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Multiple Settings oh honey! [ fandom / modern ]

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i'm dead. wanna hook up?
hello! my name is mars, and i'm currently looking for some roleplays to fill the time with when i'm not working! note, all of these are canon x oc EXCEPT for original pairings.

about myself:
as stated before, my name is mars. i'm 18+, nonbinary, they/them pronouns. i've been roleplaying for around four years now, writing for eight. started out on quotev, did some stuff on wattpad, and now i've been here for about two years, although this account is quite new. i'm obsessed with the x-men, stranger things, and a whole lot of young adult novels (think john green and suzanne collins). i love memes, my cat, and making pinterest boards and playlists.

what i can give you:
- active ooc chat. i work around 30-40 hours a week, so my actual roleplay replies will be less frequent than that, but i am able to chat ooc while i'm at work.
- 4+ paragraph replies. this number can fluctuate, but most of my replies stick to the 4 or more mark.
- literate writing. i'm going to be honest with you, i make mistakes with my grammar and spelling, but it is not a constant thing. i also write in third person, past tense.
- male mains. this will fluctuate depending on the roleplay, but i tend to play mainly male characters. that being said, i also mainly roleplay either m/m or m/f pairings.

what i ask from you:
- pretty much everything i give you, i ask in return. so, active ooc chat, 3+ paragraph replies, and literate writing. that's about it!

stranger things

who i can play for you: jonathan byers, billy hargrove, dustin henderson, will byers, nancy wheeler, max mayfield.
who i would like you to play for me: steve harrington.
who i can play for you: erik lehnsherr, logan howlett, hank mccoy.
who i would like you to play for me: peter maximoff, charles xavier.
original pairings
- criminal x innocent
- modern!hades x persephone
- modern take on romeo x juliet
- superhero x citizen
- superhero x superhero
- villain x hero
- teacher x parent
- youtuber x youtuber
and yeah, that's all i've got! feel free to comment/send me a pm if you're interested. thank you so much! -mars.

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