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Fandom Pokémon: Agents of Vital Region (IC/Closed)



~Vibing along the cosmos~

Yggdrasil City
Yggdrasil City, the capital of Vital for beginning trainers, a tourist attraction, and where several events take place. Today happens to be the annual gathering between the President and the Cross Agency at headquarters. The Elites have gone ahead to attend the conference leaving behind their apprentice at the hotel. Of course they either left a note or personally talked to them ahead of time about their leave. They made sure to ask their apprentice to join them at a certain appointed time and wait in the lounge room of Cross H.Q. until called.

9811bad24e3483aa53c47714d9445912.jpgBlair tosses and turns trying to muffle the sounds of the city with her pillows to no avail. She caves, finding it impossible to return to sleep. Annoyed, she sits up with a yawn wearing a bad case of bed hair. As she opens the curtains, the blinding morning rays cause her to hiss in distaste before closing them. “Ugh, I forgot how sunny other places are.” Lampent's chime grabs Blair’s attention. The way it hovers and spins over the desk means there is something worth investigating. Sitting on top of the wooden desk is a note:

Gone out to H.Q. Meet me there at 10:00a.m. Don't be late!

Blair looks over the empty bed then at the digital clock. It was only eight o’clock. She looks at Lampent, “what time did he leave?” Lampent floats over to the clock then disappears, possessing the device to change the time into a seven. Meaning Maverick had left around said time leaving her with two hours to spare which is enough time for someone like her. Mornings were rough and it took practically an hour for her to get out of bed. “I guess we can grab breakfast along the way.” Lampent reappears, chiming in agreement. After fixing herself up for the day, Blair throws on her black leather briefcase satchel, and guitar case before heading out in search of a nearby cafe. Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, Blair admires the normalcy of it, including the gorgeous view of the Mei tree. It’s pink petals raining down on the area providing shelter for both Pokémon and humans. Inside the nearest cafe, the young agent buys herself two pastries, with a cup of coffee, and of course some Poké puffs for Lampent to enjoy. Rather than sit in a booth, she took her order elsewhere. There is a certain area she’s been eager to see. That place happens to be Yggdrasil’s park. Upon arriving, Blair’s eyes light up at the beauty of the landscape. A giant pond and a glorious garden for grass Pokémon to play. Trees on each side of the path as well as benches here and there for nature fanatics. A perfect spot for a pleasant breakfast.

lampent.jpgBlair sat on a cement bench to feed Lampent his puff while she consumed hers. She thinks back on yesterday evening’s train ride. Maverick had mentioned a conference at headquarters taking place in the morning as well as a surprise, whatever that meant. She has never joined Maverick for the annual gathering. It made her wonder if it had anything to do with the surprise. Now that Blair had eaten her fill, she used the rest of the time by writing lyrics and humming a tune until it was time to pack up and go. Five minutes before ten, being a little tardy wouldn’t be bad. Besides, she is keeping her promise to be there, and headquarters is across the street. “Come on, Lampent.” She called, shoving her hands in her hoodie pocket as she made her way over.

Inside headquarters, the walls are tall with a skylight view of the Mei. White, linoleum floors decorated with potted plants, and a fancy waterfall fountain to welcome people. The lobby is empty with only two receptionists and two security guards for good measure. It’s unimpressive for an agency to have lax security, but perhaps Blair wasn’t getting the whole picture. Blair approaches the front desk, “excuse me, I was asked to be here by my gym leader, Maverick Reeves.” The redheaded woman smiles after hearing the name.

“Ah, yes. Have a seat. We’ll inform your master of your arrival.” She said.

“Great.” Blair replied with little enthusiasm. She plops on a random seat with Lampent on her lap. She pets her Pokémon as it cooes with delight.

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Yggdrasil City, Heart of Vital - Avery Rollins
"You're not thinking of vandalizing my suitcase again, are you?", Avery mumbled as he glanced out of his hotel rooms small bath, toothbrush still in his mouth. He suspected that Athena was up to something, as she had been suspiciously quiet despite being cranky about having to rest in her Pokeball all night long. He quickly spat into the sink and rinsed his mouth before rushing to save his belongings from his mischievous Vitalian Hoothoot. With a sigh, but also a loving smile, he picked her up just before she had reached the lunchbox with her snacks and ran a finger over her belly despite some playful protest. "Or you are just hungry. Sit tight...", he demanded, before quickly looking at the time on his phone. "Don't want to be late, Pamela would be disappointed...", Avery mumbled, but there was still enough time to feed his Pokemon her breakfast, before quickly getting dressed and grabbing his backpack. Avery grinned as he observed Yggdrasil City whilst riding down the glass elevator on the side of the hotel building, allowing visitors to get a peak at the many tourist attractions from afar. The massive Mei tree was of course a focal point of this viewing experience and it only increased Averys excitement about meeting Pamela in the headquarters, as they had discussed a day before.

With Athena on his shoulder making snooty grimaces at passerbys, the young trainer made his way towards headquarters via an old skateboard, brightly painted and decorated with stickers of various Flying Type Pokemon. As usual he hadn't left himself with much time, but he quickly grabbed himself a fruit filled puff pastry on his way, eating it while on the hurried move. With some luck he found himself taking a shortcut and avoiding one of the main roads where he would have had to wait to cross, so his little breakfast detour went unpunished. After fixing his skateboard to the backpack, Averys eyes widened as he entered the tall lobby. The room seemed massive, but he felt himself drawn to the skylight view of Mei, slowly trodding to a place where he could best take a quick look at it. The quick look turned into a bit of a stare, causing Athena to dish out a very soft peck to his ear. Blushing, Avery resumed taking notice of his surroundings. He wasn't alone here, so he made his way to the nice receptionists. "Excuse me... hello, I erm, I am supposed to meet Pamela here, my gym leader...", he was friendly but unsure of what to explain now. But the lady behind the counter seemed well informed. "Just one moment, we will notify her of course. Please, have a seat.", she immediately made him feel welcome and Avery nodded and smiled.

He chose to take said seat close to Blair, leaving only one seat between them. He would have sat directly next to her, but it seemed rude with the amount of free space still available. He smiled towards her and her Lampent as he did so, giving both a small nod. "Good morning...", he greeted, whilst his Hoothoot was eyeing them up and down in a rather unimpressed, snooty manner. "You're-eh... here for some meeting too?", he deduced the obvious, while fishing a small drawing book from the backpack he had placed at his feet. A pencil was also pulled out and he started sketching the view of Mei without paying it that much attention, Athena tilting her head to immediately examine his drawing whilst occasionally pecking at the pencil, trying to grab its end. "I'm Avery by the way... this is Athena...", he didn't pay the Hoothoots antics much attention, from the look she gave her the casual introduction of hers was seen as an insult. Therefore, Athena took it upon herself to "Hoot!" emphatically, before elegantly bowing her head with a sweeping motion of one wing.
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"Here Rex, bring it back!" Ruby called to her Tyrunt who was shaking a heavy-duty rubber ball in his powerful jaws. The two of them had gotten up rather early as they wanted to enjoy the change in scenery from Fossil Ridge before attending the annual gathering. Nigel Burnham, her mentor and the Gym leader of Fossil Ridge, informed her the previous day that the meeting would take place at 10:00 am. Not that she was complaining, but Yggdrasil City was most definitely a strange place to her. There was still a lot to see, but of course the most obvious thing was the enormous Mei Tree in the center of the city.

Just as she finished that thought, Rex had brought the ball back, begging her to throw it again. Ruby smiled as she pet the dinosaur's head. "Good boy, Rex! This'll be the last time for now, okay?"

Ruby picked up the heavy ball about the size of a basketball and heaved it past the Tyrunt as hard as she could, going for height and distance. The minute the ball was airborne, Rex ran after it before jumping and catching it midair. Thanks to the high-quality rubber, the ball was able to retain its shape no matter what bit into it. At least, that is what was advertised. It had been holding up pretty well so far, but Rex was starting to leave some serious teeth marks in the material, not that he cared. He was having too much fun. Sadly, all good things come to an end and Ruby noticed the time on the park clock. "Snap!"

Ruby started running to HQ, her Tyrunt giving chase while the ball was still in his mouth. It was almost ten when the duo arrived, both breathing heavily from the unplanned run. Rex ended up dropping his ball right there, his jaw feeling sore from carrying it the whole way. As soon as she caught her breath, Ruby stood back and walked to the reception desk. "Excuse me, I was told to come here by Nigel Burnham."

The lady at the desk nodded. "Just a moment, we'll notify him of your arrival. In the meantime, take a seat."

Ruby nodded and turned towards where Avery and Blair were sitting before making her way over, taking a chair further away from the two. As soon as she sat down, Rex came over and rested his chin on her lap. Ruby could not help but start rubbing the Tyrunt's head as she glanced at the other two with their Pokemon. "Don't mind me, just waiting on my gym leader with my dinosaur."
As the evening sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the bustling streets of Yggdrasil City, Zee made his way through the labyrinthine corridors of the Healing Heart hospital, a diligent Blissey leading the way. Good with directions, the young lad could have found the way himself despite only visiting a few times in the last few years, but Zee was happy for the extra company. Carrying his snoozing Abra on his back, Zee quietly thanked the Happiness Pokémon for showing him to his mothers room. She smiled and nodded, going on her way and leaving Zee to enter in his own time.

Entering the room, Zee felt a sense of calm wash over him as he took in the sight of his mother, resting peacefully, her chest rising and falling in rhythmic harmony with the steady hum of the machines that surrounded her in her coma. Though his memories of her were few and distant, Zee found reassurance in the deep slumber that enveloped her, a comforting reminder of the tranquillity of home and it's residents.

Situated in the winter region of the Vital Region, long nights and chilling weather were common place for the townspeople of Goodnite so few if any left the warmness of their cabins or even beds to venture outside. Luckily for the town, it was also home to a great deal of Psychic Pokémon, such as Drowzee, Wynaut and Ralts who lived alongside their trainers and residents in a warming symbiosis.

With a soft smile, Zee pulled up a chair beside his mother's bed and moved Abra to his lap with one gentle, almost paternal, motion. For a while the teenager just sat there, stroking the head of his Pokémon partner. Sadly for Zee, he didn't have many memories of his mum or dad growing up, those early days with his parents more like a dream than anything. As the evening stretched on however, Zee found himself opening up to her, sharing tales of recent events in their hometown, the familiar rhythms of life in Goodnite Town bringing a sense of comfort and ease to his words.

Despite his own uncertainties, Zee couldn't help but feel a lightness in his heart as he spoke, his mother's silent presence offering him no judgement for what he felt inside, only a listening ear for his ups and downs. And that was a nice feeling, something Zee knew that parents would do for their cherished children. And as the night deepened and the stars began to twinkle in the sky, Zee settled into his makeshift bed beside his mother, feeling that much better for visiting despite his own awkwardness.


The soft light of dawn filtered through the curtains of the hospital room, gently rousing Zee from his slumber. With a yawn, he stretched his arms and cast a look at his watch before tenderly glance towards his mother, still peacefully asleep in her bed. He knew he had dreamed of her, and his dad, the night before but as with many dreams, the images began to fade like the stars in the morning sky. Despite the fugue however, Zee knew it had been a pleasant memory. Leaning over, he pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead before rising from his makeshift bed beside her.

"Goodbye for now, Mom," Zee whispered, his voice barely above a murmur. "I'll be back soon."

Holding his faithful Abra in front of him Zee blew lightly on his nose, the Psi Pokémon stirring awaking at his master's touch, Zee smiled warmly. "Remember where we're going today, buddy?"

Only yesterday, had Zee's uncle PJ taken him and his Pokémon, the unusually alert Abra sitting on PJ's shoulder, to Cross Agency headquarters. Though the pair had the privilege of staying in a hotel that week, PJ had not afforded himself another nights stay in their room, preferring to get to his meeting early. Which in this case, rather prudently and perhaps rather intelligently was the evening before.

Living in a region where it was almost always night, it was often hard to tell when the day began and when it ended. So with a somewhat skewed internal clock and being the Psychic Type Gym Leader of the sleepy town of Goodnite, PJ spent most of his time holed up in the Sleep Gym and resting between Gym Battles. Fortunately for PJ, he had Zee to help him. Though the young lad was his right hand, it didn't stop PJ treating Zee like a little kid.

Making sure his nephew and his Pokémon had a clear picture of where they had to be the next day, PJ had slipped into a side entrance just before the building closed to the public for the day. That's when Zee had decided to visit his mum at Healing Heart, though he of course discussed it with his Uncle before hand. Knowing how responsible Zee was, PJ had no qualms about letting him go off on his own to visit his sister in law.

Zee's smile grew a little wider at his Pokémon's grogginess, his eyes opening slowly, and then to the barest minimum. With a soft chirp of affirmation, Abra allowed Zee to place him on his back. Closing his eyes, Zee whispered a command to his Psychic-type Pokémon, and in an instant, the world around them blurred and shifted as they were enveloped in a dazzling display of light.

Moments later, they materialized outside the Cross Agency Headquarters, the impressive structure looming before them like a fortress of knowledge and power. Patting his Abra softly on the head, Zee entered the building and made his way to the front desk.

"Good morning," Zee greeted the receptionist with a polite nod. "I'm attending the conference today, with my Uncle PJ."

The receptionist smiled warmly and motioned towards a row of seats where several other people about Zee's age were already congregating. "Take a seat, please," the receptionist said kindly. "I'll inform him of your arrival."

Zee nodded in thanks and wandered over to where the receptionist had gestured. He could feel Abra stir on his back, uncomfortable, so Zee swiftly settled him into a vacant seat, one between two young agents. Sorry he mimed to the pair as he made sure Abra was comfortable and dozing. Taking a step back, he looked around. "Anyone want a drink? Food?" he offered quietly, making the appropriate gestures accordingly. "My treat"

Blair Blackthorn
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Blair hums a tune while petting Lampent in her lap. He nestles closer using its flames to warm her from the morning cold. Never did Blair think she would be sitting in the Cross agency headquarters. Sure, she knew at the coming age she would finally make her debut, but the way she envisioned the building is by far unexpected. She assumed it would be hidden somewhere in Yggdrasil City rather than be in the open. Perhaps that is the purpose. To be unsuspecting. It’s not like people randomly enter buildings for fun.

Blair’s thoughts derail as a red-haired boy enters asking for someone before taking a seat one spot away from her. Most people would be shy and introverted about being near anyone, but Blair didn't really mind company. She wasn't talkative, since nobody really bothered to approach her because of her weird appearance. She made it apparent to be sure to wear normal clothes such as a crop top under her hoodie jacket, navy denim jeans, and leather boots all in black. In a way, it summed up the cliche angst teenager she is, but she does love her dark colors and that includes black.

When the redhead started talking to Blair, she was surprised. He asked about the meeting before introducing himself as Avery along with his Vitalian Hoot-hoot named Athena who reluctantly bowed over the introduction. Blair chuckles as it continues to pester his owner. Intrigued, Lampent perks up and circles around them as if taking in their appearance. “Nice to meet you. My name is Blair. This is my partner Lampent.” Said Pokémon halts in between Avery and Blair then wiggles delightfully upon hearing his name. He lowers to Athena’s eye-level then tilts its head quizzically. It’s apparent his curious tick is acting up. Usually it’s concerning, but since Lampent is somewhere Blair can watch, it isn't a problem. Having a ghost who can phase through objects can be annoying during a chase.

Returning to the topic at hand, Blair became perplexed when Avery mentioned a meeting. Maybe it’s pure coincidence? Young trainers don't exactly attend meetings unless asked, and judging by what Blair heard, Avery was indeed invited. “Yes, I am. Although, I thought I was the only one. Kids in H.Q. is uncommon. Maybe you and I are attending for different reasons.”

Another red-haired girl ran inside asking the same question. She too was called upon by her gym leader. This time, she is accompanied by a Tyrunt now sitting on her lap. She mentioned not to mind her. Again, a black-haired fellow arrived with Abra asking the same thing Blair did. He settled in between her and Avery muttering an apology. He then offered to give everyone snacks or drinks after setting his Abra down. “I’m fine, thank you.” She kindly refuses as Lampent diverts it’s attention to Ruby and her Tyrunt greeting itself before moving towards Zee and Abra.

“Lampent, boundaries.” Blair firmly scolded as Lampent moved away with a chuckle. “I’m sorry. Lampent is an inquisitive type.” Now Blair is certain. The meeting is no coincidence. Each person was called by their gym leader. The question is why? “I’m assuming you’re all here for a meeting too? That means our masters are up to something that involves us.” Blair peers up in thought as Lampent returns to its seat on his owner’s lap. “It’s nice to meet other apprentices. What's your guardian?”

Cole Ashton

Yggdrasil City was a change, that was for sure.

"I'll play the blues for you"

Clearer skies, a very different skyline. Less heat, all in all, a lot more green and the accompanying colours as far as eyes could see. And of course, that massive tree that crowned the place. Compared to the skies he is used to, it was a whole new world.

"Ya see I'm kinda lonely too, ya know?"

Of course, Cole Ashton got more of an experience in this city than he expected to, courtesy of a little companion, who was sitting there, grinning as he ate some spicy food made for him. Cole's day started earlier than he wanted to, with a black mass jumping on him while he was sleeping. The dog Pokemon just laughed a bit as they went out for a walk. He managed to get himself properly dressed and buy a sandwich and tea on the way. So, as they took the time to enjoy the sights as they went along, Cole's voice rang for others to hear. His Houndour looked at him, enjoying the last of his food. But then he eyed the sandwich in Cole's hand and got ready to pounce, but at the last second, the meal moved and Chase just hit air.

"Nice try, Chase"


"You already ate, mate, do you want another stomachache?"

That one sounded more like a grumble. Cole just chuckled a bit, shaking his head. It was a nice day, after all.

Cole lamented that his drum set was a bit too much to bring on trips, but things were like that. He'll have a lot to work through once he is back home.

However, he was here for business, and as a protege of the Heatwill Gym Leader, he had to make a good impression and not embarrass his boss. Even if he wasn't the most personable of the bunch.

Finding the building, he noted how impressive the place was. Chase stood straight next to him, as he announced himself. Even if his appearance kinda clashes with the sights in many ways, he has a job to do.

"Hello? I have an appointment here, in the name of Sofia Hearth" He smiled a bit, as he was led to where the others were. He took a seat and tossed a Pokeball in the air, which Chase caught and started playing with.

Xander Volts

The city of Yggdrassil was nothing short of an eye opener for Xander, the blonde haired disciple often finding himself in a state of awe whenever something new piqued his interest. The city itself was without a doubt far more grandiose than his hometown and even more so than the mountain temple that acted as the cities Gym. Wide eyed and with a master whose interpretation of the word 'mentor' was severely lacking, Xander had found himself with free reign to explore the 'city life' and explore he did.

The only thing he needed to concern himself with was the scheduled meeting at 10am. Thus, to maximize his 'free-time', Xander had awoken before the sun had even begun to peak over the horizon, the boy leaving the hotel and beginning his standard morning routine. During their arrival into town, Xander had taken note of a large public park; one big enough for him to kickstart his day.

The chirping of birds could be heard echoing among the tree tops; their symphony of calls accompanied by the brisk rattlings of the various kriketots and kriketune's hidden among the lush foliage surrounding the space in which Xander presently found himself. The park itself had appeared to be quite popular, given there were already several others presently engaged in their morning exercise.

"While it isn't a mountain... it seems decent enough..." mumbled Xander, as a bright light flashed next to him; his cherised partner appearing by his side as he too readied himself for their workout. Their morning run had become somewhat of a habit for the pair of them; though it usually took place within the mountains that surrounded their temple. Working up a sweat was nothing new to the duo.


An hour would pass before they would eventually return to the hotel, the duo heading towards their room in order to freshen up for this meeting they were being forced to attend. In all honesty, Xander had little interest in attending the meeting and had it not been for the unfair black mail and manipulation from old man Denjiro, he'd have found a reason to excuse himself from the thing all together.

Alas, the senile old man had his methods. Xander had little choice but to attend the event, less the old fart make true on his threats. "Stubborn old geezer" he spat under his breath, as he held the blow dryer against his wet hair; the boy fresh out of a shower. "... he finally takes me off that damn mountain... and just when I think I've got time to do my own thing... he makes me attend this shitty meeting?!"

Xander turned, the towel that hid his prized possessions dropping to the bathroom floor in disarray. "If it wasnt for... " he paused, clenching his fist. "... someday... I'll make that old geezer pay... he will think twice before pinning the blame on me... " he cursed, heading towards his luggage. It would be another half hour before Xander was just about ready, Zeus standing alongside him as they checked themselves over in the mirror, before finally making their way down the hotel.


Arriving at the headquarters, the pair of them would slowly enter the large building. While Zeus could not help but have his eyes wander about, Xander had instead kept his gaze ahead of himself; focused upon the receptionist that awaited their arrival.

"I'm here for a meeting... I'm that old mans disciple" he added, glancing down at the receptionist. He'd have kept his focus upon them had it not been for the consistent tugging he felt along his jean trousers; Zeus's hand firmly gripped around the attire as he pointed towards the gathering of other disciples. "Hmmm" mumbled Xander as he glanced over momentarily, before refocusing upon the receptionist.

"Any sign of the old man?" he inquired, growing impatient.

"Please sir, if you would just take a seat. We are informing Master Denjiro of your arrival" she replied, as she gestured towards the benches.

"Master Denjiro?... haha "... replied Xander, somewhat mockingly... ".. you don't need to treat him with such respect... the old man is just a shameless drunk" replied Xander, leaning over the reception counter. "if... if he did anything to shame the temple... just let me know... I've got a score to settle with him myself.." he added, before turning to head towards the benches; hands in pocket.

Though rather then heading towards the group, he instead made his way to a secluded bench; one hand pulling out two earpieces which he affixed to his ears; his resulting free hand fiddling on his Poketch before music started playing.
When Veronica woke up Clara had already up and left. She already knew where Clara had went she talked to her about it yesterday and she was suppose to be meeting up at Cross H.Q. later. Why? Veronica had no idea but she'd find our soon enough. Micael, her, Mimi pokemon, was curled up next to her sleeping. Veronica moved slowly and quietly as she got out of bed, not wanting to wake him up. She then yawned and stretched out her arms then her eyes caught something. "Breakfast?" Veronica said to herself as she walked over. There was eggs bacon and a frappe. "Jeez she didn't have to get me that..." Veronica said quietly to herself. She then sat down and ate then got washed and dressed for the day. Once she was dressed she gently woke up Micael who gave a yawn and stretched out his little legs. "Come on sleepy head time to get up. I've got cheese for you." Suddenly Micael's eyes shot open and stood and started jumping on the bed happily. "Haha jeez your always so excited." She took a piece of cheddar cheese and gave some to Micael. Though he was disappointed when he realize he wasn't getting more. "Aww don't look at me like that. Clara said I have to keep you healthy. So that's all the cheese you get today." And with that she put the rest of the cheese away and grabbed his healthy food Clara had more him and stuck it in her backpack and then put it on. She then put on her skates and then picked up Micael and headed out.

On her way to H.Q she got in her looks of the city. Honestly it was nice place not that something like this was really new to her honestly. Once she made it to the H.Q. She skated her way up to the receptionist's desk. "Hey Clara Pike ask me to meet up with her here." She put Micael on her head and reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of gum and popped it into her mouth. "Oh yes you must be Veronica. Just have seat with others." The receptionist said as she pointed over to where everyone else was. "Cool thanks." Before Veronica could leave though the woman spoke up again. "I'm sorry but could not skate in the building." Veronica gave her a bored and slightly annoyed look and blew a bubble and letting it pop before answering. "No." She then turned around with Micael on her head and skated over to a free chair and sat down.

She then took Micael off her head who suddenly was shaking slightly. "Come on Micael there's no reason to be afraid of the other pokemon." Micael squeaked and buried it's self in Veronica's arms. "Your terrible first pokemon you knw that?" Veronica said in a teasing matter. Micael just squeaked again but didn't move. "Alright fine continue to be a little scardy cat." Veronica then glanced at the others. But she didn't bother speaking them.
Blue orbs opened slowly as Ashryn awoke slowly, her alolan ninetails giving a soft sound of annoyance as the silver-haired apprentice sat up and slid out of the bed. Her bare feet hitting the ground softly as she slowly stood up and stretched, wincing as her back popped. The city was waking up and the bustling sounds caught her attention as she raised an eyebrow towards the note laying innocently on the table.

"Heading out to H.Q. Meet me there promptly at 10 am exactly - Rani will know the way."

The apprentice groaned softly before she began to toss on her clothing. Her outfit consisted of leggings in an icy blue color that matched her pokemon almost exactly and a short-sleeved shirt that hugged her body gently with dancing floral patterns across it (reminding the girl of her hometown fondly). Rani (the ninetails) and Ashryn carefully left the hotel they were staying at, the unique Pokemon leading her trainer and favorite person towards the H.Q. where the meeting was supposed to happen.

Rani could feel the tension coming from Ashryn as they approached the lobby, and suddenly her eyes sparked with a mischievous intent, her jaws opening fondly as she grabbed the girl's favorite journal in her teeth. The ninetails bounded forward into the lobby and whipped around, her body dropping into a playful crouch as a soft laugh came from the delicate girl. "Rani! Give it back!" The fondness was clear in her tone as the girl let her tension ease away and casually grabbed her notebook from her pokemon. Her eyes glimmered with fondness and adoration as she glanced up to see a bunch of other people around her age and she slid behind her pokemon carefully.

Rani huffed gently when she felt her trainer ease behind her and all playfulness left the alolan pokemon as she stiffened, her orbs carefully finding the unique group that was beginning to form. Her teeth bared as a low growl rumbled through her chest and she pressed back against the legs of Ash carefully. The protective pokemon giving a thorough once over of the group as she sniffed delicately.

"Ummm, I...I am here for a meeting that was supposed to be at 10... I think." Ashryn murmured softly to the front desk, her body tense and uneasy as she let her fingers brush through the flowing fur of her best friend and partner.

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Zee, of the Sleep Gym

The rather pretty girl in dark colours Pumpkid Pumpkid politely refused Zee's offer and as he looked to her friend, Zee was met with the glowing face of Lampert. Smiling at it's playful antics, Zee did his best to make sure the Ghost Type didn't disturb Abra when it approached him, the Psi Pokemon needing his forty winks despite only be active for a few minutes today. With the girl scolding the playful Pokémon, Zee figured that the pair were partners like him and Abra. With a magnificent looking Hoothoot beside the girls friend Abstracty Abstracty , Zee made the conclusion that they were partners too.

Watching Lampert fly back to it's owner, the girl aimed a question at the group, inquiring of those gathered if they were attending a meeting and who they're guardians were. Zee nodded to the former, watching her gaze fall behind him to another girl DracoNightshade DracoNightshade . Wearing a blue tank top, dark bottoms and heavy boots the redheaded girl was stroking her much appreciative Tyrunt. Zee smiled politely and gave a little wave, taking a step to the side so the group could better converse without him in the way. "Yup. I'm here with my uncle PJ, the Psychic Gym Leader. So my Guardian on two accounts." he replied, grinning at his surprisingly snappy joke. "Oh! I'm Zee by the way."

Forgetting to introduce himself, Zee quickly remembered about his offer of snacks. Knowing he had one refusal, Zee couldn't place what the others in their little group had said. Resolved to make sure everyone was taken care of, Zee decided it was better to bring too much than too little. People could always change their minds after all. Letting the group have the chance to converse without his interruption, Zee politely returned the girls question. "So who's your Guardian?" he asked.

Seeing a Vending Machine within earshot, the fifteen year old wandered over to browse the selection, keeping one eye on the group and his ear to the conversation. A big lad with a hearty appetite and a far bit of change, Zee gathered a selection of snacks and drinks from the machine. "Morning"

A new voice joined the conversation Fangway Fangway , to which Zee dutifully responded back to with his own word of morning, Taking into a account the new person, a strapping fellow whose attire matched his red and black hair, Zee got a few more things. With his arms filled to the brim with goodies, Zee turned to see an orb floating around his head. At his spotting, the orb seem to disappear and then reappear by the front desk, next to a Ninetales and it's owner Talathel Talathel . Dressed in pale blue, like the ice and snow of his home, the girl was certainly striking in looks and attire. However the girl seemed to recede behind her rather protective Pokémon. Looking over his bundle of food, Zee motioned his body to one side, doing his best to offer a snack to the Ninetales as a sign of a good faith to her and her owner that he was no threat.
"I came here with Nigel Burnham, the Rock gym leader." Ruby looked up while still petting the huge head in her lap. "Ruby Watson, this is Rex. Nice to meet y'all."
Rex gave a small grunt in greeting as he did not feel like moving just yet, his tail wagging. "And for the record, I have no idea what this meeting is about. Any of you guys?"
Deciding he had enough attention for now, the Tyrunt removed his head from Ruby's lap and looked around at everyone else and their Pokemon curiously before deciding to try his luck with the Lampent. Making his way over, Rex made a sound similar to a bark to get the Ghost type's attention and waved one of his little arms in greeting. Pumpkid Pumpkid
On the other hand, Ruby quietly sighed in relief now that the weight was out of her lap. She loved the dinosaur to bits, but he can be very needy.
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Prologue Part 2: The city
Phayne Phayne Fangway Fangway animegirl20 animegirl20 Talathel Talathel Abstracty Abstracty Twist Twist DracoNightshade DracoNightshade

Feel free to play the Team Eclipse grunts however you please and as many as your character can take down. If you want combat help I can play as the grunts to lighten the load. Simply ask.

As every apprentice entered H.Q, took their seats, and got somewhat acquainted, there was a slight rumble beneath their feet. At the same time, Blair stands to peer out the glass window, civilians running in one single direction. Upon closer inspection, she can see the evident panic on their faces. The rumbling continues for a minute until a large explosion nearby captivates her attention. The smoke leads to a trail from the previous blast. Quickly, Blair exits the building to witness a chaotic mess. The scent of fire and the echo of screams all around caused by Aggron, Tyranitar, Charizard and other various Pokémon. The city's skyscraper monitor above displays the media in the center of danger providing information. The scrolling white text mentions an attack on Yggdrasil City. The reporter is cut off, transitioning to an infamous symbol. The Team Eclipse icon. A masked figure takes the screen disguising their voice as they speak,

People of Yggdrasil City. It’s time for a change. You will surrender yourself, and join in a new era. We must stop worshiping our deities and fend for ourselves. Man must be on top, not Pokémon. They are mere tools. Anyone can shape the country with them. The guardians are not gods either, yet you lean on them for guidance. Pathetic. If you won’t listen, then I’ll have to remind everyone who we are. Anyone who opposes will meet their fate by my hands.
I’m referring to you, guardians. You’ll be the first to perish if you get in our way.

They cackled, ending the broadcast as it cuts back to a shocked reporter. It appears as though Team Eclipse is running ramped through the streets. Familiar red and black uniforms commanding their Pokémon to fire away at innocent bystanders. Of course the police were doing their best to contain the enemies, but they were clearly spread too thin to handle a large mass.

Blair returns to the front desk, “call the guardians. Tell them we’re under attack.”

“I’m trying, but they’re in a meeting.” The receptionist scrambles to the phone attempting to get through.

Blair grits her teeth, and clutches the edge of the desk. There is no way the leaders did not at least feel the rumble. Perhaps they’re on their way or maybe not? Even so, people need help. What could a measly apprentice do? She stood frozen at the disarray. The amount of destruction caused by a single organization. She did not anticipate them to be this terrifying. She would always hear about them, and brush them off like nothing, but now here she is surrounded by the group. Blair clutches her Lampent tightly who senses the internal fear battling within. Lampent escapes her grip and glares at her. It chimes with ambition to take on Team Eclipse. Blair snaps out of it, surprised her devious Lampent wants to fight. Right, now is not the time to freak out. It was time to take her training and put it into action as the future guardian. “You want to protect people too, huh? Alright, let’s do it.” She smirked. She turns to the other apprentices with ambition. “I don't know about you guys, but I’m going out to help the authorities. We can't sit on the sidelines when we're agents too. Anyone willing to follow, I recommend spreading out or pairing in two.” Rather than wait for an answer, Blair bolts out of the building with the receptionist calling out against her plan.

Blair Blackthorn
Lampent and Blair run down the street searching for a Team Eclipse member. Her eyes set on a male laughing as he fights against two officers with his Machoke and a Machamp. There is another Eclipse member, a female with a Weavile. She managed to take down the Machamp leaving the Machoke vulnerable as its owner stood paralyzed from his partner’s defeat. The Weavile quickly jumps in for a dark pulse. Lampent saves Machoke by countering with inferno.

The Weavile owner glares daggers at Blair’s sudden appearance. “Hey, kid, butt out unless you want to get your butt kicked?”

Blair ignores the woman and turns to the officers. “I’m here to lend a hand.” The officers didn't bother to question since their backs are against the wall. Any assistance is welcoming.

“Be careful.” He said. “These guys are tougher than they seem.” The Eclipse duo grin proudly at the compliment. Blair is equally as strong with all the hard work at the gym. Any apprentice would be as it is their solemn duty to prepare for the worst. Unlike most trainers, their strength is unrivaled as is their battling spirit.

“Hah! Asking a runt fight is an all time low for you policemen.” The brute man scoffed. “This is going to be a piece of cake. Aggron, hyper beam!” The steel Pokémon charges the energy then shoots straight at Lampent who dodges by phasing through and uses confuse ray. Aggron’s eyes glow blue then bashes it’s head into it’s surroundings. The enemy is stunned that a brat is actually good in combat. The female member commands Weavile to use a metal claw on Lampent. Machoke uses Double-edge to push the Weavile out of the way. Blair thanks the officer before switching targets. Lampent uses inferno against the ice Pokémon, but they dodge and counter with ice shard. Blair waits for an opening to use inferno again. The ice melts piercing it's way through causing a direct hit. The flames engulf Weavile, easily defeating it into submission. It’s trainer calls out to it in alarm. Meanwhile, the Machoke faints after attempting to take down the rampaging Aggron to no avail. Confusion ends, and all that remains is a battle between Lampent and Aggron. The question is whether or not her Lampent is a good compatibility against it.

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Apprentice of Gardavian
Yggdrasil City.
Anxious, Determined, and Uneasy
Blue leggings, Floral blouse
Pumpkid Pumpkid (Blair) , Twist Twist (Zee)
The piercing orbs scanned the group carefully as a hand gently laid over the soft fur of the growling ninetails that protected her from 'harm'. "Rani, that is enough." The soft voice was quiet and soothing as Ashryn carefully eyed Zee and Blair. Her attention quickly became grabbed as the news began to play.

Rani growled darkly as Zee stretched out his hand towards her, the fox-like canid pokemon allowing her nose to twitch at the smell of food before starting when gentle fingers rested on her head. Almost immediately, the pokemon became all sweet and gentle as a pink tongue darted out to lick the fingers fondly. Her eyes narrowed darkly before switching her own attention to the screen. Her flowing nine tails swept around her as she gave an even darker snarl at the screen as the voices of Team Eclipse came from the screen.

Icy silver-blue orbs hardened to chips of pure ice as Ashryn glanced at her pokemon and gave a slight nod. "I recognize the sound of their voices too. Let's go!" The girl quickly followed Blair into the fray. Her boots hit the ground as the fairy-type apprentice carefully wove through the streets. The duo quickly came across a Team Eclipse member and Ashryn carefully fell into a fighting stance, her eyes flashing as she glared daggers at the Team Eclipse member before her. "You guys just never cease to cause trouble do you?" Her annoyance clear in her crystalline gaze as Rani gave a dark growl beside her.

A mega-altaria was released alongside an arbok and venomoth. An icy chill ran down both the girl's spines as they exchanged a glance before the battle began. "You ready, Rani??" Ash tried to keep her voice from shaking as she eyed the three Pokemon against her one. She could only hope that whatever apprentice joined her (if any did), that she could fend the enemy off by herself. "Ninetails!" Rani gave a solid bark as she jumped forward and listened to her bonded friend call an attack. "Rani, use Aurora Veil, followed by Dazzling Gleam!"
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Zee, of the Sleep Gym

Content in the Ninetales ambivalence to him Zee waddled back towards his small group. The ground seemed to rumble beneath his feet as he walked, making Zee suspect he might have gotten too many snacks but just able to see Blair rise to her feet over his smorgasbord alongside a few others made the fifteen year old suspect it might not have been him. Laying his trove on the nearest low table, Zee lost sight of Blair though he caught sight of the girl by the desk, disappear outside. Turning his own attention outside, it became abundantly clear something bad was happening in the city. Pressing up against the windows, Blairs reappearance told him everything he needed to know. Yggdrasil City was under attack!

Taking a breath, Zee thought on what he could do to help in the current cataclysm. Able to run things for his Uncle back at home, the teenager pondered how he could apply such knowledge but Blair, however, suggested an obvious way he could certainly help the city. Taking up her call to arms, Zee picked up his Abra from off his chair, the Pokémon unstirred despite all that was going on. Slinging him over his back, Zee headed out after Blair and the other girl.

Following the two as best he could, Zee found himself steadily losing steam the girls growing further and further away until they outright vanished as they split up. Reaching a minute or two later where he thought the girls separated, Zee was assaulted by a wall of fire coming at him from ahead. Evading it as best he could by darting to the side, a low growl and snarl of Char from overheard gave form to his attacker. Looking to the sky, Zee could see the Charizard circling him up above. With a fiery gaze, the Flame Pokémon stared down the young agent, watching and waiting for him to make a move.

Zee could feel his Abra stir on his back, and readied himself as a large man stepped out of the smoke. Wearing the red and black of Team Eclipse and built like a Probopass the man had the moustache to match. Assuming at first he was the Charizards trainer, the Eclipse member stopped at the sight of young boy and pulled a sword from off his back. Pointing it threateningly at Zee, it was only then that the agent recognised it as a Pokémon! With a sadistic grin, the man commanded his Honedge to attack. "Honedge, Aerial Ace!"

Spinning on it's axis in the air, the Sword Pokemon quickly gained speed before lunging towards Zee. Unavoidable by nearly all means, Zee was lucky he had Abra at his back. In a flash of light the pair vanished only to reappear a few feet away back, in the direction they had come from. The fifteen year old fell on his butt in utter surprise at the Eclipse Members ruthless attack, Abra climbing up around his shoulders. With one eye on his partner, the Psi Pokémon looked at Zee with concern. His heart beating like a jackhammer, Zee knew how close he had just come to death if not thanks to his Pokémon's intervention. With the man coming closer, his Honedge floating over him, the fifteen year old had to make a choice....

Knowing he had a responsibility to others as an Agent, and that others would not be as lucky as him if they ran into this black and red barbarian, Zee got to his feet and stood his ground. Plopping on the ground before him, Abra joined his Trainer's brave stand. With a tremor in his voice, Zee ordered his Pokemon to attack. "Abra, Confusion"
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The sudden roar of a nearby explosion would give Xander reason to pause; the blonde haired trainer glancing towards the exterior of the building as a thick plumage of smoke blossomed in the distance; the cacophony of terror that reverberated through the city depicting a scene of pure carnage. Beneath the blossoming pillar of smoke, the sight of countless civilians could be seen fleeing from that direction; their cries of terror soon joined by the wailing sirens of the local police force that had come to their aid.

"What the actual fuck.." mumbled Xander, as he slammed both fist's against the buildings glass door; his attention fixated upon the chaos before him and ignorant to the actions of those that shared in his confusion. Another explosion would distract him even more so; the distant sight of a metallic black pokemon disappearing among the buildings just as a torrent of flames erupted from underneath.

"Is that a fight?!" inquired Xander rhetorically, pressing his face against the glass panel for a closer look; but gaining very little in terms of information. "Damn it!, What is the old man doing at a time like this?!" he asked again, hurriedly burying one hand into his pocket in order to grasp his phone in hopes of seeing his master's instructions. Alas, no new messages had appeared on his phone. "This old geezer is damn useless whenever its time for him to get serious!" cursed Xander, glancing down at Zeus who likewise shared his concerns. As he glanced to his trusted partner, he would notice several of the other disciples rush out to the growing chaos.

That was all the convincing Xander needed before he too succumbed to the innate desire that boiled within him. While he had yet to receive any instructions from the old perv, he had also not received any instructions to not act either. Thus... given the circumstances he could be forgiven for acting recklessly and thus by proxy of having good intentions... he could by right, not be punished for his actions.

"Fuck it Zeus, we are joining the fun!." growled Xander, standing firm and exiting the building.


It wouldn't take long before Xander found himself engaged in combat, the blonde trainer finding himself in between an Eclipse grunt and a fallen officer. From what Xander could surmise, it seemed like a stray attack from the Eclipse grunts Magmortar had caused a nearby lamp pole to fall; the result being that the base of the lamp had completely melted through, with the remaining portion landing on a nearby officer. Xander would have called the officer an idiot had it not been for the sound of crying. It wouldn't take a second for Xander to realize that the officer had pushed a young girl out of the way, his actions leaving him completely defenceless as the light pole fell.

With the officer dazed and pinned by the fallen pole, the officers growlithe could only do so much to protect its trainer as well as the girl.

"Oi Mutt" growled Xander, glancing at the puppy pokemon. "Protect the kid... shit's about to get lit up" he smirked, before he pointed directly at the grunt; his magmortar standing adjacent to him with its hulking girth.

"Do it" shouted Xander, as a flash of yellow whizzed past him towards the direction of the opposing pokemon, its right fist glowing a deep shade of brown as a mach punch made contact with the hulking fire pokemon. "Don't give it time, follow that up with an iron tail to its leg" continued Xander as he watched the fist make contact with the magmortars face; causing it to teeter backwards. The following Iron tail would strike true and with the pokemon already off balance, it would find itself falling to its back.

"Dam it. Fucking useless thing" shouted the grunt. "Fire off another flamethrower, roast that idiot" he continued, glaring at Xander. The fallen pokemon would oblige, raising ont of its weaponized appendeges ahead of itself before the orange glow of flames began to spew forth.

"Parabolic charge!" shouted Xander, as he prepared for the heat to come. Another explosion would occur as the two attacks made contact. The growlithe would also raise up a 'protect' shielding itself, its fallen trainer and the young girl from any residual damage
905b06c634525c9ce0ff628467935929.jpgVeronica was a bit startled at the slight rumble beneath her and so was Micael. Though she didn't bother to get up and look out the window but she could hear the screams coming from outside. Was there some sort of attack happening. Finally she decided to get up and she skated up to the window. Her eyes caught the monitor were a masked figure on the screen with clearly disguised voice speak. He spewed his nonsense and then the transition ended. "Great." Veronica said to herself. Her first thought was to get Clara but she knew Clara would come in clutch so she wasn't to worry about that.

Veronica watched as four people left running out of the building and she couldn't but wonder if there was actually going to split up into pairs. Which was good idea to bad the girl who suggested it didn't even bother to take her own advice. "Amazing." Veronica said to herself. She really did want to go help but......she looked down at her pokemon who was clearly scared, more so then he was when they arrived. She sighed, well this wasn't something that was new to her. Though she was tempted to go running out to help she knew darn well for her it would really be better if she had a partner just in case Micael turned out to be a real problem. Though she would rather not have to it couldn't be help. Veronica scanned the others who were still here. "So anyone want to team up with me or do you guys plan on being lone rangers?" She was still chewing on her gum which was now starting to lose flavor. Which was upsetting seeing as this was her last piece.
Fangway Fangway Abstracty Abstracty DracoNightshade DracoNightshade
At the sound of the explosion, Ruby and Rex jumped in surprise. Rather than pay attention to the monitor, Ruby was more interested in the chaos outside, her Tyrunt growling at the sound of screams with narrowed eyes.
With no word from her fossil of a mentor, half of the gang already out the door and Veronica suggesting they go as well, Ruby cracked her knuckles. "Let's do it. I don't know where the others are or if they're all together, but let's split into groups of two so we can watch each other's backs."
That said, Ruby turned to her Tyrunt who was eager to go, scratching the floor with his clawed feet, like he was about to charge. Ruby nodded and opened the door.
"C'mon y'all!"
animegirl20 animegirl20 Fangway Fangway Abstracty Abstracty
Cole Ashton

Cole gave a nod at the others, he seemed to want to take one of the sweets the big guy had, but things went to hell in a second, with Chase jumping on alert as the first rumble started, but Cole gave him a look, catching the Pokeball giving the situation a good look, with Cole having a rather stony look in his face for the moment. The moment the purple girl spoke, he took a second to consider his move, but it was the most thought he put on things.

"I am going to catch up with some early bird, if you don't mind"

Just after saying that, both of them bolted out. The city was in danger and it looked like hell outside. Cole, however, stopped for a second.

"Make sure to give hell to those creeps"

And the two of them always know how to run into hell.

Whoever these clowns are planning, they are asking for a beating they will never forget.

Chase seemed to be pointing in a direction as they dodged the chaos surrounding them.

"Which way? Got any scent, mate?" Chase pointed one way, so he started running that way. The sounds were hellish. Yggdrasil City had quite the calm beat and compared to this cacophony... Those Eclipse people were going to pay.

He was surprised if his partner managed to learn even one, but the sounds of fighting attracted him to the scene where the white-haired girl was. And some awful company.

"Chase, Snarl!" He called.
Avery smiled at Blair and gave her friendly partner Lampent a wave as they introduced themselves. The Ghost Pokemon seemed very inquisitive and Blair confirmed as much, as slowly but surely more young agents arrived. This made Avery wonder about what was going on even more. Blair had mentioned that it was uncommen for kids to be called to HQ, so Avery got more and more excited. The others mostly seemed very friendly and he couldn't help but smile as he saw their Pokemon too. He made sure to be very watchful of Athena now, but the Vitalian Hoothoot behaved herself and remained calm, although she preferred to stay on his shoulder instead of getting closer to anyone else. This allowed Avery to greet all of the new arrivals, though he didn't take up Zee's offer, since he had just had his breakfast not too long ago.

Before they could really talk a whole lot, an ominous rumbling disturbed the peace, causing Avery to get out of his seat and Athena to instinctively fly upwards. Looking around in confusion, he couldn't tell what was going on. Was Yggdrasil City plagued by earthquakes he didn't know about? He almost wished that it was something like that, when an explosion caused him to jump up in fright. He quickly joined those hurriedly making for an exit, calling for Athena to get back to his side. Smoke and panicked people instantly made him feel sick and when the infamous Eclipse Icon appeared, Avery felt cold and afraid. It was a good thing that his Hoothoot wasn't shy of dishing out small pecks to him when needed, as he immediately shot back up and ran towards the receptionists, where Blair was already instructing them on calling the guardians, but to no avail. She seemed to have sprung into action far quicker then him and many other agents were quick to join her. Avery looked on in confusion as Ashryn and Zee also ran outside. "But...", he muttered to himself and when Xander also ran away whilst cursing, he finally was able to act and think of a plan.

"We need the guardians, we can't just run out there without a plan!", he disagreed with Veronica who was trying to rally the remaining half. With Cole eager to catch up with someone else and Ruby agreeing to join Veronica, he didn't feel too bad about taking a different route. "We will get them!", he yelled towards Veronica and Ruby, as he and Athena hurried past the receptionists and deeper into HQ. He had no real clue as to where to go, but his instict was telling him that it didn't really matter. If the guardians had somehow missed the rumbling and explosion, they needed to be warned - and he had every reason to believe that they might not be fully aware of what was going on, since there was no sign of them countering the ongoing attack and no alarms ringing out through HQ. But aside from all logic he tried to put on it, he was also panicking. He was afraid, he didn't feel ready. Thus, Avery simply ran through the halls, knocking at every door and shouting bloody murder to make sure everyone here was aware the city was under serious attack. With the sheer size of the modern building he could also assumed that the most important meeting rooms might be sound-proof or isolated otherwise, to ensure secrecy and undisturbed meetings. Athena was dutifully aiding him in his task to raise alarms, but soon flying ahead to spy where the guardians might be located.

Gym Leader Meeting: Maverick Reeves, Kiyori “Kory” Tanaka, Pamela, Sofia Hearth & Nigel Burham
Twist Twist animegirl20 animegirl20 Phayne Phayne

The conference was said to be scheduled sometime around eight in the morning. An unconventional time compared to the usual noon meetings. Some of the guardians arrived on time while others were fashionably late. Whatever the case, the Elites heeded their summons with the promise of dragging along their apprentices. The leaders have all agreed to bring forth the matter after the President finished with his report. Many of them questioned what the urgency to gather entails. It did not take long to start. The moment everyone is situated, a male representative dressed in a business suit takes the floor. The monitor turns on for a video call. A blonde, middle aged man appears seated in his office. Of course the President doesn't bother to personally attend, and yet, forces his Elites to do so.

“Good morning, fellow Guardians.” Scott greeted with a gruff tone. His gaze tired from the years of work. Always moving around wherever he is needed. “I’m glad to see everyone was kind enough to show this time. I’ve called you all here not to exchange information, but to warn you of an upcoming disaster.” Scott noticed some of the leader’s expressions showed signs of concern at the sudden detail. “Last night I was sent an ominous message from Team Eclipse regarding the fall of Yggdrasil City will be done within sixty days. We weren't able to detect where it came from, but I figured it would be wise to request all of you to be here should an attack actually happen.”

“And you take the enemy’s word for it, sir?” Maverick quieres first, sitting at the far end of the table with his signature, devilish grin. “With all due respect, I don't think it was a smart decision to have all of us come here. It sounds exactly like a trap to me.”

“I concur with the puppet master over there.” Kiyori interjected, hiding his face behind his black, fluorescent hand-held fan. “It’s obvious Team Eclipses is planning to do something, but their first tactic is to scare you. Four of us can handle whatever danger is lurking by while the other four proceed to guard the deities.”

“Yggdrasil is more important than your precious town!” Scott growled, slamming his hands on the table. “They’ll survive as long as the legendaries exist, but the tree is our region’s life source. Without it, we all die.” The room grows tense and quiet. Clearly everyone has a different opinion. The President lets out a heavy sigh before returning to his seat. “I know my plan is not ideal, but that is why I brought you here, to brainstorm on how we can avoid a tragedy from happening.”

The rumbling catches everyone’s attention. It’s enough for headquarters to shake. “Something is wrong.” Nigel pointed out. “Something is indeed wrong.” The representative fidgets in a panic after seeing his tablet. He turns on the second screen as it tunes in to the news. The city has already began it’s siege. Pokémon running wild by Team Eclipse grunts. The reporter is cut off to a masked figure with a disguised voice. They ranted about a new world order.

“That’s the person who sent the message. The same voice too.” Scott informed. “Where is this broadcast coming from?” The representative hastily taps a few buttons on his tablet and pinpointing the signal. “The Vital Radio Tower.” He answered. Scott turns to the Guardians, “you must go now and put a stop to their plans before they cause any more damage to the city.”

Before Scott could sign out, the cries of help from a boy echoes through the halls along with heavy knocks. Pamela recognized the voice. She stands from her seat and rushes over to the door. Once she swings it open, she finds Avery a short ways down the hall. “Avery, my boy!” She hollered. “What on Earth are you doing crying bloody murder?” She didn't need to ask, she already knew what is going on beyond the walls. The rest of the gym leaders can guess the same too. “If it’s about Team Eclipses, we know. Just take a deep breath and stay calm. We’ll handle it. It won’t do any good if you’re panicking.”

“Aye, lass.” Sofia agreed. “Take a deep breath.”

“I’m assuming Team Eclipse decided not to waste time executing their plan in a stealthy manner. What an impatient bunch.” Kory commented.

“Even so,” Maverick started. “Our best course of action is to reach the radio tower. I vote Denjiro and Clara to handle it. Denjiro can jam Team Eclipse’s signal with electricity while normal is a safe option inside a building to The rest of us can handle a large mass of grunts. Is that okay with you guys?”

Apprentice of Gardavian
Yggdrasil City.
Anxious, Determined, and Uneasy
Blue leggings, Floral blouse
Fangway Fangway (Cole)
The fairy-type apprentice was quick on her feet as she glared daggers at Team Eclipse, her gaze switching between the three pokemon against her one. Silver wisps escaped from the hairstyle that her long tresses were haphazardly thrown into as she gave a stern glance to her Pokemon as the two of them fought together. She could feel sweat dripping down her back as unease trickled through her veins.

Rani easily focused her first two attacks on the one Pokemon that she held a clear advantage over. Her long flowing tails waved dangerously as teeth bared. Clear ivory fangs were on display as she gave a low snarl. The mega altaria was easily defeated by the two females before all focus was switched to the dangerous other two Pokemon. The poison types were ones Rani was all too familiar with and she gave a growl when a new member of the rival group approached to help their friend.

"Ashryn." A low voice was spoken out in acknowledgment as the duo teamed up against the girl, which Ash was quick to stiffen and give a dark, glacial glare at the two team Eclipse members.

"It isn't a pleasure to see you again." She sassed back coldly, her eyes falling to one side as she focused on her Pokemon as the dup eyed the two which blocked off the only escape route through the street. When a new voice came from behind her, Ash couldn't help but fall into a defensive stance before her eyes noted Cole. Ashryn relaxed slightly before focusing on another of the Pokemon, calling out an attack from her fond (yet overly protective) Pokemon. "Rani, use Ice Beam!"

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Surprisingly, it didn't take Avery very long to find the guardians and their meeting room. He was already on his way to the next door, when he heard a familiar voice which caused him to immediately stop what he was doing. With an audible sigh of relief, he hurried back to Pamela, who was already asking him what he was shouting about. "Its Team E-", he wanted to report what was going on, but she was one step ahead of him. Avery started to blush and he could feel it, so he lowered his head and nodded, as he tried to calm his nerves. "I just... wanted to make sure you knew... they are attacking the city...", he mumbled, but otherwise he did as he was told and tried to calm down. The young trainer felt really stupid now, of course the guardians were way ahead of them. But at his moment of panic it had seemed so clear to him that someone needed to tell them. Now, he just felt as though he had possibly embarassed Pamela in front of the other gym leaders and so his head kept low and he burried his hands in the pockets of his sweater as he heard what they were discussing.

He anxiously listened in and regretted his decision, as all of the others were surely being more useful. All of the others? If anything, he could at least try to redeem himself a little by applying what he had seen from the window in a more calm manner. "The other agents you wanted to see have set out to fight the grunts in the streets already.", he dutifully informed in a much more consise way. "I saw where they went, I can show you!", he offered at least some help, but he was ready to do whatever the guardians told him now, as he didn't want to feel like he was disappointing Pamela again. All the while, Athena seemed very eager to also get out there, but she stayed by Averys side and wouldn't fall out of line or behave rudely again.
Cole Ashton

Chase charged at full speed, letting out a loud growl and a black soundwave to shove them back. Both trainer and Pokemon scanned everything around them, looking for something in particular, but Cole knew they needed to keep attacking to find the right time to use that. If he gets a chance...They'll be able to punch through a lot.

"Sorry for being late, hope I make for a good reinforcement," He said to Ashryn, giving her a thumbs up. "Fry that bug with Fire Fang"
Zee, of the Sleep Gym

Zee frowned. Abra's Confusion had proven not very effective on the Sword Pokémon, putting Zee on the back foot when it came to the battle. With the Eclipse Member barking out another Aerial Ace, Zee had Abra Teleport once again. Appearing a few feet away, Zee hoped to buy himself time to think but the moustached man was quick on the offense. Commanding his Honedge to attack with his Flying Type move, the fifteen year old had Abra Teleport lest he be run through. From the side-lines Zee could see his opponent's frustration as attack after attack missed, his fool proof assault meeting it's match in Abra. Unfortunately however for Zee, there were more than two Team Eclipse members present.

From up high, the watching Charizard had too grown weary of Abra's antics. As the Psi Pokémon dodged another Aerial Ace, the Flame Pokémon brought down a wall of fire where Abra once stood. With every Teleport came another Fire Spin from the swooping Charizard, until there was no where left to go. Trapped in a vortex of flame, Zee had no choice but to fight.

At arms length, the two trainers squared off in the ring of fire, the Eclipse Member taking things into his own hands in the truest sense of the word. Wielding his Honedge like a literal sword, the moustached miscreant came at Abra, his eyes ablaze with rage. With the man entering the melee, there was nothing Zee or Abra could do to fight back, unwilling to endanger or hurt their opponent.

Slashing at Zee's Pokémon with his Honedge, Abra scooted back as best he could, wincing in pain with every hit. Grinning from ear to ear, the Eclipse Member carried on without thought or mercy for the Pokémon involved, including his own, his Sword Pokémon casting an evil glare from the single eye on it's hilt, it's red banded ribbon wrapping tight around it's trainers hand.

Shocked at what he was seeing, Zee cried out to the man. "Stop! You can't treat Pokémon like this!"

The Eclipse Member stopped and turned his head, his smile fading. "Are you talking to me?!"

Zee stared daggers at the man, but didn't say a word. Pointing his Honedge at the fifteen year old, the muscled mustachio's face soured. "Listen up, kid. You see this here Honedge? It ain't some little friend, some pet that deserves pampering. No, it's a weapon, a tool, and I'm the one wielding it. That's what all Pokémon are for us humans!"

"Even your 'Legendaries'" The Eclipse Member spat the word "Pokémon ain't meant to be revered or worshipped like some kind of deity. They're meant to serve a purpose, to do our bidding. You think they're divine beings deserving of your adoration, but you're.. dead wrong."

The man turned to Abra, raising his Honedge upwards once again. Zee could sense what was happening and so quickly called out to his Pokémon "Abra, use Rest!"

"This is what Pokémon are for!" He swung at Abra. "To be used! Tools to build... a new world! With.. Man.. on top...."

With every swing Zee's opponent grew more breathless, despite all the muscle the bushy faced brute possessed. With slumped shoulders, the Eclipse Member lifted his Sword Pokémon wearily. "Honedge..." he said breathlessly "Fury... Cut..ter"

Honedge's eye stared angrily outward, as it's blade took on a greenish glow. With a strained grunt it's trainer lunged forward! Only to fall listlessly onto the ground, Honedge clattering to the ground beside him. Zee blinked uncomprehendingly, his gaze falling on the Eclipse Member. Barely breathing, the man's skin looked strangely sallow except for one arm which was red and puckered from his Pokémon's grip.

Despite whatever had happened to the Eclipse Member, Zee quickly diverted his attention to his Abra. Slumped against the wall, the Psi Pokémon despite his scuffs and scrapes looked okay, sleeping away his injuries thanks to Zee's quick command.

With a sigh of relief, Zee hauled up his Abra on to his back, keeping one eye to the sky for the roaming Charizard as he looked for a means of escape..


PJ, Psychic Gym Leader
Guardian of Siberizen

PJ had dozed most of the meeting but that was common practice for the Master of the Sleep Gym. Arriving early the evening before, PJ had let himself into the conference room and had taken the nearest available seat before getting comfortable for the night. Dressed for the chill of his hometown, Goodnite, the Psychic Guardians heavy padded jacket and woolly bottoms made for good bedding and his bobble hat would make an adequate pillow, but the chair was a poor substitute for a bed for someone of his larger size. Still, PJ could sleep anywhere and soon the blissful blanket of sleep overcame him. The faintest sounds of the morning hubbub within the headquarters stirred the Winter Guardian from his slumber but it was not until the first of his fellows arrival for their eight o'clock meeting did PJ begin to wake. A squeeze on his shoulder, a light snigger or two, or a softly spoken morning alerted PJ to each of his fellow guardians arrival, the big man letting out a mild yawn before dozing once again. Despite his outward appearance, and the minor drooling, the Leader of the Sleep Gym was very much present, his napping more akin to meditation or micro sleep as the meeting got under way.

The cries of help halfway through their meeting however firmly got PJ's attention, the Psychic Guardian leaping to action with one lazily opening eye. A mighty yawn followed, the stocky sinew of his arms stretching upwards, the big man overhearing everything as slowly got to his fur lined feet.

"Fine with me, Maverick Pumpkid Pumpkid . I'd be happy to take point as usual"

Shaking his arms and legs one by one to wake them up as he marched to the front door, PJ moved a hand to his belt. Lined with Pokeballs, the Guardian choose one of his Dream Balls. Pink in colour, in the right light the darker pink circle on it's brow almost looked like a moon. Wincing at the morning light for just a moment PJ scanned the streets. Just ahead in a nearby side street, a group of eager Eclipse Members were rushing towards Cross Agency HQ, the citywide attack a suitable distraction for them to make a sneak attack it seemed. Holding his other hand over his mouth as he yawned, PJ threw his Pokeball before him and in a flash of light appeared his sizeable Snorlax. Still coming up the small street, PJ hurried ahead, his Pokémon beside him, to cut them off. Knowing they had been spotted the Eclipse Members reached for their own Pokeballs as PJ shouted a command to Snorlax.

"Snorlax, Block!"

Hitting the exit of the street, with his arms and legs wide, there was no way the Eclipse Members or their Pokémon would be getting through Snorlax. In a flash of light the Eclipse Members Pokémon appeared only to be met with the bulky bulwark of Snorlax's gut. Claws scraping building stonework, PJ ordered his partner forward to push them back.
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"What the!?" Ruby had charged out of the building, her Tyrunt beside her and his ball in her hands. Needless to say, the place was in chaos. As she glanced around, Ruby noticed what appeared to be a huge wall of flames blocking their path, stopping two or three feet short. A closer look revealed Zee in the midst of it with his Abra. Looking up, she identified the Pokemon likely responsible for her fellow agent's current predicament.
"I hate destruction." Ruby turned to Rex. "Rex, Rock Tomb."
With a loud roar, the Tyrunt stomped on the ground, enormous shards of stone erupting from the ground and smothering a section of the fire wall.
"Zee! This way!" Just as she called out to him, the Charizard dove readying another attack. "Rex! Use another Rock Tomb!"
The dinosaur growled as he stomped again, the enormous shards of stone erupting to intercept the Fire/Flying type Pokemon.
Ruby on the other hand, had crossed into the ring of fire and saw the Eclipse Grunt on the ground with the Honedge lying a few feet away. "Zee!" Twist Twist

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