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This is a reboot and was not my total idea. All original credit and approval comes from @Spencypoo

  • Welcome to Noroth's Academy of Sorcery! This rather prestigious high school takes in the gifted youth and gives them refuge from the cold and unfair world they had to be part of while also providing them with basic education with a few lessons especially designed for them depending on their magical abilities.
    The timestamp for this fantasy setting is actually modern society. Naturally, this means that you have access to the same kind of technology that you would have in reality.
    With this said, weapons such as guns, bazookas, lasers, etc do not work in the school and are to be immediately confiscated from the owner/wielder.

    The school stands in an isolated forest, a long way from any house or building.
    To protect the safety of the students and the building itself from a few of its common enemies, it cannot be found by foot off the property. Outsiders can't see or even feel for the school as if it doesn't exist for them...Because in a way it doesn't. (Unless given permission by the headmasters/headmistresses)
    N.A.S (Noroth's Academy of Sorcery) reaches out to those who possess magical abilities and sorts them into classes based on powers so they may learn with those who possess their same ability while getting better used to the company of those who don't. The students will arrive by carriages that have been enchanted so they can enter the building.
    The groups are as listed below:
    -Shadow/Dark magic
    Only four slots are allowed in each class and once these slots fill no one else will be accepted! You can also be a teacher or a part of the staff if it is something that you'd prefer.

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Interested. Reserving a slot in the wind class for now (and likely won’t change unless something to fill in the CS gave me a super interesting idea that could fit into other class)


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I’d love to take a spot for the fire class, been a while since I have rped here, but I am game for this concept.


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Interested in wind.
Very interested actually, would love to reserve a spot for wind.
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