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Fantasy Superhero Times ~ Character Sheets



Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Carmen Schwarz
Alias: Blessed Death
Class: A class
Function: Fighter, Investigation, Assassin, Stealth
Type: Melee martial artist, ranged other
Ability classification: Monofilament wire manipulation
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Family Members: Patrik Shwarz (53, alive, father) Catherine Shwarz (52, alive, mother), Ange Shwarz (Sister, alive, 29)
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Signifigant Others: N/A
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Magnus Kielstra
Cooperativeness scale: "There is one spirit I will cooperate with, and yet he's still a nuisance." "Aww, I feel honored." "Though, I suppose I could start working alone once again."
Common Gear: Her attire, gloves with monofilament wires, standard equipment for an exorcist
Civilian and Costumed Appearance:

In-depth on equipment and power
Monofilament wire manipulation:
Carmen's power is so niche and obscure, one could just as easily say she has no powers. The monofilament she utilizes as a weapon is a special blend of metals, an experimental prototype synthetic material as it were. Carmen is able to manipulate these wires with the grace of a master pianist would their keyboard, an artist and his brush. However, if one were to give her a block of the material her wires are made of, she'd find it difficult (though not impossible) to manipulate it at all.
Monofilament wire gloves: Hidden throughout Carmen's gloves are yards of monofilament wire, safely coiled and hidden throughout the glove that she can extract with practiced finesse. These wires extend from the fingertips and along the fingers of the gloves. The wire is deadly sharp and lightweight, capable of cleaving through flesh, bone, stone, or even titanium. The wires are also blessed, meaning even the hardiest demon, vampire, or undead would be flayed and seared in holy energy in equal measure. The wires are extremely indistinct, to the point even entities with high perceptive abilities struggle to notice that she is most definitely not unarmed. This goes for Vampires, demons, or perceptive breeds of spirit. The wires can be woven into a mesh field in front of her, resulting in a bullet stopping 'field'.
Skilled Excorcist: Carmen's duties as an exorcist are one she performs quite routinely. She's familiar with demonic, and even some of the older tongue, as well as some angelic. Among this is knowledge on the occult, how to remove demons and spirits, and how to combat them effectively.
Hand to hand combatant: Carmen has studied the art of hand to hand defense, and she chose perhaps one of the most brutal forms to study. While no master of the combat style, Carmen is quite fluent with Krav Maga. Though if she's not using her wires and she has to rely on her combat styles, something has already gone awry.
Multilingual: Carmen is fluent in English, German, French, and Spanish.

Raw power: 10/100
Visibility: 0/100
Success: 78/100
Out of combat reputation: 90/100
Ranking: 80/100
Political Abrasiveness: 50/100
Property damage: 98/100
Lethality: 0/100
Rescue: 89/100
Tenure: 9/100

Carmen was born into a relatively religious household in Strasbourg, the union city of French and Germany. His parents met at a small little cafe while her mom, a french, was working for an independent newspaper and her father, a german, was collecting donations for the local church. To say the meeting is cheesy is to be true, but it's their favorite story to tell at Christmas. Carmen's upbringing was uneventful and rather nice in all honesty. Her parents were a bit old fashioned, her sister and her both raised as proper 'ladies'. She fit the part well, though she has a certain penchant for dark jokes that she's just unable to break. When she came of age she started to work in the church, assisting in whatever endeavor she could find use of herself for. In her early twenties she was certified as an exorcist, a duty she fulfilled peacefully and without complaint. In all honesty, it made her happy.

Training to be an exorcist was quite different from it used to be. There was self-defense one had to learn, weapons, tools of the trade. Demons were very real, and they had no qualms with ripping someone apart if they felt it justified after all. Carmen was among one of the select few who were chosen to test a new weapon, something experimental and unorthodox. Wired gloves, the likes that if used properly could turn someone to tomato soup, a joke she's made more than once now. As promising as the idea seemed, it was proving fruitless for all it was tested with. Until Carmen took the gloves upon her hands and gave it a shot. It felt so...right like she was wearing real hands for the first time in her life. As it would turn out, the special material blend used for the wires 'synced' with Carmen, which allowed her power that otherwise may not as well exist be used to its fullest potential.


The Great Potato
If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. And if someone shoots you in the foot, gleefully allow them to shoot the other too.
Father John


  • Name: John Nicolas Eastaugh

    Alias/es: Father John, Judgement's Bullet, 'Gun Priest'

    Class: A-Class, Retired before there was a chance for a promotion.

    Function: Jack of All Trades

    Type: Run & Gun

    Ability Classification: Pure, unadulterated faith.


    Age: 37

    Personality: Though kindly, Father John rarely breaks his sour expression and an attitude that exhumes an air of irritation. His faith in God is unshakable and clings steadfastly to his beliefs; all men are guilty before God - thus past sins matter not; one must simply seek salvation. It is for that reason that he offers shelter and protection to all that seek it from him, be they mere victims of misfortune, thieves, or murderers.

    However, nobody threatens the safety of those in his orphanage. NOBODY.

    Cooperativeness Scale
    : Frequent
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File - Umbra mercenary corporation (NPCS) - WORK IN PROGRESS

"I'm the CEO of Fuck You"

Secret Identity : Publicly Known
Name : Michael Forester
Alias(es) : -
Class : Mercenary, would be C if registered. Nobody is aware of his abilities except himself and the Umbra team
Function : Jack of all trades
Type : Other
Ability Classification :

Streak : By focusing his attention, Mike can enter "combos", chains of actions that improve action after action. For example, if he gets in a gunfight, the longer he fights, so long as he does not stay idle his shots will get stronger and more accurate over time, until the chain is broken or ended. Interrupting him mid-combo causes him to feel great mental and physical pain.

Span : Falling under the [psychic] denominator, this ability is a sort of super sense of orientation, allowing Mike to discern the layout of enclosed spaces with great accuracy, so long as there are surfaces for his sense to reverberate upon. For example, he would be able to feel the layout much more accurately in an underground labyrinth than he would in a flatland forest.

Network : Mike's thought process is very complex, which makes him very good with tech and virtual networks such as stock markets and security softwares. He can navigate those with great ease, and is also a skilled hacker, though nowhere near the top.

Training : Mike is trained in judo and karate, and is a good shot with a lot of small weapons. But his best weapons are informatics and manipulation.

Sex : Male
Gender : Male
Age : 40
Family Member(s) : Arthur and Carla Forester (parents, living in retirement in Pennsylvania), Matthias Forester (younger brother, living in Greece)
Sexual Preference : Heterosexual
Significant Other(s) : Nina Seldred Eleanorssen (wife), Jeongyeon Jie (fuckbuddy)
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Umbra company building. He has a public office on the top floor, but his true office is a bunker in the second basement, where he keeps most of his weaponry and data.
Cooperation : Frequent
Team Size/Composition : Frank, Nina, Jie and Roman
Cooperativeness Scale : "We call ourselves a team. We're more like family."
Common Gear : A 357 Colt Magnum, a white longcoat with kevlar padding, a tungsten combat knife in a chest holster under the suit jacket
Appearance :
Gun Mike.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 10/100
Visibility ~ 0/100
Success ~ 95/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 80/100
Ranking ~ N/A/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 70/100
Property Damage ~ 85/100
Lethality ~ 60/100
Rescue ~ 20/100
Tenure ~ 13/100

"Oh darling... Death is only a gate opening on endless possibilities."

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Nina Seldred Eleanorssen
Alias(es) : the Spider of Manhattan, Arachne Fatale
Class : Was A-class in the norwegian roster when alive, now retired due to premature death. Mercenary, would be B-class in the LA roster if she registered.
Function : Assassin/Stealth
Type : Other
Ability Classification :

Striga : Nina is undead, although in a strange manner. She did die, but her corpse was possessed by an entity known as Striga, that half-merged with her soul, creating the current Nina. The Striga grants her a couple abilities, detailed below.

Inexactitude : Due to being merged with an eldritch entity, Nina is slightly askew from reality, which means that she has a tendency to clip through things unconsciously, as well as being harder to recognize and commit to memory; her words are also harder to understand, no matter which language she speaks and even if her tone and phrasing are recognized as perfect, the meaning will always be unclear. Her inexactitude increases when her mind wanders, making her sometimes frag through walls or teleport to the other side of a reflective surface accidentally. Inexactitude can be lowered by focusing her thoughts, which makes her more constant and more in tune with reality. However, the higher her exactitude, the easier she is to reach or hit. She can however trigger "overexact surges" by focusing her thoughts on increasing her inexactitude, which loops the numbers back to the max, allowing her to see several possible alternate existences for herself and immediately exchange with one of them. However, failing to do so will immediately incapacitate her.

Eldritch Undeath : The Striga is a nonliving organism using Nina's body as a nest in a sort of half-parasitic half-symbiotic relationship. The main advantage of this is the continued preservation of Nina's body as a perfect object for it to nest within. As such, Nina's corpse cannot be healed or cursed, unless ones overpowers the Striga first to negate this effect, and will not age nor feel any need in any way.

Meshing : By letting the power of the Striga run wild through her body, Nina can, to varying degrees, increase her physical prowess or even outright metamorph into an eldritch hybrid form known as the Augur, which has slight foretelling abilities and can treat itself as conceptual, meaning that whenever the Augur is fully active, Nina is more like a sentient idea than a real being, making her very hard to perceive as she tends to appear as a blind spot in most perceptions, even moreso the more reliant on numbers this perception is, and even harder to hit with physical or magical attacks. The Augur is however very vulnerable to psychic powers, and using it always puts the body at risk of being destroyed due to metaphysical torsion, which is why the Striga is always reluctant to allow it.

Threading : Upon being possessed by the Striga, its own psychic powers merged with Nina's, resulting in this ability. Threading allows Nina to "weave" reality like a layer around herself, essentially making reality hallucinate her existence. This means that she cannot be perceived by magical beings or beings without psychic powers as well as machines, but makes her like a flaring disco ball for anyone with psychic powers. It makes her entirely unable to exchange information with anyone or anything not psychic, meaning that she is entirely silent and her face appears as featureless. However, psychics can very well reach her and enter her mind, though the information they'd find here would of course appear as very heavily encrypted due to the Striga's nature. Threading and meshing cannot be simultaneously activated.

Silkling : Nina is a silkling, a variant of werespider. Her entire body appears to be doll-like, with perfect smooth skin and very thin hair strands. She does not appear to have pupils in her eyes, and perceives the world purely through psychic powers. Her joints can twist beyond human ability and her density and mass are so low that a strong wind can lift her up. She is also very fragile, meaning that a simple human-level punch could tear off her arm. However, she has access to another form called the Arachn, which increases her durability by a lot and turns her outer skin into a chitin-like armor. Her other physical abilities are not increased by the Arachn form.

Forceweave : This silkling racial ability allows Nina to weave vectors of force from energy sources, allowing her for example to swing around like Spiderman by weaving the light of streetlamps as vector nodes (which will extinguish the lamp for as long as the vector is active). The source of energy has to be in her field of vision however, and no further than 60ft away from her. It also has to be somewhat physical, meaning that she can't for example weave a vector to redirect a lighning bolt or a fireball thrown at her, unless said fireball is made of burning oil.

Mindeater : This ability is an aura activated by strong emotions around Nina, making small red lines appear around her eyes, and making her give off a predatory aura which causes discomfort in the people around her as she unconsciously becomes able to read their surface thoughts and emotions. If she willingly focuses on a person, she becomes able to dig deeper in their mind, hence the name of the ability.

Training : Blademaster. It's even her official title on the national norwegian sports ranking. In addition, she's a great markswoman and a professional infiltrator, as well as a competent poisoner.

Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Species : Huntsman spider silkling
Age : 117.9651646... (no exact value, was slightly over 80 when she died)
Family Member(s) : Parents (Arnold Olof Stevenssen (father deceased during racial pogroms in Norway), Eleanor Sorenssen (mother, expatriated to Laos), Rufus Teigar Arnoldssen (older brother alive in Norway and works as a paramedic), Eifa Brynhild Eleanorssen and Igritt Lotte Eleanorssen (younger twin sisters alive in Norway, one is a pop idol, the other a chemist for a medical company)
Sexual Preference : Not very active sexually, but considers herself bisexual with a tendency towards men
Significant Other(s) : Michael Forester (Husband), Jeongyeon Jie (fuckbuddy)
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Umbra building. Her quarters take half the top floor and are very weird to visit since they're organized in a tridimensional way and following her merged perception with the Striga.
Cooperation : Frequent
Team Size/Composition : Michael, Jie, Frank and Roman
Cooperativeness Scale : "If you're a friend of my friends, we can work together."
Common Gear :
  • Infiltration set : Combat knife, gloves, grip socks, bodysuit, stealth cameras, wide area microphones, directional microphones, laser microphones, UV scanner glasses, IR scanner glasses, airpressure gun, sleep poison syringe gun (poison is her distilled blood), 5m of fishing line, climbing material, comset
  • Combat set : Shape memory polymer suit, titanium scale plate (hexagonal tiles that essentially follow the curve of the polymer, very light), S-P ammunition sniper rifle, 24x throwing knives, 4x eldritch repositioning nerve implants (essentially spikes infused with eldritch power that allow her to heal herself when she stabs herself with one), comset, short sword, swordbreaker shortsword.

Appearance :

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 30/100
Visibility ~ 0/100
Success ~ 90/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 95/100
Ranking ~ Formerly 80/100, currently N/A
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100
Property Damage ~ 95/100
Lethality ~ 25/100
Rescue ~ 5/100
Tenure ~ 50/100 as a hero, 57.9651646... as a mercenary

"Listen, I could have a one-night stand with a god if I put my heart to it. But I'm not into that kind of fling. I much more prefer long-lasting fulfilling relationships."

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Jeongyeon-Czavarnie Jie
Alias(es) : Butterfly, Joseon Stalker
Class : Mercenary. Would be B-class if registered
Function : Jack of all trades
Type : Other
Ability Classification :

Feyblood : Jie has enhanced senses, as well as slightly superhuman physical parameters and more intense physical drives, but at the cost of being vulnerable to salt and cold iron.

Autumnling : Her blood of the Autumn court of the fae grants Jie fire and earth manipulation at minor levels, as well as the ability to turn into and merge with those elements. It also makes her very skilled at weaving illusions and hallucinations. In addition, she has a very keen sense of the passing of time and the ability to perceive the age of things and beings around her as well as the speed at which they age.

Dance of Fallen Leaves : This ability is one of the strongest war tools of the scions of Autumn. Whenever Jie enters the war trance of Autumn, her senses, reflexes and instincts grow keener beyond even her normal levels, and she has an innate feeling about what would be the best action to take next in the course of the battle. It does not however show her how to win nor even if she has a chance to win. Maintaining the trance is very difficult, and is mostly suited for short outbursts of violence rather than prolonged battles.

Specter of the Wild Hunt : Jie can turn herself into an ethereal entity by focusing her thought on hunting down a specific prey. Whenever she enters this form, her perception changes drastically, perceiving not the form of things but their intent and their morality. The Specter form is very hard to notice, but its mere presence can cause severe delirium and incitate primal dread in surrounding people, and the prey will innately know it is being hunted. The Specter will feed on the prey's blood once it has caught it. Being in this form allows her to create all sort of weapons and armor from the red light emanating from her, at the cost of her other abilities, but it also simplifies her reflexion process as it goes on, making her go more and more feral, until the Huntress has become beast herself. Using this ability puts immense strain on Jie's mind, and she will be out for days after snapping out of it.

Wilde Jagd.jpg

Training : Jie is skilled at taekwondo and jiu-jitsu, her weapons of choice being her fists. She seldom uses her gun, although she is not unskilled with it. If she is forced to rely on equipment, she will prefer using consumables like grenades to overcome her enemy, and use throwing knives to keep the enemy at range.

Physical sex : Varies. Born female so unconsciously defaults to female, but is always the opposite of her partner during intercourse.
Gender : Female
Species : Half-fae
Age : 87
Family Member(s) : Arjanen (father, fae), Jeongyeon Cha (mother, HR director for a tech firm) - estranged from both, Alina Jeongyeon-Czavarnie (daughter)


Sexual Preference : Demisexual
Significant Other(s) : Michael Forester, Nina Seldred Eleanorssen (fuckbuddies), Roman Czavarnie (husband)
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Umbra building; her quarters are in the first basement. Otherwise works in the third basement, where Umbra's servers are kept
Cooperation : Frequent
Team Size/Composition : Michael, Nina, Frank and Roman
Cooperativeness Scale : "Friends only. Now to determine if you are my friend..."
Common Gear : Is known to keep a pistol and a knife on herself at all times.
Civilian Appearance :

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 30/100
Visibility ~ 30/100
Success ~ 97/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100
Ranking ~ N/A/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 80/100
Property Damage ~ 100/100
Lethality ~ 97/100
Rescue ~ 30/100
Tenure ~ 50/100

Secret Identity : Publicly Known
Name : Roman Czavarnie
Alias(es) : Mordecai, Ravager, Mindflayer
Class : Ex-villain, was threat level three
Function : Fighter
Type : Other/Other
Ability Classification :
Sex : Male, assigned female at birth
Gender : Male
Age : 37
Family Member(s) : Viktor Czavarnie (father, deceased), Erika Starevom-Czavarnie (mother, deceased), Alina Jeongyeon-Czavarnie (daughter), Leo Molteverini (son)
Sexual Preference : Heterosexual
Significant Other(s) : Jeongyeon-Czavarnie Jie (wife), Alessandra Molteverini (first wife, deceased)
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Umbra building, third basement (the training room). He spends most of his time training.
Cooperation : Frequent
Team Size/Composition : Michael, Nina, Jie and Frank
Cooperativeness Scale : "I can work with anyone who doesn't piss me off. Thing is, I'm an an asocial sociopath, so most people do piss me off."
Common Gear :
Civilian Appearance :
Roman casual.jpg
Costumed Appearance :
Mor Suit.jpg (Literally the same but without the jacket lol)

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ ---/100
Visibility ~ ---/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ ---/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ ---/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~ ---/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ ---/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ ---/100
Lethality ~ ---/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ ---/100
Tenure ~ ---/100



The Great Potato
Hehe, seek you power? Then, mortal, take hold of this cursed blade - break apart these chains of destiny, and grind it all to dust! ... ah shit, is he already dead?
Cursed Sword Zel'teph


  • Name: Zael'teph

    Alias/es: True Demomblade, Archdemon of Ravening, Hexed Souldrinker, Zael'teph the Desecrated

    Age: 20,127

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Function: Weapon

    Type: Sword

    Ability Classification: Demonic

    Gender: Assumed male.

    Sexual Orientation: Only gets a hard-on for massacre and slaughter.

    Personality: Boisterous and extremely obnoxious for a sword, Zael'teph's ego is second only to his... No, nevermind, his ego is second to none. To those 'worthy' of wielding the blade, he almost makes it his job to tilt the wielder off the face of the planet. He will, however, betray any and every wielder the first chance opportunity allows - and god save the weaklings who dare place their hands upon the blade, for their life will be expunged straight from their body, and their corpse used like some perverse meat-puppet for the sentient blade.

    Constantly expresses his... excessive love for murder.
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Name: Magnus Kielstra
Age: ~400
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Women only, please, and lots of them!
Race: Poltergeist
- Poltergeist abilities
- Fire manipulation
- Basic spellwork
- Strong psychic abilities
Backstory: Been dead a while. Was powerful in life as a mage/psychic. Died in a horrible way he doesn’t like to talk about. Kinda went nuts, as most dead people do. Became a really strong poltergeist because of it, as most powerful dead people do. Ghosts don’t tend to have the best mental health situation. A kid made him snap out of it eventually, a few decades ago. He explains that the kid didn’t do anything special but he stared at him. He didn’t look afraid even though he was. Reality just sort of faded back into existence for him mentally after that. Started working with exorcists to in part atone for his time as a poltergeist, but mostly to make sure that no one else gets hurt, and that no one stays like he was. Despite his job now and his appreciation for his situation, he refuses to move on and “stay dead”.



I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Name: "I don't have a name yet, so... just call me whatever you want."
Age: "0? I don't know how old I am. I was just created."
Gender: "Is retribution a gender?"
Sex: "Technically female."
Sexuality: "Um... no."
Race: "Spirit of Vengeance. This one I know for sure."
Abilities: "See: Agas... but like... much much much weaker. I'm new at this."
Backstory: "I literally was just created. I don't have this yet. There was nothing, and then I was here... answering these silly questions. I know language... um... I can read. I was made to do a job and do it well, but... I don't know a lot past the necessary stuff to do that."
sov girl maybe.png
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The Great Potato
Isn't it beautiful? The resounding chorus of gunfire, the symphonies of screams and cries? That is the encore for which I yearn for.
Jeremiah, Arms Dealer


  • Name: Jeremiah Lloyd

    Aliases: Arms Dealer, Hawker of Carnage, Merchant of Miracles, Alabaster Devil, Witness of Ends

    Function: Merchant

    Type: N/A

    Ability Classification: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Personality: A pleasant and jovial exterior hides a twisted mind. Though an anarchist to his very core, seldom does Jeremiah's twisted, fetishistic love for carnage and chaos break his mask of a professional dealer. He is rarely disagreeable, and sells his wares to any and everyone, regardless of their intent.

    Cooperativeness Scale: Always
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The Great Potato
I'll be with you, until these tarnished wings are no more.


  • Name: Lilian Umbrael Zo'ornereth

    Aliases: Lilia, Roan-Winged Angel

    Function: Crafter, Healer

    Type: Buffer

    Ability Classification: Nephalem

    Gender: Female

    Age: 11,332

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The Great Potato
It's like a beast that's savored human flesh. It's an addiction, a compulsion. I've devoured souls, and now I cannot go back. I can no longer resist this craving. I wonder, how will yours taste?
Ashimar the Sorrowmaker

  • Name: Ashimar

    Aliases: The Sorrowmaker, Deathly Betrayer

    Function: Fighter

    Type: Spellblade

    Ability Classification: Death Knight, Lich

    Gender: Male

    Age: 997

    Personality: Cunning, sadistic, and utterly mad, the former reaper takes pleasure in tormenting the souls of his victims before he consumes them. While conversation with Ashimar is possible, he will lay claim to the soul of any he comes across. He wishes for nothing else save for satiating his sadistic cravings. Thus, should one be ill-fortuned enough to cross paths with the Sorrowmaker, then turn and run, and never look back.

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Todd Howard

0-Personal Information File-0
Secret Identity: Markus Nexus (He is Supposed to be Dead.)

Name: Markus John Nexus

Original Home: Los Angeles, California.

Military Rank: PFC (Private First Class)

Alias(es): Nexus, and Project Nexus.

Class: Humanoid-Mech?

Function: Multiple.

Race: Cleary Human.

Ability Classification: Multiple

Gender: Male.

Age: Facial features near 28. (Suit is 19.)

Family Member(s): (All Dead or Moved On.)

Sexual Preference: Straight.

Significant Other(s): (Moved On.)

Hideout: No.

Cooperation: Common.

Not much is really known about his past life since he is supposed to be Dead. While on a tour through Afghanistan in the late 1990s, An IED blew up under the vehicle he was in. Miraculously, His Head and spine had survived the explosion and a Private Unknown Company brought him back to life with the help of Life-Saving technology and some of the greatest minds known to man. In 2001, The Nexus suit, A.K.A Markus's new body, Was developed and given to him and named after him. This gave him a sense of Immortality and Non-Aging Processes, But also, These times when he was activated were only Experimental tests to test both Nexus and the Suit link.
In 2003, He was stored away in a lab deep underground on the outskirts of Los Angeles. This preserved him from being damaged and all files and documents based on the Experimentations were all burned or Deleted. Anyone associated with the program had brain-washed themselves to prevent themselves from telling others. All Nexus would have to do is wait until the Labs' Power or Systems failed and that would wake him up once more. Much Information about deep secret US Projects was stored onto him as well, But they were placed in his brain instead of a chip or computer, Making it harder to retrieve info from him since he is a living 'specimen'.

-Can absorb over 2000 Joules of Kinetic Impact.
-Can hack Technology and control it for himself.
-Made up of a Poly-Laminate composite and different metals of the sorts.
-His Limbs can twist and turn to enable him to escape from the enemy's grasp.
-Is immune to Corrosive, Radiation, Gas, and most weak Melee attacks.
-He can easily open up his Visor and still Consume Drinks and Food. Doing this Keeps Him and his Suit powered. (Alcohol will give him a Slight Boost In Combat.)
-His lungs are completely Artificial as well as the Blood in his artificial veins. He can Breathe and Bleed.
-Can see in the dark and cold places with 'Night-Vision' and 'Thermo-Vision'. Can scan things as well.
-Rounds from 2mm to .50 BMG will barely scratch the surface of the armor and visor.
-He is still human, which means he is still afraid of different things (Including Dying.)
-Rounds from 950 JDJ to 800mm could disintegrate on impact or leave a few large dents/scratches depending on where it hit and how close it hit.
-Though not necessarily a weakness, Most shotgun and Grenade rounds can knock him back (The 12 Gauge 'Slug' round is most useful.)
Can be stopped with Electro-Magnets and EMP's.
-Magnetic/Magical Powers can stop him.
-Electric based Weapons and Powers can temporarily slow him down.
-While In the Night, or Thermo-Vision modes, Flash Grenades will blind him.
-Temperatures over 1800F will boil his blood and completely or almost completely destroy his systems.
-Some things he will hack might grant the enemy temporary access to his systems except for Life Support and Vocal.
-Temperatures under -150 Degrees Fahrenheit will send Nexus into a 'Hibernation Mode'.
-If his visor is open his face and head are Mostly Exposed.

Cooperativeness Scale: 86 Co-Op Effectiveness.

Common Gear: M4 Rifle with 4 30-Round Mags. (5 In Total. Magnetically attached to his Hips and Back.)

Civilian Appearance: (Him without Visor over his Face.)

Costumed Appearance:

0-Behavior and Ranking-0

Raw Power ~ 70/100

Visibility ~ 50/100

Success ~ 90/100

Out of Combat Reputation ~ 50/100

Ranking ~ 50?/100

Political Abrasiveness ~ 50/100

Property Damage ~ 70/100

Lethality ~ 90/100

Rescue ~ 85/100

Tenure ~ 50/100


New Member
Secret identity: Unknown
Publicly known: Blood Fang
Race: Vampire
Name: Jasper Mackenzie
Alias: N/A
Function: Villian
Threat level: 3
Ability Classification: Telepathy/ Mind Control. Jasper can control people's minds and tell them what he wants to do, he does this by looking at people with his eyes. This also applies to telepathy as well as being able to control minds he can talk to people with his mind and read others. His power is somewhat easy to resist depending if the person knows about it. Once a person catches a glare/ glimpse of his eyes they are frozen while he takes control. Although, the power can only work when the eyes are uncovered, and dose does not work if the person is blind. This gives heros an advantage. Jasper also has the choice of choosing if he wants to activate it or not.
Sex: Male
Age: 500
Family Members: 1 brother however identity unknown
Sexuality: Bi
Significant other: N/A
Hideout: N/A
Cooperation Frequency: Solo
Cooperativeness scale: Very low
Common gear: Day time: Hat, thick jacket, scarf, ripped jeans, black shoes. Nighttime: Hoodie, shirt, ripped jeans, black boots

Raw power: 60/100
Visibility: 20/100
Success: 50/100
Out of combat rep: 80/100 Well known for being a villain
Property damage: 20/100 Doesn't do much damage unless he intends it
Lethality: 20/100

History: Jasper Mackenzie, orphaned at the age of two. Jasper spent most of his time in and out of foster homes and separated from his older brother. Why you may ask? Well, it is simple really. Jasper had the tendency of bad behavior, he argued, spat hit, kicked, screamed and would bite. You would have thought this child was raised by animals. Well, if you class Vampires as animals then you would be correct. However, on Jaspers's behalf. The lad had no idea of what he was until he hit the age of eighteen. This is when he began to understand what he was, and when his time in the foster system ended. Nobody wanted to adopt a child of that age, and he was very independent at this age anyway. So he fully managed to fend for himself. He spent half of his life on the streets at first, grabbing and taking what he could get his hands on. Nobody really noticed whether that was good or bad. It was almost like he was invisible. Though the lad could only go out at night, he never really understood why his skin burned. But he managed to find ways around it.

When he hit twenty, that was when he began to help out bad guys like himself. He enjoyed it so made it a full-time 'Job' for himself. Over time he began to understand himself and his abilities better. Jasper started to make a name for himself when he hit the age of two hundred. He now fully understood what he was and what his abilities were. He also understood he was a ' Villian' and that was something he was proud to admit. Jasper never exactly had a motive, he just wanted to cause havoc and make money. There was plenty of money in this world to go around after all. So why could nobody share? It would be a shame to see it go to waste. At least, that's how Jasper saw it.

Now the lad just walks the streets spending his money and being an issue, for those heroes who seek to stop Jaspers' habits. I bid you good luck although, Jasper has got two major weaknesss. Daylight, which makes the vampire weak and his ego. The lad isn't sure if this is public knowledge although, it has been used against him in the past


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The Great Potato
Seven Geases be bestowed upon thee, and let its conclusion entail naught but despair and woe. Hence, shall we put the world to trial? Or shall we watch from the sidelines, until even these last embers of creation burn to nothingness and ends? Doth thou wish to save this hopeless world? Doth thou seek to rekindle the dying flames of creation? Tell me, what is it thy heart desires, O' dear blood-sacrifice of mine?


  • Name: Abhoth

    Alias/es: Source of Uncleanliness, Father of Miscreation, 'Lord Dominik Wagner', Deputy Chief...?!

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Function: Investigator...?

    Type: Specialist

    Ability Classification: SCP

    Gender: N/A (Appears Male)

    Age: How do you expect me, an insignificant, trifling mortal to know of such things?

    Personality: Lord Dominik is cynical, often failing to see, or understand the 'goodness' people preach of. Thinks of all living beings as selfish and unsalvageable, he eagerly awaits the day all creation comes to an end. Has a twisted understanding of common sense. It really is kind of hard to understand when one has lived so long as a giant blob of meat slime. He fails to emphasize with humans whatsoever, but doesn't even try to pretend as he is a terrible actor.
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The Great Potato
Hey, I'm gonna die young anyway, so I may as well take all you villains down with me.


  • Name: Leona Wagner

    Alias/es: That One Bitch Whose Dad is the Deputy Chief

    Class: C

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Function: Fighter

    Type: Artifact User

    Ability Classification: SCP (Artifact)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Personality: Rather carefree despite her predetermined fate, Leona appears outgoing, though her manners and etiquette could use some work - that said, she is ultimately completely uncaring of her image. The incident with the Outer God, Abhoth did not leave her completely unscarred, however - namely, she possesses a somewhat twisted sense of justice, often 'judging' villains on her own instead of allowing the law to do so (Abhoth bailed her out every time she's acted a bit too rashly). Completely ruthless to villains and those she judges as 'evil'.
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Public secret
Name: Cyri/Arania [Redacted]
Alias: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Class: Doesn't have one
Function: Investigator, info broker
Type: Entomancer. Info broker
Ability Classification: Entomancy.... Dual souls.
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Family Member: None, She killed them.
Sexual Preference: She doesnt have any sexual desires
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: Yes.
Hideout Location: An abandoned mansion she took over in LA
Cooperation: As long as they pay.
Cooperativeness Scale: Shell work with anyone except government agents
Common Gear: She wears standard civilian clothes and carries a derringer and taser for self defense.
Civilian Appearance: (her civilian appearance is basically Cyris soul in control)
Costumed Appearance: (araneas soul taken over)
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 10/100
Visibility ~ 30/100
Success ~ NA/100 (shes not a fighter)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 60/100
Ranking ~ NA/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 50/100
Property Damage ~ 96/100
Lethality ~ 70/100
Rescue ~ NA/100
Tenure ~ 10/100

Aranea and Cyri. Two seperate names. Two seperate identities Trapped in one body. They were twins in the womb but from some strange circumstance. One was born stillborn. With its soul sharing the body of the other child. From this strange Circumstance. She was soon ....purchased from her parents by one of the shadier parts of the government. There. She was experimented on, and they learned of her talents with Entomancy, which only furthered the experiments. How many can she control. Can she order them to kill. Day by day year by year. the painful experiments continued until on her tenth birthday. A scientist new to the place. Showed her pity... and dropped a keycard in her cell. To which she promptly escaped and ran to LA. There. using the powers she had honed. Became an info broker Spreading her web of insects and arachnids throughout all of LA. Very little goes on without her knowledge of it now. And she has become a name synonymous with information.

Todd Howard

Secret Identity: Chromium

Name: Adamantinus Chromium

Original Home: Europe.

Military Rank: Marines. E-3, Lance Corporal

Alias(es): Chrome, and Chromium.

Class: God?

Function: Speed-Related Tasks.

Race: Human.

Ability Classification: Speed.

Gender: Male.

Age: Facial features near 20. (He does not age. True age is Since the beginning of time.)

Family Member(s): (All Dead.)

Sexual Preference: Straight.

Significant Other(s): (None.)

Hideout: No.

Cooperation: Common.

He was existing even before the creation of time itself among the other gods. So far, He gives other speedsters their powers by putting them in an 'accident' or simply giving them their powers of speed and such before birth. He could tell a speedster from a normal human, and after spending thousands to millions of years on earth, He has seen every War and Battle.
He simply signed up for the Marines because he felt like protecting those that did not have such superhuman powers. Chromium has been seen throughout time and there are suchs things as myths...They do exist.
Bigfoot? Real. Slender-man? Real. Aliens? Definitely Real.

-Can absorb over 10,000 Volts.
-Can slow down time to his advantage.
-He can run up to Mach 20, Although It is possible he can run the speed of light.
-If he ran fast enough, He could break solid steel that is Inches thick.
-Although he has superhuman strength, He can sadly only lift about Two-Thousand pounds.
-He does have Speed Healing.
-He is still human, which means he is still afraid of different things (Including Dying.)
-Drowning or the Loss of Air.
-Running at the speed of light, Would result in a devastating powerful gust of wind behind Chromium.
-Running faster than the speed of light would result in Chromium fading to ashes or possibly traveling through time.
-Chromium is still susceptible to Weapons and Firearms.

Cooperativeness Scale: 100% Co-Op Effectiveness.

Common Gear: He is equipped with a standard MK16 Scar, and a Sig Sauer P226. Although, He does not have these weapons all the time and relies quite heavily on his speed and Strength.

Civilian Appearance:

Costumed Appearance:

0-Behavior and Ranking-0

Raw Power ~ 80/100

Visibility ~ 100/100

Success ~ 99.7%/100

Out of Combat Reputation ~ 85/100

Ranking ~ 50?/100

Political Abrasiveness ~ 50/100

Property Damage ~ 90/100

Lethality ~ 70/100

Rescue ~ 85/100

Tenure ~ 50/100

( Deathkitten Deathkitten Can you add a spoiler please?)

Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Erel Shkiret, "Viktor Yalsen"
Alias(es) : Clockmaker, Sovereign in the Mists, Bleakskin, the Culler
Threat Level : 2
Function : Assassin/Stealth
Type : Buffer/Debuffer
Ability Classification :


Wrenlinnorms are a civilized subterranean species, usually found in deep caverns. Their average height is 4 feet 6 inches and they live an average of 450 years.
Although loosely humanoid in appearance and with features that most surface species would call smooth, their genome is reptilian in essence and they are both quadrupedal and bipedal, as well as quadrumanal, changing between each motion mode at will depending on the need; their bone structure is very well-designed and very streamlined, allowing them to rotate each of their limbs almost to 360 degrees. In addition, while they do have opposable thumbs, their hands only count four clawed fingers, which are very long and spindly, but also very resistant. Wrenlinnorms also have a prehensile tail that acts as a natural balancer for them when in motion.

Most of their body mass is concentrated around the skeleton in the form of braided nerves and muscle fiber, giving them extraordinary strength. This so-called "coronal weave" is protected by an inner layer of skin. The upper layers of the body are merely a cartilage frame filled with extremely hard yet surprisingly flexible cells that form what is called the "testudinoplasm" or "scale-skin". Most of the time, the scale-skin is loosened, meaning that an individual Wrenlinnorm appears as expressionless; however, in difficult situations, the individual can consciously tighten the cartilage frame containing the scale-skin around the inner skin, making it appear extremely form-fitting and thus very revealing of muscular motion, intensifying their facial expressions to levels that would seem grotesque or frightening to surface-dwellers. The strength of a Wrenlinnorm's tail while the scale-skin is tightened is enough to crush a reinforced Humvee in its coil - although such a feat requires time and energy and is usually not in reach of individuals without physical training.

They are equal parts mineralophagous and carrion-feeder, although they mostly eat rotten meat and reserve minerals for emergency situation. While their mouths appear to be human or human-like when closed or speaking, they are in fact similar to the mouths of both lampreys and moray eels, in the manner that, on the inside, they are circular with very flexible tissue and covered with circular rows of small, serrated teeth that excel at tearing flesh, and they have a second jaw located in the pharynx that can be unsocketed to extend past the lips; this pharyngeal jaw is mostly used to drill through stone, although it has also seen uses as a torture tool. Their saliva as well as their stomacal fluids are strongly alkaline, allowing them to corrode things as hard as stone.

Similarly, the coronal weave is drenched in a minorly alkaline solution (also called coronal fluid) that is strongly liked by a few specific species of mushrooms. As such, wrenlinnorms have developed a symbiotic relationship with those mushrooms, feeding them to infants so that the mushrooms can seep in the body and fixate on the coronal weave. The mushrooms consume a fraction of the coronal fluid in exchange for enhanced reflexes and a highly ionized and volatile sweat (read, the mushrooms in their nerves make them sweat electrized vapour).

As they do not have high numbers and are natural carrion-feeders, wrenlinnorms do not have any repulsion towards cannibalism, nor any sense of respect towards corpses. Food is food, no matter the origin. Albeit still consequent among them, this particular idiosyncrasy has tended to diminish in the latter epochs, especially since the creation of animal farms that provide a regular income of carrion. Wrenlinnorms have a very weak sense of kin and gender dynamics, due to reproducing through a process loosely associated with mitosis, although they still acknowledge and uphold blood bonds to high level due to honour culture.

Their society is heavily industrialized and most people have great engineering skills, although applied much differently than humans. They are strongly steampunk and clockpunk even though they do make use of electricity and radioactive materials, but tradition has it to not rely on those save for greater projects. They also have developed non-sentient personal assistant AIs entirely in clockwork and hydraulic systems and most of their military is made of steam- and gas-powered golems. Although seemingly inferior on a sheer technological level, wrenlinnorm technology is about as equally advanced as surface technology, through the clever use of magical engineering - indeed, given that both physical and magical engineering in their society were developed in parallel and often intertwined, nearly nobody sees a difference save for a few researchers in obscure specific fields.

Finally, they have a complex relationship with other subterranean species. Their contacts with the magma gillmen clans are mostly peaceful, although tensions arise from time to time due to border raids but tend to fade rather quickly as trade between the two species is highly profitable. Relationships with dwarves and drow are more complicated, wrenlinnorms having a long and chequered history of warfare against both races - they have been at war nearly as many times as they have been in alliances with dwarven nations - and those still persist nowadays. Other minor underground races are mostly seen as shoot on sight and very rarely is peaceful contact initiated with them. Wrenlinnorms have had very few contacts with humans since egyptian antiquity and while humanity was seen as a distant but reliable trade partner back then, wrenlinnorms do not remember fondly their sparse communications in ulterior eras due to human greed and violence.


This ancient magical artifact dates back to ancient Linnorm prehistory (2-3 million years before the K-T extinction), before the Starfall that caused the Linnorms to migrate underground as their marshland realms were destroyed and the species as a whole was brutally set back and lost almost all of its culture, history and traditions as well as part of their sapience and most of their natural abilities. The crown was created by a fraternity of priests of the god of the mists at the request of a Linnorm king engaged in a losing defensive war against another ancient species ; it was made by sacrificing the souls of the entire city and shaping them into a stone casting that was then filled with molten iron. After thirty-one hours, the casting was broken, revealing the still-blazing hot crown inside. The priests then gave their lives to temper the crown in blood, which called down the blessing of the god and released a supernaturally thick opaque haze that crept across the entire expanse of the king's lands, dissimulating them to enemy forces and devouring the enemy soldiers already on Linnorm land. In those ancient times, the Linnorm were predatory instead of carrion-feeder, and thus all the city's inhabitants' bodies were given proper funeral rites. In the following years, the king's body and mind decayed sharply, the crown's magic and curse amplifying his negative emotions until they reached critical level, making the king kill himself and causing the haze to disperse, revealing to the world a lifeless land scoured by the mists. The crown was taken away as a memorial piece and sealed off in a warded box that was kept under guard at all times. During the Starfall, a priest made off with the box, remembering that it was too dangerous to allow it to be freed. After the Great Migration, the crown was buried in the treasure vault of a minor Wrenlinnorm city-state, until a few decades ago.

The power of the crown faded with ages and is nowadays but a speck of what it once was. Even the curse itself wilted and waned, changing along aeons into something worse, feeding on its own hunger to become what it is now. The crown's current powers are as follows.

Harbinger of Air : The crown's wearer can cast a sigil into the wind that bestows Royal Authority onto the gale, calling forth the divine servant of the mist god known as the Blizzard Knight, Harbinger of the Winds. The Blizzard Knight's approach calls strong winds in the area and lowers the temperature, and his coming results in an intense downpour of snow. Calling forth the Blizzard Knight requires the crown to be at least 50% charged and either a situation endangering the wearer's realm or pertaining to the mist god's portfolio (such as a natural catastrophe).
Blizzard Knight.jpg

Harbinger of Waters : The crown's wearer can cast a sigil into a pool of water or a pouring rain, bestowing Royal Authority onto it and calling forth the divine servant of the mist god known as the Squall Slayer, Harbinger of the Flood. The Squall Slayer's approach calls down a drizzle in the area and thickens the air, and her coming results in intense rain or inundation depending on how she was summoned. Calling her forth has the same requirements as the Blizzard Knight.

Coronation of Ruin - Corruption of the Hungering Haze : This devolvement of the crown's original blessing into an inherent curse causes it to regularly damage its wearer by feeding on them to remain active. It however also allows them to generate an array of mystical mists to feed on other entities to counteract the crown's own hunger, and otherwise interact with the world. Most of the Mists (Physical and Mental ones + Colourless) can be used in three ways (four for the crown's wearer).

The first is direct draining; the wearer of the crown emits a cloud of fog they can control more or less at will, that drains a person of a certain attribute. The mist can then be inhaled by anyone to gain the corresponding amount of the corresponding attribute temporarily (until it fades after use). People without magical abilities cannot control how they expend the gained attribute and most spend it all in one go. Absorbing an attribute this way physically modifies the body (someone absorbing strength will see their muscles swell, for example). One must wait for the mist to cease its draining before inhaling it, lest they be drained as well - it is possible to notice when the mist stops draining if one can notice mana movement.

The second way is indirect draining; it functions mostly identically to direct draining, except that once the mists stop draining, they are drawn back and absorbed by the crown to be turned into power for it directly, while some of the attribute permanently seeps into the wearer (Between 5 and 20% of what is absorbed), although the wearer can draw on the crown to get more. So long as the crown has some charge, it will not feed off the wearer, but the charge wears off over time slowly and faster when the wearer actively uses the crown. Attributes absorbed this way apply to the body without modifying it.

The third way is bestowal; the wearer can expend some charge to create a sigil on a target to pour some of an attribute into it. If the crown has no charge, then it will draw on the wearer's own. By creating a draining link and a bestowal link between two people by using the crown as a relay, it is possible to transfer attributes between third parties.

The fourth way is sharing; the wearer can create a bond of mist between two people (including but not necessarily themselves), who will then share the corresponding attribute. It is not instantaneous, but rather occurs over time, faster the greater the difference is between the two people. Once the bond is fully established, both people have access to half of the combined attribute. It is possible to give back an attribute or simply lower it by pouring it into the link; the average is simply the link's default state. It is theoretically possible to pull on the link to drain another person, but this has not been experimented upon. If the link is broken, the people do not get back attributes they might have seen reduced, and fraction of the attribute is lost in the process (5 to 20%).

There might be other uses, but the crown's nature makes it hard to find what it can truly do.

Physical Mists
  • - Blue : Intelligence
  • - Red : Strength (includes Super Speed)
  • - Lime : Toughness (includes Super Toughness and Invulnerability)
  • - Yellow : Dexterity (includes senses)
Mental Mists
  • - Light silver : Memories (someone with memory issues will see their memories restored if they absorb this attribute; also includes knowledge)
  • - Dark silver : Emotions (does not include relationship feelings)
  • - Purple : Willpower
Advanced Mists
  • - Gold : Grants healing (increases or steals healing factor and any regenerative ability as well)
  • - Emerald : Poisonous (can increase bodily toxins and enhances other poisons as well)
Inert Mists
  • - Black : Necrotic, rots and consumes flesh
  • - Cyan : Corrosive, eats metal and plastic materials
  • - Brass : Corrosive, eats stone
Greater Mists
  • - Colourless : All kinds of energy
  • - White : Cancels all abilities within itself except the crown wearer's
Creeping Haze.png

Species : Wrenlinnorm
Sex : Male
Gender : Male
Age : 271
Family Member(s) : N/A
Sexual Preference : N/A
Significant Other(s) : Onyx
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Clockmaker's shop, downtown LA (Building owner)
Cooperation : Unusual
Team Size/Composition : Onyx
Cooperativeness Scale : Only Onyx
Common Gear : Crown of the Creeping Haze, scarf holding Onyx' stone
Civilian Appearance : (Uses a fuckton of hairdye)
Viktor Yalsen.png

Costumed Appearance :
Young Court - Erel.png

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 35/100
Visibility ~ 0-100/100
Success ~ 60/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ No reputation
Ranking ~ 40/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 15/100
Property Damage ~ 85/100
Lethality ~ 25/100
Rescue ~ 0/100
Tenure ~ 100/100

There was once a boy, living in a city deep beneath the earth. His was a world alien to man, although not uncivilized. Linnorms do not have families per se, but rather loose associations of individuals whose closeness is determined solely by how much they are willing to put on the line for one another. Back in those days, Erel was the heir to a trader group in a minor city that would have remained but a blot in history books had its vaults not housed a dozen or so antique artifacts, some of which the origin had been forgotten. Of course, among said artifacts was the impossibly ancient Crown of Creeping Haze, of which no one even remembered the name or function.

His was a peaceful life, safe behind the tall walls and tough wards of the conglomerate's bastion, with a bodyguard to shadow his every step. She was an errant nymph, oddity among her kin, and she had taken up a contract to protect him. Until one day his whole world was shaken by a powerful force. Unbeknownst to him, humans on the surface had proceeded to a nuclear experiment, and the shockwaves had reached into the underground and made the caverns quake, shattering many a great pillar and turning nearly half the city to rubble, killing most of that part's inhabitants. Worse, the tremor had opened new pathways into the underdark, which led directly from the territory of the city's enemies into the city itself.

Soon enough the town's outskirts were overrun and the mauled military forces unable to react properly. Defeat was looming, and with the foes they were facing defeat meant extermination for the linnorms of the city. Yet the elders were reluctant to use the artifacts, for they were only caretakers and did not know of the items' history. Erel did not have such concerns. He broke into the vaults, following only his instincts and desperation.

The crown beckoned.

Tragedy befell the depths that night, a ravenous mist descending onto the city and devouring all who lived. Only a nymph and a boy were spared; she was not living in the same manner as the other inhabitants, and he... he had been the cause of that tragedy.

Erel, still with Onyx in his steps, exiled himself to the surface, far away from the mass grave he had created. He took the guise of an unremarkable man working with his talents, feeding the crown only with what was necessary to stay alive.

Kyrenka Kyrenka
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St. Ka'alia
Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Thúgatēr
Alias(es): Onyx, Baetyl
Threat Level: 4 (Could cause a major natural disaster but at the same time it would kill her)
Function: Jack of All Trades
Melee (Martial Arts)
Ranged (Other)
Ability Classification: Nature (Fae) / Other (Martial Arts)

Legends of nymphs match the species themselves; diverse and unique. Their origins and abilities vary from each individual. One thing that is consistent was that their lives were tied to nature; from rivers, to trees, and even mountains. Destroying what a nymph was tied to meant death for the creature.

Like many other legendary species, nymphs were much more common centuries ago. However, due to many factors that have led to the steady destruction of nature their numbers have waned and those that managed to survive thus far have hidden themselves. Rarely, a new one is born but those are few and far between. If one were to interact with a nymph, it is more likely that they are one born during the modern era rather than a more ancient one; the older a nymph, the more likely it is distrustful of outsiders due to centuries of pollution, deforestation, and general destruction of nature.

One of the notable features of the species is their long life. While not immortal, they do not age. Depending on what the nymph is tied to, they can be immune to fire, disease, and occasionally lightning. They are inheritors of fae magic. It's instinctively known upon their “birth” and unique to the fae bloodline, however, on rare occasions another species can be taught this magic.

Born from a stone, she is much sturdier than the average nymph, but that’s about it. She can bear more damage and survive heavier attacks but she is still vulnerable to weapons and those that wield powers. In contrast, she is tied to a small gemstone and cannot safely use much of her power. Using too much could cause her to become physically weakened, faint, return to her gemstone, or even die.

The birth of a nymph is rare, but one born from stone even more so. When she first became aware, she just was. She neither knew why nor how, she just existed. That was when "Father" appeared before her. Hephaestus was what the humans referred to him as. Sometimes Vulcan or many other names. He seemed to like Hephaestus best. She had been given form through the intense heat and magma of the volcano they were atop of, but the god was the one who had given her life. Though she originally never questioned why, she now wonders if it was due to loneliness.

Hephaestus visited often, teaching her many things about the world and other topics. It wasn't hard to absorb his lessons as the alternative was staring at the barren mountain top instead. His visits brought color to her otherwise dull life, and her Father seemed to enjoy her presence as well. However, the mount was lonely, and even Hephaestus's visits weren't enough to fill the monotony. There was no life there due to the activity of the volcano. None but her. So she took her gem, the source of her life, and descended the mount. She was glad that she did. Below there were the things called 'humans' that Hephaestus occasionally mentioned. They were colorful and *alive*, much unlike the mountain where she was born. It was strange at first, how loud they were after being used to so much quiet, but once she was adjusted she wanted more. Traveling was easy at first. She did not tire nor hunger so she only needed to walk. Every new town she went to the locals were struck by her apparently good features and would offer to pay for entertainment and the like. The small villages and towns were always so open and friendly that she wondered why Hephaestus said that others like her were so afraid.

Then she reached her first city. It reminded her of the mount where she was born, but instead of being warm it was uncomfortably cold. Even the people who paid her mind were cold, only giving her the time of day if she had something to offer them. That's when she learnt that everything had a price; especially the things she took for granted. Her first few years were brutal. Hephaestus had taught her many things but knowledge was different from wisdom. Even during these years away from the mount he still visited her, though his forms were more human. He would sometimes urge her to return to its safety but she always declined. Even this was better than emptiness.

After a while, she adjusted. She was no longer the naïve little thing that had first arrived. Once she felt that she had overcome the challenge of adjusting to the harshness of life in that city, she moved on. Not all cities were like that first one, but it was the one that had prepared her the best for the cruelty of the outside world.
Fae Magic: Like all fae, she has a natural ability to use magic. Most fae magic is focused on nature, like giving oneself the ability to breath underwater, commanding the fauna and flora around them, moving the earth, or even influencing the weather. In addition, fae magic can be used to bless, charm, or curse people. Things like granting protection to another, charming someone into madness, or cursing a victim with misfortune are well-known uses of their magic.

Blessing of Hephaestus: As she was given life by Hephaestus, she is immune to fire and all of its effects. She also has a natural talent for blacksmithing and other artisan crafts.

Metamorphic Rock: While not able to shape-shift completely, she is able to change her form somewhat. A common thing she does is change her hands and arms into weapons to help her in battle or tools for various uses like lockpicking.

Nature’s Child: As a nymph, she is familiar with all natural terrain and can never get lost. Nature is welcoming to her and both animals and nature avoid harming her. She can communicate with plants and animals as well as other nature spirits.

Nymph Origin: As her life is tied to her Onyx gem, she can "enter" and "exit" the stone as she pleases. She can "enter" the stone no matter how far away she is from it, so it's mostly useful if she happens to lose the stone or if it is stolen from her. If she becomes too weak she is forced to return to the stone to recover which leaves her vulnerable.

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 62
Family Member(s): Hephaestus
Sexual Preference: None
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: None
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Clockmaker
Cooperativeness Scale: 10/10
Common Gear:
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:



Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 80/100 (Could theoretically cause a major natural disaster but since she is a minor nymph it would kill her)
Visibility ~ 0/100 (Has been exploring the world and hasn't used her powers outside of minor everyday use much)
Success ~ 60/100 (Started off poorly but has gotten steadily better over the years)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 65/100 (Fairly neutral but tends to favor those who strive to protect nature and artisans)
Ranking ~ 80/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (Has no use for politics and therefore ignores much of it)
Property Damage ~ 10/100 (Hasn't gotten into very large fights yet)
Lethality ~ 85/100
Rescue ~ 100/100 (Successful 100% of the time she deigns to help)
Tenure ~ 62/100
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Name: Amelia Waters Johnson
Nickname: Amy, Pup
Age: 5
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality: Still a child
Family Members: Tyler L Johnson and Samantha J Waters
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast

  • Secret Identity: Unknown
    Name: Sorrow
    Alias: Sorrow
    Class: N/A
    Function: Fighter, Assassin, Stealth
    Type: Buffer, Symbiote
    Ability Classification: Alien, Symbiote
    Sex: Asexual, female personality
    Gender: Female Identity
    Age: 12.5 billion years
    Family Members: Untold amounts of offspring, not that it cares where they are or what happened to them
    Hideout: Yes
    Hideout location: Attached to Ivory
    Cooperation: Frequent
    Cooperativeness Scale: "We are sorrow."
    Common gear: Does Ivory count?
    Civilian Appearance:

    Costumed Appearance:

    Behavior and Ranking
    Raw Power: 5/100
    Visibility: 5/100
    Success: 75/100
    Out of combat reputation: Ask Ivory?
    Ranking: 60/100
    Political Abrasiveness: N/A
    Property Damage: 0/100 alone
    Lethality: 5/100
    Rescue: 0/100
    Tenure: 100/100

    Symbiote Biology: Sorrow can latch onto and conjoin with anything that classifies as 'alive', and only those of incredible will can resist it if it's trying to take control. However, after being bonded with Ivory it's become quite fond of her and prefers not to leave her person.
    Shape-Shifting: The symbiote can adjust and morph itself over its host in order to 'shapeshift' them, allowing them to pass for another person.
    Invisibility: The symbiote can disguise the hosts heat signature, as well as warp and bend light around itself to render the host virtually invisible.
    Cannibalism: Zoga are capable of cannibalism, and it's rather frequent. By eating their own kind they become stronger and gain nourishment in the process.

    Backstory: Sorrow is Zoga, a species of asexual symbiote organisms from early on in galactic history. Zoga reproduce asexually, and as such have no need to mate as they will reproduce in their own time. What they lack, however, are bodies. These creatures are totally reliant on an outside source to use as a host in order to get deeds done. Zoga have had no form of government or religion, they simply exist. Some are benevolent, some are malevolent, and others are too alien to comprehend their intentions. Sorrow, as this one calls itself, is one of the first among the Zoga race. Zoga are biologically immortal, claiming they 'only die naturally if they choose to'. This isn't one hundred percent accurate, as there are means to kill them, but age and time certainly aren't one of them. Symbiotes 'feed' off of their hosts, the neural synapses a body produces their means of feeding. So long as something can think, it can serve as a host that offers food. Sorrow has had more hosts than it can remember, and not all of them were treated fairly by the Symbiote. Upon arrival to earth in a meteor shower, it's previous host had perished quite a terrible fate. Sorrow was captured and studied and tested upon by a cartel group, intent to study and learn from it. There was...setbacks, as one would expect when it came to an all infecting entity. However, their research bore fruit, turning the Symbiote somewhat more docile and cooperative. As such, it has been bonded to Ivory, and it is quite fond of this particular host.

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