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Fandom Pacific Rim Roleplay?

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So I will likely be adding more ideas besides Pacific rim, but this is generally what I am looking for right now. I'd be careful and not read on if you don't want spoilers for Pacific Rim

"Summary: When giant alien creatures called Kaiju rise from a portal beneath the Pacific Ocean dubbed 'The Breach', humans form a program using giant robots called Jaegers to protect the world. The robots are so large they require two people to pilot them."

This idea goes can be taken through the course of both of the movies, but doesn't necessarily need to be. We can either both use OC's or just me, it doesn't exactly matter. So basically, our characters can either pilot a custom Jaeger or any of the existing Jaegers (Personally, I prefer Gipsy, she a beaut) and instead of it being like the first movies where there is a couple of kaiju at a time, let's just say there is a ton more than that. It is extremely overwhelming when a seemingly dead kaiju washes up on the shore by the military base. However, it is decently smaller, at least half the size of the jaegers. It is taken in for research and locked into a secret cave. The scientists doing tests on (Newt and Hermann) trigger something in the brain of the kaiju and it wakes up. But as they had researched, it was not like any of the other kaiju. Having a unique brain that is highly intelligent, however, very young. It wakes up but it doesn't go straight to killing, instead, it hides. Over a course of time, it is found to be rather tame and possibly be used in the war. It does not seem to be connected with the precursors and follows commands as if it is an oversized dog. It does, however, grow incredibly fast and within a couple of days of rewaking reaches the chest height of a Jaeger. Upon being taken above ground, it runs off. It does not have the same reading as regular Kaiju, in fact, it does not even pop up on the radar. A kaiju appears on the radar shortly after the one runs off, but the kaiju is killed and the tamed one returns with the body of the kaiju. (Sorry if that was a very long explanation! That is the gist of what I'd like to do, though. (perhaps another kaiju is brought up being unattached from the precursors and this one and that one have like a mini love story, idk, everything is up for debate)

Another idea is you're a Jaeger pilot right. One of the mechanics working on the jaeger bumps into you and you guys become friends. A friendly spar is initiated (the one with the sticks and shit), and you find she is an extremely good fighter. You demand she is your drift pilot but is rejected. It may take some convincing to Pentecost to get him to allow her to attempt the drift.

I'd recommend not continuing if you don't want spoilers to the second one

"Pacific Rim: Uprising, Summary: 10 years after the breach was closed, the Jaeger program is becoming replaced with drones that can be controlled by one human that do not have to be manually piloted. Little do they know that the scientist behind them as altered the drones and put in a little Kaiju surprise.

So, this is a jump ahead of Pacific Rim: Uprising. We manage to get into Newt's head and find a way to reopen the breaches. Our intention though is to get in and eradicate the precursors. This one is very loose and is a very general idea, it can be taken in absolutely any direction!

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