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Multiple Settings New Oasis: Gangsters Edition (In-Character)

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Indesicive lightbulb

Grégoire Tanaka “Grée”

At the Albino Elder’s response, Grée’s nose scrunched up in offense. Like hell he’d let this pompous little man lay a hand on him. He gave a short grunt, once they dismissed themselves. With a roll of his narrowed eyes, he waves goodbye, not sincerely of course. He yells out after them, “I hate to hear ya’ll go, but I love seeing ya’ll leave!” He gives a big laugh afterwords. Despite not actually seeing much of them in the growing darkness, he hoped that ignited a little rage inside their tiny useless hearts.

With that, he spun on his heels back to the dumpsters. With a side eye to the other two, he says dismissively, all the amusement now gone from him, “Now how bout you two go on home hm? Wouldn’t want ya’ll starting up trouble again.” Even so, if they did he would join in a heartbeat. He knew he was being a hypocrite but he honestly didn’t care.

He snaps his fingers, remembering something. He tosses them each a small gift wrapped present. Inside them, homemade metal rings lay. “Happy holidays.” He gives a somewhat fake smile and begins strolling back to the serpent’s territory. He didn’t want to head home right away, needing some time to himself. He didn’t enjoy the Holidays, seeing all the families bunched up together disgusted him. Them making him remember that he and his sister were abandoned.

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RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
Rose District, Central Bazaar
Interactions: Emelia Dawson, August August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
Kanna thought for a moment, unsure of a solid meeting location. The festival would surely be closed by then, if not earlier. She also thought meeting in the middle of the Rose District wasn't a good idea either. To be honest, Kanna originally planned to just walk up to the front door of the Tigers' mansion and go from there. Then a location came to mind. There was a local bar near the border of the Rose and East district that she frequented every so often when she wanted to relax.

"Theres a bar on the east side of the Rose District called The Dark Dragoon. It shouldnt be hard to miss since its one of the more popular bars on that side. He can meet me there. Thank you for doing this, I appreciate it."

With that, Kanna gave Emelia a nod and turned, leaving the bazaar. She passed through the crowd and out the exit, looking around for August. When she finds him, she gives him a small smile and gestures with her elbow that it was time to go. Once they were back at the temple, she would thank August for accompanying her and then meet with Nionet right away to report what she had learned. Kanna would also tell her about the arranged meeting with the Tiger's Elder. With any luck, Chikage would be cooperative enough to share details on what's been going on within his own gang and if Kanna's theory was right, the two gangs could end up working together.
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Who's ready for scene two!?

I can't hear you!

Rose, you better be hyping me up right now.​

--------------------DATE: December 31st, 2020
--------------------TIME: 4:00 PM and ongoing
--------------------WEATHER: 24 degrees (Fahrenheit); -4 degrees (Celsius); Some inches of snow

--------------------As of the early morning, Kim and Son's Clean-Up Crew has been ridding the Rose District of its festive colors, returning it to its former neon-pink glow for the night to come.

--------------------Some small journalists have published work on the incident that went down in the Central Bazaar, none of which have made it to the big screen. Some titles are: "Tensions Rise, but not the Weather"--"Central Disturbance"--"Guess Someone Made the Naughty List" and "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

--------------------Other news explores what happened to a Build-A-Bear Workshop near the northern border of the Rose District.

--------------------The Albino Tigers' mansion dining hall is colorfully decorated with balloons and streamers--but most importantly, a large banner spelling out Happy Birthday Raven hanging from the ceiling. There is food and drink, enough for plenty, and a busy number of Tigers are prancing about the home in celebration for their Vice Elder.

--------------------The Sapphire Dragons are holding a memorial service in respect for their lost members at the Temple. No one is obligated to show, but the ones that do are appreciated. There is a small selection of foods to choose from--drink as well--and pictures of the, overall six, members that have turned up dead are hanging along the wall before a cluster of floor cushions to sit on. As for the current missing member, their picture hangs too.

--------------------The Sable Serpents have orders from an anonymous Death Squad member to safeguard a drug deal that's meant to go down in an old no-name Library in the south District. What they don't know is that the Ruby Revenants have been ordered to intercept the said deal, and they were told to steal the merchandise (180'000 dollars worth of coke). The deal is considered to be small, but valuable on the topic of profit for the Base Gangs.

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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

Location: (Rose District: East-side) The Dark Dragoon
Interacting: (Raven), Waiting for Kanna
Wearing: Click - Green Trench Coat; Formal, White, Button-Up Shirt; Denim Jeans; Brown Boots; Brown Leather Gloves


Beneath the pale December sky and dancing showers of snow, Chikage waves down a cab to take him to the eastern-side of the Rose District where he'll meet with Katsura Kanna of the Sapphire Dragons.

When Emelia Dawson first approached him with such a request, he was curious what an Ace could want from him, but his schedule called for his attention elsewhere until today.

Until now.

He sits, phone in hand--looking absently out the window at the passing world, as if they're the ones moving while he sits completely still; watching like some omniscient being.

The cab-driver tries to make small-talk, but Chikage isn't interested, so he further descends into the depths of his mind, drowning out all other sounds but the music whispering through the speakers on the dash, and he closes his eyes.

Raven's name sits at the top right of his phone screen. Beneath it, a message to her that reads: "Sorry I won't make it to your party. I hope you enjoy yourself. Don't forget to check your office. I left you something."

That something being a beautifully crafted, golden ornate dagger (x) and a golden-chained necklace accessorized with sparkling music notes. A letter sits beside the giftbox on Raven's desk--written in perfect cursive: "Your silence is music to my ears. Happy Birthday."

Chikage hopes that she will like it as a new addition to her abundant collection, almost certain she will.

Half an hour later--what felt like seconds--the cab comes to a slow, parking along the curb, and the driver reaches back for payment, to which Chikage hands him a nameless black-card and waits through the transaction.

"Alright, have a good one," the driver nods.

Chikage exits the vehicle and adjusts his clothes, feeling the crunch of snow beneath his boots, then he enters the bar.

A small-framed Chinese woman approaches him with a smile, hands cupped in front of her--and in broken English, she acknowledges his appearance with words of admiration. "My, my! You so hansome tall, very hansome man. Tell me, you like bar seat? You like..." she searches her memory for the correct term, then asks, "You like boof?"

A light chuckle falls from the Elder's lips, betraying his restraint, and he bows politely before standing up straight again and telling the woman, "Wǒ xǐhuān jiǔbā zuòwèi. (我喜欢酒吧座位。)

Her eyes widen slightly and her smile grows--small hands coming up to cup her loose cheeks as she laughs excitedly. "Dāngrán! Gēnzhe wǒ. (当然!跟着我。)" She beckons for Chikage to follow her, waddling through the bar, and finds him a nice spot at the counter per his preference.

Chikage removes his trench coat, folds it neatly, and places it on the stool beside him to save a spot for Kanna when she arrives. Afterwards, he nods to the lovely Chinese woman, "Xièxiè. (谢谢。) I'll have water, please."

Drinking so early in the day isn't a hobby of his; however, he's never refused a White Russian after six. For now, though, he waits.

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RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
Rose District, "The Dark Dragoon"
Interactions: Nakazajo Chikage ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
Clothing Reference: Shirt, Shoes
It was New Year's Eve tonight.

Dressed in a her winter jacket, black jeans and a pair of sneakers, Kanna walked down the street towards the agreed meetup location while silently cursing at the cold weather. She couldn't wait until spring came. Although wet, anything was better than the frigid air of winter. Though, like before, there were other things on her mind to take her attention away from the cold.

Tonight, there was a memorial service being held for the members of the Dragons who had passed away. Those who were still missing and unaccounted for were also being honored. It was unfortunate that Kanna wouldnt be able to attend, but before leaving for the bar she made sure to stop by the space that was set up in the temple lobby area. Underneath where the pictures hung on the wall, Kanna had left a small dragon-shaped incense burner as an offering and a prayer. Even though she didnt know some of them personally, she had spoken to each of them at last once. The way Kanna saw it, they were considered family in a way.

As the door to the bar opened, Kanna released a sigh of relief as she welcomed the rush of warm air, taking off her jacket. Underneath, she was wearing a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She reached up, brushing her hair a little to shake out any snowflakes that had fallen on her head as the same Chinese woman that greeted Chikage came up to greet Kanna with a bright smile and a bow. Kanna returned the gesture, smiling as well as she folded her jacket around her arms and held it to her stomach.

"Miss Katsura, always pleasure to have you here!"
"Hello, Ming-Ming."
"You want regular seat? Drink?"
"Actually, I'm here to meet someone..."

Kanna looked up and around, scanning the room to see if Chikage was already here. She was familiar with his appearance and it didnt take long to spot him sitting at the bar counter.

"On second thought, yes I will, to both please."
"Of course, of course!"

With another smile, the Chinese woman walked off to check on the other patrons. Kanna was a recurring guest and always sat at the bar, so she was usually allowed to just seat herself. Kanna walked through the room, weaving between tables until she reached the bar area until she was next to Chikage.

"Good afternoon, Chikage."

Kanna folded her jacket and placed it on top of his, then moved both of them to the next stool over, sitting herself down next to him. The Chinese woman came by with a tray, holding a bottle of sake and a tumbler glass as well as the water Chikage had ordered. The woman placed the bottle and tumbler in front of Kanna and the water in front of Chikage, nodded, and left the pair. Kanna reached for the bottle, opening it and filled her glass about halfway before closing the bottle. Not many knew but Kanna really enjoyed alcohol, especially the strong stuff. She was a heavyweight and in turn, it took a while for her to get drunk. For the most part, Kanna wasn't one to drink until she lost her mind, except for a couple occasions that she kept to herself. In any case, she certainly wasn't planning on going that far tonight.

Kanna raised the glass, holding it in the air for a couple seconds as she silently toasted to the honorees of the memorial service, then took a moderate sip and set the glass down.

"Thank you for coming."

Her tone was soft, but she spoke loud enough for only Chikage to hear her. Thankfully, the place wasn't crowded. Kanna turned her head to look at Chikage, a serious yet slightly remorseful expression her face. She had already decided that she wasn't going to sugar coat anything. If she were to end up offending or pissing Chikage off, she would be ready to defend herself and those inside the bar.

"Has there been anything strange going on within your gang lately? Perhaps, disappearing members?"
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Boltius Beckman.jpg

Location: West District Airport
Interacting: (Brielle)
Wearing: Click - Loose, White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers (x); Bling; Flat-bill Cap (x)


"Excuse me, have you seen this woman?" Boltius shoves his phone into the startled face of a ten-year-old boy, pointing to its screen on which Brielle Rousseau is shown sticking her tongue out at the camera whilst holding two puppies--one in each arm.

The boy leans away from Boltius, wide-eyed and seemingly uncomfortable as he quickly shakes his head no.

"You didn't even look at the picture, though, dawg!?" Boltius puts his phone closer to the boy's face. "She's like... nearly as tall as me... supposed to be waiting for me here. You sure you haven't seen 'er?"

A sharp scoff to the left turns Boltius' head. He locks eyes with the supposed mother of the boy and moves to ask her the same question on Brielle's whereabouts, but before he can, the woman takes her son by the shoulder and walks him off--all the while looking upon Boltius in disgust, at which Boltius stands bewildered; hands level with his shoulders, palms to the sky, wondering what he did wrong.

It has been thirty minutes since he got here and there's still no sign of his roommate. He starts to wonder if she got swept away by some foreign pervert like in the movie Taken--such a thought giving rise to poor impersonations as Boltius paces through the crowds of coming and going civilians, "I will find you, and I will kill you~"

"I will find you and kill you."

Someone behind him spits a soft laugh. When he turns around, prepared to square up, he finds a busty, blonde-haired babe checking him out without a care for whether he catches her or not. She wiggles her fingers in waving and Boltius smirks, nodding with his chin, "Sup?"

She brushes some hair behind her ear, moving closer, "My friend and I are having a bet to see who can get the most guys to kiss them in an hour. Mind helping me out?"

Hearing this, Boltius furrows his eyebrows and cringes before simply walking away without a word.

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Joanna Finchum.jpg

Location: (South District) (Her brother's car) Parked in a back alley somewhere
Interacting: Ruthe
Wearing: Click - Black Beanie; Black Scarf/Mask; Oversized Hoodie; Oversized Cargo Pants; Combat Boots; Black Backpack


Joanna, sitting in the driver's seat of her brother's 2007 Honda Civic, swipes across her tongue the inner edges of a torn-open Swisher Sweets cigar wrap, getting it nice and wet for the blunt-rolling process.

"Ew, my brother rolled me a blunt the other day and this motherfucker got the wrap so wet, dude, I thought it'd be like sucking on a clogged straw or some'n... but like, imagine dat doe," Joanna pauses what she's doing to look at Ruthe in the passenger's seat, then she shivers and writhes, accidentally dropping the empty wrap into her lap.

She picks it up and resumes rolling a blunt, packing it nicely and feeling it out before running the flame of her lighter along its outer body.

Once it's dried, she lights it up and begins toking, taking a few heavy puffs before handing the thing off to Ruthe, all the while holding the smoke in her lungs until she no longer can and releases it on a deep exhale.

Joanna speaks through smoky coughs, "Like, for real-... Imagine-... your-... weed-..." She takes a minute to compose herself, hunkering forward in a hacking fit, then continues, "Imagine your weed in a straw... Then, like, try to drink water through it... Like, what the fuck is that? What is physics?"

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Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Raven Sandford- Chikage Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
Raven is enjoying a relaxing bath in her room a member bought her some beauty products and a high-end bath bomb to enjoy for her birthday. He is a very cute one seemed to have a bit of a crush on her. Such a nice gift she definitely plans to enjoy. "I guess some people know how to score points with me" She thought with a mute giggle. "A junior at that, maybe ill let him be my little man servant." The thought of having someone fawn over her constantly sound fun to her. Once she finished her bath she sat on her bed with a towel to air dry a little while she looked through her messages. Many people seemed to be sending her messages for her birthday. This was her favorite day. A holiday devoted just for her. Even though she knows many others probably had birthdays for her they were irrelevant. This was her day to be celebrated, worshipped almost in her eyes. Her hopes for lavish presents and undivided attention made her giddy.

As she was looking though her messages a new one popped up from her favorite person. Chikage's message made her heart flutter before she could open it. She knew he had some business but she was hoping the message would be of him showing up anyway. Sadly it wasn't. He may miss the party and that brought her mood down a bit. She still plans to to get some alone time with her handsome Elder though. The message did mention a present in her office. She plans to check that once she is ready. She messages back to Chikage only out of all the other messages. "Honey, I'm sad you wont make it but i know of a few ways you can make it up to me later. Maybe even later tonight :blowkiss:"

On her bed there is a fancy silk dress that she puts on once she is completely dry and finishes her makeup and hair. Once finished she walks over to her office to find a gift box and a letter from Chi. She opens it and finds a very fancy gold dagger and necklace. She puts the necklace on and replaces the dagger attached to her thigh with the gift. This dagger is two nice to use on any occasion but will be of use on more fancy looks she could wear like today. She grabs her phone from her purse and texts Chikage again. "You really know how to make a girl happy. Can't wait to see you after you meeting." With that she leaves the office and goes to the main area where her birthday is to commence.


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Brielle Rousseau | Ruby Revenants - Junior | Location: West District - Airport (terminal) | Interacting/Mentioned: Boltius Beckman | Outfit: Full Outfit

Brielle stands idly by in an isolated corner of the airport terminal, dressed in the latest French fashion. A red beret sits on her head, which stands out from the other dark colors of her clothing. She wears a navy blue trench coat patterned by white, plaid stripes. Beneath it is a simple black button-up shirt and jeans, along with black stiletto boots.

It has been twelve minutes since she exited the plane after her ten hour flight from France. She had left two weeks ago to visit her family for the holiday, where they celebrated Christmas by enjoying a splendid feast and sharing thoughtful gifts.

Now, she holds a phone in her right hand and scrolls through numerous posts on social media. Beside her rests a large, lavender-shaded luggage bag, in which all of her clothes and art utensils are located.

A small smile tugs at her lips when she sees that her most recent post reached 200 likes. It was a picture of the last painting she created--a landscape of gloomy, gray skies coated by smog above the ruins of a futuristic city, with black and purple smoke rolling over the horizon. The overall image had a dark energy, spurred by the dull colors and somber mood.

With a quick glance to the top, right-hand corner of her phone screen, Brielle sees that the time is 4:13 P.M. and a sudden remembrance of what she is doing dawns her mind, to which she lets out a soft gasp and shoves the device into her coat pocket.

She seizes her luggage from its standstill and rushes through the crowds of the terminal, scanning for an orange-haired boy, her roommate and friend of over three years, Boltius Beckman.

The two had communicated through text and arranged to meet up at the airport around four O' clock., so it's likely that he is wandering in search of her right now. Thinking back, standing in that corner where she was barely visible to the eye probably hasn't helped him much in his search.

A soft laugh escapes her mouth at the thought of him roaming the building like a child who had been separated from his mother.

Who knows how he was going about it...

Brielle wouldn't be surprised if he had already put up "missing person" posters by now.

After a moment of skimming through the herds of unknown faces, a familiar one is spotted, where Boltius is finally seen walking to the right of where she is approaching.

Picking up the pace, Brielle raises a long arm and waves him down with an aggressively wavering hand.

"Boltius!" She shouts with a thick, French accent coating her words, "Par ici!"

When Boltius is in arm's reach, Brielle lets go of her luggage and it rolls a few feet away. She jumps into his arms and pulls him into a tight hug.

"Bonjour, Cheeto." She chuckles. Her tone of voice is dead, yet she still smiles wide with joy.

Brielle's face is squished against the side of Boltius' head, and her feet dangle in the air as she hangs from him like a shirt on a coat-hanger, "C'est bon de te voir."

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Doctor Llamabean

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Emelia Dawson.jpg

Location: (North District) The Mansion
Interacting: Random Tigers
Wearing: Click - Brown Turtleneck Sweater; Gucci Belt; White Skinny Jeans; Brown Knee-high Boots; Bronze-tinted Sunglasses; Purse


Emelia's fight with Boltius last night was, to say the least, a rude awakening.

Compared to the Christmas Festival, Boltius was alert and focused--unhindered by his passionate emotions--and she believes that he had many chances to kill her; however, something was stopping him.

Thankfully, Emelia made sure to confide in Camaree Martin before her meeting with Boltius--that way, afterward, she could have her wounds healed to avoid questioning from Raven or Chikage.

Granted, Camaree's abilities aren't perfect, so some of Emelia's wounds were unable to be entirely healed.

She lifts her shirt in the mirror to reveal large burn marks along her ribcage, then touches them up with some ointment before covering them with medical patches and sighing as she closes her eyes and sits back onto her bed.

She remembers Boltius saying something... Something important amidst a barrage of flaming punches.

"Antoine. Peyton. Dallas and Igni! All of'em! Good people lost--and for what!? To satisfy some cowardly Tiger's ego!?" His tone was that of anger, yes, but also of grief.

So it's not just us... How does this make sense?

Lying with her bloodied gaze toward the twinkling sky--with Boltius standing over her--she discussed with him the ongoing matters of the Albino Tigers, something she dare not tell Chikage or Raven. He listened patiently, then offered his own insight after showing Emelia a look of contrition. She could tell he felt bad for her beaten state, but she felt no hatred toward him--only understanding, as he'd lost many friends and was guided by the need for justice.

To be honest, she admired him in that moment, and she thanked him when he turned to leave.

Standing up off of her bed, Emelia exits her room and leaves her apartment. She waves down a cab, requests a ride to the Tigers' mansion, then exits the said cab after tipping the driver something generous. Walking up to the mansion, she can already hear the music and cheer from outside, giving rise to a giddy feeling in her chest as she opens the front door and smiles to the many others, "Evening everyone. Sorry if I'm late."

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Malick Padovani.jpg

Location: (Rose District) The Lazyboy Casino
Interacting: Misa
Wearing: Click - Formal Attire: Black Pants; Black Blazer; Black Long-sleeve Undershirt tucked into his pants


"Ace-high, straight flush. I win."

The men around the table stare displeased at the cards before them--scratching their chins, grooming their beards, and chewing their nails--one of which repeatedly checks his own hand as if its going to change for the better.

Malik urges him on, "Come on, I don't have all day." And he lays out his two cards.

A total bluff.

"Ha! Not in my house, Vern." Malik throws himself over the table, hugging the pot as he rakes it in to organize the chips by value.

That's when he walks by--the man with the suitcase that Malik's been tailing for a week now.

"One more," Vern insists, hoping to redeem himself in a final battle of luck, but alas Malik has business to attend, so he packs up his profit and departs from the gamble, following cautiously in the said man's footsteps before breaking off to the left.

He keeps his eyes on the man while sitting down at a table, watching him disappear through black curtains into the VIP section of the casino.

"That's the one I'm talking about. I want what's in his suitcase," he whispers to the woman beside him--a woman who happens to be none other than Misa Tanaka, sister of the Sable Serpents' Elder.

SRUNewman SRUNewman
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First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Sable Serpants - Vice Elder []
[] Wearing: Dark Maroon leather coat with stripped & torn black jeans []
[] South District (Jo's Brother's Car) []
Interactions: [Joanna] Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean (Friendly chat whilst sharing a weed)

The slick sleeves of her leather coat slid off her arms as she shed the second skin of leather and cloth from her figure within the warm car. The winter weather was no pleasant saint, and she was certainly met with such mannerism as soon as she had stepped out of "The Gold Room" club, and into the frigid air not too long ago. The ice-cold currents had hit her like spears piercing through her coat and into her bare skin; anyone would quiver at the slightest feel of it. Though oddly, the feeling of her skin freezing into a shriveled speck was a yearn of a sort. Odd, though not exactly for someone like her.

The notable vice elder of the Sable Serpents had made her way to the alleyway in her shiny black heels where she had left her board, the cold biting at her exposed ankles like dogs. However, after grabbing her board, she found herself walking back to the park, her dark leather maroon coat flowing in the wind. The sidewalks and roads were much too slick to ride back home upon her long board. Rutheless Marcela Julio-Hernandez may have been out of her mind, but she was no idiot. Though, to her fortune, one of the new rookies had been passing by as she was making her way back , offering her ride in a warm car, and a share of hemp, why Ruthe couldn't refuse.

Now, her board in the back of the car, and her coat resting on her shoulders, she leaned back against the recline of the passenger seat with a relaxed sigh coming through her nose. A look of content on her face as she turned to meet Jo's gaze of disgust and dread, she merely smiled as she continued on about her peeving over a soggy roll, though Ruthe could understand such distaste.

A small chuckled receded from the back of her throat after Joanna smoked the grass first, "easy hun, don't choke on the first hit..." Ruthe cooed as she took the joint from her hands. "Shameful," she then replied to her notion. "-there's nothing you can prove to me if you can't properly roll up a joint." A shake of her head as she slid the roll through her lips, she then promptly inhaled the weed's smoldering fumes, the light burning sensation traveling through her chest. Though she held it there for a moment, holding up a finger as she let the smoke gather in her lungs almost as if to force it down into the rest of her body. With a few seconds more, she finally let it out, the exhaust of smoke exiting her nose in a relaxed fashion as she laid her head back, extending the roll in her palm back to Joanna. "MHmmhmhmhmhm...." She said before nudging Joanna' shoulder.

"You know what I do though rookie, sometimes I'll have some liquor and I'll dip my end of the weed in that." Ruthe said as she tossed a finger toward the girl. "I have to be in the right mood to do that though hun.." She said jovially. After craning her neck to the side and letting loose a small crack of her upper spine, she spoke once more, "Now, how long you been apart now love?" Referring to hold long she'd been accepted into the Sable Serpent Gang.
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First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
Pablo "Breezy"
[] Wearing: Normal Black Hoodie and Jeans => The Chikage Look []
[] North District (Albino Tiger's Mansion) []
Interactions: [OPEN]​

"OOOOhh yyeeeeaaahhh." The young lad spoke from the black cloth that covered half his face within his hood. Throwing the black spray canister behind his shoulder as he gazed upon his magnificent creation, he then pulled out his phone to take a picture of it. "P-Breezy gon' and done it again heheh..." A small click receded from his phone alongside the quick flash of a light that flickered from the camera. Breezy, as he called himself within the streets of Oasis City, pulled up his messages to send it the picture to a friend of his. of his; although he suddenly halted... "Y'know what...." He then pocketed his phone and turned back to the graffiti on the large wall, the air around him quiet within the loner streets of the northern corner within the central district. "-I think I might just deliver this personally."

With that said, the boy started to back from the wall covered in paint and elegant stain, though as soon as he began to make his departure, a cop car swerved over the curve. The lights blaring but no sirens. The boy tripped on his own two feet as he witnessed such, quickly staggering to a stand and throwing his hands in the air. "What...c'mon man..what I do??"

An angry-looking broad-shouldered cop pulled opened the door, his face furious as his olive shaded face was temporarily shaded red. "I thought I'd find you here, Pablo, get in the car, I don't want to do this today-..." Though with just a few steps, he already seemed out of breath.

"NAH UH- It's P-Breezy to You, CLInton...and What you talkin' bout man, I didn't do nothin'. Everyone sprays the walls here..." He then slowly began o step backward, as if he'd let himself get arrested today, he had somewhere to be.

The officer gave a frown as he gestured with an annoyed hand to him, "Your grandmother's been calling me all day Pablo! She's looking for you. Either you go home now, or I take you home.

A small snicker came out of him as he was then looking through his messages, "Oh-...I did ignore all those didn't I-..whoops. Guess I got to bu-...WOAH MAN!" He yelled as the cop grabbed at him, seeming to want no chatter, though Breeze just barely managed to duck the attempt. Turning on a heel he was soon hightailing it out of the alley, "See if those donuts help you now Clinton!!" The boy yelled behind him as he broke into a sprint, though when he looked back, the cop wasn't chasing him, rather, he was going back to his car. Then as soon as those sirens began to blare, he knew he was in trouble. "Ah man..."


He was pretty much gasping for air with every step at this point, how much had he run...a mile and a half? Wasn't even his longest run. After pulling himself out from underneath a fence, he began to catch his breath as he heard no sirens, nor sound of a fuming engine. A nervous laugh came out of him as he pulled his hood and shirt down. "Hahaaaa..maybe next time officer Clint." He muttered to himself, making a salute with a hand in his wake before he turned and skipped his way toward the Albino's mansion. He could hear the party going on from out here, oh how much fun this would be. "Now come on Breezy..." He muttered to himself as he rubbed the base of his temples, "Let's make the magic happen..."

The young thug turned a corner, however, walking toward the entrance of the grand building was no young lad, but the infamous leader of the Albino Tigers. He'd be lying if he didn't say he was nervous in the very moment of getting through the doors. Be a breeze breezy, be a breeze....you ain't even got to say nothin' to these chumps. He told himself. Suddenly feeling much better, he began to walk more confident, the casual swagger of a crime lord settling in. He'd posed as many different people before, Pascal, Kanna, even that dog dude...he had a weird form. Though, he'd never taken the form of someone as high importance as Chikage. Well, apart from the president, which apparently it's a federal crime to just walk around like him and order people around, lame.

"Afternoon, Boss..."

The abrupt welcoming caused him to suddenly sway in his step, "Yo what's up chap!" He'd nervously spasm out of his mouth as he shot the man who was holding open the door a pair of finger guns. However clearing his throat, he pat the man on the shoulder, "Ah, thank you kindly my good man...expect a raise.." With that, he waltzed right inside the mansion, a mischievous smile on his face as he flapped the light brown long coat, enjoying the fwAping sound that recided from it. "Now where Rae-Rae at...?" He said to no one in particular as he began to walk around, of course, pocketing a few sweets and chips for later.


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Jin Masaka- Donelle First Rose First Rose , Summer jaelee jaelee
When the order came in a pit formed in Jin’s stomach. Not only was he ordered to have his members intercept a drug run by the Serpents. He was told to do it as well. He knows this is only because the Death Squads don’t agree with his thoughts on the gangs but also they disagree with the former Elder who had chosen him as the new Ace. And wanted to undermine him. “You’d think they want to keep the gang unified” Jin says to himself. He looks to see if they have any other requirements. “Take Snake” Jin reads the only other order on the memo. “Of course they have her go she also doesn’t agree with me. They might as well made me bring Hector.” Jin does not believe Hector is in his side much either. After reading the full memo he writes down any specific and burns it knowing that any information on the Death Squads was to be hiding from average members. Walking through the Hotel, Jin decides Summer would be a good fit for this job. At least for some recon she does need to gain some experience in missions. She’s extremely capable and also this could give her that chance to talk like she wanted. He begins to text both Summer and Donelle about the mission. Framing it as intel he had for some extra cash. He hopes this job won’t be too bad at least. Needing to use his Jinx would be troublesome since he’ll just be stuck there.

Paige Lawson- Silva Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
In her bed, Paige is thinking of what will life be like for Mercy without her father. She thinks of Mercy asking why this life is worth the heartache. Her angry that her mom wasn't able to bring back her father. She thought that Mercy might hate the memory of her father dying without being in her life more. By Paige's side was Mercy sleeping hopefully not thinking of the tragedy they felt on Christmas. The past few days were the hardest for her daughter. Paige finally gets up and gets ready for the memorial. Once ready she wakes up Mercy "Okay honey you need to get changed to go have some fun with Uncle Silly. He says he has a fun day for you to keep your mind off things." Mercy didn't seem so excited, not because of Silva but just everything that has happened but she goes with Paige to get ready for the day. While that is going on Paige texts Silva "Hey we're almost ready meet me at my moms place soon i don't want Mercy waiting to long... Silva thank you so much for this. She really needs to have some fun."

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Pascal Corbin

After the events on Christmas day, Pascal had returned to his lab in the Tigers' mansion's basement. He had his own room somewhere on the second floor, but there was also a mattress down in his lab that he spent most of his nights on, at least if he didn't simply pass out at his desk. Part of it was because of convenience, but another reason was because he had been moved to the room of his guardian when hey had to "go abroad for business," or at least that's what the higher ups in the Tigers told him. He, of course, knew the truth, but kept quiet and played along for the safety of his guardian. Either way, moving into the room felt wrong... it felt like he was admitting they were really gone, and like they wouldn't be coming back. As more time passed from the day they actually left though, it felt more or more to Pascal like that was the truth. He hadn't texted them since Christmas, not wanting to break their once-a-week rule, but still anxiously awaited a response. He wanted to text them about Raven's birthday, asking if they wanted to wish her, but figured if they didn't remember to do so themselves, it wasn't all that important to them. They would have an excuse to text them at midnight though, with the new year coming up.

Aside from simply worrying, Pascal had actually being doing work in his lab for the past six days as well. He had been working on a present for the birthday girl, one which would allow her to circumvent her Jinx and hopefully allow her to speak to whoever she needed to.

"Alright, that looks good..." he said to himself after fastening the last screw on the back of a small speaker. He put the screwdriver in his hand down next to some other tools that were on his desk, small wire cutters, tweezers, and probes, before letting out a sigh and lifting his googles from over his eyes. He took off his gloves and checked the clock he had on the wall, commenting, "making good time." He picked up his creation before making his way up the stairs and turning the lights off behind him before stepping out of his lab. As he made his way through the halls of the mansion, the blond waved or greeted any fellow Tigers who did the same for him. He was familiar with many of them looking down on him, and didn't bother any of the ones who didn't acknowledge him first, assuming they didn't want to deal with him. There were others who did acknowledge him, but more so with sneers and snorts. Those, he just ignored and made his way up the stairs to his official bedroom.

Often the only times he was in here was to change after taking a shower, which is what he proceeded to do. He got out a nice crimson button down and a pair of dark blue jeans, tucking his shirt in to allow himself to look presentable but not too formal. After he had freshened up, he put the device he had created in a simple plastic case he had made for it, and stepped out without bothering to wrap or decorate it. Gift wrap and ribbons were simply a waste of paper and money, and were bad for the environment, he believed. He checked the clock in this room to see that he was actually running ahead of schedule, and would be a little early to the party, but decided to head over to where people were meant to gather anyway. With his gift in hand, he exited the room, turning around and locking it up to once again leave it as it was when things were less worrying.

Making his way back down the stairs, Pascal made his way into the dining hall, which ironically was almost never eaten in, even by him. There was music playing, snacks laid out, and even a few Tigers were gathered, chatting among themselves or helping themselves to the refreshments. Unfortunately, it seemed the birthday girl hadn't arrived yet, and to make things worse, it seemed their fair and unbiased Elder was here. The blond's eye twitched. He was so looking forward to a night of celebration... without Chikage. But when he saw the man pocket some of the snacks, a smile appeared on his face.

"You know you're not supposed to come around here anymore, right?" he said, approaching 'Chikage.' "Good choice of disguise though. How did you know Rocchi would be out? Or was it just a lucky guess?"

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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

Location: (Rose District: East-side) The Dark Dragoon
Interacting: Kanna
Wearing: Click - Green Trench Coat; Formal, White, Button-Up Shirt; Denim Jeans; Brown Boots; Brown Leather Gloves


The orange glow of a Chinese lantern sways overhead of Chikage--one of many that scatter the ceiling, providing only enough light to see one's immediate surroundings within the dim bar.

A brighter light shines on his face, ruby eyes reflecting the contents of his phone as he reads a message from Raven, lips playing on a smile.

It seems she likes the gift.

On that note, Chikage puts his phone away and intertwines his fingers before leaning forward on the bar where he rests his chin in his hands and waits for Kanna. Hopefully she won't be much longer, as he wishes to make time for Raven later in the night.

He has found himself unable to spend much time with her lately, what with all of the crazy business going on. She's been there and he's been here. Hell, he even missed out on their routine breakfast the morning after the Christmas Festival, and he feared she wouldn't forgive him.

Thankfully, she possesses a sort of soft spot for the Elder.

Off to the right, the entrance doors of the bar are opened and in steps Katsura Kanna of the Sapphire Dragons. Chikage watches as she interacts with the kind Chinese woman from before, admiring her natural beauty in the short moment before she finds and takes the seat beside him.

Soon, their drinks are delivered: Chikage's water, and Sake for Kanna, and Kanna is quick to get to the point of their meeting.

She asks him, "Has there been anything strange going on within your gang lately? Perhaps, disappearing members?" and Chikage raises a brow along with his glass of water to his lips.

He sets the drink down on a coaster, rubs his hands together, and smiles something conflicted--seeming almost unconvinced that she actually asked such a daring question. Perhaps his reputation gives the wrong impression, he wonders, answering anyway, "It isn't unlikely for a gangster to go missing, but in such cases as recently... I hate to admit that I've developed suspicions."

He then peers curiously at the girl, "How do you know about this... if you don't mind me asking?"

FabulousTrash FabulousTrash


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Misa Tanaka- Malik Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
In the few years that she has been in the gang she has gain some confidence in different ways. She can talk to some members easier but not by much, she is better at strategy in fights rather than fighting herself, and lastly she has grown more appreciative to how she dresses. When she was younger she did not enjoy how some clothes showed he body but now that has changed a far amount. This is relevant to how she is dressing tonight while hanging out with a member she somewhat gets along with. She is at a casino with Malik her senior and the one who has been teaching her to fight. Misa wouldn't say she gets along with him since he is, for lake of a better word, a prick. She can tell he thinks down on her for being a woman and over all thinks he's the greatest being to bless the earth from the heavens. He is fun to watch though when he is robbing suits blind in Texas Hold'em. He mentioned on the way to the Casino of a possible job that could score them a pretty penny.

She is seen at a table close enough to see the card game but far enough not to hear Malik's Fuckboy voice. She is wearing a black and red satin maxi dress that shows off her body more than usual. It was given to her by Malik so she can be a good use for distracting men. Annoying enough she likes the dress and wears it often when she is at the casino. She has a lollipop in her mouth which she usually steals from her brother. Playing on her phone while both watching Malik win his little card game and telling strange men to fuck off. She is not a fan of talking to strangers but has some confidence when coning men out of money or telling creeps to get lost. Its almost like a different person is in her body when she goes on jobs like this. Its very draining when she is this confident and rarely does it often so she can relax in between jobs. This is the main reason she even agreed to come here with Malik. Once Malik was finished scoring some extra cash then planned he makes his way over and tells her the plan and points out the soon to be victim. She looks over to Malik offers him a lollipop and looks at the chips he has accumulated. "Some of that better by mine." She looks at the mark with a little grin. "He looks pretty easy, I'm surprised you couldn't do this yourself. So what do you have planned."
Hector Moses - Pharaoh
Status Hector Moses | Ruby Revenants Vice Elder | Outside Revenants HQ | Interactions: Jin Masaka [Texted] - SRUNewman SRUNewman

The streets around the West District didn't seem too abnormal today, for a New Year's Eve, but for Hector, it was one of the most exciting days in recent times. He rolled out of a shady-looking auto shop, in a car that looked worse for wear, but functional.

Hector's pride and joy, a car he's owned for only a year. In the grim days after the tsunami wiped out the West District, Hector was roaming the streets close to the epicenter of the disaster. He had yet to re-establish contact with any of his allies after his home was flooded. Despite how depressing the situation was to see, Hector was still not above his usual crimes, especially after coming across the car.
A bright red muscle car sat on the curb. It didn't look too old, but whoever was driving it had clearly run into some trouble during the tsunami. The bumper was dented in, the lights were broken, and the windshield had been shattered. The keys had been left in, but there was no owner in sight. Brushing glass off the driver's seat, Hector managed to get the car to the nearest auto shop that was open at the time, using much of the savings he had salvaged from his home for a full repair.

Between gang work, and helping to spruce up the Headquarters, that car was Hector's life. Modifying the engine to make it even louder and powerful, he'd prowl around the Districts at night, eventually getting involved in Street Races. Despite his best efforts, however, Hector is not the most careful driver. His car had been sat in an auto shop for the past week after Hector was too impatient at a red light.

Hector lingered for a moment driving out of the auto shop, listening to the sweet purr of the engine. As he shoots down the road, in the direction of the Revenant's Headquarters, he rolls the windows down and starts blaring music. Normally he'd be giving smug looks to onlookers as if to say “Yeah. I'm not going anywhere.” It's never as satisfying in the West District though, given that it's still a shadow of its former self.
He lowers the music a bit as he pulls up to the HQ, parking on the side of the road, revving the engine to make his presence known. He whips his phone out, one that resembles his car in quality, and sends a text to Jin, the gang's Elder.
“Hey. Got my car back from the shop, she's looking good. You should join me on a drive round the districts someday - unless you're a pussy. We can piss on the other gangs, show them we're still alive and kicking. Got a street race tonight, so I'll text you later I guess. Any news? - Pharaoh”

After sending the text, he closes his phone and tosses it to the passenger's seat. He takes a cigarette out of a pack in his coat pocket and lights it up as he admires his car. While not being many people's dream car, he takes a lot of pride in owning it. Apart from his gang position and his Jinx, he hadn't much else to show off in his life. He looks around as he takes a drag on his cigarette, hoping someone's around to admire his newly repaired vehicle, or even accompany him.


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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District (Sapphire Dragons HQ) | Interacting/Mentioned: Pit McClain| Outfit: Main Outfit + Hair Accessory (flower)

Nionet sits on top of a soft red cushion with her legs folded beneath her, her hands rest on the thigh of her lap. Many other cushions line the temple floor, and before them, there are a number of pictures on the wall, each being an image of the recently deceased and missing members.

As people enter the temple, they make way to the cushions to pray for and honor the ones who were lost. Others stand alongside the tables across the room, where a white cloth displays drinks and snacks on the surface.

With gently closed eyes, Nionet drowns out the noise--though already so silent. Only the small chat between others, the whispering prayers, and the silent sobbing could be heard within the building.

Those noises die as Nionet decreases her hearing, to which all is now mute.

With that, she can focus solely on her prayer for the deceased member--Loue Maven. He was a loyal member of the Dragons, and overall a kind-hearted man. But most importantly, he was the last living relative of another known member, Areal Maven. They were siblings, to say the least.

Areal is an impatient person, unlike her brother. She has little control over her temper, and often lashes out at the smallest things. However, Loue was the one who would calm her, and he was the one to teach her the very patience needed to enjoy this world.

His death has most likely dealt plenty suffering and pain unto her, which only did the same to Nionet on a lesser scale.

Still, Areal has yet to show to the service, and Nionet can only guess why not. Of course, it is not her place to know.

In an attempt to console her for the loss, Nionet sent her a message earlier this morning, asking if they can enjoy coffee tomorrow. She has not replied.

Upon finishing her prayer, Nionet returns her hearing to its normal state. She pushes herself from the cushion, onto her feet, and takes a deep breath. It's refreshing.

From there, Nionet ambles to the tables with a selection of drinks and snacks, and she reaches for the glass of water on the farthest end to the left, sipping it from the rim. Her face is bare as her mask bides within the pocket of her trench coat. It seemed most respectful to represent herself entirely.

Glancing around the room, Nionet feels a sense of achievement. Not just at the memorial, but to see that her gang is so close to one another. Peace was within, though the walls she built outside seemed to be tumbling.

In that moment, Nionet catches a glimpse of tall person, towering over the others around him. His features are a mix of man and dog--it's undoubtedly Pit McClain.

Nionet recalls meeting with him a few days ago via his request to join the Dragons. He appeared intimidating at first, but she was surprised--and relieved--to meet his true, kind-self. She found use in his Jinx and welcomed him with pleasure.

"Good evening, Pit." She sets the glass of water down and places her hands together, sending him a small bow, "I'm glad you attended this memorial service. It's only respectful to honor the living and the deceased."

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First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Ruby Revenants - Senior []
[] Wearing:
Black hoodie and light blue jean jacket w/ slender black pants. Shin high leather boots on bottom. []
[] West District: Home => R.R. HQ (Standing Outside) []
Interactions: FangS31 FangS31 SRUNewman SRUNewman (Text- Jin //Talking to Hector)


The low mutter of the television cooed within the lone condo amidst the dark eastern streets of the western district. Only a few miles from her HQ, the female lounged across her couch with a bowl of cheerios within her lap, a smaller bowl full of sunflower seeds on the small coffee table before her, and her eyes turned toward the 17inch samsung screen as it showed some reality tv show that she wasn’t really paying attention to. Rather, the large crack within it, she could never look at that tv without reliving that moment in her mind. Uuka and Thandiwe had made that crack during a friendly wrestling match, while her and her brother Esihle only placed bets, in no way helping the situation. Hers were on Uuka, and Esihle’s, had 5 dollars on Thandiwe. However, the whole ordeal was forgotten once Uuka got thrown into the monitor, as everyone scrambled to hide the evidence from their oldest brother Khwezi. A huff as she recalled the moment, finding it humorous, not only the memory but the fact that the gang had given them all new names because the elder had no intention on struggling to pronounce them, including hers.

The crunch of seeds then receded from the table, causing her to come back to, only to find a bright green parrot chomping down on the tasty seeds within the small glass bowl. Khanya, or roughly translated to “Bright Light,” as she called him; a bird she was supposed to smuggle for a client, though she ended up keeping him after the man who made the deal was deported. Stretching a gentle hand over, she caressed his cheek for a moment with a finger before getting to her feet to put her empty bowl in the sink. In which, he squawked as soon as she pulled away; a side glance from her, “intaka eyonakeleyo…”(Spoiled Bird), she said toward him.

Snake had cleaned the condo up pretty nicely despite the atrocity it used to be after the flood. Of course, there were always the paint and wall strippings, water stains, and the occasional yellow feather laying around; but alas, one wouldn’t be able to tell that this, and what it was before, were even the same house. As she put the bowl in the sink, she spotted her phone over where it laid upon the counter, its screen lit. Casually stretching a hand to it, she pulled it toward her to open the new message from “Irhorho,” she had nicknames for just about everyone in her contacts. Most insulting, though to her defence, she thought the ones she had were more fitting.

Her eyes however narrowed at the message sent from the gang leader, there was little admiration she showed that man, respect no doubt, but if there was anyone to avoid taking, it was her. A sigh through her nose, having already spent most of the day helping a few juniors of the gang with their business, andhad gotten home only but an hour or so ago. Now this…some higher-up bs was what this was. Snake didn’t bother to reply.

After washing her dish and putting it away, she went to put on her boots and grabbed her motor helm. A simple dark black helmet with thin strips of gold. Though before trotting off to the garage, she poured Khanya some more sunflower seeds, just in case she’d be back late. With that, she descended the back stairs to the garage, where her oldest brother’s ride awaited. It had survived the tsunami, just barely, but she’d fixed it up and returned it to its former glory, and then some. Soon enough, with the ignition started, the engine revved like a beauty; not even needing to open the garage door, she pulled the throttle and lit smoke glisten from the back wheel before she shot forward. Channeling the power of her jinx through her bike, she flew through the very solidity of the metal door and into the streets. The sound of honking cars ringing out as the sudden biker flew into view. They swayed as she passed by, only to find that she was gone just as fast as she appeared, nothing but wheel skids and smoke following the echo of a roaring engine as she flew down the streets.


It took very little time to arrive at HQ, especially with the speed she was going at. Then after resisting the urge to roll aside and spray a good wheel size of dirt upon Hector’s unsavory excuse for a car, she pulled up beside him. A nod from her in greeting as she took her helmet off and laid it upon her seat. The woman had on but a simple black hoodie underneath a cobalt-blue jean jacket. Her legs aligned with black slim pants that snug into her leather boots. With a vexing thought shoving its way into her mind, she pulled out her phone and sent but a simple text to Jin. Snake suppossed she’d let him know she was ready.


Expecting them to ride to the exchange point together-, or apart, it made no difference,- she turns off the engine and stuffs the keys into her pocket. Proceeding to then take a more adamant look at Hector’s wreck. "Hmm…” Strolling over to glide a finger across the car’s lining, only to rub old rust off the tip of her fingers. “Well..” She said as she clasped her hands together, “At least it operates…” Snake said to him. Her usual monotonic tone of voice vividly laced with her Xhosa accent. She'd never been particularly fond of the bust up contraption, but she did like how it drove. Hector made that thing fly, and of course, crash as well.

Deciding to wait for him, she stood leaned beside her motorcycle, and crossed her arms before her chest. Awaiting Jin's presence, the sooner he got here, the sooner it'd be done. Not expecting there to be anyone else accompaning them.

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Boltius Beckman.jpg

Location: West District Airport
Interacting: Brielle
Wearing: Click - Loose, White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers (x); Bling; Flat-bill Cap (x)


Boltius hurries awkwardly away from the attractive blonde--wanting no part in her and her friend's little game. He makes it back to the doors through which Brielle was supposed to exit her flight thirty minutes ago, and he decides to wait another few minutes.

Unfortunately, those minutes pass, and Brielle has still yet to be seen, so Boltius begins another search around the airport. He sends a quick text, hoping she has service wherever she is, then puts his phone away with a sigh.

Damn, Bri, I don't want to spend my entire day at the fuckin' port, yo... His gaze scans the area, noting every pink-haired person that isn't the one he's looking for.

When finally he decides it's time to give up, he turns for the exit, and that's when a familiar voice--monotonous and coated in a thick French accent--calls out his name, and an expression of sheer joy lights up his face as he turns to see Brielle running toward him. Her hand is in the air, heels clacking against the tile floor--then, as she reaches him, she releases her luggage and jumps into his arms.

Boltius hugs her tightly, laughing.

"Bonjour, Cheeto," she greets, squishing herself against him--though, he doesn't mind. "C'est bon de te voir."

Boltius pats her back; he's barely an inch taller than her, but he makes up for it in muscular bulk. "Aaahaha, I still haven't learned French, bro, but it's good to see you!" Gently pushing her away but keeping his hands on her shoulders, he seems to inspect her features, secretly checking for any indications that she hooked up with someone in France.

"You meet any guys back home?" he then asks, managing a playful tone as he walks off and takes her luggage. He collapses the handle and picks the thing up by a sturdy strap on its side, then he beckons for Brielle to follow him toward the exit of the airport.

"Come on, I've got some tea to spill. You're gonna like it... Want to get drunk?" Boltius looks back at the girl from over him shoulder, raising a thick brow as he asks the question.

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Joanna Finchum.jpg

Location: (South District) (Her brother's car) Parked in a back alley somewhere
Interacting: Ruthe
Wearing: Click - Black Beanie; Black Scarf/Mask; Oversized Hoodie; Oversized Cargo Pants; Combat Boots; Black Backpack


Joanna takes the blunt from Ruthe, nodding her head as she puts it to her lips then takes a long draw. She holds the smoke in her lungs for a moment, straining out a quick, "One year," before releasing the clouds into the small space that is her brother's car.

Already, a grey haze screens her vision.

She starts on a cough, "I joined, like, June of last year... Also, that's what I'm sayin'... If you cain't roll a muhfuckin' blunt, bruh, then you got me fucked up if you walkin' around saying you're a stoner."

She takes another puff of the roll before passing it off, saying, "I dunno about no liquor, doe... You telling me people drink that shit?" A dramatically forced laugh bursts from her lips, and she wipes nonexistent sweat from her brow with a single finger before pointing to herself and saying, "Not dis bitch. Hell nah."

"I get sick as a dog every damn time I drink, man. Like, I'm talkin' wine, too... I'm tellin' ya." Joanna lifts herself up a moment, thrusting her pelvis upward, and she begins digging in her back pocket for her phone--afterwards hooking it to the aux cord that's connected to the radio. However, a look of confusion takes upon her face when her music doesn't play through the speakers.

"Wuh fuck? Why ain't it working?" She scrolls through her list of songs, clicking each one, but they still play only through her phone until a lightbulb beams brightly over her head, and she turns the keys in the ignition with a toothy grin directed toward Ruthe. "Aaaaaha~ Gotta turn the keeeeeeeys."

Finally, the song of choice hums through.

Joanna nods, "I love music..." then she asks, "Why'd you join the gang? Did you intend on being Vice Elder one day or did it just come?"

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Malick Padovani.jpg

Location: (Rose District) The Lazyboy Casino, Heading to VIP - Click
Interacting: Misa
Wearing: Click - Formal Attire: Black Pants; Black Blazer; Black Long-sleeve Undershirt tucked into his pants


Malik scoffs a cocky snicker, looking at Misa through his peripheral as he says, "Of course I can do this myself. You're just here for looks, but before you storm off in some fit of unnecessary self-respect," he faces Misa now, smiling with a raised hand--rubbing his thumb against his index finger and middle finger--and he continues, "Whatever is in that case is ours to split if you stick around."

"As for my plan... Well, the plan is to get the fucking suitcase."

He rests his elbows on the table at which they sit, intertwining his fingers above his upper lip, and starts to think of a way to gain VIP access. Red eyes slowly scan the area, then Malik breathes a sigh through his nose.

Standing up after smacking a hand on the table--having caught an idea--he steps away with a finger at Misa as though telling her to wait, saying, "Keep an eye out," and he returns to the Texas Hold'em table from before. There, Vern is busy dealing two cards to everyone around the said table, but he's quick to acknowledge Malik's presence without looking up at him.

"Back so soon?" Vern asks.

"Yeah, I need a favor."

Vern furrows his brow, "Can it wait?"

Malik covers the lower half of his face with a hand, hiding a grin, then he says just one word, "Cooper," and all of the blood suddenly drains from Vern's face as he immediately rises to his feet and guides Malik away from the Texas Hold'em table, tightly gripping Malik's shoulder as he does.

"What the fuck is wrong with you. I know you fucking wouldn't." Vern's voice is shaky, riddled with fear almost, but Malik's is steady. He says back, "You must not know me then... I need a favor."

"Yeah, you said that already. What the fuck do you want?"

"VIP access."

Vern's expression turns to that of annoyed confusion--but Malik's: smug prefiguration.

Roughly forty-nine minutes later, Malik returns to Misa with a lanyard around his neck--dangling from it, a laminated card with the letters "VIP" in bold red printed across it. As he approaches her, caring little for how long he's made her wait, he tugs at the lanyard with a thumb and grins while sticking his tongue out, then he sits down beside her and gives the rundown, "Alright, no questions. Just listen- Oh, here," Malik pulls another card from his back pocket and slides it to Misa before continuing, "These will buy us some time before the bully realizes they're fake, aight."

Each of the cards have a barcode along their backs, as well as a number in the top left corner that designates their place in the casino's VIP computer system. Hidden in the barcodes is actually a coding that's meant to override the system, granting the user false verification as a real one would. However, should another person try to gain access with the same number, it will show up in the system as a duplicate, which will then give away Malik and Misa's false entry into VIP.

Reaching underneath his seat, he pulls out the casino case in which his chips were placed, then explains, "Now, I know they look nothing alike, but we're gonna swap the suitcases because I'm willing to bet that his is worth more than my winnings, so that's the plan. We'll figure out the tiny details once we're in there..."

Malik stands up then and beckons for Misa to follow.

SRUNewman SRUNewman

Doctor Llamabean

Junior Member
Erich Silva.jpg

Location: (East District) Paige's mother's house
Interacting: Paige and Mercy
Wearing: Click - Reindeer Costume; Prosthetic Legs to match his costume; Tactical Pocket Vest; Waist holster and satchel


As you probably could have guessed, Silva isn't one for funerals or memorials due to his inability to read the room, so today he decided to take on a task more suited to someone like himself.

He decided to babysit Mercy Lawson.

"¡Te quiero, mamá!" Silva smiles lovingly behind his reindeer mask as he hangs up the phone with his mother before receiving a message from Paige Lawson, to which he responds with: 😂😝🤘🤙

Shortly after, he appears on the doorstep of Paige's mother's house. With a fingerless-gloved hand, he knocks tunefully on the door and awaits an answer, at which point he will jump into the air and land wide-legged with his arms spread for a hug from Mercy as he hollers with joy, "Aaaaye! ¡Hermanita! Come an' give Uncle Silly a hug!"

Unlike her usual self, Mercy waddles up to Silva and does as asked--but she shows no smile or peppy spirit, leaving him stumped for what to say or do, so he looks to Paige and tilts his head.

"Mi hermana pequeña seem so down... Guess I've got lots of work to do, aye chica?" saying this, Silva picks up Mercy and hoists her over his head, sitting her on his shoulders, where she takes tightly hold of his little reindeer horns and hunkers slightly forward for balance. Silva holds her ankles, looking at Paige.

He asks, "You'll be alright, yes? If you need anything... let Boss-man know." By Boss-man, he means Nionet, hardly ever addressing someone by their name.

SRUNewman SRUNewman

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
Pablo "Breezy"
[] Wearing: Chikage's Appearance []
[] North District (Albino Tiger's Mansion) []
Interactions: Anne Boolean Anne Boolean [Speaking to Pascal]

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh." The "Gang Elder's" voice sang from where the music was blaring. In which a small crowd was formed around a disguised Pablo as he made his moves upon the dance floor. With a wink toward a few girls after doing a perfect contemporary robot, he said, "Check this out ladies..." with that, he fell to the ground, only to begin to spin with exuberant speed on his back as would a flipped over turtle. Once he finally stopped, a foot was crossed over the other as he lay sprawled out on his side; along with a hand holding up his cheek as a bright smug grin was shot toward the ladies.

By that time, the song changed to something more chill, little beat, a perfect intermission to help himself to some refreshments. Letting out a laugh, he got to his feet and dusted himself off. "Alright," He said to the crowd of members as he took off his large coat, and tossed it to someone, "Hang that up for me will you?" He ordered. By God, dancing in that wear had turned that long coat into a sauna. The man scurried off without a word, this was at least one of the greatest imitations he's done in so long. Nothing beat the limo ride as Obama, absolutely nothing, but this, however, was definitely a good- 3rd. So many people at his disposal, so much wealth at his fingertips, he felt so powerful. With another glance toward the crowd, he shooed his hands in a motion to give him room, "Make way folks, bossman needs a drink." His demands were carried out without question, of course, there were always the odd and skeptical glances, but a single face of annoyance or anger from him, and that made people turn their head the other way; as Chikage's temperament was notorious.

Adjusting his suit as he reached the table, he tugged at the tight collar. "Man, why yuh always gotta act like you attending church or something." He whispered to himself as he greatly considered stripping down to his undershirt. Hell, would anyone care if he ran around shirtless, to be frank, who would? He ran this place, not to mention, who could possibly turn down Rocchi Pecs? However, before he could make a final decision, a line of booze caught his eye, pretty booze too. In curiosity, he grabbed one of them and lifted it to his eye.

"Vodka huh?" Suddenly feeling a spontaneous source of spunk, he popped the cap with a clip and went for a cup, promptly pouring himself a bit; he hadn't tried Vodka before. A mischievous smile climbed over his face as he put the bottle down, "Down the hatch.." He said as he let the citrusy, fizzy, sensational,- burning- hot- harsh liquor down his throat. A hoarse cough came out of him as he spit it back into the cup. "Ulck.." he gagged as he braced a hand on the table and raised a fist to his mouth. Forcing himself to take a breath despite the fire in his throat. Be a Breeze Breezy, be a breeze... he told himself once again as his eyes battered toward the onlookers nearby. SHoot...

Thinking on his feet, he did the only thing he believed the real Chikage would do.

"The HELL YOu-..cough-.. looking at!" He said as he turned on a heel and shot a glare toward them all, his eyes still red as they watered. "Went down the wrong way,-cough- mind your business..." Near instantly, that managed to break the attention of his audience, partially. Pablo then gathered himself as he turned back around, quickly drawing a cross over his chest for his foul language as he did so.

"Should have stuck with the Fantas..." He told no one in particular, still getting past damage done by that evil drink. Soon enough however, a familiar pal of his made his presence, seeming to see right through his disguise. Despite the disheartenment, he smiled as he came over, it'd been a cool minute since they hung out, and by hung out, he meant him sneaking into his lab.

A low chuckle as he then began to whisper, "aw c'mon man, y'know me, rules ain't got no effect on P-Breezy. Plus, just having a lil fun y'know man." Another small laugh followed by a cough-, jeez he needed some water. Though at Pascal's notice of Chikage being gone, he seemed surprised. "Wait- yo, he ain't here?-.." To be honest with himself, he didn't think as far as being confronted by Chik himself. Though finding out he wasn't even at the mansion made things so much better. "I mean yeah, 'course he ain't here. I had-uh a friend inside, telling me what's up, yknow. But -uh..." He gave a small scratch of his chin as he spoke much lower this time. "On the concept...of that...what if-..I don't know man, we went exploring, y'know?"
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