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Inside, the party raged.

Outside, Aaron looked up at the night sky, busy smoking weed with Drake, quite possibly his best friend in the entire world. It was a sappy sentiment, and stupid, too, to have a connection like that, knowing how much it hurt- Knowing Drake was related to Mason, who was without a doubt the biggest tool that went to their school, Aaron included. He tried not to think about it too much, especially not this close to the impending school year.

The bright night sky shined down brilliantly upon them, and Aaron, in a rare moment of clarity, couldn't help but thank his stars that he grew up somewhere beautiful, even if almost everything else about his life sucked major ass.

He took the blunt from Drake and took a drag. He exhaled slowly, glancing to Drake out of the corner of his eye, assessing him as he smirked- An action only taken in the comfort of the darkness and lack of witnesses.

Not quite a murmur, but still markedly quieter than he'd be with just about anyone else, Aaron asked, "Ready to get back to the grind?"

Samantha Jones, outcast and bully stopper, a name she had deemed herself worthy of, could be seen walking down the sidewalk, hands shoved into the pocket of her jeans. What was she doing out so late, you may ask? Well, she was spending time away from her god awful parents, of course.

Not being able to deal with them was one thing, but whenever they asked her if she had any crushes on boys, that was the last straw. Couldn't they understand she was gay and not one for men? No, no they could not. For her parents were the most homophobic stick up their ass parents she had ever known. And not only that, they had tried multiple times to have her converted, and all those times they failed.

It was funny, actually, how two people could cause their own daughter so much pain without even noticing it. As she walked, she thought about not returning. If they couldn't see her for her, fine. She wouldn't force them to, but she wasn't about to live there in that family, with those people.


that's rough, buddy

His legs had burned by time he had finished walking to the party. Drake had figured that he would tag along in the car with Mason, but his big brother had taken off with his ride and left his brother alone at home. His jaw had dropped open in shock and disgust and he would've been lying if he said that he hadn't sent a few sassy texts to Mason. Ha. That would teach him.

He had made it, though. In the end, Drake had made it to the party with his pants packed with a bag of brownies and a few blunts -- for his friends. Well, and obviously himself. When Drake would feel his high started to ebb, he'd take another snack or smoke another blunt. He couldn't remember when he hadn't been at least a little high. It calmed him, alright? Helped to keep him from feeling like he was totally losing it, so he stayed in this little bubble of highness.

The brownies hadn't made it super well in his pocket. Walking had squished them and then he may have been distracted by a squirrel -- because why would squirrels be out at night? -- and walked into a tree and smashed the brownies against his leg even more. Stupid trees. Couldn't they see he was walking?!

So those were now discarded to Drake's side as he laid in the grass with Aaron. His best friend -- somehow. Their friendship was kind of an enigma to Drake, but it worked and he couldn't imagine himself without the angry dude in tow. He stretched his arms up over his head and sat up as Aaron passed him the blunt. One eyebrow tilted up when Aaron asked if he was ready to go back to the party. Of course Drake was. Drake lived to party. Well, Drake lived to use the alcohol and weed at his disposal at parties.

"Yeah, dude. If you're ready, we can head back." Drake said as he took the blunt in his hand. It felt comfortable held in his fingers -- like it was supposed to be there or something. Drake glanced back over his shoulder at the house where the party continued to rage. From here, you could hear the faintest sound of music still pumping. A dull echo.

He placed the blunt between his lips and drew the smoke into his lungs. Drake held it there for a second and then exhaled slowly and did his best to try and make little o's as he puffed out the smoke, but it didn't work. Drats.

"We can get a... a sip. A sippy sip?" His eyes clouded in thought and his eyebrows drew together as he tried to figure out what he was saying, and then it clicked and it was like a light bulb went off over his brain. Man, it would be cool if lightbulbs really did go off over your brain. He pointed a finger at Aaron, a huge grin on his face.

"A drink! We can get a drink!"

He passed the blunt back to Aaron.

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Tonight had been...

Exhausting, so far, to say the least.

She had spent a good half an hour raiding the liquor in her house and packing it for the party. Some might think it was stupid to steal everything from your dad's alcohol pantry, but he wouldn't notice. Or if he did, he wouldn't say anything. Her dad lived in this pretend world where his daughter didn't partake in the alcohol and was the perfect little girl that he had tried to raise. Emphasis on try.

After packing her alcohol, it had been a trip to the store for ice cream -- with Owen. How in the heck did Owen end up coming along? Not that she didn't mind the guy, alright? Owen was nice. He was sweet! She was glad that Chase had other friends than just her, but was it wrong of her to be a little disappointed that she didn't get at least a few minutes of time with Chase to herself? It felt like maybe they were drifting apart, but maybe that was just her own insecurities twisting her thoughts.

Then, they had help Theo set up for the party and finally, finally, the party had started. Ash had done her best to be the perfect little social butterfly. Flitting from this conversation to that, discussing this and that, and just in general trying to enjoy her night. A smile was plastered on her face and Ash was having fun. Really! She was! It was just... maybe a little lonely? Which didn't make any sense, of course, when she was talking to "friend" after "friend." But it was tiring. To keep that smile on and keep up a facade. Err, not a facade. No, no, no. Ash was happy. Yeah, of course she was happy. She was partying!

God, she needed a breathe. Maybe another drink. So she slipped away from the main party to head back into the kitchen and thankfully, it was empty for now. A real surprise, actually. But it gave Ash the time to lean back against one of the counters and steady herself. A deep sigh escaping her thin lips as she closed her eyes for a moment. Collected herself.

Ash's eyes fluttered back open and she looked at the drinks on the other counter. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip. Another drink wouldn't hurt, right? She wasn't drunk yet. Maybe a little buzzed. But maybe another one is all it would take for her to feel... better. Better about being here and stop having a wisp of a smile plastered on her face.

She grabbed one of the cups and started poking through the drinks.




Party time.

He liked parties, for the most part, but it seemed like ever since Parson had moved to Radcliffe, he'd been knocked off his game. Surely Parson hadn't lost that special touch that he had? That touch to socialize and meld into any situation like he was always supposed to be there. Surely. It was just an off night. Just... another off night in a series of off nights.

It seemed like everyone he tried to talk to was fake laughing and just looking for an excuse to leave Parson floundering alone in this party. He thought maybe he was getting through this next people, until one of the girls started touching his arm and giggling. Parson had thought great! She wants to be friends! And then... he realized she was super drunk and she was trying to hit on him. Oh. Not what Parson was here for, no thank you, nope. And when the girl's angry boyfriend had come over, Parson had slithered his tall frame back into the crowd.

He did his best to wiggle his way through the dancing patrons without spilling his drink but man, teenagers were very pushy about their dancing and he got hip bumped far too many times.

By time the dancers had spit Parson back out on the other side, his drink was half gone -- spilled on the dancing people that booty bumped through their midst like a pinball, and also on his own shirt. Awww. Now he was going to smell like alcohol all night. He groaned and made his way over to the wall, where he dejectedly slammed his back against the wall and sipped what little was left of his beer.

Parson hated being wet.

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Chimney Swift

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Skrrrrr, skrrrrr, skrrrrcht.

By the time Ivy rolled up to the front of Theo's house, the tiny teen was panting slightly and wiping a hint of sweat from her hairline.

Pinkerton Home for Girls was on the very edge of town, and Ivy had to stop by the convenience store on the way to pick up a quart of orange juice, which she now had in a shopping bag slung over her shoulder, along with her purse containing a large metal flask of Patrón as well as a few personal items like her wallet. It had been quite a trip to get here... a sane person might have asked for a ride, but Ivy was worried that would raise suspicion of her whereabouts. Besides, skating burned more calories.

She was dressed ready to party: a short pastel pink skater skirt, and a tight white t-shirt with a vintage cherry coke logo emblazoned on it (though trust me, that is not what she would be drinking tonight). Her white socks were slipping down below her bony knees, and she bent down to unbuckle her skates and slide on a pair of matching pink Vans from her bag.

From the porch of the house, she could already hear and smell the party: a pair of boys were out sharing a joint, and the door was cracked slightly open allowing the thumping music to echo onto the streets.

Confidently, she marched up onto the porch and swung the door open with a flourish, entering the crowd of dancing teens as if she hadn't a care in the world, sassily tossing her black curls behind her shoulders.

"Hello hello helloo-o!" She sang in a sterling soprano, to nobody in particular, making her way first to the table to deposit her contributions to the growing collection of intoxicating beverages... as well as grabbing a cup and pouring a generous concoction of OJ, a splash of grenadine and several shots pf Patrón for herself. Taking a long first sip of her sweet and heavy cocktail, she strutted up to another girl perusing the beverages: a blonde, definitely older than Ivy, who looked a little uncomfortable. A perfect first introduction. Because while Ivy would never show nor admit it, she was a bit daunted by the thick crowd of strangers. She walked up to the girl and waved to get her attention:

"Hey hey hey, watcha mixing today?"​


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Theodore Stanton
Location: His House, Living Room
Mood: Really Digging This Capri Sun
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Theo loved parties.

They had a good energy about them. Either people were drunk & being stupid or sober & entertained. Sure, there were bad things, like how he was pretty sure he just saw someone vomit into the bushes outside, but it came with the territory. Some people couldn't get absolutely hammered without losing the contents of their stomach, and truly, was he one to judge?

Maybe he was. It was kind of funny. But he never voiced that judgement, so it was fine.

Point was, there was a sort of togetherness to a party you didn't get elsewhere. People from all sorts of social circles showed up, which during other events was a rarity, and in this particular case, a lot of them had brought things and contributed. The night would end in some sort of drama, of course. Alcohol and teenagers mixed well, but the road of lowered inhibition and lacking self restraint rarely led anywhere good. After 4 years of hosting and going to parties, he knew this very well. You had to appreciate the gusto of some of the sloppier drunks, though.

So, yea. Theo liked parties, if it hadn't been obvious by the fact he was hosting one, but to be exceptionally clear, he was actually sitting in a corner instead of mingling.

It wasn't as pathetic as it sounded (maybe, he hoped). The living room of his house was pretty big, and from where he was perched, sitting atop a table in a way that his father would absolutely lose his mind over, he had a clear view into the kitchen. It was a good scope, seeing as most of the party was happening in those two places, with a few people mingling outside. In one hand, he held a broom, and in the other, a Capri Sun, the flavor of which he hadn't bothered to check but was sure it was some type of fruit. Not that that narrowed down the possibilities, of course, seeing as Capri Suns seemed to solely market fruity drinks, but he swore to god he had at some point seen a carrot flavored one, which frankly sounded disgusting.

He'd spent the first 30 minutes greeting people before finding a good spot to just chill. If it were anyone elses party, he'd be drunk already and doing something stupid. Actually, he'd probably be the person throwing up into a bush, if he were honest, but at the very least he's get right back into being stupid right after that. Unfortunately, though, this was his party, and unlike that random song by Jessie J suggested, he could not in fact do what he wanted to. There were a few reasons for it. The first was that it was party, in his house, and he wanted to make sure no one found some way to get into the blocked off rooms. His parents would already kill him if they knew he was doing this- thank God for weekend science conferences -but they would super kill him if anyone managed to get into their bedroom or, god forbid, his mother's office and wreck shit.

The second reason was simply that it was a party and he was the host. It was his obligation to toss people out if they were either pulling some weird shit or making others uncomfortable, and further, it was also his obligation to make sure everyone was actually enjoying themselves and not crying under a table while they desperately tried to get in contact with their Uber driver. He couldn't do either of those things when completely sloshed. So, there he sat crisscross applesauce on a table, just him, a mystery Capri Sun that he could find out the flavor of but was too lazy to, and a thwacking broom, making sure things went off without a hitch.

It was a lonely existence, that of a party host, but one he was willing to experience to keep things going smoothly. He'd talked to a few people who'd wandered over now and again anyway, so it wasn't as if he was isolating or anything. He was just chilling, completely sober. It was fine.

Tessa Torres
Location: Theo's House, Upstairs
Mood: Vibing With This Uncomfortable Guest Bed
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On the opposite end of the spectrum, Tessa didn't really like parties.

She didn't hate them, per say. If she did, she wouldn't have come, no matter what; she wasn't easily forced into things that she despised. No, when it came to parties, she could see why people liked them. They were social events, after all, and ones with alcohol. She wasn't really one for getting drunk, but she knew plenty of people who were, and most of them were currently present. Parties weren't inherently evil or anything. They just weren't her thing. They were too bright, too loud, too crowded. She didn't find much entertainment in seeing people puke or make fools of themselves. It usually gave her second-hand embarrassment.

So, she hadn't really been planning to come, but Theo had private messaged her about it and had "pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please" asked her to come. She didn't really know him too well, but he usually was one of the people who helped her when it came to painting the sets for shows, so he wasn't a total stranger. At first, she said no, absolutely not, she had better things to do, but then he had claimed that the party would be "absolutely rockin', thats a promise" and that "you'd be missing out, Tess, live your life", and while those weren't exceptional reasons, she was too tired to tell him such and decided that maybe she actually didn't have better things to do. In the end, she ended up agreeing on the condition that she could bring her dog and sit somewhere away from the ear-drum busting music.

Which led her to now. He'd shooed her into the guest room upstairs, with its light green walls and neatly untouched bed (which Marshmallow had wasted no time jumping up onto and laying down on) and then had told her that she should come mingle for a bit if she was 'feeling it', but otherwise to just enjoy being out of the house. And that was....actually not too bad. Being out of the house was nice, she'd admit it, even if it was at a party and she could feel the room vibrating slightly from how loud the music was. She was in no rush to go downstairs, frankly, but she was enjoying just laying on the bed and just chilling with her dog, scrolling through social media idly. If people came by, so be it; she knew the reason she was there was basically an outlet for the more socially anxious people anyway. Theo probably figured she would ask to bring Marshmallow, and probably also figured that having a dog in a quieter part of the house would be appealing for people who wanted to step away for a bit.

Or maybe he wanted a deterrent to people trying to get frisky in the guest room.

Either way, she was comfortable, and not planning on moving anytime soon, even if the bed felt a bit stiff and her back wouldn't be thanking her for her actions any time soon.

Casey Dunn
Location: Theo's House, On the Couch
Mood: Wondering If Anyone Would Miss the Tiny Umbrellas
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Alcohol tasted disgusting. This was something Casey knew pretty well from previous experience. Their mother had never really been stingy when it came to letting them try things, so long as it wasn't about to kill them, which meant they had tried a couple of drinks before and had liked absolutely none of them. Vodka was their least favorite, and the most bearable drink they had tried was rum and coke, not that it had been much better than everything else. Mixing things didn't help; the after taste was what they hated. Suffice to say, they usually avoided booze and opted for soda or something.

Despite that, they were still sipping on some obviously spiked punch, because apparently they hated themselves enough to do so. It was in a classic red solo cup, and just to get fancy, they'd snagged a little umbrella from the pile that Theo had dumped unceremoniously on the counter in the kitchen. It was pink, with little yellow flowers on it, and frankly putting it in a solo cup of fruit punch seemed wrong, but they figured that fuck it, they could do what they wanted.

Honestly, they were considering grabbing a few more. Maybe trying to stack them in the cup. No one else seemed to be using them anyway.

Mostly, they were bored out of their goddamn mind. They weren't interested in dancing, because god knew they'd embarrass themselves, and people had already seemed to separate into their respective social groups. They weren't particularly interested in inserting themselves, so they had instead decided to sit on the couch and watch everything play out. It hadn't been as exciting as they thought it would be. Hoarding the umbrellas was getting more tempting by the minute.


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Aya Sung
"Why am I here again?" A quiet murmur came from the short girl, this wasn't her first party and no doubt wouldn't be her last the curse of not being able to say no to ninety percent of the things people ask of her strikes again. Aya enjoyed partying as much as the next teen given the right crowd, in this situation she was very uncomfortable she knew of everyone but her shyness had stopped her from being able to let loose like some of the others, and she hated it she had even been roped in bringing her keyboard that the whole time had just been gathering dust she couldn't play now even if she wanted to. The start was fine when it was just herself and a few others helping get everything set up, but she wasn't expecting the turnout of the part to be this many people and even more scary was this many people that she had never spoken to, she had hoped a bit of dutch courage would allow her to break out of her shell but the drink next to her had barely been touched, and she really didn't feel like she wanted to touch it.

Aya lumped farther down into her seat and took another half sip of her drink, she had forgotten how bad Baijiu tasted she only brought it since seeing the reaction of people drinking it would have been funny, but she had yet to gain the nervous to offer someone a drink and as such the plan of getting rid of the bottle was still on hold after all Baijiu only held painful memories for Aya of her father. Aya closed her eyes and begun to focus on the music while it wasn't fully to her taste music was her escape without even realizing Aya's hands begun to play in front of her she wasn't actually playing an instrument at the time but it helped to calm her down. Sure this wasn't the type of music you could play on a piano but a keyboard was a whole other story, the ability to change the sound the keyboard made was one of its best-selling points and the reason it worked as something to bring to parties. Aya's eyes opened and her hands fell back to their resting point, while she did want to play it wasn't going to happen yet and the last thing she wanted was for someone to try to pressure her into playing since she would no doubt cave-in.

A smile quickly covered Aya's face, it was a fake one, but she came to have some fun and blow off some steam so the very least she could do is smile. Aya sat up in her seat and took the biggest swing she could muster of her drink, she really didn't want to drink right now but at the same time, she didn't want to be a downer, so she picked the more socially acceptable situation at a party and started to drink a little more she didn't plan to get drunk but she wanted a buzz at the least.

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Noah Stewart

If you knew the nest of hair usually referred to as Noah Stewart at least a little bit, which most people did, you would know just how much this boy enjoyed himself a good party. He could be found in the center of every party Radcliffe had seen, but right now he was being fashionably late, though not because he was trying to make a statement or anything like that. He actually planned on arriving early, what due to not wanting to spend any more time playing mahjong with his grandma, what due to the excitement and the hype the party had on social media. Somebody even said they would bring ice cream, and Noah wasn't gonna miss an ice cream party.

When the black-haired boy sat in the driver's seat of his mom's car and started driving was when his problems ensued. First, Noah managed to miss two turns, and by miss a turn, I don't mean he took a wrong one, more that he literally missed the road and ended up killing a garden gnome and his whole family of six.

After that, he continued driving, this time on a road (like one does), and, well, you know how the town of Radcliffe has a weirdly large amount of stop signs?? Well, there is one less now. Noah Stewart—the hero Radcliffe didn't know it needed.

Of course, Noah needed to report taking down a stop sign, and that took time, but thankfully he had a number on speed dial from the last time that happened. Talk about lucky.

Of course, Noah's trip from his house to Theo's house could've been described in a novel, sequel, and a standalone prequel, but for the matter of simplicity, I'll just say that the rest of it had a roundabout, a very unlucky chicken and a flat tire, though none of that really mattered now that Noah had finally arrived at Theo's house. He was very glad to be there and not sitting at the wheel anymore. If only he would manage to find somebody he knew now.

The boy made his way into the house to find people dancing and having a good time. The music was pretty good and Noah already changed his walk to be a little bit more groovy.

He was going to make himself a drink, but he saw a familiar face not really having the best of times.

"I can see that you're already shitfaced by your shirt, so, why isn't there a smile on your face? If I had some drinks in me, I would be the happiest guy on earth right now." He said, approaching Parson.

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Chase Callahan

Okay, this night was off to the best start ever. First, Chase had gotten to hang out with Parson. To be fair, he got to do that every day. His bedroom was right next door to Parson's. Then, he had dropped some mint ice cream off at Theo's house. Because sometimes your friends just needed ice cream. Then, he got to have a bit of a bro chat with Owen over Twitter. Followed by a shopping trip with Owen and Ash, then ice cream with Owen and Ash. And then the party had really begun.

Chase had spent the last half hour or so by the ice cream buffet. He would grab extra cartons of ice cream from the freezer whenever one flavor got low, and then he also made sure nothing melted. Melting ice cream was a mess, and Chase worried he would get worse from Theo's thwacking broom than the bop he had gotten earlier for hoarding Capri Suns if he got melted ice cream all over the floors. Like, he could ask Theo. But Theo was his friend and it was kinda rude to approach your friend and be like "yo I'm lazy is it chill if there's melted ice cream all over your floor?" Plus, Chase didn't wanna lose Theo as a friend.

Speaking of friends, he needed to interact. As in, more than saying "what flavor would you like?" He left his buffet unmanned in search of Theo, Owen, or Ash. Whoever he found first would do. On his way, he swiped two Capri Suns. One for him and one for whoever he found. Well, Ash would likely prefer actual alcohol, but Chase couldn't afford to get drunk. The ice cream buffet was very serious business. Some hooligans might take two scoops if he was drunk. He had had... some alcohol at least. But now he had switched just to Capri Suns.

His eyes finally caught glimpse of one of the faces he was looking for. Owen. "BRO!" he called across the room. "Brobrobro." He knew Owen would recognize that call. In fact, Chase wasn't sure of the last time he called Owen by his actual name. He seemed to lose track of his one brain cell when he was around Owen and became even more of an idiot than usual.

"How's the party going, Bro? I dunno if you've seen, but my Ice cream buffet is going over really well. Be careful how much Capri Sun you drink though. Theo bopped me earlier with his thwacking broom," he said, handing over a Capri Sun. He grabbed the other one and popped the straw into the hole without even looking at the flavor. Capri Suns were Capri Suns and Chase wasn't gonna sit there and pick a flavor. He just sorta stuck his hand in the cooler and dealt with what he got.

In this case, it was wild cherry. One of the better flavors, if Chase did say so himself. And he was saying so, which meant it must be true.

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In general, Casper was not a fan of loud things. It was overwhelming and hard to hear and even, sometimes, kind of scary.

Casper also preferred to deal with only one or two people at a time- Maybe more, depending on who the people were, but as a general rule, one or two. Any more than that, and it was hard to anticipate what they might need or want from them, and it might conflict, and even thinking about that was enough to make their head hurt.

It shouldn't have been a surprise that Casper wasn't a fan of parties. In fact, Casper might even go so far as to say they hated parties- Overexposure did that to a person, and when Aaron always wanted to go, and Aaron didn't want to leave Casper home alone... Well. Casper had definitely been exposed.

Usually, Casper would just huddle up in a corner and wait to go home, maybe draw a bit if they could focus enough, or play games on their phone or something.

Today, thankfully, was not a usual day, because Casper was with Max!

The pair was off to the side, huddled over a notebook, and it didn't matter that it was loud and hard to hear, because they were writing messages to each other- At least, that's what they had been doing at first. At some point, it had devolved into scribbling, and then they had started doodling together, back and forth and back and forth. Casper giggled as they added bat wings to the joint creation, fighting the urge to lean against the nearest surface, and considered writing a message to Max, pencil hovering over the page.

Their mind blanked for a moment, and they blinked.

Well, they could ask if he was having fun, right?

They'd probably mess it up, and this was fun enough, even if they weren't really writing anymore.

They passed the drawing over to Max with a smile.


Chimney Swift

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Max smirked and coughed out a short laugh at the monstrosity of a doodle he and Casper had been creating since their conversation devolved into drawing and nonsense.

His turn: he clicked his pen open and etched out a tiny stick person standing atop the strange creature, doing some sort of strange dance accentuated by lines denoting movement. He grinned, glancing back at his friend before adding a small sentence to the bottom of the sheet, his handwriting quick but not illegible:

You good so far?

Though he had no sense of hearing, Max could tell it was loud in here. The vibration of the music bounced off the walls, and he could see the swarm of tipsy teens filling the room with dancing, drinking, laughing, crying and conversation. He was sure someone who could hear might be a little overwhelmed... honestly, it was overwhelming even for Max.

He clicked his pen closed again, passing the sketchbook back and taking the last sip of his Capri-Sun, setting the empty pack beside him on the floor and edging closer to Casper, blue eyes looking for an answer before it was even written out.​
She'd grumble to herself, noticing the house that she was told the party was being held at. Deciding she'd rather check it out, than have some jerk name be adding to her's at school, she walked over. Voices flooded her senses and she'd lurch back, only to take a breath before knocking. Stepping back, she'd wait to see if anyone answered the door.

The truth was, Sam hadn't wanted to go to the party. She wanted nothing to do with it, but everyone said it'd be fun, and she had said she'd go, if only to please them. "If they don't answer soon, I'm leaving." She'd grunt, watching the door.




Maddie Wilson

Maddie was very much regretting this. This was slightly terrifying. She was at a party. She was never at a party. What if things happened? Bad things? What if she embarrassed herself or got hurt? What if she got drunk? What if Jack found out about this and sent her back to live with her parents to get her away from the "bad influences"? She knew that the private school her father would send her to if she lived with him was no better than here. In fact, the influences there were probably worse. Rich kids had money to make the problems go away instead of dealing with consequences like the public school kids had to.

She had parked away like she promised Mason, and then let him walk in alone. Part of her thoughts had been to not embarrass him by letting him walk in with her, and part was her hoping that he would think she bailed and went home. Maddie was tempted to bail and go home, or text Mason to see if she could just go to his place and spend the night with Ari. But she had something to prove.

Plus, she had a tiny crush on Mason. Maybe it was dumb, but she knew there was more to him than the jerk he seemed to be to everyone else. Plus, his daughter was adorable. She loved babysitting Ari, and it was just a bonus that she could slowly build up a relationship with Mason. Hopefully they would get to the point of actual friends soon.

But the point was that she was at the party. She had mostly been sticking to the Capri Suns, and reminded herself to thank Theo later. A lot of these parties seemed to have alcohol everywhere. Or at least, that's how it was on TV. She'd never been to a party in person before. Good for him to provide decent, non alcoholic beverages.

However, when she saw Mason's face flash past among the group of people in the room, she turned around. Aha! So that's where the drinks were! She grabbed one and got herself to calm down before opening it and looking to see where Mason had gotten himself. Spotting him, she headed over with a smile. "Mason, hi!" she said, walking over. "Bet you didn't expect me to stay this long, did you?" she asked. She may not be able to master the snarky looks that some of her classmates had down, but she did give him a smile with a slight tip of her head.

Hopefully he wouldn't get too upset at the thought of them talking at a party. She knew she wasn't exactly cool, and Mason had a reputation, and she'd rather keep at least a somewhat decent relationship with Ari's father. Even though the chances of dating him were very low, she still wanted to keep babysitting until either she or Mason moved away. She took a sip of her drink, doing at least a pretty decent job of not cringing from the taste.

Winona Winona


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Juniper Ava Rowlands

Although many would think that partying wasn't her style, Juniper lived for the spirit of excitement and thrills that parties could bring. Unknown to her, but thanks to her willingness and generous contributions from her and her brother along with the easy-going atmosphere she presented, you would always find Juniper at a party. She adored the energy, happy that she could get a little crazy in the name of her gods and glad that she could feel apart of the rest of the socialites at her school.

Luckily, she didn't have to wait long to arrive at Theo's place, her brother Phillip ending their worship time early so Juniper could have her fun. With a promise to call when she needed a ride home, Phillip left Juniper with a bag of krispies, brownies, and the rest of her unfinished homemade hooch. Those plates now sat at the ever-growing tables of snacks and beverages, about 3 krispie treats missing from the two she'd already eaten, and the one she had stored in her high waisted black shorts. With hooch in hand, she found herself moving onto the dance floor, easing herself into the rhythm of the other dancers. At first, she danced alone, until someone that recognized her Siouxsie and the Banshees tee under her long crocheted vest and complimented her 'killer' eye makeup. Juniper laughed, thanking the stranger, and held out an ink-stained hand for them to grab.

That was that for the first flying minutes of the party, dancing and drinking until she could feel herself becoming crossfaded by the seconds. The lights blended together and the music seemed to echo inside of her mind, but she just smiled on, feeling herself in the moment as she let the positive energies of others surround her.

Juniper barely even realized that she hadn't gone and thanked Theo for letting her come, only remembering when she saw the other across the room intently holding a broom.

She made her way out of the mess of dancers, scooting around smaller groups as she tried to get closer to the host. Before she did though, Juniper noticed another girl sitting a little way off to the side, clutching a bottle next to a keyboard. The girl seemed down or scared, it was hard to tell when your vision was way too colorfully inebriated. Curious, Juniper walked over to her, hand reaching out as she rocked back and forth in her combat boots.

"Hey there, not to bother you, you can totally ask me to back off, but are you alright?"

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Noah Johnson

Noah checked his phone one more time before getting out of the car. No response. He debated even being here, Emma was sick and he wanted to be home. His parent's insisted he went out and "enjoyed himself". He slammed the car door shut and stared at the house full of life. As he made his way inside he noticed the two boys outside smoking. Though he thought about joining them , he continued inside. The music was loud and people were everywhere. "this wasn't a good idea" he grumbled to himself as he looked for anyone that he truly recognized. A few faces in the crowed stood out, people he seen around school, some acquaintance's of his. It didn't help that his friends list was thin to begin with. smiling and winking at a few girls as he danced passed them he made his way to the refreshment table. "they really brought juice", he picked up one stuck the straw in and placed the pouch in this mouth holding it with his teeth. He pulled out his phone again to text his mom for the 10th time in the past half hour. Scanning the group he finally found a friend. "Eli" he managed to get out between his teeth and the juice pouch waving his hands in the air.

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Dani Bryant
Dani didn't even bother looking back as she jetted out the car and into the house. This is what she was waiting for all week. The house was alive and she felt right at home. Her first stop, a drink, then to find her best friend. To whom she was a little upset with for not answering her text the past few days. She slipped her way in-between the dancing bodies. It wasn't until she brushed passed one of the very good looking (very sweaty might i add) boys from the food ball team that she stopped. She let herself get a little close, his front fitting like a puzzle piece to her back while she was dancing. She turned around grabbing the cup from the boys hand and chugging it at she continued to sway. She gave the boy a quick wink, handed the empty cup back to him and took off. She weaved her way around until she reached the drink table. With a quick ladle from the punch bowl and a few shots of vodka in her red solo cup she was off again. This time she didn't stop until she found who she was looking for. "BBBBBBBBiiiiitttttccchhhh!" the high pitch could be heard over the music. She danced her way over to the other blond. "Ash! Where have you been?!".

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Grace Johnson
Grace looked up at the house hesitantly. She wanted to be here, she just didn't know what to think about all the people. Taking a deep breath she began slowly walking to the house. She noticed a girl that looked just as nervous as her standing on the porch. Smiling she walked up and tapped the girl on the shoulder "Hey, I'm Grace". She looked at the door then back at the girl " I think we can just go in" she gestured for the girl to follow her and shes made her way into the giant group of rowdy teenagers. "Lets go get a drink" she yelled out over the music, leading the way to the back of the house.

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that's rough, buddy

She had been deep in thought. Well, as deep in thought as a small blonde could be when the pounding music was reverberating through the room and making it hard to focus on much of anything. She had selected a small bottle of... whiskey? Yeah, she was pretty sure it was whiskey and now she was squinting at the label to try and read it when, out of nowhere, -- literally, she was pretty sure it was out of nowhere -- some little girl started talking to her.

Per usual, the distracted girl jumped and the bottle went flying out of her hands. She fumbled to try and catch it but alas, the glass bottle landed on the counter with sickening sound and shattered. Golden whiskey pooling around the broken pieces and dripping onto the ground. For the moment, Ash just stared numbly, and then a defeated sigh escaped her lips.

"Well now I don't," she responded, her teeth biting into her bottom lip for a moment before she grabbed the pieces of glass and gathered them into her hand. "Why?" Ash asked and glanced over at the young girl. "You look like you're in middle school. You shouldn't be drinking. It'll like, kill your brain cells or something." Hypocritical, yes. Did she care? No. It wasn't like Ash was drinking when she was... how old was this girl? Maybe twelve? Why would a twelve-year-old be at a party, though?

She crossed through the kitchen to toss the glass into the trash can and then picked up a wash cloth and dried her hands off, making her way back over to the counter and trying up the alcohol before she started poking through the bottles again. "I'm thinking... either shots or just a bunch of really strong alcohol to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible." She said and for once tonight, a bright smile spread over her face. "What do you think?" Wow, she had changed her core beliefs fast.

It was in the middle of setting up for her next concoction when Dani showed up and also made Ash jump but hey! This time she didn't drop the bottle of vodka in her hand. Instead, her fingers just closed around it tighter to hold on. She smiled over at Dani. "Hey, about time you made it." She said with a laugh and Ash relaxed a bit in the company of her friend. "I've just been waiting for you."

"I'm also making drinks." She said and wiggled the vodka bottle in her hand before she noticed the red solo cup in her hand. Of course Dani had already gotten herself a drink. "I mean, if you want another one. Me and uhh..." she looked over at the first girl. The stranger. "What's your name?"

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Samantha Jones
She followed her inside, fidgeting with her fingers. "Sam, nice to meet you, Grace." She'd respond with a tight smile. "What kind do you want?" She asked, looking at her. She knew she was being awkward, but what else could she do? She was at a party, something that she didn't like nor go to. Waiting for the other girl's response, she'd take in the party, scanning the crowd for any familiar faces.

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Aya Sung
The music and alcohol had begun to work its magic and Aya was slowly but surely calming down, sure she was still massively uncomfortable, but she was getting to the point where having a good time was remotely possible. Aya stayed in her seat and just watched everyone around her, she wished she would just get up and dance like the others, just let go of her worries and insecurities but that wasn't Aya no she was quite fine with just staying where she was and just listening to the music. Another swing of her drink down, and she was finally passed the first glass which when you're drinking a spirit straight, and not out of a shot glass was enough to give her a small buzz but not enough for her to be even nearly classed as tipsy especially when its the same stuff she's been drinking since she was twelve. Bending over Aya begun to pour herself another drink but got caught off guard by a voice and a pair of combat boots and stopped halfway through.

Aya glanced up to a face she had seen around school a few times but never spoken to, she knew they were in the same grade but that was about it. "I'm like fine yeah...just umm not my scene I guess." Aya responded, her nervousness clear in the way she spoke. 'Smooth Aya real smooth' was the thought that echoed in her mind, taking a gulp of her drink and a deep breath Aya begun to speak again. "How do you do it?" Aya stopped quickly before realising that could have meant anything. "Just let loose, get how you are now, just not care about all these random people that you're surrounded by, I try but just end up right back in this seat, you have beautiful eyes...sorry I ramble like a lot." The same nervous underlining was ever-present in the way Aya talk, It didn't help that the person talking to her was good-looking to Aya, the curly hair, the cute and very different eye colour, her piercings, and even her makeup was done perfectly to amplify her looks. Despite her nervousness, the company was much appreciated, and right now who knows maybe this girl would be what Aya needed right now.

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that's rough, buddy

The ride with Maddie had been... weird? Well, not maybe weird, but Mason was a little worried about possibly messing things up with Dani if he was caught with Maddie. Even if she was literally just his babysitter and nothing more. But showing up to a party with the girl? Yeah, kinda ruined that whole thing he was trying to go for. Plus people talked and Dani was...

Dani was hard. That's why Mason was attracted to her, though. She was a party girl. She was wild. She was exciting. She was everything Mason felt like he wasn't and he liked the chase and the constant possibility of their... whatever it was being up in the air. At any time, someone could swoop in and ruin it for both of them and Mason liked that. He liked living life teetering on the edge of everything and having that thrill.

Well, and flirting. Mason really liked flirting and to be honest, it was the only thing he seemed to be good at. After all, look at his friendship history. Like two guy friends but Noah really didn't count. Noah and Mason were only friends because they had met in kindergarten when little Noah had started feeding little Mason whose mother consistently forgot to send her child with food or money for food to school. But if Noah and Mason had met now? Yeah, there was no way.

And Eli was just too fucking nice and stupid. Punching or dropping him would be like kicking a puppy and Mason actually liked puppies. I know, surprise. Mason likes something?

When they had gotten to the party, Mason had distanced himself from Maddie almost immediately. Mostly because he desperately needed a smoke and no, not from one those stupid blunts of his brother's. Mason did not condone drug use and also, he hated the smell. His choice was cigarettes. Ah, the great lung killer. The great cancer causer. But hey, you had to die somehow and why not let his choice be by cigarettes? Plus, there was something... nostalgic about them almost. They brought with them memories of his childhood and memories of his ex-girlfriend, Ariana's mother. The cancer sticks were a bittersweet thing.

He dropped the cigarette into the grass and dug it in with his heel. Mason was a good guy. A real king. He would never start forest fires and with his cigarette successfully put out, he headed to the house and walked up the stairs, pushing through the front door and making his way in as if he owned the place. And people treated him like they did. He shouldered his way through the crowd and people would look at him, angry at first, but those angry glares would die and people would shuffle out of the way. Mason was good at making people move. It was a respect thing, of course. Not at all a complete and utter fear of the jock.

The first thing he did was to grab a beer from the kitchen and then he was pushing his way through the crowd again. To somewhere near the edges where he could keep an eye out for Dani, but also somewhere that he wouldn't have people grinding on him or touching him. And he was content to sit there alone and sip his beer when Maddie came back.

He looked at the girl with one eyebrow cocked up. "I really didn't," Mason admitted. What kind of point was she trying to make, anyway? This wasn't Maddie's scene and her trying to emphasize it like it could be was just ridiculous and brought a smile to his face. She looked so out of place, like a black sheep in a flock of white. "Be careful with that. One beer is probably going to knock you on your ass and I am not driving your drunk self home tonight."

Not because Mason was planning on getting wasted himself -- he didn't like getting drunk, to be perfectly honest -- but because he was planning on going home with Dani or another girl from the cheer team. If Maddie got drunk, then Mason would be stuck driving her home. Sure, he could let someone else do it, but Mason didn't trust the majority of the people in here to not take advantage of Maddie.

He let out a snort of laughter at the faint grimace on her face and leaned in closer to look at her. "You sure you enjoying that beer, Maddie? Kinda looks to me like you hate it." He said and sly grin spread over his face. That familiar little half cocked smile that was signature to Mason. The kind of smile that really made you want to smack a guy.

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Ivy hardly blinked as the bottle in the girl's hand went smashing to the floor, taking a slow sip of her cocktail as she watched her bend down to haphazardly clean up the mess. When the older girl stood back up, she predictably took a dig at Ivy's age.

The younger girl, bemused, widened her eyes and pretended to choke on her drink.

Starting off with insults? Unexpected, but that was a game Ivy loved to play. At the blonde's comment, Ivy's mouth gaped in mock hurt, and she put her free hand to her chest as if she were about to pass out. After this moment of joking, she giggled maniacally, taking another gulp of her drink.

"Touché, Ann Coulter. Didn't know Fox News was finally letting their ladies finish their educations." She cooed, leaning her skinny frame against the table and swilling her cocktail around in her cup. "Any more silicone in your tits, and California will have a whole new valley to name after you." Her lips curled into a devilish grin, hoping in her head that her insults were as creative as they felt in the moment. At her featherweight size, Ivy was already feeling the Patrón kick in as another blonde girl joined the party at the table. "Name's Ivy. Don't wear it out. And who's this? Your daughter?" She gestured witha cocky twirl of her hand to the obviously tipsy newcomer, presumably a friend of the first girl's. Now this was shaping up to be a fun party.



Dani Bryant
Dani was a bit confused at the response Ash had when she called her name. Why was she being so jumpy? A brief glance at the counter where the rag and a few left over pieces of glass were just made her question more. She bit her bottom lip with a half smile. "Well here I am". She looked down trying to hide her eyes, she didn't want to give her feelings away. " I um... tried texting you a few times, never heard back". She shook the thought out of her head, this wasn't the place. She was supposed to be having fun. "anyway..." she trailed off now paying attention to the other girl next to them. Confusion spread across her face. She wasn't surprised at the random girl just that Ash wasn't with Chase like normal. She didn't even know his girl. No-matter that, she smiled anyway.

Her face twisted as the girl spoke. Who the hell did she think she was. This little girl was way out of line, especially to Ash. She had to admit the kid had style, but none was going to talk to her friend like that. She nodded and took another sip of her drink to keep from laughing. "alright twiglet..... you wanna play with the big girls?" Dani grabbed another bottle from the counter without even looking. She sat her drink down in its place. She twisted the cap off, and filled the girls cup up to the brim with the brown liquid. "you seem to think you can talk the talk.... make sure you can hold your liquor". She swung her hand in a motion to knock the cup out the girls hand all over her, but in the last minute decided not to and slammed her hand on the table with thud.

She sighed. She was trying to turn over a new leaf, and she had to let Ash stand up for herself. She picked up her drink and took another sip, "The name is Dani twerp and I suggest you watch your mouth". She looked up at Ash. This definitely put a damper on her mood. Curse her new found kindness. She glanced over the room to see if she could find Mason, she knew exactly what she needed after this.

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that's rough, buddy

Shit-faced was a bit of a stretch from where he was and not exactly where Parson wanted to be. Drunk Parson was like... well, let's just say, the reason he broke his arm was because he thought maybe, just maybe, he could do the biggest cannonball ever if he jumped from the roof into a friend's pool but uh. Well, he didn't jump far enough.

He was glad to have some kind of distraction and companionship because nothing was lamer than being alone at a party. And Noah was cool and popular and a little intimidating. Parson wasn't sure why Noah would want anything to do with him at this party. Sure, the two were... kind of friends? Maybe? Look, it was a complicated thing and Parson was a little hesitant to call anyone his friend since he had kinda... failed in the friend making department in the recent years.

"See I personally like drinking alcohol, not bathing in it." He explained pointedly. His shirt was at least drying a bit but it still clung to his skin. Gross. Parson hesitated and considered passing his drink to Noah but that would be gross, right? Backwash and sharing germs and all that. Not that Parson had back washed, mind you, but people didn't usually share drinks with guys they barely knew... right?

He kept the drink in his hand instead. "I'm actually glad to see you," he continued with a relieved sigh. He hadn't seen Aya yet and so he'd been left to his own devices. "Well, like, to hang out with you." Parson uncomfortably cleared his throat because he felt like perhaps he was totally ruining this whole social thing, but he kept that bright smile on his face. Parson was nothing if not optimistic, and his optimism stated that this was probably going great!

"Do you wanna get a drink? Or... I guess you can have mine, if you want." Well, so much for not offering his drink because he thought it would be weird. Maybe it was still weird.

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Grace Johnson

Grace smiled at the girl and reached over to grab her own drink "I'm just gonna have a soda, thanks" She popped the top and took a sip. She scanned the party. Part of her was hoping to run into Eli, the other part was trying to keep and eye out for her brother. She started swaying a bit to the beat. This was going to be her night to come out of her shell, she was tired of being the fly on the wall. She was going to talk to new people and get a little wild. Her attention got drawn back to Sam beside her. "Are you new here?" trying to talk over the music. She looked back at the dance floor as she shifted her body weight closer to it. She was was hoping to turn her reputation around in a good way. Met some new friends and maybe a guy or two.

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that's rough, buddy

"Oh," she mumbled when Dani asked about the lack of messages. Ash wasn't... she didn't have a good answer to that, actually. She tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear -- a typically normal thing that girls did but for Ash, in this moment, it was simply because she was nervous. Stuck here between Dani asking hard questions and the girl that seemed far too feisty. Maybe she should've just stuck with Chase for the night. He was good at the whole socializing thing -- not that Ash was usually bad with it but tonight, she felt off. "Sorry, I ah... thought I replied." She offered a little half-smile to Dani, but then the new girl was talking.

She... hated confrontation and insults. Anything that might be provoking in anyway left Ash gaping like a fish out of water and wanting to curl into a ball and just disappear. It wasn't her strong suit and it never had been. And this girl was definitely trying to get under her skin, right? But her insults just left Ash blinking in confusion.

One arm laid across her boobs self-consciously and Ash shrank into herself a bit. "But... they're real." She murmured and her other arm also reached up so that she had her arms crossed over her chest and was stepping away from the counter. Alcohol suddenly didn't seem so good now, and luckily, she didn't have to do a ton of yelling about or trying to defend herself -- not that Ash would've, mind you -- because she thankfully had Dani there.

And she watched, wide-eyed, as Dani challenged the girl. She winced, prepared for the alcohol to definitely go pouring all over this Ivy girl's shirt, and was surprised when Dani just slammed her hand into the counter instead. And then Dani was looking at her and Ash's eyes just widened a bit more. What was she supposed to do? Insult Ivy back? Ash didn't insult. She hid behind other people that would do it for her. Like Chase and Dani.

"Are we trying to give the child alcohol poisoning by daring her to drink that much?" Ash asked instead, in reference to the large solo cup filled with... whatever alcohol it happened to be. Ash had been too busy wondering how to hide her boobs to pay much attention to what had just transpired. What? It was important now.

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