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  • Is your SCP thread still open to maybe one new joiner? Figured I'd ask before I type out a form.
    Kids In The Hall Comedy GIF by CBC
    Woke up quick, at about noon
    Just thought I had to save Ukraine soon
    I gotta get ready 'fore the day begins
    and Russia starts invadin', all my friends
    About to go, damn near went blind
    A whole bunch of slavs throwin' up gang signs
    Ran overseas, and had the clip,
    For the 1911 on the side of my hip
    Went overseas, and pointed my weapon
    Just as I thought, they started steppin'
    Jumped in the tank, hit the juice on my ride
    It's plated front and back, and side to side
    Then I let the long range play, play
    Bumpin' new shit from the US of A
    It was "Russia Sucks", at the top of the list
    Then I played my own shit it went something like this:
    "Cruisn' down the street in my (M1)A2,
    Killin' the Russkiys, shootin' their dudes,
    Went in the city to get the scoop,
    boys out there cold killin' some troops,
    A car rolls up who can it be?
    A fresh humvee from the Army,
    He rolled down his window and he started to say,
    'It's all about making that monay.'

    Cuz' the boyz in the hood are always hard,
    Come talking that shit, we'll blow up your car
    Knowing nothing in life, but to be legit
    Don't quote me boy cuz' I ain't said shit."
    No cap, I don't understand why there are followers on RPNation. I remember my first notification was like " RandomBlobMan RandomBlobMan is now following you." And I was like "Holy Shit!" and racked my shotgun. And now a whole lotta people are following me and I'm like, "WhY Da hElL aRe ThErE sO MaNY StaLKers!"
    Happy Belated New Year, Skipper.
    Pilgrim Actual raiding your profile for some Chef Boyardees. Huehuehue
    I'm an odd fellow. I know things about and quote movies and TV shows I have never seen. But who can't love Ray? "I'm a man now Brad, just like you, except I'm not all educated and a (insert F-slur)"
    Lol. I sometimes just watch clips on Youtube and call it a day, instead of actually watching the original movie/show.
    Scarface to all vectors, please advise that Hitman 2 Actual is KIA, I confirm, KIA.

    (Very sorry to do this to you guys, but I feel like this was the best way to do it. I am disappointed to say that I will be stepping away from rp for a very long time, at least on here. I have been having several issues irl and have been neglecting some in person things that are currently hurting my life and personality, and as such I need to step away. I am very sorry for dropping off the grid this past month and will miss you all so very much. But as General MacArthur once said, I shalt return, and I cannot wait to see you all when I do. Bravo Six, going dark)
    Hello all of my followers, I am happy to announce that now I am double vaccinated, as such the operation we have all been part of is over, and you have all earned a combat patch:
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