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Caesar saying big words like "antithesis" and shit made me join his side when I first played New Vegas, and it was fun
That ignoring your child’s problems and concerns leads to mental instability for that child. Especially if they have an evil babysitter
Maybe kids should not have access to all-powerful magic
Random question of the day:

Do you ever find yourself randomly remembering TV commercials from your childhood? If so, what's the most memorable childhood commercial for you?
Michelangelo would probably win thanks to him having the most deadly weapon. Though I'd like to think that he would hesitate a bit. Maybe Raphael but Michelangelo has the advantage as being a leader means you know how everybody acts and fights
Probably time constraints, the authors need to rush the stories and get demotivated at some point.
Because in literally everything the majority of things is not going to be great. That just happens to the form that takes in comic books.

There’s also an issue in a lot of media published nowadays not exactly selecting for quality, but that’s a whole rabbit hole.
Wouldn't say 100% true but it probably depends on the game and on the person who is playing and drinking.
In the same way that a lot of food can best be enjoyed by [insert your favorite drink here]. Eat the thing and cover up the taste until it's entirely replaced.
Paradoxically, 'reboot' (replaceable with sequel, prequel, and other as such) and 'CGI' are the kind of magic words that seem to suggest to an executive that something is a safe investment. The top brass in the entertainment industry love applying the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" principle to the idea that if something worked before, or something has name recognition, you keep doing it, which isn't entirely wrong, as even really terrible stuff will often still pull absurd numbers on name recognition alone. On the other hand, despite how expensive it turns out to be, I get the impression that CGI is still considered easier and cheaper than any other form of special effects or animation. So reboot + CGI will carry the implication of something that will both be cheap AND successful.

Of course, the paradox comes in the fact that both of these practices are detrimental to the products and even damage the reason they were chosen in the first place. Even if it does turn out to be cheaper, a lot of CGI use is prone to be expensive to redo. Meanwhile, milking an IP, trope etc... tends to reduce its credibility and value.
People like to see modern takes and versions of older television. Sometimes it’s really good, sometimes it’s not. I’ve never understood the need though.
It can be cool, it can be cringe. It sounds difficult on a lot of fronts, from finding a fitting place for it to outfits etc...

Well, there are many forms of Live Action Roleplay, so I guess a lot of it depends.
It sounds fun! now I think it would kinda depend though. Fantasy and worldbuilding Larping could be fun. But fandoms…. I just really don’t wanna see grown ahh men pretending to be Dabi or Sasuke. And along with that topic, if traveling from an online rp to a real one, i feel like there would def be some issues with age. Overall it just feels very situational.

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