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Realistic or Modern Salem B*tch Trials - A Witch Roleplay (inspired by Scream Queens, AHS Coven, Teen Wolf)


your mom's friend
salem b*tch trials
a witch roleplay
  • Prelude
    "That’s right, witches exist. And it’s not like we just exist.......I mean, we’re fucking thriving.

    Look at us, for fucks sake; our coven is bigger than ever and more prominent in like every aspect of life in this town. And sure, it’s not like as big as it was back before the trials, but it’s getting there. We get new recruits almost every year now, and Elena says that we’re probably going to have to expand to more than one source of magic in the next couple of years, which is like a really good thing.......I think?

    Oh, and you know Martha? Yeah, so it turns out that she wasn’t actually pregnant, just really stressed out because of exams or whatever, so I guess that’s another really good thing. She would’ve gotten an abortion anyway, but I think this is obviously a clear sign that luck is on our side, finally. I know that if I had to listen to her stress-crying one more time while hanging from the ceiling of all places, I probably would’ve lost it.

    Speaking of exams, literally all of the girls—or like all but one or two—got into schools and colleges they wanted without Elena having to pull a single one of her persuasion stunts. And, I mean, persuasion powers? How fucking cool and handy is that to have? If I didn’t have my powers, I would be pretty jealous of her. I genuinely don’t know how some of the other girls aren’t going gray. From like sheer jealousy, you know?

    I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, you’ll just forget it anyways. I guess I’m worried that something is coming. And I’m talking more like an impending doom sort of situation, not like the comeback of studded belts—although, I guess that is a big problem on its own as well. I don’t know, I can just feel it in the back of my head, like a headache that just won’t go away. I think I’ll have a premonition today, probably.

    Whatever, my Uber is here. Thanks for keeping me company. Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe."
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This seems like something right up my alley, I'm an all-things-witch-related fan!
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Surprise, it's here:

All of the official announcements for the roleplay will now be given in the OOC server, so make sure to join as soon as possible. If this link expires, send me a message and I'll send you a new one :).

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