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Multiple Settings In Search of (long term) Literate Roleplay Partners!! (18+)


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Hi!! Call me Fish!

I've been roleplaying on and off for many years, and I would say I'm a decent writer! I'm looking for someone who shares similar interests to me, and a similar love of long, detailed responses. I roleplay mostly OC's, but I can roleplay fandoms as well, if you would like. Here are my preferences below.

Fandoms: Harry Potter/Marauders fandom (I play Remus), RDR2 (I play Arthur), The Adventure Zone (I play Taako), Batman comics (I play Batman). I'm for sure forgetting some, so if you have something in mind, just ask! I'm most comfortable playing Remus out of all of these.

OC: My favorite settings are dark academia or western setting, but I will do mostly anything! Ask about my triggers, but there are NOT many, however I don't like to play with "edge lords".

I play M x F or M x M, with me always playing the guy, but romance is NOT at the top of my priorities. I just want to write a good story.
I'm currently in a Harry Potter mood (I'm listening to the books since I haven't read them since they came out years ago). I think the Marauders era would be really fun- but I'd be open to Harry's years as well!
Hello! I'd be interested in doing an original RP with you! Western sounds intriguing, as does dark academia (though I admit I'm not familiar with the latter)

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