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Fantasy ⠐⢾【Nekoverse Player Chat + OOC】⡷⠂


.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
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Sorry to everyone who was expecting replies, I have a bit of explaining to do.

On Christmas morning in Nashville, there was a car bomb (technically an RV bomb?) that went off that destroyed part of the AT&T building. I don't know how much damage was done, or if it actually took out the whole building, but internet and cell service went out shortly after the explosion. I haven't had access to anything online until just last night, so I wanted to once again apologize for not handing out replies. I know it isn't my fault this time, but I still wanted you to know <3

That said, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and at the same time, I'd like to welcome three new players to the Nekoverse! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Working on writing everyones replies right now! While you wait, here's a tip for the game uvu

TIP: Neko has a storage closet under her staircase. It's a huge mess 100% of the time since she's always trying to pick up the house after the kids, so the contents of said closet change daily. Might find some good stuff in there sometimes!


The Ultimate Cookie Muncher
Oh wow. I hope no one got hurt in that. And it's all good. My Christmas was great hopefully, everyone else's wad as well!


.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
PerilousAbyss PerilousAbyss - Sounds good! Thanks for being patient with me too, don't feel in any rush to get your post out either, I know this is a crazy season! Take your time, enjoy the holidays OuOb


Bloody_Death Bloody_Death - Three people were hospitalized but no one was killed, thankfully 👀 The RV sounded a 30 minute warning that it'd explode, so there was time to evacuate


The Ultimate Cookie Muncher
Gahhh that's good at least. Im sure those three will recover. Do all vehicles have a feature like that? That's pretty cool but also terrifying.


.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
Bloody_Death Bloody_Death --- Y'know thats a fantastic question, I don't think so? The news article I read said the person of interest had a background in alarms and electronics, so my theory is that he most likely just rigged the thing to have an alarm that went off like that... It is 100% terrifying, yeah - what makes it worse is that I read that it also played a song before it was about to explode - Downtown by Petula Clark, some really old song from the 60's

Family said it sounded like something out of a Batman film, NGL they're kinda right in a way


The Ultimate Cookie Muncher
Maybe more cars have to have something like that then. Though if a song started playing when it just alerted me that my car is going explode I think I would try lmao


.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
Zerachiin Zerachiin --- Thank you so much for understanding :'D You are fantastic and I hope you had a very merry Christmas <3

h0nk h0nk --- Absolutely it is👀 I also heard the 911 lines went down too, but since I didnt have any reason to call 911 I dont know if thats true or not; it probably is but who knows

Thats horrifying to think about too tbh and Im extremely glad everyone made it out alive :') I sure hope you had a merry Christmas on your end!!!


.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
Evening all! I am so sorry for the lack of replies, I have been out of state for the road trip I mentioned before-- currently I am stuck in California with no laptop, but I'm working on coming home by the 10th! There would have been a few replies as well as an announcement of where I've been, but there were several emergencies that needed to be taken care of. I know this is the millionth time I've been gone, and I really am sorry - but if you have it in you to bear with me a little longer, I'd be so grateful <3 I hope you guys understand - if you have any complaints or something you want to ask, fee free to comment or DM me, I love y'all <3


.:✧ Nekoverse ✧:.
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Update #2

- Distributed weapons amongst those who have requested them
- Cleaned up the Discord server
- Adding a soundtrack
- New banner/logo thing that has actual words!!!

- Added a mall
- Added a stadium dedicated to the art of DANCE
- Back to working on a map
- Gave the underwater kingdom a bit of a tuna-up -- get it because fish tuna ohoho ahaha
- Added a new island you can go to, it's visible best at nighttime on the beach

✨ Discord Server Note ✨

Forum RPs are long and somewhat drawn out with very little progress sometimes, and some people may be used to Discord roleplays, so I'm cleaning up the server to happily invite all of you to join!

It isn't required, and the forum RPs will still continue with equally distributed replies to everyone, but it's worth mentioning you have the option to move your roleplay to the server if you prefer Discord RP more! I'll happily take care of moving all replies over via copy/paste in the correct order, so theres no stress on your end and no actions will be lost whatsoever.

Pros of Discord Server RP
+ Logged Achievements
+ Fancy Role
+ Faster Replies
+ Real time interaction with NPCs for more in-depth and realistic conversation, including the Narrator herself
+ Better interactive material (i.e computers, shops, etc.)
+ Faster progress in story
+ General chat and channels for your stats/character
+ Easier distribution of sound tracks when they're unlocked

I'll be putting the offsite ad in the correct place soon and linking it here, but I thought I'd check to see how many people wanted to join!
If you want to join and play, I'd love to have you! If not, thats okay too! If you feel like joining just to watch, theres a role for that as well!

If you'd want to join for any purpose whatsoever, DM me about it or comment below! UvU


The Ultimate Cookie Muncher
Sounds nice! I'd like to join the discord.

Also, is it still fine to ask for a free weapon? I totally forgot about asking for one aha. If not that is totally fine.


The Ultimate Cookie Muncher
Bloody_Death Bloody_Death

Gotcha! I'll shoot you the invite here in a moment 👀

Also yeah you can still ask for a weapon! Pick out whatever you like really and let me know - I'll add it to your inventory uvu
Coolio! I'll be waiting!

Anddd a magic staff would be nice! Even if I don't remember how magic works. Or if it actually works lol.

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