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Heyyo! I'm Red (he/they), a casual RPer who's mainly looking for some cool folks to exchange OC ideas with. I'm in my mid 20s and I have a bit of experience RPing back on tumblr and through old school email/google doc chains, but I'm a vis dev artist by trade, so I've always leaned more towards the art side of things. I'm very new to this site so please bear with me while I figure out how everything works lol. I have more experience with DnD and TTRPGs than with forum RPs, but wanted to flex my writing muscles a bit to avoid getting too rusty.​


  • 21+ and open to talking OOC (preferably on discord but through PMs is fine too). I like planning things out and exchanging OCs and ideas before we really get into it.
  • Comfortable interacting with Queer/LGBT+ OCs. I'm queer and so are about 90% of my OCs. Prioritizing M/M and M/NB pairings. (M/F ships are fine and I can play either part, as long as they have a compelling dynamic.)
  • I'm pretty laid back but I would like to exchange at least 2-3 paragraphs (250-400 words) every week and a half. I'm more than down to match pace and length as long as we're not posting every day though (I don't have enough free time for that unforchies)
  • I write third person only. I don't like writing in first person, please don't make me do it.
  • I will never chase you down for replies, but I would like to know if you want to pause or end the RP instead of just ghosting. Life gets weird, I won't hold it against you.
  • That being said, I want to keep this a casual and fun hobby outside of my day job, so if casual is not your vibe, I might not be the right RP partner for you.
  • Above all else, I like well rounded and complex characters with depth and nuance. Give me allegories, give me symbolism, wax poetically to me about your OCs and their backstory. I want to fall in love with the themes and motifs you've got going on for your little guys!!
  • Potential dark/heavy topics, some of my existing characters come with content warnings. Please let me know beforehand if there's any topics we need to avoid. I will let you know of any possible trigger warnings if/when they come up.


Currently in search of:
*red highlight marks a big craving*

Fairytale themes | Poetic symbolism | LGBT/Queer characters | Fantasy | Regency/Nobility | WuXia | Horror | Supernatural | Overcoming Past Trauma | Hurt/Comfort | Character Growth | Enemies/Rivals to Lovers | Codependency/Obsession | Religious Themes/Religious Trauma | Romance| Magical/Dark Academia | Superhero/vigilantes | Soulmates | Fake Dating | Forbidden/Star-crossed lovers | Cultural Differences/Miscommunication | Inhuman Courtship | Polycules (platonic or romantic) | Pining | Roommates | Power Dynamics | Slow Burn | Action/Adventure | Doomed by the Narrative

Not interested in:
slice of life, any incest/underage pairings, bigotry, or homophobia(unless it's part of a character development arc).

OC Tropes I LOVE:
literally ANY flavor of knight/noble

alien life-form/human researcher
mythical creature/human

academic rivals or rivaling nobility


Some ideas that have been floating around in my head and giving me brainworms, take 'em or leave 'em, or change them up! I'm open to any & all suggestions!
Human researcher gets sent off-world to an inhospitable snow planet to study the environment there, and gets stranded for 2 years, unable to leave due to an atmospheric storm that blocks off any and all incoming radio transmission. After none of their distress signals get a response, they resort to sending status updates to a silent Earth, hoping that their messages make it out of the planet's atmosphere, hanging onto the idea that someday, rescue will come. In order to pass the time, they dutifully catalogue anything and everything they see to keep themselves from going mad from the isolation. At some point, another ship crash lands on the planet, however it's not one from Earth. Rather, it's a ship from an alien planet that had recently come into contact with Earth. When they go to investigate the crash site, a strange creature steps out of the remains of the ship and promptly passes out. And they're carrying... an egg?

I'd like to play the part of the researcher. Basically I just really wanted some inhuman courtship shenanigans with a baby tossed in there for funsies. Idk, sue me.
Time travel agency where character A is tasked to track down character B, who has been jumping through time and killing what seems to be a string of random people, and causing anomalies wherever they go in the time stream. A has been studying files and files on B, yet can't seem to figure out their motive for any of the killings, or their ties to the organization. When it comes time for A to track B down in person, it seems like B is already intimately aware of who they are, and how they fight. B takes A down in a matter of seconds, leaving A in the dust and tells A to stop following them, or A will die. A has never seen this person before, but they can't help but wonder... have they... met before?

Think Umbrella Academy style time travel org. with the outlaw being either an ex member or someone close to the org that's just trying to save A from their inevitable death (that they may or may not have unwittingly played a part in). Down to play either character.

Feel free to shoot ideas my way if you don't see anything that catches your eye!​

I'm a pretty unserious person, and am usually up for most things as long as they fit the general guidelines.
If we can goof and vibe about OCs together, then we're golden lol.​
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