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Multiple Settings Original Isekai Roleplay (oc x oc) (F4A)

The Kitsune Siren

The Foxy with the Moxxie
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Hello! I am The Kitsune Siren, and I am currently looking for a partner for an Original Isekai Roleplay! I would like to rp on RPN, so I'm hoping to find plenty of partners to rp with.
It can be romantic or platonic based as I really don't mind.
In terms of Isekai, I roleplay in the six major genres of an Isekai.

The Main Character dies and gets reincarnated into a weak and easy-killable beast; but slowly make their way up to being one of the most powerful beasts in their world.
(EX: The Time I Got Reincarnated Into A Slime, So I'm A Spider, So What?)
Magic School:
The Main Character dies and gets reincarnated as a magical child, one with very strong powers (OP. Just, OP). When they reach that age, they go to a school full of other magical students and try to fit in. Sadly, it doesn't always go like that.
(EX: Wise Man's Grandchild, Didn't I Tell You to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life)
The Main Character Is a pro-gamer and plays games up until their character is maxed out in pretty much every way. Somehow, something happens to the servers and they find themselves in the world that they played, trying to map a way to live out their life as an overpowered being. One that keeps attracting some sort of trouble.
(EX: Overlord, Demon Lord Retry, Kuma Kuma Bear Bear)
Magical World:
The Main Character dies in a tragic accident and somehow ends up in a world of magic with either the blessing of a God or some rare magical power that they manifest to grow stronger. And their main goal is to defeat whatever evil is ruling over the magical world.
(EX: Konosuba, Re:Zero, The Rising of The Shield Hero, Arifureta)
The Main Character dies or is summoned into a world full of magic and other possibilities. But instead of training to fight or overcome any evil, they have some other plan or goal in mind and try to do that, but always end up in the spotlight.
(EX: Kemono Michi: Rise Up, Ascendance of a Bookworm)
The Main Character Dies and is reincarnated as a child of some importance to the world (whether it be child of a King, Queen, Duke or Duchess) and grows to rule and change whatever fate that could be set for them by their family. By either rebelling or changing the storyline altogether. Magic is optional in this one.
(Ex: My Next Life as a Villainess)​

I have OC's that I'm super excited to use them to whoever is interested. I am looking for a partner who is willing to play anyone, whether it be a love interest, family & friends, or even randoms. My main idea was to play the main lead of the roleplay, but if someone is looking to double up, I'm more than willing to quickly making another oc that is to your liking to the best of my ability.

Magical School
Magical World/Freelance

About Me:
  • Descriptive Roleplayer. My minimum is five computer lines and I can write up to two paragraphs when really interested invested to an rp. (My Writing Samples)
  • I rp 1x1, and not groups. I've tried it several times, and it became hard to follow so I really don't do them.
  • I am Eastern Daylight Time, but different time zones are completely fine with me. The more partners the better! :)
  • I am looking for long term roleplay partners that I can be able to talk, plot and rp with.
  • I love to plan out roleplays and make tons of headcanons and such as we go!
  • I roleplay in third person. First and second just feels weird to me.
  • For some roleplays, I know some people like to take the romantic route, but I'm open to any. You can do romantic, platonic, or even familial routes with any character when we roleplay.
  • I'm always open to listening to my partner and their boundaries. So if there's something about an rp that makes you uncomfortable, we can work a ways around it to solve the problem.
  • I have the preference of building up to a scene instead of just jumping into it. Unless we're talking about a long timeskip, those are fine.
Preferred Genres:
  • Romance
  • Action/Adventure
  • Slice of Life
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Friendship/Platonic
Big NOS:
  • I do not enjoy being ghosted. If you don't want to continue roleplaying, or there's something about my style you don't like, please tell me instead of just never replying again.
  • I will have no homophobic, transphobic or any other negative talk about anything from my partner. If that is an attitude that you are going to have, I'd rather not rp with you.
  • Communication is a big thing with me. So if you want to be my partner, do not just message me and start commanding me on what to do. if you have something in mind, please tell me and we can plan it out together, but bossing me around before we even start is going to make me not want to rp with you.
  • I will not do horror based storylines.
  • It isn't a big no, but I'm not a big fan of love triangles.

That's it from me, if you're interested in roleplaying, you can PM me.
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The Kitsune Siren The Kitsune Siren I have seen all of those anime and love the genre. I would be open to most of the themes you listed above but would have a specific character design I wanted to follow:

My largest caution is you said maximum two paragraphs when I wrote about six to nine per post on average. If you are up for the challenge send me a message to discuss and link this thread in that message with your favorites!

The Kitsune Siren

The Foxy with the Moxxie
Roleplay Availability
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I am still looking for partners! I also have created an extra page full of Isekai plots and ideas for anyone interested.


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