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Fantasy Alien roleplay


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Character A was just chilling on the couch when suddenly, in the corner of her eye, she saw a bright light shining out from her window. She went up to the window to see the source of the light, it looked almost like a shooting star. Soon, the object crashed right in the backyard.

She ran outside to evaluate the situation. The “thing” she saw earlier happened to be a sort of space ship. Off to the side of the ship, saw a figure in the grass laid in a fetal position. It seemed to be unconscious. Character B.

Character B mission is to find the missing princess from the planet Tart, he had received information from his general to search the planet earth as other military spoilders were sent to distant planets to search, it was critical the princess be returned as she had the ability to heal and protect the planet and they desperately needed that power now as they planet was slowly dying. But the princess had been missing for twenty two years, so they find her?

Looking for someone to play character B! Pm if interested!

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