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Fantasy Superhero Times ~ Character Sheets


Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Athragazar Yzedrai Morgothroi
Alias(es) : Slimewyrm, Dragon of Death
Threat Level : Three
Function : N/A
Type : Melee (Other, Ooze), Ranged (Sniper), Other (Coordinator/Commander, Buffer/Debuffer, Healer)
Ability Classification : SCP

- Ooze "suit" (Tar/Oil/Chemical pollutants/Industrial waste coating, can be shaped more or less at will and hardened/softened, be used as suction cups, and can be used for "devouring" - as he is a colorless wyrm, he can store it inside him to appear black)
- Devouring (can use his coating as a powerful digestive fluid, or to attack surfaces, things or people.)
Devouring Tar.jpg

- Non-magical immunities (all poisons, toxins and chemicals except radiation)
- Death-soaked (immune to instant death effects, exudes aura of death; when uncontrolled, the aura is merely causing the surroundings to rot, when controlled it allows for necromancy)
- Draco-Ooze True Heart (his draconic True Heart, that got soaked with pollutants and death energy, and became a powerful energetic and magical furnace)

- Indomitable Will (Due to life circumstances, his will is nigh-untameable, and attempts to give him compulsions or put him under mind control are almost always bound to fail)
- Mind-eating (When he kills someone, their soul is added to his hive mind, and their spirit to his psionic pool)
- Death concealment (can project an illusion through his coating to appear like a "normal" slime/ooze)
Watching Ooze.pngCrawler.jpgJawbones.jpg

- Hive Mind (whenever he devours a being, their soul is sucked in and added to his collective consciousness made of the souls of all the beings he has eaten. They fuel his powers and increase his strength of will. He can also consume one soul to activate his Mana Wyrm abilities, that turn him transparent red and allow him to manipulate kinetic energy and metamagic spells. If he concentrates enough, he can also have his coating be soaked with the souls, taking the shape of one of the identities inside, but making all of the souls physical for the duration. The coating turns blood-red when this is activated, but the shape assumed looks perfectly like the original person, except for pure red eyes and a slightly sticky skin. Generally the rest of the coating is hidden in a backpack or something similar. He can also manifest the souls without taking their shape, which results in a screaming pile of blood-red slime faces that emit psychic waves of despair and hatred.)
Red wyrm.jpgOblex.jpgScreaming ooze.jpg

- Psionic pool (whenever he devours a being, their spirit is sucked in and added to this internal whirlpool of psychic energy. The energy of the pool can be used for multiple things, the easiest being attack imbuing, for example by turning the coating into a psychic-infused blade, or shooting parts of it like a railgun. The second use of the pool is for standard psionics, like telekinesis or mind encroachment. Finally, it can be used for necromancy. By separating part of the coating and giving it one of the skeletons he swallowed, he can create a remote-controlled puppet that beneficiates both of the properties of the coating and the versatility of the creature the skeleton belonged to. Otherwise, by simply manifesting the skeleton and placing a blob of the coating in its skull, he can create more maniable puppets, who have more versatility but lack the resilience of slime puppets.)
Slimeblade.jpgOoze puppet.jpgDeath Slime.jpgPuppets.jpg

- Super speed 3, super strength 2 (main body, coating not deployed)
- Super strength 5, invulnerability 5 (main body, coating deployed)
- Passive levitation, low-altitude flight (main body, coating not deployed)
- Can breathe in any non-magical gas and any non-magical liquid cooler than 350°C
- Draconic magic (Necromancy [All], Darkness magic [All], Metamagic [All], Counterspells [Snap/Channeling], Magical craftsmanship (manifestation of energy tendrils to use as limbs and tools)
- Draconic breath (Colorless - pure mana, imbued with psychic energy and death energy)

Sex : M
Gender : N/A
Age : 12
Family Member(s) : -
Sexual Preference : N/A
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location : Sunken underground temple off the coast of LA - has been sealed off and repaired to be used as an underground base
Cooperation : Solo
Team Size/Composition : -
Cooperativeness Scale : -
Common Gear : Waterproofing magical ring (right behind the head, serves to protect the coating from dissolution to allow underwater use)
Civilian Appearance :
Black Wyrm.jpg
Costumed Appearance :
Tar Lord.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 40/100
Visibility ~ 15/100
Success ~ 95/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 9/100
Ranking ~ 60/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 0/100
Property Damage ~ 45/100
Lethality ~ 0/100
Rescue ~ 0/100
Tenure ~ 4/100

Total 268
Ranking 26.8

Twelve years ago, a little dragonling was born. The story could end here, if Athragazar had been born as a normal specimen of Mana dragon; he'd have been raised normally, or what passes as normally for a dragon, and he would have lived the same way. But he was born without a color, transparent and hollow; for the proud dragons, who prize their identity through the hue they bear, there is nothing worse than being without a color. He was thus unceremoniously thrown away by his parents, dumped into the sea like a corpse in a body bag, his fate left to the bleak waves.

When Athragazar arrived at the coast, by the will of the currents, he was thrown into an industrial waste pile... It was about the time he had his first conscious thought and his first feelings. And all he felt was the cold, and the pain of the chemicals seeping through his skin and into his body. All he could think about was "Why am I cold, why am I alone... Why am I in pain ?" And there was no answer.
For five years, he could not move, poisoned slowly by all the toxins and pollutants around him. It was only when the poison reached so deep that his very nature was changed by it that he felt freed anew.

He first moved with the intent to feed himself. He had not eaten since he was born, after all. All he could think about, now that he could do things, was to subsist by himself, and not by the corrupt energies of the waste. When he first made touchdown on the land, all he could think about was finding prey. And many prey he found upon the land. He could feel them. All of them, people and beasts... First, he hunted down the beasts; coming down on them like an eagle on its prey, he devoured them whole. He could feel their souls screaming within his own, and their spirits strengthening his own. He felt no emotion while hunting them, for they were mere food.

When he was sated, his only thought was to not be alone anymore. He had the howls of the beasts, but it was no company for a lonely soul. Thus he sought out the people; all the people he could find, that lived near the coast. He called them out, wanting for them to be with him, wanting not to be alone anymore. But the people fled before him, or were hostile to him; he tried to appease them, but neither side could understand the other. Fatally, came the conflict. First was one person who thought that striking him with the palm would deter him from seeking their presence. Athragazar defended himself, and the attacker was swallowed within the darkness of the dragon. And for the first time, he heard words.

Words of hatred, words of fear. "I hate you. Monster. I hate you. Go away." He heard only that. From that one soul, then from all the others that followed. A few were especially strong. They called themselves heroes, and they called him wrong and evil. They would not try to understand him, they would not try to help him feel better. Ironically, he was lonely no more. He had a thousand souls with him, and a thousand spirits, but they all hated him.

So he tried to amend. He drew from their memories, their knowledge and their technique. He wanted to remake them, to free them from him. But they hated him for that. They said that they were his responsibility now, that he could not free himself from them now, that if he did, they would come back to kill him.

He grew sour and bitter, then he grew hateful and filled with spite. He swore that if he was to be hated by all, he would also earn at the very least their respect by his schemes and works. He would work wonders into the world, to leave a burning mark that would never be snuffed out. He would be remembered, even if it was for the worst.

He had been called "Nothing good." He would show them that he was something. "Something bad." Something they would all grow to fear, hate and respect all the same. He would become a god.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Publically Known
Name : Annelise von Sonnenstern (Originally), Viktoriya Dimitrevna Marziyakov (During her time as a russian operative), Hakunami Shizue (During her two years as a yakuza), Leslie Carragach (currently)
Alias(es) : Corsair, "That fucking pirate whore", Die Judenteufel der schwarze Himmel, Agent Dullahan // Tovarisch Neijit, Shizu of the White Wave
Class : B
Threat Level : Three
Employer : Herself, the government when it suits her.
Function : Fighter/Crafter
Type : Melee (Swordsman), Ranged (Run n gun), Other (Commander)
Ability Classification : Bold are strengths, Italic are weaknesses

- Great swordsmanship (1-handed bladed weapons)
- Weapon mastery (1-handed bladed weapons, whip, 1-handed guns, bullpup guns)
- Dual wielding skills (either blade and blade, blade and gun or gun and gun)

- Needlessness (Doesn't need to breathe, eat or sleep, doesn't feel the need to reproduce)
- Implacable Will (Cannot run out of stamina, extremely hard to mind control) | Not very flexible (Needs more time to come up with new plans) | Often single-minded (May focus on a task and forget the rest of the world)
- Revenance (The body is held together by the will of the soul inhabiting it, and falls to dust if the soul is freed. The soul immediately jumps to the afterlife with no chance of resurrection)
- Perfect vision and hearing | no sense of smell/taste
- Pressure sense and tremorsense when concentrating, otherwise very dim sense of touch
- Immunity to poison and disease, as well as death magic and most dark arts. | Vulnerability to all fire, as well as life, light and spirit magic as well as turn undead
- Gleaming Soul (skin shines lightly, eyes act as a source of colored light, always feels warm to the touch)
- No conscious metabolism (body works off pure willpower, and actually runs like a body only with concentration)
- Black/White contrast (her liveliness and the feeling she gives off as a revenant contrast strongly, catching the eye easily)
- Soulforce (doesn't feel pain, and all physical wounds regenerate shortly (from a few seconds for a finger or a small bullet hole to a few hours for a cut off limb). Directly damaging her soul and cutting it would however render her unable to use the physical part corresponding to that part of her soul)

- Super Strength, Speed, Invulnerability : scaling at random, ranges from 2 to 8) | Hard to control, may scale back to normalcy slowly, or not at all under stress
- Super reflexes | ADHD, OCD, Hard to control, may make her react too fast on occasions and actually fail to do what she wanted
- Internal activation (since the body is controlled from the soul, there is no lapse between perception and reaction) | Ties in with the previous point
- Twisting (can move her limbs and twist her body beyond what a normal human skeleton would allow) | Makes it easier to get stuck or break physically and become unable to move until healed
- Death's Embrace (her skin constantly emits a potent pheromone carrying the messages of the Death of Self and the Death of Dignity (abandon into lust), which makes people who are attracted to her more subservient and obedient, and causes at the very least a rise of the heartbeat rate in everyone who inhales it. On the other hand, it is a very obsessive smell, which can create very violent behavior in the addicted, just like a drug. The pheromone is emitted more strongly from the lips, and her saliva is basically made entirely of it. Her getting wet entirely negates the emission of it.)

- Super Intelligent (Physics (Study of energies, thermodynamics, applied energy physics), Mechanics (Particle mechanics, mecatronics), Engineering (magnetism-oriented design, high-energy environments))
- Lady's Blood (can share a drop of blood with a person, bestowing upon them a fraction of her undeathly powers, and gaining their physical abilities when they die) | She would be affected by any curse or magical ailment the other person bore.)
- Deathblossom (whenever a person acknowledged as her subordinate dies, their soul and spirit is split among all other people who share this qualification, evenly sharing the deceased one's abilities among those who still live) | It also transfers curses and ailments.
- Bloodstone (whenever her blood is spilled, it coagulates into small gemstones that are filled with spiritual energy. They emit very powerful compulsions and are drawn to her. Setting one of those stones in a jewel is dangerous, as wearing it allows for the gem to develop its influence on the wearer. Touching the gem directly bareskinned is even worse, as it allows the gem to directly infect the victim, and slowly turn back into a liquid seeping towards the brain. Unless the gem has fully developed its influence and taken over the host, it can create obssessive behaviors, similar in effect to those of the Death's Embrace, but far more potent.)

Sex : F
Gender : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Race : Revenant undead, human when she was alive - Reaver
Age : "You'd like to know, huh ? All I'll tell ya is that I'm still as fresh as the first time I felt the breeze on my face !" (148 years old, born in 1910)
Family Member(s) : Nope. They all dead.
Sexual Preference : Yes
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Mainland, about 100 miles east from San Diego. Underground base called the Bunker.
Cooperation : Frequent
Team Size/Composition : About 200 henchmen with reactive armor and equipment similar to hers - carbon nanotube blades and blasters. Most have minor element manipulation, generally ice or air.
Cooperativeness Scale : Never goes out without at least 3 underlings
Common Gear :

- Black Blade (Carbon nanotube falcata. Very sharp but very fragile - not meant for blocking or parrying)

- The blue shark (pistol-level railgun, fires electricity-coated metallic projectiles at very high speed. Standard 12.7 / AP 12.7 / HESH 12.7 ammo available - Magazine size is 7/7/4 for the ammo types)
Elec pistol.gif

- The red shark (high-intensity blaster, fires superheated blasts of gas, or occasionnally true laser beams. Has four settings (1st - standard blast, think star wars laser pistol; 2nd - rapidfire, same power as the standard setting, but fires in rapid succession for 4 seconds, and is unusable for an entire minute afterwards; 3rd - overblast, a powerful gas blast that can tear through a good lot of things, but depletes half of the gun's batteries; 4th - Darklight laser, the mode she uses when she's angered past normal limits - the gun turns to real dark light laser beams which work basically similarly to antimatter - AKA destroy any matter, and heavily damage energy structures, though the effect would be lessened on magical materials and energy. When this mode is activated, it lasts for three minutes during which it can be used limitlessly, but leaves the gun completely depleted when it ends.)
Laser pistol.jpg

Civilian Appearance :
Annelise.png (Hair is now black due to undeath, but the red eyes remain)
Costumed Appearance :
Shizue.png (During her time as a Yakuza)
Leslie.jpg (Currently)

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ N/A/100 - Only passive abilities
Visibility ~ 0/100
Success ~ 81/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 50/100
Ranking ~ 60/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 40/100
Property Damage ~ 90/100
Lethality ~ 19/100
Rescue ~ 0/100
Tenure ~ 67/100

Annelise had everything going for her in her 20s - a prestigious university diploma, a promising career as a state-employed physicist and a loving boyfriend with a cute foreign accent. Everything except the period. She was from a jewish family... during the rise of the national-socialist party in germany. When her parents and brother were sent to the camp of Bergen-Belsen in 1934, she faked her identity to be able to continue her research and fled to Poland... Only for the country to be invaded five years later by Germany, and Annelise to be killed during the invasion, which also revealed another plot twist as the german forces took over Krakow where she was hiding. The boyfriend she had grown to know throughout the years was in fact a russian spy, and while he had indeed started to develop feelings for her, he was mostly interested by her research - which he shamelessly stole when she died, and that were then used as the basis for the USSR's space program later.

Though as he was wracked by guilt due to his nascent true love for her, he brought her body back to the KGB headquarters to have her resurrected. However, the ritual went wrong and she was only brought back as an amnesic revenant. As she was brought back in this fashion, the higher-ups of the Kremlin used her as a spy during the Cold War to infiltrate various foreign countries under cover of scientific research. As her skills were very demanded, she attracted a lot of attention from several nations who reached out to her in order to sway her to their side, unsuccessfully.

When the USSR fell in 1991, Viktoriya became persona non grata in the ex-soviet states as the offers foreign countries made her. Thus she fled to the one country that had an old and strong antagonism with Russia... Japan. During two years, she tried to integrate one of the many Yakuza clans that existed, but due to the japanese cultural differences and views on undead, she was forced to leave the country under pain of final death.

In the end, under the identity of Leslie Carragach, she settled in the western US as a sort of weapons/information broker, and became something akin to a local bandit/warlord, that the government is forced to tolerate due to the efficiency of her designs, strategies and troops. She is believed to be a ruthless warleader and a dictator-like leader with a mean personality, while she is in a fact a very mild-mannered person whose golden rule is "Let them do what they want as long as it doesn't stir up shit."
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Kululian Von Lululian
Name: Scile.
Alias(es): The demon of justice. Thousand fists of hell.
Function: Fighter
Type: Martial artist. Punching stuff
Ability Classification: Demonic, Strength 8. Speed 4 Size 1-2 (she grows slightly when going all out) . Flying other. invulnerability 3
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 4582
Family Member(s): Little sister. Rurulain von Kululian
Sexual Preference: Bi
Significant Other(s): Shards like a brother to her
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Shards bakery
Cooperation: Solo
Common Gear: Her Clothes that she acquired from some old monk temple she spent a hundred years at in china around 900 AD. A staff forged from the fires of hell and her own blood. Her fists.
Civilian Appearance: She doesn't have one
Costumed Appearance:
Standard appearanceKulu.jpg

When she goes all outKulu powered up.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 85/100
Visibility ~ 70/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 92/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 69/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ 24/100
Lethality ~ 40/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 71/100
Tenure ~ 100/100 (she's been doing this stuff for around 1200 years)

"IM SCILE. THE DEMON OF JUSTICE! LET ALL EVILDOERS MEET MY FISTS IN GLORIOUS COMBAT" with this battle cry. Kululian has travelled earth since roughly 800 Ad being present in almost every war and major event. She is a battle maniac and desires to fight other demons to the death in oh so glorious combat. So comes the question. How does a demon fight another demon to death? simple! be on the side of justice! Taking up the mantle of good she fought demons happily. This woman has done almost everything you can think of. Name it she's probably done it. Drink with President teddy? did it. Soke with churchill. yep. sip tea with Elizabeth? both of them. She's been around the block more then twice. and she's heard a lot of villains are in L.A. SO WATCH OUT EVILDOERS! THE DEMON OF JUSTICE IS COMING TO PUNCH YOUR CRIMES INTO THE GROUND!
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Secret Identity: Known
Name: Viara blackwood
Alias(es): Magma Queen, Sirius
Class: B Class vigilante
Function: Jack of all trades
Type: Melee/Marksman
Ability Classification: Elemental-Minor
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Family Member(s):
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Significant Other(s): none
Hideout: No
Unusual(for now)
Cooperativeness Scale:
Common Gear:
Viara wields a few weapons, guns and knives mostly but what she always has on is her heat inhibiting gloves and leg boots. Designed by her fathers company to let her interact with the world normally and keep the immense heat from melting everything around her
Civilian Appearance:
Same as costumes just different outfits
Costumed Appearance:
***Behavior and Ranking***
Raw Power ~ 85/100
Visibility ~ 080/100
Success ~ 79/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~040 /100
Ranking~ ---/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 40/100
Property Damage ~ 70/100
*Lethality* ~ 20/100
*Rescue* ~ 80/100
*Tenure* ~ 5/100
At the basics Sirius is a super analytical person. Cold and uncaring of anything but the facts needed in a situation which is the reason why many see her as a "judge" kind of person. uncaring of opinions or view points of others. add that with a arsonistic thought set who holds a deep love of burning anything and anyone bad to the ground and you have Sirius. other than that she is a very punctual and formal girl, speaking nicely and very elegantly, her clothing style is that of nice dress suits and outfits with her personal little flare. Once you delve past the anarchist hero she is a softer kind of person, still very analytical but she secretly loves to hear peoples opinions especially if they are good about her. At the same time though she dreams for someone that understands her, Someone she can call a friend and not have to be worried about driving them off.

Sirius grew up with a platinum spoon in her mouth. Being the daughter of a War lord and Drug Lord she had everything. The highs of the mighty rich and the absolute fun of the largest criminals. Luckily for her mother she wasn't born with her abilities but they sprouted up not to long into her life. At the age of 5 Sirius's powers came to light when one of the butlers to her mother and father tried to violate her. He ended up with two massive 3 degree burn hand prints on his face. Not long after her hands and feet turned to what they are today and the butler was executed on order of her father. Once her powers came to light her life became very very hard for a while. Constantly destroying everything she touched including the ground and her clothes. Then one day they were blessed. One of the scientists under her fathers payroll in a weapons development company came to him with an idea of boots and gloves designed to handle his daughters immense heat and ability with destruction. With approval the scientist invented the devices and made them in the sizes needed to suit her through her life as well as full arm sleeves and thy length boots to do the same job as well as hide her volcanic skin. As she grew older her father started to see her as more of an asset than a daughter and had her trained in all the skills she holds today.

At the age of 18 he made her his personal body guard and showed her to the pleasures of murder, execution, and burning things down. She loved it at first, but quickly found the error of her ways. Growing to hate her family and everything she did, she left and started her own path try and fix her wrong doings.

Heat Manipulation
Magma Manipulation
Heat Absorption

In addition to hr abilities Sirius has an invulnerability to heat, fire, and lava/magma

Mastery of Power:
for the most part her powers are mastered though creating magma constructs are very crude designs and she has yet to perfect her technique

one limit is that her power is always around, forcing her to wear specially made gloves and boots to prevent her melting through everything she touches.
though she can control her body temperature she has a max it being 9,940K which is also the temp of the star she is named after, It is very hard for her to reach much farther than our sun though at this point in time and it takes a ton of energy and power to do.
though she has a mastery of her powers if she isn't careful she has been known to lose control in the form of uncontrollable creation of lava from her hands and feet.
another limit would be the inability to stop her powers, her arms and legs being volcanic rock as her arms transition into her hands and feet the rock quickly turns to a form of super heated magma.

master of hand to hand combat
expert at escape and evasion (fancy words for stealth)
great tactician
skilled in using pressure points to fight her enemies
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Personal Information File
Name: Xiard
Alias(es): The Pale Ash Knight
Function: Fighter
Type: Swordsman
Ability Classification: Strength 6. Speed 3.
Sex: male
Gender: male
Age: unkown
Family Member(s): None
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Significant Other(s): none in the real world
Hideout: no
Common Gear: The ashen armor.
Civilian Appearance: New Project (17).png
Costumed Appearance:1428373228005.jpg
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 90/100
Visibility ~ 49/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 67/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Property Damage ~ 68/100
Lethality ~ 40/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)

As the pale moonlight shone down onto but a village unlike no other. a defect was born. From the wife of the village chief spawned a cursed boy. his eyes white as snow. and his body nearly as pale as marble itself. as he was raised he never spoke. only stared with his blank eyes. as his hair came in it was grey as ash. He did not feel fear. nor any emotion came unto his face. one quiet night on the new moon. A scream was heard from the chiefs house. Running in the guards were shocked. within the main room stood the boy, his white skin dyed red. and at his feet was a thief. torso ripped from his legs. The boy simply walked back to bed still blood drenched. From then. He was sent to train. he did not complain from the strict yelling of the instructors. nor did he cry when being beaten by adults. 7 years had passed under what could only be called hell. and yet the boy remained ever the same. no matter how much he swung a sword. hsi arms remained thin. no matter how much he trained in the sun. never did he sweat or turn any less pale. finally, one of the instructors told him. "come at me as if you were to kill me!" and before anyone could react the boy simply walked up and grabbed the instructor by the neck his grip stronger than steel as it crushed the flesh of the instructor. his blank eyes unmoving as the life in his hands faded. given a suit of armor he was assigned to a suicide platoon. he did not complain. as soon as he was told. "slay this monster" he simply turned around and walked off. With every mission the platoon fell to death and wounds beyond recovery. except the boy. He did not falter. when his hand was lost he simply stabbed the handle of the blade into the stump that was his arm and melted the blade onto it. When a soldier joked saying he should take the skulls of those he killed, he did, and adorned his armor. He is the pale ash knight, may those who face him prepare. for thy body shall succumb to wounds. And thy flesh burned in funeral. the ashes clinging to his armor. As he reaps yet another soldier of the battlefield.

is what it says in the description of his character bio in the shade spirits wiki. For Xiard, the Pale Ash Knight is in fact. a beloved boss fight in the newest addition to the series, Shade spirits 4. Brought into the real world by powers unknown. He is a lost soul in a world he knows nothing about.


I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Secret Identity: Publically Known
Name: Abigail Lyra Auden
Alias(es): Muse
Class: Apprentice
Function: Rescue? Still undecided, but that's what she put down as the primary on her license registration.
Type: Ranged
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Family Member(s): Estranged family, loving Grandmother Catherine
Sexual Preference: Straight?
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: No
Cooperation: Dunno yet.
Team Size/Composition: Just her for now.
Cooperativeness Scale: "I would love a mentor!"
Employer: Freelance at the moment, no one has picked her up.
Common Gear: "Ummmm.... my voice? I don't have any gear yet... gear requires money... money requires a mentor."

Backstory: Born with a voice the deities would be jealous of, Abby has always been treated a little differently from other kids. She had siblings, four of them to be specific, all brothers. She never got to know them very well, however, as once she started to speak, her Mother couldn't get rid of her fast enough. Abby doesn't blame her for that, though... being non-powered and having a powered child... it must have been difficult on her. So, instead, she was raised by her Grandmother Catherine, someone who had much the same gift as her, in Colorado.

Her voice was always extremely potent, but she became far too shy, worried about using her voice on people with every word. She would get her way at the drop of a hat, a problem for a three-year-old who wanted every shiny thing in sight, but her Grandmother didn't like that, and she didn't want to upset her Grandma. So, for the most part, she learned to be quiet, only speaking when she absolutely needed to.

When she was twelve, she found her passion. Music. She had always loved music, and loved to listen to the notes dance through her ears, across the back of her eyelids if she closed her eyes and imagined the notes. With some songs she even swore she saw the notes as physical little floating glyphs. She just... never thought that music was actually an option for her, what with her voice. Given the area, most of the Supers around were firefighters, something sorely needed come late summer and fall.

She didn't know until twelve that she could be a different type of Superhero, and maybe even a professional singer too! They moved that year, heading to the Portland area, and she practiced singing and learned how to read music dutifully. Her Grandma helped as well, being quite the singer herself, of course. In short time, she not only had an insane vocal range, but also knew how to either hype someone up like a bardic buff, or put someone to sleep like a Jigglypuff.

At fifteen, she returned to Colorado temporarily to attend her Family's funeral. She wasn't close to them, but the thought of how they went out was awful. Her Mother, Father, and four brothers were killed in a catastrophic house fire. Once they returned to Portland, her Grandma wasn't quite the same anymore. She was depressed, forlorn, and didn't have any more motivation in life. A Mother never wants to bury her child, after all.

Regardless, she finished her schooling, which was mostly online, and then went straight for a hero's license. She got turned away the first time because she was still a little too young. The second time, however, she got the license no problem... and now has no idea what to do from here. Since she didn't go to a prestigious powered high school or college, no promoter even knows she exists. Aside from her damned voice convincing people she was the best thing since sliced bread in terms of personality, her ratings are just... average. Nothing stood out. Nothing to get a company to look at her... and she was far too shy and insecure to think of simply manipulating her way in.

Primary Category: Other - Other
Secondary Categories: Magic User - Other, Tech - Super-intelligent, Other - Other (Again but for a different reason)
Abilities: To explain, her abilities are her voice, primarily. She is also super-intelligent, but she doesn't really show that much at all. Her shyness gets in the way. She's never really been shown that she can be amazing, and so she doesn't believe that she can be yet. That will change with time. With music, however, and specifically singing, she lets loose. She's in her element. She loses herself in singing, and tends to drown out the outside world.
Primary Other - Other: Using her voice or singing to manipulate others' mental state. This can be used to achieve many effects. Music in general technically works the same, but she's not learned how to play other instruments. The little bit that she knows of piano has a similar effect. This is similar to, but not quite magic. The effect in terms of stats is still represented using her magic stat. She has the best singing voice of any known individual, and likely better than anyone alive.
Secondary Magic User - Other: She can, when desired, use her voice to create spell-effects, similar to a bard.
Secondary Tech - Super-intelligent: Self explanatory. She's really smart. A genius. While this is a boon, it hasn't exactly helped with making friends.
Secondary Other - Other: She can see sound and music as glyphs if she wants to, and can also simulate that effect with her own singing, making it so that others can physically see her music and sounds. This can be used to further distract and manipulate the individual.

Raw Power ~ 060/100 (Versatile with many uses, though young yet.)
Visibility ~ 030/100 (Eh. Voice, so it's audible, but not exactly flashy.)
Success ~ 000/100 (No fights had yet.)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100 (People perceive her as far more wonderful than she is due to her abilities.)
Ranking ~ 020/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (People perceive her as far more wonderful than she is due to her abilities.)
Property Damage ~ 100/100 (No fights had yet means no property damage even possible.)
Lethality ~ 100/100 (No fights yet anyways and would probably not do so well with killing someone.)
Rescue ~ 000/100 (No rescues yet.)
Tenure ~ 000.25/100 (Only been licensed for three months.)

Total ~ 510.25
Ranking ~ 51.025


I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Ms. Lana Joy
Alias(es): Nurse Joy
Class: B
Function: Healer/Rescue/Recovery
Type: Healer
Ability Classification:
  • Primary Category: Nature Mage
  • Secondary Categories: Divine Mage
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Family Member(s): Mother and Father, rarely talked to
Sexual Preference: Bi
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Infrequent
Team Size/Composition: No strict team
Cooperativeness Scale: Very cooperative when the moment arises.
Common Gear: Wand for ease of focus.
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance: None
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 040/100
Visibility ~ 020/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 100/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 098/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~ 060/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 060/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ 100/100
Lethality ~ 100/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 90/100
Tenure ~ 004/100
"I think... It was when I was about seven when I first found out what I was able to do. It was all thanks to my obsessions with flora and fauna. I lived out in heavily wooded areas, so I was quick to explore when I was bored. There was so much beauty there - all the different hues of green and brown. It was prettiest in the summer, and it was the summer of third or fourth grade - I was a quick learner, when I found out I could do such wonderful things with plants. It was about the same time that I had made a deal with a god, though. It's not a pretty story. "I had gone back to the house after finding out I could grow things and make them do what I wanted. I was so happy and wanted to brag to my parents, but... I'd found them in quite a mess. They were hurt - father was all but dead and mother's limbs had been... I'm sorry, I can't discuss it without getting sick. And there in the middle was a man in shadow and dark red hues coalescing around him. He wanted to make a deal: He'd take the pain away from my parents and help them if I said I would help him in return. Being so young, I'd obviously do anything for them, so I said yes. It wasn't until after the fact that I learned he was a God of Pain. He wanted me to spread more of his beloved anguish, but he couldn't take away the powers he gave me."

"So I studied, worked hard, got into university, and became a nurse. I worked myself up quickly to a degree as a Nurse Practitioner while working in hospitals, and used my power to take away pain rather than inflict it. In my spare time, I studied how plants interacted when mixed together and learned how to make toxins and medicines, but when Management found out, they fired me. I was heartbroken; we had so many patients who would come in and be in so much pain that their eyes were glossy and they couldn't respond, or they'd give just the most horrid of screams. They needed someone who could take that pain away - restore some of their sanity to them. I wouldn't be there to do it once I was let go..."
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1585848088932.pngName: Azaea-Id
Aliases: Blue, Techie
Current Form - 15
Total - 313
Current - Female
General - Ambiguous
Species: Explorer (Species explained in biological traits.)

Organizations\Affiliations: Has worked alone much of her life, but is currently looking for a group that both she can tolerate, and that can tolerate her.
Personality: Generally aloof, creative, curious, and rather technologically savvy. Her personality can change somewhat based on the concentrations of elements comprising her form at the time. The nobler the element, generally, the more stable her personality. Stable with stable, volatile with volatile. If she is comprised of a number of compounds or if she is comprised of liquid, then the resultant change in personality is not as clearly tracked.
Backstory: She's a little ball of hyper... and also a nice mix of nitrogen and oxygen. Literally a star-person, she has a stellar-mass at her core that allows her to have her own selective gravity that gives her her form. This one, in particular, a more "humanoid" one, she has had for around 15 Earth years. At the moment she's pretty stable, nice, all smiles, and as curious as always. When her form comprises more volatile elements, however, she becomes volatile same as what comprises her. It makes her a little difficult to be around. Sure, she could handle that uranium situation for you by adding it to her mix and expelling say... oxygen, but... are you SURE you want her to? Are you sure you want her to have a half-life like that?

She's been spending a large majority of her time simply hopping from group to group, trying to find a group that will put up with her mood swings and potential for fires or explosions. She wants to learn as much as she can about as many compounds and elements as she can, to an obsessive degree that has gotten her in a bit of trouble in the past.
Hobbies: Various arts and crafts, experimentation, research, and inventing.

Gadgets, Weapons & Items: Elemental scanner device, just in case she can't tell what she's looking at. Small tool/gun akin to Dead Space (though not as bs), primarily used as a laser cutter or laser pistol.

Skills & Abilities: Extremely intelligent, tech-savvy, and fast.
Biological Traits:
  • She is quite literally made of star-stuff. A minuscule star, no bigger than a golf ball, sits in the center of her “chest”, giving her her own centralized, selective gravity which is how she creates her form. This is also why her form can be as dense as it tends to be.
  • She has the lifespan of a star, and as such is actually incredibly young for someone of her ilk.
  • She can take in elements and compounds into her form, that being what her form actually is... the bits settling as either liquid or gas, depending on what she prefers.
  • She can discern compounds and elements in something as long as she has actually incorporated that into her being before.
  • She does not sleep, breathe, or eat, and is not overly affected by the vacuum of space.
  • She runs rather hot, a trait attributed to her star core, and if she is comprised of particularly volatile elements or compounds, she could catch things on fire or explode if not careful.
  • Her composition also dictates her density and speed.
Negative Aspects: She has a somewhat laughable and generally amusing fear of vacuums. She is difficult to get along with all the time as her personality is liable to shift dramatically. She is unendingly curious, and as such, it can be difficult to stop her from running off if she is comprised of more volatile elements or compounds. She is very young for a being like herself and tends to act like it. She doesn't know how to fight and when comprised of stable materials, she is quite the pacifist.
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Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Public Secret
Name: Natalie Brenton
Alias: SoulFlare
Class: S
Functions: Fighter, Investigator, Assassin
Type: Melee; general weapons expert/other
Ability Classification: Magic; other. Extraplanar; Angelic (Spirit of Vengeance). Strength; 4. Speed; 1 (5 on cycle) Invulnerability 10/10 (Though severely susceptible to divine weaponry)
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Family Member(s): None, orphaned
Sexual Preference: "I don't really have time for this stupid question."
Significant Other(s): N/A
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Solo
Team Size/ Composition: N/A
Common Gear: A very fancy pocket knife that she got as a gift from the church. A pocket bible.
Employer: Private Sector, Churches
Civilian Appearance:

Costumed/Transformed Appearance:

In-Depth Power Analysis
Spirit Channeling: Natalie possesses the power to channel the Spirit of Vengeance inside of herself to turn into her alternative form and gain access to her powers. While like this she is copiloting with the spirit inhabiting her body. In an instance where she is rendered 'inoperable', the Spirit of Vengeance will take the wheel and it's power skyrockets without the mortal 'safety' switch. The reason this is a very very bad idea is simply that the Spirit will no longer be cooperating with anything outside of its own agenda to punish sinful souls. Should she be rendered unconscious while not transformed, there is nothing stopping the spirit from taking over.
Super Human Abilities: While transformed, the golden rule is that she can lift up to 25 tons with ease, though if she focused this number could continually increase until she completes her set task. The mystical energy that powers her prevents her body from tiring or running low on stamina, nor produce fatigue toxins. Her agility and dexterity also skyrocket, allowing her to dodge speeding bullets (though frankly, she probably won't bother.)
True Regeneration and Durability: Soulflare is for all intents and purposes indestructible, outside of combat against a divine weapon. Any damage she does sustain from a weapon is regenerated in mere moments. For instance, destroying her skull proves to be ineffective as it simply regenerates with no apparent pain or discomfort. She cannot feel pain while transformed. Divine weapon injuries can be healed but it's painful as opposed to normal and is not completely instant.
Emphatic Reading: Natalie is able to detect the sins and transgressions of an individual she encounters by looking into their heart and soul. Through this method, she can determine if one is good or evil, and is in need of punishment.
Supernatural Detection: Thanks to the spirit inside her, she is keenly aware of supernatural disturbances near and around her.
Sin Manipulation: SoulFlare can 'devour' the sins of an individual and purify their soul. Doing so comes at the risk of emotional and mental damage, as well as leaving someone emotionally numb.
Hellfire Manipulation: Also known as Infernal Pyrokinesis. SoulFlare possesses the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Hellfire is an ethereal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can also be used to burn their physical body. Abilities include forging weapons (usually a chain ending in a large spike, or a double-barrel shotgun, or her hell cycle), controlling these objects through her mind, causing a firestorm of hellfire to rain down around her, and even infusing weapons and objects with it.
Soul Manipulation: SoulFlare has the ability to manipulate souls, the incorporeal essence of a living thing. This is more evident when she performs the Penance Stare. She can do a few things with it: Soul Reading: As stated above, she can read the souls of her victims and judge their innocence and guilt, their sins and their identity. Soul Consumption: She can consume souls if the individual is degenerate and heartless to an extent where the victim becomes lifeless.
Mystical Chain Projection: SoulFlare wields a mystical chain that is capable of growing in length, cutting through almost anything, and transforming into other weapons. She can also spew and project chains from her mouth or chest at will, and control the movements with her mind.
Penance Stare: SoulFlare possesses the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into her eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime for until they expire. The results can be quite explosive, with particularly sinful individuals outright combusting. Other symptoms include eyes catching on fire, victims going incurable mad, and going blind. Those with divine protection on their soul, those with no soul, and those with a love for the torment they have caused or a love for suffering are immune to this ability.
Self Size Alteration: SoulFlare can increase or decrease her size as needed by a given time.
Occult Knowledge: Due to her job as an exorcist, Natalie is quite familiar with all means of occult and satanic related articles.

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power: 85/100
Visibility: 100/100 (when in use)
Success: 85/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 75/100
Ranking: 100/100
Political Abrasiveness: 45/100
Property Damage: 35/100
Lethality: 0/100
Rescue: 75/100
Tenure: 7/100

Natalie Brenton was raised in the Brenton Orphanage in London, hence her last name. She had been left on a doorstep with a cliche note, in a wicker basket and swaddled in a blanket, absolutely nothing to her name. Being raised in the orphanage wasn't so bad, she learned the word of god, she learned her mathematics and such. But as great as all of that was she was still a bit of an oddball. She was tomboyish at best and a bit of a ruffian at worst. She constantly found herself picking fights in the defense of younger kids who were bullied by their older peers. Because of this, she wound up in the infirmary more than a dozen times, each with a new tale of how she got her ass kicked but gave just as much as she got. She was also an incurable daredevil and adrenaline junky, commonly doing stupid ass stunts for a cheap thrill, and getting reprimanded for it. Growing up she learned that there were bigger bullies than some dipshit kid who wanted to take some poor girls' birthday money. Things that went bump in the night and made people scream bloody murder.

Not one to back down from a challenge she took to her studies to become ordained as an exorcist and try to stomp out evil wherever it may sprout up. Of course...life is never simple for those who think it should be. A year or so into her duties she encountered a job far more daunting than she could ever hope to accomplish. She doesn't like to talk about it much, but what is known (at least by the church) is that a powerful spirit known as a Spirit of Vengeance named Agas offered a contract too her. If she hosted the spirit she would gain power indescribable, more than enough to face down whatever the dark could make to face her. It didn't take a ton of convincing to get her to sign on the dotted line. For seven years since that date, she's been more than an exorcist, she's been someone who's more than happy to remove a tainted soul from a happy town or a sleepy city. The time for talk has passed, the lords' work must be done.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Publically Known (at least for people with celestial awareness)
Name : Zaheel / Sariel
Alias(es) : God's Princess, Heaven's Ultimate Weapon, Celestial Destroyer
Class : N/A
Function : Jack of all trades
Type : Ranged (Other), Other (Commander, Coordinator)
Ability Classification :

Strengths in bold, weaknesses in italic

Last Covenant of Creation : Zaheel is the last remaining believer of the sumerian pantheon, and thus is the focal point of their divine power. While it grants her several abilities, it also means that her existence and that of the three gods she has covenant with are intertwined. Should she cease to exist, so would they, becoming pure myths while their power would fade away. Detailed abilities below

Abilities from the Covenant as a whole : Element manipulation [Earth] - from the sumerian myth of creation, binding the heavens, earth and the underworld together, and the planet Venus being the symbol of the heavens, Zaheel can manipulate the earth and land around her. Weapon conjuration (each of the three gods has their own weapon, of which she can conjure a replica through magic, or the real thing through divine power, though using the real one is cast from her physical stamina due to her being a mortal and normally neither allowed nor able to handle divine items). Lost Land's Hierophant (in a 5 meters sphere around Zaheel, all things including the air and ground are considered to be of mesopotamian origin, which allows her to always maintain the covenant and commune with the three gods. It can be expanded through magic, but the further the weaker will the effect be. It can also be reinforced through the use of divine power, which slowly warps the area around her into the Sumer of the age of the gods; however, such a manifestation will instantly be perceived by any entity that is at least 1/4 divine). Lost Sacrifice : as she was offered to the gods and became their physical vessel and herald on earth, Zaheel is immune to aging and time effects, as well as natural poisons and diseases, except those imbued with magic or divine power.

Abilities from Ishtar : Weapon conjuration [Maanna], Venus Breaker (As Ishtar is a goddess of both fertility and destruction bound to the heavens, Zaheel has a miraculous healing touch and her saliva can create life on even the most barren surface - she can also emit from her body a burst of energy that voids her surroundings, replacing any atmosphere with the emptiness of space. Objects weak to pressure can shatter, but it has no other effects besides being extremely cold and devoid of atoms).

Abilities from Enlil : Weapon conjuration [Ea]. Creation of Earth : exactly as it says, allows Zaheel to not need base materials for her elemental manipulation powers.

Abilities from Ereshkigal : Weapon conjuration [Gallû]. Divine necromancy : can create revenants under her control, from the souls of Sumer's underworld and Hell. Other faiths' underworld are also accessible, but she has to ask first.

Arcane Magic [Snap/Channeling/Ritual] - Non-elemental, Light, Darkness.

Superior Arcane Magic [Channeling/Ritual] - When consuming part of her soul's energy along with magical energy, Zaheel can cast spells fueled by a kind of power that is one magnitude higher than standard magic. However, she is only able to use this power due to her great age, which allows her to directly tap into her soul and not need external help to access it. - Non-elemental.

Hierophantic dispelling [Channeling] - by using superior magic, Zaheel can create anti-magic or anti-divine wards.

Swordsmanship, spearmanship, archery : due to several millennia worth of training and battle, Zaheel has great mastery over her weapons.

God's Princess : Sariel was created as Father's first attempt at a perfect human being, while also trying to create a perfect angel, which of course was impossible. As such, Sariel was fractured and imperfect from the get-go, resulting in a harshly justice-dealing mindless weapon, being essentially Michael's artillery battery. While she later gained sentience and a mind of her own thanks to Lucifer, she retained part of the attributes of her previous mindless state, and as such is extremely resistant, if not immune to most mind-affecting effects.

Celestial balance : Due to being too powerful to exist within the material realm as an archangel, Sariel cannot manifest freely while carrying her power. She can manifest as a "normal" winged human, although in that case she is "merely" a powerful mage, or she can manifest as an archangel, in which case she has to mandatorily wear Malkuth to prevent universe-inflicted destruction by entropy.

Gestalt of Faith : Due to being the "closest to God", Sariel is the crucible of prayers and messages of Faith sent to heavens by all those who pray to the God of Abraham. She is the closest thing to an embodiment of Yahweh that exists in the world, and as such the Faith from all the believers elevates her to a status of pseudo-deity whose power rivals that of a major god of a lesser Faith. However, due to the sheer amount of power, most of the Gestalt is in constant use in Heaven (in the form of an energy shield) to prevent Sariel from accidentally nuking a country with a spell. As such, she has a destructive ability "barely" similar to that of the OA in normal times. Sariel's own power is Superior Magic, as her magic power and her soul are fused naturally, but when she draws upon the Gestalt her energy becomes - albeit fakely so but with the same properties - divine, going up one class in terms of power.

Destroyer : Comes with the power. Sariel is specialized in chaos and non-elemental magic, and in destructive magic in general. However, what puts her apart is that (while her standard superior magic is just that, superior magic) when she uses divine power for her spells instead of superior magic, they do not so much destroy as they annihilate, removing what they destroy from reality altogether. However - as per her balance-seeking nature - using divine power puts a heavy strain on her personality, at the risk of shattering it if used for too long.

Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Age : 7058
Race : Human (Zaheel) / Archangel (Sariel)
Family Member(s) : Kaldum (brother, deceased), Gilgamesh (nephew, deceased), (later) Semiramis (daughter, deceased) / Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer (brothers), Raphael (brother, deceased), Zaphkiel, Ryuleianna (sisters)
Sexual Preference : Asexual / Asexual
Significant Other(s) : No (had one but he is dead) / No
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

On Earth : located around the ruins of the city of Babylon, the entrance is hidden in a ruined shrine to Ereshkigal (which had been built by Nergal in homage to her) called Irkalla. It is filled with magical darkness and the entrance to the gardens is in the deepest reaches of the shrine, under the altar.

Beyond Irkalla : The Gardens are a pocket dimension containing a maze mixing jungle and ruins. It is hexagonal in shape and at its center lies the Ziggurat of Dawn, around which levitates the Gardens. The gardens serve no purpose besides being an antechamber before the next structure, although the Ziggurat is also Zaheel's daughter Semiramis' grave. As it has been hallowed by all three gods of the covenant as well as Sariel herself, this place is "frozen in time" as in you can spend as long as you want in it without aging a second, and while you are inside no time passes outside. This prevents the existence of any undead within the reaches of the Gardens - to prevent the desecration of Semiramis' grave. In the various ruins around the Ziggurat are buried all the soldiers and horses of Semiramis' armies, around 4 million.
Hanging Gardens.jpg

Beyond the Gardens : when reaching the top of the Ziggurat, the door to the tower of Babel opens. Originally, this tower was the mystical root of Ea, the embodiment of the sumerian creation myth binding together Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, but as beliefs evolved, the tower was thought to have been built by men who tried to reach God. As Sariel is "the closest to God", no matter where she sleeps she will find herself in Heaven, in the room at the top of the Tower. As such, the entire complex (Irkalla, the Gardens and the Tower) can be accessed from Heaven. It can also be accessed fom space, because the room at the top of the tower is also affected by Zaheel's covenant with Ishtar and thus is also located in orbit of Venus (as Venus is Ishtar's sacred planet). However, it is located in orbit of Ishtar's Venus, which means that the temporal flow surrounding the room when arriving from outer space is very unstable due to it trying to stabilize itself in Sumer's time while also existing in the current time.
Enuma Elish Spire.jpgEnuma Elish Venus.jpg

Cooperation : Unusual
Team Size/Composition : -
Cooperativeness Scale : Meh
Common Gear :

Maanna (Ishtar's conjured weapon) - Ishtar's divine bow - Its standard attack is a magical arrow, though it can also fire bolts of divine power and when power is channeled through it, can reproduce Ishtar's signature deed, the "Mountain-Render" (Angalta Kisalse), which fires a projectile with the density of a meteor and capable of splitting a small mountain. However, using Angalta Kisalse requires Zaheel to use the real Maanna, and it makes the bow unusable for three days afterwards).
Maanna is roughly 3.5m high and thus consumes magic to levitate at the side of its user as it cannot be wielded normally.
The arrow in Ishtar's hand is Angalta Kisalse, which can be used as a normal sword, in which case it has the same weight and density as a steel sword, although it is nigh-unbreakable.

Ea (Enlil's conjured weapon) - Enlil's sword, that he used to cleave apart Heaven, Earth and the Underworld after Anu created them. It was later borrowed by Nergal to assassinate Ishtar, but Ereshkigal later revived her. When the replica is used, it is a weapon that is more effective the more divine its target is. Not only does it deal more damage scaling to the target's divinity, but it also shreds fragments of divinity from the target, that then are added to Zaheel's soul, increasing her own divinity, thus making the replica closer to the original and increasing the subsequent attacks' power. When the real one is used, it feeds on the user's soul and divinity to project a blast of divine power that can cleave through dimensions and is highly destructive. The only way to stop it is to have a defense qualified as [absolute] - this attack is called Enuma Elish, as it is a reenactment of the way Enlil made the world. However, using Enuma Elish makes the real Ea unusable for a whole year and halves the replica's power for two weeks, as well as revealing its presence to any deity within one world's range. Finally, Ea's last functionality is to create portals to dimensions that can be called [Underworld] or [Heavens] at the cost of a little divine power, and can be used with both the replica and the original.
Ea is roughly 95cm long.

Gallû (Ereshkigal's conjured weapon) - Ereshkigal's spear, that rules over the Underworld. When the replica is used, its bright side is a weapon with the [Light] elemental affinity and its dark side has the [Darkness] elemental affinity. By sticking it in the ground, a shield of the corresponding element is created from the ring around the handle. When the real one is used, it retains its affinities, but also has special properties. Its bright side becomes a regenerating weapon, even capable of bringing back to life someone who has been disintegrated (provided their soul isn't trapped) while its dark side becomes instantly lethal should it deal a chest or head wound. While using the real one, a cage appears hanging on Zaheel's hip. When the weapon is spun, it acts as a gravity pit for souls, which are slowly drawn to the blade. If the majority of the soul is drawn out of the body, the blade can cut it away, killing the person and trapping their soul in the cage. Both the replica and the real one are thrice as powerful against undead, and the real one can (once a year), create an area of hallowness, forcing undead that step into it into the underworld, though it can be resisted and is weaker the further from the epicenter.
Gallû is roughly 3m long - 1.3m for each blade, and weighs roughly 30kg.

Keter & Malkuth : Keter is Sariel's scepter, crafted from the core of the Tree of Knowledge and crowned with a gem offered to Sariel by Lucifer himself for her tenth birthday. It is purple, to represent her title of "God's Princess". When released, Keter amplifies Sariel's magical and divine power to unseen extremes, making her able of going toe-to-toe against most known deities. It is however sealed away, and its inactive form is used by Zaheel as a walking cane. (For Keter, see Sariel's appearance)

Malkuth is Sariel's armor, that she wears whenever she manifests as Sariel the Archangel. It was made from the bark of the Tree of Life, and as such grants her body the regenerative properties of Eden, as she naturally lacks self-healing as a balance to her tremendous power, and whenever she manifests herself as an archangel instead of a simple person her power is such that the universe itself tries to erase her by forcing entropy on her, which makes Malkuth her only means of survival outside of Heaven or Hell.
Keter Malkuth.jpg

Ark of the Covenant : this mythical chest is the place in which are sealed Zaheel's and Sariel's weapons. It is also where reside the souls and divine cores of the three gods of Zaheel's covenant (as the Ark's role is [Preservation], should the link between them and Zaheel be cut in a manner other than her death, they would be able to endure almost forever, their power fueling the ark's internal regeneration, ensuring their survival for billions of years. Inside the Ark also lie the real Maanna, Ea and Gallû as no other storage is able to withstand those weapons' power. Keter is also sealed in there. The combined amount of divine power radiating from the Ark generates a field of power bright enough to make Venus mistaken for a star (as the distorted timefield spreads the light all around the planet), while also providing a second defensive layer around the inner parts of Heaven. The two angels on the lid of the Ark represent Zaheel and Sariel, both winged but flightless, having chosen to soar in mind rather than in body. They acquired the Ark when Jerusalem fell and Solomon's temple was ransacked and the Tablets of Stone taken out of it. They used the cover of the night to bring the ark to safety, and it now lies in their bedchamber at the top of the Tower of Babel. The legend that makes the Ark lethal to touch comes from the sheer power that emanates from it. Standing close to the Ark, for someone who is not accustomed to divine power, is akin to standing close to an open, overloaded and melting nuclear reactor. Directly touching the Ark sends a surge of divine power through the poor victim of such a magnitude that body and soul are annihilated.

Zaheel's Appearance :
Sariel Human.jpg
Sariel's Appearance :
Sariel Divine.jpg

Behavior and Ranking (Average of Zaheel and Sariel)
Raw Power
~ 99/100
Visibility ~ 60/100
Success ~ 87/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 50/100
Ranking ~ N/A
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (They don't voice their opinions)
Property Damage ~ 10/100
Lethality ~ 25/100
Rescue ~ 25/100
Tenure ~ 7048 years

Seven thousand and fifty-eight years ago... In Heaven and on Earth, a girl was born.

In Heaven was Sariel - so small, so frail... a body that was almost transparent, and a soul that shone within. A soul that was perfect, so perfect... too perfect. It was an epitome of perfection such that things like thought, emotion or feeling could not take ahold of it. There was only power, and power shattered her. Her soul was a perfect sphere, of a colour that had no name. Sariel was a being beyond all others, at least in concept. The realization of that concept had cost her her body, and would cost her her soul too. Her soul broke from the inside, her own power charring her insides black, turning what could have been a flourishing valley into a blasted wasteland. Sariel was to be a destroyed destroyer. She would do nothing but bring her power to bear against the enemies of Heaven.

On Earth was Zaheel - the daughter of a king, and promised to priesthood. Zaheel was imperfect. Her body was one that attracted many looks, but her soul was a chaotic maelström of emotions, thoughts and feelings. She was unable to live, as her emotions were destroying her from the inside, unable to fit within her soul. Her parents thought that the power of the gods would be able to give her a normal life. Zaheel agreed to become a priestess and to form a covenant with the gods - essentially becoming a living sacrifice to the three great gods of mesopotamia. In order to prepare her for the ritual, an entire year was needed, and on her tenth birthday, it was conducted.

On her tenth birthday, Lucifer had taken pity of his younger sister, and sneaked out of Heaven to meet with the prominent deities of that era in the hopes that they would be able to save her. He went to Anu, king of the ancient gods, and to Ishtar and Ereshkigal, the twin goddesses of life and death. He asked them if they could heal Sariel's soul, if they could make her whole again, and allow her to live fully. The three gods held council, and offered to Lucifer an alternative option, as healing Sariel's soul was merely a temporary alternative. They had a new priestess who had too much emotion, and he wanted them to heal a girl who had none at all. The three gods made a covenant with Zaheel, with the condition that she merged her soul with Sariel's.

Knowing the pain of being broken inside, knowing how it felt to not be whole because of perfection and imperfection, Zaheel agreed to the condition. And the ritual began. For six times six hours, Sariel was laying on the altar in Anu's divine realm, and for six times six hours Zaheel was laying down on the altar in Enlil's temple in Uruk. And for six times six hours, Lucifer unravelled both of their souls, Enlil, Ishtar and Ereshkigal weaving them together as one once more. For the four of them, it was not merely making a soul whole again - any of them could do that on a whim. No, it was an act akin to Genesis. With the tip of his sword, Enlil spun the matter and energy of their souls into one, essentially creating a world from the both of them. With her fingers and her breath, Ishtar healed the pieces of the shattered souls, unifying the new world Enlil was creating. And with their palms, Lucifer and Ereshkigal guided the unified world-soul into both Sariel and Zaheel, for six times six hours.

With that ritual, much had been given and lost to and for both girls. Sariel now could be more than a simple weapon, and although her body remained weak, her power was now hers truly and not just the one who ordered her around's, and she could finally feel, live and experience the world. Zaheel was no longer overwhelmed nor drowned in her own emotions, and although some of her energy went to Sariel, as to let the other girl live normally, she could finally be at peace, her mind able to rest from the tumult of her chaotic emotions. Sariel had been brought Chaos and had lost part of her power to attain true existence; Zaheel had been brought Order and had lost part of her strength to attain inner peace. And now the two of them had become as one, closer than any other being that were, and yet so different that they just couldn't be called the same. They acknowledged each other as twin sisters.

And Sariel rose from the altar, giving a wholehearted bow to the three gods to thank them for their help. And she went, embracing Lucifer with more love and thankfulness than he had ever felt, and her first word in her true existence was "Thank you." And Lucifer cried, and his tear became a magnificent gem that he gave to Sariel. But he knew that something had changed within him. Bringing Sariel to the three gods had been the first of his treacheries.


Many years, many decades, many centuries and millennia later, Zaheel and Sariel were the only remaining ones with true faith towards the gods of Mesopotamia, who had given them true life. And they would never forget that debt. Now they wander the world, putting the dead to rest, repairing the wounds in the world, travelling the Heavens, and desperately seeking for a way to redeem Lucifer. The twin sisters would never forget the debt they had to their big brother.
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Secret Identity: Public Secret
Name: Thomas Black
Alias: The Beast
Class:S Class
Function: Fighter...no that's it.
Type:Melee: Shield/Barrier, Other (Sheer muscle)
Ability classification: Strength: 10/10, Speed: 4/10, Size:3/10 Invulnerability: 8/10 (scaling with rage and adrenaline) Tech: other, Other: (rebirth, time taken fluctuates) (irradiated physiology)
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Family Members: His daughter Selene Black (Currently with foster parents, 12 years old), Wife Juliet Black ( Whereabouts unknown, 42)
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Significant Other: His missing wife, Juliet
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Unusual
Team Size: If working with others, usually a team of two or three
Cooperativeness Scale: ...Just don't stand between him and what he's after?
Common Gear: His phone, his wallet with family photos, some spare change
Civilian Appearance:

'Costumed' Appearance:

In-depth Power Analysis:
  • The beast, by all means, has the potential to reach strength levels that should be impossible for any entity. This is not to say he possesses it, but rather to say the potential is there. His strength increases exponentially with the increases in aggression, rage, excitement, stress, and adrenaline that surges through his brain and body. It is also naturally limited by Thomas, who has some semblance of control of the beast that rampages around. Should this 'limiter' be removed, there is nothing stopping the limited intelligence creature from going to unfathomable strength levels. Because of his strength, he is capable of super-human leaps of massive distance, and amazing speeds. His strength can also be used in unconventional fashions, such as slamming his hands together to create a massive gust of wind and soundwave, smash the ground with his limbs to create tremors and destroy structures.
  • The stamina fueling this thing is hard to track. The body seems to not produce fatigue toxins. Military reports and eye aircraft have reported that it managed to travel an entire day at top speed with almost no signs of exhaustion. It shortly reverted back to Thomas after a lack of stimuli.
  • Much like his strength, the durability of The Beast correlates to the stimuli affecting him. Even in a docile state, weaponry bounces off his skin and muscle, blades bounce. Specialized weapons have been proven to be able to pierce his skin, though as his rage and other factors increase, they become less effective.
  • Thomas has had multiple attempts on his life, some by his own hand. However, as soon as harm becomes apparent, The Beast yanks control. Thomas has been cited as saying 'I jumped on a grenade while I was out in the field, nothing happened.'
  • The beast has high regenerative ability, to the point it can restore it's body if it was completely incinerated down to the bare muscle. This regenerative ability also causes it to be immune to disease, age slower to the point of biological immortality (this is hypothesized by military analysts).
  • The beast has been shown to have high adaptability for hostile environments, once being used for the recovery of a sunken craft at sea without the need of a suit.
  • Very minor telepathic resistance, but only at the peak of its rage. A strong telepath is unaffected by this, as it's been used by the military to subdue him as needed.
  • Radiation Absorption, the beast's body acts like a massive sponge for gamma radiations, soaking it up and using it as a battery. In one instance this was used to clear up a reactor melt-down before it reached critical. Other forms of radiation neither harm nor hinder.
  • Rebirth. On four separate occasions, the beast has seemingly been killed. Written off as dead, it was a week later that it resurfaced. Eye witness reports that the beast was seen crawling out of a black rectangle column, only for it to disappear behind it. It seems that its 'respawn' times are random and hard to track, each taking a different amount of time due to factors not yet understood. Thomas claims to have no memory of this event happening.
  • Growth: The angrier the beast becomes, the larger it grows, up to a maximum size of 68 feet tall.
  • As Thomas, he possesses a high intellect, which is attributed to previous schooling and duties.
  • Multi-lingual, Thomas is fluent in Latin. He also has a basic grasp of French and german.
Weaknesses used by the military to control and slow, Confidential, do not distribute!
  • As the beast's body is driven not only by its mental stimuli but radiation as well if one could drain him of his energy they could incapacitate him for a short time. Attempts to kill the beast through this method have proved fruitless, though he has been rendered comatose after extended draining.
  • Thomas intentionally limits The Beast, and some military units have been trained to reason with it to the extent it calms down entirely, reverting it back into a simple man.
  • Great doses of gas can neutralize The Beast for collection, so long as they are inhaled quickly in order to prevent it from adapting. A military tactic has been to trap it in a containment cell and flood it, then collect the unconscious body.
  • If one can suppress his natural adrenaline, the Beast loses fuel, until it peters out and passes out or reverts back. As previously cited, specially trained operatives can suppress his rage with reason and calming effects, earning the same result.
  • Psychic warfare is a reliable counter to the simple-minded creature, allowing it to be taken back into control. All psychics are advised to subdue the CORRECT portion of the mind of the beast, and not Thomas himself. Making this mistake causes the human to lose whatever restraint he is inflicting on him. If in doubt, subdue all of his minds for collection.
  • It is theorized that extensive damage to his hypothalamus could result in its death. This has not been tested, due to the obvious use he has to armed forces.

Behavior and Ranking
Employer: Military, special service units
Raw Power: 100/100 (scaling appropriately to adrenaline, rage, and how much Thomas can reign in his other half)
Visibility: 100/100 (how the hell are you NOT going to see him?)
Success: 65/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 95/100
Ranking: 100/100
Political Abrasiveness: 75/100
Property Damage: 10/100
Lethality: 15/100
Rescue: 45/100
Tenure: 10/100

Backstory: Thomas, at the age of thirty-three, was one of the leading minds in nuclear engineering, aided in part by his wife Juliet. He had laid the groundwork for an improved reactor that could in theory power more than any conventional reactor of the day. However, as with all such technology, came risks. In order to field test this, a test facility was created in the Sonoran Desert, far away from any possible human contact. On the day of the field test everything seemed to be running fine, all readouts were correct...at least, at first. Suddenly and without warning, the experimental reactor began to suffer a critical meltdown, the likes of which could be devastating. Thomas, on the facility with his wife, quickly began to do what he could to shut it down, or at least limit the devastation. The facility was quickly evacuated under his orders, his wife drug off by colleagues despite her pleading to stay and help.

As the scientist rushed through the facility trying his damndest to shut it all down, he came to the pitiful realization that nothing he could do would stop this, only make it less terrible. He barely had the time to work himself into a suit before rushing into the room. It served no protection from the intense radiation spiking the area, but it served enough of a purpose to prevent him from dying from excruciating heat death. Managing to just barely shut it down, the last thing any of the evacuees saw was the test lab going up in a massive explosion, the likes that should have atomized the poor husband and father. Many were led to believe he had died an awful, but quick, death. But then there came reports of something in the desert, terrorizing small towns and spots of civilization. The devastation was on levels unheard of, to the point military forces were enlisted to intervene.

What followed was a three month game of cat and mouse, military convoys, and groups being decimated on each deployment. It is unclear how it was accomplished, as all information on the matter is confidential, though this creature was subdued, only to be revealed to be the thought to be dead scientist. Military forces took him into custody and subjected him to study, repeatedly asserting and or requesting he cooperate with them. When he made the request to see his wife, he was informed that she had been taken into witness protection for her own safety, leaving the poor man depressed and out of options.

After another three months, he agreed to cooperate, the pushing point being the Occard Alliance attack. He couldn't stand by when he had 'great power that could be used to prevent it from happening again' as it was explained to him. Thomas has been employed by military forces for the span of ten years, being used as a controlled weapon to subdue extremists, supers, and terrorists both domestic and abroad. Thomas has expressed regret for everything that's happened and is in constant contact with therapeutic services.
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Personal Information File
Secret Identity:
Name: Charlie L Carthine
Alias(es): Narava
Function: Jack of all trades
Type: Bowman
Ability Classification: Divine Magic
Sex: female
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Family Member(s): Ms.Carthine Mr.Carthine
Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Significant Other(s): none
Hideout Location: none
Team Size/Composition: TBD
Cooperativeness Scale: Actively searching for a group to work with
Common Gear: Her bow

Charlie is a sweet and loving girl, protective and caring, strong willed, softy, collected, quiet.
Charlie grew up her entire life watching hero's, watching them go off to save the world in every way. She wanted to be one, so badly but she was nothing more than a little girl, a powerless, normal little girl. She went through her Childhood like normal. A more rural girl thanks to her father being a rancher. Ever since she could remember she was into Archery. Growing up she would shoot every day, after school, before school, lunch time. It was her passion and she even went on to win trophies for it. Still though she always had that deep dream in the back of her mind. To be a hero, to save people. It wasnt till she turned 19 that her dream was granted in the form of an accident. She had gone out in the middle of the night with friends exploring the woods around town... they crashed into a tree going 40 and died, or so she thought. She was awakened by a being. A beautiful 9 foot tall woman with elk horns. She handed Charlie a bow, with no string, made from Deer antlers and crystals that glowed. Upon touching the bow she was healed and given the power of the god.

That night she and her friends where saved but she was gifted with powers, A bow that shot any arrow she could dream of, ones that healed, ones that grew things, others that caused weather phenomena or turned into the elements, even others that could move like she was remote controlling them. It took her time but slowly she grew to control her powers with practice in the year between her ascension and her coming out. She also grew from her average height to just around 7 and a half feet tall.

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 80/100
Visibility ~ 086/100
Success ~ ???/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 080/100
Ranking ~ ---/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 075/100
Property Damage ~ ???/100
Lethality ~ 098/100
Rescue ~ 098/100
Tenure ~ 000/100
an arrow that "pierces" her allys and heals them from within
Water, Earth, Air, Fire arrows
an arrow she can shoot that makes a wire she can run on and traverse.
an arrow that bursts into a bunch of vines that entangle and snare people
an arrow that engulfs a 10 foot area in a massive "bubble" of thick tree roots like a shield
an arrow that when it hits a target spreads out into a little storm of 10 other arrows
an arrow that fly's faster than any normal arrow, is easily armor piercing, and is powered by the divine power of the god herself making it immune to magic
an arrow that when shot is flown through the air with her mind, Shes able to see through it and control it as it moves but as soon as the arrow is taken out or hit something her sight through it disappears
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Samantha J Waters
Alias(es): The bladed wolf,
Formerly S
Function: Fighter
Type: General weapons expert
Ability Classification: Snap Magic/ tech
Gender: female
Age: 28
Race: Wolf girl
Family Member(s):
Her daughter Amelia
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Significant Other(s): Used to be married
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location:Her old hideout consisted of a undisclosed military base, currently though Her current Apartment (used to be cleaner)
Cooperation: When she was active it was uncommon
Cooperativeness Scale: retired
Common Gear: Her swords
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:(edited)
Samantha used to be an Angel, sweet, kind, caring of everyone and an unbending sense of justice for those less powerful than herself. She used to be hyper, energetic and always happy. She refused to fail and it showed in her performance. It has been to long since then and she is nowhere near the same person. Now she has turned colder to the world, Blunt, uncaring, and even rude at times. She would much rather worry about herself these days than others after whats happened to her. She hates the thought of children or whenever people bring it up, It reminds her of her child she can no longer see, Her sweet Amelia.
Samantha grew up in a poor neighborhood with her mother. Growing up she always idolized hero's of that time, watching them save the world, owning all there toys and posters. In all honesty it was only a matter of time till she would follow in there footsteps. When she hit the age of 10 a private company came along, they specialized in training up new hero's and requested for Samantha to join them. needless to say Samantha joined even if her mother strongly rejected the offer. She knew it was illegal but this was her chance to be like her idols, to save millions and fight villains. It was her dream come true and she fought as hard as she could through the training till she turned 19, leaving her training and joining the military's force of hero's. The good old days as she saw them, loved by the public, saving people every day and seeing the world, She was known the world around as one of the best Hero's there was. It was heaven and her life had only just begun. She ran solo most of her career unless requested to play with others by the military. At the age of 22 she met her ex husband. At the time he as perfect and they hit it off immediately, he was perfect for her and her perfect for him, A fresh officer who had been stationed at the base, he had taken the wrong turn on the way to his office and ended up in her training room. It was rather obvious when they became a couple. Tyler and Samantha dated for 2 years before he proposed to her which she happily accepted. Everything was perfect, she had her husband, her job,The love of millions and not to long after, a beautiful baby girl she named Amelia. Though she didn't see it at the time that was the start of her downfall. she was 25 when the struggles started to show, her and Tyler started fighting here and there, him feeling to alone due to her constant absence from his life. Her daughter was 2, Her husband taking sole care of Amelia while Samantha was off saving the world, In her eyes she was cleaning the world for her Daughter, She was till happy. A few fights grew pretty bad with Tyler here and there over the next year but still she was happy, she had him and her daughter still. Her happiness didn't last though, She came home one day to her husband demanding a divorce, Saying she didn't love him or her daughter anymore and planned to take Amelia with him. It brought more struggles on top of Heroing, Fighting crime as well as legal battles over the next year for her child drained Samantha to no end, her performance tanked in battle, she grew cold started to drink and smoke in the year she fought for her child. In the end though she messed up. Missing multiple court dates, trying to juggle hero work and court, numerous fights with Tyler all built up to one single point, her worst mistake of her life. It was one of the last court dates when she grew to angered by it all and drew her sword on Tyler, demanding to see her daughter. The judge gave Tyler full rights to Amelia and barred Samantha from seeing her daughter a week later, under the premise that Samantha could go rogue and end up attacking Tyler. It broke her heart, she lost her husband, her child, and not long after her job, her Failing performance wasn't taken lightly and the military cared little for her personal issues, so they retired her and let her go into the world. Of course kept under watch though. She took her freedom to drink her sorrows away in La, not even knowing where Amelia was or how she was doing hurt her to no end.
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 95/100
Visibility ~ 076/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ (When she was active) 99/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ (When she was active) 92/100 (now) 40/100
Ranking ~ (Formerly)100/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 60/100
Property Damage ~ 050/100
Lethality ~ 60/100
Rescue ~ 80/100
Tenure ~ 007/100
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Secret Identity: Unkown
Name: Rita Quinn
Alias(es): Paradox
Threat level: 2
Function: Fighter
Type: Ranged psychic
Ability Classification: High leveled Telekinesis (can make a full football field (110 Meters) feel like its on jupiters gravity)
Sex: female
Gender: female
Age: 14
Family Member(s): Both parents are deceased
Sexual Preference: Villiany
Significant Other(s): no
Hideout: yes
Hideout Location: her house
Common Gear: A simple dress with carbon fiber padding as well as a knife and tazer she bought online. The book if just for appearance
Civilian Appearance: Bernadetta_Heroes-1.png
Costumed Appearance:c4893da8ba257165eacf8991b85698d0.png
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~70/100
Visibility ~ 60/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ n/a/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 80/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 80/100
Property Damage ~ -10/100
Lethality ~ 50/100
Rita Quinn was a high level psychic from birth. However there was no fancy school for gifted. No fancy tutors and teachers to help her. Only her mother and father. Who were less then gifted. With the mother a real estate agent and Father head of a construction company to say they were well off was an understatement. But none of that fortune was spent on Rita, instead she recieved beatings and scolding. The only thing she was allowed to use her abilities for was to entertain at parties. A failure during entertaining usually ended with a bottle over her head or a belt to the skin. Finally she was freed from her misery when one odd day her parents car was crushed by a villian during a fight agaisnt a hero. When she heard that news. she looked for news reports and watched that happen on TV over and over. Finally their burial came around and while there was silence. No one could ignore the giant smile upon Rita's face the whole ceremony. Rita inherited the paid off house and most of her families finances. Placed under the care of a supervisor that would visit daily. She obsessed over villians. And that obsession slowly turned into near fanaticism. Hiring a hypnotist she had the Child care worker put under a trance to not be questioned and joined a D-list team of villians. Until they were hired By havoc.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Publically Known
Name : Alkaid Keaton
Alias(es) : Steel Sun
Class : Class A
Function : Recovery/Rescue, Investigator
Employer : Freelance
Type : Melee (Shield/Barrier, Martial artist), Ranged (Sniper), Other (Coordinator/Buffer)
Ability Classification :

  • Alkaid has pushed technomancy to the extreme and as such is able to interface with most systems, electronical or magical, and her skill has led to her eyes awakening into permanent structural analysis. In addition, she is able to force her "OS" onto the world and change a localized piece of information, for example the thickness of a wall or the material constituting a support beam, albeit doing so consumes a lot of energy. Finally, technomancy has seeped into her body to the point that she no longer counts as human and more as a "perfect mechanical reproduction of a human" (AKA an android), and she is able to turn herself into information and travel through virtual spaces as a dimension of their own.

Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Age : 30
Family Member(s) : Keaton family, Rosenrot (divorced), Abaddon (ex-father in law), Levanah (daughter)
Sexual Preference : Homosexual
Significant Other(s) : Ex-husband Rosenrot, divorced on amicable terms with alternate custody of their daughter Levanah.



Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Keaton Household
Cooperation : Frequent
Team Size/Composition : -
Cooperativeness Scale : "You fight the baddies, I save the civilians"
Common Gear : Pixellarius Armor (see costumed appearance for visual) - has little to no effective armoring, but protects against things such as the vacuum of space, high pressure, toxins in the air and informatic attacks on Alkaid's mind. It also bolsters her technomancy, allowing her to interface with virtual magic systems (AKA spells, though they must not have been cast yet, or be permanent spells, such as ritual circles). It was a wedding gift from her husband's family.
Civilian Appearance :


Costumed Appearance :


Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 50/100
Visibility ~ 75/100
Success ~ 95/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100
Ranking ~ 80/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 90/100
Property Damage ~ 90/100
Lethality ~ 95/100
Rescue ~ 100/100
Tenure ~ 8/100

Total = 783
Ranking = 78.3

Alkaid is a member of the Keaton family. Niece of the current matriarch Rosemary and the black sheep Henry Keaton, she was always overshadowed by greater than herself; she was no slouch though, having become an A-class hero specialized in rescue and investigation at the early age of 18. In many situations that occurred, the number of victims was kept low thanks to her presence.

Hell, she even thought she had found the love of her life in the presence of the demon Rosenrot of the Hazevines, son of the demon lord Abbadon - they even had a lovely kid together, a daughter called Levanah, who is well on her way to become a hero herself - thought being the key-word here. Her relationship with Rosenrot, while undeniably filled with love and passion, was tense and sometimes brimming with conflict between the two. It wasn't a matter of clashing worldviews, but simply of preferences. For a couple formed by two people who liked to be dominant in the bedroom, interactions often devolve into a competition for either to come out on top, above the other. Though being the responsible adults they were, Alkaid and Rosenrot kept Levanah out of their squabbles' range - children have not to be involved in adults' matters.

The explosion shattered that - okay not so calm - arranged life, obliterating most of the Big Names and half of her family. And the aftermath... Countless days and nights she spent excavating the debris, desperately looking for anything, anyone under the rubble, only to find nothing and yet keep going. Part of her mind thought that now that the A-list heroes were evaporated, it was time for the B-list heroes like her to shine... But she was too broken to even consider it as a truth. All she could see were the countless lives lost in the explosion, the unnunmbered souls that she had failed to save. She metaphorically reeled back under the impact, starting to drink, working less and less, simply overtaken by despair.

It was around that time that her husband and her came to the conclusion that they had to divorce, for the well-being of everyone involved - they could not support each other through life if they were in constant opposition, and with how poorly was Alkaid dealing with the aftermath, their marriage could very well devolve into a toxic and abusive relationship, which not only was the worst kind of relationship, it was also the worst possible environment for a young child. It went more or less smoothly, and they remained on good terms, Alkaid even helping Rosenrot to find a new partner, while she remained single, while they shared custody of Levanah. The divorce and subsequent situation allowed her to more or less get a grasp on her life back and she clawed her way back to the top of the A-class rescuers in a couple years.
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Personal Information File
Secret Identity:
Name: Yami
Alias(es): The white Yokai, Demon of fortune
Class: none
Type: Buffer
Ability Classification: Divine/Other
Sex: Maleable
Gender: unknown
Age: 835
Family Member(s): none
Sexual Preference: none
Significant Other(s): none
Cooperation: Common
Cooperativeness Scale: Needs someone at all times
Common Gear: none
Civilian Appearance:
Personality: Yami is innocent to say the least, whether it ignores the troubles of the world or is simply to innocent to know of them is unknown. It is sweet, playful, hyper and always looking for attention from whoever it is they are currently attached too. Often acting more childlike or even puppy-like than anything else and seeing their attachment as their parent.

Background: Yami is a well,? a curious being in the world of Yokai, a trade secret of many super powered beings as a treasure. Being sought out for its rare ability of enhancing its attachment's abilities beyond their previous levels. A sought after prize for those seeking more power if they are willing to dig deep enough to uncover the secret that is Yami. Yami has bounced between some of the most powerful individuals in history. Always in the background and kept secret from the public. As to be expected from something like this Yami’s power has always come at a price, for Yami always asks for something before attaching its soul to the one that can succeed in pleasing the being. On top of it all 4 simple Rules come for the holder of Yami to uphold. 1 never take Yami for granted. 2 Never turn against Yami, to use your new power on yami or harm it is to erase yourself from existence. 3 never keep secrets from Yami, to do so is to betray the power given. 4 Love Yami and they shall love you, for once the love is lost so is the power.
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 43/100
Visibility ~ 0/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ ???/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ ???/100
Ranking ~ ???/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ ???/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ ???/100
Lethality ~ 100/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 000/100
Tenure ~ 000/100
While Yami's power is in theory limitless it always has a cap on how much of an increase the attachment can get from it no matter how well they perform in the rules of caring for Yami. To put Yami’s power simply it’s literally just a general buff to everything of the user, from physical prowess to their powers. Through the soul binding she buffs the the raw power stat of her holder, but the buff changes depending on ranking.

If an S class has yami their point buff is only 1 with a variable buff of 3, If a A class has Yami their point buff is 2 with a variable buff of 5, B class is a buff of 4 with a variable of 7, C is a buff of 7 with a variable of 9, and D is a buff of 12 with a variable of 15. Yami’s buff comes in the form of 2 stages of buffing the first being a base overall buff and the second being a fluctuating variable buff depending on how much love and care for Yami her holder has. In other words if Yami is treated more like an object the holder won't have as much of a power increase and vise versa. They become inseparable till either the holder of Yami dies, or one of the rules is broken by the holder of Yami effectively breaking the bond and losing all power Yami gave them. Perhaps the biggest draw back of it is that Yami will always be by their side. While not attached at the hip Yami is unable to leave a 20 meter radius from the person she is attached to And will often refuse to even get close to being that far away from them.
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Secret Identity: Publicly known
Name: Myriad Everstar
Alias(es): Emissary of the fairies. Fairy champion.
Function: Fighter, Healer
Type: Swordsman, Wizard. Druid. Enchanter Armor user.
Ability Classification: Nature and Arcane magic. Fairy. Increased strength, (Easily able to lift a motorcycle at normal size), Speed, -3 size, Natural flying. Light bending and metamorphosis
Myriad is proliferation in several elements of magic and nature manipulation, and can use the six main Elements: light dark fire earth air water and wind to varying degrees of spells. in order of skill level best to worst: Wind Light Fire water Dark Earth. She is a skilled swords woman and war hammer user. As such she pilots a mythril armor bestowed to fairy champions. Able to take withstand temperatures up to the heat of dragons breath and withstand the forces of Minotaur and giants. its no short sense to state the mythical armor is a walking fortress for myriad. However her strongest form. Is soul metamorphosis. She can keep a humanoid form by expanding her soul to fill the shape of a human. She can only do this for 12 hours, before needing to rest her soul for a day or so. Just as well, if she does so too often, her soul can become adjusted to the human shape, and it can be uncomfortable, or even painful to change back. As this is a literal manifestation of their soul. It has become Resilient to physical force halfing physical damage. But weak to magic receiving more damage (around 30%), and Any soul harming attacks will directly affect their soul. It is unknown how long the Soul Metamorphosis lasts. Do not be mistaken. this is a champion of fairies most powerful form. and allows them strength and magic that of which reaches a fraction of Oberon and Titania.
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 200 years.
Family Member(s): None
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: No
Cooperation: Solo
Cooperativeness Scale:
Common Gear: She uses a Mythril suit of armor and mythril hammer bestowed to her by Oberon Himself. This hammer functions as a staff able to channel mana from the surroundings instead of drawing from the users internal mana. Within her suit lies a mythril sword and clothes that is to be used by her soul metamorph forms.
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:
mythril armor

soul metamorphosis
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 89/100
Visibility ~ 64/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 62/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 70/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~ ---/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 10/100 (if you count repeatedly saying humanity needs a great purge as a political opinion)
Property Damage ~ 78/100
Lethality ~ 65/100
Rescue ~ 80/100
Tenure ~ 50/100 (shes been a champion for 50 years. )

A simple fairy born in the woodland fair village deep in the Canadian wilderness. She spent her childhood playing among the flowers. Talking with animals. and lazing about. However that changed when her village was unknowingly destroyed by a logging company. she was but a child. unable to do anything for risk of exposing herself. She had heard stories of what happened to faeries found by humna.s Crushed into dust. Made into pets in cages. She was terrified... But after the Travesty she met her mentor. Yuliane. Who took her in. and asked her if she would have prevented it if she had the power. In tears she answered yes. And thus began her hellish 170 year training. Training to become a champion. She dint know, but Yulaine herself was a champion. Champions of fairies are fairies who have trained their entire life for one soul reason. To protect the fairy lands across the world. And upon being taken to the realm of Oberon and Titania she proved herself in the trials. and was bestowed her armor. hammer and sword. and sent to California to protect the villages of fairies there.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Anna Unsterblich
Alias(es) : Eliminator, the Lady in Black
Threat Level : Four
Function : Assassin
Type : Other
Ability Classification :
Eternal youth, agelesness, infinite lifespan, immunity to any and all time effects, all provided by an artifact called the Harp of Bor (the music instrument of Bor, the long-gone father of the norse god Odin). Nowadays the Harp has the likeness of an extremely intricate clockwork violin, complete with miniature orrery and impossibly cool but impractical bow. The artifact sustains the existence of its owner until the death of the latter, but playing it is addictive and a requirement for the effects of the artifact to apply. If a year is spent without playing the Harp, its effects will begin to unravel and time will catch on. By the next year, the wielder will have died of old age. As long as six months after the first year have not passed, it is possible to "rewind" the Harp by playing it, restoring its effects in full, but if the mark is passed, playing it will only stave off the degeneration, and if nine months pass it will only slow the inevitable decay and death. Not playing the Harp for more than a week also has severe withdrawal effects, such as profound lethargy (or insomnia), hallucinations, loss of balance, loss of appetite, etc.

Eyes of the Ancient One - After having been wielding the power of an ancient god for over a century, Anna's body has adapted to the divine essence, and slowly developed slight mutations. The most notable is the one in her eyes, that are basically always-active fear-inducing eyebeams, though she can concentrate to amplify or almost entirely negate the effect towards a certain person. When she glances over a scene, she can inspire dread in a moderate-sized crowd by presence alone.

Also has polished martial art skills and long-range firearms expertise, though not at superhuman levels; sings like an angel, when she can muster the will for it.

Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Age : 155 (born in 1903), stopped aging in 1935 (32 years old).
Family Member(s) : Parents (deceased)
Sexual Preference : Demisexual
Significant Other(s) : Reinhard Heydrich (High-ranking nazi dignitary, assassinated by resistance fighters in 1942), Dominik Cerny (Czech resistance fighter who killed Heydrich, killed by a powered soviet agent in 1961), Edwin "Anthrax" Monroch (english eco-activist, killed during a DMPS investigation in 1983), Julie Selliac (French firefighter, killed by a maniac while on duty during the great storms of 1999), Lucy Arrows (tabloid journalist, currently alive and well and seeking a better job - picture below)
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : A cool manor near LA, not visible on any map.
Cooperation : "Solo"
Team Size/Composition : Has two battalions (total 48 men) of repurposed elite rangers of the Schutzstaffeln at her command. They're not so much fanatical nazis anymore nowadays and more entirely devoted to their lady doom troops. They may or not have norsepower in their weaponry and armor.
Cooperativeness Scale : Doesn't cooperate with anyone besides her troops.
Common Gear : At home, the Harp of Bor. Outside of home, a PGM Hecate II sniper rifle and a rune-inscribed ghillie suit that makes her unnoticeable unless you know what you're looking for, and even then she'd be hard to catch.
Civilian Appearance :

Costumed Appearance :

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 0/100
Discretion ~ 100/100
Success ~ 95/100
Out of Combat Reputation (among non-villains) ~ 80/100
Ranking ~ 80/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ n/A/100
Property Damage (civilian perspective) ~ 100/100
Lethality (civilian perspective) ~ 0/100
Rescue (civilian perspective) ~ 40/100
Tenure ~ 100/100

Anna was born in a family of the old German aristocracy, dating back to the glory days of the IInd Deutsches Reich, though admittedly her own parents achieved nothing extraordinary besides surviving World War One, as they were both serving on the front lines (her father as a commissioned officer and her mother as an army nurse) and falling in love with each other. Anna grew up to be a well-educated "proper lady", though contrary to the custom she remained out of any political matter, the seclusion in which she had lived in her early years having developed within her a nearly-paralyzing agoraphobia and a fear of interpersonal relationships that virtually blocked her from basically expressing any opinion for fear of a panic attack in public. As such, she remained mostly sheltered in her parents' residence, at least until a certain Reinhart Heydrich came to court her in 1928...

They got married happily and inconspicuously, and they soon became essential to one another. Heydrich was the only one who could crack Anna's shell and helped her grow out of her social anxiety, and she was the only one for whom he had any reason to retain any shred of morality or sanity. He even drove her to start her singer career, in the hopes of completely ridding her of her insecurities, and she was met with thunderous applause and received the nickname of Die Heydrichen Häher - Heydrich's Hummingbird (I know that Häher means jay but I love me alliteration). In 1935, he even offered her a mystical artifact that he had uncovered in Norway for their wedding anniversary. Along with greatly enhancing her already-stellar public performances, it also had the unexpected effect of making her ageless, preserving her youth as long as she would hold onto it.

However, even with all the care he took to preserve her from witnessing the atrocities of the Third Reich, when she started asking questions there were very few who could resist the innocence of the Hummingbird, and thus she gradually discovered the harsh reality of the regime and her husband's actions. Their marriage grew... tense, to say the least. They became estranged and grim, darkened by the indelible ink of Heydrich's monstrous crimes, but they had grown so much together that they were too intertwined to even consider a separation. Even if she hated what he had done, how his actions had twisted him, she could not find the resolve to hate him, and on the other side of the coin he could not find the strength to let go of his relationship with her, for fear of what would happen to her if he ditched her.

And then came 1942 and Heydrich was assassinated by czech resistance fighters in their home and Anna kidnapped and taken hostage as a demonstration of the vulnerability of the Reich's leaders in the places they believed themselves most safe. For three months, Anna was held captive in a small underground cell, with no other contact than her captors, and the shock of her husband's death combined with the trauma of what she was experiencing extracted a heavy toll on her fragile psyche, and she suffered several panic attacks that her jailers first believed to be fake, until she actually had a stroke and would have died if it wasn't for Dominik Cerny, the only one of the resistance fighters who actually had any medical experience - ironically, he was also the one who shot Heydrich dead three months before. After this event, Stockholm syndrome hit her at full power, and she fell for Dominik.

Fast forward almost twenty years, Dominik was present in Berlin a certain night of 1961 as a diplomatic agent for czechoslovakia. On Stalin's orders, soviet workers and soldiers built in one night a huge wall encasing all of Berlin-west, cutting the city from the rest of Germany, at least on ground level. In the same motion, several agents belonging to countries that refused the USSR's rule (such as czechoslovakia) were assassinated to weaken those countries' presence on the international scene; Dominik among them. The news report for his death was allegedly "something not out of place for a slasher movie" if one considered the gruesomeness of the scene. Double whammy for Anna - on top of that, she was the one to discover him mangled in the bathroom, and experienced full-force the magical echo of the scene that the murderer had left behind.

After another very intense mental breakdown, she exiled herself to the UK, where she intended to live alone and reclusive just like she was in her early years, but she was facing the issue of not having the financial means to do so; in addition, the Harp's power had grown so much into her that she felt almost in permanence the need to play it, like a knot in her stomach. All she could afford was a small apartment with a deadbeat flatmate, an ecologist activist called Edwin "Anthrax" Monroch, the leader of a small pro-ecology movement, who had the power to control pathogens; obviously, this had put him on a government watchlist, but Monroch was more of a hippie than an ecoterrorist. Edwin and Anna lived together for maybe fifteen years, the former keeping his peaceful political attitude, being keener on getting high on shrooms than on toppling the government for ecological reasons.

One day however, what should have been a routine check by the police forces - they just casually came to see if Monroch had not devolved into criminal activity, and he usually was too stoned to even understand what they wanted with him, so it boiled down to Anna sharing a beer with the officers for a short hour while Edwin was laying on his couch too busy being high. Usually. One day, the leader of the people who came was a bratty, self-righteous hero, and it quickly became clear that he had come with the sole purpose to cause a scene, and he got into a heated argument with Edwin, whom for once was in a more or less normal state. The hero, however, made the mistake to indirectly threaten Anna; Edwin and her had grown close over the years, not to the point of forming a romantic relationship, more like best buddies. He found that she had this "old-fashioned" charm to her, while she liked his more relaxed, casual attitude. So when she was threatened, Monroch got pissed and directly menaced the hero with violence.

Things went south very hard, and the hero basically mauled Edwin to death in the span of seconds and would have done the same to Anna had the other officers not put him down. The following weeks remain to this day quite foggy in Anna's mind, but she knows for sure that she spent most of what she had on hand to contact and request the services of ex-Waffen SS in hiding, basically putting a hit on the hero's head. Finally finding someone close to the rulers of the nazi regime, the ex-SS put themselves at her service, earning a fragment of the rejuvenating power of the Harp as an extra. Soon after, the hero was found dead, his head splattered on the pavement a few streets away from the courthouse where he had a few days before been sentenced to death for premeditated murder and aggravated instigation of violence. Nobody mourned him.

After those events, Anna and her newfound subordinates emigrated to France, peaceful and economically growing at the time, and she restarted a successful singer career, managing to buy a fancy house, and for the first time involved herself politically under the scenes. As investigation had yielded intel, she had learned that the asshole english hero was strongly pro-industry, and his father was the leader of an industrial (and anti-ecology) lobby. Disregarding the political spectrum, she started to advocate for a restriction of the roles of powered individuals and heroes in general, citing the example of what had happened to Edwin as an example of why heroes needed closer watch. Under the scenes, she was leading her men to eliminate furtively anyone she deemed a "terrorist", basically someone, hero, villain or civilian who indulged and revelled in gratuitous violence, whether there was a layer of ideology over it. As the mysterious leader of this group, she earned the nickname Eliminator, while her audience knew her as the Lady in Black.

Around 1996, she formed a relationship with a girl from the Paris firefighters, enjoying the novelty of finding love with another woman and breaking out of her 60 years old social conventions. Outside of the inherent dangers of the job, she thought, there was no risk that she would be killed by someone. At this point, it felt as if the universe was doing this to spite her - in truth the side effect of the Harp of Bor, drawing bad luck and misfortune in love to its wielder in exchange for eternal youth - and it turned out that unknowingly to either Anna or Julie, the latter was being stalked by an ex-college classmate, who'd had his sights on her since then and hadn't been able to let go, even less admit that the woman he loved could possibly not be attracted to him in return. In 1999, taking advantage of the massive storms that rocked France from midsummer to spring 2000, the stalker acted on his impulses, and assaulted and murdered Julie while she was on patrol in the forest near Paris.

The result was a country-wide manhunt puppeteered from the shadows by Eliminator, that ended up in blood when the veteran ex-Waffen SS faced a street gangs in the parisian suburbs, where the stalker had sought shelter; needless to say, the mobsters did not last very long, and most of their heads along with the stalker's were found on spikes the next morning, with no trace of the killers.

Nowadays, Anna resides near Los Angeles, with her men hiding behind the legality pretense of a mercenary group working for her protection. Due to the repeated events, she has grown pathologically protective and possessive of her current partner, a young tabloid reporter who dreams of making her name shine in the pantheon of journalism, and while she knows that it is inherently wrong, Anna has developed unhealthy control freak tendencies over Lucy, not wanting history to repeat itself once more.

Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Secret Identity: Public Secret
Name: Chrysos Alexandros
Alias: Lucke
Class: Apprentice
Function: Assassin, Jack of All ttrades
Type: General Weapons expert, buffer/debuffer
Ability Classification: Luck Aura ( by some cosmic force good luck and bad revolve around this man like a carousel. From winning a lottery to being run over by a car upon leaving the place he bought the ticket. )
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Family Member(s): Don Tyrin Alexandros (father), Mysti Alexandros (mother)
Sexual Preference: anything Feminine
Significant Other(s): No
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: The hideout of the alexandros mafia
Cooperation: unusual
Cooperativeness Scale:
Common Gear: His common gear is a multitude of trick throwing knifes and revolvers. Ranging from explosive to incendiary her prefers to use them and not recover them until after battle. If not in costume. his scarf is laced with razor blades for a emergency weapon and his car has many various weapons and guns
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 50/100
Visibility ~ 35/100
Success ~ 84/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 64/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~0/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 31/100 (he quite openly praises crime)
Property Damage ~ 67/100
Lethality ~ 20/100
Rescue ~ 78/100
Tenure ~ 0/100
(his car

Chrysos Alexandros is the son and heir to the largest mafia Family on the west coast. Having a hand in nearly every part of crime around. They are not dishonorable though, and even some members of the police view them in neutral regards. They despise harming civilians. And hate Supervillians. often even assisting in the hunt of supervillians. Despite their methods, they have been slowly leaving crime to pursue legitimate business enterprises. This is largely in part due to the Dons wife. And now, to give the Alexandros family a name in positive light. The heir to the Alexandros family Chrysos has signed up to become a Hero. Armed with his strange luck powers and an array of weapons, he shall show the world. How the mafia deals out justice.
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Personal Information File
Secret Identiy: Public
Name: Adam Marshall
Alias: Detective Marshall
Class: A
Function: Investigator
Type: Coordinator, Commander
Ability Classification: Perfect Will, Perfect Sanity, Eldritch Contracts
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Family Members: Sylvia Marshall (Wife: 30), Misty Marshall (Daughter. He calls her M&M. 10) Charles Marshall (father 62), Tammie Marshall (mother 58)
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Significant Others: Sylvia Marshall (Wife: 30)
Hideout: Does his desk count?
Hideout Location: Does the police precinct count?
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: The police in general, usually working in a squad consisting of several officers and himself.
Cooperativeness Scale: "We get this done faster if we work together. Let's stop bullshitting and get working."
Common Gear: Notepad and pencil, S&W model 500 revolver, his phone
Civilian Appearance:

Costumed Appearance: Same as civilian

Behavior and ranking
Raw Power:0/100 without contract usage. 65/100 with usage
Visibility: 0/100 without usage, 85/100 with
Success: 88/100
Reputation: 75/100
Ranking: 80/100
Political Abrasiveness: 75/100
Property Damage: 95/100
Lethality: 95/100
Rescue: 95/100

Power Explanations
Perfect Will: Adams' will is insurmountable, beyond what many would believe even possible. Psychic attacks fail to even make purchase against him, and telepathy would have better luck reading the thoughts of a brick wall.
Perfection Sanity: Adams' mind refuses to buckle, let alone bend, to the things he has seen and spoken too. If not for his will and sanity, he surely would have gone mad long ago.
Eldritch Contract; The Eternal Dreamer: An entity of great power and knowledge, the dreamer never wakes, though he needs not too for his power to be utilized. Adam can use this contract to peer into the minds of others, lull one to slumber, and summon aspects and servants of the dreamers power.
Eldritch Contract; The Crawling Chaos: An entity of madness and despoilment, it wears a thousand faces and a thousand more. It openly walks among men, sewing chaos and discord where it can. In spite of this, it's a reliable contact to keep on hand, an informant to be called upon as needed. It can be summoned to aid him in battle, though it's almost never done.
Eldritch Contract; The render of veils: An entity beyond comprehension, sitting beyond the veil of realities. Through its aid, Adam can see into the past events, and briefly into the future events. Through its aid, he can see things for what they truly are, not for what human senses show them to be...a sight that would drive anyone else insane. It serves no combat function.
Sharp wit and intelligence: Through his contracts and his own instincts, Adam is a reliable detective and able to put the puzzle pieces together to find the picture he needs. Thanks to his contracts, he knows of things beyond the realm of man, which helps in some cases oddly enough.
Chain Smoker: Less of a habit and more of a quirk, he just happens to smoke like a freight train.
Unshaking Optimism: Adam is a die-hard optimist, always looking at the brighter side of things. If you told him his kneecaps were shattered like a jigsaw puzzle, he'd take a drag off his cigarette, and gruffly reply 'great, was always good at puzzles as a kid.'

Adam, even as a young boy, had a strong sense of wanting to help those in trouble. This could be in part because of his own morals, and in part because both his mother and his father were a policeman and a firewoman respectively. Straight out of high school, Adam applied to the police force and into the police academy for training. His parents were so proud, happy he was following his dreams, happy he was helping others like he always wanted. Out of the academy and into the precinct, Adam served with distinction as an officer, putting in his three years before applying for the detective test. From there, he was dropped from the frying pan and into the fire. There had been a disturbance, a string of kidnappings and murders, occult and ritualistic in nature. Adam had been heading the investigation and was one of the first onto the scene when they had a location for the cultist base. What he found inside shocked and drove the other men to illness, though Adam remained unwaveringly strong in the situation. There was a shoot-out, and one of the officers was injured, though the cultists were either killed or apprehended. It was part of Adams's duty to look through the occult texts the cultists had hidden away...perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was hands outside of his control. What he learned, the things he spoke too, it would have institutionalized anyone else. But somehow, he wasn't bothered. He looked beyond the veil to the madness beyond, and he shrugged. Adam has been working the OA case stubbornly after the attack ten years ago, though many consider it a cold case.
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Sylvia Marshall
Alias(es): Silver Sylvia
Class: B
Function: Investigator/Fighter
Type: Melee (swordswoman)
Ability Classification: Nature magic - Spiritual shaman
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Family Member(s): Adam Marshall (34), Misty Marshall (10), Ruth Vestalia (60), Levin Vestalia (233)
Sexual Preference: Straight
Significant Other(s): Adam Marshall
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Varies greatly
Cooperativeness Scale: "I love working with others! It makes the job more interesting, and gets the work done faster!"
Common Gear: "Sword, gun, toolbelt, clothes... uh... honey do you know where my seals went? I'm always misplacing them at home. M&M likes to pretend she's sealing away evil spirits on our closet or toilet or whatever."
Civilian Appearance: Eyes are green as in the first picture.
Costumed Appearance:
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 070/100
Visibility ~ 002/100
Success ~ 090/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 080/100
Ranking ~ 060/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 080/100
Property Damage ~ 095/100
Lethality ~ 100/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 099/100
Tenure ~ 012/100
"I met Adam when we were in middle school. I can't say it was love at first sight because I was constantly trying to avoid people because of the spirits that followed me around. Just too much of a hassle, you know? He was a force of personality though. He didn't care about the ghosts or anything. He wasn't scared. He wasn't driven away by it. We became pretty fast friends and after that... God, I fell hard for you, love, didn't I? Heh. We were always together. When he joined the department, I wasn't far behind.

He's always been the secretive sort, liked to keep to himself, but then after some events happened, people went crazy... it got kinda bad for a while. Like he was afraid to tell me what was going on. I gave him the distance he needed, and once he figured it out, he explained it to me the best he could. Now, it's just as normal as my revolving door of ghosts. We laid down some ground rules. He has his office space, and I'm not allowed in there for my own safety. If I want something while he's in there, I just have to knock and wait. It's not a big deal.

Now, the real worry came when we had our daughter. She was... oh, what? Three? Being the smart little twerp that she is, she climbed out of her playpen when I was taking a nap on the couch next to her. She wanted to go look for daddy... who was in his office at the time. The room's soundproof, of course. Safety precaution. But she had seen him go in and out of there enough. So. She got her little step stool that she used to be able to get up to the countertops and wash her hands in the bathroom, and she plopped it down in front of the door. I can only imagine the heart attack Adam had when she opened the door to the office while he was working with who knows what mind-bending monstrosity. We took her to like three different doctors, just to make sure, but miraculously she was totally fine! So that's when we found out she has the same power as him! Now she's insatiably curious about the occult he works with. Not gonna lie... I think Adam really enjoys that he can share stuff with someone, let alone our little girl.

As for me, I'm a shaman of sorts. Think Japanese mythology. I'm naturally a bit psychic, can see ghosts and yokai and whatnot, and they're attracted to me. From a young age, I've been trained to deal with the ones that are a threat to society. Those are the sort of cases I handle for the department. M&M, our daughter, can see them too, but she's not shown much interest in them. So I know how to do some nature magic stuff, writing seals, protection runes, lots of stuff. I like to be in control, have a handle on the situation. I'm good at that with evil spirits and cursed objects and whatnot."
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Amicia Wright
Alias: Corvus
Class: Contract Hero (about B class)
Function: Healer, Recovery/Rescue, Stealth
Type: Swordsman, debuffer, healer
Ability Classification: Biological Manipulation, Disease manipulation and inducement
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 735
Family Members: Alured Wright (father: dead) Beatrice Wright (mother: deceased)
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Significant others: N/A
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Unusual
Team Size/Comp: N/A
Cooperativeness Scale: "I suppose it if helps the suffering, we can work together. I simply request you do not question my methods."
Common gear: Her plague attire, vials of medicine, poultices, and cures on her bandoleer. A doctors bag of equipment. A hip satchel containing further medical aid. Her cane, which is truly a cane-sword. Her mask is reinforced to the point it can sustain a limited amount of blunt force trauma, slashing and stabbing, and small arms rounds, have to keep secret identity secret after all.
Civilian Appearance: Same as costumed, though this is her real face

Costumed Appearance:

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power: 35/100
Visibility: 15/100
Success: 85/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 45/100 (she comes off as eerie and creepy)
Ranking: 60/100 (technically)
Political Abrasiveness: 50/100
Property Damage: 100/100
Lethality: 55/100
Rescue: 78/100
Tenure: 100/100

Biological Manipulation
: Corvus has the ability to manipulate the human body to an extensive amount. She can alter the strength capability of someone by altering their muscle mass temporarily. She can stem blood loss by affecting the clotting factor. She can help fight bacterial infection by increasing the bodies white blood cells capabilities. Without putting too fine a point on it, she can push the human body beyond its limits.
Disease Control and Manipulation: Corvus is both a bringer of life, and of death. She can manifest a black miasma under her control, which spreads disease and illness to those who are within it. She can manipulate the factors of the disease, such as its infectivity, lethality, or the severity of symptoms. She can even mix diseases for a more 'desirable brew' (effectively playing plague inc). More often than not, this ability is used in self-defense or incapacitation. It is also used in lab conditions, in order to create cures and vaccines, as well as to further study strains of disease. Finally, she can 'absorb' someone's illness, effectively curing them. By absorbing illness, it's added to the 'library' for her use...and she's had a long time to travel, and a long time to expand her library.
Master Swordsman: Though it's not a superpower, Corvus has had centuries to master her craft with a blade. It is never used in offense, but only in self-defense.
Master Surgeon and Medical doctor: Though her methods may seem outrageous, or even out-right counter-intuitive, one cannot argue with her results. She has perfected her craft, capable of bringing a man back from deaths doorstep with relative ease.
Longevity: Amicia's body has not aged past that of a 24-year-olds for one reason or another, though her mannerisms are obviously dated.

Amicia was only twenty-four when the black death came knocking upon the doorstep of Europe, and knock it did. In only a short span of time, many became ill and many more died. Her parents suffered a grisly death, as many who contracted the plague did. However, when touched by the black death, it did not claim her. No, instead it bonded with her as it would seem. A black miasma formed at her will, and where it went, death came upon those caught inside it. Horrified at what she had done to a group of birds she ran off into the night. As the plague raged, 'heroes' came to the rescue of the suffering masses, men of bird face and robes of black, staff in hand. Half a year passed, and in that time, Amicia began to fine-tune her abilities, and understand them better. From there, she accepted that it indeed was a gift from god, not a curse. Donning the attire of the Plague Doctor, she moved in secret lest she be tried and burned as a witch. Curing the dying by taking their blight, healing the wounded by blade and sewing needle. Time passed, the plague died out, and life slowly returned to normal. Save for Amicia's, who had found her lot in life. Rumors persisted through Europe of a plague doctor who remained when others had long since disbanded or died, a terrifying visage that brought terror mixed with hope. For where the bird mask went, people were healed, though there were whispers of devil-craft done. But...when so many lives are saved and so much good done, surely this could be acceptable?

Fast forward several hundred years, Amicia has made herself a living as a contract hero. None know her identity, for poor Amicia was claimed to be taken by plague long ago. None know her face, for could such a thing so foul truly have a womans face? All one knows, is where Corvus goes, life has a chance even if she looks to be the bringer of death. The crow is often associated with death and battlefields, but this particularly breed promises survival.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal information file

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Simyang Misae
Aliases : Alegria
Class : Vigilante, would be A if registered
Function : Investigator/Rescue/Jack of all trades
Type : Melee (Beast)
Ability Classification :

  • Holographic projection (phaselight) - All parts of Alegria (the Lynx and the Burrower) can project or emit phaselight holograms at a maximum range of 50m, regardless of obstacles.
  • Holo-control - Alegria can control the holograms as if they were her own body, although she cannot solidify them by herself.
  • Surge materialization - By making contact with a source or a current of electricity, Alegria can assume a physical form while controlling a Hologram, although it remains made of hard-phaselight and cannot assume any other functions than motion and communication. The holograms in that state are as brittle as glass.
  • Hard-light Control - Outside of Holograms, Alegria can generate hard-light that is roughly equal to steel and lasts around 10 minutes.
  • Blast cannon - The Burrower can fire a large ray of molten minerals and metal from its maw, at the speed of a bullet. It roughly has the same destructive power as a small low-yield missile, AKA "can blast a house down in one shot, gonna need more for something bigger."
  • Dispersed Intelligence - Alegria is super-intelligent, but the brain damage she suffered during the accident makes her unable to use it fully as she had been able to before. As such, her intelligence varies greatly from moment to moment, with periods of lucidity followed by periods of mania or unresponsiveness.

Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Age : 80
Family Members : None (parents deceased, no siblings)
Sexual Preference : Asexual
Significant Others : None
Hideout : The Burrower (train-sized robotic serpent that moves underground, though it is also able of flight, swimming and diving. It can turn its edges into vibrating blades and emit a powerful magnetic pulse. It grows by absorbing underground metallic ore veins and replenishes its energy through natural phenomena like storms or tidal waves. If it comes too close to an electrical network (too close being around 50 meters), it can cause power outages as it drains electricity. Its scales can resist low to mid-tier military material, but any super-made weaponry would be able to damage or even breach them. It has an average speed of 80mph underground, 130mph on ground or in water and 100mph in flight. When inside, Alegria can control it like her own body.)
Hideout Location : Moving around, currently California-Arizona border
Cooperation : Infrequent
Team Size/Composition : The Burrower
Cooperativeness Scale : Often works with others to help rescue people, but doesn't communicate beyond the bare necessary.
Common Gear : The Lynx - an armor made from fused metallic debris, asteroid fragments and ruined electronic and informatic systems, the humanoid part houses Misaeg's body and serves as a life support unit. It can turn invisible by making the asteroid metal phase with ambient light, although only for a few minutes. It can run at 60mph, and its claws can tear through military-grade steel. Its "armor" is as hard as concrete and contains some, but any super-made armament will shred it with ease and high-level non-super tech will damage it consequently as well. It has the mobility of a wildcat although it tends to creak a little. The weapon on the body's hip is a sonic pulse controller that can either do "click-and-drag"/"drag-and-drop" or fire high speed sonic blasts. It can also become a sword by coating itself with a sonic pulse to gain a sharp edge.
Civilian Appearance :
Costumed Appearance : See Common Gear

Behavior and ranking
Raw power ~ 0/100
Visibility ~ 0/100
Success ~ 99/100
Ranking ~ 80/100
Out of combat Reputation ~ 60/100 (Is assumed to be a sort of SCP/creepypasta/urban legend, but generally viewed as positive)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 90/100 (Doesn't care about politics)
Property Damage ~ 100/100
Lethality ~ 95/100 (Uses weapons only in self-defence)
Rescue ~ 100/100
Tenure ~ 62/100


Sixty-four years ago, Highbridge district in Sojieul City, South Korea. It had been like a dream to me. Finally out of high school, and I got instantly hired in that super famous space research center. I had been glowing for three weeks when I got the mail. I mean... More than great pay, great work environment, a fascinating research subject and it was barely two blocks down from my house. What could have been better ?

...Okay, the view from my office, but hey, highbridge district had its own charms. I never understood why they had built the research center in the worst part of the city. The brass always mentioned things like "revalorisation of suburban territories" and other administrative shit that I didn't understand anything of. But I couldn't complain, really. It was an awesome workplace and... Ah, fuck that, it was just really awesome from end to end.

And then came that day. People of religious calling named it Dies Irae, the Day of Wrath. I just call it That Day. I had been working in the lab for two years at that moment (13th December 1996), and my team was in charge of two projects. The multisurface autonomous vehicle (nicknamed "Lynx" due to the aesthetic we were going with) and the Acheron preservation suit, a sealed armor meant to serve as life-support for astronauts whose vital prognosis was engaged. Theoretically it could have kept even a mummy alive as long as it had energy. Well... I don't know how I look under there now, but it should be pretty close to that.

Well anyway. What happened is that while I was testing the equipments (namely, manipulating the Lynx from within the suit, with the premise that an astronaut with a fatal but not incapacitating wound would use the Lynx to retrieve themselves to their ship), a magnetic storm occurred, the terrestrial magnetic field over Sojieul broke and Highbridge district was hit with the full power, radiation and energy of a solar flare. I more or less fused with the equipment, and the machines powered themselves with the energy of the solar flare.

I stayed conscious through all of it. I just couldn't faint, my brain was overcharged. And now, I'm... Fractured. I couldn't stand it, and I broke. At times I'm awake, at times I'm asleep, and sometimes I'm stuck inside myself. I know that... I know because I tried to salvage everything I could from That Day, rebuild a little... But it's impossible. I'm not stable enough to focus more than a few hours. At least... Now I save people. I wish I could have saved everyone.

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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Antonii.jpg Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Anthony Castor
Alias(es): Antonii
Class: C
Function: Fighter
Type: Melee
Ability Classification: Eldritch Prison
  • I harbor in myself in a manner unknown to me beings of immense strength and maddening content. These beings are... cruel at worst and uncaring at best. Their release would spell doom for many a human, super or not.
  • There are many downsides, my sickness the most obvious. Unfortunately, the temptations of those held within are not lost to me. As numb as I am to their insane ways, their... cruelty does leave its impression. At times it is difficult to not... slip.
  • Uvhash, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, and Y'golonac. These are those beasts who I know of, though there could be more, as there are innumerable beasts of this eldritch sort. These make themselves most known, and the worst of them all, Y'golonac. Depraved and eager to kill and defile, but likewise most well-versed in possession techniques. Azathoth does little. Yog-Sothoth makes a friend of mine, or tries to, at least. Uvhash sits somewhere in the middle, eager for blood, hungry, but not nearly as depraved.
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 2,000? I stopped counting. I was born in the Roman Empire.
Family Member(s): None
Sexual Preference: Ambivalent
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/a
Cooperation: Unusual
Team Size/Composition: None
Cooperativeness Scale: Kind but hesitant
Common Gear: Gas mask

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 080/100
Visibility ~ 100/100 (Vomiting blood is unfortunately hard to miss.)
Success ~ 100/100 (I only go after small-time villains.)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 010/100 (Vomiting blood doesn't make for a great reputation...)
Ranking ~ 040/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 50/100 (I don't like talking about politics.)
Property Damage ~ 065/100 (Stains...)
Lethality ~ 020/100 (Most I see, I don't think deserve to live.)
Rescue ~ 000/100 (I don't do rescue.)
Tenure ~ 100/100

I've been cursed since birth. Born in the Roman Empire, my parents thought I was cursed by one of our gods. They're probably right, but I do believe it was not their gods that had done so. No, instead it was strange, abomination gods that had planted within me a prison of sorts for their unwanted ilk. Those that would cause great damage upon the Earth if and when released. For this reason, I have not faced the ills of aging, and have watched time pass by around me, relatively unaffected. I do not know why I have been made as a prison, nor whether it was for the good of those around me, or to use them as a toy in a long game of chess.

Due to my affliction, I have a number of side effects to contend with that many find disturbing, and in this day and age end in me being dragged along to the hospital. These include but are not limited to; nausea, bleeding, vomiting of blood, fainting. So much blood do I vomit on some days that I know I should have none left, but the sea inside of me is ceaseless. I have suffered these ills, but as I am still around, clearly not once have they led to my death. They are, however... unpleasant.

Vomitus during the age of the plague or the like results in you being tossed upon an island and left for dead, after all. Not a pleasant thing to try to hide.

Now, things are much easier on that front, and I am blessed by Asclepius in that there are many more of the healing profession nowadays, and their methods far further advanced. I am, as they put it, a tough case, but I appreciate their efforts nonetheless. I am merely a survivor. Given my aptitude and the more modern advances, I have taken to wearing a gas mask to lessen my symptoms when I can, and am rarely seen without. Irritations in the air such as smoke can lead to a chain reaction that ends in blood.

All these woes are not without their benefits. Perhaps the only fortunate thing of my whole endeavor. I am, as a prison, a harbinger of these eldritch entities' abilities. Far weaker and removed than they would be without imprisonment, surely, but I have taken advantage of it and use my fortune to take the heads of thieves and vandals alike. A hand is little penance for theft, after all.

My fortune has reached new highs, as I have found a healer, a plague doctor by the name of Corvus, who is interested in my plight and the lessening of my disease. She cannot cure me outright yet, but I hold out hope, as she has calmed the symptoms whenever we meet.
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Viona Reistin
Class: none
Function: Not a hero. but technically crafter
Type: Other (supplier)
Ability Classification: Mutant. (her entire body produces deadly toxins. be it the air she exhales to her hair follicles. the toxin seems to very in deadliness and symptoms depending on her mental state. with the most deadly its got having been complete nerve shutdown in a matter of minutes after only skin contact. and the weakest its been is mild nausea when she was under the effects of morphine)
Sex: female
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Family Member(s): Father (in prison) Mother(deceased)
Sexual Preference: bi
Significant Other(s): none
Hideout: no
Cooperation: Frequent
Common Gear:
Civilian Appearance:

Costumed Appearance

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 69/100
Visibility ~ 20/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 89/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 72/100
Ranking ~ 0/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 50/100
Property Damage ~ 100/100 with suit on
Lethality ~ 100/100
Rescue ~ 0/100 (never did rescue work)
Tenure ~ 3/100 (first crime she stopped was when she was 17)

Viona was born as daughter to the man Terri Reistin. Or as the populace knew him by. "eternox" her father was a thief and a cheat who stole from others and sold them to criminals. He did not care what they were used for. all that matter was he was earning money to comfortably treat his family the life he believed they deserved. He carried with him a cursed tool. ONe able to carve a path through nearly anything then heal it back to its original form. As such this made police and supheroes constantly frustrated when trying to stop him. Though nobody expected him to willingly walk in and ask to be arrested. Yet he did.

The reason for this pertained to a man he stole from before. A genius biologist that studied cellular Science and toxins. He was trying to create a panacea. A true cure all for poisons and toxins. Yet. His work was ruined when his prototypes were stolen and his data destroyed. This had been the work of Eternox who was simply carrying out a paid gig. Dedicating his life to ruining terris. He Crated a dastardly plan. He figured out terris identity and snuck into his home when he was gone. knocking the wife unconscious. And turning his attention to their not even a toddler of a child Viona. Forcibly injecting her with a formula that would change her entire body and biology from her vary dna to her cellular structure. he then left and as a final fuck you to Terri. Killed himself and destroyed his lab. Burning all research or any leads on cures. Terri returned soon and was worried. but couldnt see tell what had happened. Though he soon learned of it the next day. when he found his wife dead hugging Viona. Foam still leaking from her mouth. Autopsy revealed she died from Toxins in her blood stream, and the source was Viona. Seeing no way to fix this he willingly turned himself in on the context that the government give viona somewhat normal life. Not restrained in a lab. Viona grew up under the occasional supervision of Corvus. a superhero fit for poisons and diseases. Living her life in a modified facility turned into a house for her. She has grown into a fine young woman, willingly supplying her blood and other bodily samples to be tested and used for the better of mankind. She has no qaulms about her life. And though deciding not to become a superhero. has had very bad luck and been forced to stop crimes on occasion. Through time she has begun to see Corvus as a mother figure. and now regularly calls her as such.

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