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Fantasy Reclaiming Humanity (Zombie Apocalypse OC)

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Action, Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, Zombies


Et terebrare verba vestra


The end has come. When it came, people tried to stop it. Gangs gave up petty feuds, politicians from across the spectrum made plans, and national borders disappeared as countries poured aid into the hurting world. But it wasn't enough. The rotting hoards of dead flooded across the nation, overwhelming the National Guard, Special Weapons and Tactics units, Secret Services and Marines, and finally hunted down the civilians one by one. After three months, most of the world had given up trying to help other countries, and turned to try and staunch their own wounds. Some were partially successful, setting up organized safe zones for a time, but they soon faced infighting and shortages as many sought to survive on the resources meant for a few.

You few remain. You may be bitter, you may be optimistic, or you may be here only because you don't have the guts to pull the trigger. Regardless, you are what the world has left. You are what the world has to work with. Chance, it seems, has given you another opportunity to make things right. To honor those who died for you. To create a new world. To Reclaim Humanity.


One day, as you all are engaged in the daily act of survival, a voice cracks to life over your radios.

".....is call sign Joker-2. If anybody reads this ....your help. I'm trapped in a three-story hotel overlooking the ocean. I am in ro....ber 204. Infected.....utside the door, and I can here more coming....apons are out of ammunition an....wn to a knife. If you come to save me.....romise food and water to start, and a whole lot more to fol...Please hurry. I don't know how long I ha....."

You know exactly what town he is talking about. It's a small seaside town of approximately 30,000 people. Most of the bridges to it were bombed in the weeks following the infection, but there are still a few small ones that you could use to get to it. You're not sure exactly what it is that makes you want to head out, but you do. You just happen to feel if you find this man, you might just make it once step closer to being where you want to be in this foreign hellscape: home.


Alright! Hey there peeps! Thanks for reading my intro. As you may have guessed, I am planning on doing a zombie RP, but it might have a few twists and turns to it that make it new and interesting. But first, I'd like you to know a little about myself and what I am desiring for this RP.

1. Thematically, this RP will be 18+. Mostly for violence and language, but please, don't go crazy. No reason why your character needs to say f---- every other word. If they curse out of frustration or under duration, that makes sense, but no senseless foul mouths please.
2. I'm ok with romance, but keep it PG-13. Also, be realistic and take into account the theme. Not like the central goal for apocalyptic survivors is a booty call/ snogging session. Think about the last time your character took a shower.
3. I'm multi-paragraph lit. I expect, in the replies, 2+ paragraphs. If you have been pigeonholed into a shorter reply, that makes sense, but don't give me 3 sentence replies. I need something to work with to drive the plot along.
4. Please don't create super loners or mad-evil characters. The characters need, to some degree, to work together. I'm fine with characters having a bad rapport or not liking each other, but if they cannot work together, the plot will fall apart and I can't have that happen.
5. I will be making posts that drive the story about once a week, at a minimum. If you guys could post at least 2-3 times a week, that would be ideal. I am personally an every day person, but I understand schedules and such.
6. I will be introducing some interesting dynamics later on in the RP. Stay tuned for it and I'll explain when we get there, but please be flexible.

If you're interested, or want to help me with this, let me know. Looking for maybe 5-10 people to do this one, depending on the people who are interested. Look forward to writing with you all!

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Et terebrare verba vestra
Wonderful. Hopefully, later this week, I can develop the CS part and then get to work on an intro. It may also benefit to start going into depth more about my intended story line. If that sounds interesting let me know. (Test later this week so I need some study time sadly.)


Hello. I've been away from RPing for a long time due to being too busy and I want to get back into the waters. I would be interested to play this RP if you still have room for me? I can mostly RP on the weekends and on weekdays I can respond after 5 pm EST or maybe even before 10 am EST if I'm not too sleepy.


GryphonABLaZ(E). Lawful chaotic good
Hi! Considering all those that have commented, if understand if not, but is there still another spot? If so I’d like to DM you about my character idea to see if you’d allow it, and then the back-up if not

Le Sigh

Lord of Microsoft Paint
There prolly isn't room (considering 14 people already signed up) but I'd like in. Currently running an RP but also want to participate in one too.


Et terebrare verba vestra
Hi All! Yes, there is still space, and yes, feel free to make a CS

So, here is some more information as to what I have in mind for this RP. I want to spend the first few IRL days introducing characters and having them all come together. I understand if, during this, tensions will arise, but I have plans that make sure they, for the sake of the RP, decide to stick together. After that, I want to move into an almost mission based day by day. If they are trying to rebuild life, they will need to pick up the building blocks. Provide defense and food, shelter. People will want some commodities to make life nicer and worth living. They will need to clear out sections to make room for expansion, scavenge for the supplies for that expansion, and protect the sites from enemies of many kind. There will be rescues, supply runs, negotiation missions, and a lot more in the works. I will be developing a few starter objectives over the next week.

I will be making the CS page tonight. Please include the basic information I ask for, but please, feel free to provide more. I just want a basic understanding of your character so that I understand how they will act in the story. If you want to flush them out here and now through the CS, do so. If you want to save some secrets until later, do that as well (within reason).

I will be reading and accepting CS for at least the week, until Sunday. At that point I will (hopefully) be able to start accepting and declining them, or asking you to revise them a little bit if need be.

That said, I will try and balance freedom of writing and the imposition that drives along my idea of a plot. If you want to mail to ask questions about plot, characters, or anything else, message me please. I will try and respond promptly.

CS sheet is at the bottom of the initial post and should lead to the CS Page.


Et terebrare verba vestra
Hi! Considering all those that have commented, if understand if not, but is there still another spot? If so I’d like to DM you about my character idea to see if you’d allow it, and then the back-up if not
Feel free to DM me. CS just opened up and I'm glad to help.

That goes for the rest of the gang as well.


Et terebrare verba vestra
Hey all,

So the OOC is up, which is all the pages required before I write up the actual post. My plan is to leave characters open until about Sunday or so, which is when I plan to start examining them and post accepted people.


Et terebrare verba vestra
how many slots/characters do you plan on having? :-)
I didn’t have a concrete number, but I think anymore than 12 roles would make things very complicated. I’m a college student with a full workload and couldn’t do May more than that without help.

That being said, please, do apply as we still could use some people to round out the ranks.

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