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Dice OOC


Leeroy? Jenkins.
Ah, alright. Lemme throw another death save then.

Round 2 Death save: 4(1d12)+3(Str)=7

edit: Are you KIDDING ME? xD

Ear rip warning:


Haiku Hitman
@MiChuu , he gone. You can revive him, by using a phoenix down within 24 hours. You can buy this item, or steal this item, or even strike a deal for this item with shop owners.


Haiku Hitman
roll to evade and leg sweep the werecat?
Nah, that's either Guard or Attack.

@MiChuu @Chigetsu please make a persuasion roll as a major action. MiChuu, this would mean Lianna's not attacking this round since I'll assume she'll wait for a reply? Ima edit the archer to switch to her short sword.


lil miss scaredy-cat
The difficulty check(DC) for this is 10. Failure will mean Lucien is going to be making a request. If that request isn't fulfilled, then battle resumes. @Chigetsu @MiChuu
D12 right?

Edit: Looks like the twin is still angry.

come on, Lianna use your military expertise and use the logical way to shield yourself.

She was going to hit the angry twin regardless whether she suceeded or nah.
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