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Realistic or Modern Spinning Out - A Small Town RP {{CLOSED}}

Welcome to the Sun Valley Resort

Located in the mountains of Idaho, rests a small town named Hawkley. During the summer months, the town is quiet. But, as soon as the snow starts falling, the town comes alive. Hawkley is known for producing the most talented American winter Olympian’s, all ranging from figure skating, to hockey, to skiing and snowboarding, and to all the other snow sport athletics. All thanks to the Sun Valley Resort.

The town residents both love and hate the town for its popularity in sports. While everyone begins their competition season, tourists also join in on the towns population for winter vacations, the snowfall activities, and their stays at the Sun Valley Resort.

Hawkley has become the #1 rated town in America because of the winter activities that it has to offer and the beautiful resort situated on a peak of the mountain. Will you join in on the fun?


TLDR: this RP is about a small town that is famously known for its winter season. It is very open world based, so the who plot isn’t about sports, but sports will play a big part in the towns identity. All the characters will have the freedoms to be who they want. Apart from the focus on sports, the town will have a high school, college, and of course the characters can also be tourists.

There will be romance, wholesomeness, and maybe even some dark themes (depending on what type of person the characters may be). It is a real-life based role play so some characters may go through real-life based struggles. So, if you are an easily triggered person then this RP may not be for you. Because of the possible subject matter (though abiding by RPN rules) that may be brought up, I do require anyone who joins to be 18+.

As for preference in writers, please be semi-lit and be able to write 2+ paragraphs. Also, realistic face claims will be mandatory. If you are interested, please let me know and when there are 5 interests shown, I will make a discord group for all our OOC needs!
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