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Sci Fi Empires and Politics

Or might it? :D

Seriously though maybe between the people here we can start it up?

Also total support on the logistics issue though it will heavily depend on the kind of FTL tech (if any) available.

Jump Points (choke points): definitely need some planning and due consideration given to convoys since travel paths will be quite predictable.

Appear anywhere (ie hyperdrive): interception of logistics will be a lot harder.

Similar arguments apply to whether or not star trek transporters exist for moving cargo.

One thing I’ll add is that while new weapons are nice, everything I hear says unless it’s vital to turn around a conflict, the military will continue using equipment already issued for a long while, and train with it after its phased out.
Example: US troops in WWII were in some cases still using WWI era weapons because of availability.

Hell a spaceborne expeditionary force might not have a strict loadout. Say Point B is going to be invaded but Point A can’t produce top of the line milspec gear. Rather than organize supply from a world that can, it’d be quicker, simpler and cheaper to use the older gear from Point A.

Tl;dr: logistics is a legitimate concern but there’s some flexibility regarding weapons.

Needless to say I’m thinking in terms of Army/Marines; navy logistics is a whole different set of arguments.
I'm down. Wanna help me with the sheets?


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Very willing to! Later on though, it's Pathfinder Night.

That being said, should it be an original sheet or do you happen to know a pre-existing one that fits the bill.

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Please excuse my absence, but I'm here now. I've had some things happen in my life that has effected me quite alot, but i'm back and still up for working on this project! I hope people here still are intrested, but you all seem to have it under control so I don't doubt. So, again, I'm sorry for the abrupt dissappearance.

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