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Sci Fi Empires and Politics


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I will suggest though that something close to the Metro-esque map be made. It would be nice to how things could get around, and gives some more insight on why to have certain places.


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EXPANSION refers to the border expansion of your interstellar empire. Each Sector (Map Hex) in your empire has a population of 1 billion which can grow up to 10 billion. EACH POINT IN THIS CATEGORY +1 SECTOR to claim. 0 Expansion = 1 Sector to claim (Capital).
That number of people is tiny even on a planetary scale, more so on a galactic scale and theres a max limit of 10 sectors?
Good point, changed it to 10 Billion/Sector with a cap at 100 Billion. And I think later on you'll be able to have more, I just don't wanna make people OP.


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This stat system isn't working with the idea I'd already run by Podge so for that reason I'm gonna sit here in strong opposition to it.
I'm also gonna be that person and mention that having a CS and OOC joint thread is nothing but a pain and would be better done with an isolated CS thread and OOC discord.
Damn why y’all gotta put me on blast like that XD ok I’ll trash it when I get home if that’s what y’all want. I just thought it would be a good way to balance the empires??? Oh and @Wolfking yes it is just wait a day or two for things to get fully set up


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yeah extra galatic is outside galaxy extra dimensional is another dimension and okay i was just checking first time the first empire has decided to be from outside

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