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Fandom Power Rangers: Magia Drive (Power Rangers/Super Sentai Crossover) (Open)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Multiverse, Platonic, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers


Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.

Earth, 1455
The town of Carcer is falling. It's falling to the seemingly endless amounts of Hollows seiging the town. It can't hold up to anymore hollow raids, blood-thirsty for the hidden power inside the city. However, there is little that the city of Carcer can do to counter the ruthless attacks on their own city, other than one, which is the hardest decision the city could make. In the castle of Carcer, a difficult decision is about to be made for the fate of the world.
"We're surrounded from every possible direction. We need a plan of attack."
"How about we surprise them from behind?"
"Too predictable. How about a direct attack from upfront?"
"Are you insane? Have you seen the firepower they have?"
"Tis only a suggestion. What could we do anyway?"
"We could stand our ground here. We know the castle inside out so that already puts us at an advantage."
"However, if we get cornered, we're done for."
The 3 continue to craft a plan of attack while the other 2 thought to themselves. Eventually, one speaks up.
"Can we even get out of this?"
The other thinks for a few seconds before turning to her and responding with "I don't know. However, Its not me I'm worried about." He said before directing his eyes to the girl at the other side of the room, The young Princess, the source of their power. "Who knows what they'll do to her once they get their hands on her. Our top priority is-"
"Let them have me. It's me they want anyway." She held back tears. "I don't want you to get hurt anymore!"
The knights are stunned by her quote for a few second before the leader steps up and says. "I admire your bravery. I admire your will to sacrifice yourself for others. However, tis our duty to protect the power stored inside of you. Tis our duty to protect you."
"Aye, princess!" The others shout behind him. "So I ask, grant us powers once more so we can furfill our calling."
She stands there, unsure what to say until finally she says. "I...grant your request."
"Thank you." The head knight says, turnin to his comrades. "Knights!" he shouts to his comrades. "Aye, Sire!" they respond. "One more battle. One more call. One more...good-bye. Princess."
"Y-yes, Eric?"
"Run. Run away as fast and as far away from this place and don't turn back for a second. We'll clear a path for you, understand?"
"Okay." she starts tearing up. "Goodbye" she said, voice breaking.
"Farewell, m'lady." He said to her, before moving on to awaken their power. "Lets go! Our Pledge to Our Decsendants! The Call to Justice Running Deep in our Blood. MAGIA DRIVE!" The 5 transform to their battle gear and ready to battle their last battle. "Go off, Knights." the leader says before they all charge into battle. They start cutting through the hordes of hollows until an opening forms. "GO, PRINCESS!" The head knight says and immediately after a horse races away, princess aboard. A few hollows attempt to grab her, but the knights push them back with the final bit of their power, allowing her to escape with ease.

"You utter fools. you think this is enough to stop me? Its useless to resist!"
"Sorry. Its just in our blood!"

"Then, perish along with it." Both sides run into battle and clash.


Meanwhile, in a cave some distance away, the princess stops and hides inside. "Its no use trying to outrun those things. Maybe..." She starts to do magic to change the power inside her to a physical object before hiding them and herself inside the cave. "Seek only those who are worthy, so they may vanquish evil and protect their world." Were her final words before putting herself into a deep sleep.

Magia Drive
Hello there. So right now, I am currently looking for anyone who is willing to play as the main teams yellow ranger, a past Ranger or a Sentai. Additionally, you can also play as a Past Villain or an OC Villain. Also, you can also play as a Anti Hero figure as well. If you are interested in that, you can go ahead and hit me up in the OOC thread of the RP.

In the Bottom is a list of Ranger/Sentai Teams am accepting.
Self Explanatory.
Battle Fever J
Sun Vulcan
Goggle Five
Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin
Megaranger/In Space
Gingaman/Lost Galaxy
Go Go Five/Lightspeed Rescue
Timeranger/Time Force
Gaoranger/Wild Force (With the exception of Wild Force Black)
Hurricaneger/Ninja Storm
Abaranger/Dino Thunder
Dekaranger/S.P.D. (With the exception of SPD Green)
Magiranger/Mystic Force
Bokenger/Operation Overdrive
Gekiranger/Jungle Fury (With the exception of Jungle Fury Wolf)
Shinkenger/Samurai, Super Samurai
Gokaiger (with the exception of GokaiRed) /Super Megaforce
Go-Busters/Beast Morphers
Kyoryuger/Dino Charge, Dino Super Charge (with the exception of Parasuar Black)
Ninninger/Ninja Steel, Super Ninja Steel
2017 Reboot Rangers
Any Comic Rangers
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Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.
So I'm guessing the ranger colors are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink, with a Purple sixth Ranger?
yeah pretty much, I'll take control of red and Purple, the others can be controlled and controllable legacy rangers can join the battle as well as villains.
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Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.
Technically a bump

"The great war isnt over yet. It is far from over. I thought it was over when I put myself to sleep many years ago, but now, we're in the endgame. The hollows and Dreadnaught are approaching quickly to end me. They...vanquished my knights many years ago, but now you guys need to finish what my knights couldn't and slay the darkness that approaches our world. One way or another, this fight...will end!"
"Well...this just got a whole lot more interesting."

"Show us the way, princess."

Need 4 rangers- blue (water), green (Earth), yellow (Lightning) and pink (Wind), gender does not matter. legacy rangers and villains are welcome too.
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I'm fine with Green or Yellow and willing to double if needed
Yeah go with yellow for now. Here's the CS to make your ranger as you wait
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I meant as in members of the team we're making but you answered my question anyway. I will try to come up with at least one legacy ranger


Gotei 13's Substitute Soul Reaper.
Legacy Rangers Examples. Legacy Rangers refer to past rangers from previous Ranger/Sentai series that will appear in this story to assist the new rangers. They can be From Power Rangers and Super Sentai (that haven't been adapted yet). They must follow a template like this. Same applies for legacy villains too.
Name: Chase Randall
Gender: Male
Chase is a flirt who likes to tease women, albeit failing the majority of the time. However, when it comes to his job as a ranger, he doesn't mess about and mainly uses ranged blasters to eliminate threats, such as his Dino Blaster and Para Chopper. However, in any other scenario, he tends to slack off at other jobs, much to Kendall's annoyance.

A New Zealand Kiwi, Chase is a skate boarding teen that despite not looking like it at first is willing to risk his life for other people/life forms. This lead him to cross paths with Moana, a shop owner that he befriends after saving her cat. As a reward, she gives him the Black energem and he bonds with it, making him the Dino Charge Black Ranger. After crossing paths with The Keeper and Kendall Morgan, he joins them on the quest to find the other 9 rangers like him.

Ranger Color:

Ranger Team:
Dino Charge/Kyoryuger

Women, messing about and ranged weapons

Being rejected, ruining his good looks and N-Zed Boys
Name: Robert "RJ" James
Gender: Male
A chill guy who despite his outward appearance as a chef of Jungle Karma Pizza, is actually a master at Kung Fu, having gotten his abilities from the Pai Zhua, becoming a Master of the Order of the Claw (Pai Zhua). He likes to go at it solo, potentially a trait picked up by his wolf spirit but can team up if necessary as a pack, another wolf spirit thing.

Son of Master Finn of the Pai Zhua, RJ began his training relatively early in order to adopt his fathers shark spirit. However, he did not sit well with being a new shark master, so he moved on to find a new master, one who was more flexible. Eventually, he crossed paths with Master Swoop, who taught him how to fight with pure instincts alone and even how to fight blindly, unlocking his wolf spirit. At some time he also tapped into the morphing grid, getting him and his team morphers as well as opening a pizza place, Jungle Karma Pizza. Now he uses his training to mentor his rangers as well as assist his rangers to fight back against Dai Shi.

Ranger Color:

Ranger Team:
Jungle Fury/Gekiranger

His chair, Team Balance and passing on knowledge.

Imbalance, ruined pizza and his fathers shark power
Name: Bridge Carson
Gender: Male
Bridge is the goof ball of SPD team B, notorious for asking kinda dumb questions and acting like a child some times. However, he alongside Sky and Syd was chosen to become part of B team of Space Patrol Delta, so he is no slouch when it battle, specialized in weapon training, hand to hand combat and his own unique power, psychometry.

Not much is known about Bridge's past, other than he qualified to be part of B Squad of the SPD and now fights with his squad to eliminate Emperor Gruum

Ranger Color:

Ranger Team:

Food, asking questions and slouching.

Psychometry overcharge and normal toast
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