1. BlindedZombieBat

    Fandom Final Fantasy XII

    Hello my beautiful people. I am obsessed with FFXII and I have been since it came out. (I am aware I am aging myself) I would love any paring I just crave this being a thing.
  2. Bleating Ram

    Multiple Settings Lookin for a partner or two

    Hello there! I might be new to this site but I'm not new to role-playing, I'd have to say I've been roleplaying for about 10ish years or something like that. But I figured I might as well look for a couple 1x1 partners! About Me: - I try to mirror posts, and haven't actually ever looked at what...
  3. gambolingcat

    Fantasy [CLOSED] Seeking 1x1 adv. lit partner for medieval fantasy and/or historical fiction drama. Could we be RP soulmates? Come see!

    Hi, there! I’m a writer looking for a long-term partner or two for some complex, full-feature character-driven adv. lit. RP. Are you looking… to write and receive detailed, multi-paragraph posts with a focus on good writing, lively dialogue, and intricate characterization? for...
  4. akaashi

    Fandom Looking for Partners!

    As of now, I'm seeking someone interested in talking Haikyuu!! with me. I don't have much preferences but I am more inclined to interact over Discord (which I will give through private messaging). It will be 1x1 and may involve tossing the characters in different AUs, too, besides their main...
  5. Merlin_the_magnifcent

    Multiple Settings Let's get down to business - mxm or fxf

    Ba da dum da dum Hello and greetings to all of you. Usually I'd try and make this as fancy as possible, but today I'm short on time and frankly can't find the energy. So before we get into the whole I pitch you my ideas + requirements and you decide if you like them or not let me tell you a bit...
  6. rojas wolf

    Multiple Settings Looking for a onexone partner over KIK

    Hello everyone! I'm searching for someone to roleplay with over KIK as the title states. I'm more into roleplaying more taboo roleplays such as daughterxfather, headmasterxstudent and such. I do not roleplay fandoms as I do not watch television. I roleplay female characters so please keep that...
  7. Aristotle

    Multiple Settings Partner search !

    Hello, I'm Ares/ Cami (whichever you'd prefer !). I'm a non-binary dork that lives in the UK, for those who do not know what that means; I do not identify as the binary gender terms, "male or female" so if you disagree with this - or any part of thw lgbt community - then I don't this this post...
  8. thebigbadwolfy

    Multiple Settings Wolf's search for fxf partners

    Hey there!! I'm Wolf and I am constantly bored, so I'm lookin for something to entertain me! Lil about me: I'm a 17 yr old senior so I get really busy at some points, and others have absolutely nothing to do I'm super duper lazy so while I can write quite a lot, I usually only write a paragraph...
  9. astropaws

    Multiple Settings An interest check.

    Hiya dum-dums. My name is astropaws, but you can just call me Astro. I'm kinda new here, but not new to RPing, or to the formatting of this site (go Iwaku!). Anyway, I don't really have time for crazy intros at the moment, so let's just get right into the noise. [/SPOILER] I'm sorry...
  10. Camerancx

    Multiple Settings Looking for a long term RP Partner (Open)

    Okay. I'm currently seeking an RP partner, preferable a long-term one with whom to do multiple rps with. The pairings I'm willing to RP are the following : Male x Male (my preference) Female x Female It doesn't have to be a romance, honestly My requirements for a partner are: Must be quick to...
  11. GetThree

    Fantasy Til Death Do Us Part

  12. rojas wolf

    Multiple Settings 1x1 search over KIK or email

    Hello everyone! I have to much time on my hand and I'm in need of some onexones. I will reply multiple times a day and I prefer that you do as well. I do not like roleplaying over forums so I'm hoping you're okay to moving it to KIK or email. I have been roleplaying for about 8 years now and I'd...
  13. GoddessOfMischief

    Multiple Settings Looking for a partner.

    Hello there! I'm just looking for a partner, I'm interested in many things from post-apocalyptic settings to fandoms such as Star Wars and The Walking Dead. I apologize for the lack of spunk in this post, but fancy isn't really my thing at the moment. (I may edit this later). Anyways, let me...
  14. rojas wolf

    Multiple Settings Looking for 1x1 rp partners on kik or email.

    Hello everyone! I have been roleplaying for many many years. I am willing to roleplay m//, f// and mxf. I roleplay for fun so I don't consider myself Advance lit. I am willing to roleplay anything besides fandoms. I do not watch television so I'd have a hard time roleplaying one. I can roleplay...
  15. kamon

    Multiple Settings [1x1] [m//] [adv lit] [original or stucky]

    [UPDATED WITH PLOTS / PAIRINGS] Looking for a few rp partners to write and improve my writing with. I love making / drawing characters and building worlds. LOOKING FOR: m// ONLY. plot heavy adv lit MISC: EST 24 instagram sample I LIKE: romance + lots of tension + slow burn angst + tragedy...
  16. pyreshadow

    Multiple Settings Pyre's New Search for Active Partners (1x1)

    Hey there! Name's pyreshadow but feel free to just call me Pyre. I'm just going to get straight to the point and not leave a slew of things you'd have to read before getting to the good stuff. I've been rp'ing for a long time now and consider myself semi-lit. You don't necessarily have to match...
  17. Roseygirl96

    Realistic/Modern Seeking a male for a MxF 1x1 roleplay

    I am seeking a male over the age of 21 to do a romantic but dramatic realistic roleplay, something that could happen in everyday life with a twist. I prefer to roleplay in first person, so I hope that isn't an issue. If you are interested, feel free to message me. I am open to ideas and roles if...
  18. Viper

    Realistic/Modern Sin City

    An RP between @Beauty_Belle and I
  19. anonsoul87

    Fandom 1x1 Fandom Search - Grey's Anatomy, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint, The Brave

    I have been roleplaying and writing for almost fifteen years, but am new to this site. I am seeking one x one roleplays for the following ideas. I am usually open to playing male or female. I prefer to rp over email, so you can contact me there too (anonsoul87@gmail), or on private message here...
  20. Roseygirl96

    Realistic/Modern Looking for MxF roleplay 1x1

    Hi there! I’m fairly new to roleplaying and would really like to find someone that may also be new or slightly more experienced. I am looking for a male at least 20 years of age. Someone who can reply with at least a paragraph and can be detailed and descriptive when needed.