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hello there everyone !! my name is mazie and i am just putting this little interest check out because i am hoping to find new roleplaying partners ! i'm pretty new to this website so bare with me LOL .
anyways , i would like to mention that i am twenty years old and i would prefer to roleplay with those who are also of age , if at all possible <3 i am also lgbt friendly , and if that's an issue , i am most certainly the wrong person to roleplay with :)
i'm not too fussed about line count tbh , but for reference purposes i will mention that i can comfortably write anywhere from ~600 words to 1300+ , and can definitely write more :p but imo quality is far more important than quantity !! honestly , so long as i have something to work with then consider me as happy as a clam . also , if you ever get bored of our roleplay , don't be afraid to tell me ! we can put it on hold , stop it entirely , start up a different one , or throw in something to make things more interesting ! i just want us to have fun and i don't want anyone to feel pressured to stick with a roleplay they're not enjoying . i stick with only descriptive roleplays , and we will be doubling up !
and before i get into the fandoms , i will mention that because i have fluctuating motivation to write , i ask kindly that anyone who approaches me for a roleplay keep that in consideration . at no point will i pressure you to respond within a specific time frame , you can honestly reply after like a year and i'll be happy ! as long as i know you're still interested in the roleplay , i have no issue waiting :) that being said , feel free to send me a little reminder if you like ! but i ask that you wait at least a week before sending me a reminder , and don't spam me , i won't respond if you do .
onto the fandoms !! i will ofc name the fandom and then my potential love interests , but please be mindful that there are some characters i might not be so set on playing , so feel free to ask ! ( i'll probably make this prettier later )
scream — randy meeks , sidney prescott , stu macher , tatum riley , mindy meeks-martin , chad meeks-martin , amber freeman
the hunger games — peeta mellark , finnick odair
the ballad of songbirds and snakes — sejanus plinth
midsommar — pelle , dani ardor
tv shows
9-1-1 — evan buckley , howard han , henrietta wilson , eddie diaz
game of thrones — tormund , podrick payne , daenerys targaryen , theon greyjoy
house of the dragon — aemond targaryen , helaena targaryen , jacaerys velaryon
the walking dead — tara chambler , elijah , lydia
the umbrella academy — diego hargreeves , klaus hargreeves
video games
the walking dead — luke , louis
until dawn — josh washington , sam giddings , matt taylor , chris hartley
baldur's gate 3 — wyll , halsin , astarion , karlach
the last of us — jesse , maria , tommy miller
call of duty: modern warfare (reboot) — soap mactavish , alejandro vargas
the quarry — ryan erzahler , kaitlyn ka , jacob custos
also also also , i am open to original roleplays ! something i've lowkey been craving is a roleplay inspired by the movie ' 10 things i hate about you ' , so please hit me up if that interests you at all :p i'm also really open to hearing any plots if you want to play something specific for you as well ! <3
if you've made it this far , make sure to privately message me if you're interested ! any and all comments left beneath this post will very likely be ignored and deleted . otherwise , pm me a lil introduction and what you're interested in ! i'll get back to you as soon as possible :)
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