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Multiple Settings Reporting for Duty!

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Magician's Judge
Hey all, Captain Marvelous here reporting for duty. Since we're all being cooped up in self-quarantine I thought I'd get back into rping on here to keep myself busy.
About Me
I'm available pretty much every day, though I am still taking college classes so if I do not respond immediately I'm probably working.
My timezone is EST, but I also tend to stay up pretty late.
I am quite capable of writing multiple paragraphs, but only so long as I'm being given material to work with. If you're writing one liners, I will likely end the rp because it gets boring quickly.
I don't have any restrictions on the age of my partners, just so long as you have decent grammar. Though I do understand English is not the first language of many people, so some mistakes are fine (just so long as I can still understand what you're writing).
I am female so I tend to play females unless we're doing doubles. I will also only do FxM and FxF pairings.
Also feel free to ask me questions in OOC. I'm friendly, I don't bite, and I'd love to have someone to talk to about my interests (I'm lonely).
Not really something about me, but please please don't be afraid to let me know if you are no longer interested in an rp rather than just ghosting. I completely understand losing interest after a time and I would really appreciate knowing how you are feeling so we can discuss new rp ideas (if you want) or I can start looking for new rp partners.

I don't have any specific plots for any of these because I'm pretty open to any ideas. If you have something you've been dying to rp, let me know! Or we can work something out together.
Futuristic (Might take some convincing)
Modern/Slice of life
Fantasy/Medieval (My favorite)

I tend not to do canon characters, but I've marked ones that I will do (typically I like to do ocs alongside though)
Marvel (cc)
Star Trek (cc)
Harry Potter
Hetalia (cc)
Transformers (cc)
Assassin's Creed
Critical Role
(I usually add more as I think of them)

Bold are who I would like to be

Transfer Student x Student
Country girl x City boy
Fallen Goddess x Human
Arranged Marriage
Servant x Royal
Royal x Royal
Royal x Knight/Bodyguard
Contemporary dancer x Hip hop dancer
Equestrian x Equestrian
Or with another type of character, also doesn't necessarily need to have romance. I just will freely admit I used to be (and still am) a horse girl. The cringe
I'm also open to other ideas than just these if you have an idea you'd like to try. I'm usually pretty terrible at coming up with romance plots lol, so please suggest some if you have ideas.
Note for romance rps: I prefer long burn romance rps, my character is not going to be in love with yours at first sight. And I will not guarantee that my character will fall in love with yours. Our characters have to click, I'm not going to force romance between two characters that just don't fit well together. Otherwise it's just not realistic.

Fantasy/Medieval Plots:
Typically, I don't like laying out plots for people to choose from. And while I am usually pretty open to any plots, please don't come at me with Muse A/Muse B plots I'll probably say no. I like giving general plot ideas and then working from there. That being said, if I have any general ideas I'm interested in, I'll put them here.
Modern fantasy where supernaturals are hunted by humans
Hidden societies or isolated kingdoms where our characters meet each other through accident or whatever
General D&D style plots are always welcome, wanna be adventurers going around killing some monsters? Awesome!
Unlikely allies must face up against a common enemy
Angels vs Dark Angels
Medieval or modern rp where several princes/princesses are competing for the love of the prince/princess (If you've ever read the Selection series, like that)
Also any sort of royal/noble families rp, I've got some cravings

If you're interested in anything or have any questions, please reach out or comment below!

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Rainy writes but dislikes fights
oh if you like midevil rp/kingdom rp, i think we'd be great partners!!! hmu pls! i have a princess character who rides horses, and you mentioned you write platonically so one horse girl to another lets do this ;)


One more god rejected
okay, I'm sorry. I have to comment. I never would expect to see Hip hop dancer for role play. Hip hop dancing is lit, I love that shit. It gave me a smile.<3

It makes me sad that I can't make an RP with that pairing. Good luck finding partners!


Elder Member
If you are still looking for a writing partner for the Fallen Goddess x Human pairing I would love to give it a shot!

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