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Multiple Settings Roleplay? (MxM) (BxB) (CMBYN, call me by your name plot)

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LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance
Hello! So i've been wanting to do this plot for a while, I realised not many people has read the book or seen the movie that the plot is about, so I'll just type out the plot incase anyone who hasn't watched the movie or read the book can roleplay it with me incase they find the plot interesting! (A small ps,, the book/movie is called 'call me by your name') (I changed his age from 17 to 18 as I think that would make more people comfortable doing this plot)

The plot:
Muse A, an 18 year old, lives in a house in northern Italy during the summer and bigger holidays such as Christmas etc. Each year his father invites a young scholar student for 6 weeks to help his father with his work. This year it being, Muse B, a 24-year-old post-doctoral scholar from America. The first few weeks consists of Muse B befriending people around the house and the neigbours. During the first few weeks Muse A finds himself starting to develop a sort of liking for the other, something he's never really felt before, something stronger than he's ever felt before, but he finds himself unable to Express his feelings or talk about it with anyone, in the fear of shame or rejection. Muse B and Muse A have some common interests in literature, Music and philosophy: causing a friendship to start to bloom between the two of them. One day, Muse A takes Muse B to a spot where he usually sits and reads. It ends up with the two of them kissing, but also Muse B breaking the kiss a while later, telling Muse A that they should stop so they wont do anything they'll regret and/or feel ashamed of. The days after that Muse B seems a little bit off, starting to make friends with a girl and seemingly flirts with her. So muse A goes along with it and tries to help the two get together, only to get told by Muse B that he doesn't like the girl. Some days later, Muse A leaves a note in Muse B's room, expressing how he can't stand the silence Muse B is giving him. So Muse B leaves a note in Muse A's room, telling him to meet him at midnight. Then they make it up to eachother. (I'll let the rest be a bit more loose as I dont want people to feel like they have to strictly stick to the plot)

A small ps:
• this is set in northern Italy in 1983
•The age gap is a pretty big part of the plot so they can't be the same age, Atleast 5 years between the two
• You can have whatever OC you want, I'm gonna take the face-claim of the guy who played Muse A in the movie (so I dont really have an OC for this one) , just so you know!

I'd prefer to be Muse A. (If you really really really wanna do this plot but dont wanna be Muse B, then I can, but that's just in case)

Feel free to ask me more questions about it in PMs!


If you're still interested in a cmbyn rp, then feel free to contact me. I'm new to this site, but I'm on Amino too, if you have that too maybe. I usually play as Elio and do semi lit. ^~^ would also be glad to just chat a bit and talk about cmbyn when you'd like to.

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