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Fandom SCP Foundation Mobile Task Force

Sub Genres
Action, Horror
SCP Foundation:
Mobile Task Force Delta-13 "Scepter of Secrecy"
Activation Date: ████ - ██ - ██
Description: Mobile Task Force Delta-13 AKA "Scepter of Secrecy" Is a mobile task force designed to undertake missions that normal foundation task force operators cannot take or cannot execute due to factors outside of their control and or deemed to be a mission that cannot be entrusted to even MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") to take part in. This Mobile Task Force is full of members from the various task forces that are veteran and experienced. Their missions are usually cloak and dagger and shrouded in secrecy. The ██ council are the only ones that have authorized or know about their missions and are usually the ones that assign them. They are based out of containment facility site 65, which is disguised as a large scale operations military base and thus contains various other foundation task forces and naval forces as well as a large contingent of security forces acting as military police personnel.

Hello everyone, I'd like to do a roleplay in the scp universe centered around a new mobile task force that is established as a cloak and dagger operations task force and given high-risk missions where if exposed they would be in danger of risking the foundation and their operations. Their operations are only known to the O5-Council and only do their take orders from O5 Command. I wonder if people would be interested in taking part in this.


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yeah i do like the idea of what would happen if the foundation found him in a none cruel timeline

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