her burning skin before heading into the back office.

Mac was thankful she was blissfully alone as she took up the leather office chair in front of the bastard computer. Despite many people attempting to teach her the functions of the machine, it was just well beyond her scope of understanding - and fucks. Instead, they had written down point-by-point instructions on how she could get into the program she wanted and review what was being collected by the search. Even now, after doing this same thing daily, she entered the password wrong too many times and had to wait for the counter to clear before slowly typing in the password again. If there was another way of doing it, Mac would immediately take the hammer to the computer and never look back.

* * *

Mackenzie looked up from the screen as she heard the door open, watching Elijah pause and then smile deviously at her. “I needed something to do.” She complained, nodding to the printer he was going to pass by. “There’s been reports about people going missing nearby, only to show up a day or two later, dead and missing organs. How the fuck we missed this, I don’t know, because it’s in our own backyard: that national park that Chase and Brody run in. They say anything was off to you?”

Getting into the flow of the Inn wasn't as difficult as he might have thought. The heat however, was a different story entirely. It would have been uncomfortable enough as it was, but after having spent the last six months or so at Borseti with the snow and cold? The drastic change was unbearable. So when he'd spotted Ash out in the pool with the kids he saw absolutely no reason not to join. Hence the reason the Werewolf had absolutely snuck up on the unsuspecting crew until the last moment.

"Incoming!" He'd called out loudly before splashing in with his limbs clutched to his body. Of course his positioning had been purposeful, to make sure Ash was at the complete mercy of the splashed pool water. Skye and Liam getting splashed in the process were just acceptable casualties. As he resurfaced Chase's hands wiped the water from his face, then ran through his mane of hair to keep it out of his face. With a grin on his face, "There was a pool party and I wasn't invited?" So he'd more or less crashed it. Not that he wasn't already enjoying the cooler temperature of the water.

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Elijah strolled outside through the shadows of the Mountaineer Inn's parking lot awning, the final remnants of a Popsicle clutched in his hand. It was debatable how much of the ice cream had ended up in his stomach and how much of it had seemingly flash-boiled before his very eyes under the intense Arizona heat... the same heat that had driven him to divert some of Morgan & Mackenzie's hotel funds to purchase a shipment of the cool treats in the first place.

They're for the kids, he had told them both... all while giving the two women his most innocent and charming smile. Partaking in one or two wouldn't hurt, surely? It was practically an act of self-preservation at this point. Liam needed a father, after all.

With his mental gymnastics as finished as his ice cream, Eli turned on his heel to dispose of the evidence in a nearby rubbish bin before heading around the corner and toward the pool. He saw Ashley-May floating with the kids, giving them a warm smile and wave as he walked by, blowing an exaggerated kiss toward Ash as he departed. He made it to the office, feeling sweat dripping down the back of his neck. As he reached for the door handle, he paused to glance back over his shoulder toward his family -- freezing as he saw a figure creeping toward the pool. Chase.

The man's intent was immediately clear, but Eli didn't dream of spoiling the wolf's fun even for an instant. The corner of his lips quirked into a knowing smile as he turned back toward the office and stepped inside lest he give away the game. Just as he passed through the threshold, he was awarded with the sound of a thundering splash and squeals of dismay. However, his attention quickly turned to the fact that the office was not -- in fact -- empty. Mackenzie of all people was sitting in the chair, clearly struggling with the computer in front of her. Unfortunately, it was not a... wholly uncommon course of events for the tiny hunter. She was undoubtedly skilled in many areas.

Electronics was not one of them... nor indeed anything remotely of the 21st century.

Mac turned, meeting his eyes as he smiled at her. However, she soon spoke up and explained her reason for being within the office, causing his expression to fade. "No, I haven't heard anything," he said with a frown, crossing the small room and pausing at the small printer in order to grab the documents that had been put out by the machine. He began skimming the text, his frown deepening as they seemed to confirm what Mackenzie had said. There was definitely a problem in paradise... their paradise.

He nodded slowly before turning the pages over to Mac. "Certainly worth following up on." He arched an eyebrow at the woman, gesturing toward the computer with his head. "You're getting better at that, you know."

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Despite his plans to leave in the morning, Kyle somehow got roped into staying far past what he'd intended. In all honesty, it was nice to stay in one place for longer than a day and a half. Even if he had no idea where he fit in here. He wondered if the other inhabitants noticed he'd been actively trying to stay out of their way.

Shaking him out of his thoughts was a doorknob to the hip. He'd been carrying a sketch pad and a binder, that was probably more duct tape than binder at this point, outside when the offending piece of weaponry dug a deeper bruise into his already perma-bruised side. "Oh, fffffaaaackaduck."

He hissed as he halfheartedly kicked the door with his bare foot, before finishing his trek outside, settling into a chair he'd dragged into the shade earlier, before he'd gone on the parlous journey to grab caffeine and his sketch pad. He opened it to a half finished drawing of a tattoo he'd been working on, and the binder to a page filled with protection symbols, cramped and sloppy writing that looked more like obscure symbols in and of itself surrounding them. As he worked, hiding the protection in the details of the frog, there was a huge splash and he looked up, startled. The tip of his pencil broke as he snatched the paper up to cover it, despite being far enough away to not have been splashed. He shook his head at the antics and, with a small smile, got to work erasing the smudge and sharpening the pencil with his ever present knife. Deep down, under his calm demeanour, he wondered when his luck would run out this time, and if it made him a terrible person for staying with the risk of dragging people down with him.

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Mackenzie was both disappointed and relieved to hear that Elijah hadn’t heard anything from the miniature wolf pack on the premises about missing people in their territory. At least if none of them knew what was happening she couldn’t hold herself entirely accountable for not being aware of it. She frowned briefly and glanced back a the computer, considering his compliment. “I still think it’s a form of torture and when we leave her, I’m going to drag it behind my car.”

She pushed herself back from the desk, letting the wheeled office chair coast a little until dropping her bare feet on the tiled floor to stop herself. “Well, we have something to work on I guess.” She was trying and failing to not look excited about the prospects of a hunt and without missing a beat she continued. “This time I’m going, I don’t care what Will thinks - he’s on baby duty, or has to find someone to do it.”

Mac stood, stretching. “What do you think? Do we bother with the morgues? We know what’s out there that can do this sort of thing - we can pack up and head to the park now.” She glanced at the clock. “Might get there just at sunset.” She knew better than to think that she was about to go it alone but also knew that Ash was very much happy not hunting. Ash had said as much shortly after they had settled here that she wouldn’t be joining them on the road again unless she was needed medically.




This is bliss… Ashley-May thought to herself as she floated in the cool waters of their pool. It had been worth the work of repairing, refilling, and then shocking the ever-loving crap out of it, chemically wise, to be able to simply float with her kids on hot days like this. It reminded her of her childhood, when her mother would uproot their trailer home, drive them out to California and they would spend the summer living on the beach, swimming in the ocean and being free.

Liam and Skye seemed to enjoy themselves as well, taking to the water like fish. Well, more Liam and Skye. Both loved to swim and often time she (and anyone watching them) had to keep the gate closed and locked or one of them would run interference while the other booked it for the water. The pair were destined to be double-trouble forever and she was here for it. Poor Skye had earned the genetic qualities of her mother and the red-haired, pale flesh child needed to be coated in sunblock and adorned with sunhats to keep her skin from burning, but she seemed to know the value of that torture and put up with it each and every time.


Ash did not have to react hearing the call out and was soon splashed by the cannonball from Chase. The displaced water waved and not only was she splashed but her rainbow inner tube prompted flipped, sending her beneath the water. She stood, sputtering. Her sunglasses sunk somewhere to the bottom and her hat floated away but she immediately returned fire, cupping her hands and splashing Chase back, much to the kids' delight.

“This is why you’re never invited!” She teased.


Elijah Talking Gif.gif


Elijah chuckled at Mackenzie's remark regarding the computer. He wasn't surprised. The woman was both physically incapable of taking a compliment and would never be on peaceful terms with any technology more advanced than a carburetor or sawed-off shotgun. When she mentioned leaving Will on baby duty, he arched a questioning eyebrow, but didn't challenge her. He knew her husband might challenge the decision, but Mac would get what she wanted... one way or another. He certainly wasn't about to get in the middle of that.

As Mac finally turned a question toward him, he pursed his lips with a pause, glancing at the printed documents with narrowed eyes as if they held deeper secrets than what they showed. He sighed. "The park is hardly Yellowstone, but hikers and tourists do visit. We leave whatever this thing is unattended, it's possible that it drops another body by morning." He lifted a finger. "That being said, I can think of at least a half-dozen different entities that dabble in organ-snatching and not all of them have conventional weaknesses. We go out there unprepared and not knowing what we're dealing with, maybe it's our organs that get offered up."

Eli shook his head, knowing full well that Mackenzie was going to lose his patience with him being the self-proclaimed "voice of reason" soon. He offered her a conciliatory smile. "But I'm willing to bet you've already made your mind up. And, well... we've moved on more with less even before we had a bloody half-angel on speed dial." He shrugged. "I'll start packing the bags and tell Ash that we're headed out."



Chase grinned as Ashley returned fire, turning his head and throwing up a defensive hand to ward off as much water from his face as possible. "But I'm the life of the party, they agree." Chase said smiling as he gestured towards the giggling Skye and Liam. "That's just the job description of the cool uncle though isn't it?" He joked mischievously before diving back under the water and heading straight for the blonde.

He grabbed at her legs with no clear plan beyond pestering and possibly pulling her under the water as well. But in her struggling and kicking with Chase's arms trying to keep up in the water, she landed a heel right to the nose that ended that endeavor quickly enough. The Werewolf splitting off and coming back up to the surface, rubbing at his nose. Immediately making sure it wasn't bleeding with one hand since he didn't want it to drip into the pool, the other held up in a defensive gesture in case Ash was about to retaliate more.

"Okay, maybe I deserved that one". His voice nasally followed up with a chuckle, taking his hand away and flexing his face to wriggle it a little before leaving it alone. Moving over he grabbed the hat that had floated away then waded over to blonde, "Truce?" He asked with a cautious smile as he held out the hat for her to take.




Mackenzie nodded as Elijah seemed to agree with her cautiously about her Let's Get It Done approach. She smirked as he declared that he knew her well enough to know she was going and the question she'd asked him was more courtesy than requesting advice. She had already started the mental checklist of what this thing could potentially be, but they were days behind, already several people missing, and she wasn't willing to wait another day for this thing to get yet another victim.

"Good, I'll let Will know." She was thankful that he was on board with this, it was unlikely Will would let her go it alone, though, truth be told, she didn't want to hunt alone, at least not for something that she wasn't a thousand percent certain of. She and Elijah had found a rhythm for hunting while on the road. He was as good as a hunter as she was, which hadn't been a surprise, and the pair of them made a deadly intuitive duo. There were times that she had thought the pair of them had been meant to do this together, both born and bred and trained to work in perfect sync. She never had to signal or ask Elijah to do anything, the moment she had the thought, he was already doing it, and vice versa.

She headed out of the back office and for the front door when she paused under the blowing cold air. She glanced back to Eli as he followed. "We'll take the truck." As much as she loved her car, it didn't have air conditioning, and the thought of climbing into the steel sweatbox for their trip did not appeal to her.




Ashley-May rolled her eyes as Chase declared himself the cool uncle. She wanted to counter it, tell him that Brody had taken up that mantle but he was swiftly diving beneath the waters and towards her. She shook her head, both kids watching with amusement as he grabbed at her legs with the intent, she assumed, to dunk her under the water again. She struggled, befitting any warrior, to get away from him but stopped the second her foot made contact with some part of his body beneath the water.

She raised her hands over her mouth as she was mortified by the fact that she'd hurt him, unlikely seriously. There was a silence among the people in the water as Chase emerged from the water and held his nose, the three of them waiting to see if he was injured or not. Ash exhaled in relief that she hadn't done any serious damage, then smirked as he offered her hat in truce. "Agreed." She took the sopping hat, slapping it on her head to drip down back into the pool. Skye and Liam resumed their giggles now that the tense moment was gone and Ash was being silly once again. "Your head is hard, by the way." She laughed, I almost broke my foot on your face."


Erik had remained largely subdued as the days went by, submitting to the experiments with a stoic kind of curiosity, probing Adelaide and Mackenzie for the wealth of information that they had accumulated over their time spent dabbling with the supernatural. It was hardly a pleasant experience, especially not at first, the innate power seeming to resemble the clouds of thunder that his father had been so famed for in that attempting to grasp it was as though trying to catch a storm with a fishing net. The process of channeling seeming both intimate and invasive at the same time, with the occasional effect of having nearby electronics going haywire in the process. At one point, he could feel it rear into being by the magical link that had tethered Mackenzie to him. His heart pounded even as his skin seemed to burn with the energies coursing through every fiber of his being, forced to exercise every shred of his tenative self-control as to not send a searing spark of uncontrolled power into the woman. The incident having left him a touch more shaken than he would outwardly admit. Privately, his inner thoughts were ever embroiled in conflict, his life had fallen apart and he had no idea where to go from there. Was he doomed to live a life on the run? Would he be exploited, used for some profane and hideous purpose? What if what drove his father away would come for him? Did he even want to return to a mundane existence, living out his days as an engineer amongst people who could never know who, and -what- he truly was?

The confusion gave way to a terrible rage, one that did not seem to come entirely from himself, but from deeper within. Perhaps a legacy from the titanic anger that drove his father in the myths with his wars against the ancient giants. It was frightening in its sudden intensity when it came upon him, something he felt was necessary to fight down, and as of yet he did not dare to speak about it. This dark revelry was however brought up short as the voices of Elijah and Mackenzie carried to him. Though perhaps impatient at times, the young man was not unintelligent, and knowing their profession it seemed as though something was happening.

He looked between the two, and asked "What's going on?" his voice one of genuine curiosity, though the sudden flare of excitement and concern he felt was withheld from too openly being displayed on his features.

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Elijah nearly bumped into Erik on his way out of the office. The demigod had become something of a fixture around the Inn in the past few weeks. With every passing day, he found new ways to remind Eli of Thor... and some ways to remind him that he was, in fact, his own person. Eli paused as Erik addressed him and Mac who was standing in the office threshold behind. Clearly his intuition had allowed him to pick up on the fact that they were following up on leads and preparing for something.

Eli pursed his lips, shaking his head once. "Honestly? We're not entirely sure yet. But whatever it is, it's not good." He didn't take the time to elaborate, simply giving the younger man a small nod as he ducked by to make his way toward the poolside. He knelt down at the edge of the water, smiling and patiently waiting for Ashley-May, Chase, or the children to acknowledge him. As it happened, Liam was the first to do so, spotting him as he approached and letting out a pleased albeit largely unintelligible squeal.

"Hello to you too, scamp," Eli remarked with a lopsided grin. He turned his gaze toward Ash and Chase. "We may have a hunt in the Park. Not sure what it is yet, but it's serious," he said, keeping his tone as neutral as he could manage. "So far it's looking like Mac and I are headed out as soon as possible."

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"So I've been told." He replied to the blonde, then reached out with his foot to grab hold of her sunglasses with his toes and brought them to the surface handing them back to her. With that he dove back into the deep end to get a quick underwater lap in the cool water, returning just as Elijah was speaking to Liam before speaking to them. "The park?" Chase asked while wiping the water from his face once again, the gears in his head slowly going. "Brody and I were just there."

It was a little alarming to think there'd been something going on there but they'd picked up on nothing. Already he was trying to think back to recall if he'd noticed anything out of place. The man waded over and put his hands on the edge of the pull and lifted himself out, the pool water dripping onto the concrete below. "You guys want a little backup?" He asked Elijah with his head cocked to the side. Admittedly he really wanted to go, and it probably showed. Not only because he was ready to be on a hunt again, but also it bugging him that it was happening in a place he'd traveled through. But he wasn't about to butt in if they wanted to go it alone. Chase glanced around a moment. "The national park is a lot of ground to cover for only two legs and a strong nose might come in use." His voice had lowered to try and avoid any guests or hunters overhearing.




Mackenzie stepped out of the office behind Elijah and stopped short as Erik arrived to question what was going on. Damn superhuman hearing. She frowned at Elijah as he headed off towards the pool where Ash and the kids were. "We're heading to the National Park, something's been either dumping bodies or killing there. If you're coming, pack your shit." She didn't want to delay, as it were they would only be arriving at the parking lot for sunset and, based on what she could gather from news reports and an aerial map, they had a bit of a trek to make before getting far enough in.

She made her way across the lot, headed for her apartment and car to pack her own gear when a thought dawned on her … Will. In her excitement, she'd forgotten that her husband would want to be involved. She wrinkled her nose and headed into their apartment, catching Will as he stepped out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. She raised her eyebrows, biting her lower lip and cursing herself.

Mac blew out a breath and forced herself to stare up at the ceiling. "Eli and I are heading out to scout a possible hunt. We're bringing the battery with us, so you don't have to worry. Plus, we both know you have enough juice left to get in if you need to." She couldn't resist any longer, dropping her gaze back to her husband, a slow grin crossing her lips. "Put some damn clothes on before someone takes advantage of you."

She winked at the man, turning to step out the door. "Love you!"




Ashley-May turned as Elijah approached the poolside, she spun the kids around in their floats so they could see him, both adored the man. She loved their family dynamics, their children loved both sets of parents and never seemed to mind when left with the odd pair. She frowned slightly hearing that he and Mac were headed out to the park for a potential hunt. It didn't sound like they knew exactly what they were looking for and she'd heard nothing previous to this.

She'd never been the best hunter, a great deal still eluded her, but she knew that most hunts were hours or days of work leading up before simply wandering out into the wilderness. She had faith that both the legacy hunters could take care of themselves, but she also knew they were both prone to brash decisions. Thankfully, Chase spoke up, offering help of the wolf kind and she decided to pipe in.

"I think that's a good idea." Ash moved up to the edge of the pool, focused on Eli, rather than Chase, as she spoke. "Can't go wrong with some extra eyes and ears." Certainly not ones that could change the tides of a fight. She turned to look through the lot, continuing. "I haven't seen Brody yet today, his car is gone. If you want to go, Chase, I can let Brody know what's up, when he's back?"


Elijah questioning.jpg

Elijah resisted the urge to smile as Chase did just as was expected: immediately inserting himself into the hunt. He was well aware that -- for all his lupine DNA -- the man was as much a hunter as any of them. He had the bug. The tiny, formless voice in the back of one's mind that itched and itched until you had to go. To track. To hunt. As Ashley-May sounded off giving her own input about Chase tagging along, Elijah shrugged. "We certainly wouldn't turn away an extra set of eyes. Or paws. Or a nose," he remarked with a smirk.

He rounded the side of the pool, kneeling as close as he could to Ash and the kids. "Be back soon, luvs," he murmured before leaning in to press a kiss to Ash's cheek and each of the children's foreheads. "Be good." With that, the Brit stood and regarded Chase -- water dripping from the man's sandy blonde hair and the trunks he wore. "I've got to go pack the bags and get the truck ready. I suggest you get dressed and meet me there before Mac leaves without us." Eli cocked his head as he eyed Chase. "Or don't. I'm never averse to a bit of eye candy on the road."

He shrugged with a wink at Chase and Ash both before turning to depart.


Will Look Gif.gif

Will had just stepped out of the shower when he heard the front door open, glancing up to see his wife's familiar form entering the room. He could feel the anxious energy exuding from her in a tidal wave before she even opened her mouth, something clearly on her mind. But that energy was quickly replaced -- or at least accompanied -- by something else the moment she met his gaze... though her eyes seemed to be drifting considerably lower than his own... at least until her eyes suddenly flitted up to the ceiling with a muttered curse.

Will stood there, a bit dumbfounded, albeit despite himself. Towel cinched tightly around his waist, he crossed his arms in front of him as she finally managed to muster her words and begin speaking. A hunt with Eli. "The battery" -- that had to be Erik. And she was counting on him to be able to appear at her side if things got hairy which, to be fair, he had done before. As Mac's eyes finally dropped back down with that damned smile, Will finally mustered the wherewithal to speak.

"Wait, Mac, let's just--"

"Put some damn clothes on before someone takes advantage of you." Will's mouth snapped shut in surprise. Meanwhile his wife was turning on her heel to practically skip out of the door. "Love you!"

He stood there in silence, equal parts confounded, annoyed, and morbidly accepting. Will ran a calloused palm down his face before scrambling to collect his clothes and get dressed. If he was quick enough maybe he'd be able to catch them before they left and be able to get some more details at the least.




"The lady has spoken." Chase said after Ash backed his going on the hunt. Then followed her eyes around the lot at the mention of Brody not being around. "Couldn't hurt to fill him in." He replied with a shrug. Watching as Elijah gave his goodbye's then proceeded to bring up the lack of clothing.

"Well we couldn't have you staring at me for the whole hunt could we?" He shot back. A grin crossing his face as he reached out an arm before Elijah could head for the pool gate, in a quick motion he placed his hand across the mans chest and gave him a shove back towards the water. "Cool off lover boy." Chase chimed then started stepping over to the gate and jogging across the stupidly hot parking lot with his bare feet before Eli could retaliate.

The Werewolf slipped into his motel room, pulling two sets of clothes out. Throwing on a green t-shirt and cargo shorts, then tossing the spare set into a backpack along with a few other things. It was just habit at this point to bring two sets of clothes onto hunts, if not more. Too often in earlier years was he caught in the awkward position of being naked after shifting back into his human form, in a place where he had no clothes or access to any. Afterwards he grabbed Joe's watch from the bedside table, attaching it to his wrist and pausing just a moment to look at it and remember the man before turning for the door and stepping outside.




Mackenzie wasted no time in fleeing her shared accommodation with her husband. Frankly, feeling her husband before he could stick his nose into her hunt. She hadn’t been on the road since before they settled at the Inn and the only reason for that was she and Will had both agreed that it would be best for her to take a break and focus on helping Ash get the establishment running. She had the critical skills needed - and funds - to help open and run the business and Will, simply, did not.

But now, they had no guests - at least not paying ones. Anyone sticking behind could feed them, she’d made sure of it by prepping dozens of meals and freezing them, with instructions, over the past couple of weeks.

Mac sped-walked to the back of the Beast, popping the trunk and deftly removing a duffle bag, containing a wide array of hunting tools, like salt, holy water, various types of blood in vials, and the like. A veritable collection of just about anything that might be needed and a second locked case that contained a variety of weapons, including her favored sawed-off shotgun.

She spotted Chase as he exited his own place a few doors away from her, carrying a backpack, and smirked. “The Brit called you in off the sidelines?” She asked as they met up in the parking lot, headed across the way to the auto shop where Max had been tuning up the truck.




Ashley-May rolled her eyes as Elijah suggested Chase dress appropriately. Leave it to him to tease the wolf, who had been spending time with her and the kids! She shook her head and leaned back to float back toward the center of the pool and where the kids were still floating happily. She was content to know that Chase would be joining the legacy hunters; having just that little extra protection might very well save them more bleeding than necessary.

She turned away for a second, to adjust Skye’s wide-brimmed hat when she heard Chase tease Elijah, then she heard the splash and whipped around in time to see the hunter disappear beneath the water and the wolf jogging away with a grin.

Ash burst into laughter, as did the kids, as Elijah broke the surface sputtering. “Are you alright?” She was certain he was absolutely fine, even if his pride was a little damaged.




Elijah felt Chase's strong arm crossing his chest from behind ."Wha--" a strangled cry was all that managed to escape his mouth before the inevitability that followed.

A sideways push.

Eli's balance gave way and he toppled gracelessly into the pool with a splash. An invasive thought ran through his mind as he made contact with the water and ultimately went under: At least it's warm. After recovering his composure from the momentary shock, he held his breath and kicked back up to the surface with practiced efficiency, breaking through and shaking his head with a grunting cough.

He spun around to glance over his shoulder, treading water as he spotted Chase's smug, retreating form and narrowed his eyes. Later, he swore inwardly. Eli turned back as Ashley-May addressed him, clearly having enjoyed the show. His mildly annoyed glare evaporated as he smirked mischievously at Ash. "I'm not entirely sure, Doctor. I think I may have pulled something..." He swam closer, closing the distance between them. "I think maybe you ought to kiss it better?" He leaned in, his lips within centimeters of brushing against those of his girlfriend...

The sound of Liam & Skye giggling broke his concentration and he pulled back to turn and glance at the kids. They were clearly still very amused with the imagery of Eli having been tossed in the pool by "Uncle Chase". He was suddenly reminded of the fact that Mackenzie was likely waiting on him and there would be hell to pay from the tiny huntress if he didn't show up soon. Elijah sighed, giving Ash an apologetic, bashful smile before turning away towards the poolside. "Rain check." He hauled himself out, dripping water all the while as his shirt clung tightly to his form. "Enjoy the show, luv," he joked, feeling her eyes on him as he clambered to his feet before plodding off to gather his things (after checking to make sure his cellphone's watertight case had held up, anyway).

He showed up in the lot soon thereafter, meeting Mackenzie and Chase at the truck bearing several duffels along with a change of clothes. His shoes and socks could be heard squelching towards them from a mile away. "Not a word," he warned her, opening the door of the truck to lay out a beach towel for him to sit on during the ride before tossing the equipment in the back.




Chase met up with Mac as the two left the motel rooms, "Something like that." He replied with a shrug. "More like voluntold by Ash I think. Not that I'm complaining. Bugs me to find out that something might have been going on right under my nose at the national park." The man adjusted the bag on his shoulder as they neared the garage area, and he headed for the back seat of the truck and climbed in. He watched as Maxwell exited the garage, walking to intercept Mac at the drivers side door. But turned to look across the lot at the sound of squelching. He saw a very annoyed looking Elijah headed over, and couldn't help but snicker. And after the passenger door opened and Elijah spoke the uncontrollable snickering only grew louder as he tried to suppress it.

"You know you probably had time to change." Chase offered while wiping the water build up from his eyes, once the snickering died down some. His voice strained as he attempted to keep from starting up again.




"You're kidding me right? I ordered those parts two weeks ago." Maxwell stood inside of the garage using the phone hanging on the wall, his face twisted in pure annoyance included with a smile if it could be called that. The voice on the other end continued on about what went wrong and Max just shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, no, fine. Just make sure it's shipped out tomorrow and I won't have any reason to call back, yeah? Have a great day." The man hung the phone up, all but slamming it in. A groan as he moved through the garage, and around the brown 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe currently lifted off the ground a few inches. Maxwell spotted Mac and Chase headed over with Eli not too far behind.

Maxwell stepped out of the garage and walked up to the drivers side as Mac approached it, he greeted her with a nod. "Boss." He said, while holding up the keys to the truck and giving them a small swing around his finger before holding them out for her to take as she closed in on the driver door. "Brakes are all replaced and ready to go. Pads and rotors haven't been broken in yet though." This was the part where he'd normally explain what to do in that situation but he knew Mackenzie knew her way around vehicles as well. "So just a heads up." He glanced inside the truck at the other two men then back at Mac, "Hunt huh." It wasn't a hard thing to tell with how many bags they'd brought, and the assortment currently piling in. "You kids have fun." He told them giving the hood a gentle slap as he stepped back onto the sidewalk to get out of the way.


Erik flashed a grin that revealed a tense kind of expectation, mingled with a touch of fear at whatever had caused these deaths, the earlier desire for action blending with his yearning to prove himself into an urge that overwhelmed any instincts for self-preservation that might otherwise have kept him from coming along. He answered "I'll be right with you." before promptly darting off to collect a his rucksack. It did not take long for the rest to see the large youth come lightly jogging out from the motel and into the garage, his bag slung across one shoulder. Contrary to the other hunters, that had equipped themselves with more sophisticated lethal instruments, the son of Thor seemed to have raided one of the garden sheds for a sledgehammer. A heavy instrument that he seemed able to heft without any difficulty, as though he was carrying a tablespoon instead of a 10-pound blunt instrument, Erik seeming unabashed at his choice.

He paused, briefly, taking in the aftermath of Elijah's drenching, before quipping "That warm outside, eh?" before making to squeeze himself into the back seat. The young man nodding his head in greeting to Chase as he went, the tense, nervous energy about him seemed palpable to the more experienced hunters present. Though Erik himself made an effort to hold his head high, or at least, did so as far as the car allowed, the hammer and rucksack held between his knees. His blue eyes swivelled to Mac "Ready, chief."

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Mackenzie smiled to herself and shook her head as Chase revealed that Ash had enlisted him to the hunt. She wasn’t surprised in the least and certainly not upset by the idea. He would help them find whatever they were searching for far faster than she, Eli or Erik could on their own. While the demi-god was, well a demi-god, he had no experience hunting and far less experience with his own powers. She wondered briefly if bringing him was a good idea, but knew, ultimately, he would have to learn eventually. He wanted to take up his father’s mantle and discover what happened to him and all of that required dipping his toes into hunting.

“I hear that.” She muttered, the sheer thought that something was hunting, or, at the very least dumping bodies, in their own backyard was unsettling. The Inn’s perimeter was warded, with tips and tricks sent straight from Borseti and what they had learned from Vitae. It was elaborate and layered but it ensured that nothing was stepping into their home without a great deal of effort and a whole lot of warning.

She turned her focus to Maxwell as he arrived and address her appropriately, with a smirk she collected the keys and listened to the details of the truck's tune-up, nodding along. “Awesome, thank you.” She turned to regard the black monster in consideration. “No plans on any stunt driving today, hoping for more of a recon mission, but as always: plan for the worst.” She nodded her thanks at his wish for good luck and climbed into the driver's seat, only to pause and frown at Elijah in his current state.

”Not a word.”

With a swift glance to the back seat, she could see Chase’s smirk and entirely pleased expression and she could only imagine how all of this went down. She was just thankful the man was soaking into the towel and upholstery of the truck and not the Beast. At least these seats could be cleaned with simplicity and not need to be entirely replaced because they got a little damp.

Thankfully, Erik soon arrived, joining Chase in the back seat after depositing his sack in the bed. She glanced down at the hammer on the truck floor before looking back at him directly. “A hammer? Really? Kinda on the nose there, ain’t it?” Honestly, if she had thought about it, she could have crafted him something better than the mental block attached to the wooden stick; she was adept at making weapons, along with using them, years of having to repair and hone her own on the road with no actual workshop made her a macgyver of weapon crafting. “We’ll sort you out when we get back. That shit is going to break apart the first thing you hit.”

Mackenzie paused for a moment, keys in the ignition then turned in her seat so she could address the trio in the truck with her. “Okay, clowns. This is my first hunt in months, my first hunt since we got here, and my first hunt without the Nephilim glued to my ass.” She paused, pointedly looking at all three to ensure they were paying attention. “That means, no matter what, I am coming back without a scratch on me. Get it? I will never be allowed to go alone again if I have so much as a broken fucking nail. And if that happens, I will personally make all of your lives entirely unlivable for the foreseeable future.”

She didn’t feel the need to wait for a reply, her sentiments were clear. She turned back in her seat and started the ignition, pulling from the garage spot out down the lane to the highway that led to their Inn. As they pulled out onto the road headed for the National Park, she turned on the music and then turned it up, feeling free again.

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