1. Impressing

    Realistic or Modern Cabin Role Play

    Such slightly dark grey sky with several big, continuosly puffy framed very dark grey clouds of such heartish appearance of such sky's left and of Aetter looking directly up, well, if she should, are, with such beautiful, calm, inspiring of Aetter of her making herbal tea of whipped cream of...
  2. geminiy

    Realistic or Modern harbour heights - a small town roleplay

    coded by uxie! fonts used: headers subheader, body text to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----title page---- ----top---- far fa-long-arrow-down...
  3. cheeseburger90210

    Futuristic Deleted

  4. Geozaki

    Fandom The Owl House RP Interest Check

    I have had a hankering for an Owl House RP for some time, and so I thought I would finally just give in and make an interest check to see if anyone else would be interested in one. I have a few vague ideas for plots and settings but have decided not to fully flesh any of them out yet as I have...
  5. Nocturne

    Fandom Naruto: The Forgotten

    It was chaos. Shots were fired on both sides; one was pinned down in the woods by the other. A small family isolated from the rest of their group; doing their best to stay alive. Filthy, exhausted, pushed to their limit. One was too slow to react...The sound of a bullet echoed throughout the...
  6. travelbypages

    Realistic or Modern Spinning Out ~ A Small Town RP

    The Snowfall Fest (Nov. 4th) The first snowfall is always a celebration in Hawkley, and what better to celebrate than with a festival! With vendors, rides, carnie food, games, and a beer tent the town can all gather up at at the Sun Valley Lodge for the winter festivities. @Boondox @fishbowl...
  7. travelbypages

    Realistic or Modern Spinning Out - Character Sheets

    I'm not picky about what ya'll add to your character sheets, just be sure to add if they're an athlete or not. As for age range for the characters, 16+ should be fine. There is a limit of 5 characters per person, if you would like more you can talk to me or Qwerty!
  8. travelbypages

    Realistic or Modern Spinning Out - A Small Town RP {{CLOSED}}

    Welcome to the Sun Valley Resort Located in the mountains of Idaho, rests a small town named Hawkley. During the summer months, the town is quiet. But, as soon as the snow starts falling, the town comes alive. Hawkley is known for producing the most talented American winter Olympian’s, all...
  9. Bearly

    Realistic or Modern Long Time, No See interest check

    Long Time, No See It’s reunion time! You received the invitation to your high school’s 10-year reunion not too long ago, but you looked at it and weren’t interested in going, for whatever reason. But a few days later another invitation arrived in your mail box. This one from one of your old high...
  10. DaydreamingBookworm9

    Realistic or Modern Redo [closed]

    Buttoning up his dark purple shirt, Christopher Hutchkins looked at the clock that hung on the light blue wall of his apartment’s bedroom. His getting ready had been taking longer than he’d accounted for. He rushed out of his room and scurried towards the bathroom he shared with his roommate...
  11. Sunny_morning

    Realistic or Modern Peaked In High School (A Sitcom Roleplay)[CLOSED]

    Peaked in High School Friends, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl all rolled into one. Recreate your favourite sitcoms. Join the escapades of this group of twenty-somethings, as they explore dating, careers and life in this cruel, cruel world. Because who could've known... Life gets...