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Fantasy Paradisia ✧ Another Tale (always accepting!)






(all citizens; festival grounds)
A day of celebration dedicated to former Captain of the Royal Guard and beloved hero Amelia Victoriana, held on the Queen's festival grounds. A great place to socialize, enjoy free entertainment and browse fun merchant stalls.


(adventurer's guild members; guild hq)
The best way to ensure adventuring success is to plan for it, so if you're a part of the Guild or even just travel with them sometimes, you'll want to attend this meeting. Treasure and exploration await!

more soon to be added, so check back often...


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The sky was clear and the atmosphere lively as various residents of Paradisia began to gather on Queen Vivienne's festival grounds. Some chattered idly, while others set about preparing their stalls or browsing whichever ones were already operating. Victory Day was a time of celebration, not mourning.

A moment of silence would be observed before the magical display later that evening, but Amelia was not the kind of woman who believed in perpetual sadness, and Vivienne respected this. Her birthday was instead turned into a holiday to celebrate everything she had fought to save from the Shadowed Ones. Very few people disliked Amelia, and Victory Day had been a brilliant success last year. From the looks of things, it would be again. This offered some comfort to the Queen, as she grieved deeply for the loss of her close friend. Standing with a serene smile just outside of the general crowd, Vivienne waved to whoever approached her and thanked them for coming out to celebrate Amelia. She always made a point to interact with her many subjects as equals, for they were... it was only the fact she served as Guardian of a Heart Shard that set her apart from them.

Glimmer was beside her, soaking up the attention of passerbys as though it was all directed at him... and some of it was, perhaps because his outfit was so glamorous and overdone it would easily make a peacock feel plain. Vivienne rolled her eyes, but she didn't really mind. Glimmer could be quite annoying and narcissistic at times, yet he would play an important role in the very entertainment all of Paradisia would soon be watching. Best to just let him have his fun, as for once it was fairly harmless.

Further from the Queen and amidst the swiftly growing crowds, Luka could be seen spending all the money he'd been given for healing supplies on a ridiculous amount of candy... absolutely none of which would be shared willingly. His sparkling ruby eyes made acquiring piles of the sweet prize far easier, as did the strange form of cuteness all Kitria possessed. Those waiting in line soon grew tired of his antics, however. It seemed the cat boy just kept buying and begging, even as whatever stock of sugary goodness remained was rapidly depleted.

A gathering as large as Victory Day required skilled security, and the Royal Guard was the very best at such things. Lucien resented not being able to spend the day with Vivienne as he usually did, and his displeasure was obvious to those around him... especially his fellow knights. Their job was to patrol actively and keep a lookout for theft or other crime, but this didn't mean those less frigid than the young captain couldn't enjoy a fine snack or carnival game occasionally.

Many residents had already descended upon said games, and Mysteria was no different. She'd just smashed the strength test with her massive sword and broken the thing, leading to a very angry booth owner and lots of disappointed children who'd been waiting in line for a considerable amount of time. As if to make things worse, Mori insisted on asking each of them what type of clouds they saw in the sky, his voice as emotionless and eerie as ever. Needless to say, the Adventurer's Guild wasn't making its best impression so far.

Like anything, Victory Day is what you make it. Many Paradisians will get great enjoyment from the festive atmosphere and widespread novelties, while others may choose instead to take advantage of so many beings all milling about such a small area.

Welcome to Paradisia.


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Ernest Bochart
Location: Festival
Interactions: spookie spookie (Mysteria)

"Come on, give me another throw."
The drunken man said swaying back and forth in front of a carnival game. Ernest had closed up his shop early for the festival as he enjoyed the festivities they had last year and he wanted to get there early to get some drinks in before playing some carnival games. He had a bottle of wine in one hand as he tried to convince the vendor to give him another throw, "Just cause I missed the last ten times doesn't mean I'll miss again." The man working the carnival game gave out a large sigh as he handed the ball to Ernest again. "Don't worry, I'm a-an expert." He said jumbling his words a bit. His target was 3 bottles and it seemed that it wouldn't get touched the eleventh time. Ernest threw the ball and completely missed, almost hitting the man. It seemed that Ernest wasn't quite the expert he thought he was, "This game is rigged." He said hiccuping before finally giving up. He turned around and took a swig from the wine bottle that he had obtained somehow within the last thirty minutes. He waded through the crowd, looking for something interesting to do.

Even in his drunken state, he was able to notice a small crowd around the queen. Ernest had no interest in heading in that direction, the last thing he wanted to happen was the queen seeing him in this drunken state. As he moved through the crowd, the clanking of his different jewelry could be heard. Usually, you'll hear Ernest before seeing him. He moved the bottle up to his lips and took another sip from the bottle as he approached a stall that sold sweets. Ernest looked at the wide variety presented to him and decided on some chocolate, he had a weakness for sweets. Ernest retrieved a pouch from his hip and pulled out several coins, handing it to the vendor. He received a pretty large chunk of chocolate fudge and immediately began chowing down on it. The piece of fudge was gone in a few minutes and he watered it down with some wine. The bottle was finally empty and he tossed it into a bin.

Ernest's drunken state seemed to get worse as time went on and once he arrived at a strength test, his swaying became more apparent. A hiccup could be heard from him every so often as he waited at the game. As he was waiting, he drunkenly played with the several pouches of coins he kept on him until he heard a large crash. Ernest took a step aside to see what happened as he was in the back of the line. Some girl with a massive sword, smashed the strength test, effectively ruining Ernest's drunken chance at the game. He didn't quite recognize her and being in the drunken state did not help. He took his best guess and guessed that she was some merc or adventurer, "Adventurer's always ruin the fun with their brute force. That's not quite embodying the spirit of the festival." Ernest said to her as he approached her. His walk over there wasn't quite steady and the constant swaying was plaguing his movement. If he continued to drink like this, he wasn't going to make it for very long.

Elpidius was standing at a food stand, having been drawn in by the delightful aromas of mouthwatering meats and garden-fresh vegetables. He hadn't eaten since earlier that morning and could hear his stomach throwing fits like an untamed beast. But at the stall, a commotion seemed to begin to arise. "Whatta ya mean you won't take copper?" The adventurer had a slight frown on his face and scowled menacingly at the stall owner. "It's... It's f*cking copper!!!" El's voice notably rose, gaining the unwanted attention of nearby people. An older man with rough locks the color of stone stood on the other side of the booth.

He spoke in a rather annoying tone. "Silver or gold! Only silver and gold!" The two men's glares clashed in a fierce glint. "Dude, have a heart. I'm starvin' here. Just take the copper and let me leave with a piece each of your tasty pork and beef before it starts congealing." Elpidius' gaze shifted between the meats and the stall owner. Finally he settled his eyes on the other man's silvery eyes, staring deep into them.

The young man's expression was one of intense intimidation. "Because once the congealing starts? That's when things get ugly." The stall owner was unfazed. He glared back at the scarlet haired male with the same amount of intimidation. "Silver... Gold." That's when El had enough. "Punch. Grab. No, punch. How about a compromise? Punch, then grab? No, grab then punch." He pondered on violent ways to deal with the man because he was tired of talking.

Then he remembered he was at a significant celebration or whatever and decided not to make any more of a commotion. "Stupidassholewon'ttakecopperfornoreason..." Elpidius mumbled. He turned and walked away, planning to explore the rest of the festival and it's festivities. Hopefully he could find another food stand that actually took copper.

Elpidius Aristippus

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Location: Festival
Mood: Angry, hungry.

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Kelial Setereþ
Location: Festival
Kel looked around the town square. There were so many things to do! As he explored the festival, the dull thrum of many songs hummed at the edges of his mind. If Kel concentrated too long on it, he would certainly get a raging headache. Thankfully, there were other distractions. What with the queen making an appearance, all the marketers selling their food, and the games around, there was certainly no way he could concentrate on the peculiar songs of other people.

As he decided what to do, a commotion quickly brought his attention to the strength game. Looks like someone was too strong for their own good. For his own credit, Kel knew he would never succeed at that anyways. It would have been fun to try the game, but, eh, it really didn't matter in the long run. What DID catch his attention was a balloon and dart game. It looked simple enough, and fun to do. As he sauntered over to the stand, he quietly thanked his uncle, Galaran, for giving him the free time- and some money, admittedly- to participate in the fair.

Upon giving the stall owner several coppers, Kel picked up five darts. He had to hit three red balloons; there were four, and two were kind of smaller, and hidden behind other balloons, making it harder to see and hit. One was big and in plain view- no doubt to lull the participant into a false sense of ease. The darts were also weighted slightly... strangely. They didn't feel right. Their songs were also a bit... off-key, somehow. A challenge. Kel grinned. He threw. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

His first target was the big balloon. He hit it with the first dart. The second one hit the.. standard balloon, you could call it that. The third and fourth ones hit the balloons surrounding one of the smaller balloons, and the fifth one grazed that tricky red balloon- it was enough to pop it. Kel let loose his pent up breath. It took a fair bit of concentration to throw the darts, but Kel did it. As the stall keeper smiled a bit ruefully, he handed Kel his prize: Rock candy. Yay. Candy he probably could have bought for half the price for the game.

Kel eagerly dug into the candy. He had a sweet tooth, and besides, the game was fun. He then noticed a commotion at a meat stall: Some redhead was stalking off from the stand; furthermore his song emanating from his was very discordant and morose. Not that that was a surprise, it just confirmed what his demeanor already showed. Kel wasn't an aurareader. He didn't know the subtleties of human songs.

Kel set off, not really having a particular goal in mind; he simply wanted to walk around and get used to the bustle- this was the busiest place he'd ever been in.

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One of the more striking Entities to be roaming around the festival was a huge creature standing at least seven feet tall, it had two sets of arms and many spiked protrusions jutted out form it’s carapace covered body, even more, longhorns adorned its head along with massive glowing eyes lastly the beings tail whose length was more than double that of the being that it was attached to ending with a blue glowing barb hung around the neck like a sort of barbaric necklace of black spikes. The creature was a Demlemon while certainly, a strange sight what really made this particular one a head turner compared to the few that would leave their little villages was his garb a suit made of thick hide emulating those worn by certain scholars and a large backpack to boot these features along with the air of importance that came with how this peculiar Demlemon acted meant that without a doubt this was the somewhat famous Herbert Nersingel.

Herbert was unsurprised by the reaction of those around him those that knew who he was would simply give him a wave and he’d do so in kind while others stared for a moment before going back to whatever they were doing some would stare far longer mostly children whom would either hide behind there parents complaining about the big monster or tug then away to direct their attention to Herbert as the passed. His attention caught by one particularly brave who had attempted to hit Herbert with a wooden toy sword. Herbert crouched down to a similar level to the kid thought he was still fairly taller one arm patting the child on the head “hmm well little one that was uncalled for don’t you think?” He’d ask the kid with a gentle tone. Meanwhile, the child gave a defiant if not cute glare crossing her arms “well your big and scare” shed say trying to sound intimidating though failing prompting Herbert to ruffle there hair another hand offering them a piece of candy “well I suppose you win then” he’d reply cheerfully the girl taking the candy quickly and running off leaving Herbert to continue his own business. thought yet again another thing caught Herbert's attention spotting a certain commotion caused by a Kitria manage to collect a vast amount of candy form one stall he'd not actually seen a Kitria in a while and he wasn't going to lose an opportunity to chat to one and thusly the large entity would approach the Kitria looking down at them and due to his biology Herbert was unable to smile but he tried to make himself appear as friendly as possible "hello there, the name is herbert Nersingel you might know me from some of the book's iv published regardless its lovely to see another less than normal species hanging around yes? regardless its rather nice to see a Kitria here while I would offer you some more sweets it does really seem like you have more than enough"

Slav Slav (Ernest)

Well, here it was. Big day had finally bother to roll around. 'Victory Day'. In truth, Jim personally couldn't see much that was victorious with her current situation. Today should be a fun sort of day, a holiday, where you forget all of your cares and troubles and just have fun. But for her, it had still somehow ended up turning into a work day. The rest of Paradisia saw a celebration, dear old Gran saw a business opportunity. She stood behind the Fox's stall, slumped over a nicely simmering pot of her famous Summer Stew. Jim stirred the contents around slowly, in a manner that was wholly uninterested in its current appointed task.

"Oh, stop sulking Jim! I said you can go and have a good look around later. But right now I need your help here."

Jim groaned, slouching back dramatically against the Stalls wooden frame.

"But Graaaaaaannn! Now's the best time to be looking around at everything! We've not hit Noon yet, everything will be absolutely packed after then!"

"Exactly! So I need your help to ready for the big rush!"


She glowered into the sizzling stew. By the time she got loose all of the good stuff was bound to be gone. Bah. Jim looked up at the growing crowds. There were all manner of folk there that day. She could even see the Queen from here. She was looking exceedingly elegant of course. Glimmer was there too, very much living up to his namesake. The man seemed to practically glow with enthusiasm and beauty. Jim subconsciously ran a hand through her hair, she hand't really had time to comb it properly today. She wondered if Glimmer ever got told off for looking better than the Queen sometimes. She'd pay good money to see that if he ever did.

Another thought arose, "Has Dad ever met the Queen?"

"Few times here and there I think. Only ever formally though, you know, organised like."

She looked up herself to momentarily analyize their Monarch. Her brow furrowed sightly, "Ey Jim, if you were a Queen, what sort of liquor would be your preferred drink?"

"GRAN!..... the fine brandy perhaps."

Time went on for a while. The stew was unsurprisingly popular, and it did admittedly make her feel somewhat smug. Jim handed out portions with a quietly pleased-with-herself smile. They were making quite a good little profit now actually, perhaps Gran had been onto something after all. Her eyes wandered again now things were picking up the pace a little bit. Everyone was enjoying themselves, having fun, scoffing sweets, playing games. A familiar jingle-jangle caught her attention. Was that,


Now where on earth was he off to, staggering over towards Myst-

"Oh Gods,"

Gran frowned and looked up from counting the coins in her her hand,

"What? Oh no,"

"Gran should I-"


And just like that, Jim leapt into action. She hopped over the stall counter, and darted over to where Ernest was just about to make a fool out of himself. She let out a very loud and obvious laugh as she approached, gently grabbing Ernest's arm when she was in distance.

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Eithne Märchen



“Welcome to the Bread ‘n Butter Bakery,” March said, wiping the spotless counter for the sixth time in that morning alone.

She stopped her chore and focused on the new customer instead of running through her mental to-do list again; there weren’t many tasks that needed doing since she was planning to visit the festival grounds after closing shop in an hour. Experiencing Victory Day on the vendor’s side of a stall was strenuous for even someone as industrious as her—masses of bodies pushing towards her were a hassle at the best of times and a downright terror at the worst. No, she was passing the day as a festival-goer this time. A little nudging from Madame Lloyd had also convinced her that being a visitor was the best for scouting the local businesses, so she could say she was still being productive if anyone asked.

The customer who entered was a bald man wearing a dirtied silk handkerchief around the bottom of his face, beady eyes and a button nose peeking out from above. There was nothing special about him apart from that specific clothing decision, but that was enough to raise her guard. She had seen enough miscreants at her former and current workplaces to know what to look out for.

While Gossip flew on wings in a city like Paradisia, and most people knew not to make trouble in her bakery after the last fellow who thought to threaten her was smashed to the next street—today was Victory Day. Not everyone in town was a resident of the city, and not everyone was bright enough to know not to make trouble on the biggest holiday of the year, especially if it happened to be in a small bakery out of the way of the main spectacle.

For the first few minutes, the man simply window-shopped and eyed her fluffy Victory Day buns and sword-shaped pastries. March had started thinking that his odd fashion choice was a false alarm and that she had made a mistake until he spoke up.

“Hey, you.”

Her eyebrows twitched and her lips almost drew into a scowl before she smoothed it out and replied, “Yes?”

“How much is this bun?” He pointed to her Victory Day buns.

“Twenty coppers.” She didn’t make any move to wrap up the bread, waiting for an agreement.

What? That’s daylight robbery!” His voice was so fake that March wasn’t sure why he even bothered acting out this skit. “I can’t let this be! I’ll be taking all the money you cheated from us poor folks!”

With that said, he proceeded to lift his meaty paws and grab at her shoulders.

She took a step back and reached behind her back. The half-wit crook was no longer a customer anymore and as such, she had no need to be polite. He was almost as bad as the man who came in with a face full of lemon juice, thinking his face would be invisible to her and the Royal Guard.

The daylight robber smiled at her actions. “Maybe if you give me your money willingly, I’ll be a little nicer to ya, hey?”

Grabbing the mallet leaning against the wall that he still hadn’t noticed wasn’t merely decor, March pointed it at him. “Shut up, tactless imbecile.”

Without waiting for a reply, she swung the war mallet with force from years of dough-kneading and sporadic mallet-swinging. Its collision released a loud crack of wood and bone, hitting the aspiring mugger right in the noggin. He slumped to the floor, dead for all she cared to know.

“Pigeon-brained fool,” March snorted, pulling up her sleeves to drag him outside of her shop. She supposed she could pack up a bit earlier today. There was no need for her to test her luck against more possible idiots wanting intimate relations with a mallet.

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In the town center, preparing his "Wilds Beyond" observatory stall

In character

Located near the edge of the festival square, Daven finished pinning his sketch of the great Royal Wyvern he encountered along the Great Ridgeline to the north. He had a variety of sketches, peculiarities, and artifacts on display from his various expeditions for the festival attendees to view. No, he wasn't selling anything. And it was mostly children who would stay for any length of time, just to hear his stories. Alas, the magic of such tales of wonder and adventure was lost to many adults. He had a variety of brilliantly colored feathers from various beasts to give to the children as souvenirs should they come. Adults were welcome to them too, of course!

Daven pulled out his guitar, tuned it to open "D" and began strumming. Acoustic melodies was a pleasant and peaceful way to pass the time. Festivals weren't really his cup of tea, but he was happy to participate in honor of the city's most beloved defender, Amelia Victoriana. He didn't expect much traffic to his stall but would be happy to entertain any who would show interest.

Milan had separated from the rest of the patrol guard and had taken to higher ground. He had done a few rounds flying around to find the best position to watch over the festival. Crowds weren't his thing, it was far too loud for his liking. No to mention how hard it was to see with so many people bustling about. Milan landed on top of a tall building that was overlooking the festival, he had a few blindspots he couldn't quite see clearly, but overall he could see most the festival thanks to his sight. Shifting back into his human form he grabbed his bow and readied an arrow. His eyes searching the crowd for a certain white hair guard who was also patrolling. Once he spotted her he let out a sharp whistle (it sounds exactly like a birds so it's not noticeable to the masses, not to mention he's pretty far away so it's hard to hear over the crowds.), before his eyes swept back over the crowds looking for those who would be causing trouble. [not open for interaction, unless you wanna get hit with an arrow]

Maisie had stuck to the ground, unlike her brother, after all her ability would be a great help for catching sneaky thieves. That's if she would actually focus on her task at hand and not be so distracted by every stall. She was like a kid in a pastry shop as she looked at every stall she walked by. Not to mention the fact she had decided to trail behind Lucien and was attempting to talk with the boy. She had mostly decided to trail behind him because she needed someone to keep her focused and who better to do so than the captain himself? When in combat she was a force to reckon with, but patrol jobs? They bored her and she hated being bored, so she needed someone to keep her somewhat focused. Typically this would have been her brother's job, but seeing as he had gone off for a position that benefited him, she was left with following Lucien.

Her brother's whistle hit her ears and she couldn't help but smile. "About time he signaled." She muttered, tapping her ear twice knowing he could see her. It was their way of letting each other know they were safe. They had a bunch of signals they used, it's what made them a great team after all. As she followed the young captain her eyes focused on the shops around them, rather than the people like she was supposed to be. The captain's general mood and the silence were starting to irritate her and ruin her own mood. "Ya, Lucien lighten up a bit! We will never catch the thieves if they can sense your foul mood coming their way." May jokingly complained, her eyes shifting from his back to a stall that caught her eye with a display of brightly colored feathers. Shiny items were more her thing, but she knew her brother liked collecting feathers now and then. Her hands fell to her hip here a small pouch of coins rested beside her flute and her steps slowed. She shook her head and sped back up to catch back up to Lucien. She would come back later. She didn't want to lose track of Lucien. Mind slowing down? You got quick steps for someone with short legs, im going to end up losing you in the crowd." She said, his pace not even actually bothering her, she just said it to get a reaction out of him. She was that bored, and it's not like she was that much taller than him. [interacting with: Lucien, spookie spookie | Mentioned briefly; Daven, Church418 Church418 ]

Being dragged along by her parents while they browsed the various markets at Victory Day was somewhat of a family tradition for the Evergreens. An unsaid one but a tradition nontheless, but this festival was different, the quaint baker couple known as the Evergreens urged Delilah to walk around by herself this time. She saw it as an excuse for them to throw her away for a bit, but she was never really one to protest to alone time. So that's what she did, she walked around to see if there were any spots she could sit that was away from all the action. She happened upon a bench where little to no people were near.

She set her parasol down on next to her, took out her notebook and dug around her bag for some pens, but only finding a penicil. Delilah was much more of a writer than she was an artist but it would have to do. She sat there, notebook on her lap, hunched down and mindlessly sketching. Finding herself drawing the face of a woman, she continued by drawing the Queen herself. She's never really seen her up close but she tried to draw everything she could remember from seeing her from afar. Soon, Delilah was drifting into her own world, which often happened when she was writing or drawing anything. Zoning out also didn't help her reputation as the 'shy baker girl' but she didn't really mind. She often found herself being so engulfed in her own thoughts that she wouldn't notice anyone sneaking up next to her. But she a weakness though, just a minor inconvenience...
Max was having the time of her life. She was on 'patrol', if by patrol you mean spending all her coin on food, trinkets and games. Max clip-clopped from one stall to the next, only staying still to play. She'd brought a large bag, and it jingled with all the nice things she'd bought. Clothes, jewelry, food, little trinkets that she just had to have or she'd actually die.
Max stopped at a stall with a few pretty things on display. She'd spotted a couple of sweaters. "How much?"
She was already digging into the hefty coin purse she had on her, barely heard them. "And you have any more colours?"
"Uh...you're buying each colour?"
"Mmm yes."
Max handed them the money, and shoved the garments into her bag. If she wasn't 'working', she'd put one on immediately. Behind her, the stall owner was getting told off, "-could have made more money off her, loved the sweaters, you fool,"

Max wandered towards a horse riding pen. There were ponies for the little ones, and bigger horses for adults. She got in line, and when she finally came up to the stall owner, he frowned. He didn't want to seem rude, but gestured to her goat legs. "Sorry, ma'am, but is this going to work?"
Max grinned. "No idea. Never tried it."
The owner chuckled and waved her through. "Just don't hurt yourself, yeah?"
"Keeping that in mind, yes." Max nodded.

Once led to a horse, she stood up onto the saddle. Her hoof almost slipped, but she jumped up before it did. Now her legs couldn't reach, she'd definitely need to be lifted down. But she wasn't going to fall off, at least for now, so they walked the horse around a bit.
Limon Aiton
Limon was having a pretty good day. He decided not to run his cafe, particularly because he had no specials since everything he sold was special. He also liked celebrating more, but he could technically justify it as viewing competition to make his brain think he was more productive. He was good at tricking his brain, and also others too.

He picked up small bits of memory walking down through the festival, things he remembered but forgot he remembered. “Oh hey, wonder if he’s still mad about his shop burning down.” He absentmindedly told himself. “So many people, and so many places, and I’ve been to like half and know...probably 50?” He thought it over. “Might as well see more, some new people go to the festival, right?”

He continued down the street, merrily humming an old tune. He looked around for a moment, suddenly realizing, I have no idea where I am! He turned, and immediately entered the first door he saw. At some point, he should have probably unlearned that habit, but magic schools were weird, and it was deep inside him.

Ding-a-ling! Went the bell.
“Do I know you?” He wondered, looking at the youngish person there. He tried to remind himself of the shopkeeps around the city. Definitely a bakery, there’s a few of those. Looks like a fairy, but maybe just good at illusions? He theorized. Oh, and a giant hammer. Wait, it’s that one girl, she hit the cousin of a rich guys brother, and that rich guy complained about it to me. His mind brought up.

“Yes, I’ve heard of you.” He confirmed to himself. “I’m Limon, I run a cafe. Sometimes I deliver messages to shops, but I haven’t gone everywhere. Nice to meet you, I suppose?” He shuffled uncomfortably. “I don’t know your name though, people just call you bread girl usually.”

Ambiloquous Ambiloquous


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"Guess your lil' game here is kinda weak, Mysteria stated smugly, emerald eyes admiring the mess that was her handiwork. A few parts of the wooden target had entirely shattered, while the small piece of metal meant to measure the strength of a hit had popped right off and was now dangling from the tented ceiling above. "I win fair and square though, so cough up that silver, boy."

The man running the stand was having none of it. "Lady, you broke my game! You owe me, not the other way around." He glared at the scarlet haired adventuress as though to warn her, but Mysteria just shrugged.

"The rules you told me before I played specifically stated that I could use my own weapon, and that I'd win the prize money if I could get the decoy to the top of the measuring device, which I certainly did," she said, leaning rather lazily on the hilt of Heartcrusher as she looked up at the object in question. Though he opened his mouth to protest, the man then sighed and handed over a small bag containing five silver coins. "Remind me to re-work my rules, I'm supposed to be scamming people here, not getting scammed..."

"Smart boy. I made Lucien of the Royal Guard cry, so it's best to keep our transactions simple. Have a nice day!"

With a cheerful wave, Mysteria pocketed the prize and turned away. "Finally, I can get Kai that kitten doll he wanted and make sure Annie has a dress that fits... she's getting so tall," the woman mumbled to herself, thinking of how happy her orphan friends would be when she returned to them bearing promised gifts. "Now, where in the seven oceans did Mori wander off to this time...

Mysteria's quest to locate her eerie companion was abruptly cut short by a drunken man positively dripping with expensive jewelry. The sight of so much finery made her fingers itch to borrow it, but now really wasn't the time for such risky endeavours. She needed to find Mori, and then perhaps test her skill on other unsuspecting carnival games too.

His words however, left her less than amused.
"I actually knew Amelia personally," Mysteria quipped sharply, "and I can tell you she'd be all for playing hard if it meant giving these winnings to the orphanage." Pulling out the bag of coins, she shook them as though to emphasize her point. "Not that anyone wearing the entire contents of a palace safe would know anything about growing up poor."

Less than a second after she'd said her little piece, the potential argument between them was interrupted by none other than a very enthusiastic Jim. Mysteria's look of disgust lighted a bit, as did her grip on Heartcrusher.

"Lucky timing," she said rather plainly, waiting to see any reactions.


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Rina Oricaryn
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1590827351954.pngJust the day before, the Oricaryn family gave the maids and servants a task to prepare for Victory Day within the mansion. Headaches were grown, projects were rushed, and the knights—especially the ones watching their daughter—wanted a break from the chaos. The parents had their fair share of work, too, writing invitations, scheduling business meetings for next week and the week after. The daughter, with her keen eye and a lingering taste of what the unruliness of the outside felt like, saw the opportunity. Present day, early afternoon, her parents would stumble into her room. They only found a note from their daughter, saying that she'd return soon.

That particular girl was out and about in the festival grounds of Paradisia, walking amongst the common folk while eagerly searching for anything fun, really. The last of Rina's unpermitted excursions was around two years ago, when they found the secret exit she'd been using for months. Pushing and shoving her way through the crowds, Rina beamed around with a sense of ever-lasting adrenaline. There was so much more to look at, especially since it was Victory Day; dozens of stalls opened up to the public, and many restaurants were filled to the brim with customers. Each one of these offered their own mouth-watering aromas. The food served at her mansion was always exquisite; it stopped feeling special a long time ago. As for commoner's food? She'd put out a bag of golds faster than you can say her full name.

But before she could decide on where to go, the money pouch of a random, nondescript man fell out of his pocket. He was holding kebabs in both of his hands and didn't hear the jingle because of the crowd. Rina narrowed her eyes at the bag, scurrying over to grab it. It would've been a pain for the man if some unruly thief snagged it instead. She curiously opened the pouch, finding a few gold coins, some silvers, and a lot of coppers. Even Mother's maid has so much more money than this... Rina tightened the bag and looked back up. If I ask him to work for us, he can become rich, and I'll excuse myself by saying I went out to hire a servant! Mother and Father will praise me for doing something so mature on my own! Genius plan, Rina! As expected from a beautiful genius like yourself!

"Ah!" Rina snapped out of her train of thought when a man called out to her. "That's my coin pouch! Thank you for finding it!" He bore a kind smile, bending down to her height.

She froze for a few seconds, stammering in her words at the suddenness. She then cleared her throat, bearing an arrogant look. "What kind of clumsy snollygoster drops their money pouch like that?" Hook. "And I couldn't help but notice that you carry such a pathetic amount of coin." Line. "I suggest you work for my household; maybe then, you won't need to dress up as a miserable vagabond?" And sinker. Except nothing went according to plan. His friendly smile turned bewildered, then angered. Rina wasn't aware that she touched upon a touchy subject and now faced a fuming adult who wasted no time in mouthing off on her. Rina felt her throat go dry, whether from fear or confused frustration, she did not know. His words went in one ear and out the other, but she could read the message behind them. "I'm trying to help you, you ungrateful pillock!"

He stepped towards Rina, and something kicked inside her. Within a few seconds, Rina sped away. She heard him shouting for her to stop in the distance.

Bystanders were thrown and pushed aside as Rina raced through the road with little knowledge of where she was going. Her scabbard bounced wildly around her hip, whipping at people's and herself's legs. Rina shoved someone, unable to stop her momentum, causing their bag of snacks to fall and spill all over. "Move out of the way you disparaged cumberworlds!" Despite how much trouble she was in, Rina smiled. This was the very thrill she spoke of when asked by her parents what was so fun about going out into the standardless world. Rina, holding her dear hat, slid underneath a passing fruit cart. She grimaced as the leather on her clothes took the scrapes, and she made a mental note to oil the scratches off when she had the chance.

Eventually, Rina ducked into an alleyway and emerged into an unfamiliar place where little to no people wandered. She rested her hands on her knees as she panted, turning around to see that she had lost them... at least for now. A smug smile crept up to her face, and she held a straight palm vertically to the side of her mouth. "O~hohoho!" Ignoring the odd stares she earned, Rina continued gloating to herself. "I dare say, how dastardly clever of me! To escape such a devilish man scot-free, I must be..." Rina looked down, realizing that she still held his coin pouch. "Genius."

Anxiety immediately hit in, and Rina walked in circles of various sizes and paths, focused wholly on the fruits of her theft. What am I to do, now? Turn it in to the guard and claim I found it? What if he told them what I look like? I doubt Lucien spares criminals! I must flee the—Rina crashed into something as tall as her hips, face planting into the seat of the bench and spilling the contents of the pouch onto the ground. Her hat fell off her head as she bent back up, more ashamed of herself than before. "Why is this here? Whose grand idea was it to put a bench here just so it can crash into me?!" When she ran around to retrieve her hat and hurriedly scoop up the coins, she finally noticed the girl sitting on the bench.

Rina's cheeks burned red from embarrassment. "You should have said something before the bench crashed into me!" she cried. Rina climbed onto the bench, placing one foot on the backrest as her scabbard dangled loosely from her belt. Carefully, she placed her other foot on the backrest, looking back where she came from. "Could have spared me—Wait, are you drawing something?" Rina's embarrassed scowl quickly turned to one of intrusive interest. She hopped down beside the girl, sticking her head in way too close for comfort, trying to peek at the page.
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Kyuri was whistling as she passed through the crowds on Victory Day. Some taller figures had managed to bump into her, much to her annoyance. She knew she was short, so it was probably accidental. If she had her bow, she could turn invisible but it would be too much effort. That, and she left her bow back in her room. The smell of freshly grown vegetables led her to a stall, where she bowed at the elderly woman and man. The stall had an assortment of vegetables on display; tomatoes, corn, turnips, leeks…


Kyuri’s eyes widened, her mouth open and almost drooling.

The elderly woman blinked. “L-?”

“Leeks!” Kyuri whispered, somewhat loudly.

The woman understood. They exchanged coin for a batch of leeks. Kyuri shoved two into her mouth, hanging on either side. The woman just looked at her. Afterwards, Kyuri found a vacant spot on the ground, sitting cross-legged as she was munching on leeks and observing passerbys. The peace didn’t last long, however, when a random bird flew into her face--eyes focused on her leeks. “Thief!” she screamed. “Thief!” She started running after the bird.
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Change clanging could be heard with every step Will took. It wasn’t much money which is why it clanged around so loudly. In total it was five coppers in his coin purse. It was next to bringing nothing into town where everything was due to be so expensive, but He hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Will Just had one thing on his mind and that was becoming an active adventurer. Will’s father had finally given him the go ahead to pursue his dreams, and Will wasn’t going to waste another second. It just so happened that today was victory day in the city. The busiest day in all of paradisia. Will just so happened to be in the middle of it all. He was surprised even with all the hustle and bustle the streets were clean. There wasn’t a piece of trash or any kind of litter on the side of the street.

Will’s yellow eyes were awestruck. He couldn’t believe the sights he was seeing. His mother would never have believed him that he had even stepped into the city. Birds flew quietly overhead, or if they had made any noise it couldn’t be heard due to the bustling city. As he continued to walk towards the center of town he couldn’t help but start to get annoyed. People bumped into him carelessly, as if he didn’t even exist. He fought with all his might not to fall down.

He ended up tripping on one of the uneven cobblestone bricks under his feet, and well the rest was history. He ended up falling face first and his palms grew red, and his face a large red mark on the forehead. As he was getting up from his embarrassing fall he ended up hearing another loud bang. This one wasn’t from him.

There was a test the strength booth up head, and it was destroyed. That must have been the loud bang. He had thought, but felt it wasn’t in his place to investigate. He had witnessed as Short girl running in and out of the crowd with ease, and dipped off into one of the alleys. A man was chasing her yelling thief! But it didn’t seem like the poor sap could keep up with her, and ended up losing his pray. Where are the royal Guards? He couldn’t help but wonder as he literally stopped in the middle of the street wondering where the guards were. It hadn’t donned on him that he didn’t even know exactly where he was, or even who to ask. He must have looked really dumb. With his white hair sticking up out of place, and his white tunic, and brown trousers. He must have looked like a sore thumb.

Yet, here he was standing in the middle of the street awestruck trying to discern where he was. All he knew was he wanted to be an adventurer, yet it never donned on him until now that he had no idea how to actually go about his dream. Well, that’s great. He sighed bewildered. It seemed like everyone would be too busy to entertain him, even for a second.

William then decided standing around wasn’t going to get him much of anywhere. So he began to walk further up the street. What he saw inspired awe in him. There was a noble woman (queen Vivienne.) who was surrounded by bodyguards. The ditz had a brilliant idea. I’ll ask her. Excitedly he picked up the pace to where he was literally running through the crowd. As he got closer, One of the guards shouted “Halt!” But he was running full speed and when he tried to stop he ended up tripping on himself, and he pretty much fell into the guards arms.
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Now that the candy stall had been stripped bare of its best offerings, Luka was content to begin loading up his finely-ribboned bag, one which was supposed to be used for healing supplies, with as many sweet prizes as possible. The loud crinkling of packaging drowned out much of Victory Day's usual noise, but Luka still turned when he heard someone speaking.

The creature now standing before him was exceptionally tall and quite odd-looking, which made Luka rather curious. Non-humans weren't all that rare in Paradisia and Vivienne ensured they were treated equally, but it wasn't every day he saw someone so interesting.

"Hi, Herbert! I'm Luka," the Kitria chirped happily, standing on his tip-toes to better take in the appearance of this new companion. "Ooh, what kinda books? I don't get much time to read with the dumb Royal Guards always getting hurt and expecting me to heal them, bleh." Luka pouted momentarily as he thought of how much he hated those crybabies before returning to his usual bubbly curiosity. "Wow, you know what I am, that's awesome, most humans think I'm some kind of housecat... wait, did you say sweets?!"

Gazing up at Herbert, Luka put on his most convincing eyes and widened them until they practically sparkled with innocence. Well I do have a lot, but some is for the Queen..." This wasn't a lie, as Luka did regularly gift her pretty things. Such actions were how Kitria showed affection and respect, which is why the finest sticks of rock candy in his bag were reserved for Vivienne.

The rest of the sugar, however, was a different story entirely.


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Ernest Bochart
Location: Festival
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A smile appeared on his face but there was nothing behind it. When in situations like this, Ernest tended to put a fake smile on his face to hide his true feelings. "I suppose you are right. I-" Before he could finish, he was caught off guard by Jim who grabbed a hold onto his arm. He didn't hear her approach, he couldn't hear much clearly right now with the commotion of the festival. It took his drunken mind a few seconds to try and piece together what she said. Once he finally processed her words, he replied, "Oh don't worry. We were just having a friendly... friendly conversation!" He said almost losing his train of thought mid-sentence. Ernest gave out a hiccup and proceeded to speak, "Adventurers are such lovely folks, they do so much good for our city." He said fake smile still at the forefront of his face. His legs starting aching and Ernest's interest within the conversation rapidly dwindled.

"Come help me find another drink Jim, I'll buy a round for the both of us." He said as he tried to take a step in the opposite direction before almost losing his balance. The spinning in his head continued to get worse and his swaying did as well. "I might need some help getting there." Ernest said putting his hand on his head where the pounding was present. Every small movement the man made resulted in some jingle of jewelry. Starting to drink in the morning wasn't quite the best idea but today was a festival, giving him a reason to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Another hiccup escaped his mouth and he continued to try and keep himself upright. "While we're at it I could use some more food as well." He said thinking about the sweets he had earlier. If he could just top it off with a cake, his day would have been made.
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Herbert had expected the excitable response form the Kitria, whom was named Luka. Long-tail gently unfurling from around his neck it swayed back and forth gently in the air much like a dog would do when happy or excited lacking the ability to convey facile features the body language of a Demlemon conveyed a lot more meaning then it would for humans this was something akin to a smile as more vigorous wisps would slowly rise form Herberts eye's "well sir, iv published a range of books form archeology to guides on exotic animals I do plan on adding two more entries to my current list of publications wait... oh" Herbert would stop speaking as he realised that Luka was the medic of the royal guard prompting Herbert to give a little bow towards Luka. "oh I do apologies, I hadn't realised you where within the ranks of the royal guard's, but yes I am rather well-travelled and have met a good deal of Kitria on said travel's your rather unique in your mannerisms are very hard to miss" he'd say with a bit of a chuckle at the end "well yes, I did say sweets ho-" pausing again as Luka attempted to be incredibly cute this totally working oh herbert as his tail would swing faster "hmmmm..... well i can't see why not... however i do have two request's if i may could i pat your head? and secondly would you mind if i tag along with you for some time it would be rather helpful with my current work" he'd ask with a realively calm tone one of Herberts arm's reaching into his backpack to grab a small paper bag of candies handing them to Luka in the process
Surprised, Delilah held her just sketchbook just a bit closer as the woman looked down at the unfinished drawing. She didn't quite know who this girl was but she was slightly intrigued where this interaction was going. Afterall, it isn't everyday that she got to show off her art. Even if it was nothing special.

"It's, uh, nothing really." Her voice was a bit shaky but otherwise, it was understandable. Hesitantly, she lowered the notebook a little so she could see. "I'm not really done with it yet..." Delilah's heart beat quickened. She wasn't really used to showing people her art, let alone strangers. But it seemed like changes would be quite a prominent motif this year.

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Jardyn Caedwyn
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Jardyn adored festivals. Not that he'd ever mention it. He was a trainee of the royal guard now. He was representing his family name. He had Responsibilities. Fortunately, one of those responsibilities was engaging with the public, and building their trust with the Royal Guard, and more importantly to his benefactor, him. The boy subconsciously placed his hand over the pommel of his sword as his thoughts shifted to Aurel Caedwyn, the source of all of his recent good fortune as far as he was concerned. The sword on his hip was a masterpiece, the sword of a gilded hero. Which is what Caedwyn wanted from him. And Jardyn didn't see any reason he shouldn't try. He'd be ready the next time evil rose up to threaten the peace ...just after he bought the flower crown from the local florist. Because that's what heroes did, he was pretty sure.

The edges of his mouth turned up as he looked nervously at the florist and handed over a handful of copper. The girl placed the flowered laurel over his ears, smiling politely. "I think blue and white was an excellent choice." She remarks as she steps back. Jardyn's cheeks flush. "Happy Victory Day, miss." He bows his head slightly as he steps away from the stand, just in time to watch someone go flying past, followed shortly by a call of thief. On Victory Day? How uncouth. He frowned. Still they didn't seem too big, and he didn't see anyone else nearby taking off after them.

Jardyn turned on his heel and broke off at a dash. "Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through!" He wove through the crowd with a good amount of grace, though he was taking care that his sheathe did not clip anyone, and to generally avoid causing any further chaos. That however lead to him losing track of the culprit. Which simply would not do. This required action. After fruitlessly looking around for a moment, He eyed a particularly sturdy looking stall, apologized in advance to the owner as he scrambled up the pole, and took a birds eye view from the signboard. He scanned his surroundings, shielding his eyes from the damnable sun. There were simply an enormous amount of people here. And a distressingly large amount of people looking at him. His heart began to race, as the seconds continued to pass. Where are they? Please, by merciful existence, where are they?

Then he spotted them, the figure in the feathered cap. She was speaking with another girl, perhaps a collaborator? Or perhaps this was a misunderstanding. What kind of thief wore a hat that eye catching. His eyes narrowed, and in the most authoritative tone he could manage with his childish voice, he shouted down at her, pointing. "You there! You in the hat! I believe you have something that doesn't belong to you!" If it wasn't for his diminutive size, he might have appeared a striking figure from below. Well that, and the flower crown.
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Sleep had eluded Mathias the day prior to Victory day. No, it wasn't because his gift prevented him from drifting into a slumber, though that is a problem at occasions. He was simply too excited for the festivities to be held. Victory day, despite only being celebrated last year, was the servant's favorite holiday. His pillow wasn't soft enough, bed too firm, neighbors too loud, and the squirming, fuzzy feeling in his stomach wouldn't go away. That feeling pervaded throughout the night, filling his mind with all of the activities he could do. The thoughts rocked back and forth in his head, and he couldn't help but have a tight-lipped smile plastered on his face. Festival games to win stuffed toys, booths for the most interesting curiosities and delicious food, and the wonderful display at the end of the day kept him awake all night. He was like a child the day before his birthday. Of course, it wasn't his birthday per se, but it was close enough. Victory day was the day when he found a new purpose in life and, albeit a little dramatic, was reborn.

But before he celebrated the festivities with his friends and fellow servants, Mathias had a variety of tasks to complete around the palace. The windows needed to be cleaned, the tile floors mopped, the garden weeded, the kitchen prepped, the library dusted, ... Mathias' head spun as he went down the list of chores to be complete before he could leave for the celebration. Of course, the tasks today weren't obligatory. The Queen had given the whole staff leave for the day; but in admiration of the monarch, there were still a handful of servants that continued to work, and, because they were short staffed, Mathias was a highly demanded laborer amongst the remaining castle staff. They settled for his lesser quality work in exchange for his never-ending stamina. Slowly going down his list, he eventually finished everything in record time and feeling no worse for wear. Now, before he departed, he would only have to change into his casual clothing.

Slipping some of his savings into a small, brown leather pouch, Mathias was ready to face the crowds of coin-hungry merchants. The young lad wasn't usually one for large, bustling crowds but for this day he found comfort in it. The warmth of the bodies, the laughing, the scent of food, and the smiling families put a flutter in his heart. Even though they were all strangers, they could all come together and share in the happiness of the occasion. It filled the hole that losing his family had caused. Oh, they weren't dead. They were just better off if he wasn't around. He wasn't particularly sad about it, but there was a missing object to his affection when they left. He had emotions that didn't know where to go. Lost in his thoughts, he found himself idly buying whatever was pushed into his hands. With a stick of skewered pork, a stuffed gryphon, and a variety of coupons in hand, Mathias looked for a quiet bench to sit down and people watch. Eventually, he found one under the shade of an oak, a slight distance away from the main crowd. A nice, quaint spot where the bustling of the crowd became white noise to the bristling of leaves.


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People everywhere. Laughing, smiling and celebrating with each other, families and lovers and friends alike. Being surrounded by such joy and affection made Lucien's stomach turn. It was so pathetic, really, to rely on another for your basic existence. An obvious sign of weakness, and not something the young captain envied... no, not at all. Family was a meaningless concept to him, and friendships were too fragile and temporary to be worth cultivating. If he'd learned anything in his short life, it was that trust led to inevitable pain. Except, of course, when it came to Queen Vivienne.

Lucien wove through the crowds and stalls with relative ease, cape fluttering behind him as he scouted for anyone who might be breaking a law with sharp lavender eyes. More than a few children scampered off to their parents when his icy glare met theirs, but it hardly bothered him. They were lucky enough to have parents who cared, fathers who comforted them instead of mercilessly punishing any perceived sign of fear. Why should he worry about upsetting anyone so lucky?

"Ya, Lucien lighten up a bit! We will never catch the thieves if they can sense your foul mood coming their way," Maisie said from somewhere behind him, causing the young captain to sigh audibly.

"I believe announcing our intentions aloud will have a considerably more negative effect," he snapped, rolling his eyes at the attempt of some vendor to interest him in colorful trinkets. His pace had increased instinctively due to the unwanted attention, both from Maisie and the salesman.

For a moment, Lucien had been able to leave his current source of annoyance behind him... but it was all too soon that she caught up to him once again. "Mind slowing down? You got quick steps for someone with short legs, im going to end up losing you in the crowd."

Lucien froze, one gloved hand gripping his sword as his body quivered with the sudden rush of rage that followed her words. Attacking a member of the Royal Guard was strictly forbidden of course, and so he had no choice but to calm himself a bit before addressing her.

"How dare you," Lucien spat the words as though they were poisonous, "your childish insolence reflects poorly on the Royal Guard as well as your own character."


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