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Fantasy Shady Dealings


"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
The mega city of Sanguine, has been the only home of Humanity for the past 700 years. Here life is a constant struggle. Crime is rampant, and the response to it is usually brutal and unforgiving. Even still desperate times have driven many to a cutthroat mindset. Things like joy are fleeting and Dread is the norm. Nearly 12, million call this city home, and one may wonder. If the city is so bad then why would any choose to stay in it. Bad as the city may be, what exists beyond is worse. An endless wasteland, filled with ruins and taint, and Populated by horrific supernatural creatures called Shades.
For most, Hope is not something they have never encountered. They toil incessantly and only those who are cruel enough to crush others underfoot make it to any semblance of comfort. Whats worse is Humanity knows how it got here. Prior to this Dark Age of misery, Mankind lived in a comparatively Wonderful state. They had gods which would stay with them, embolden them, and in a few cases bestow great blessings to them. Yet man was not content, the hole in their hearts sought more. In their minds eye they created a power greater than their gods, one that would give them all they desired. Yet deep down, most knew this was too good to be true. Thus the image in their minds warped into something Evil.
As the thoughts of this evil being greater than the gods grew, the Gods themselves began to fear it. They began to act out if that fear, smiting those who thought of such a being, and in doing so creating more fear and hatred in the hearts of humanity. Eventually this would come to a breaking point, as The being came to be a reality. Zantha was Born, The king of shadows with power rivaling the gods, and a hatred of them which drove him to wage war on the divine…and win.

Upon securing the world as his, Zantha would turn it into a realm of Death and shadows, Nightmares and horrors. Yet he would not forget the twisted minds of men which allowed him to be born. Considering mankind his mother and father he would create a “Sanctuary” for them in the form of Sanguine. The entire rest of the world he would devote to his attempts at creation, a dark mockery of the gods he had slain.

Unfortunately for Zantha, this one act of either mercy or cruelty depending on your perspective would eventually spark resistance against him. For man is a stubborn and strange species. In the face of paradise, they wished for strife, and in the face of Strife they wished for hope. Seven hundred years of Wishing would eventually spawn a new being.
Abrhea The Young Goddess of Hope, was born from mankind’s desire to escape this shadowy hell. For thirty years she has hidden gathering the hopes and dreams of mankind, and weaving them into her contracts. These contracts hold tremendous power now, and with her own power beginning to grow enough that she fears she may no longer hide from Zantha she has decided to grant these contracts to those who have the hope required to fight back against the darkness.

You Are one of those humans who the contracts have found. They searched your heart, and know it better than you yourself do. You may not think yourself capable of such great responsibility as comes with a contract. But you are. These Simple contracts forged of Hope and Wishes, are converted into powerful magics that indwell you the moment you sign. And with that magic comes the power to resist the darkness. This power is different for each individual, but is divine in nature and comes with a connection to the goddess herself.
Not all will be noble, after all 700 years in the dark has all but killed nobility and kindness. But you who hold the Contracts of Hope, now hold the power to Lead by example. Will you bring mankind out of the Shadows? Or will you become a greater darkness than that which they face? The choice if yours, the consequences everyones.​
Heres a little bit of lore. Help you get an idea of how life in the city is. Spoiler, it sucks.

Ill have more lore coming, An OCC, and A CS page.

I might make a discord as well. Ill leave that up to a vote.
Here is the OCC. I put a poll in there so we can decide what to do with the discord question.

Now im off to make the CS page.
And Finally hear we go.

The cs page. Just a heads up, the lightning dude in the Initial post on this interest check is my character. Electricity Generation/Manipulation/Absorption is a claimed power.

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