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Fandom Seeking long term RP for multiple fandoms

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Action, Adventure, Romance


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Hello there!

I been in the market for some fandoms as of late, and perhaps certain characters of said fandoms...I sometimes have a penchant for the villains as a forewarning...and exploring possible redemption solutions.
I tend to RP whatever my partner is comfortable with so anything from single paragraph to novella length posts is within my limits. So far, the fandoms I am looking for are:

Avatar: The Last Air Bender
Red Dead Redemption

I am a pretty active person, and try to actively respond every day to my RPs! If anyone is interested or knows someone who is, feel free to message me! There are other fandoms I am interested in, but probably would need more discussion.


Junior Member
Not exactly fight roleplays, though I don't rule out those scenes if they occur. I just don't want the fight scenes to be the main core of the RPs themselves
well i like to do first the fighting and then a story whit ouer both charakters but if you dont like okey

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