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Fantasy Superhero Times ~ Character Sheets



I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!

Please head to the discord above to read up on the lore! ^w^

If you have already done so, you can grab the character sheet from there and get started. Please make sure to denote at the top of your sheet if your character is a Superhero or a Supervillain. As a note, this takes place in Los Angeles.

Please put all sheets inside of spoiler tags so others can sort through them more easily! Put Superhero/Supervillain in the tag, as well as their alias.

Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File
Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Hugues Capet
Alias(es) : Frédéric Paronac'h, The King in the Shadows
Class : Threat Level 4
Function : Villain
Type : Commander
Ability Classification : SCP - Power of "Command" over things in a bounded area, usually a 100-200m wide circle centered on him. - Ruler's right (as long as he dies not killed by someone, he will be instantly reborn in a toddler's body that has high survival chances) - very high skill at french martial arts, and very high fencing skill
Sex : M
Gender : M
Age : Current cycle 54, Entire existence 1119
Family Member(s) : Current cycle, none alive, Entire existence, 1 (daughter)
Sexual Preference : Asexual
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : Underground of Notre-Dame de Paris
Cooperation : Unusual/Solo
Underlings : 250x Standard Militia Soldier on standby (public), 1750x Standard Militia Soldier on guard (hidden), 75x Hovertanks (armored fliers with AT main weaponry, can resist a couple man-used AT rockets), 50x "Space Marines" (4 Super strength/speed, 2 size/invulnerability, with state of the art ballistic weaponry and armor), 1x Vouivre (Half-serpent woman, 5 super strength, 3 size, 2 invuln. with elemental hydromancy and one artifact (forehead gem, laser beam).
Cooperativeness Scale : Prefers independence
Common Gear : FN Five-SeveN for self defence, intelligent glasses, briefcase for documents
Civilian Appearance :
Costumed Appearance :

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 50/100
Visibility ~ 0-100/100 (depends on how he wants it to be displayed)
Success ~ 55/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 45/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 55/100
Property Damage ~ 0-75/100
Lethality ~ 85/100
Rescue ~ 60/100
Tenure ~ 100/100

It all began the 24th of October 996. The king of the Franks Hugues Capet had died. His people were mourning. Who would be chosen to succeed him ? He had left no son nor daughter behind, and the dukes were all but united on their choice for a successor. The court was in turmoil. But far away from it, a newborn's wail marked the beginning of a new era. The toddler already bore a crystal-clear mind, for he was none other than the reborn king. Hugues was very determined to ensure that France endured after his first death.

Lifetime after lifetime, Hugues watched in the shadows, nudging kings and nobles in the right directions to make sure France would remain great; of course, his efforts were not always rewarded. The Hundred Years War, the First and Second World Wars, and many other crisises were examples of his failures. What he considers his greatest failure however is not a large-scale event, or at least a lower-scale event compared to the others - it is Joan of Arc. It was Hugues' seventh or sixth lifespan, and he decided that for once, he'd have a child. The rest is history. The facts were there; once, he tried to be more than a ruler, once, he tried to be a parent. And his only child received a religious calling and went to war only to die on a pyre.

Something broke inside. If he could not succeed through others, he would do things himself. He would not let himself expose his emotions to the world. He would not lose himself anymore. The once-beating heart froze. The man became cold and distant. He lost respect for other humans. He was above them, anyway. He was the king. He would return and rightfully reclaim his throne. And thus began the era of the King in the Shadows, the one who will make France great again...
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St. Ka'alia
Secret Identity: Secret from public and most of the super community
Name: Dexter Heidrich
Alias: Digerati
Class: Apprentice
Function: Crafter/Rescue
Type: Other (Some ranged and some melee)
Ability Classification: Tech (Super Intelligent)
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Family Member(s): Mother, Father, Gavin (Brother: 18), Auric (Brother: 12), Aria (Sister: 12), Curtis (Brother: 10)
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Lab provided by private cooperation
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Nikias Télos (Mentor and Sponsor)
Cooperativeness Scale: 10/10
Common Gear/Costume: Metal Suit with various devices depending on the situation

D Armor.jpg
Civilian Appearance:


Behavior and Ranking (With Suit):
Raw Power ~ 25/100
Visibility ~ 25/100
Success ~ 98/100 (He doesn't fight much but his rescues are often successful)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 50/100 (Not much to go on; secret identity and quiet persona but at least he's not an asshole)
Ranking ~ 20/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (Doesn't talk about politics while working)
Property Damage ~ 90/100
Lethality ~ 100/100
Rescue ~ 98/100
Tenure ~ 1/100

Born as the eldest child of a genius, Dexter inherited his father's intelligence and quickly became a young robotics prodigy. He graduated high school when he was only 15, and became a PhD student of robotics at only 21. In order to have the money to study and create various projects, Dexter applied to become a superhero apprentice and was accepted by Nikias Télos. The young genius was given a lab and a generous budget so he could focus on his thesis as well as create various devices to assist heroes in their various missions. Occasionally, Dexter himself will go out and help out when needed but he prefers to stay in his lab working on his latest project. Thankfully, his identity is kept under tight wraps with only his family, his mentor, and a short list of other authorized personnel knowing who he is.

He's very close with his family, although they exasperate him at times. Out of all of them, he is arguably the most intelligent as well as the most emotionally stunted. His dad inspired him to go into robotics as he lost his leg in an accident and had to rely on prosthetics. His dad now wears a prosthetic designed by Dexter himself.
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St. Ka'alia
Secret Identity: Publically Known
Name: Kaden Caruso/ Mashu
Alias: None
Class: B Class (Vigilante)
Function: Fighter
Type: Martial Artist/Other
Ability Classification: Extraplanar (Other: Possessed) With Mashu's power, Kaden becomes stronger (3/4 out of 5; 4 is for desperate measures or if Mashu weasels too much control from him), faster (2 out of 5), and more durable (2 out of 5). In addition, he can summon hellfire that he's partially immune to. The stronger the flames the less immune he is and the more burnt he gets. He can heal faster than normal humans but not by much. This power is a double-edged sword though as the more power he draws from Mashu the less control he has and the more influence she has over him.
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Family Member(s): Parents (deceased) and Rosa (Sister; 22)
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: No
Cooperation: Solo
Cooperativeness Scale: 2/10
Common Gear: Hoodie and jeans
Civilian Appearance:
Kaden C.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 100/100 (His body can't handle it though so the highest he ever goes is 70)
Visibility ~ 90/100
Success ~ 87/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 43/100 (He kills criminals which has been controversial as well as his tendency to cause collateral damage and the occasional civilian casualty, but some people have been sympathetic to him due to his past, his condition, and his rule of only going after criminals)
Ranking ~ 60/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 60/100 (Doesn't publically speak but his views are clear)
Property Damage ~ 27/100
Lethality ~ 15/100 (Often kills criminals; will occasionally let some small time criminals and first time offenders go if they're just desperate people trying to survive)
Rescue ~ 62/100 (He doesn't like rescue missions, but on the occasion he does engage in them the victims are usually either terrified or mildly injured due to his flames. The worst that's ever happened were some broken bones.)
Tenure ~ 3/100

Kaden's father was a rising politician that was aggressively working to lower the crime rates that had risen in the wake of the OA's infamous attack. He even went as far as to crack down on criminal organizations, which wasn't taken lightly. One day, Kaden came home their ruined house and his parents' corpses. They were meant to be a warning. Rosa was only 19 and had just started college. She tried to juggle caring for her little brother with her university work while trying to process her own grief but she couldn't be there as often as she liked. This left Kaden with lax supervision and more rage than any teenager should have. He wanted revenge, but he didn't have any powers or skills aside from some basic martial arts; he knew that he'd end up dead before he even got to the bottom of their parents' murder without any help. Praying to the Heavens didn't do any good, so he decided that maybe he should pray to something a little darker. It was amazing what a internet search could reveal, and even more amazing how calm he felt as he grabbed a knife and headed out. It wasn't hard to find some small time mugger, although he was larger than Kaden and put up a good fight. One corpse and a few runes later, Kaden prayed harder than he ever had before in his life.

He prayed for vengeance.

He prayed for violence.

He prayed for suffering.

And something answered his prayers.

She called herself Mashu, a demon of chaos and fire. She offered power and he accepted. Of course, he should've asked her about what she wanted in exchange. That was his first mistake. As soon as she possessed his body she tried to gain control. Kaden was stronger than both of them expected, and was able to subdue her at the time. She's a constant presence in his mind though, always commenting and whispering things into his ear. The moment his focus slips she pounces on the chance to rip control away from him. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The more power he borrows from her the bigger strain it puts on his body and the more influence she has over him and the easier it is for her to convince him to see things her way. Ever since the night that he summoned her, Kaden has been on the run trying to find out who were involved in his parents murder as well as putting down most of the criminals he finds.

She's a theology student and dreamed of getting a PhD but with everything that's happened she plans on just getting a bachelor's degree and dedicating herself to helping her brother. She's a pretty quiet girl and loves to read. She's always been a little overbearing when it came to her brother's life but she claims that that's her right as his older sister. Rosa has reached out to numerous organizations and people, mostly religious, to try and have Kaden found and exorcised of the demon inside of him. She's convinced that he's not in control and that it's the demon's influence that's made him violent.

Abrasive and rough, you wouldn't know that she was a centuries old demon from how well-adjusted she is to the modern world. She loves a good fight, and the cherry on top is taking her opponent's life at the end. Although she likes to vie for control over Kaden's body, sometimes she likes to sit back and manipulate him into doing worse and worse things. Corrupting humans is just as fun as controlling their bodies. She does follow Kaden's rule about not intentionally hurting civilians though; after all, if she pushed his limits too far he'd only resist her more, and where was the fun in that?

Mashu herself is powerful and can sense the difference between humans, demons, and angels. When summoned properly in her own form, she can use her abilities to their fullest in addition to flying, glamour to disguise herself as human, and teleportation back to Hell. Since she is trapped in Kaden's body, she can only do so much since human's are much more delicate than demons.
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!

  • Secret Identity: Publically Known
    Name: Rose B. Carmine
    Alias(es): Elementa
    Class: S-Class
    Function: Fighter, Crafter, Rescue
    Type: Melee
    Ability Classification: Element Manipulator - Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Force, Spirit (Snap, Channeling, Ritual), Super-intelligent
    Employer: Private - Freelance
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Family Member(s): Two younger sisters, Mother, Father, and Paternal Grandmother.
    Sexual Preference: Hetero
    Significant Other(s): None
    Hideout: Yes
    Hideout Location: Classified
    Cooperation: Infrequent
    Team Size/Composition: None
    Cooperativeness Scale: Very cooperative when needed
    Common Gear: Holsters with energy vials, rope, and first aid kit. On-ear radio.
    Civilian Appearance:
    Costumed Appearance:
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Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Mazok
Alias(es): Warboss Mazok
Class: B-class
Function: fighter/crafter
Type: other
Ability Classification: Anomalous - fungal based lifeform, presence of extruded spores can cause growth of weaker versions of the same self, as well as capability to make working armaments from scrap metal and general junk, the level of craftsmanship increases based on number of minions present(10=improved weaponry,40=basic vehicles, etc.)
Str: 4 (half for minions)
size:3 (minions 1
Sex: male
Gender: male
Age: 40
Family Member(s):
Sexual Preference:
Significant Other(s):
Hideout Location: acid lake in Africa
Cooperation: Infrequent
Team Size/Composition: N/a
List each super/powered/non-powered and their class
Cooperativeness Scale: before a scrap, not very. after a good fight, friendly
Common Gear: big choppa(scapwork sword), dakka gun(scrapwork rifle)
Civilian Appearance: massive green-skinned warrior with scrap metal armor.
Costumed Appearance: ^
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 60/100
Visibility ~ 100/100
Success ~ 70/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 80/100
Ranking ~ 60/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 30/100
Property Damage ~ 80/100
Lethality ~ 40/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 82/100
Tenure ~ 35/100

Backstory: mazok was made from the fungus that evolved to survive at the bottom of one of Africa's few acid lakes. once it had spread onto dry land it was unrestrained in it's growth, to the notice of several tribesmen. the mold became a minor myth among their peoples, said to be the creation of anasi the spider. growing with little to no bothering by the people. though after the 20th year of growth, a young chief decided to anoint himself in the mold so as to gain power for his people. once it was done he began to change, growing a green tint to his skin and more aggression. and it seemed the more fights he'd win the taller he's get. after a couple months of this he began spreading the mold to the rest of his village, each person developing the same traits. after everyone was converted, they began to build, sealing themselves and the mold off. intent on making a new life as the Orks, though that chief.. his name forgotten and replaced by the name Warboss mazok, he was different. weather through experience of living as this or simply his own humanity shining though, he began to see that his people we're capable of bringing change to the world, and he wanted it to be good. so he began building, long hours hammering lumps of metal in place with rocks. eventually making a prop plane, he left a loyal tribesman in charge as he took off. the plane barely making it across the ocean before crashing onto the east coast of the US, Mazok barely deterred by the impact as he continued, gathering some scrap metal to make a choppa and some armor. always heading towards LA and avoiding people.
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St. Ka'alia
Secret Identity: Public Secret (among angels) Otherwise unknown
Name: Zaphkiel
Alias(es): Symphonia (cover name), God's Mind (official title)
Threat Level: Level Four
Function: Jack of All Trades
Type: Defender/Buffer/Debuffer
Ability Classification: Divine psychic telepathy, Divine psychokinesis, Divine Music magic, Divine Luminomancy, Innate knowledge of songs and music, At-will invisibility outside combat
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 4028 as an archangel, 28 as guardian angel
Family Member(s): she has 5 brothers (Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Lucifer) and two sisters (Sariel and Ryuleianna)
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Significant Other(s): Enzo (guardian angel)
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Summer house in Hawaii
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Enzo
Cooperativeness Scale: 9/10
Common Gear: Light Divine Metal Armor, Divine Headphones, Seraph Blade Spear, and Shield

Civilian Appearance:

Costumed Appearance:

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 100/100
Visibility ~ 65-95 /100
Success ~ 70/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 95 with humans/demons, 5 with angels/100
Ranking ~ 80/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 85/100
Property Damage ~ 65/100
Lethality ~ 15-50/100
Rescue ~ 95/100
Tenure ~ 4/100

Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Enzo
Alias: Paramnesia
Threat Level: Level Three
Function: Stealth/Minor Fighter
Type: Other: Commander
Ability Classification: Psychic: Natural (Can control people one at a time (for the victim it's like being in a dream where reality is disconnected. If the victim realizes that they aren't dreaming and this is reality then they have a chance of breaking out of his control. The stronger willed they are the better chance they have), make multiple people at a time hallucinate, and edit their memories by replacing a certain series of events with another fictional one or by erasing the specific memory itself entirely. No, he cannot completely erase a person's memory. While the victim wouldn't be able to remember the correct events on their own, a trained psychic or mage could probably recover it.)
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Family Member(s): None
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Significant Other(s): Zaphkiel (For their cover)
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Summer house in Hawaii
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Zaphkiel
Cooperativeness Scale: 9/10
Common Gear: None
Civilian Appearance:

Costumed Appearance: (Makes people think that they're seeing a shadowy creature when it's just him)
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 70/100 (since he's strong enough to cause mass hallucinations and all that)
Visibility ~ 10/100
Success ~ 80/100 (doesn't usually fight but he can usually achieve what he was aiming for)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 10/100 (People think that he's some sort of monster)
Ranking ~ 60/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 10/100 (considers people to be nothing but either tools that he can use or toys for entertainment)
Property Damage ~ 90/100 (he never does the dirty work, usually makes others do it for him)
Lethality ~ 50/100 (Does it randomly)
Rescue ~ 0/100
Tenure ~ 4/100

Enzo had always been a trouble maker. He’d pit people against each other for fun and would be eager to watch the fallout. The bigger the fight the more entertaining it was. He wouldn’t call himself a sociopath, but he had to admit that he didn’t think that human lives were worth much. Of course, he didn’t have many skills outside of manipulating others which left him hurting for money when he graduated high school. Lucky for him, robbing rich people turned out to be far more lucrative than working as a cashier at the corner store. It was easy, the upper class weren’t attached to their wallets and fancy accessories so all he had to do was wave a gun around and he’d have all of their valuables. It worked for a few months, but then he made the mistake of trying to rob a mob boss. In his defense, how was he supposed to know? He did find out real quick how big of a mistake he had made when the guy’s goons came after him. Enzo ran, but they caught up to him almost instantly and dragged him somewhere private. Things began spiraling from bad to worse as the mob boss revealed that one of his men was a demon he had made a contract with. The man commanded the demon to make Enzo wish he were dead before granting him just that. At that point Enzo knew that he was far past the point of being over his head.

It was at this moment that a clear voice rang. Angelic, even. “Begone, demon.” It spoke, and she appeared. A woman in white, whose aura thrummed with divine energy. “Begone, or incur my wrath.” Her eyes were golden, and shining like the sun. Her wings were white, like clouds in the sky. Her skin was the color of pearl. And her voice had the tint of tempered steel. “I am Zaphkiel, Archangel of the Mind of God and warden of this soul. Thrice I order thee, Begone.”

Even if it wasn’t bound by its contract, the demon wouldn’t have backed down from an angel, it’s natural enemy. The mob boss ordered it to attack the angel as he and his men fled. Enzo watched in horror as the thing that once looked human shifted into its true demonic form in order to fight the angel that had appeared from nowhere.

Time to get serious then. If the demon wanted to fight, he would get a fight. He would not be capable of withstanding the power of an archangel, though. She opened her hand, calling forth a glimmering spear of light. “You have chosen pain, then. You will not go gently.” She surged forward, intent on impaling the demon.

Its skin crackled apart like it was being burnt from the inside. Radiant light flooded out of the cracks that appeared on its skin as the smell of something burning filled the air. The demon trembled as it was reduced to ash, leaving only Enzo with the winged woman. Cautiously, he asked, “What are you?” A demon he could believe, but an angel that had descended from heaven? That was harder to swallow.

All light vanished as he spoke. Her spear dissolved in a rain of small sparks, and her wings folded in her back as she landed in front of him. Her voice was like flowing water. “I am Archangel Zaphkiel, God’s Mind, and the one tasked with protecting your soul. Being killed by a demon would have hurt you to the deepest degree, and thus I stepped in to ensure your safety.”

He was grateful, there was no doubt about that, but almost immediately he thought about how he could use this to his advantage. Who else could say that they had their guardian angel descend to save them? “Thank you Zaphkiel, but I’m not safe yet. How can I be when there are more demons out there lying in wait?” She was strong, something that he wasn’t. He needed her. “I need you,” he begged, “Please stay Zaphkiel! Without you I’ll surely die!” Already his mind was envisioning what life would be like with her power at his disposal; all of the wealth he could acquire. She was much too valuable to let go.

“I cannot. When the demons come, so will I. Unless your immortal soul is in direct danger, I cannot intervene. I must not.” As she said so, she turned away, her wings unfolding as she was about to take flight and vanish.

He couldn’t let her go, so he reached out to grab her. To make her stay. He hadn't known that his touch would bind her to the mortal realm. That she wouldn't be able to return to Heaven. He didn't care though, even when she begged someone named "Michael" to return. He didn't think that angels had rules to follow; that they were bound, somehow, by their own laws. Even if he knew the laws, he wouldn't have cared. Enzo had his very own guardian angel and she wasn’t going anywhere.
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Primarch of Terra'Avenia
This one might be a doozy....

Secret Identity: Marked by Celeste
Alias: Celesteon
Name: Fay D. Fluorite
Class: Apprentice
Function: Jack of All Trades (Mage)
Type: Other (Other (Mage))
Ability Classification: Magick-User (Arcane)
Sex: Male
Gender: Can't care anymore
Age: 16
Family Members: Emancipated from Biological parents and adopted by Headmistress of Alaska's Arcane School for Young Magi (who is currently indisposed)
Sexual Preference: If you're smart, maybe.
Significant Others: Nope
Hideout: Nada
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Apprentice, so Frequent
Team Size: Currently unknown aside from Super he is assigned to
Common Gear: Shield bracelet, elemental focus rings, Necklace of Arcana (hidden), Earring of Whisper, Earring of Mental Focus, Anklet of Durability (hidden) chalk, coal, pocket knife/athame, Spacious Pouch (hidden)
Civilian Appearance:
Jacket and Goggles (enchanted), plain white shirt, Jeans, shoes, chain wallet (Chain is enchanted), rings, Necklace of Arcana (hidden), shield bracelet, Earring of Whisper/Mental Focus, Anklet of Durability (hidden), Spacious Pouch (hidden), Chalk, Coal, Pocket Knife/Athame, gloves (mundane, fingerless gloves)
Costumed Appearance:
Fay D. Fluorite.jpg
Snow Cloak (enchanted), Shield Bracelet, Focus Rings, Arcane Tome, Necklace of Arcana (hidden), Earring of Whisper, Earring of Mental Focus, Anklet of Durability (hidden), Chalk, Coal, Pocket Knife/Athame, Spacious Pouch, Crystal Staff, steel-toed boots, blue fatigues

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120 + snow cloak = 130
Race: Human
Body Type: Thin, slender, near womanly but holds the faintest traces of muscle

Born into a zealous christian family who had shunned Magick, it wasn't until Fay was thirteen that he understood the gravity of the tattoos upon his back, and when his first Arcane Anomaly had occurred, he was visited by a Mage. This, unfortunately, ended up in being nearly disowned by his family, but thankfully, it wasn't a problem for him since someone was immediately there to fix the situation, and he had immediately agreed to enroll in a school as a Fledgling Mage (this part is boring, so I shortened it really hardcore and it's not as important as the following, soooooo yeah!)

Fay had been a very withdrawn and quiet young man even throughout his years in an Arcane School for Young Magi located in Alaska. Normally, Fay was the target of many jokes due to his more androgynous and somewhat feminine appearance and stature, and this continued for years, giving him a constant reminder that he did not belong.

At the age of sixteen, the Arcane School that Fay had been attending fell under attack by a growing faction of power-hungry Magi - dubbed "Warlocks," who wished to take over the country, its people, and then use the U.S. as its governing country in order to control the rest of the globe. All but their leader, codename "Phoenix," were thwarted though, when a moment of desperation had left Fay no choice but to take the intruders out using a spell with a devastating shockwave that left him crippled and dry of mana. It was only a few minutes later that Heroes had shown up to reinforce and take down straggling infiltrators while cleaning up the remaining equally crippled and wiped out invasion force. The school had to, then, shut down its operations until repairs could be made, sending many students to a skilled care facility for long-term rehabilitation, while others sadly didn’t make it home to their loved ones.

Fay, himself, was a resident in one such skilled-care facility, known as a Healing Cathedral, though his wounds weren't all physical. The crippling damage had been tackled by doctors and Mages specializing in the Healing Arts just in time, having spared him from being wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life, but the mental had taken its toll along with some of the damage left over from what they called "Mana Burn." When an individual uses more mana than their bodies can handle, or if they run dry, the body takes damage internally, and compounded with the psychological damage after seeing the carnage and devastation left by the invaders post-raid, it almost seemed as if he wouldn't come out of his waking coma-like state. To be brief, it took almost a full year before Fay could walk and talk again on his own, and after far more counseling, he was taken before the Arcane Council that his school worked under to discuss his placement in the world.

He would be placed under the care of the Aphera family, apprenticing to acquire and become a superhero while continuing his studies while living on his own in housing supplied by the Council. Other ex-students of the School of Young Magi would also be compensated similarly, with certain things afforded to them regarding which path they would choose after their recovery. For those who chose the Path of the Hero, they would be gifted items that befit their current station, and rewarded for their hard work as well as contribution to those who live in the world of Magick - whether that be their deeds, their creations, or their research.


Snow Cloak (Enchanted): The adept Snow Cloak of the Arcane School for Young Magi. This item has basic wards woven into it as to deflect or to less the blows of arcane magicks and physical attacks. This cloak also keeps the wearer comfortable and protected in hazardous environments and dangerous climate, such as intense heat or freezing cold, as well as certain gasses, but only when the hood is worn.

Jacket and Goggles (Enchanted): A white and blue stylish jacket that is enchanted two-fold, gifted to all students of the Arcane School for Young Magi in order to stay safe and blend in with the mundane world. The first spell is a basic prestidigitation, which keeps the article of clothing clean and unnecessary to wash. The second is an Environmental Spell used to keep the wearer comfortable and protected in hazardous environments and dangerous climates, such as intense heat or freezing cold, as well as certain gasses, but only when the goggles are worn.

Shield Bracelet: An Arcane Focus developed by Fay himself, this bracelet is decorated with six small, bronze shields that dangle from the main metal chain. This bracelet holds multiple charges of a basic defensive spell used to protect the wearer when a somatic gesture is used. This bracelet can currently hold up to six charges of the spell used.

Focus Rings: Rings gifted by the Headmistress of the Arcane School for Young Magi to students who show skill and work hard in their studies rather than relying on talent alone. These rings confer help to the wearer when using elements such as Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, depending on which rings are worn (Currently, Fay has Fire and Earth)

Arcane Tome: A personal journal of spells the Wizard has chosen to further study and rely on, also amplifying their spells with special attributes for unique effects.

Necklace of Arcana: A box-chain necklace with a small pendant representing growth (Physical shape is a rose). This necklace is gifted to students of the Arcane School for Young Magi by the Headmistress who show skill and work hard in their studies rather than relying on talent alone. The pendant represents growth no matter the environment, and is used to amplify the effects of spells. This can only be used (4) times per day.

Earring of Whisper: An arcane object developed by Fay himself, the earring is an inconspicuous, small, silver loop earring. The wearer of the earring can telepathically speak to another who wears the mate. Restriction of this is within 200 yards.

Earring of Mental Focus: Earring gifted by the Headmistress of the Arcane School for Young Magi to students who show skill and work hard in their studies rather than relying on talent alone. This earring has a basic enchantment that bolsters the user's mental will, making them less prone (but not impervious) to mental attacks which would make them afraid or shaken.

Anklet of Durability: Anklet gifted by the Council of Magi to young Mages who decide to apprentice in the Path of the Hero. This Anklet is enchanted with a basic "Hardened Flesh" spell that makes it more difficult to be lacerated, as if the flesh is leather.

Spacious Pouch: A common item sold within the Magick community that makes the bag it is placed within twice its size, though can only be placed into small bags or pockets. Most use the Spacious Pouch to double the size of their pockets to hold components.
Contents: Chalk, Coal, Piece of Wick Yew Branch, Yarn, Vial, Sand

Pocket Knife: Some wizards of classical teaching tend to carry an Athame with them when performing rituals, and this pocket knife has been imbued with the user's mana over multiple months of retaining it without losing physical contact. This athame is in the form of a folding pocket knife, the blade sharp, but not typically used in combat as-is.

Crystal Staff: The Bread and Butter of an Arcane Wizard's spellwork. This staff is a head taller than the user and is imbued with mana from the user over a long period of time being in contact with the user. The head of the staff is a medium sized fluorite crystal, which was picked by the Mage themselves for the purposes of their spellcasting and general aesthetic preference.

Chain Wallet: This personal-effect is used to keep one's physical information such as identification and other cards stored neatly, as well as to store currency, and comes with a chain that attaches to the belt loop of a pair of comfortable jeans. The decal on this wallet is of a well-known hero in animation who was summoned from another world through a book to be a Hero, and wields the mighty shield to protect the innocent. The chain of this wallet is enchanted to straighten as if a magick rod and used to cast spells. The chain is able to be disconnected from the wallet.

Jeans: Blue denim pants that are quite durable and comfortable, but somewhat baggy on the wearer if they are of small stature.

Blue Fatigues: These pants are similar to the pants that particular military personnel might wear in or outside of combat, though they are an azure blue. They are supported with a sturdy belt and very comfortable!

Shoes: Athletic sneakers that are worn on the feet for the purposes of extra traction while protecting the foot from abrasions such as gravel, sticks, glass, and a plethora of small, minor hazards. The decal of these shoes depicts a young woman with a large stereotypical wizard's hat who obsesses over the use of fire in grand displays of destruction. Her friends are a clumsy goddess, a young man who was given another chance at life after being killed in an embarrassing manner in his old world, and an honorable Knight who obsesses over the sensation of pain inflicted upon them. The wearer doesn't particularly like one more than the other, and is made uncomfortable by the Knight's antics, but they very much enjoy the shoes for it's patented cushioned soles!

Steel-Toed Boots: When your workload is heavy and you need that extra bit of protection, steel-toed boots are a must-have for the rugged, hard worker! The reinforced toes and soles of the shoes ensure that your feet will stay protected from heavy objects falling onto the toes or shrapnel of many varieties piercing through the soles of your feet. These sturdy boots were on sale for 1/4 off and were definitely worth the price!
"When your work is tough, these boots are tougher!"


Evocation: Unlike what many might think as spells such as Fireball, Ice Storm, and the like, Evocation is the use of the wielder's will to shape their own desires into reality. This can lend to interesting combinations, from creating a simple fireball to something like a sculpture of water that feels solid to the touch. Some mages who use such a skill are normally very practiced and tedious with their work to create magnificent displays, but for those who seek to use such a thing in a plethora of ways, such usage may vary from said magnificent opulence to quick and dirty spellcasting.

Scrawling/Scribing: For those who practice evocation but wish to build the effect of their spell, one may find themselves training in a more ancient art of Scribing. This is the use of Magick to literally write their will into the air before them, or in the dirt via their own mana to create a spell that could have either a devastating or far-reaching rejuvenating effect. Some mages who tend to favor Nature may use these skills to work in animal and environmental conservation, recovering vast swathes of forests from man-made fires or warding endangered species from poachers who are looking for their next big (illegal) paycheck. This, however, is very taxing for the caster and uses large amounts of their stored mana, and those who aren't careful could potentially suffer mana burn to a debilitating (or life-ending) extent.

Magickal Beasts (Magizoology): These creatures are considered extremely rare in the mundane community - more than 90% of civilians may never see hide nor hair of these fantastic creatures, but for the Spellcasting and Superhuman, it's quite the opposite. Many mages are known to have a sort of pet, or sometimes a Familiar for their own needs and wants, and Fay is no different, having an intense love for magickal beasts such as Gryphons, Wyverns, and an assortment of intelligent creatures. He even has a domestic magickal creature of his own that he takes with him during his downtime in civilian areas that are more used to such a sight.

Mage History:
This is self-explanatory, though he had become highly interested in an ancient Mage who had passed away at the height of his power named only as the Wizard of Celeste. This mage was known as the most powerful mage in all of history, and many scholars who have found information about him all believe that, after his death, he was the first to be able to deny passing into the other realm with his sheer will alone, wandering the earth as a powerful Ghost of sorts. To what end, they have no idea. Fay seeks to gain power akin to the Wizard of Celeste so that atrocities such as the raid on his old school could never again claim so many young and promising lives.

Reading (Most usually texts concerning the History of Magick and other scholarly articles)
Crafting Magick Items (These are most usually of base level, and he sells them to those of a level similar to or below his own, though he will create better items if he has better materials. This is also his main income)
Tutoring fledgling mages (Small portion of his income - he only charges so they feel like they're earning their study if they are likely to protest his help for nothing in return (Stereotypically, Fledglings he has encountered are stalwartly against handouts))
Donating to Kitten Orphanages (and puppy orphanages, and magickal beast orphanages, and....)

Extra information!!!

The Council of Mages, Soul Council, or "The Council" is a collective of five of the world's strongest mages who have forsaken foolish ideas such as political favoritism, borders, and other such disgusting atrocities to focus solely on the improvement of the World itself. They disconnect themselves purposely from the other organizations - military and civilian - with the purpose of ensuring that those who follow their guidance of their own free will are treated properly and with respect. Most recently, aside from their aim to lift third-world countries from their squalor, their biggest move has been to ensure those who have been victim to rising instances of "Warlock Raids" are taken care of to the fullest extent, at no cost, using their vast network of mages to ensure this is done quickly and with proper compensation. Alaska's Arcane School for Young Magi has been their most recent effort, and to their chagrin, they have agreed to keep quiet on those who had truly saved the school rather than the Heroes who had shown up too late to the scene in order to ensure that the People are not disheartened by those who have done their best despite the situation, as well as to protect the identity of those who were victim of the Warlock who brought about wickedness and devastation.
Mages who ally themselves with the council are also likely to object to political activity that would set the denizens of this planet backwards instead of progressing into a better age - a more peaceful age, and only step in when a political power has gone too far. For the moments in which this has occurred, which has not happened since the events of World War One, "Code Omega" is given, and mages who have sworn to fight to depose those who objectively have harmed the progress of the planet's denizens at-large are dispatched to offer aid in said tyrant's takedown.
The Council, however, does not operate without any form of compensation. Those who have chosen to live within their realm - fully knowledgeable of what it means and all the strings attached - pay a certain type of Tax, in which they may be asked to do a favor if they cannot afford payment via currency, but the favor is always within their capabilities and moral standing. Such favors may include helping in Healing Cathedrals, where the sick are taken care of, or to create an arcane object to ward an innocent from being "witch-hunted" by those in the world who look down upon magick or those who support its use. (This occurs in the real world, but instead of witch hunting - which does exist, some countries will execute someone for Blasphemy alone.)
The swearing-in process to associate with The Council is one's Word, sealed with power more ancient than the Council itself.
"Upon my True Name and my Deeds do I swear: Never shall I seek to further only myself lest it be for the better of all, and I shall strive always to ensure amnesty be given to innocents who seek shelter from the wicked and unjust."
Tenants of the Council of Mages:
1.) I shall always be prepared, for to be unprepared is to fail or be felled before I even begin.
2.) Always shall I seek to better those around me.
3.) Never shall I turn a blind eye to the ignorant or the wicked before me.
4.) I shall always remember that, though I am only one candle flame, my actions may set ablaze a nation if I am reckless. I will strive to be thoughtful of every action I take.
5.) It is not what one is born as that matters - but how they treat those around them.
6.) I shall not allow my personal biases to cloud my judgement.
7.) Never stop learning.
8.) But, sometimes, you can put the book down and go for a jog. Don't forget to shower. (This one is always a joke, but some Mages do end up getting obsessed)
9.) I shall remember the weight of my Staff, the aftermath of my decisions, and give my all for Justice.
10.) Kindness never killed anybody, but a spell might do the deed. Point it at those who deserve it.

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 90/100
Visibility ~ 50/100 (due to wide variations depending on spell)
Success ~ 70/100 (They did stop a raid, but at a high cost)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100 (They definitely donate to kitten orphanages)
Ranking ~ 20/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 70/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ 99/100 (only reference is blowing up part of his school)
Lethality ~ 90/100 (Only once, but fair kill count)
Rescue ~ 90/100
Tenure ~ 1/100 (I think - since they're just starting?)

Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File
Secret Identity : Public
Name : Henry Keaton
Alias(es) : Starfinger, California Warlock
Class : S class
Employer : Freelance
Function : Fighter
Type : Sniper
Ability Classification : Warlock pact [SCP - Extraplanar entity]

Star magic [Snap/Channeling/Ritual/Other]
Bone magic [Snap/Channeling/Ritual/Other]
Eldritch magic [Snap/Channeling/Ritual/Other]
Eldritch Life Manipulation magic [Channeling/Ritual]
Metamagic [Snap/Ritual]

Major element manipulation [Earth]
- Metal and dust [Snap/Channeling/Other]

Emotion Control
Illusion and Hallucination creation

Sex : M
Gender : M
Age : 44 (+10)
Family Member(s) : Keaton Family
Sexual Preference : F
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout : No
Hideout Location : -
Cooperation : Uncommon
Team Size/Composition : -
Cooperativeness Scale : 2/10
Common Gear : Magical robe that provides average invisibility, ring of levitation
Civilian Appearance :
Johannes Falk human.jpg
Costumed appearance :
Hastur seal.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 90/100
Visibility ~ 85/100
Success ~ 90/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 85/100
Ranking ~ 100/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 85/100
Property Damage ~ 45/100
Lethality ~ 65/100
Rescue ~ 85/100
Tenure ~ 16/100

Total 746
Ranking 74.6

Some families are united, siblings and parents loving each other. Some are not, plagued by resent and spite, old wounds and skeletons in the closet. Some... Are both; a good part of the family is loving and happy, and the rest is dark and brooding, reminiscing past misdeeds and family feuds. Henry's life has been like this for a very long time... Even during childhood, there were not many people he got along with; he preferred staying alone in his room, dreaming of other worlds and happier events. He was dreaming of a man in a golden cloak who offered him the ability to make things better. The man was kind, but he was a little strange. Sometimes, he had a rope around his neck, and at other times his eyes were filling the entire sky. But the man helped Henry. And Henry's life became slightly better. Until that day...

That day his older siblings got angry with each other, and the violence escalated. They started to use their powers when they should not, and the scuffle turned into a full-fledged battle. As he rushed in to beg them to stop, there was a great white flash. He looked around, and there were only stars. He heard the voice of the man in gold, warm and comforting. The man offered him a way to stop the battle and become able to change things for real. Henry was sad, he was crying. So he accepted. Next time he knew, his brother was unconscious, and his sister... his sister was reduced to a clean skeleton surrounded by a circle of ash.

The rest is history. 16 years later, Henry faced the OA as a S-class hero and died in the second explosion, no trace of him to be found afterwards.
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Primarch of Terra'Avenia
Caesar Alexander Aphera (His sheet is a little.... chatty)
Name: Caesar Alexander Aphera
Codename: Lord Caesar
Alias: "I don't need one - everyone knows me!!!"
Secret Identity: "If the world doesn't know me, then someone needs to get the corn out of their ears."
Age: 38
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 240lbs
Race: Human
Body Type: Athletic Bodybuilder
Class Ranking: S
Hero Function: Conflict Resolution
Hero Type: Combatant/Commander
Employer: Private
Sex: I'm a man.
Gender: I'm a MAN!!!!!
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a laser beam.
Hideout: Nope.
Location: If I had a hideout, why would I tell anyone???
Significant Others: I mean... There's someone I got my eye on, y'know.
Cooperation: Frequent - I'm the one leading them, after all.
Composition: Literally everyone wants to work with me. So everyone.
Cooperativeness Scale: "Follow my lead and you'll live to honestly and accurately brag about it."
Common Gear: "I'll go nude for the hell of it, but when you got guns like these, why would you need gear?"
Civilian Appearance: Same as Costumed
Costumed Appearance: Same as Civilian

"As much info as you guys want for this Hero re-application, I'll give you some other measurements for free."

Backstory: Born to the Aphera family, one would think that Caesar himself has had the best of luxuries and opportunities. Instead, when Caesar was introduced to the powers that he held within him, he elected to shun them, instead focusing heavily on building up his physical abilities as well as his more elementally inclined. What resulted was a single man with the confidence and ability to take on whatever threat dared to shade his doormat or stroll in his way until the Occard Alliance incident ten years ago. Having served in the military, he found himself quickly climbing the ranks until he himself had become a commander, but hated the idea of being chained to a desk or a headquarters, and instead gained clearance to spend his time on the very front lines. He thought he would be a boon in the fight, having rallied his personal allies nearby to launch a merciless counter-attack against the villains. Caesar himself never held back for any opponent, no matter who, and never accepted defeat, putting his very life on the line for the sake of his own pride rather than the safety of others, but had been reduced to nothing in the ash of the explosion that had ensued. His body having never been recovered, to him, an empty grave sits as a placeholder, serving as a reminder of his failings, and the cost of his confidence and power.

Now, revived and filled with new purpose, he rises from the ashes to find his assailants and personally end them, sparing nothing for the effort, for his death, to him, is an unacceptable scar upon his achievements.

He still retains his pompous attitude.

"Get it done or get out of my way!"

Primary Category: Fire Manipulator
Secondary Categories: Other

Raw Power ~ 100/100 (How powerful is their power?)
Visibility ~ 100/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 99/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 30/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~ 100/100 (Each rank from Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 40/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ 40/100 (Higher is better. Think of it like a percentage of how often you AVOID causing it.)
Lethality ~ 10/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 70/100 (How good are they at rescuing people?)
Tenure ~ 20/100 (Each year or so constitutes a point.)


St. Ka'alia
Secret Identity: Publically Known (But she's not famous or anything)
Name: Doctor Anne Beaufort
Alias: None
Class: C Class
Function: Crafter
Type: Coordinator
Ability Classification: Tech: Super Intelligent (on a scale of 1 to 5 she is a solid 2. She's a genius at the university level, but that's it. Even the armor she made Aia is pretty basic without the bells and whistles that most superhero armor sports.).
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Family Members: Parents that she sends letters and presents to every once in a while
Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Sopchoppy, Florida
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Aia
Cooperativeness Scale: 9/10
Common Gear: None

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 0/100
Visibility ~ 0/100
Success ~ 50/100 (Trial and error)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 70/100 (Known in her field for herpetology, but aside from that she's a normal friendly stranger)
Ranking ~ 40/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 80/100
Property Damage ~ 90/100 (She's destroyed her own property by accident but that's it)
Lethality ~ 100/100
Rescue ~ 20/100 (Hasn't rescued anyone before and has no training so it probably won't end well)
Tenure ~ .5/100

Secret Identity: Public Secret/Known (Anne hides her as best as she can but if anyone saw Aia they'd recognize her as one of the newest arrivals to the superhero scene)
Name: Aia
Alias(es): Shiro, The White Raptor
Class: Apprentice
Function: Fighter/Stealth
Type: Melee-Other
Ability Classification: Alien-Other
Sex: Female(Most likely)
Gender: Unknown
Age: 15 Months old (Her body is what many would deem around the age of 18 due to her species's accelerated growth at birth)
Family Member(s): Doctor Anne Beaufort (Mama)
Sexual Preference: Unknown
Significant Other(s): Doctor Anne Beaufort??? Unknown
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Sopchoppy, Florida
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/Composition: Doctor Anne Beaufort/C-Class/Coordinator/Fabricator
Cooperativeness Scale: If Anne says so its 10/10 other than that she will only listen to Anne
Common Gear: A 'armor' Anne made for her. It's less armor and more of a body suit that's stab and slash resistant (definitely not stolen from one of the university labs) and has been modified to have a tracker in it and a crude heart rate system stolen from one of those fitness watches.
Civilian Appearance:
Usually wears hoodie, long pants, boots, a hat, and a face mask with her tail shoved into a backpack that she wears to pass off as human. When asked Anne usually claims that her "daughter" is albino.
For clarification, backpack is like this with opening on the side that touches her back that she can shove her tail through and keep inside without hurting herself.

Costumed Normal Appearance:
Aia Anne.png

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 30/100
Visibility ~ 20/100
Success ~ 50/100
Out of Combat Reputation 10/100 (She Isn't an ass though. more secluded and sticking to Anne)
Ranking ~ 20/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 00/100 (doesn't understand politics)
Property Damage ~ 80/100
Lethality ~ 020/100 (Slowly rising)
Rescue ~ 20/100
Tenure ~ .5/100

When most people think of little girls, they usually picture teddy bears or dolls. For some reason, Anne Beaufort had a fascination with reptiles. It started small with newts until one day she had somehow convinced her parents to get a python. She spent summers going to local wildlife centers, zoos, and even a few abroad programs to study animals. It surprised nobody when she declared that she wanted to become a herpetologist. Anne was accepted into University of Florida and stayed there until she got her PhD in herpetology and a minor degree in mechanical engineering. She settled down in Sopchoppy, Florida soon after and got a job at a field research center. The next few years were bliss. Anne loved her job; she loved trekking out in the wilderness and studying the local fauna. She even earned a bit of fame in the community for creating an improved tracker researchers used when studying snakes. Of course, an even bigger adventure came her way soon enough. There had been a few meteors that were expected to hit Apalachicola National Forest and Anne was anxious to see if the wildlife was alright; so the night that the meteors were expected to land, she snuck into the blocked off forest in order to help any injured creatures. The first few rocks were small coals that were heated from their entrance into the atmosphere but fairly harmless; Anne made sure to pour her water bottle onto them just in case though. More quickly followed, nearly too many to keep track of. Anne wasn't sure when exactly it was, but a larger rock crashed through the trees and scarred the ground it slid across.

Investigating the meteor, it seemed to have a strange sheen to it as well as a large crack. She just wanted a sample, so she reached into the crack for some loose pieces of the meteorite and was met with a moist cavern. Cracking the meteor more revealed that it was protecting some sort of egg. It was insane, completely crazy, to assume that this thing was an egg, but Anne had seen enough to know an egg when she saw one. She had to see what would hatch. She wasn't an idiot though. She kept it private, she didn't need the government on her back, and she registered for a gun so that in case something dangerous did hatch, she could just put it down. She had seen enough sci-fi movies to know what could go wrong. Setting up a video recorder that watched the egg constantly, Anne took meticulous notes as she watched and waited. Almost a week after she found it, the egg began to move. Cracks appeared, and Anne could feel her heart pound. Out of the shell, a tiny face appeared and the doctor nearly keeled over from excitement. Alien life! A species that had never been seen before! "White with red markings, possibly capillaries. Humanoid in appearance, sex is unclear." She rambled to the video recorder as the creature slowly forced its way out of the egg. Overcome with exhilaration, she approached the creature with a mouse she had on hand. "Here baby, you hungry?" She only waved the mouse a little bit before the thing's jaw unhinged and snapped the mouse into its mouth. "Teeth," Anne gulped, "You have teeth." This continued on, with Anne studying the rapidly growing alien and caring for it as it grew. She wasn't sure if it was a product of nature or nuture, but the alien seemed to have imprinted on her. As she grew, her intelligence and strength did too. The first time she spoke was a shock, but even more so at how quickly she was growing.

It was too cruel to keep a sentient creature, that she named Aia, locked away from the outside world. Maybe it was dangerous, but Dr. Beaufort figured life didn't come without a few risks. She called it 'national research' when she told her boss and a 'vacation' when she told her parents; but really it was a journey of a lifetime. Disguising the now human-sized Aia under a few layers and packing their bags, Anne began a cross country trip with an alien in her car. Why? To show her the world! To show her the people! The sights! The beauty and wonder of it all! Not to mention she hoped to teach Aia what it meant to be 'human'. To instill a sense of compassion and responsibility in her. At least, that was her reasoning when she started letting Aia loose on a few small time criminals that needed to be stopped. It's worked, to an extent, but they both have a long way to go still...

* Dr. Beaufort was actually offered a full scholarship to MIT for her skills in mechanical engineering, but she likes animals more than machines.
* Aia is known to wrap around Anne and has occasionally hissed at people who have bumped into her.
* Dr. Beaufort has picked up engineering again as she tries (and mostly fails) at creating an armor that protects Aia while letting her move freely.
* Although similar to a reptile, Aia does not appear to be cold-blooded which is very convenient in the winter!
* Dr. Beaufort has bought children's books, toys, and other supplies to try and raise Aia to be "human-like".
* While Dr. Beaufort is working to help develop Aia's language skills, the alien most communicates via snarls, chirps, and "barks" similar to this: https://youtu.be/d-86omJoRN0
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Publically Known
Name: Destiny Aphera
Alias(es): Jewel
Class: B
Function: Jack of all trades, crafter
Type: Ranged Mage/Melee Magus
Ability Classification: Arcane Magic - Snap/Channeling/Ritual
Sex: Female
Gender: Non-binary
Age: 38
Family Member(s): Married into the Aphera family
Sexual Preference: Bi
Significant Other(s): Oscar Aphera
Hideout: Yes/No
Hideout Location:
Cooperation: Unusual/Solo
Team Size/Composition: Apprentice Mage Fay
Cooperativeness Scale: Meh. People aren't her strong suit.
Common Gear: Tough gloves, her grimoire, and some cute pants. Also a few pouches with common magic ingredients.
Civilian and Costumed Appearance:

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 078/100
Visibility ~ 080/100
Success ~ 080/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 020/100
Ranking ~ 060/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 020/100
Property Damage ~ 020/100
Lethality ~ 050/100
Rescue ~ 070/100
Tenure ~ 005/100

Total - 483
Ranking - 48.3

Used to be a high-ranking villain, high-threat-level three. Now, she's married into the Aphera family, rather controversially, and acts as a Superhero. She's even got herself a cute little apprentice!

"My entire life's public whether I want it to be or not... so I guess I can talk about myself a little. I was a villain up until about five years ago. Oscar changed my life. He... I'm not a good person. I know I'm not... but I'm willing to try to be, for him. It's kind of funny. I've had more threats on my life now that I'm married to him and turned my shit around than I ever did while I was a villain. Even five years on people are still hating on me for existing. They feel like Oscar could do better - and while I certainly agree - it's his choice. I don't know what the fuck he sees in me, but I don't doubt his choices. He's too amazing to make a bad choice like that. Heh..."

"So we met when he kicked my ass in the middle of the desert and bound me up. That would have been the end of things if his car didn't break down. We spent hours together then... and... I dunno. We talked and talked and... kind of... clicked, I guess. I was terrified by my feelings. I think he was too, but... he never had any doubts. He decided he'd save me, and he did. He decided he'd love me, and... there were no second thoughts. I meanwhile always second-guessed myself and my feelings. But I'm a villain - I love you. But you're a hero - I love you. But how would this work - I love you. He'd never let me lie in my bed of doubt."

"So with that first meeting, he ended up letting me go. In return, I teleported us back to the city. He said I could meet him again if I didn't cause problems. I tried my best. Hell, I was scared to even jaywalk for a week before we got to meet casually at a hole in the wall coffee shop. Again, we clicked. It was like that again and again, and even when I slipped up, he'd be supportive of me. I wanted to make him... proud, I guess. It's dumb, but I hated and still hate the idea of him looking at me with disappointment in his eyes. There have been times where that's the case, and it hurts me to my bones. He's my other half. Even today, I'm still rougher than he'd like. I skirt the law more than he'd like. But... I think we're really happy, now."

"Fuckin' hell you're making me sappy. I'll shut up."
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Name: Alida Beatrice Oscalia
Codename: Jupiter
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: ~120 lbs
Race: Human
Body Type: Lean and muscular
Class Ranking: A
Hero Function: Fighter
Hero Type: Ranged preferred, melee capable
Employer: Private
Backstory: Jupiter was one of the more well-known Oscalia family members that died in the attack. She was close to both the Aphera family and her own, as many ended up married between the two. She remembers playing in a little garden when she was very young, surrounded by a plethora of other powered children, ready for their assessment. Her family was caring, though somewhat stern and expectant. She had to hold up their name, after all, and hold it up, she did.

She was one of the tops among her family, among the great mages of the world, and one of the top Superheroes of the time with a score of 83. Despite her short tenure, starting at 19, she was rising the ranks quickly. Jupiter didn't think anything of the day of the attack. It was horrible, an explosion that killed a lot of people, but thus was the way of the world. Tensions were so high, Supervillains were getting brasher every day... But... she would have never thought it was as bad as it was.

So many of her family members died. When the 30-mile diameter crater appeared with an explosion that shook the United States for hundreds of miles... she died too.

Now, she's woken up in the middle of the crater, thoroughly freaked out and confused, along with two other Superheroes.

Primary Category: Demon-magic
Secondary Categories: Demon-binding, Arcane magic, Super-speed 2 or 3

Raw Power ~ 080/100
Visibility ~ 090/100
Success ~ 095/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 090/100
Ranking ~ 080/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 090/100
Property Damage ~ 100/100
Lethality ~ 100/100
Rescue ~ 100/100
Tenure ~ 005/100

Total ~ 830
Ranking ~ 83.0

Appearance: (Although she is not naturally a cat-person, she enjoys taking a neko-like form. More lithe and comfortable for her.)
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: ???
Alias(es): Chutes
Class: Would be S-Class, refuses to get certified.
Ability Classification: Kemonomimi - Wolf, Other unknown.
Sex: Male
Gender: Gender-Fluid
Age: 540+, Appears to be a teen.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150lbs
Family Member(s): Unknown
Sexual Preference: Yes.
Significant Other(s): Unknown
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Chutes's Library
Cooperation: Solo
Cooperativeness Scale: Nonexistent. Pain in the ass.
Backstory: "Librarian. Did you actually think you'd get more on someone who's surrounded by knowledge - all day? Well, that was silly of you. I give you my picture and little else. Go find it out for yourself, why don't you?"
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 100/100
Visibility ~ Varies/100
Success ~ ???/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 050/100
Ranking ~ N/A/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 050/100
Property Damage ~ 050/100
Lethality ~ ???/100
Rescue ~ ???/100
Tenure ~ N/A/100


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Alexander Smith, Formally Alexander Creed. The latter is officially a dead man.
Alias(es): Shade, Angel of Death, Demon of the Streets, 'That freak'
Class: Vigilante
Function: Fighter/Stealth
Type: Melee/ Other
Ability Classification: Extraplanar/ Other. Strength 4/10. Speed 3/10. Size 1/10. Invulnerability 10/10 (until exposed to crippling weakness)
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 155
Family Members: Angela Creed; Daughter (Deceased). Jenny Creed; Wife (Deceased)
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Significant Others: N/A
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Solo
Team size/ Composition: N/A
Cooperativeness scale: Somewhere between 'Never going to happen' and 'Hell no'
Common Gear: N/A
Civilian Appearance: Button up shirts, jeans, sneakers. He appears to be a caucasian man in his mid-forties with short and neat brown hair
Costumed Appearance: Less of a costume and more of another form altogether. Shade's 'true form' as that is what he considers it to be, turns him into a somewhat amorphous humanoid shape of shadow and darkness. The only shred of light on him is the eyes and smile which never seem to move or shift, even when he speaks.

Behavior and Ranking
Raw power: 45/100
Visibility: 25/100
Success: 95/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 75/100
Ranking: 100/100, though not really applicable
Political Abrasiveness: 5/100
Property Damage: 90/100
Lethality: 0/100
Rescue: 50/100

Alexander wasn't always...what he is now. He was originally a simple scientist, a loving father, and a caring husband. He and a select few others were assigned to a secret government program in the late forties in an attempt to build upon humanity's capability of traveling outside of their atmosphere and further into space, warp travel. The idea was simple in concept but harder in practice, to warp the space-time around a craft to accelerate it through space towards distant stars and planets, cutting travel that could take hundreds of years down to just a few. As one can tell due to the lack of off-world colonies, this failed...spectacularly in fact. One late evening as he stayed behind to finish work and go over papers, the reactor began to have a critical meltdown. He tried in vain to stop it...but before he could make much progress this entire secret compound was...gone. There was no explosion, no massive crater, it simply ceased to be. No one heard of this or knew anything was amiss, the government obviously wasn't going to tell it's citizens that this had happened, let alone that it was being worked on. It took three days for Alexander to 'wake up', or rather phase back into existence itself.
Stumbling his way home, he quickly found that he was...not all there. His body shifted in and out of a mass of shadows, contorting at a mere thought. He moved through solid matter like it was air, and he couldn't seem to be harmed by conventional methods(Which became apparent after he wasn't watching where he was going and was struck by a speeding car who was escaping the police). It took time, yes, but his wife and daughter were glad to have him back and were understanding of his plight eventually. He couldn't go back to the science work, his entire job was gone, life's work gone. He decided to try something else out, hero work, something anyone with his powers should do. And it went well...for about three months. And then things just went even worse for poor Alexander. He had captured a mob boss, but it seems he could pull strings even in prison. Within a week, his family was missing, his entire home a fight scene. Then he got it..the usual 'tape'. He doesn't like to talk about what was on it, but it still haunts him. He submitted it to the police, and they tried everything, did everything...for four months they tried... even cooperated with heroes, and then they called it quits. He didn't though, he couldn't. He did what they couldn't do in all that time, and he did it in a week. The mob had been wiped out, and the mob boss who was so safe in prison suddenly turned up 'missing'. He dropped the heroics, it obviously didn't work, it was all flawed. If justice was to be done, it had to be swift, efficient, and brutal. If no one else would do it, he would. That day, Alexander creed died (a bit literally, after faking his own death), and a new person was born.
Personality: Outside of his 'anti-hero' persona, he's rather meek and soft-spoken. He gets nervous trying to cash in a check, he can't look you in the eye, and deep down, he's a tormented and sad man, who still blames himself for everything.
Power Explanation: Shade doesn't exactly fully exist on one plane of existence, hell he may not exist on just two. His entire being is so scrambled and tossed around that his form is malleable and capable of being phased through solid material. A bullet either passes through him or does no damage, a wall is just another door waiting. He can turn his shadow like body into a weapon he sees fitting, such as turning his entire arm into a scythe. He has ceased aging all together and hasn't changed a day since the accident, other than haircuts and other things to keep his face shifting with the times. Though it's not officially a 'power', he's garnered an extremist reputation. He's become quite a bit of a 'boogeyman' to the standard thug and several villains. While 'phased out' and in a material substance, his movement race increases drastically as natural laws no longer apply, making him move through it at a rapid pace, able to keep up with a speeding car. His voice is also subject to change into a sinister, darker thing due to his form being at his own whim.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity : Unknown
Name : Hayato Yaminen
Alias(es) : Black Magus, Rogue Killer
Class : Apprentice, would be Class A if hero.
Employer : Counts as freelance
Function : Fighter/Stealth
Type : Swordsman/Run and gun
Ability Classification : ...Probably counts as SCP, based on each and every "components" of their body

- Soul Cryptogram : the "core programming" of Hayato. Basically a conceptual drawing of the shape of their soul. It functions as an information container/emitter, and runs on pure magical energy. Usually remains entirely inside the body, but can be occasionnally released and expanded as a means to siphon the magical energy in the area, as well as interfacing with technology or taking over artificial intelligences, though this is harder. This cryptogram was initially drawn with pure gold wire, and converted into a metaphysical concept through a very complex ritual involving the original version of a dimension-creating artifact, meaning that the cryptogram is merely the manifestation of Hayato's soul dimension, and said dimension cannot be reached by any means other than from Hayato's processors - though he can also expand the cryptogram's manifestation into reality to use dimensional abilities.

- Magic circuits : Hayato's "nervous system". They are wowen nerves contaminated with magical primal cell growth agents, and coated in neutral ectoplasm as to ward them from external influence. They mostly serve to power the body, and also to spread the magical energy throughout the various systems to bolster them. Basically magical energy system and repartitor. Though, they also have an advanced function, which is Reinforcement. When given a power surge, they increase the physical properties of Hayato's body, depending on the output. Finally, they have a functionality called the Labyrinth Binding, which links the physical, magical and metaphysical circuits of Hayato together, allowing them to apply many special properties to their body, as well as magic dispelling with their palms.

- Overspark power grid : Hayato's mechanical and electronical power grid. Does basically just that, and also powers some mechanisms, like limb "muscles" and ocular sensors. Advanced function is hard-light projections. As the rest of the body is electrically isolated, it serves no other purpose, though a magical energy converter is present in case of need to convert the electricity to raw magic.

- Akashic structural grid : Hayato's skeleton. At the core, it's cloned bones. But there was an imperfection in the source material, and both the clone and the original were cancerous. Thus the healthy marrow was removed, and pages of ancient ritual texts were slit edge-wise, then the rectos were spun and inserted inside the bones, and the versos were glued onto the surface of the bones. This ensures the structural integrity of the bones, as the ritual pages want to remain whole, and as such stick very close to each other, clasping the bones very tightly. Additionnally, each and every bone has a marrow varnish over it to protect the pages from humidity, and is wreathed in black iron mummy bands. The bands are there to protect the bones as much as they are needed to contain the seeping evil magic from the rituals. Thousands of different rituals have been used, from christian exorcisms to japanese curses, to the darkest necromancies and evil magicks. Only summoning is not present. But the resulting seeping abominable magic is sealed inside by the black iron, and when released, the cloud of evil is noxious enough to sicken even professional heroes.

- FAUST Emotional core : Hayato's seat of emotions and instincts, and also their primary thought processor. Serves as a support for the Cobalt Seal system. It's located where the heart would usually be, and looks like a big black darksteel padlock with silver carvings. Originally it was made by THE Faust to bind demons to his will, but after being filled with extraplanar energies, it became laden with demonic curses, and now it cannot be taken away from its owner without extreme prejudice.

- Metatron Processor : Hayato's logical core, it's a tesseract made of chalk and electrum. It has no special properties in itself, except being an extremely complex arithmancic device that requires four dimensions to be folded on themselves to exist. It is located in Hayato's head, and has arithmancy abilities. Mostly spell-enhancing, or coordinating the cryptogram for information gathering, but it can also run several thousand complex ritual operations per second. Passively, it binds together all three facets of Hayato, the physical, the spiritual and the metaphysical, and has the ability to generate various shields and auras through arithmancic operations.

- Hallowed Arc blood : Hayato's blood. Originally, it was a sample of pure Ancient Vampire blood, but it was subsequently hallowed, exorcised and dedicated to an Old God through bloody human sacrifice rituals. When White recovered the blood in a forgotten Maya temple, both the curses and the blessings in the blood were conflicting and the shock was so intense that it cut off all spiritual activity in the area, but White later stabilized it. It acts as normal blood, but is the only thing that can either withstand or empower Hayato's mechanisms and other curses.

- Ashen Cell flux : Hayato's flesh. Made from White's own cancerous cells, this unholy flesh is very dense and resistant. It has to, considering the sheer power of most of Hayato's internal components. Originally, it was only meant to regenerate, but after being augmented with ash clay and magical porcelain, Hayato gained through it minor shapeshifting abilities. Nothing too evident, of course, only things like hair length, eye color, finger length, and bodily gender.

- Shambling pattern : THE most vital component in Hayato's being. In the manifold dimension that is their soul, lies the Shambling Pattern. It is the remnant of the ritual circle used to create the homonculus, and as such is the only thing keeping Hayato's soul bound to their body, as well as keeping their body together. As White pieced it together from the original vampiric curse, japanese ritualistic summonings, sumerian lawbindings and indian reincarnating rituals, it is extremely unstable, and causes all the components to sometimes function at random.

- Cobalt seal : Another extremely important component, it is the one that keeps Hayato's power in check. It is a thin underlying sheet of cobalt mesh that runs just under Hayato's skin, and is tied onto the FAUST core. Around the core, it contains eight key-shaped power receptacles, of which the sole goal is to give form to the power released by the FAUST core when Hayato increases their energy output. The seal has 20 release levels, starting at Eight (physical and psychical death, only metaphysical existence remains. Brain death, basically). Then Seven (Deep coma), Six (Shallow coma), Five (Standard sleep), Four (Awake, human level), Three (Awake, olympic athlete level), Two (awake, super strength 2 and super speed 2), One (awake, super strength 3 and super speed 3), Zero (Awake, physical, magical and spiritual generators running in perfect synchronisation, Super speed and strength 4). Then come lower release levels. Minus One (Awake, generators synchronized, running at 90% standard output. Stats variable), Minus Two (Awake, generators synchronized at 100% standard output, stats variable). Then come the Terminus levels. Each terminus level refers to the number of Hart-keys currently inserted in the lock, from Alpha (one key, 110% output), to Meth (all eight keys, generators reaching their melting point, output 10k% basically). Finally, there is the Nyx point, the horizon of events, the complete and definitive unraveling of all systems and concepts within Hayato in exchange of god-like power for a short duration. The trade-off is that Hayato ceases to exist, physically, spiritually and metaphysically. Their body is no more, their soul is gone, and the very concept of their existence is no more. On the other hand, it is possible for Hayato to go past the 100% without activating the keys (and thus referred to as Minus Three (or less)), but that causes bodily and spiritual degradation over time.

The eight keys are :
- Nagash - A fingerbone taken from Ramses II's corpse, and sculpted into a key. When inserted, Hayato becomes able to tap into the rituals sealed within his bones. Evil seeps in and he becomes ruthless and cold-blooded so long as he remains in this form.
- Hammu - A shard of the very first cuneiform tablet, containing the words "divine right". When inserted, Hayato's armor is infused with Sumerian lawmagic, and he becomes an automaton with destructive melee abilities.
- Ligur - A crucifixion nail from the extradimensional city of Carcosa. Powers unknown.
- Blight - A fragment of a broken divine blade. Powers unknown.
- Sanska - A splinter of wood from a ceremonial Kshatriya dagger. Powers unknown.
- Basileios - A stone shard from the Byzantine imperial crown. When inserted, Hayato emits extremely powerful terror/submission auras.
- Kachek - An aztec glyph, meaning unknown. Powers unknown.
- Tengri - A scandinavian cursed runestone. When inserted, Hayato can use Helfrost magic and barbarian rage.

- The Shredder : this component is hidden in Hayato's mouth and is usually not deployed, but when Hayato needs to regenerate one of his systems, or is simply running low on metaphysical energy, he can deploy this lamprey mouth-looking device to either consume a magical item and absorb its power, or vampirize a nearby victim's soul.

Species : Homonculus (Magitech Undead Abomination)
Sex : Variable
Gender : Variable
Age : 23
Family Member(s) : -
Sexual Preference : -
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : EA White's hideout, a medium-sized manor close to the Aphera household.

- Blood elixir tank - a huge glass vat filled with a mixture made of vampire blood and magical slime. Is used to refill Hayato's magical energy reserves, as his generator only provides the base amount.
- Induction-charging sarcophagus - a mechanical sarcophagus in which Hayato sleeps to refill his electric batteries for special uses, as his generator provides only the energy required to function.
- Various magitech notes, databases and tools lying around, research on homunculi, souls and artifacts.

Cooperation : Solo
Team Size/Composition : -
Cooperativeness Scale : 0/100
Common Gear : A magically-enhanced rapier. Doesn't do anything special, just a magical blade. A mask/helmet, to both hide their face and protect their head. Sometimes a heavy lead/nickel alloy bow
Civilian Appearance :
Costumed Appearance :

(with armor on)

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 0/100 at Level Six, 25/100 at level Three, 100/100 at Level Zero, 105/100 at Level Terminus - Alpha, ???/100 at Nyx
Visibility ~ 0-100/100
Success ~ 84/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100
Ranking ~ 20/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100
Property Damage ~ 75/100
Lethality ~ 15/100
Rescue ~ 85/100
Tenure ~ 13/100

Average total : 747
Average ranking : 74.7

Hayato is not a normal person. He wasn't born at all. Not in the common sense, that is. It was made, would be more exact. It is the creation of EA White, a shady magitech engineer who was friends with Caesar Aphera. EA (Ethan Alphard) was a sickly man, and shady in his artifact dealings. But he also was a fervent supporter of heroes, and always sold them reliable items. As a pastime, he was also a magical scientist, with prestigious diplomas. But - he never told anyone but Caesar - he also had cancer. Virulent enough to stop his activity and throw him down the madman's path of the conquest of immortality. He studied, researched, explored, and finally settled on creating a homonculus, the best homonculus ever, one that could welcome his soul once he'd have created it. Thus he scoured the globe and beyond, searching for the best - or even better - components and ingredients to use to create it. With only five years to live, EA managed to get together one of the largest collections of magical items in the world, and then worked very hard to design the perfect homonculus. It was not a work that even the hand of god could replicate. Within the crucible were molten Madness, Wisdom, Courage, Fear and Resolve.

EA then prepared the patchwork ritual he had brought together. One must give to him what is his, it was a master piece of a ritual. Cobbled together from various scraps of loosely-related rituals, it turned into a once-in-history masterpiece of magical work and effort. The ritual was going well, when he saw in the annotations of the pages that he had to give flesh. So he cut open his own lung, and cut off his own tumor. hoping to be both free of cancer and given a new, younger body. And the ritual succeeded. When the smoke dissipated, a person, a living, standing, talking person was there. But here was the issue. It wasn't supposed to talk. It was supposed to be an empty shell for White's soul. And White understood. By giving the homonculus a pattern of a soul, he had inadvertently given it a soul. And so, his creation was for all intents and purposes a normal person. And White was not one to sacrifice someone for himself. He had made a person, he would deal with the consequences

So he adopted Hayato, raising them as his child, and even putting their apprenticeship in Caesar's hands when White became unable to get out of bed anymore. Hayato was at the time an outgoing, if somewhat lacking in social norms, person. EA's demise during his second year as a hero affected them greatly, and they became sterner and stoic. And then they lost their only other parent figure in the Occard Alliance terror attack. After that, they walled themselves in silence and pain, and have made sure they could have a safe and secure private life, yet go on assisting hero parties under a new identity, and a new mask. They had a cover, a good one even. Who'd suspect the social worker to be a high-level apprentice, after all ? Even though, Hayato did not take many jobs in the last 10 years, and spent much more time praying away his loneliness, and grieving Caesar.

Deathkitten Deathkitten Osuka Osuka
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Personal Information File

Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Morgan Adler
Alias(es): Intellectualis est, The Intellectual, Burattinaio/ Puppetmaster
Class: Level Four threat, if she really acted on it
Function: Villian
Type: Coordinator, Commander, Some martial art, some run n gun
Ability Classification: Tech; Super Intelligent and Cyborg. Strength 4, Speed 5, Invulnerability 4. Other; genetic self-modification
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Family Members: Unknown.
Mother: Amy Adler; Deceased; Cremated. Father: Eric Adler; Deceased; Cremated.
Sexual Preference: N/A, possibly homosexual
Significant others: N/A
Hideout: Yes, Chronos Γ
Hideout Location: Off the coast of Rome, somewhere in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The exact location cannot be pinpointed
Cooperation: Common, should it suit her goals. Untraceable.
Team Size/ Composition: Team's composition and sizes vary, from small strike teams to large forces. The members involved can vary from the standard thug to super-powered individuals that seem to work in perfect tandem. She is not usually seen among any ranks ever seen.
Cooperativeness Scale: "Strings can be pulled, information hidden or even destroyed. I'll help you....but no one will know I've been involved, not even you."
Common equipment: A personalized flip phone that serves as a hacking device that, when paired with its owner, has found no system it cannot crack in record time. An asp that she keeps on hand that has nothing special to it, just an asp. A personal brown leather briefcase that seems to have a never-ending supply of simple objects on hand (it's capable of making measuring tape, duct tape, a hammer, etc etc...but it can't make anything worth use as a weapon, just material tools it seems.) There are rumors among Chronos agents that she has contingency equipment for any super (villain, hero, or otherwise) and continues to manufacture them...but one can't really carry that all on hand. She also seems to have an oddly never-ending supply of tootsie pops.
Civilian Appearance: Same as Below
Costumed Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power: 35/100
Visibility: 0/100
Success: 75/100 (Honestly hard to determine, their plans lead into other plans into other plans....like damn Tzeentch)
Out of Combat Reputation: 100/100
Ranking: Threat Level 4 Villain
Political Abrasiveness: 45/100
Property Damage: Varies upon plan in action, does not fall exceed 75
Lethality: Varies upon plan in action, does not fall below 25
Rescue: Surprisingly applicable, 100/100.
Tenure: 6 years

Power Explanation: She has an almost unmatchable intellect that only seems to grow as months and years pass. Medical, Sciences, Political, Self Defense, if it exists it's very likely she's become at least in tune with it at the most basic intimate level. However, despite her massive intellect, she seems to be completely broken socially and emotionally and has shut herself off from it entirely. Sadly, being hit with an intense emotion that sneaks up on her can otherwise incapacitate her into a helpless and somewhat saddening state. She has adjusted her genetics at point A all the way to point Z, activating recessive or dormant genes, inserting desirable traits, or going so far as to create new ones from scratch...and she hasn't hesitated to give trusted operatives the same reward. Her brain has been enhanced with cybernetics of her own design that is proof to EMP like attacks but also continues to accelerate her learning past her natural ability. Her muscles and bone have also received cybernetic treatment, turning her into something a bit more threatening than her 5'2 height would suggest.

Morgan Adler was born into a less than pleasant situation. Her mother was a drunkard and her father was abusive, though she supposed the wealth they both had was nice. Raised without siblings or friend, she was kept as a sort of hidden thing, a perfect little doll to be groomed and raised as her parents saw fit. The things she survived would haunt a normal person but yet she survives without much trauma it would seem. Her inhuman intellect became apparent at a young age and her parents aimed to capitalize on it, feeding her more and more information as days went by. Entire stacks of books would be read in a day or three, and she continued to request more. She took it upon herself to better herself just not mentally but physically as well. Martial arts, archery, even marksmanship were all things she dabbled in...and as much as an escape it was, it couldn't remove the fact that her home life was a literal hellscape, which only grew worse with each day.

Day in and day out she studied, trained, bettered herself over and over again as if by improving herself she could escape the Tartarus that was her household...and she was disturbed that such lives weren't uncommon. Not just among raising children, but adults as well, veterans...everyone was prone to such abysmal situations. How could this be allowed to continue, to exist? With the amount of power the world had between supers and sheer human will, should these injustices not end? It was around her thirteenth birthday that she began to put plans into motion, siphoning her household's money into personal accounts under faux names and pseudonyms. She made contacts and deals, formed relations...she had her stage set before her fifteenth birthday. When she turned fifteen, she poisoned the soup the household would be served and ingested it as well. Through a complex series of 4D chess maneuvers and feigning her own death, her house was marked down as a tragedy, but she had everything she needed. After that, she didn't make sure she seemed dead, she made it so she had never even existed. Two months after her 'death' she began to form Chronos, an organization with less than savory ties...but for Morgan, the end justifies her means. The political red tape, the Occard Alliance Attack, the disagreements between supers and none...impossible to achieve her goals through legal channels. So she will pull her strings, she will remain in the shadows unknown to all. When everything is lined up when the time is right...She'll usher in a new age, a new time if you will. She will bring about a Utopia on earth where there would be no disagreements, no suffering, no pain...but for now she plans, endless plans that tie into each other in thousands of ways. She has time to spare after all...she has Chronos.
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St. Ka'alia
Secret Identity: Unknown (But if someone did the research they could find out who he is)
Name: Dietrich
Alias: Rogziel (Was called that by those he saved in WWII because they mistook him for an actual angel)
Threat: Level Three
Function: Jack of All Trades (Except Crafter)
Type: Melee (Martial Artist/General Weapons Expert), Other (Healer)

Ability Classification: Extraplanar (Nephilim)
As with most divine creatures, he can heal most wounds and illnesses (not fatal ones unless he transfers life energy from a healthy person to the unhealthy one) and can emit a divine light. Due to his angelic heritage, he's stronger, faster, and more durable than humans (out of a scale of 1 to 10, he's a solid 4 in these classes) and cannot die from natural causes (i.e.: Age. You could drown him or stab him though). He is resistant to poison and diseases, but not immune. He can sense demonic and angelic "auras" as long as they are not hidden. Can exorcise demons from their hosts but not a full-fledged and properly summoned demon in their physical form. Dietrich inherited divine energy manipulation which he can use in some unique ways (like transferring life energy from one person to another in order to heal a fatal wound or using heat energy to heat something up). Unlike some Nephilim, Dieter does not have wings nor the ability to fly, but sometimes he can make "wings" from his divine light; they're only decoration though.

Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 158 (appears to be in his mid-20s)
Family Members: Mother (deceased human), Father (unknown angel)
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual but no interest in dating
Significant Other: None
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Chronos Γ
Cooperation: Frequent (Morgan Adler)
Team Size/Composition: List each super/powered/non-powered and their class
Cooperativeness Scale: Depends on the person, but for Morgan usually it's a 10/10
Common Gear: Seraph Sword taken from demon and armor that Morgan made
Armor is made from nanocarbon and is lined with interior medical injectors that monitor his medical state and mental state as well as provide some automatic medical attention when needed (antidotes, oxygen, pain killers, etc.). It's limited to four doses of each. It's invisible to surveillance systems but only when the entire armor, helmet included, is worn. It is non-conductive and EMP proofed against physical EMPs, and will detect fractures in his body and adjust accordingly to brace them. Has a silent dorsal propulsion system that allows flight for three hours at a time and can't go too high in the stratosphere. It has encrypted communication line with Morgan. Armor is genetically coded to only activate for Dietrich and upon his death will self-destruct.
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 78/100 (Doesn't go too far to avoid attention from both Earth and Heaven)
Visibility ~ (He's a 50/100 in his armor and with his sword and a 90/100 when using his divine light to appear angelic)
Success ~ 87/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100 (He became a legend, of how an angel came during one of the darkest moments of history and saved lives while dealing out punishment to the wicked. At the time he was revered as a great angelic hero, but if the people he saved knew what he was doing now they'd change their tunes)
Ranking ~ 80/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 55/100
Property Damage ~ 18/100
Lethality ~ 16/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 96/100
Tenure ~ 128/1000

Dietrich was born in a small village in Europe in the winter of 1900. Growing up he didn't have many worries. Play with the other kids, go to school, help his mother tend to the farm, and maybe even do a few odd jobs for his neighbors. It was peaceful, even when The Great War eventually began. It was nice, living somewhere that was untouched by the evils of the world. Even as the war raged on Dietrich was able to enjoy his quaint life. However, it was when the first demon arrived that he realized that things weren't quite black and white. The thing appeared to be a woman, quite an attractive one too, but when they were alone was when the creature revealed its true form. Maybe it was luck or maybe the thing was inexperienced, but Dietrich was able to eventually use the demon's own weapon to kill it. "Nephilim," it called him. It wanted something inside of him, a thing called, "Grace," that apparently was used to make the blade Dietrich now had. He didn't dare ask his mother nor any of the villagers, and instead researched it himself. Nephilim were the children of angels and humans. Depending on who you asked, they were either bastards that should've never been born or gifts from the Lord Himself meant to protect mankind.

It definitely explained things. So he wasn't surprised when another demon came. Or when he didn't seem to age after his mid-20s. Or when he eventually outlived everyone his is village. It was when the Second World War began that Dietrich finally came to terms with his life. He was meant to protect people. He was divine and had the power to cast judgement on the humans around him. So judge he did. He helped the targets of Nazi soldiers escape their reach, he helped to free some of the camps the Nazis had built, and he killed those he found to be guilty. Trudging across Europe, witnessing one horror after another, he didn't come out of the war unscathed. The world was no longer so bright and innocent. There was evil. Human evil. It didn't end when the Second World War did. If anything, the world was even more disgusting as people refused to repent or even attempt to fix the wounds that had been made while creating new ones. Angels, and by extension Nephilim, were meant to protect humans from evil, but what Dietrich soon realized was that sometimes humans were the evil. It wasn't their fault though. They were so weak and small-minded, like children, how could they even possibly begin to comprehend? They couldn't. Just like children they didn't understand what they were doing. Well, sometimes they did; and Dietrich would have no problem killing those. But humans needed angels to take a more active role. They needed guidance, not freedom. They couldn't be trusted with that.

Like it is with all children, occasionally there is one child that is more intelligent than the rest. A prodigy, who is wise beyond their years. Dietrich was found by one such child many years later. Morgan Alder. She understood how dark the world was. How it needed to be cleansed. How people needed to be monitored closely in order to live in peace. He knew it was possible, he had seen it in his village long ago; and he was more than happy to offer his services to this little human child as long as she continued to restore this rotting world into something beautiful once again.
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Primarch of Terra'Avenia
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 80lbs
Race: Anthropomorphic Wolf
Body Type: Lithe and thin
Class Ranking: Vigilante
Employer: Vigilante
Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Xasura Mi'Kael
Alias(es): The Astonishing Wolfspider!!!
Class: Other
Function: Versatile
Type: Versatile
Ability Classification: I can shoot webs, I can lift a whole lot, I can uh... I can... I can lift pretty heavy things and I'm super tough!!!... Uh... Oh! I can kinda tell when something bad's about to happen!!! Uh... I'm really good at talking people out of doing bad things and I can also talk to spiders!!!
Sex: Male
Gender: Goodest Boy
Age: 10
Family Member(s): Oh, uh, they're uh, they're dead. Yeah... I'm an orphan! :D
Sexual Preference:
Significant Other(s): No.
Hideout: No, but if I did, that would be So Cool!!!
Hideout Location: ??
Cooperation: I really like cooperating!
Team Size/Composition: I'll help anyone who needs or wants my help!
Cooperativeness Scale:
Common Gear:
My Silk Suit!
Civilian Appearance: I added a photo to my not-application, so that might work.
Costumed Appearance:
This is my costume. I made it out of my own silk and I got some dye and it's really strong cuz it's like the tensile strength of Darwin's Bark Spider but fit to scale!!!

Backstory: Born an anthropormorphic to Hero parents just before the OA attack, Xasura has been an orphan since he was only two weeks old, the Catholic Church giving him the "Christened" name "Mi'Kael" as a last name. Life as an orphan is never an easy one, but being the only one he knows, he has never let it make him less than the best person he could be. Instead of allowing himself to lose hope or to fall into gang activity, Xasura instead uses his position to do what he does best, which is most usually to resolve conflicts by speaking rather than resorting to violence. His first realization of the power of words had been during a robbery, in which he had been with one of the Catholic Sisters of his orphanage at the age of seven, and being able to talk down the criminal, had handled a potentially deadly situation without the use of his abilities. However, he had never realized that, with his words alone, came a sort of magickal influence and power. More of his abilities began to form as he grew from this point, allowing him to spin and utilize a spider-like silk with a hefty tensile strength.

Most usually, he only uses the web-slinging abilities for play rather than practical application, though has been known to get into trouble more than once.

By trouble, one would actually mean finding himself in situations that are violent and tense, with it being beyond his control to avoid. Most of the time, Xasura has been known to deal with conflicts in a way that resolves in a peaceful manner, but has been forced to use his spider silk to rescue innocents and near-harmlessly neutralize threats. Even with doing his best to resolve these kinds of situations in the most peaceful manner possible, the catholic sisters are quick to punish him, being one of the very small groups to hold some kind of negative opinion on powers the Supers are apt to have.

On his off-time, Xasura has found himself to be a speaker to fellows of his age range and uses his platform to teach people to do the right thing to the best of their ability, and very much enjoys doing so. When he's not studying, speaking, or getting into trouble, Xasura is most usually found either continuing his education on his own or exercising to pass the time.

To this day, Xasura does not know the identity of his parents, but hopes they would be proud of him regardless.

"I don't want to believe that some are inherently evil, because everyone has someone they love."

Primary Category: Other (Creation of Spider silk, able to stick to most surfaces with the tips of his fingers and his feet, moderate superhuman strength while retaining dexterity and general control of finer movements, enhanced durability (moderate superhuman level))
Secondary Categories: Other (Magickally influencial voice, near-precognitive ability to sense oncoming danger (Or his "Spidey-Sense"), ability to talk to arachnids)

Raw Power ~ 50/100 (How powerful is their power?)
Visibility ~ 40/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 80/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 100/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~ 0/100 (Each rank from Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ 99.99/100 (He accidentally broke a lightbulb once and was sad)
Lethality ~ 100/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 60/100 (How good are they at rescuing people?)
Tenure ~ 0/100 (Each year or so constitutes a point.)

Total ~ 629.99
Ranking ~


The literal goodest boi.

Deathkitten Deathkitten
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Alexandria Norman - AKA Machina

  • Secret Identity: Publically Known (Due to past probationary period)
    Name: Alexandria Norman
    Alias(es): Machina
    Class: Hero
    Function: Jill of all Trades
    Type: Versatile
    Ability Classification: Tech - Super Intelligence
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Age: 35
    Family Member(s): Disowned
    Sexual Preference: Sapphic
    Significant Other(s): No
    Hideout: Yes
    Hideout Location: "Deep in a forest outside of Los Angeles and in a ridiculously fortified bunker way too far underground for anyone to hear you scream."
    Cooperation: Uncommon
    Team Size/Composition: Mostly herself, unless there are already heroes present to coordinate with.
    Cooperativeness Scale: Somewhat open to Cooperation
    Common Gear Nanites, Phone, Pocket Staff, Pocket Beamblade, Chewing Gum, clothes, Tech-Glasses (These allow her to have access to her VI Namina's ability to scan an area she is presently in and overlay maps of the area with updated information), concealed-carry directed-energy sidearm, titanium-weaved gloves, and more knives than you'll ever hope to find.
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
*Secret Identity:* Unknown
*Name: Jasmine C. Whitefield
*Alias(es): Atom Bomb, Nuclear,Havoc
*Class: Lvl four threat
*Function:* Fighter
*Type: Melee (martial artist) / Ranged (other)
*Ability Classification: Element-Rare
*Sex: Female
*Gender: Female
*Age: 22
*Family Member(s): None
*Sexual Preference: Bisexual
*Significant Other(s): none
*Hideout:* No
Threat Level: 4
*Cooperativeness Scale:*
*Common Gear:*
Jasmine has been known to always bring an Array of different weapons with her, many being explosives.
*Civilian Appearance:*
*Costumed Appearance:*
***Behavior and Ranking***
*Raw Power* ~ 80/100
*Visibility* ~ 70/100 (How flashy is their power?)
*Success* ~ 86/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
*Out of Combat Reputation* ~ 005/100
*Ranking* ~ 80/100
*Political Abrasiveness* ~ 2/100
*Property Damage* ~ ---/100
*Lethality* ~ 000/100
*Rescue* ~ 000/100
*Tenure* ~ 010/100
*Powers*~ Energy Absorption
*limits*~ in terms of Jasmines limits in theory they are endless. In actuality she has a limit to how much energy she can take and expend. Shes
*History*~ No one really understands how Jasmine came to be the way she is. moving from Cali to New York at the age of 10 her life has been a mystery filled with pranks and arrests for crimes and pranks, most if not all happening when she was under the age of 18. As she grew up her little pranks and crimes grew, paving her way into her nickname. since she can remember shes always loved explosives and weapons of destruction. grenades, rpg's, bombs, missiles. If it explodes, implodes, or can destroy buildings with the push of a button she loves it. Recently she moved to LA, seeing as someone’s been messing with her little government file prompting her to get more bold with her little bouts of fun times.
*personality*~Psychotic, violent, insane, A manic and impulsive criminal from California, Jasmine lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences. With a seemingly endless power and personality to match. She loves to leave a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. Jasmine despises boredom, and gleefully brings her own chaotic brand of pandemonium wherever she goes. Completely void of remorse for innocent lives Jasmine is a menace plain and simple. Impulsive in her wants she will often do things out of nowhere and for literally no reason besides her simply wanting to do it. A very vicious flirt, Perhaps the only thing she loves more than chaos is flirting no matter who it is. Be them friend or foe, guy or girl she will happily flirt no matter the situation. Despite how crazed and insane she is there is still a great deal of intellect behind her maniacal ways.
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Panzer Tristan
Publically Known Name: Kali the ripper
Alias(es): The Ripper, blood red blade, psycho b**ch.
Class: A
Function: Fighter
Type: techno swordsman. Multi arsenal shooter
Ability Classification: tech
Sex: female
Gender: female
Age: 29
Family Member(s): Brother
Sexual Preference: yes
Significant Other(s): her swords
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Her brothers apartment
Cooperativeness Scale: 1
Common Gear: The Mark 1 Kali search and rescue suit heavily modified. With Kali mk.1 exotic skeleton beneath.
Civilian Appearance: Rose.(PFFK).full.1711617.jpg
Costumed Appearance:2092291-bigthumbnail.jpg
Battle suit
Exo suit.
Behavior and Ranking Raw Power ~ 67/100
Visibility ~ 82/100
Success ~ 78/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 0/100
Ranking ~ 80/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100
Property Damage ~ 20/100
Lethality ~ 5/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 65/100
Tenure ~ (can someone remind me what this is again)/100

Panzer is a famous movie star who is known for her method acting of never going out without being dressed as the character she is playing. What most don't know. Is inside she is a psychopathic killer who takes in joy in seeing blood spread. Using her brother Sherm's Search and rescue suit she began killing criminals. Nobody cares if a criminal is dead after all. Over time she gradually enjoyed it more until it's at the point she openly roams the city in full armor searching for criminals to kill. She never harms civilians though. As she still needs fans after all.

Publically Known Name: Sherm Tristan
Alias(es): None
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Family Member(s): Panzer Tristan
Sexual Preference: Straight
Significant Other(s): He had a girlfriend. shes dead now.
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Beneath Tristan Industries
Common Gear: Despite being a civilian Sherm walks around equipped with a standard non lethal energy pistol made by his company.
Civilian Appearance:

Sherm Tristan is the Ceo and head engineer in Tristan industries. a humanitarian company that focuses on building machines and armor designed for public safety. From Police to even hospitals. Tristan industries has its fingers dipped in almost every part of public order and safety. Unfortunately, sherms sister took his greatest creation... and stole it using it to become the Hero Kali.
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Collaboration Characters between myself and Aelia Aeldyne Aelia Aeldyne
Secret Identity: Public Secret
Name: Eva Bonner
Alias: She chose the name ‘Claymore’, but she’s been nicknamed ‘Silverblade’ by citizens and fans.
Class: Class B
Function: Fighter/Investigator
Type: Swordsman/Shield
Race: Dhampir
Ability Classification:Super speed/strength/invulnerability 3, Natural unholiness (vampiric ascendancy) (Unholy touch, disrupts good and holy phenomena, corrodes and wounds holy people and things - passive, though can be more or less shut down; Aura breaking scaling in power comparative to the opposition, in a 30m radius centered on her, all auras are ineffective if the emitter is within the radius; Aura of mana disruption, disrupts the circulation of mana around her, can be turned off and on at will; Unholy Voice, tends to make unholy beings more subservient/less hostile, can scare good/holy beings, sentient undead perceive her as more agreeable. Passive, though stronger when shouting), Vampiric Resilience (does not need to rest, so she is always on duty),Black vampire lineage (causes her to unconsciously feed on nearby people's souls) , Fencing/Dueling skills, Swordsmanship.
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Family Members: Julian Bonner; Father (deceased, cremated). Anabella Levi; Mother. (Deceased, cremated. Soul bound to equipment). Anton (Adoptive father, alive, church priest).
Sexual Preference: Lesbian
Significant Other: None
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Infrequent
Team Size/ Composition : N/A
Cooperativeness Scale: Prefers to work alone, but does not shirk group work
Common Equipment: Medium Armor (blessed), Crux Claymore (blessed), Shield (blessed). Equipment is resistant to unholiness, so it doesn't get damaged by her simply holding it.
Civilian Appearance: Same as Costumed, always on duty
Costumed Appearance:

Raw Power: 40/100
Visibility: 15/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success: 90/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 100 with fans, 85 otherwise
Ranking: 60/100(Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness: 40/100(How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage:90/100
Lethality:20/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue: 65/100
Tenure: 7.5/100

Secret identity: Unknown
Name: Anabella Bonner née Levi
Alias: Ghost of the Clocktower
Class: N/A
Function: Investigator/ Assassin
Type: General Weapons Expert/ Assassin/ Coordinator
Ability Classification:
Undead (Geist)
- Etherealness (just standard etherealness, pass through walls and stuff like that, but blocked by magic wards)
- Materialization (can become physical like a normal human, though at a great effort)
- Ghostly sentience (does not need to rest/feed, does not feel the need to reproduce)
- Paleblood (phantasmophagia, needs to eat ghosts or other incorporeal creatures to sustain herself. Moonlight also does the trick, but in reduced amount and quality)
- Timestep (can stop time locally up to 1 minute and 17 seconds)
- Banshee's wail (instant death effect, if opposing willpower is too weak, the target dies)
- Ghastly call (can command other ghosts to an extent, and they will naturally be friendlier, but anyone with magical power can wrest that command from her)
-Return to home (If the spirit is ‘killed’, she returns to the equipment she resides within to recover. She is weaker during this time, and needs to feed.)
-Feed upon all spirits(If she materializes, she can feed on a living person's spirit)
At will Levitation
Other (status)
- Soul-bound (resides in her daughter's equipment, thus cannot be controlled by necromancy, if items destroyed, then soul freed. Is capable of controlling the equipment to an extent while her daughter uses it, or can enact full control if she’s unconscious.)
- Holy Ghost (can bless and infuse things with holy energy)
- Invisible to non-magical entities
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: Would appear 29, chronologically 45
Family members: Eva Bonner (daughter, alive) Julian Bonner (Husband, Deceased, Cremated) Dominik Levi (Father, Alive, Vampiric) Evelynn Levi (Mother, Human, deceased, cremated)
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Significant Others: Julian Bonner (Husband, deceased, cremated)
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: An old clocktower, a focal point for spirits. Tends to reside in any available clocktowers wherever she and her daughter travel.
Cooperation: Frequent
Team Size/ Composition: Eva Bonner
Cooperativeness Scale: “She’s my daughter, and I’ll always be there to help and guide her, not even death will stop this.”
Common Gear: Eva’s equipment, Phantasmal Knives x2
Civilian Appearance: The same as her ‘Costume’
Costumed Appearance:

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power: 40/100
Visibility: 0 when immaterial, 15 otherwise (or for magical/spiritual entities)
Out of Combat Reputation: 65/100, at least with spirits.
Ranking: N/A
Political Abrasiveness: 65/100
Property Damage: 100/100
Lethality: 10/100
Rescue: 0/100

Twenty-seven years ago… A young woman took her functions as a CIA agent in Phoenix, Arizona. Her name was Anabella Levi, and she was a half-vampire. She inherited the powers of the lords of the night from her father, the ancient vampire Dominik Levi, and she was well intent on putting them to good use as your friendly neighborhood, law-enforcing half-vampire. She began her career as an investigator, before receiving a promotion and a new affectation in Los Angeles, after three years of hard work.

There, she met a man called Julian Bonner, and they formed a loving relationship, each of them ignoring that the other was also a dhampir. Together, they had a child, a lovely daughter that they called Eva. However, a few months after Eva's birth, Anabella received her new mission. She was now attached to the fundamentalist watch brigade, the group of agents dedicated to rooting out extremist groups of all kinds, whether it be neo-nazis, racist organizations, fundamentalist churches or anti-powered violent groups. It was both a great and bad period for the Bonner family, for as much help did Ana provide in general with her work, there was as much worry from Julian, as the people she worked against were far from the friendliest.

At one point, though, her actions led to the dismantling of a vast weapon-trafficking neo-nazi ring, and she started considering retirement after being put through such a violent and bloody operation. More than 350 people were captured in the operation, but almost a dozen CIA and FBI agents lost their lives while storming the enemy HQ. Eva was seven years old at this moment. Quite a bit of time went by… She thought she would retire when Eva turned ten. She would have done so, too… But what was bound to happen did happen…
Sixteen years ago, in the dark of the night, one of the ring members that had escaped the operation took his revenge. Breaking in the Bonner’s house, he executed both Anabella and Julian with a bullet to the head before fleeing, though he was captured soon after, and sentenced to death. Eva was eight years old, and she had lost her parents.

After this event, she was taken in by a priest called Anton, who did her best to protect her from the trauma, by obscuring the truth, and binding into pieces of blessed equipment the soul of Anabella, who had tied herself to Eva through sheer will; as the mother and daughter’s vampiric taints were polar opposites, both souls would have been damaged if Ana had remained tied directly to Eva.

Ana thus grew for the majority of her life with deep Christian ideals, and around 16 years old started to develop tendencies towards heroism. Anton then gave her the sword, shield, and armor in which Ana’s soul was bound, and since then she patrols the streets of Los Angeles day and night without rest, hunting down criminals like prey. Her actions and her beauty earned her quite a large fanclub, and said fans tend to support her actions in various media, be it newspapers or the internet.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Personal Information File

Secret Identity :
Publically Known
Name : Julia Makanora (birth name, forgotten), Tetra Sadensei
Alias(es) : "Trident 01" (unit codename), "Major Tarpit" (mocking underlings, though not within earshot), "Major Hardcore" (underlings when respectful), "Amber" (military alias)
Class : B Class,
Employer : Military (US Marines Corps major)
Function : Jill of all trades
Type : Melee (GWE), Ranged (Run and gun), Other (Commander)
Ability Classification : Element manipulator (Rare - Living Blood, allows to create and control blood, sap, oil/tar, ichor and amber; Elemental body-shaping), Other (Super strength 2, Super Speed 2, Super Reflexes, Super sight, Slick skin (negates friction, makes movement silent), Compelling Voice, Strategic Mind, Gilled Throat (allows to breathe water as well as air), Dreamscape junction, Hatred Control (enhancement, shadow clones)
Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Race : 5th Founder of the Clan, Family of the Golden Blood (Inhuman, elemental spirit)
Age : 51
Family Member(s) :

The Clan came together fifteen hundred years ago, when four families of warriors, magicians, priests and craftsmen bound themselves together through a blood ritual, forming the entity known as The Clan. They had a dream, no, a DREAM, to protect the world against whoever or whatever that would try and wrestle it away from its inhabitants. They knew no barriers of race or blood, all that mattered was that they had to be one in will. The leaders of the four families became the Founders of the Clan. They are known as MOON, the 1st Founder, leader of the Family of Darkness (Originally Mikael Sterellis, a byzantine ghoul arcanist), The Destroyer, the 2nd, leader of the Coven of Bones (Originally Davian Caraogh, a welsh devil knight), Yokai, the 3rd Founder, leader of the Family of the Hounds (Originally Tetsuhiro Haiirogami, a japanese kemonomimi priest), and Inferno, the 4th Founder, leader of the Family of Fire and Ash (Originally Adama Kesten, a galilean homonculus swordsmith).

1583625656292.png MOON (Mikael Sterellis) - His abilities are centered on the manipulation of mana itself and the modification of spells rather than spellcasting proper. He is also a master user of kinetic energy and possesses the unique talent to enact any ritual he is given knowledge of. His equipment is : an unholy aureole that allows him to metamagic five different spells at once,as well as enhancing his kinetic abilities.

1583625791582.png The Destroyer (Davian Caraogh) - He relies on resilience and bolstering his body in battle. He is also unable to die unless he has been bested in battle. He possesses little magic, but it is centered on necromancy, cold energy and concealment. His unique power is to ignore any curse on an object as long as it is a weapon or a piece of armor. His equipment is : an Armor/Sword/Shield set that allows him to raise any slain foe as an undead minion in his thrall.

1583625852572.png Yokai (Tetsuhiro Haiirogami) - His abilities are about summoning. All kinds of summoning, whether it be demons, devils, ghosts, undead, monsters, plants, weapons, animals... As long as it could be summoned. He also has ally bolstering and aura abilities, as well as shapeshifting into a nine-tailed red and white fox. His unique power is to be able to call forth any entity he has a bond of some sort with, without expending any mana or energy. He does not have special equipment.

1583625954056.png Inferno (Adama Kesten) - His abilities are about fire, metal, wind and ash. He is an expert martial artist and weaponmaster, as well as something close to being called "The Ultimate Blacksmith". His unique ability is Exorcist Soul - any weapon he makes renders the victims unable to be raised as undead no matter what - only The Destroyer's power can bypass this rule. His equipment is : Goldblade, a katana of which the blade is made out of molten gold, and that can be made as hot as a blazing star. He also sweats lava.

The power of the ritual that brought together the Clan also had a side effect... the Clan's DREAM became more tangible... The Clan discovered that when they dreamed, they had access to a completely new dimension. One in which they could do almost anything. One in which their ideal became real; though it was only accessible while asleep and it was merely in spirit that they trod through the DREAM, everything they crafted there remained. Within the DREAM, all that is dreamt becomes true and remains so. To counter that issue, the Founders underwent another ritual, that transcended them from their mortal coils into pure thought-forms, and made them unable to leave the DREAM, but able to live forever within it.

So they wrought the world within the dreamscape to suit their needs. From a plain of rock surged a massive mountain, reaching far above the clouds, the head in the stars. Atop this mountain, they erected their residence. And from this residence, they waged war. War against the Nightmares that were born from people's bad nights, war against the evil spirits that plagued the dreamscape, war against those who tried to hinder the Clan's dream. And the Clan grew. Through alliances with spirits, integration of minor families into the main ones and simple reproduction, the number of Clan members increased steadily, until it reached the fateful count of eight thousand.

When there were about two thousand members in each family, things began to go wrong. With so many souls within the Clan, the purpose was clear no more; for many members, the Clan's purpose to defend the world had become secondary to their goal of rising to power in what had come to amount to a sovereign state. And thus politics started to plague the relationships between kin and kith.
The members of the Clan divided in two roughly equal factions - the Wardens, whose heart was entirely devoted to duty, and the Bannerlords, whose heart was filled with ambition. Families fractured over ideals, and internal strife ruled. Then the real troubles began.

Within the DREAM, the Founders' power had grown into godlikeness. They kept threats from the stars at bay with immense might, and grew detached from the Clan; they had become so powerful that they could not descend from their mountain lest the sheer power they exuded kill everyone beneath. Thus the Clan started to consider them mythical figures, titans of stone, impassible and invincible. And the DREAM being what it is, the beliefs of the many started to affect the few. They started to inhibit more and more their emotions as they grew even more in power, and for a long while in the dreamscape, maybe five centuries, it seemed as if their status as living deities would never be challenged. But then came a challenge.

Melunia. An extraterrestrial being of hate and torment, who revelled in emotions. A creature of immense power, equal to the Founders united by itself. Her arrival stirred the Founders into action, and they brought the fight to her. Within the DREAM, everything is a recreation of the real world; thus the Founder's peak is the dreamscape version of Mt Everest, the highest summit on Earth. The peak reached about the end of Earth's atmosphere, and when the titanic battle erupted, people in the real world were caught aghast, for magical aurorae borealis and storms blossomed around the globe as the Founders battled the Harbinger of Hatred. For six hundred hours, four demigods unleashed power beyond imagination upon the abomination from beyond the stars, yet they could not vanquish it.

1583629963903.png Melunia (The Witch of Sin, the Harbinger of Hatred) - Her abilities are based around emotion manipulation, energy drain, disruption and randomization. She is a metamagic master equal to Mikael. She also has extensible limbs and sharp tentacles, as well as an entropic aura. She is not to be trifled with, as she devours the soul of her victims.

Mikael thus resolved to sacrifice himself to give the Founders a chance of victory. Activating a blood seal, he bound Melunia within himself, accepting her corruption and hatred, and exerting his own willpower to keep it inside. But where four failed to defeat, one could not hope to stand, it seemed... And yet. Mikael's will was indomitable. He had endured the rise of Dagan, countless wars against his fellow ghouls, myriads of wizard duels in other dimensions. And for the first time in a very long while, Mikael reflected upon himself and beheld his kin and kith tearing themselves apart at his feet. And for the first time in a very long while, Mikael's heart stirred.

"So be it" said the Founder. "If you wish to fight among yourselves, then you shall all bear a common burden to unite you in struggle. Today, I have wed doom and death, and tomorrow hatred will seep through our Clan. So be it. If you wish to fight among yourselves, prove yourselves worthy. Devour this hatred by your ambition, and rise to us to become the founder of the fifth family !"

And with a gesture, he closed the gates of his heart, sealing Melunia in the deepest reaches of his being. This act reverberated across his Family, and all those who bore Mikael's blood were tainted by Melunia's will and seeping hatred. Afterwards, the Destroyer called out to his own, the Coven of Bones, silent figures clad in black fabric and skull-like masks, and he said "Thou shalt not partake." for the role of the Coven was to maintain order among the Clan, and thus it had to remain outside of political struggles. The two other remained silent, and their children took this silence for approval for their actions, thus marking the beginning of the Clanic Wars era.

From this point, the word "Family" lost its meaning to the clan. Blood bonds were meaningful no more. Children were reared and raised as machines of war, to go out in the DREAM, to spill their siblings', their cousins', their acquaintances' blood and guts at the feet of the Founder's mountain, and to have their own splattered upon the same ground, in the name of worthiness. It was both a vicious and a virtuous circle, for those acts of senseless murder, plots of assassination, and general struggle roused the fires of ambition within all, eating bit by bit at Melunia's unending hatred. And while MOON and the Destroyer were unhappy about the changes in the Clan, they could not deny that this neverending conflict made the Clan stronger. From mere soldiers, the Clan's members had become warriors, and from warriors they had become killers.

But it had its fair share of downsides. Rife with internal dissent, the Clan lost a great deal of territory within the DREAM, and suddenly foreign politics with spirits and hordes of nightmares reappeared as an interesting notion for a nation that could not afford both internal and external conflict. And so the Clan's number began to grow again, and with external influence, factions vying for peace and a return to normalcy arose. Almost as if there would be a cessation of the conflicts, and no more swords added to the graveyard at the bottom of the mountain. For a while, everyone seemed to believe that it would be the case, that madness would come to an end and that the Clan would unite once more.

And then the Founders' voice came down once more from the summit. "We have found the worthy one" they said; "She who bears the blood of the Amber King shall ascend to the Fifth Founder's Seat". The Clan stirred, for the Amber King was one of the ancient spirits of the DREAM, one whose dominion had endured from before MOON's birth. That he had a tryst that resulted with a birth within the Clan was almost unbelievable; it also meant that his offspring would be of incommensurable power. And thus the Clan went to war against itself again. There were those who swore to find and protect the chosen one, and those who wanted to find her in order to make her power theirs. And how misled they were...

For the Founders had not chosen among the DREAMwalkers, those who had never seen the light of the sun, who were born, lived and died within the dreamscape, the most selfish of the selfish, nor among the coven, whose neutrality was well-known and who were notoriously a poor choice to anger. No, they had chosen someone who had been kept away from the Clan by her mother, someone whose first and foremost quality was selflessness. Someone who sacrificed herself for others. And they had found. They had chosen Tara Makanora's daughter. A girl who gave up on life to save her comrades and brothers in arms, and who had earned the Purple Heart for her sacrifice. Someone the DREAMwalkers could not understand. Only the very few of the Clan who lived outside would understand what self-sacrifice meant, and those would rather keep things a secret, for thousands of DREAMwalkers pouring out in the real world could shake the order of things way too hard.

1583632658998.png The Amber King (blond, short hair) - An ancient spirit king, he remembers the DREAM when mankind only dreamt of warm hearths and food for tomorrow. The Beast of the World (green-haired, long hair) - An ancient wild spirit, descended from gods, plays with fate by seducing mortals who can bring change to the world.

1583633567032.png Tara Makanora - "Crusader" - An european hero who had a flirt with the Amber King while on a holiday in the US. Committed suicide when she was told that her daughter had - in all likelihood - been KiA in the middle-east.

Sexual Preference : Gentle people
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout : Yes
Hideout Location : LA military HQ, near LA Airforce base
Cooperation : Common
Team Size/Composition : No personal squad, but may be part of operations.
Cooperativeness Scale : Alone, in commando or else, what matters is the duty.
Common Gear :

BODY - those cannot be removed, would otherwise cause certain death
Artificial heart (nanite grid, cannot be shut down, almost unbreakable)
Stimulants infusing module (kidneys, spine; provides serums and chemicals to force the nerves and kidneys into activity)
Electroshock nanites (left arm, to allow for minor use of it, can be overloaded for combat level use for a short while)
Artificial vertebrae (metallic, powered to maintain stability of the body)
Optical implants (Thermal sight, UV/IR sight, night vision, in/out zoom, X-ray vision)
Magitech regenerative organ tissue (liver, stomach, pancreas, uterus, intestines, spleen, bladder - counters degenerative and necrosing curses)
Calorie consumption optimizing treatment (1 shot every 12 hours at least, +1 at least 15 minutes before eating - serves to maximize the conversion of food into energy to make sure all the implants and systems keep working)
Artificial tastebuds (magitech sensors, allow about half of normal tongue sensibility)

Moriathid Sword (Hate-channelling blade, unbreakable and very sharp, but cannot be more than 25 meters away from the body)
FN SCAR assault rifle (4x 60-bullet magazines)
M107 sniper rifle (4x 7-bullet magazines)
Explosive load (4 Frag grenades, 3 Flashbangs, 3 smoke grenades, 8 directional AP charges, 1 EMP bomb, 1 plasma grenade, total 20)
Combat knife (11.8 inches long, 1.18 inch thick tungsten serrated blade. Sonic vibration module inside the blade to cause it to shred what it hits, can be turned on/off with a button)

ANUBIS exoskeletal power armor (ground, plasma reactor, .50 twin-linked kinetic machinegun in the left arm, RCS jump system) - jumps size to 3, strength/speed/invulnerability to 4
HORUS exoskeletal power armor (air, nuclear reactor, back-mounted laser turret, 4 guided plasma rockets, RCS manoeuvring system) - jumps size to 2, strength/speed to 6, invulnerability to 2
Modified Purple Heart medal (contains a miniaturized holo-armor projector, activated by voice)

MGT-RG model 15 "Warlock" ACV (Basically an armored toyota pick-up with treads, magitech nitro and a rear-mounted turret magitech railgun controlled by joystick)
Lead Manacles (Power regulators for her elemental abilities. Without control, the flux of energy within her body is extremely random and irregular, to the point of being dangerous in a wide radius around her, and for herself of course. The manacles stabilize the flux and spread it equally across her body to deter issues, and they cannot be removed - there's no key nor lock)

Civilian Appearance :
Costumed Appearance :

Behavior and Ranking

Raw Power
~ 50/100
Visibility ~ 50/100
Success ~ 97/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 95/100
Ranking ~ 60/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (does not really have political opinions due to amnesia)
Property Damage ~ 85/100
Lethality ~ 33/100
Rescue ~ 67/100
Tenure ~ 34/100

Total = 671
Ranking = 67.1

Backstory - content warning, it's real hardcore

"Monday 5th. Today the guys caught a very rare bird. A kingfisher, I'd say. She's got those wide white eyes, and this look of supreme disdain. Oh, how I can't wait to break her into pieces..."
"Friday 8th. My little kingfisher is awake. She did not speak a word when I told her everything I would do to her. Either they make the Marines better than in my youth, or she is stupid. Anyway, she's my fourth toy this year, so I'll call her Tetra."
"Saturday 9th. A stifled moan. A STIFLED MOAN. That's all I got out of her when I branded her back with my cursed iron. Oh Lord, you grant me such joy... Finally one that I don't risk breaking quickly !"
"Tuesday 27th. She did not as much as grit her teeth when I started peeling her skin off on her left arm. You'd swear she has no feelings there... Though how I remember she mowed down my boys with her gun, I can tell she can use it. Wonderful. I'll start grinding then. I just received my new sandbelt."
"Sunday 1st. Her left arm is in shambles, and I still do not know the sound of her voice. I guess I will have to get to the next level, I'm beginning to tire of her silence."
"[unintelligible date]. FINALLY ! FINALLY SHE SCREAMS, FINALLY SHE WAILS ! And all it took was tweezers. I'd never have guessed that plucking out her corneas like this would give such an extreme reaction. I think I'll start wiping her clean tomorrow."
"[unintelligible date]. Tetra is now a blank slate. Her name she has forgotten, she does not even remember how she looks like. It has been five months, and yet she has not given up. Five months, and my boys still do not know where to hunt her unit. What a will she has ! O Lord I am merciful for sending me one that bends but does not break. I will make sure she does not forget what I want to know."
"[unintelligible date]. In a week, it will be seven months; I have painstakingly butchered her organs one by one, churned her inside out, defiled whatever dignity she had left, and yet she still does refuse to tell me where to find her comrades. What a beautiful flower I plucked in the sand of the battlefield, what a wonderful blossom... She is mine."
"[unintelligible date]. FUCK ! How did those american devils track us down to here ? That... WHORE still has not revealed anything ! Not like it matters anyway. Defiled as she is, it's my power alone that keeps her alive. The americans are besieging the fort. I don't have much time left... What should I do ? Leave with her, at the risk of taking too much time ? Or leave her behind to die... I don't want to lose her..."

Addressed to:
Marines Corps' Chief of Staff, Oliver Stanson
Marines Corps' Chief of Operations, Juan Costa Dominguez
Supervillain Global surveillance cell Director, Kathleen O'Sheare

Concerning :
Operation "Red Dusk"

Operation Details :
Theater of operations : Iran/Iraq border
Location of operation : Hills of Tahsa
Forces engaged : [CLASSIFIED]
Operation outcome : Total success; 0 civilian casualties, 0 military casualties, all targets eliminated, all operatives recovered.

Operation Record :
0900 : 3rd Operative Battalion engages enemy treaded vehicles 4 miles south of Tahsa. All targets eliminated, 1 prisoner interrogated.
0940 : 1st and 2nd Operative Battalions take strategic position near the enemy position. 3rd and 4th Battalions regroup to engage a pincer maneuver on the enemy position.
1005 : All Battalions storm enemy positions. All targets outside of the enemy fort eliminated. 1 Operative wounded by a rocket shard. Minor injury.
1030 : First section of the enemy fort is taken over. Living rooms, no prisoners taken, no targets found.
1050 : Second and third section of the enemy fort are taken over. 4 operatives wounded by gunfire. Minor Injuries.
1124 : All aboveground floors of the enemy fort are taken over. 2 operatives wounded by grenade, all targets eliminated. Serious Injuries.
1141 : Basement of the enemy position taken over. Enemy leader, Brahim "El Mord" Sahvili eliminated. Operative Makanora (confirmed by DNA test) retrieved 7 months, 2 days, 14 hours and 35 minutes after her disappearance that led to be considered fallen in battle. Medical report says that she suffered intensive torture for an extensive period of time - mental survey measured the time to approximately the same as her captivity time. Again according to the medical report, most of her vital organs were damaged and cursed, other were obviously damaged in a way that maximized the pain, her left arm was reduced to little more than bloody flour and her eye sockets were empty and dry.
1200 : Enemy position evacuated and destroyed, all operatives retrieved, enemy position destroyed by missile strike.

Strategic Operation HQ recommendation :
Lt. Colonel Mihail Dakharov : "Fucking give her a medal and medical care ! Seven months, torture, mindwipe and worse, and she doesn't say a word ? Better get what she deserves !"
1st Lieutenant Mileva Mteyi : "When a soldier gets captured, then tortured for seven months, and her only words are "Never told anything" before fainting, and then a mental scan reveals this is the truth - while making the psionic operative puke thrice in the process - Nothing short of utmost respect is deserved.

Operation Control recommendation :
Purple Heart decoration - Operative Makanora was captured in an action of an enemy of the United States and abandoned life in order to guarantee the good continuation of the operation, all the while undergoing extreme torture at the hands of the supervillain most known for his cruelty.
Promotion to Major - For services to the nation. By refusing to speak and withstanding seven months of torture, Operative Makanora saved a very large scale operation that could have endangered thousands of civilian lives in the area had it been countered.

US Army Chief of Staff, General Jonathan Brehmens

There is nothing bad that can be said about Julia’s career in the Marines. Having begun as a simple soldier, she climbed the ranks through prowess alone; having been raised by a single mother who was often absent for work, she developed a strong sense of camaraderie with her fellow soldiers. Inspired by her mother’s heroics and by war tales told by veterans, she very quickly acquired a strong sense of protection and self-sacrifice, understanding that putting the lives of many above her own was what made one a true hero.

And years went by. Aside from her brothers and sisters-in-arms, she did not have anyone she could call family, or so it seemed, for a very long time. Around December 2033 this changed drastically. For most of the year, she had had strange dreams, about a wasteland filled with sword graves at the feet of a gigantic mountain, nightmares about an unending ascension. And for Christmas… Her mother introduced her to the Clan, that organization that passed for a family.

Suddenly, she discovered that she had cousins, people who shared her blood, people who knew each other and fought together. She had a hundred cousins, and she still did not know even the name of her father. The few next months were very tense in terms of relationships. She was on edge all the time, and she grew to distrust people she previously trusted fully. She grew afraid.

Among the Clan, she did not trust anyone. Not the African couple, Gira and Teyd – they seemed so detached, they HAD to have something bad in mind, nor the german monster hunter Reigen – Always hateful, always enraged, never smiling. She did not trust the Korean Ego – He looked sadistic, evil and cruel, nor the Canadian Ilsa – Less than all the others, because she had in her eyes the light of someone who had killed, yet she looked more innocent than the rest. She hated them all for keeping her in the dark and being at odds with each other when they should have walked as one.

Whether her family cared about her did not matter anymore. Whether her mother loved her did not matter anymore. She became distant and cold, focused only on her work, on her duty as a soldier. She just wanted to be away from them. And came her new mission. It was perfect. Far away from anyone, deep in the middle-east… A mission that would last fifteen long years, for her at least.

For fifteen years, she fought in the sand and in the cities, spilling blood and having her blood spilt upon the dunes.
For fifteen years, she fought against the rebels and the terrorists, taking lives and taking names in the desert.
For fifteen years, she forgot her family and her mother, and kept only duty and death in mind.

Then came a fateful day. On that day, she felt like opening her mother’s letters. She felt like reading them, and answering them. But as she wondered what to write, her position got surrounded by the enemy. Knowing that everyone could not escape through the tunnels, she delicately wrote “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry.” upon the white sheet, and gave it to another soldier before making all of the others leave. When the enemy stormed the fort, they found only her, sitting at a table. They never found the tunnels.

The rest is history… She woke up one year later, with a mind devoid of memories. All she remembered was that her name was Tetra Sadensei, and that she was a 1st Lt. in the Marines Corps. The rest… Why did everyone call her Julia ? She could not understand. She did not remember the words she wrote, when she was told that a woman called Tara Makanora, who was supposedly her mother, had committed suicide. She had no mother, she did not even have a life of her own; her life was dangling on threads, resting on life support to keep going.
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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Shardaken Lucrum, 5th high general of Hell
Name: Shard Luke.
Alias(es): Bakery dude
Threat: Level 3
Function: Jack of all trades.
Type: Commander
Ability Classification: Demonic, (would demon magic be Arcane?), blood magic, Strength 3, speed 3, size 1, invulnerability 2, Flying natural, Summoner.
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 5000 yrs old
Family Member(s): Diadem (father), chrysalia (mother), Ruru (daughter) scile (step daughter)
Significant Other(s): Zuzulian (wife)
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: His bakery
Cooperation: unusual
Team Size/Composition: His assistant Rurulian
Cooperativeness Scale:
Common Gear: Hes commonly equipped with his standard clothes and a switchblade for defense. However, that is just for show. as his true powers revolve around blood magic, you can say he has ample magic and weapons as long as there is blood.
Civilian Appearance: tumblr_pl06ljaStE1uocgm5o7_500.jpg
Costumed Appearance:a06db121806aedb89277021a4d9c57ea.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 56/100
Visibility ~ 72/100
Success ~ 40/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 60/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 70/100
Property Damage ~ 48/100
Lethality ~ 98/100

A demon from hell who took a vacation from his duties to start a bakery/cafe on earth. He doesn't wish humans any harm as he views time differently, the life of a human is but an hour to him so he sees no reason to go out of his way to end so pitiful lives. He is currently very depressed and has been for over 2000 years do to the death of his wife. Since then he has been hiding out on earth raising his daughter without telling her he is her father. He has committed verious attrocities on earth all of which he thinks minor. He is personally responsible for being one of the causes of the hundred years war. Son of diadem the blood demon lord. He has somewhat decent standing and is the demon lord seivas general. Despite his cautioness trouble always seems to find him.

Secret Identity: Rurulian Von Lululian
Name: Ruru Lian
Alias(es): The bakery poster girl
threat: Level 3
Function: Fighter and assassin
Type: General weapons expert
Ability Classification: Demonic, Natural, Strength 3 (5 when buffed by shard), 2 (4 when buffed by shard), invulnerability 1 (3 when buffed by shard), Element manipulator Minor, Magic (whatever demon magic falls under)
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 2000
Family Member(s): An older sister travelling earth
Sexual Preference: Bi
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Shard bakery
Cooperation: unusual
Team Size/Composition: Shard
Cooperativeness Scale: Only if ordered by shard
Common Gear: She carries a whip from hell at all times and five throwing blades. With her is the [Blood Prince regalia] a relic gifted to her by Shard. In its dormant form it is a collection of 17 ping pong sized Crystal's that when shattered reveal their true form as demonic crimson weapons forged from shard own crystallized blood. It is one of her most treasured possessions and as such is quite fond of it.
Civilian Appearance: 8637d0d811801064ca62be3461c1ddc3.jpg
Costumed Appearance:DbNAyPoVQAAk0M4.jpg

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 69/100
Visibility ~ 87/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 64/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 70/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 59/100
Property Damage ~ 37/100
Lethality ~ 81/100

Shards retainer and assistant. Her loyalty to shard is second only to the sass she shows her lord. She doesn't care for humans that much as her love of nature blinds her in her opinion of them. To her they are a disease on the planet that harms it's natural beauty, though given proper instructions, perhaps they could keep living. She is currently working as the poster girl and singer for shards cafe. performing every other hour except sundays. And is known as "Unicorn princess" on twitch as a streamer. Though she does not know it. she is shards daughter who he raised from birth after the death of her mother. while the two share close to a father duaghter bond. it is outshined by Rurus neverending sass towards shard.
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