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Multiple Settings Needing those fantasy roleplays

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It is so hard to keep track of threads here.
I would kill for some fantasy or mythology roleplys, particularly something with gods.

Now I have some 'base' plots (they're old and have been shared before but I'm keeping most of them for the sake of being able to provide something) they're more foundation than a complete house, but I'll get to those later. First I'll go over some rules/things you ought to know. Then I'll touch on some characters and fandoms I'm fond of, I'll also throw in a list of just some general elements I like.
To be quite honest although I don't mind the plots listed below I'm looking for more, please bring any plots you have ^^

Rules/ not actually rules
1. Am a he/him, will almost always play a he/him. Am also 29, let's try and not make me any more creepy than I already am.
2. So just remember I am a slow replier. I try to reply consistently but life come first, and sometimes life leaves room for chats but drains everything else out of you. Not gonna lie, I have too many MIs to count. That said if you feel I'm taking too long to respond, nudge me, it's possible I didn't know it was my turn.
3.I prefer longer replies to shorter ones. Mine average around 3-4 paragraphs, you don't have to match that but...OK you don't have to match but for the love of all things fluffy I need more than one or two lines.
4. There are a lot of things I'm willing to handle in a roleplay, sexual violence is not one of them. I know, I know, I can be rude about this, and shouldn't, but I may anyway, trying to be nice about it has just gotten me trampled over. This subject in any context is an absolute deal breaker.
5. No smut...I know it's not actually allowed here.
6. I don't like ditching. Too busy? Lost interest? Mourning the loss of a furbaby? Please tell me, I wont eat you.
7. I don't typically like doing plot heavy roleplays, I'm good with a general idea and starting place and just seeing where it goes from there. I love, love , LOVE relationship and character development and world building.
8. I prefer to design and draw my OCs myself, don't like that? Well I guess whatever, I don't care what kind of face claim you want to use, or if you want to use one at all, just remember you're not going to get a photo for a face claim here.
9. I don't like lots of fluff. Unless it's on bunnies. Sorry. I like to have a nice balance of drama and fun but you cannot keep my attention with sickly sweet characters and plots.
10. This just exists to make it an even number. I dunno tell me your favourite dessert or something.

Things I love (also these don't necessarily have to be stuffed together)
-Mythology (particularly pre established)
-Demons (you'll have to ask about my ridiculous demon guide)
-Philosophy (sounds weird I know, but want to shove some thoughtful things into the plots? I'm good with that, I do it all the time)
-High fantasy
-Romance (didn't used to, now I do)
-Forbidden romance
-Any other number of mythological creatures or gods
-Wouldn't mind going for something with gladiators
-History when I can
-Creepy asylums
-Creepy ruins
-Have I said creepy enough in this thread yet? Creepy creepy creepy...OK it's out of my system now

So here I have a short list of characters I do or am willing to play, don't have much experience with all of them, so keep that in mind, this will be followed by a general list of fandoms I love
-Loki (MCU) (Ask about Justin Justin, you wont be disappointed)
-Jeff the killer (I could say it again...........I have no shame, just note I'm working on a rewrite that I'll probably reference a lot)
-Beyond Birthday (I am absolutely confident that 110% of everyone knows who that is)
-Hades (wasn't sure if I should put this here or in OCs TBH XD)
Tyr (same deal as with Hades but hey whatever)
And I don't particularly have characters in mind I just figure if I want to I can come up with one, so here are the general fandoms
-Amnesia (TDD)
-Death Note in general (anime, manga, movies, TV drama, one shots, ect, there isn't much about DN that I don't know)
-Until Dawn
-Labyrinth (you know what I mean)
-Legend of Zelda (particularly Twilight Princess or BOTW)

The uh....plots, yeah we'll call them plots, are below, but feel free to add, take away, or change any details, I do have characters in mind for some of them so ask about that ^^

Cursed by a witch to never find happiness together two lovers are stuck in a pattern of death and reincarnation until they find a way to break the curse.

Never stray from the old road in the woods, they say. Elves live in them. Elves that bring misfortune to anyone that happens upon them. Character 1 has lived a life full of hardships. One day while on an errand that took her through the woods she came across an injured man. Out of pity she took him in and nurse him back to health only to learn that he was one of the elves she had been warned about. He promised her that for helping him she would be rewarded. Sure enough her fortunes begin to improve, but at the expense of all those around her.

The old gods had been worshiped unceasingly for centuries, that was until humans with their technology and new ideas began to think they didn't need the gods. Worship came less and less and with it the gods' power, until they were nearly completely forgotten. Though their numbers were small and their powers dwindling, they will fight to regain it, even literally.

The Key
During a war between the god the goddess of life, was severely wounded forcing her into a deep sleep. To protect her in her vulnerable state she was placed in a hidden tomb locked with a special key to await the day she reawakens. That key was hidden away and no one any longer remembers where. However the time has come for her to be awaken, and it's said that the one, or ones, who wake her will have great power at their disposal. As such many people are in search for the key, good, evil, selfish, and otherwise. As it happens some people are willing to share that power and find teaming up to benefit them. Two such people may do just that.

The Spirits' Hand
The world is threatened by war and dark energy. The spirits know this and know if it isn't stopped soon all life will be eradicated. So they upon a chose few individuals they bestow their power for creation in the hopes that the damage can be reversed and those responsible stopped. (Is based on a WIP novel. So lots to say about this in a discussion).

That's all for now, I may have some plots to add later, but I'm leaving in a minute >< Just wanted to get this posted quickly.
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Did you have any plots in mind with Loki?... and do I really have to tell you my favorite dessert? Because I don't really have one. 😂


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Are you only interested in MxF? I don't mind playing women, but I usually do MxM (if that's something that might interest you). Interested in anything magical! I have a male Angel character I'd love to play against a male Demon. Love mythology with Gods. Also interested by the reincarnation plot


I got my eye coughs by Jeff killer but also death note and Until dawn! I love dark subplots but I can never stick too much to one main storyline 😅 I love the freedom of wandering off with words

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