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  • Buckle up lovelies! Your favorite unreliable rp partner is back and ready for action! Everyone that’s been hanging for the last month and a half prepare yourself! Everyone will be receiving a reply today/tomorrow/and so on (and then with my inactivity, you can decide if you would rather not continue due to lost interest)! You have my word folks! See y’all soon!!
    Hello once again! I am finally free from Finals and you know what that means!!---Nonstop roleplay of course!! Expect replies shortly my friends! Sorry for the hold up!
    I lied apparently! I’m sorry! I miss roleplaying but for now I am drowning in finals and end of semester work! I will be back eventually, don’t lose hope! Stay tuned my lovelies! I love all of the roleplays I have going right now and I’m not dead! Please give me time to finish up this semester! I will be back———- stay tuned!!
    I should be back posting tonight
    Or tomorrow! Sorry again for the delay :) holiday festivities and what not haha
    Going to be inactive for tonight and a good bit of tomorrow, but should be back to normal before too long! Sorry for the wait y'all :D but believe me i'll get back to my wonderful roleplays soon as I can haha
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