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Fandom —-In Death, Sacrifice. [A Dragon Age Search. OC x OC | OC x Canon]


Professional Nat 1 Roller


Howdy, folks.

Since you clicked on this thread, I’m assuming the recent Veilguard announcement has also been living rent free in your head, so I’ll try to keep this obligatory introduction short, and get to the fun stuff.

Oh, don’t worry, I know what you’re here for. I am open to both OC x OC, OC x Canon (with doubling), and some polygamous pairings. In regards to canons:
  • Requesting: Morrigan, Isabela, Dorian.
  • Can Portray: Just about anyone, the popular ones being Alistair, Zevran, and Fenris. Only one I’m not comfortable with is Solas — no hate, he’s just not my cup of joe.

I’m Rogue: a trans-masc (they/them or he/him pronouns), almost thirty, neurodivergent dork, with a love of writing, roleplaying, games of the video and tabletop variety, and sword-collecting. I’m reminded of my age every time I remember the last good BioWare game came out ten years ago.

I’ve been writing since elementary school, roleplaying since middle school, and am very relieved I have improved significantly since those embarrassing days. While I’m confident in my prose, I’m also ecstatic to know I’m still, always, learning; the creativity of those I write with often pushes me to further develop my own skills, teaches me new tricks, and that’s why I love collaborative writing.

I enjoy shooting the shit with my roleplay buddies, gushing about our stories and characters, and have been known to share playlists and picture boards.

Here’s a bit about what you can expect from me, as a writing bud:
  • LGBT+ Inclusive!
  • 18+ writers only please
  • My mains are usually male, but I can portray any gender. Open to any and all pairings.
  • Your gender does not matter to me.
  • Third-person, past-tense.
  • Multi-paragraph to novella. Quality > quantity. Would appreciate a partner who is okay with up-and-down word counts; sometimes a scene calls for a flood of description, sometimes dialogue only needs two paragraphs.
  • My muse can be sporadic, and I appreciate a patient partner. Sometimes I have the drive for multiple posts a week, sometimes I can only do one. In return, I’ll never pressure you for a post.
  • Communication is key: any concerns, feel free to bring ‘em up. I never mind editing a post if needed, or redirecting our plot.

  • I will portray a small zoo of side characters, because I enjoy making the world feel vibrant and alive.
  • No notable triggers or sensitive topics (within the scope of site rules); please let me know yours, and I’ll respect them.

I’m still working on plots, ideas, and character sheets, so if one of the games isn’t represented below, still feel free reach out to me, and I’d be happy to discuss! Know that I am 100% open to any ideas you may already have brewing in your own noggin’.

I’m craving to write my mage, Jaece, who can be either Hawke’s companion (and love interest), or a stand-in for Hawke. Yes, I will ship him with a Hawke (of any gender), or with Isabela, or both. Jaece is open to a polyship, and I’d be happy to portray a fourth in a polycule. Preferably Fenris or Zevran, but we can discuss others!

And, if poly isn’t your thing, I’m happy with just writing Jaece against a Hawke, or doubling, and writing your Hawke’s chosen Love Interest, while you write Isabela against Jaece.

And, who the hell is Jaece, you ask? Well—

Jaece Reyne would have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, had his magic not manifested, giving his jealous stepdad the perfect opportunity to ship him off to Ferelden’s Circle. Silver still managed to coat his tongue, which was also sharpened by his chipped shoulder, and innate rebelliousness. During the Fifth Blight, Jaece used the confusion within the Circle to escape to Kirkwall, where he would ply his arts as a mercenary — spellslinger — and entangle himself in boiling politics and a rumbling rebellion.

I’m still working on other plots, but I would love for someone to help me reshape the main plot of Dragon Age 2.

While I love the game, I can recognize its faults. The cast is lovely, its premise enticing, some of the execution just left much to be desired. Yet that provides the perfect opportunity for us to fix its narrative, no? To take its bones, and make a grander story?

What exactly caused Meredith to start going crazy, and the mages so eager to turn to blood magic? We know red lyrium played a major part, but maybe the conspiracy went deeper. Maybe the Venatori were operating in the shadows, long before their activities were brought to light during the Inquisition. Perhaps they were the ones orchestrating the mage rebellion, sending tainted lyrium to the Templars, with intent to throw the world into chaos?

We can discuss more, but I hope you see what I’m aiming for: let’s take the time to build a better, more cohesive narrative, particularly in Act 3.

That’s all I have for now. Shoot me a PM if interested! And remember —

I’m taking my sweet time on drumming up a more solid plot and characters, but besides the above, I’m also hella interested in writing Warden OCs during a previous Blight…And, yes, I expect there to be Griffons.


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