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  1. Silverwings

    Multiple Settings Looking for a long term partner.

    Hi, I'm Silver, I'm 25 F. Lately I've been trying to work on my writing skills and I have a few ideas I want to try out. A few things about my preferences: I prefer rping in private messages. Idk I just like it better. I mostly do paragraph, but I enjoy script styles as well. I'm lgbt+...
  2. fallenmars

    Multiple Settings long-term partner search! (20+ only please!)

    hello, hello! I have a few names that you can refer to me by - Mars and Roe both work evenly and I don't tend to switch between them very often. I consider myself agender/genderfluid so many (if not all) of my cravings are LGBTQ+ friendly so you must be as well. i've been on hiatus for a good...
  3. RandomPerson44

    Fantasy Looking for rp partner (I prefer fantasy-style one but if you have good idea I'm down)

    So Im looking for rp partner. I'm open to your ideas, but here is what I like to write about and what is the style i prefer: -I like long replies and advanced writing but when you feel like writing something shorter: do it, as long as I dont have to think about everything by myself. -I love...
  4. __Space__

    Fantasy Urban fantasy coven rp - Character Sheets

    Character sheet: OOC / Plotting information: Are you open to pre-established dynamics and relationships? If yes, are you looking for any specific ones? Is there any role within the coven you'd like your character to have? Character Information: Name: Nicknames: Age: (remember, witches are...
  5. SquigglyWiggly

    Fantasy Two Strays

    Two Strays
  6. raikou

    Multiple Settings anime/video game 1/1 search thread !!

    hello everybody!!! you can call me raikou! im new to this site but i have some roleplay experience from years ago,, looking to get back into it as i remember having tons of fun! if any of this interests you PLEASE feel free to dm me, about anything! about me: -20 -any pronouns but pretty masc...
  7. niakouism

    Fantasy looking for OCxOC RPs!

    Hello! I’m Ngọc/Jade. 22 years old (please be 19+ if you wish to write with me). They/Them. Been roleplaying since I was 11. I consider myself a literate roleplayer with the ability to write 400+ up words but I also do script as well. I’m not too strict with character/word count as long as the...
  8. __Space__

    Fantasy Urban fantasy witch coven rp! (#MakeWitchesWeirdAgain)

    Heya Nation! I want to do an Urban Fantasy roleplay centered around a witch coven with morally-gray characters and dark themes. World Lore: It’s an urban fantasy world, with vampires, witches and werewolves being the three supernatural species. They are immortal (as in can’t die of old age /...
  9. neon reverie

    Fantasy ― 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐄𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄.

  10. eimpress

    Fantasy [LORE] Riftwalkers 2033
    Index: Premise

    Riftwalkers 2033 PREMISE Out of the 140-million children born into the world yearly, five of them are gifted with the ability to interact with temporal rifts (a tear in the spacetime continuum that can act as a portal for nefarious entities to disrupt the balance of a world). They are called...
  11. eimpress

    Fantasy [CS] Riftwalkers 2033

    Welcome to the Character Sheet thread for the roleplay Riftwalkers 2033. Please make sure to review the roleplay's rules before submitting your application. Do not hesitate to come forward if there are elements in your character sheet that you are unsure of. Thank you and have fun creating! I...
  12. eimpress

    Fantasy [OOC] Riftwalkers 2033

    Greetings and welcome to the out of character thread for the Riftwalkers 2033 roleplay! Please be kind and have fun chatting. Any questions or ideas can also be sent here for discussion, or can be forwarded to my private messages if you’d prefer. @Rohan @AI10100 @Colorless Spectrum @Topless
  13. eimpress

    Fantasy Riftwalkers 2033

    PREMISE Out of the 140-million children born into the world yearly, five of them are gifted with the ability to interact with temporal rifts (a tear in the spacetime continuum that can act as a portal for nefarious entities to disrupt the balance of a world). They are called the "Riftwalkers", a...
  14. ShadowPrincess163

    Multiple Settings Shadows open Rp check

    Hi all! Shadow here again. I am looking for more partners and I have a ton of characters I want to put in rps. Below I have listed fandoms and possible pairings as well as my list of characters in current rotation. Please be 18+ and don't ghost me. I have had at least a half a dozen people...
  15. Marceline_idue

    Fantasy The World of Satoria

    After, happily ever after what happens? Before once upon a time who were they? All fairytale characters need to be somewhere; they’re people after all. Well, all of these fantastical characters were here in Satoria. Where all fairytale characters and mythology characters collect and live. Unlike...
  16. Ginko The Mushishi

    Multiple Settings Evenstar City: IC

    Evenstar City: Volume 1 Call of the Hero (Red Eclipse Arc) Mysterious Items District 1: Mask: A mask with scuffed encryptions against the mask. District 2: Keycard: A keycard with no depiction of a face, but a blacked out photo remains. No name on the keycard. District 3: A ring with an...
  17. Ginko The Mushishi

    Multiple Settings Evenstar City: Superhero RP!

    Welcome to Evenstar City! Superheroes have long been a driving force of protection for the people of Evenstar City, law enforcement is just not enough when you're up against a rogue's gallery of villainy; out of the woodworks they came to help drive back the darkness and reignite the flames of...
  18. Talis

    Multiple Settings 𓆏𓍊𓋼 1x1 Partner Search! 𓆏𓍊𓋼

    𓆏𓍊𓋼 Welcome 𓋼𓍊𓆏 You can call me either Tal or Talis...
  19. tian221

    Multiple Settings Ready Player One/RPO/Ready Player Two/RP2 roleplay, maybe?

    Hello everyone, my name is Tian, and I'm a fairly new user of the site without much experience here. If I happen to botch this post or make a mistake somewhere in writing this message, please be kind and let me know! THE OASIS. The year is 2040. In a world where society as we know it is...
  20. wolvesarejustpuppies

    Multiple Settings A really quick second of your time! :) One x One

    Heyy all… I’m trying to restart a page on this website, I’ve been on it before plenty as Dontdropmycoffee. Of course I can’t log in anymore lol I’m Rachel, in my 30s with lots of experience. I’m coming back from a hiatus and I’d love to plot and think something up with you. Either vampire or...