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Fandom Pokémon: Agents of Vital Region (IC/Closed)

Zee, of the Sleep Gym


There was a crash behind Zee so loud that he thought a small building had collapsed. Turning, he heard his name called amongst a puff of smoke and dust just as Charizard swooped down to attack. Another explosive boom followed, chunks of stone and rock erupting into the body of the Flame Pokemon, as a familiar voice beckoned another attack. Leaping over the dying embers, Zee's face lit up as he found himself reunited with a member of their little group of apprentices, Ruby DracoNightshade DracoNightshade .

Zee put a finger to his lips as Ruby exclaimed his name again, obviously worried for his safety, motioning with his head at his Abra. "Glad you're here" he said softly.

"Blair Pumpkid Pumpkid and the other girl Talathel Talathel are ahead of us somewhere. I'm not sure how they're doing but if they're fighting anyone like this guy, then they may be in trouble."

He could see Ruby glancing at the fallen Eclipse Member, his Honedge beside him, as he spoke but all he could offer was a shrug. "I have no idea. But we need to finish up here so we can help the others."

Looking to the heavens, Zee could see that the Charizard was hurt thanks to Rex's super effective attack but he wasn't quite finished. Taking on a fiery glow, the Flame Pokemon seem to BLAZE with resurgent power, a lick of white hot flames blasting from his nostrils. Lifting Abra upwards with his shoulders, the fifteen year old fighter kept his eyes on Charizard as he spoke to Ruby. "Looks like you got him good with your last attack but he ain't licked yet. Fancy trying a combo attack?"

Zee twisted his body to better aim the sleeping Abra like a makeshift turret. "Think you can try trapping him with another Rock Tomb so I can hit him with a Snore?"

With a roar, the Charizard swooped down it's mouth bursting with flame and fangs glinting as it readied a Fire Fang....

Electric Guardian
The Old Geezer
Hangover at the Meeting

The old geezer known as Denjiro had remained rather quiet throughout the entirety of the discussion, the blank gaze he wore suggesting that his focus was not entirely here within this moment in time, despite the importance of their meeting. Truth be told, the old geezer had been up to no good the night before, his penchant for mischief despite his old age being reinvigorated now that he was in such a lively city. The citizens of Storm Valley had long since become accustomed to his antics, so much so that even Denjiro had to confess that he was getting bored of the old schtick.

However, now in the big and prosperous haven of Yggdrassil, his old games would find a new lease of life. While the innocent sparkplug that was Xander had found himself overwhelmed by the cities sheer size; Denjiro had instead found himself overwhelmed by the cities nightlife, the untarnished fruits were far more abundant here than back home. Just the sheer sight of them had given his evening and midnight wine an added sweetness. Alas, now that he found himself sat in the meeting room alongside his fellow guardians, he was soon coming to the realization that he may have played a tad too much the night before; the ache that tickled his spine reminding him that he was no longer young.

Wearing his standard loose attire, Denjiro would raise his right hand to his left pec, idly scratching an itch as his gaze flickered between the other faces that joined him in this room. Aside from Pamela and to a lesser extent PJ, the youthfulness that radiated off the other 5 guardians was an ample reminder that he would need to find a successor soon. That being said, the thought of leaving his temple in the hands of Xander was far from ideal. He could only begin to imagine how drastic a change his gym would experience should the brat succeed him... if only his talent and potential wasn't so damn promising, he'd have settled for another disciple.

Sighing at the chaotic future that awaited his temple, the old geezer would stretch a hand out towards the glass adjacent to himself, though as his aging fingers began to curl to grasp the cup; the sudden ripple upon the waters surface would cause him to stop; his gaze quickly shifting from virtually lifeless to on edge as he turned to gauge the expressions of everyone else. The ensuing chaos within the city would soon become apparent as others began to break the news of Team Eclipse's attack.

"I guess even the villains suffers from youthful impatience..." sighed the old man, as he grasped the cup and drank; his free left hand now raised to scratch at his right pec. "The fall of Yggdrassil would be done in 60 days... I guess these youtful brats couldn't wait much longer..." he sighed again, placing the empty glass back down on the table. "Ughhh....The radio tower you said..." he glanced at Maverick, shaking his head in the process "...making this old master run to the other side of the city... it seems you youngsters have indeed forgotten how to treat the elderly with respect.." Denjiro sighed again, now using his right hand to pick up his straw hat, fastening it to his back as he turned to face Clara. "Come now... at the very least I'll have to trouble this beautiful young lady to accompany me along the way...This old man ain't as spry as I once was..." he turned around as he spoke. "Leave it to this old geezer and this lovely young lady... the rest of you can go enjoy your youth..." he spoke, disappearing around a corner as he begun to make his way down.

animegirl20 animegirl20 Pumpkid Pumpkid

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"I like your thinking." Ruby grinned at Zee's suggestion of a combo before calling over to her Tyrunt. "Rex! Rock Tomb one more time!"
The Tyrunt was happy to oblige as he leapt into the air, the impact of his landing causing another series of stones to erupt. This time, the offending Charizard was trapped beneath the rock pile, one of them damaging its left wing as it howled in pain.
Ruby flinched at the cry before turning to Zee. "He's all yours." Twist Twist

Blair Blackthorn
Interactions: Xander Phayne Phayne

9811bad24e3483aa53c47714d9445912.jpg Lampent spews fire upon Blair’s command making it super effective against a steel type, but not enough to take it down. The Aggron was in good shape, being able to withstand its weakness even if it's for a short time. The grunt laughs taking great pride in his efforts of training his Pokémon to endure the impossible. “Nice try, kid. Your punny Lampent isn't going to easily defeat my Aggron. I’ve made sure to toughen him up to the best of my abilities. It sounds like you’ve run out of luck.” He grinned. His incompetence showed lacking the brains to read the room. He was sorely underestimating Blair. It’s only the first round for the grunt; and while Aggron is still able to fight, that doesn't mean Lampent is quitting either. “Use water pulse!”

The steel Pokémon charges a sphere of water then shoots towards Lampent. One false move would definitely weaken Lampent severely, and now is not the time to lose when there are many grunts at large. “Dodge and then use will-o-wisp.” Lampent barely manages to move away from the attack before launching flaming balls toward his enemy.

“Counter with Iron tail followed by focus punch.” Aggron’s tail glows, slamming away the blue fireballs in one swing. Despite its large size, it quickly charges it’s focus punch then jabs directly at Lampent. The grunt smirks once more assuming Lampent has kicked the bucket. “I warned ya. How pathetic can you-” The brute is stunned by Blair’s unfazed expression. “Why aren't you crying like a baby?”

“You really are a total dumbass. Fighting moves has no effect on Ghost.” Blair retorted. “Lampent, confuse ray.” The lantern appears out of thin air beside Aggron and casts its spell. However, in doing so, Blair miscalculated the effect on Aggron. Much like before, it shakes its head and roars attempting to break free. The steel Pokémon rams itself into a nearby building as it becomes berserk.

“Snap out of it you stupid Pokémon! Your target is right in front of you.” The grunt called only to be whacked by Aggron’s tail, and ended up severely damaged as he made contact with a nearby car. Blair gapes in shock to have witnessed a horrible scene. She caused a human being to go unconscious. In the midst of Blair’s astonishment, Lampent pushes her out of harm's way as Aggron proceeds to slam into buildings while trampling forward. Blair snaps back to reality as Lampent chimes with worry. They then direct her attention to the fleeing Pokémon. If she didn't doesn't fix it, she’ll cause another disaster in her hands.

The gothic girl shuffles to her feet and chases after Aggron after thanking Lampent. She struggles to catch up to it as it blindly runs through the city. Somewhere along the way, the Aggron has set a course towards a blonde boy from headquarters. With them is their Gorochu. As if that wasn't worse, there is a Growlithe protecting a little girl and their officer. Blair’s heart races, struggling to figure out a way to stop the Pokémon’s advances. There is so much at stake and if nothing is done it will be her fault again. First things first, and that involves saving the blonde boy. Blair somehow finds the strength to pick up speed and call out to them. “Hey! Move out of the way!” It was no use, it’s too noisy to hear anything. The only thing left to do is hope the next move does the trick. “Lampent, stop Aggron with inferno.” The lantern creature spews fire at full blast causing the Pokémon to hit the brakes, but as its giant body was about to collapse on Xander, Blair somehow finds the strength to pick up speed and launch herself and shout, “look out!” At the blonde pushing him out of the way in the nick of time. She falls down with him into the cement.

As soon as the dust clears, Blair prys her eyes open. She raises herself, hovering above Xander to meet his gaze. “Are you alright? That was a close one.” She pulls away to dust herself off before offering a hand.

Electric Disciple
Xander Volts
The livewire
Stuck between a rock and a hard place

As both attacks collided, a large explosion would burst forth from the point of contact; a fierce shockwave of energy dispersing in every direction as both fire and static rushed out wildly. It was evident that both attacks had cancelled each other out, their destructive forces escaping in every direction except for what had initiatally been intended by both trainers and pokemon.

"Damn it" cursed Xander under his breath, a fierce smile accompaning the fierce gaze he presently wore. "Guess you Team Eclipse Bastards aren't completely useless.." chimed the blonde as he used a free hand to wipe the beads of sweat that had begun to form along his brow; the intense heat of the magmortars fire as well as the pure adrenaline that coursed through his veins having a very obvious affect on him. There was nothing more thrilling than an intense battle, a competition were both sides only sought to dominate the other through sheer force.

"You still good to go, Zeus?!" came the rhetorical question from Xander, as he glanced down at his partner; the unsurprising thumbs up and ensuing shower of sparks giving Xander the answer he already knew was coming. "I thought so!" shouted Xander, "I guess it's about time we got a bit serious eh, partner?" he questioned again, as he began to hop in place, both arms down by his side as he shook them ever so slightly, neck craning from one side to the next as he loosened his entire body. "It's been a while since we had a good workout with someone that wasn't the old fart" he exclaimed, eyes focused ahead of himself at the enemy standing before him.

Despite both pokemon having taken some recoil from the explosion of their attacks colliding, it was apparent that the Magmortar wasn't fairing as well as Zeus was. Given its impaired mobility from having its leg targeted by the Iron tail, as well as Parabolic charge's side affect of healing, it was clear that it had taken more damage than Zeus had done during their first skirmish.

"You ready..." murmured Xander "... lets put them out of their misery" he spat, the venom in his words indicative of his intentions. Jabbing the air in front of him as if he were shadow boxing, he followed suit with a clear uppercut motion with his left hand, signalling to his partner what he wanted accomplished. "Successive Mach Punches!" shouted the blonde, his partner disappearing in a flash as he dashed forward, right paw striking the face of the magmortar, before a second uppercut motioned mach punch followed, knocking the rotund flamethrower backwards and into his trainer.

"Do something!" shouted the eclipse grunt, clearly rattled by the intensity of the fight. While it was true that his pokemon was indeed strong, it was also true that the foundation of their teamwork and trust was severely lacking; paling in comparison to trainers who actually put in the effort to grow and strengthen their bond with their pokemon. A smirk had appeared on Xanders face once more. If this grunt was to be taken as an example, then perhaps Team Eclipse was more bark than bite.

Focusing back on the pokemon battle, It was clear the Magmortor had tried to defend itself, both weaponized arms held ahead of itself as it tried to guard the oncoming assault. Without the instructions of its trainer, it had simply fallen back to its natural instinct. Alas, its bulk had worked against it in this moment, its drastically inferior speed giving it little chance to effectively block what was to come. The first punch to the face had caused it to wobble from the impact, the 2nd that struck just under the chin had caused it to fall backwards; eyes dazed as it pinned its trainer to the ground. "A round 2 knockout!" shouted Xander, amidst a chorus of barking that he had assumed to be cheering from the growlithe that presently stood guard by its trainer and the young girl.

"Alright I get it I get it!" shouted Xander, now turning to address the non-stop barking from growlithe. "I know we were impressive... but you're making too much noise now... pipe down!" he added stepping forward to where the puppy pokemon, its trainer and the girl stood. ".... I said be quiet!... do you want to draw more attention to us... if more of those grunts come... even me and Zeus would find ourselves in trouble..." he exclaimed, taking another step closer, reaching a hand out towards the girl, though her reaction wasn't exactly what Xander was expecting.

Obviously in a state of fear, it wasn't all too surprising that she was currently shivering in fear, the look of fear in her face to be expected considering the situation. However, given that they were currently out of danger, he had failed to see why she was still cowering like a new born lamb... nor did he understand why this mutt was still barking with such vigour. "Oi..mutt. seriously... keep it down... you're starting to give me a headache.." whined the blonde, glaring at the pup. However, the look of fear present on the growlithe was enough for even the dense Xander to realize that something wasn't right...

"b... b... beh.. behind ... you... " stuttered the frightened child, pointing behind Xander and Zeus as a monster clad in armour approached; destruction evident in its wake.

"W.... wha... what the hell?!" shouted Xander, wide eyed and confused as he finally took full notice of the approaching calamity that was the wayward Aggron, "... where the hell did that thing come from and why is it coming towards us?!" he shouted again, glancing back at the puppy pokemon and the girl. 'Do I take them with me and leave...?' thought the blonde, glancing at the unconscious officer. '... dam it.. I can't leave him... and I doubt the growlithe would happily let me take it away while leaving its trainer behind... what the fuck do I do...?' he continued to think, looking around for options yet finding nothing that would really help.

"Fuck. I've got nothing else but this..." cursed Xander, biting his lip as he began to walk forward, every step another hammer that nailed down his resolve as he sought to at least put himself in the way of the rampaging beast and the helpless victims behind him. "... it can't be much worse than a bouffalants wild charge... can it.." he joked to himself and Zeus as he laughed nervously. "... Zeus... this might hurt a bit... but we absolutely can't let that Aggron get past us..." he spoke nervously, getting a nod from his Gorochu. "... with its momentum... a mach punch and an iron tail ain't gonna cut it... we can only brace for impact and slowly wear it down with your Parabolic charge. Hopefully... if we make it out of this with just a few broken bones... the old geezer will be a little bit more lenient around the temple..." he laughed again, knowing that the old geezer was more than likely to increase the intensity of their training instead.

A flash of fire would bring Xanders attention to the pursuing Lampent and its trainer; her visage somewhat familiar yet something he couldn't exactly confirm at this moment; her voice barely audible above the chorus of carnage that the Aggron was presently orchestrating. As the fire reached its full furore, the blonde haired trainer and his partner would raise a hand to block their vision; the blinding inferno too much for their eyes to take. A foolish move given that they were little more than a deerling stuck in front of headlights at this point.

A strong force would inevitable impact the blonde and like a domino effect, his gorochu as they were knocked away. Though rather than being flung backwards, it felt more like they were flung to the side; with a certain weight pressed against them as they found themselves pressed upon the ground. "Ughhh... what.. the... " wheezed Xander, as he had the literal wind knocked right out of him. "... uughhhh..." he wheezed again, feeling the weight lift itself off of him; his now sprawled out body cast in shadow as the cause of his present troubles stood above him.

“Are you alright? That was a close one.”

"who... the hell..." he paused, forcing his eyes open as he instinctively used one hand to feel the side of his body that had been rugby tackled to the ground. "... a close one?... so why do I feel like I still ended up struck by a freight train then..." he moaned, eventually getting himself up into a seated position; chest heaving in discomfort. Broken... probably not... bruised... most likely.

Xander glanced at the outstretched hand, but brushed it aside for now. "... give me a few moments... I wasn't exactly expecting to be ambushed from the side... " he added.

Pumpkid Pumpkid

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Blair Blackthorn
Interactions: Xander Phayne Phayne

935eb3a1c62d4f90546156abddd5c357.jpg Xander rejects Blair’s hand for the time being until he’s collected himself. He voiced how although his life was saved, he still felt the pain from the tackle Blair gave him. She felt guilty for putting him through an awful situation. He has every right to be standoffish with her. “Sorry.” She mumbled sheepishly. “I was too preoccupied with saving you to avoid what happened to-” she pauses, replaying the previous events of the poor grunt who was whipped unconscious by their own Pokémon. For all Blair knows, he’s dead and all because she risked the chance to use confuse ray. Blair shakes away the thoughts and turns to Xander.

“Anyway…I’m glad you’re at least alive.” She looks at her surroundings. The chaos had caused so much damage at the price of people’s lives. The rampaging Aggron is safely out of commission, but it didn't feel right to leave it lying on the ground. Nearby is a fainted Magmotar with its owner. It was probably handled by the blonde. “There are still grunts on the loose. We have to take care of them quickly.”

Across the way is a Growlithe with a child next to an injured officer. Their body is trapped under a lamppost. Blair rushes over then approaches Growlithe in a calm manner. “Easy, I’m here to help. I mean you no harm.” She focuses on the officer. “Are you still with me, sir?” She waits for a response before calling Lampent over. “Use confuse ray on the lamp post.” Lampent nods, his eyes glow focusing its power on the broken object. The metallic post levitates carefully, removing itself from the officer. The lamp is whisked aside freeing the policeman from their shackles. Blair kneels beside the office deeply concerned. There is no way Blair will be able to leave the officer and the child alone in the open. Just then, the officer with the Machoke and his partner appear in the nick of time.

“Thank goodness. You took down Aggron.” One sighed. Their attention turns to their co-worker. They kneel beside Blair to check up on the fallen officer’s condition while the other attends to Growlithe, thanking the pup for sticking by them. Of course, he tries to comfort the little girl as well, reassuring her she is safe.

“How is Aggron’s owner?” Blair queried, surprised she held any kind of concern for their enemies.

“We’re not sure, but his teammate seemed horrified. She took off without him.” Blair can only imagine the worst case has gotten the better of the grunt. Perhaps it was karma that caught up to him in the end? The girl nods and leaves the policemen to take care of the rest. “If you kids really are apprentices, there are more Eclipse grunts up ahead, but they strangely took over the radio tower. I’m assuming they're the ones messing with our radio calls. We can’t seem to contact anyone.”

The radio tower would make sense as to how the leader broadcasted across every device, even go as far as interrupt the media. If grunts have reinforced the tower, it could only mean their leader is there too. “Thanks.” She nodded. Blair returns to Xander’s side. “I’m going on ahead to the Vital Radio tower, if you want to join? Apparently Team Eclipse has taken refuge there. I’m assuming the masked man is there too.”

Apprentice of Gardavian
Yggdrasil City.
Anxious, Determined, and Uneasy
Blue leggings, Floral blouse
Fangway Fangway (Cole)
Ashryn took a deep breath, her eyes narrowing as she tried to relax finally. Her body was still tense as she watched the other apprentice take out the Pokemon her type didn't have an advantage over. Silver wisps flew around her face as she leaned against a wall. The girl raised an unamused eyebrow at Cole's witty remark, her lips twitching just barely in a hint of a smile as she rested a hand on Rani's head. The Alolan ninetails had come over to her side and leaned against her legs protectively.

Rani Attacked the two poison types, her head raised as she let loose her ice beam, tails lashing in agitation as eerie laughter escaped the duo that had teamed up against her mistress. With Cole taking charge of the poison types, the Pokemon returned to her mistress's side, pressing protectively against her legs as she glared daggers at the Team Eclipse members. The two partners had ended up having run ins with Team Eclipse before, and both remembered each encounter vividly.

Ashryn specifically had horrid memories of her encounters, and her wariness never left her eyes as she gave an almost Pokemon-like snarl. Rani and her appearing almost like twins with the matching looks they both wore. "Don't you guys have anything better to do than cause trouble here?" Ashryn asked icily, her tone edging around bored and icy.

"Where's the fun in that?" The same low voice asked, sarcasm evident in the tones as the team focused on the more dangerous Pokemon that was attacking their own.

"Thank you." Her soft voice was light and quiet as the shy apprentice gave a gentle nod to Cole in thanks. Her social awkwardness played up as she glanced at her Pokemon before the two quickly left while the team was focused on the new threat, happy to be away from the dark memories that threatened to take over their minds. The duo headed for the tower, hoping the Gym Leaders would be also on their way and that they could help because Ash was tired now. She also wasn't a huge fan of battles, but if it came down to protecting the Guardians - she would do it in a heartbeat.

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The Gym Leaders


It seems everyone is in agreement with Maverick’s plan considering right now the city is in chaos. The Elites simply expected to keep the damage to a minimum before coming up with an idea. At the same time, the Guardians were grateful to Avery for having them in mind. It wasn't easy to ignore the rumblings beneath their feet nor the collision noises. Pamela smiles softly and rubs her hand on Avery’s back appreciative of his efforts. It was better than nothing, and knowing the boy; he had the best intentions. Who knows, maybe they wouldn't have known if there really was an attack if he didn't call out. For all anyone knows, the broadcast is pre-recorded to scare the people. “You did wonderfully, Avery. Thank you for telling us. There is nothing wrong with having confirmation.” She assured him. Pamela tilts her head as Avery perks up. A thought had crossed his mind. He mentioned the other agents regarding the apprentices have set out to fight the grunts. Pamela gasps, concerned for the kids. While they were indeed trained to fend off Team Eclipse, she couldn't help but wonder if they were truly ready. It’s especially dangerous running into the fray with no plan. “Goodness! This isn’t good.”

“No, but I wouldn't expect anything from our apprentices.” Nigel commented. “They’re eager and valiant just as they’re supposed to be. Never straying from a fight. It’s their solemn duty to protect. I say they each acted accordingly.” He grins, granting a nod of approval towards Avery.

“That being said, they’re going to be in a lot of trouble.” Sofia added. “We need to take care of the situation immediately before our kids can get hurt. Two grunts are challenging enough for a rookie. Imagine a whole group in one go?” She shudders to think what could happen considering everyone has one Pokémon. It would be a relief if the apprentices were banded together for support. Sofia knows Cole is as tough as nails, and an ambitious boy at that. Nothing will cause him to give up so easily; yet even so, there is a limit to each Pokémon’s endurance.

“A thousand pardons, Denjiro.” Kiyori apologizes on behalf of the others. “It’s not that we have forgotten how to treat our elders, but rather we respect the fact that you’re quite capable of handling an important task. I hate to admit it, but your skills far surpass us youngsters.” Kiyori folds his hand held fan shut. “Besides, you’ll have the honor of being with the lovely Clara. Still, I recommend you be on your best behavior, you old pervert.” Kory smirks devilishly. While Denjiro may seem like a gentleman, there lurks a darker prime under his demeanor. Which makes sense with how rebellious his apprentice, Xander is.

The representative clears his throat to grab everyone’s attention.“I hate to interrupt your discussion, but all communication systems are not working.”

“In that case, we should get going. Be sure to inform the apprentices about the radio tower. We need every hand on deck. That includes our students.” Maverick turns to Denjiro and Clara. “We’ll leave things to you.” With that, the leaders scatter out of the room and straight into the battlefield. What they witnessed is far beyond what they saw on television. Cries of help could be heard, car alarms blaring as well as the sounds of explosions can be heard. The scent of smoke and gravel lingers in the air.

Interactions: Avery Abstracty Abstracty

Left alone with Avery, Pamela grasps his shoulders and looks him in the eyes. “I know this is a scary situation, but this is what I’ve trained you for. You’re never going to be ready, but I also won’t force you to do anything you don't want to. You can take it at your own pace, but just know once you make friends, you’ll have to make tough decisions.” She pulls away, shooting him a warm smile. “I have faith in your choices. So for now, you can either go outside with me and help fight or stay here where it’s safe. I can't do much so I’ll be on the lookout for any bystanders to evacuate or even help carry them to a hospital. There are many folks in need and it’s up to us to guide the innocent, right?”

Pamela chuckles and exits headquarters. Despite the chaos, the sunny skies are always welcoming. A chance to let her Pokémon free in search of the weak. Pamela calls out a Corviknight and turns to Avery. “Shall we go?”

Maverick Reeves
: Ruby DracoNightshade DracoNightshade Zee Twist Twist
“I enjoy a good nightmare, but this is not it.” Maverick mumbled as he wandered through the wreckage. He accidentally stumbled upon a fallen Eclipse grunt. Their arms are in bad shape from what appeared to be an improper use of a Pokémon. The culprit lies beside their owner. A Honedge. Maverick’s heart tugs at the neglect on the Honedge. The way it glares at him, yet harbors a deep sadness. “Such tragic creatures, yet even in death you are treated as a tool. You have forgotten the meaning of kindness.” Maverick brushes his finger across the blade unafraid of the pain inflicted on him. It was a mere scratch, caused by a frightened Honedge, and Maverick proceeds to smile warmly through it. The Honedge relaxes, curious of the man’s intent. Maverick carefully picks up the sword content to have earned their trust.

“You don't have anything to fear. No one will hurt you now, my friend.” Honedge closes its eye and rests. “Gengar.” Maverick calls as his shadow comes to life in the form of said Pokémon. It salutes his master. “I want you to take Honedge to the Pokémon Center, and his partner to the hospital. After that, I need you to go around and do the same for the injured.” Maverick hands over the sword to Gengar who nods in acknowledgement. He picks up the grunt body and drags him away.

“I want the rest of you to do the same.” He said out loud. In a matter of minutes his shadow splits into four cackling ghost Pokémon. A Dusknoir, a Sableye, a Mimikyu, a Trevenant, and lastly a Banette which leaves behind a Ceruledge. It stands beside Maverick. “I’ll be needing you for battle.” Ceruledge senses something nearby. A few ways off Maverick spots two apprentices with their backs against the wall fending a Charizard. “Looks like we found the apprentices.”

Nigel Burham

Nigel steps forward finding a crowd of grunts. They quickly notice the burly man in front of them. Their cowboy-esque outfit made them stand out like a sore thumb. Nigel tips his hat up and pulls out a Pokéball from his holster strap. He tosses the ball calling out Rampardos. It lands heavily creating a small crater beneath their feet. They let out a mighty roar. “One single Pokémon against three?”

“I mean, I was gonna use Aurorus but I’d rather not help turn the city into rubble.” The grunts laugh mockingly. “Besides, one is all I need, pardner.” Nigel smirked. He shoves his hands into his pockets and pulls out a toothpick. He sticks it into his mouth and prepares for the grunt’s attack. A Toxicroak launches a poison jab, a Drapion uses poison sting, while a Nidoking charges in for a horn attack. Rampardos stands unprovoked awaiting orders. “Zen Headbutt, Buddy.” Rampardos jumps high, dodging their attacks by an inch. Its head glows activating the attack before it rams his head straight into the trio.

Kiyori “Kory” Tanaka & Sofia Hearth
Interactions: Cole Fangway Fangway & Ashryn Talathel Talathel
Kiyori and Sofia observe Cole and Ashryn from a distance before they bump into them on the way to the radio tower. “That was a beautiful display of teamwork. Both of your canine companions of opposite elements working together to create a combination of flavourful moves. Excellent job. I wouldn't expect anything less from my apprentice as well. Clearly there is chemistry between the two of you ” He winked.

Sofia sweat drops as Kory goes on a rant. “You and your crazy fashion sense.” She jested. “I do have ta agree with the strawberry boy here. Ya both did an exemplary show of commeradre, and that’s what it’s all about. Two friends fighting in battle filled with adrenaline. Protecting each other in complete sync. Magnificent.” The compliments only made Sofia excited to try her hand on a few grunts and show them what power looks like.

“Yes, but didn't come here to pat you on the back. We are proud you followed your instincts to stand and fight, but it is dangerous to go out without any plan. I advise next time to be cautious.” Kiyori taps his fan into his palm as if collecting his thoughts. “Alright, we mustn't linger. Two leaders have gone ahead to take care of Team Eclipse at the radio tower. There is likely to be at least a horde of grunts guarding the entrance so I recommend you two press on and assist Denjiro electric gym leader and Clara, the normal gym leader. Keep each other safe, ok?”
"I like your thinking." Ruby grinned at Zee's suggestion of a combo before calling over to her Tyrunt. "Rex! Rock Tomb one more time!"
The Tyrunt was happy to oblige as he leapt into the air, the impact of his landing causing another series of stones to erupt. This time, the offending Charizard was trapped beneath the rock pile, one of them damaging its left wing as it howled in pain.
Ruby flinched at the cry before turning to Zee. "He's all yours." Twist Twist

Zee, of the Sleep Gym


Zee braced himself for the attack that was to come, doing his best to cover his ears with his shoulders. "Abra, Snore"

Sound asleep, the Psi Pokemon's nostrils flared as an ever increasing bubble of snot grew from his nose. Growing bigger and bigger as Abra's nose rumbled, it closed in on the trapped Charizard before letting out a deafening pop and bringing down Rex's Rock Tomb, rather fittingly, on their defeated foe.

Caught in the blast range, Zee didn't hear the sound of footfall as an increasingly familiar outfit of red and black dropped down behind him. A beam of light from the rear, as Charizard was returned to his Pokeball, was the only indication that it's trainer was on the scene. Turning his head, Zee only caught the faintest wisp of fiery red hair as he was pushed in to Ruby DracoNightshade DracoNightshade .

Almost flattening her, the Psychic apprentice apologised sincerely before helping Ruby to her feet and buying enough time for the Eclipse Member to rush to her buddy. Stopping short, her face soured as she looked at one of the Guardians Pumpkid Pumpkid . Sneering, she muttered a few choice words at the sudden appearance of one of the most powerful trainers in the region before ducking through an empty cafe.

Zee watched her go and caught sight of a creepy looking guy with a Ceruledge but rather than fear, the fifteen year old was perhaps relieved, recognising the man as one of the guardians. Nudging Ruby, Zee offered Maverick a polite wave..​
Cole Ashton

Making sure to toss the charred Venomoth aside, fangs still burning, Chase let out a howl. Even with a few visible hits, he stood strong before his trainer. Both of them had an intense glare, with rage barely contained.

"Don't have time to play with you"

His words were punctuated by a growl of his partner. Another Snarl was shot and both of them were leaving.

"Anytime" He told Ashryn, acting like it wasn't that big of a deal, but he was really trying to not be awkward about it. He just acted on impulse, even if it was what his duties entailed, but being thanked for this stuff was always something that he struggled to handle properly, specially if it involved pretty girls.

The arrival of the leaders gave him pause, even as he stood straight. But the words of the Fairy leader bewildered him, even making him mouth a "What's with him?" to his boss. His expression sobered with Sofia's orders, and he had a clear goal.

"On it, boss" He said "See you on the other side" He and Chase shot as fast as they could, even if there was a foreboding feeling.
Apprentice of Gardavian
Yggdrasil City.
Anxious, Determined, and Uneasy
Blue leggings, Floral blouse
Fangway Fangway (Cole), Pumpkid Pumpkid (Kiyori & Sofia)
The shy apprentice jumped a solid few inches into the air at the sudden voice of her gym leader and mentor. Her piercing orbs were wide in alarm as she whipped around to face the two gym leaders who approached her and Cole. Her silver braid had fallen apart throughout the battle, allowing silver strands to float freely across her face.

Rani snarled as she felt her mistress jump a few inches into the air, positioning herself in front of her trainer protectively. Her ivory canines on proud display as she allowed her chest to rumble dangerously in a growl. Noting that it wasn't the grunts, but instead it was their mentor - the proud Alolan Ninetails slowly allowed her defensive stance to soften, her ears flicking forward as she tilted her head slightly.

A light dusting of a blush covered the silver-haired girl's cheeks, her eyes focusing on her mentor as she coughed lightly in embarrassment. "We didn't do much. Cole did most of the work." She murmured softly, praise being one thing she wasn't very used to even though she had been with her gym since she was 13. A tentative hand rested upon the soft head of Rani, allowing her slightly shaking fingers to intertwine through the soft fur. She gave a slight nod to her mentor before she followed Cole quietly, sticking close - yet not too close as the two of them made their way toward the other gym leaders, the icy feeling of unease creeping across her spine as the duo moved.

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Ruby gratefully took Zee's offered hand and let him help her to feet, groaning as she stood up. "I didn't think it was going to be that destructive."
Ruby looked at the result of the little Abra's Snore. It was powerful enough to bring down the slabs of stone that comprised the Rock Tomb on top of the downed Charizard. "Charizard!"
While the Fire/Flying type was certainly an enemy not too long ago, Ruby was unable to stop herself from running over to the pile of rubble that buried the injured Pokemon, completely ignoring Zee's nudge as well as the arrival of one of the Gym leaders. Ruby cleared away the rocks piece by piece until she uncovered its head. Needless to say, Charizard was out cold, but still breathing. Ruby sighed in relief. It was not Charizard's fault that his trainer sucked. Ruby lightly pet its head before moving to clear more rubble, Rex deciding to help.
It was a good few minutes before the two realized they had company, by now the Charizard's neck and shoulders were uncovered. "Oh, uh. Sorry. I didn't see you there."
Twist Twist Pumpkid Pumpkid
Electric Disciple
Xander Volts
The livewire
Stuck between a rock and a hard place

A few moments of heavy breathing were soon followed by a gradual aclimation to the present situation. By now, Xander had regained the majority of his composure, having recovered enough from being winded that he could now allocate more brain cells to the world around him as opposed to his immediate recovery.

".. It's fine... I'm glad I'm alive too.." he joked half heartedly, rubbing the side of his chest slightly. He was sure that there was going to be a bruise. "... just don't do it again.." replied Xander, understanding that despite the blatant assault, the intentions behind the tackle were not malicious, though it did leave him wanting to find a place to lay down.

Alas, the time for recovery wasn't now. Her following comments would all be confirm that the attack on Yggdrasil was still nowhere near finished. Despite their current efforts, it seemed like they had yet to really scratch the surface of what was occurring, rather had their efforts even made a dent in Team Eclipse's grand plan?.

Standing up and observing his surroundings, Xander would momentarily glance at the stricken officer and the young child, grateful that they had not sustained further injury despite the chaotic handling of the fight; that being said Xander had instead chosen to remain distant from them; knowing that he didn't handle such situations wells. It was better to leave the frightened child to the professionals.

Watching in silence, he would listen in on the discussions between Blair and the Officer as well as the mention of Vital Radio tower. It made perfect sense that the radio tower would have been targeted given its ability to control the flow of information.

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan" replied Xander as Blair made known her intentions. "Though I doubt the two of us will really pose much of a threat. If Team Eclipse has taken over the radio tower, then it makes sense for it to be heavily guarded. We would need more fire power than the pair of us if we were to really make an impact" spoke Xander, glancing around to see if there was anyone else that could increase their firepower.

Pumpkid Pumpkid

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A wave of relief swept over Avery, as Pamela reassured him that he was doing fine. He still didn't feel fine, but hearing it from her did help to calm him down quite a bit, allowing him to deliver a more important message. It seemed like his idea had some merit after all, as the gym leaders considered how to help the other apprentices. He couldn't help but notice how one of them gave praise for always being valiant and ready for a fight and despite the approving nod, the words stung a little - after all, he was the only one not currently fighting. But he was determined to change that now and it seemed like Athena was already in silent agreement with him, judging by the way she flapped her wings. But he wouldn't just blindly charge outside, instead he carefully listened to what Pamela told him next. Her words caused him to shudder and he felt embaressed but also warm at the same time. "Of course I will go with you.", he didn't hesitate to join her in helping evacuate people.

There was no shortage of work to be done, but the swiftness of their Flying Type Pokemon allowed the pair to quickly locate those in need of rescuing. Both Corviknight and Hoothoot were smart enough to quickly survey the scene whilst flying overhead, directing Pamela and Avery to where they were needed. It was daunting to go out there into the dangerzone, but he felt a whole lot more confident after meeting the gym leaders and having his mentor near his side. But he wouldn't get glued to her, instead deciding to split and only stay within earshot, so as to help more quickly. With Pamela also using her Pelipper to douse smaller fires caused by the fighting, Avery was free to direct people out of the danger zone, whilst Corviknight had the strength to carry away injured people. All the while Athena flew overhead, scouting for any danger. As such, they functioned very well, especially since he couldn't overthink things anymore, the adrenaline just kept him going.

Blair Blackthorn
Interactions: Xander Phayne Phayne

935eb3a1c62d4f90546156abddd5c357.jpgFor someone who was tackled into the ground, their head was certainly on straight. Xander had a point in going in alone to the radio tower. Two kids against a whole swarm would be dangerous. Two was enough, and Blair isn't sure Lampent can take that many. Yes, she’s trained her entire life for these types of situations, but it’s not enough for Lampent to handle a swarm in one day. “I hate to admit it, but you’re right.” Blair holds Lampent as it lowers itself to meet her gaze questioning what they were thinking. “Sorry, Lampent. You're not strong enough to take on a bunch of grunts. We’re not on that level yet.” She rubs the metallic helmet making it chime. “So what are we supposed to do now? We can't stand here and do nothing either. There must be an easier way.” She rests her head against Lampent contemplating for a solution.

Screams of terror startles Blair. She looks over her shoulder to find a large shadow emerging. “Gh-Ghost!” One shouted. Growlithe stands in front of the two policemen defensively as it barks. The cops were ready to inflict harm on what Blair can identify as a Dusknoir; and no ordinary one. She recognized the reaper anywhere. She races over to stand in front of Dusknoir, arms outstretched protectively.

“Please, wait a minute! There is no need to fear. This Dusknoir is not an enemy. They’re my master’s Pokémon.” The Dusknoir nods hoping they would relax. At least the officers eventually did after a pause to catch their barings. Blair turns to the little girl still frightened, she approaches her and kneels. She smiles brightly. “It’s okay. He may seem scary but I assure you he's the sweetest Pokémon. He likes to play and make people smile by acting silly.” Dusknoir claps its hands and attempts to make a face. The girl is at first creeped out before she comes around. She begins to laugh. Success! The child has been comforted. “Well done, Dusknoir.” The reaper gives a thumbs up. “What are you doing here?”

Dusknoir hovers over to the injured officer and picks him up. The officer freaks out, but cannot escape the reaper's hold. “I don't want to die! I still have a lot to live for!” They cough hard. They made too much movement and probably injured themselves in the process. “Calm down. Dusknoir is not taking you to the underworld.” The officer sighs in relief. Blair rubs the back of her head perplexed. “At least I don't think so?” The officers begin to panic wondering why Blair was pulling their leg. “Sorry, dark humor.” She chuckled. “I’m assuming Maverick sent Dusknoir here to help the wounded?” Dusknoir nods in approval. “I see.” Blair hums in thought as an epiphany rises.

“Can you tell Maverick the radio tower is in jeopardy?” Dusknoir shakes his head. “Why not? It’s extremely important.” Dusknoir looks down and manipulates his shadow, shaping them into people. “Ok? People? Huh? That one looks like Maverick and the others look like the rest of the gym leaders.” The shadows morph into one. It’s vaguely familiar.

“Vital Radio tower!” An officer deciphered

“Oh! The gym leaders know of the tower? That means they are handling it.” Blair sighs. “That’s good, but that means…” She looks over at Xander. “You and I can still head over to the Radio Tower. If the gym leaders are there then we can at least help remove some grunts. There is no time to lose.” Blair starts running forward and stops to check on Xander. “By the way, my name is Blair Blackthorn, Ghost apprentice.” She smirked. “What’s yours?”

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Cole Ashton

Cole looked restless with everything going on, and Chase could feel that. Will they be enough to deal with whatever Team Eclipse has in the Radio Tower? Sure, he has had to stare up to some nasties in the past, but he'll need whatever help he can get.

No. Don't waste time doubting, just take your leap.

But he needed to find a way to calm himself down, so he took a glance at his fellow apprentice.

"That Ninetales looks out for you a lot" He said, even if the attempt at small talk was painfully obvious "Must be a nice history"

Maverick & Denjiro: Storming The Radio Tower
: Denjiro Phayne Phayne / Mentioned & Interacted in the beginning: Cole Ashton Fangway Fangway Ashryn Cer Talathel Talathel (Any who may have arrived at the tower) / Mentions: Abstracty Abstracty DracoNightshade DracoNightshade Twist Twist galvanismgal galvanismgal

The Charizard was taken down using teamwork. Tyrant's rock tomb and Abra's snore to slow the flying Pokémon enough for the kids to hit their mark. A critical hit. ”I guess they didn't need any assistance after all.” Maverick approaches the two after the grunt
took off. Ruby had cleared the pile of rubble from Charizard. Their deep concern for an enemy’s Pokémon showed their heart on their sleeve. A good trait to have, but can also be a weak point if not careful. The larger of the duo greeted Maverick. Exhaustion written across their face. They
probably dealt with the Honedge he met previously.

”Nice work. I witnessed the whole thing. You stood your ground. Your master would be proud.” He praised then jerks a thumb over his shoulder. ”I’m assuming you two took down the Honedge and its owner? If so, then I assume you’re aware the Honedge is not to be touched. They were treated poorly, not to mention it’s filled with so much rage it was bold enough to drain their owner’s life force, or at least some of it.” Maverick peers at the area where the body once lay. ”The guy was still breathing when I got there.”

The ghost elite turns to Ruby who finally notices them. It seems they were too preoccupied with Charizard to care. Maverick shoots her a warm smile. ”Don’t worry, not many sense my presence. That's the idea.” He jested. ”You both did a wonderful job, but the battle is not over yet. The guardians have scattered to ward off grunts. You two can relax, and stay put, help evacuate the area or fight. Whatever you choose, be careful.”

Suddenly, Maverick’s phone goes off which is surprising considering all signals are down. He recognized the I.D. from headquarters. ”Thank goodness we were able to reach you. We barely managed to get through the interference to contact you. It seems Clara will be unable to reach
the radio tower. She’s caught up with some grunts and has her surrounded. She’s alright, but we need someone else to help Denjiro.”

The abrupt news causes Maverick to let out a heavy sigh. It’s as if he expected Team Eclipse to be a hindrance to their plan. ”Thanks for the heads up. I’ll go. I can get there in no time.”

“Very well, we wish you luck. I’ll continue to get through to the others and let them know about the change in plans.” Maverick hangs up and turns to See and Ruby with a playful chuckle and a shrug.

”What a drag. Whelp! Change of plans. You can join me to the radio tower if you’re bold enough. I better get going. Follow if ya want.” He makes a beeline with Ceruledge in tow to the Vital Radio Tower. It didn't take long for him to reach his destination. On the way, he encountered Denjiro. ”Hiya! Looks like your partner got stuck in traffic. Headquarters sent me back up.” His eyes peer behind him. They weren't alone. Two apprentices with their Houndoom and Ninetails are approaching. ”We’ve got little helpers too. We won’t have to worry about barging in alone. Are you ready, old

’Old man?!’ thought Denjiro as he heard voices come from behind, the tone different yet somewhat reminiscent of his ungrateful disciple. The lack of respect that the youth of today had for their elders was simply astonishing.

A long exasperated sigh had escaped Denjiro’s lips as he turned to face Maverick; the ghost guardian whose visage was nowhere near as soothing for the soul as Clara’s had appeared next to him. Glancing halfheartedly to the side to acknowledge the new arrival, the old geezer would use his free right hand to casually rub against the stubble of his silver wolf goatee, before turning to glance back to glance up at the imposing radio tower that stood before him. Those with keen enough vision would notice the disappointment on Denjiro’s face, the opportunity to work out with a younger colleague of the opposite gender now taken away and replaced by a man who would most likely give most people the heebie-jeebies.

“Not quite the company I had hoped for…” mumbled Denjiro, sighing once more ”... but I guess I’ll have to make do… while you might not be as appealing to the eyes as Mrs. Clara was… you are at least capable enough to do most of the heavy lifting” he paused once more, before reaching into his loosely fitted white hakama and pulling out a silver canister. “I’ll let you and your two friends take the lead…surely you don’t expect a fragile old man like myself to do all the hard work…” he spoke, referencing the ‘title’ he had been addressed by as Maverick approached. All the while unscrewing the small screw cap of the canister and taking a swig of the liquor inside.

Maverick can sense the disappointment in Denjiro. He knew the pervert preferred to work with the opposite gender which is why Maverick proposed it in the first place. It motivated them enough to keep the damsel safe. However, Maverick wasn't expecting to be a substitute either. He knew Eclipse would try to sabotage the Guardian’s plan, but hoped another would take Clara’s or Denjiro’s place. Unfortunately, Maverick was the first contact headquarters made and there wasn't enough time to reach out for another. ”I’m glad you approve of my presence. You really should retire, and let someone else take the reins if it’s such a drag to you otherwise, you might end up dropping dead during a mission sooner than you think.” He

Maverick steps forward and assesses the building. He can see at least five grunts with their Pokémon waiting to ambush him. ”Okay, I think I have a plan sorted out.” He turns to Ceruledge and gives them the most devious grin he can muster. ”Use Swords Dance then break through using Psycho Cut.” Ceruledge nods as he takes a few places forward. His blades glow as he moves his body into a dance. It then concentrates between the wall and the enemies inside. His objective is difficult, but not impossible. He had to time it perfectly to execute his attack to hit.

Ready, it charges. He can see the grunts, and their Pokémon preparing themselves. Ceruledge did not waver, only speeding up its pace. His body becomes transparent as he fazes through the wall, and emerges on the other side no longer transparent. In one swift move, Ceruledge swings his blades releasing a multitude of sharp, light circles onto each Pokémon, pushing all five into their partners, and away from the door. Thanks to their heavy bodies, it was enough to knock a few unconscious and stall for time. Ceruledge turns to its master for approval. His grin says it all. ”Excellent work, my friend.” The ghost Guardian turns to the apprentices who may have arrived at the scene. “You handle the grunts out here while we raid the tower.” Team Eclipse grunts start surrounding the area while Maverick redirects at Denjiro gesturing to the front door. ”Shall we?”

Maverick rushes into the building with Ceruledge at his side upon entrance. His suspicions were correct. There were a couple of grunts on each floor trying to stall the agents from reaching the main room. With Ceruldge’s speed and ghostly effects, it easily pushes back the enemies. Of course, it cannot be the same for all in the building. There were still some tough opponents for Ceruledge to deal with.

“Ha… Retire. If only I had an apprentice that was competent enough, I’d have retired years ago.” replied Denjiro, glaring towards Maverick. “... and don’t you worry I won’t drop dead from this. I’d simply prefer to avoid suffering a sprain or two. Us old timers don’t heal as fast as you greenhorns do..” he added, taking a step to the side as he watched Maverick and his Ceruledge take action, as well as the two tagalongs. With the three of them here, there wasn’t really much Denjiro needed to do, the old geezer instead preferring to keep his cards close to his chest rather than expending energy for little reason. His objective here was quite straightforward; he simply needed to handle the radio tower and its broadcasting; a simple task. The hard labor could be left to the children.

Taking another swig from his canister whilst scratching at his chest, Denjiro would observe the quick execution and precision of coordination from Maverick and his Pokemon. There was indeed weight behind the decision to make him a guardian at such a young age, his prowess was far beyond that of many of similar age.

”Lead the way. I’ll let you and your partner handle the minions” replied Denjiro. The geezer yet to even call forth one of his companions.

”I say there is nothing wrong with appointing your apprentice to be a leader. It might do him good to walk in your shoes for a short-period, of course. But I understand your concerns, and I won't tell you what to do.”
Maverick continued to pave the way. Using the elevator would shorten their destination, however, Team Eclipse didn't seem to be the type to oversee every detail to capture their enemies. It would be like walking into an obvious trap. Thankfully, there were only two more floors left to get to the studio. What puzzled Maverick is the lack of grunts the closer they get to the studio. Something was wrong, and Maverick couldn't pick up what it could be. He slows down after the last grunt on the third floor. He searches between the end of the halls for clues, but nothing sticks out.

”I suspect Team Eclipses is onto something, and I don't mean just the radio tower. Something is off, but I can't put my finger on it. Their numbers are declining as we reach the end. The question is, why?” As irritating as it was to decipher what’s going on, Maverick opted to proceed, and find out later. ”Okay, we’re almost there. We’ll find out what lies in the studio, so keep your guard up.”

“There is nothing right with appointing him either…” sighed Denjiro, taking a third swig from the flask; stepping over a fallen grunt as he did so. “Heaven have mercy if I were to leave the temple under his charge… countless years of hard work would be flushed down the drain…” Denjiro paused, taking a long drawn out fourth swig from the flask almost completely draining it, before placing his free hand against the closest wall to stabilize himself. A bright flash of red would appear from around Denjiro’s waist; a large pawmot materializing next to its trainer with both arms outstretched in order to prevent him from completely falling over to one side. “That twerp has no respect for his elders… an ungrateful brat taking advantage of this old mans kindness… and what do I get in return for my..”Denjiro glanced down towards his pawmot, patting its head softly. “....efforts… a troublemaker… a pain in the ass…why… why must I be punished and be forced to look after that brat..”. Denjiro would raise the flask above his head; arching his neck back so as to catch the last few droplets of liquor, yet showing dissatisfaction when only a meager three droplets rained down from the opening. “... all these years… I… I had envisioned my disciple to be more… more… respectful… and… and… more… curvaceous…” lamented the old man, turning to face Maverick as he downed the last of the grunts. There would be a short moment after the grunt collapsed to the floor where Denjiro would simply watch and listen, waiting for an answer to his question; only to instead listen to Maverick survey their situation.

”Something wrong…” repeated Denjiro, sighing heavily “You're damn right…somethings wrong… have… have you not been listening? he questioned, his voice raised like an angry drunkard. ”My.. My disciple is nothing like me… and nothing like I had planned…” he complained; pushing himself up from his slouched position against the wall and stumbling over towards Maverick. ”.. I bet your disciple isn’t as much of a pain in the ass as Xander…what are they like… do they respect their elders?” spoke Denjiro, placing a hand across Maverick's back and using him as support.

The faint sound of movement would suddenly occur from somewhere behind; a grunt shuffling ever so slightly as they attempted to look for an escape route now that it appeared the guardians were distracted. Alas, despite the emotional rollercoaster that Denjiro was currently fastened to, his instinct had yet to show any impairment.

“Oi” growled Denjiro “Who said you could interrupt us?” he questioned rhetorically, turning his head ever so slightly to one side, just enough that he could see the grunt attempting to flee. It would almost appear like a spark of electricity would flicker from the old man's eyes; the intensity behind his gaze unbecoming of a man. Rather more reminiscent of a beast whose patience had waned. ”As punishment… you better answer some of our questions” threatened the drunkard, annoyed now that his therapy session with Maverick was put on pause. “But just to be safe…Pawmot. Agility. Nuzzle.” commanded Denjiro, a lack of sympathy in his voice. His pawmot would heed the command, flickering out of existence only to appear right in front of the grunt, grabbing him tightly with both arms in a bear like grip before rubbing its cheeks against the grunt; paralyzing them on the spot amidst a cackle of electricity.
With the grunt effectively neutralized on the spot, Denjiro would stumble over to where they were; kneeling down so that he was at eye level with the paralyzed prisoner of war so that they were now eye level; the stench of alcohol escaped Denjiro’s mouth as he stared fiercely into the man's own eyes. A few seconds of silence would ensue before Denjiro would stretch an arm out in their direction; seemingly intent on grasping their face with his grip; predatory eyes looking down upon a helpless prey animal ripe for devouring. Alas, as his hand got close enough; its trajectory would change; lowering ever so slightly before grasping the grunts' jacket.

”Where do you keep your wallet…? Surely even you minions carry money with you.. spoke Denjiro, as he searched the paralyzed grunt for anything of value. ”You eclipse brats have caused enough trouble to the damn city… made this old man over exert himself… troubled Mrs Clara with being unable to grace me with her presence… and finally interrupted my private conversation with Mavvy boy… so… I expect compensation…” he paused, digging deeper into the grunts' clothing, before finally smiling. ”ah found it… eh.. Is that all... ” he sighed, opening the grunts wallet and taking what little money he had for himself. “Pawmot.. Check the rest of them… I think it's about time this one told us about their plans…”

A bead of sweat slides down Maverick’s temple. Denjiro had drunk himself into a mess which is not a great idea during a mission. They were stumbling enough for their Pawmot to stable him. ”Oh, dear. Well, this is a pleasant surprise, but not unheard of.” Denjiro’s ranting made Maverick rather uncomfortable. As kind as he is, he wasn't too good with comforting what appeared to be an emotional drunkard. Their complaint regarding Xander was somewhat endearing, yet Denjiro’s grief says otherwise. Maverick could sort of understand the struggles of being a gym leader. Of course, he didn't struggle as much as the Electric Elite.

”He sounds like a handful. I would recommend dropping him, but I am certain you have a reason for sticking with your disciple. As for respect, it must be earned. And it’s hard to do so with you, pervert.” He mumbled the last bit under his breath. Maverick crosses his arms and wears a serious gaze. The nerve of the man assuming a person would be the same as he. Maverick had the same problem with his former master. He was given the basic tools for an agent but expected them to be the same as him without bothering to see his talent.

”Of course he’s not going to be like you. Your job as a Gym Leader is to guide them, not to dictate them. You’re supposed to encourage their strengths. They may not exactly follow your rules, but that doesn't make it any less valid. Every person has their own battle strategy, they earn their own principles if you simply give them the chance. You have to listen to them despite their bad ideas. They cannot grow if they don't try.” Maverick sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. The whole dilemma between Denjiro and his apprentice sounded like a tug of war where both sides were losing the game.

”Blair is well-mannered; so yes, she does respect her elders. She is calm, collected, and compassionate with Pokemon. She has a keen sense of detecting a Pokémon’s well-being; but she has her flaws. She is ambitious which can be a great trait to have, but depending on the situation it can hinder her from right, and wrong. It turns into an obsession to see things through like she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders without bothering to ask for help. She can also be reckless because of it, so I do know what it feels like to have pain, but that is where we must figure out a way for them to recognize, and correct it themselves.” Maverick leans against the wall in deep thought. His lips twitch into a smirk at the realization. ”The two of them are like night and day. Maybe a battle between them will do some good.

The therapy was cut short by Denjiro’s attention dragged elsewhere. A grunt had tried to flee down the hall. Despite the man being inebriated, their Pawmot followed their command to paralyze the grunt. Denjiro's switch in mood was unpredictable. It’s as if Maverick is dealing with a child. Their attempts were not useless, as they attempted to interrogate them. Ceruledge peers at his master perplexed. ”Yes, I know. This is a strange situation, but I think the man has a brilliant plan.” Maverick stands beside Denjiro staring down at the grunt. They peer up at Maverick as if pleading for release. Maverick simply shoots him a devilish grin to match his spooky appearance. A cold shiver runs down the grunt’s spine.

”Stealing isn’t appropriate, but in this case, I can make an exception.” Maverick squats and tilts his head still wearing his signature grin. ”Do be cooperative. My friend here isn't emotionally stable. Any funny attempts to lie or escape will be dealt with by him, and since he's unpredictable, who knows what will happen to you? So…” Maverick’s eyes become dead and menacing. There is no light in his eyes from a second ago, and their piercing stare is locked onto the grunt. ”...why are there fewer lackeys on the top floor? What’s going on?”

“B-because we’re already done with our mission. We’re only stalling for time so our boss can get away.” The grunt shuts his eyes, hoping no harm will come to him.

”Typical. That means we might be able to catch the leader and end all this madness if we make it in time to the studio. We should hurry.” Maverick stands and tries to help Denjiro up in order to proceed. ”Ceruledge, you go on ahead and deal with the remaining grunts.” The ghost Pokemon nods and dashes to the next floor clearing the last two.

"Pervert?!" replied Denjiro, glancing over his shoulder towards Maverick. While the geezer wasn't exactly pleased to hear Maverick's opinion towards how a guardian and disciple relationship should be, he was wise enough to keep such opinions to himself. Despite his disagreement, he wasn't yet senile enough to ignore the fact that everyone had their own methods and expectations. Rather, Denjiro was merely voicing his ideal scenario. What old geezer wouldn't want to spend most of their time devoted to a beautiful and respectful disciple; their presence was enough to lighten the heart after a hard days work. It was far more appealing than having to put up with a whiny, impatient, loud, vulgar and egotistical brat that only ever sought to take advantage of his good hearted nature. That little ungrateful demon child.

"You're beginning to sound just like that brat of mine... unable to appreciate the finer pleasures in life and quick to judge what is on the surface..." Denjiro paused, catching an incoming wallet that had been tossed by Pawmot. "But I suppose that's just the generation difference... you young ones are too quick to put a label on everything and far too shortsighted in your views. Everything needs to have a label. " he sighed, tossing the now cashless wallet towards an ever increasing pile. "The reason I put up with that ingrate despite his vile mouth and quick temper is because of the vast potential he has. Even if his mere existence has probably shortened my lifespan, that boy has enough potential to surpass even me... I'd be an embarrassment to the profession if I didn't put away my selfish desires in favor of nurturing that talent. It wouldn't hurt for him to show some damn appreciation for my sacrifice." another sigh escaped Denjiro's mouth as he finally turned away from the pile of empty wallets.

"That Blair of yours sounds quite promising, I can understand why you have taken her as your disciple. What I wouldn't give for Xander to have just an inkling of Blair's respect for her elders. I'm sure your days of guiding her have been quite refreshing. Unlike my constant battles with trying to instill some form of discipline in Xander's behaviour." Their attention would be drawn back to the captured grunt, the spasming minion like lamb to the slaughter as they awaited the inevitable questioning from the guardians. A few moments of questioning would reveal the current situation.

As per current events, Maverick had been quicker to act; his partner rushing on ahead towards the studio. "Pawmot, you go on ahead as well. Try and restrain anyone that looks more competent than these lackeys"

As Maverick helped stable Denjiro, he understood a bit better regarding Xander. Truth be told, the Guardians did not know each other all too well even though they would exchange information every so often. The struggles they deal with their apprentices, lifestyle, and the like. He felt sorry for Denjiro on a level. Being a mentor wasn't exactly easy. Adapting to someone else to help guide them in the right direction while also using your own experiences as lessons. Sadly, not everyone is a prodigy. ”It sounds like you’ve forgotten how the youth work. Inexperienced, and energetic. Wisdom takes time for one to grasp. It would be foolish to throw away such potential you claim. I believe that is praise worthy. The same can be said about Xander. He hasn't given up on you so maybe that means he’s somehow interested in being a gym leader? If you think about it, it’s endearing.” He smirked.

Maverick begins to walk down the corridor until he reaches the studio. Both Ceruledge and Pawmot have taken care of the enemies, but Ceruledge was exhausted from battling. ”Thank you for your hard work. We’re almost done, so hang in there.” Ceruledge nods as Maverick enters the studio cautiously. Nothing was on, there was nobody inside waiting to ambush them. Team Eclipse was indeed stalling for time, but for what, and where did the signal really come from? ”This doesn't make sense. The signal came from the radio tower, but no one was there. None of the controls have been used. Unless…” Now it clicked. There was no need for people to defend the top. Not when trying to make an escape. ”The roof. The signal is being broadcasted from above.” Maverick informs, concern riddled in his voice as he dashes out of the studio and up to the roof.

As Maverick pushes through the fire exit, he spots a helicopter followed by the masked figure and two other men with them. A black antenna sat beside the radio tower’s beacon, they even had their own set up consisting of a laptop and a microphone, and a camera. The masked figure was shorter compared to the taller of the two. They were recognizable. Lieutenants from Team Eclipse. “It seems we’ve been found.” Maverick points to the black antenna. ”There is the root of the problem. It’s jamming signals.”

“Quite perceptive, Captain obvious.” Maverick waited for Denjiro to destroy the black antenna, leaving the trio with nothing left. “Oh no, now what will I do?” The masked figure smirked, unfazed by the ordeal. It’s as if playing a mind game. “Good thing we’re done here. It's time to get going.” They spoke, shutting their laptop and walking over to the helicopter. Maverick growls gritting his teeth irritated by the nonchalantly figure.

”Halt! You are under arrest by order of the Cross Agency.” The masked figure said nothing except laugh.

“Not gonna happen. I have better things to do. Besides, our job here is done. We got what we came here for, and I must say, I am incredibly disappointed in the Guardian’s inability to see the obvious.”

”What are you talking about?” Maverick couldn't make sense of what their intentions were. It’s as if they were playing their cards carefully.

Behind the mask, a pair of eyes squint at Maverick and Denjiro. “You’ll find out soon enough, but by then it will be too late. Later, fools.” They crackled as the lieutenants followed in tow with their leader.

”Oh, no you don't! Ceruledge detain them.” Ceruledge lunges at high speed toward the men. One of them, dressed in black mumbles a command under their breath. A Dragapult emerges from his shadow and uses Shadow Ball on Ceruledge. He’s tossed back and knocked out in front of Maverick who calls out for him, but no reply. He kneels down and peers up at them helplessly. His Pokémon was tired out, and that is exactly what the grunts were for.

"Ha. The brat is just stubborn and doesn't know when to quit. Given his persistence, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even know the meaning of giving up" Denjiro paused for a while, reminiscing over a past event involving Xander. "...That boy needs to learn restraint... otherwise..." mumbled Denjiro shaking his head at the thought... "... Ha. Enough about that twerp. Talking about him anymore is going to give me a migraine. We have more important matters to address." admitted the old man, as he began to follow Maverick as the pair of them headed towards the studio; a string of defeated enemies left behind in the wake of Pawmot's and Ceruledge's pursuit of justice.

"Hmm.. it seems those sacrificial lambs have really managed to pull one over on us..." mumbled the old geezer as he surveyed the empty studio. Unlike the young whippersnapper whose knowledge with the modern day tech was more advanced. Denjiro was far slower on the uptake; missing some of the most obvious clues that Maverick had managed to pick up on in regards to the present circumstances. "The roof.. more blasted stairs...I'm going to need my feet rubbed once this is all over." sighed Denjiro as he watched Maverick burst out of the room. "Pawmot Follow him. I'll be right behind. ordered Denjiro, as he fiddled around for another pokeball. If a fight were to occur on the roof, his other pokemon would be able to fight more freely without worrying about damaging their surroundings.

Finally catching up, Denjiro would immediately be directed towards the black antenna by Maverick; the younger of the two guardians presently engaged with the Team Eclipse Lieutenants. "Leave it to me..." replied Denjiro, his voice hinting towards a bit of exhaustion from having to chase after the younger man as well as run up the stairs. "Pawmot. Brick Break on that Antenna" ordered Denjiro, before turning his attention towards Maverick and Team eclipse; the former's ceruledge engaging the enemy only to be intercepted by their dragapult.

"Magnezone, come out. Use Lock-on, then fire a Zap Cannon when ready. Don't let them even think they have a chance to get away scott free".

The helicopter begins to lift off the ground once the masked figure, and their subordinates are on board. Maverick could only watch as Magnazone locked to the helicopter. “Oh my, a guaranteed hit. What will we do?” The masked figure feigned their concern, yet the other two men were unfazed. As Magnazone launches its attack, Dragapult stands in between the shot and the helicopter.

His owner nonchalantly gives a second command. “Dragapult, use light screen.” A large, transparent, golden cube surrounds Dragapult deflecting the attack. It’s unscathed and gave the helicopter enough time for some distance. Dragapult takes off in pursuit while the group escapes.

Maverick punches the ground and grits his teeth. Ceruledge frowns as he awakens to his master’s distress. Maverick takes a deep breath to compose himself. “At least you're okay.”He whispered before returning Ceruledge to his Pokéball for a proper rest. Maverick picks himself off and stares at the sky where the helicopter once was. He turns to Denjiro. “A job well done.” His expression hardens at the ground, bothered by what happened. “We could have stopped them once and for all. I should know better than to feel disappointed. I can’t help shake the fact that we could have ended their cause once and for all, but we let it slip through our fingers.” He walks to the edge of the building for a peek below. The remaining grunts have retreated or are fending off the apprentices, most likely the invasion is over even though Maverick had no idea what it was for. Information maybe? They wouldn't carelessly stand by the radio tower if that is the case.

The ghost Elite pulls out his Rotom phone to search for any disruption. “At least we have our signal back. We should probably contact the others.” As Maverick looks over his shoulder, he realizes Denjiro’s state might have tried him out. He put effort into the mission despite his age. “Or I’ll call, and you can kick back, and relax.” Maverick starts calling H.Q. As soon as they answer, the receptionist sighs with relief. “I’m assuming you’re aware systems should be back to normal?”

“Yes. Whatever you did, allowed the city’s communication systems to return. Thank you.” She said. “Is there anything else you’d like to report?”

Maverick stays silent for a moment. “No, I believe a briefing is in order. I’m sure the president will want to know what happened here.”

“Of course, sir. I’ll let the representative and the Elites know.” She hangs up allowing Maverick to take a seat, and sprawls on the floor.

“Today was such a drag.” He whined.

"Tch… guess they are smarter than they look…” mumbled Denjiro as he watched the helicopter fly off into the distance, the antagonistic group showing no interest in taking the bait and staying behind for a fight. "Magnezone, Pawmot return. commanded Denjiro, holding out their pokeballs and watching both of his partners return in a flash of red. "Both of you take a rest. I’m sure I’ll be relying on you guys in the near future. he added, before turning to face Maverick and his fatigued Ceruledge; the latter returning to his pokeball.

"They were one step ahead of us this time. That's all. Let us regroup with the others and gather our thoughts… though, I highly doubt any of the grunts will be of much use. By the look of things, they were simply disposable pawns for Team Eclipse.” Denjiro paused, lowering himself down so that he was sitting on the floor. "“I’ll take you up on that offer and catch my breath. Making an old man work so hard… you young ones sure love to take advantage of us…” he sighed. Catching his breath as he overheard Maverick relay the information. Glancing skyward, and wishing he still had something to drink; the old man could not help but voice his present thoughts. " I’m going to need to find a good masseuse to help reinvigorate these old bones…” he paused and glanced at Maverick. "Hey Maverick… Blair wouldn’t happen to be….” he began.

Maverick smiles and says, "No, and if you try I'll have Dusknoir take you early to the spirit world." He chortled.

Now that the invasion was over, and all of the remaining Team Eclipse had retreated, all that was left was for the city to clean up, and scour the streets for any injured civilians who may have been caught in the fray. The receptionist made sure to contact the Elites, and apprentices on their Rotom phones to inform them the battle was over and to return to headquarters for a debriefing where she would escort them to the conference room. There they will wait for everyone's arrival.

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Apprentice of Gardavian
Yggdrasil City- Tower then HQ
Exhausted, Tired and just Dead on her feet
Blue leggings, Floral blouse

Silver strands whipped around the apprentice as she tilted her head slightly, her gaze turning from the ninetails at her side towards Cole as she snorted slightly. "Pssht, yeah right. Our history was just perfect." Her words were slightly sarcastic as she turned her icy gaze to the tower, her eyes narrowing as she glanced at her pokemon beside her. The duo was perfectly in sync as they battled the pokemon before them.

A grunt glared at the icy-looking duo, which the two posed an intimidating sight. Silver hair gleamed while brilliant icy blue orbs shone darkly, and beside her stood the impressive figure of Rani. The alolan ninetails had her head lowered, teeth bared in a snarl as her mist-like tails waved dangerously behind her. A shiver went down the enemy's spine before he booked it quickly, not wanting to find out just how powerful the dangerous duo was with another apprentice beside her. Ashryn knew her reputation was known by most of Team Eclipse - just as her unusual partner-in-crime was known by most of them too.

Her Rotom device rang shrilly, startling the shy girl suddenly as she glanced at the machine quickly. "We are being called back to HQ." Her soft voice was not as icy as earlier as she rested a hand on Rani's head. "Shall we go?" Her eyes scanned the area for any more grunts before turning on her heel and beginning the walk back to the HQ. Her boots clicking against the floor lightly.

coded by natasha.
Glenn and Florance feat Gerdy

“Polpact use defog,” Glenn asked her Pokémon taking in the sight of the battle torn area. The small Pokémon floated forward before it tipping itself over and spinning to release a cloud of powder around itself. Rubble, spikes, and other hazards were simply vanished in the all-consuming fog cloud as it slowly but surely expanded over the area. From this fog a large figure approached. Was it an enemy? An ally? No, it was her boss of sorts.

“How’s your area Glenn?” Hollard Florance with his Blissey in tow.

“I did not find anyone injured nor did we find the parties involved in the damage. It looks like most people and Pokémon fled from the area but I did find this,” she said holding up a pair of team eclipse pants. How they were not considered a hazard that defog could remove was beyond her. Polpact floated back to her pestering its trainer to hold it instead of the pants.

“Well, it’s not the first rodeo I’ve been late to. Could have given those trouble makers the old one-two ya know,” Florance said doing a couple punches in the air which his blissey mimicked.

“You know I prefer an eight count but my apologies, if I knew that your conversation on the bus would cause us to miss our stop I would have warned you sooner.”

Florence pouted as he returned blissey to their pokeball.

“They were trying to get some advice to get into my workout routine and with these guns it wouldn’t be right to ignore the little fella,” he said playfully while flexing his large arms.

Glenn stared at him flexing and looking at her with puppy dog eyes before letting out a sigh and flexing back at him causing him to beam like a goof.

“Yes yes, I’m sure it was your workout routine he wanted to get into,” she retorted dryly while grabbing Polpact from the air and holding them like a castanet.

“Your uh, not letting Lil’ polpact for your make up are you,” Florence asked not picking up on Glenns subtext. Digging out his rotom phone he held it as high as he could to try and get some sort of signal since the thing seemed on the fritz and punching it did not solve the issue.

“Polpact enjoys putting on my make up in the morning but I am assuming your referring to using her powder which I have not been using,” Glenn lied.

Any further grilling about the matter was stopped by their phones going off.

“Meowdy,” Florance said answering it and stepping to the side to take the call while Glenn looked at hers having received a text message from Gerdy.

How’s the city going(≧∇≦)ノ

It’s too bad that our girl’s trip to the city got canceled because my brother heard that the other gym leaders were going to be there o((>ω< ))oo(≧口≦)o He pulled the older sibling card to shove me aside but don’t worry I will make him feel guilty myself( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ so don’t worry I hope you’re not disappointed by it but we both know if I didn’t let him he would be a moping mess lol

Remember the promise we made together to strengthen our bond ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Florance will be all I could dead lift you to some random guy because he thinks that’s somehow flirting and we know he has terrible luck with men so keep an eye out or both actually get some extra eyes to help you( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pick me up some wish-washi tape as well when your able to visit the stationary ✍(◔◡◔) store since you mentioned you wanted to pick up some Mei stationary for your pen pals, please and thankies

Don’t forget our promise that you would only use polpact’s powder once a day for your make up kk?

p.s. I got off a call with head quarters and you have some fun headed for you here’s a pic of the notes I took from the phone call They should be calling Florance now since they thought it was me in the area but you know how much he loves to gab on the phone so I thought this would be faster than a ninjask to get you up to speed
/ ' _/ <- you know who lol

good luck!!!

Glenn clicked on the photos Gertrude sent to quickly review them before sending her reply,

Dearest Gerdy,

Thank you for your message. While I am saddened that our plans had to change, I am thankful for your understanding. Hopefully we are able to reschedule the trip for another time.

I will do my best to prevent what you fear from coming true while respecting your brother’s choice in the matter. I trust his intuition in all other matters other than love to be sufficient to keep him out of hot water.

An incident (Unrelated to Florance) has occurred that may have caused the shops to close down for the day but I will do my best to pick up the stationary supplies for the both of us.

Thank you for the well wishes and I hope things are going well for you at the gym as well. I trust the Pokémon Florance left in your care are providing sufficient in their aid.


Glenn Yea

With that reply finished Glenn moved her way back over to Florence who finished his call.

“Change of plans Glenn. Were should I start to explain,” he said shifting his weight foot to foot still hyped up.

“Gertrude texted me so I am mostly caught up to speed,” she replied choosing to ignore the fact Gerdy may have sent confidential information via text.

“Let’s giddy up then to head quarters to meet with the others than. If we get lucky there might be some people to help along the way.”

“To where the hospital or the grave,” Glenn let slip.

The retort went unheard by Florance since he didn't miss a single beat before starting off on his way to head quarters forcing Glenn to follow with a sigh.
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Cole Ashton

Cole seemed to realize he asked too much, so he kept quiet for a moment, with Chase seemingly laughed for a second before he ran into the nearest fire, flashing red as the flames were extinguished and Cole gave some people an exit.

"Good boy" He said, giving a thumbs up. Chase let out some flames out of his mouth as a response. He felt his own Rotomphone vibrate, and Ashryn's words jolted him.

"Right behind you" Hopefully, there are some good news over there, or things really changed. Well, only one thing to do.

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