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Fantasy Silver Bell Ball

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So, I recently rewatched the Silver Bell Ball scene from SVTFOE and I really wanted to do something with a similar vibe. Basically the idea I have is a sort of debutante style ball where all the 16 or 17 year old royals attend to announce their arrival into the royal court. Its fantasy so I'd love it if your character was a demon and had a sort of history with my character. Not inherently romantic but they were friends or close at one point and had a falling out and hadnt talked since then and the ball is the first time they're seeing each other.

We can discuss the details in DMs!


Faux Francophone
Hi! I don't know very much about SvtFOE, but I really like the idea of a ball scene! I am interested if you are still looking. :bishiesparklesl:

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