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Fandom Overlord: A Requiem For The Lich King [Always Open, I suppose]

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Action, Adventure, Anime

Shooting Star Asuka

Drunk Gaming Demon
You don't have to, I don't really mind if you bullshit on the spot, as long as it makes sense. Like, you.most certainly cannot have a fire dragon breath ice or something.

Also being.an edgy solo player is cool and all, but if you one man storm my palace, you will die. Keep that in mind.
Of course.

I had the thought a blade mage is basically a magic user who can create elemental swords, and summon a rain of blades down on a group of enemies.

A dragon mage is a dragon blooded magician which is only available if you are a dragon species (dragonoid) and started with a magic type class (sorcerer). Magic Missiles but they're all dragon heads.

Azure Sky

Random Lazy Guy
That moment when you have so many characters left from Chaz's rp and don't know which one you want to start with.


Don't take yourself too seriously.
*kicks the door in*

Yo yo yo whats happenin folks? Got space for me and my free range pile of stupid?

Cause i'm sure as hell ready to wrassel me some dragons


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
Dolce is an npc though. Or does it not matter?
I am already in excruciating pain. I could not care less. Player, NPC, all are equal in the eyes of Satan. You will be subjected to unspeakable torture, bad DMing and hours of nonstop tickling regardless of race, class, and whether or not you were once a mere construct created by the whim of a god who is, nine out of ten times, human garbage in the real world.

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