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CaptainMarvelous' Search Thread
Wow, it's been over a year since I made a new one of these so it's about time! My name is Marvel (she/they), I am 21 and a college student. I live in the EST timezone. I plan on keeping a very extensive list of roleplays that I am interested in here. That being said, if you want to know more what I'm super interested in at the moment there will be a link to my cravings thread at the end.

  • I consider myself semi-literate. I can write anywhere from a single paragraph to several and will usually match whatever my partner does.
    I write third person, past tense.
    I prefer to play females unless we are doubling. Then I am happy to play a male and female.
    I will do FxM and FxF.

By all accounts, the word 'dark' associated with any species is generally considered to be an evil entity. Dark wizards, dark elves, dark fairies, any species you could think of likely has some sort of dark alternative. Dark Angels should be no exception. And while it is true that some Dark Angels tend towards the darker side of life (or the afterlife), a great many of them would never be considered 'evil' by any means. Flawed, sure, but they were once human after all.

And the majority of Dark Angels are humans given that other species tend to have their own views on the afterlife. Each species likely has their own version of the afterlife (if they believe in such a thing) that exists somewhere.
After being reborn as a Dark Angel, the human has grown black feathered wings much like those often depicted with Angels. They have also gained the ability to drawn on Dark energy to perform magical spells. The use of these spells varies widely from user to user.
Many believe that the size of a Dark Angel's wings indicates how much power they hold, and this often seems to be the case with a few exceptions.
A Dark Angel also gains the ability to heal at an accelerated rate and, of course, immortality in the afterlife.

Immortality is something many people have sought through centuries of human history. Unaware of the strain that living such a life lends to an individual. Watching time flow, watching people live and die while simply being an observer and unable to age and die. Though it is possible for a Dark Angel to 'die' where their soul moves on to a higher level of the afterlife free from its mortal/immortal body.

Knowing this fact, and knowing how to kill a Dark Angel meant even they were targeted by humans as part of the supernatural cleansings despite the fact that they were once one of them. Mia never understood what caused the humans to turn on the Angels and Dark Angels. Perhaps it was fear of the power they held, while at other times she heard people whispering that there was 'something unnatural about them.' She had laughed at that comment. Of course there was something unnatural about them, but that didn't make them wrong or deserving of death.

Fearful of the new reality her people faced, she had sent them into the furthest places from humanity in order to protect them. But she remained amongst those in society trying to find ways to help the other races still trying to survive in such a strange new world. It was so much different than the one she had been born into, and eventually died in. So much time had passed after all, and she'd watched as everything had begun to change.

Mia picked up her bag and coat from the coat rack sitting in the corner of her office. She worked at the local university for the time being as a coverup while she reached out to supernaturals in the area offering them aide in this time of need. She stepped out of the building and onto the streets her heels clacking on the stony surface as she headed towards her favorite after work hangout place. A place amusingly called the Slouching Troll Tavern. She wasn't sure how it got its name, but they served decent drinks and were a safe haven for supernaturals to gather. It was a place where she was free to be herself.

She quietly slipped into the building making sure that no one saw her and approached the bar. There were few people inside, probably many of them were too afraid after the recent raid on another place like the bar in the city. Mia didn't blame them, the raid had made her nervous as well. The humans seemed incapable of being stopped and she didn't see an end in sight for this war against supernaturals. At least not a good one. She sighed as she sat down on a stool letting her bag drop to the floor beside her. She raised her hand to get the bartender's attention ordering the strongest thing she could get.

She couldn't really get drunk, not with her boosted metabolism that came along with the accelerated healing. But the taste and feel of the alcohol as it burned its way down her throat still managed to make her feel better. And that was good enough for her.

Cravings Post

Feel free to pm or leave a message here!

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