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Fantasy Penance

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Horror, LGTBQ, Magical, Romance, Zombies


The story begins with a royal family named The Silverose's, a family who is said to have descended from elves for they had unnatural fairness that never diminished, even with each passing generation. You are the eldest child of the Silverose family, and destined to inherit the throne, but like any monarchy, your family had a spare: your little sister. Eloise Silverose had the poor luck of being born second, and so was only a backup, in case you were taken before ascended the throne at which point she would be married to a neighbouring Prince of Goldweld to strengthen the alliance.

She railed against her destiny but it was all for naught, and so her resentment of you grew as the day of your coronation grew closer and closer. Perhaps it was desperation or temporary madness but she did the unthinkable and tried to kill you with a poisoned knife. You were struck deathly ill and it was uncertain if you'd make it, and thus her fate hung in the balance. When the healers declared you would pull through, she was spared an immediate execution but your parents knew they couldn't let this pass, and so your sister was sent to aid the armies that fought the Decaying King and his Rotlords. She was to serve as a nurse, to see true suffering and what her life could have been, a chance to humble her and force her to develop empathy.

Then, six months later, a report came in that she had been killed in a surprise raid by Rotlord Foultooth, her body unrecoverable.

The lost struck your parents cold, memories of a little girl who looked up to you in innocent glee and joy assailing you, reminding you that she hadn't always been bitter and resentful. But now she was gone, at best cut down by some half-decayed monstrosity, and at worst, she herself was now one of those shambling corpses, her body, and soul defiled by the sinister magics of the Rotlord. So it was that you promised you would slay Rotlord Foultooth before you took the throne, to avenge your sister or at least your memory of who she had been.

So you arrived at the Northern Front, where the winter never ceases and the alliance of men, the fair folk, and the mountain kings stand against the fetid forces of the Decaying King and his Rotlords. But when you find your sister is alive, everything changes, though... given what she has become, perhaps she was better off dead?


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