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  • Today has been horrible in every way. I am so sorry if I haven't gotten back to you lately, its been super hard. I am dealing with family issues ontop of college. If I haven't gotten back to you within the next day bump the RP and I will get back to you! I am so sorry.
    Happy Thanksgiving I will be offline until later tonight! So if you respond to me and I don't respond that is why! Have a good day!
    I just got out of the hospital bare with me on replies here in the next couple of days. Thank you guys!
    Fair warning to all that I RP with I have a huge set of tests coming up and my responses may be super late. I have not lost interest!
    There is no pain, like the pain of losing a friend. Honestly I haven't cried so much in so long. I really can't believe you are gone.
    Hey guy that I RP with, it is storming really bad where I am so I may not respond as fast as I normally would.
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